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    Giovanni Battista Tiepolo Allegory of the Planets and Continents 1752   • Beijing Powerless As Chinese Stocks Crater (ZH) • Brzezinski’s Barbaric
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    X is serving the truth

    Unless you oppose the Jewish genocide of Gazans, then they block the truth. Musk claims free-speech absolutist, but he is another “shades of gray” kind of guy, where “absolutism” really means “when I feel like it and it does not hurt my pocket”, in other words he is a free-speech coward.


    Elon Musk: “In the “bet-you-didn’t-know” category,
    Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas issued written guidance making it clear that:
    1. Illegal presence alone is not grounds for deportation.
    2. Criminal charges, convictions or gang membership alone are not enough for deportation.
    You basically have to be a convicted axe murderer to be deported! That’s because every deportation is a lost vote.”

    They are illegal immigrant absolutists, like Musk is a free-speech absolutist, in other words they are not absolutists at all, they are “shades of gray” people, like Musk. They say one thing, pretend one thing, mean one thing and all those things are different, because these people have no principles, their guiding light is doing the best for number one, and you are not number one to them.


    Zerohedge thinks it’s serious though: “..every day that Beijing is just more talk and no action brings us closer to the world’s biggest and most violent social revolt seen in history…”

    Very unlikely, incredibly unlikely. Social revolt would have to occur in the lower classes, because the upper and wealthy classes depend on the CCP for their incomes and they know that, historically, whenever there has been turmoil, it is the wealthy upper classes that end up being killed in huge numbers.

    Are the lower classes the ones losing out on the stock market, losing out on their property portfolios? I don’t think so, so the CCP is safe, the people losing are not the people who could bring down the CCP.

    As long as the man on the street sees a regular income and stable prices then the CCP has nothing to fear, they are providing what they promised.

    Of course, this may make Xi weaker within the internal politics of the CCP, but it does nothing to weaken the CCP, it is simply an opportunity for another clique in the CCP to try to usurp the power of the emperor.


    if the deadly agenda Paul Craig Roberts describes becomes a reality, the infiltration of jihadists would likely spread to China, which has, also, a large Islamic population, hitherto living peacefully with diverse citizenry.

    The USA may be experts in creating and infiltrating jihadists, but only against other goat herders. You first need to understand what the Chinese are capable of in terms of removing unwanted people from their population. Do you seriously think that the CCP that has murdered millions of Chinese could not deal with a few hundred thousand jihadists, then you are in fantasy land. Not only is the whole of China covered in a facial recognition system, so they track everybody, but they are also perfectly happy picking people up without “warrants”. The USA has no chance of “turning” China using jihadist, especially knowing that China is perfectly aware of the filth that occupies the USA. They will need a better plan than something so basic.


    For anybody interested in the western relationship with China, on an individual level, then try reading “Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A study of Brainwashing in China.”

    I live in China, so it was of interest to me, but maybe not to others. One interesting aspect is how people cling to their prior beliefs and how they abandon their prior beliefs, when subjected to torture.

    Similar psychology will be valid for the people imprissoned in guantanamo, except that guantanamo appears to be more vengeance based, rather than an attempt at brainwashing. The Chinese only imprissoned them for a few years, the Americans like to punish, as if they are god, so they keep their prisoners for life.


    Why do Americans sit on their butts and permit their country to be stolen? Why do a majority of American women vote for the Democrats who are aiding and abetting the theft of America? When Washington speaks of “American national interests,” whose interests is meant?

    They are the slobs of the western world. When was the last time Americans protested for anything other than Soros-funded causes, such as BLM? Of course there was the Vietnam protests half a century ago, so they could do it back then but they can’t do it now. It is not as if they have too much to lose, their income levels are rubbish, their government services are rubbish, the infrastructure is a joke, the conomy – well who knows what is happening to the economy, the stats are more imaginitive that the Chinese stats. People of America are comatose, they have no life in them, they are only willing to speak harsh words, write a few stern sentences in response to people who are trying to destroy the country in which their children are destined to live; basically they don’t care. The people of the west need to understand that the Americans are not saving anyone, not even themselves, they are too busy watching TV and jacking off to porn.


    Those are some very clear observations. That clarity has extensions. It is the same reason american people will not revolt. And whats a warrant if anyone can get one for anything? Flipping that clarity over, that is why the domino theory comes from liars. The lower classes no longer want to join the military.


    “The so-called border security provisions codify amnesty and would force future presidents to allow illegals across our border.”

    The person who wrote the above is either one of the greatest morons on the stage or a lying son-of-a-bitch.

    Laws can be repealed, Constitutional Amendments can be reversed – Eighteenth and Twenty-First Amendments-, bureaucratic regulations have a specific gravity of zero, a hydrogen atom being the reference material, and are and can be changed at will. (consider your local school board)

    The majority of the unlawful immigrants have been lied to and promised a future that will remain non-existant. Every citizen of the United States has been lied to their entire life and are being lied to at this very instant.

    The greatest tragedy in the history of the United States is the willingness of the citizens to lie to themselves. The belief that this group or that group is justified in ignoring the basic tenets of The Declaration of Independance and The Constitution of the United States of America whenever it is personally “profitable” runs deep. A cult of superiority runs at an even greater depth in The United States. This cult of superiority pulls one thread after another from the fabric of the nation. The fabric of my nation is becoming threadbare at the hands of the citizenry, one personal lie at a time.

    “There is nothing I can do, my credit rating and the property values in my neighborhood would suffer.” NIMBY
    I once thought it hard to be that hateful, I was wrong. Stop for a moment and consider a Moral Majority and a Tea Party. Mono-gamete bovine pasture enrichment is money from the penny on your dresser to the security of any bank account or financial security you “believe” you own.

    and the rallying cry of the lying citizens of deceit?

    “It’s Their Fault”.

    has anyone asked the immigrants living in airports, police stations, schools or on the street if what they have at the moment is what they were promised? Have they been asked if they still have hope? Gift cards can be emptied, debit cards cancelled or refused and cell phones disconnected from the network, do you think all of the pissin and moanin is gonna help when those become reality?
    Why not organize and tell the immigrants they, just like the citzens of the United States will be abandoned. Tell them, “You were brought here to be a slave”. Tell the unlawful immigrants, “You will insure your slavery and then be abandoned if you vote in the next federal election”.
    Have each church and civic organization set up polling stations where the immigrants have the opportunity to express their hopes and their position.

    use your head for something beside a hat rack


    “Truckin’, like the do-dah man
    Once told me “You’ve got to play your hand”
    Sometimes your cards ain’t worth a dime
    If you don’t lay’em down” Hunter

    John Day

    @tboc: Truckin’ always applies. “What a long strange trip it’s been…”

    I tried this at the end of yesterday’s comments. It worked. Kennedy sells MAGA Hats now:

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: I grew up for almost 7 years in the sphere of influence of my Grandmother Day, a small, but intellectually commanding woman, who had grown up in China. The term “Brainwashing” was an everyday word in that realm, quite an ongoing topic of conversation, particularly regarding Korean War POW stories. I later read her loose paperback, “Brainwashed”, lying on the coffee table, during a visit…


    Chief Nerd

    NEW – Pfizer Beats Earnings Estimates as COVID Constriction Continues, Eyes Big Oncology Push

    They make a killing on the fake-vax Clotshot which precipitated a turbo cancer event that they then pivot to to rake in more mega-bucks.

    Just like a fireman who’s an arsonist

    Dr. D

    “Mechanical Issue Dooms One of Two UK Aircraft Carriers Ahead of Massive NATO War Drill

    That’s okay: they had no sailors to put on it, nor planes that could fly. Only the F35 “Paperweight”. Or bombs to put on the plane that’s put on the carrier that’s put on the ocean by the Sailors who swallowed the fly.

    But I don’t know why. Perhaps they’ll die.

    “The Ninth Circuit: Enemy of Cities Trying to Shut Down Homeless Camps

    That’s okay: we’ll send them to your house. Right Mrs. Barrett? With duct tape.

    “Senior BBC Employee Branded White People a “Parasitical Deviant Breed”

    If you oppose this or discuss it, you’re a racist. While the majority of poor people are white. No doubt in the UK too. Definition of “Punching Down”, via “Race.” So. Proud. This is the kind of England we’re (being forced to) paying for!

    “The EU Has Already Provided $96 Billion In Aid to Ukraine

    Probably $9.6 Billion. The other 90% is in Brussels. While the arms they sent are now in Gaza.

    “Oregon Supreme Court Blocks 10 Republicans from Running For Reelection

    Such an inflammatory headline. THEY passed the law. They knew it existed. They knew their enemies would use it. They know that unlike Federal House of Congress, it’s not like 10 out of 500 people, but 10 of 30. Life is hard, but it’s harder when you’re stupid. Hey, show up for work and don’t make excuses…Republicans.

    “Report: ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ Flags Not Working”

    “FBI Investigating Extremist For Not Clicking On ‘Black Voices’ Section Of Prime Video” –BBee

    “Gaza Votes for Ceasefire In Chicago” — BBee. Oh well. Don’t ask the UN to help. Chicago is a gun-free zone and they’d be shot to h–l in no time.

    “US Establishes New Stockpile in Australia to Prepare for War Over Taiwan”

    Oh so we DO have weapons for Kiev: they’re just in Israel and Australia because we want dead Slavs. What better way to kill every Slav than to promise them the F35 and send them out with a 1939 .38 revolver? …With one shell. Not kidding, that’s what we’re doing there. And in Oz? We have no ships to get them from there to Taiwan, are we using telepathy?

    Again, they say we CAAAAAAAN’T make more shells, etc. Oh yes we can. By now we surely can. We just won’t because it would employ Americans and force us to fix railroads, employ railroad workers, open steel mills, employ steel workers, and so on.

    THAT is how much they hate Americans. They’re trying to kill every Slav by ethnicity on the planet but somehow still hate us moar.

    “Beijing Powerless as Chinese Stocks Crater After Trump Confirms He Will Impose 60% Tariffs”

    Like that. Hey, would we equalize the fears over China’s ascendance AND solve our national security deficit AND make ourselves rich by moving manufacturing home again? Or at least a lot of it? Why yes. We want a fair chance to compete against the world and we’ll do just fine. Everybody knows it. One problem: the too-high US reserve currency prevents that fair chance and has to collapse sharply…under somebody else.

    It’s mostly not “NAFTA” not “Most favored nation” for China, not “TPP” etc, it’s mostly the CURRENCY. That’s why the gutting and annihilation started the day after 1971 and the gold standard and hasn’t stopped since. Same thing in Germany, actually, and why they joined the Euro to the EuroSouth to improperly lower their currency value, prevent the Deutschemark overvaluation, and buy more years. …Knowing the same process would destroy the Global South, which it has. Using us in the 70s as an example though, the EU did far better and mitigated it much more. Can’t be stopped though: the currency value is a self-corrector, a limiter, and if you remove the auto-safety the pressures just build to collapse. “Disaster Capitalism”. They WANT it to collapse and “Build Back Bitter.” Not like this though: their plans are all screwed up. They’ll be lucky to survive.

    French Protests: Oh My God is that the Gay flag of hatred and exclusion in the public square there? If you wonder what the Nazi flag felt like when it was first put up, it’s this. You see, we can’t see it like they did. It did not mean “Nazi” then. It meant “Happy” it meant “Progressive”, it meant “Family,” Kinder Kuchen, when women wouldn’t have to sell themselves as pole dancers in the streets of Berlin like the 20s. It meant “New”. New spirit, an “East Wind” like oriental Zen and Tibet. It meant “Action.” Happy happy happy flag. It didn’t mean “Hate”. It didn’t mean “Us and them”. It didn’t mean “War” then, hardship, totalitarianism. Why do you think someone would sign on? Because it meant “hate”? No!

    And so EXACTLY today. We can see the seeds of hate, exclusion, one-party rule, enshrined special classes, war, totalitarianism in the new rainbow and especially this flag which even has the “white power” stripe on it. — I Particularly like the butt-brown circle as its main feature, I wonder what that means? They are clearly top dog. And so today, WHO posts these Anti-American flags of hatred, division, and exclusion? Art districts. Colleges. Corporations. And of course governments.

    And it’s a world-wide flag, for the worldwide eternal revolution. Always dreamed of by the world Socialists like Trotsky, and not the National Socialists like Himmler.

    So proud I’m paying for it while our citizens are dying in the streets.

    “Bret Weinstein recalls his experience witnessing the mass migration of people making the ‘treacherous’ journey through the Darién Gap crossing.”

    Completely baffled by the Darien Gap. CLEARLY these guys are nation states and CLEARLY they have essentially unlimited money. It costs MORE money to drop them south and go THROUGH the Darien Gap than land at the airport in Mexico City and take a limo. So what gives except PR? We’re fighting an enemy that’s totally retarded and we’re supposed to be demoralized by that? Who’s giving us the snow job, so long, and why?

    Yet it doesn’t end and no one notices. I just thought a few people started further south for “reasons” and it was more sensational for the cameras because journalists are anti-reality. Apparently not.

    “1. Illegal presence alone is not grounds for deportation.”

    Mayorkas says “Committing a crime is no grounds for arrest”. Yup, you’re impeached. Oh wait: Republicans. “Let’s not be hasty!™” Surely if we ASK the Democrats nicely to stop killing babies for 50 years, eventually they’ll just say “yes.”

    “‘We Would Prefer If 3000 Babies Weren’t Murdered Every Day,’ Says Crowd of Deranged Extremists” –BBee (“No” they answer. Those are BLACK babies. Our answer is clear.)

    “Criminal charges, convictions or gang membership alone are not enough for deportation.”

    Rape, murder, bank robbery, not grounds for arrest. EVER AGAIN. Some Animals are More Equaller than Others!”

    What did I say above. EVERY nation on earth gets billions from us. We arm all sides in every war: 1980 Iraq-Iran and Israel war being a prime example. We defend EVERY border and if three people are killed we start WWIII. ….EXCEPT if they’re American citizens. Then we do the OPPOSITE. Every nation, race, border, economy, event is then MORE important than we are. 40,000 dead Americans a year from open border Fentanyl is called “a good start.”

    “• Beijing Powerless as Chinese Stocks Crater (ZH)

    As good an entry here as ever. Yes China has problems and they’ve predicted 100 out of the last 1 recessions there. But this isn’t the 40 year Bull Run period when everything just goes smoothly. There are huge tidal forces out there. For example, Armstrong points out that there’s a collapse, sure, but the collapse is in bonds, which are 10x the size. Worse, it’s not in “Bonds” it’s in “Government” as we shift from a 70 year government-centered reality to one where no one trusts government and removes their power and trust. …Which are “bonds”.

    If you leave UST’s, which are the majority of assets on the planet, backing all other nations, banks, and even corporations, where do you go? Dow Stocks? Do Dow and S&P stocks suck? Have a terrible economy? Are wildly overpriced? Yes. But that doesn’t matter if the other tidal force is strong enough like “If I get 2% dividends in GE at least I won’t lose 100% of my money in City of Detroit Municipal Bonds”.

    We have the same massive adjustments in China, but they’re at a different point of the cycle. Like 1970s probably. Russia is as well, they’re like 1959 in the cycle: young, dynamic, relatively honest, churchgoing, patriotic. We’re like England before WWI or worse, France in 1785.

    What does China “down” mean? China treads water for 10 years since they over-bubbled ‘til now? And? The Dow may not go “Down” – it might DOUBLE – but in PPT, in cost of bacon terms it’s almost certain to drop 90%. Because at the end of a stock bull you get a 30-year commodity bull and it ALWAYS drops 90%. And we HAVE commodities, we’re a commodity country, but the Dow and Wall Street isn’t.

    Comparing, Japan just lost half a trillion in US Commercial Real estate (or so they’re blaming) on their way to losing $1 Trillion PLUS in the worldwide commercial crash. Evergrande is the same both China Domestic, and with us. Lots of BIG forces.

    But where would you put your money? In China, where they make things? Or in Europe where they don’t make, don’t have energy, have a world war, and are about to lose all their banking collateral worldwide from Ukraine, Russia, Africa? If all the money in Europe flees, it doesn’t go to China, it goes…???

    Problem with predicting right now. Like Nenner, who is Dutch, pick “Not losing money.” We suck so bad China might go UP despite all that.

    “It was Brzezinski who invented the plot of a war between Ukraine and Russia.”

    Sort of not, he just sold it to the Americans. Since it’s a British idea, and the West has been trying this for 300 years.

    “Weaken the country, making possible the West’s stealthy infiltration of jihadists into the Central Asian countries which border Iran and extend to both the Russian borders and, indeed the Chinese border”

    That is terrifying, and I’m sure they’ll try it. Like Iraq-Iran, they don’t care who wins. There are dead people, and both are weak or their attention is off building and competing with London. Dead people is always 100% a natural good. You know, like in Texas, Iowa…or Baltimore. DC I think is the death-city capital of America. Non-stop shootings since it’s a gun-free zone. All run by Congress, so they approved a crackhead mayor. Professional courtesy.

    Cool story, bro. Problem: THERE ARE NO JIHADIS LEFT. You had SAUDI build them. Saudi is against you. You made them to kick Russia, but Russia happily ground up every one in Chechnya, then they ran away like girls to the muster call in Syria. Then all the remnant was killed there with joy in our little hearts. IRAN is the major backer of “Jihadis” but Iran is not gong to attack Iran, you can just say that the Jihadis remaining tend to be Shia. WHO ARE SHOWING SOLIDARITY with Gaza and Hamas. Yemen is … Shia, Iran. So…explain?

    I’m sure they HAVE this plan, and are dumb enough to shoot some Tomahawks at it, sink a few aircraft carriers themselves over it, but like fighting a war with no men, no tanks and no shells, I don’t see this going well for them. They’re glue-sniffing retards who can’t get a single thing done. Neither the US nor UK have an army, and Europe is about to collapse. 2 goatherders in Saana just brought all NATO to heel. Then farted in thy general direction. Great plan bro!

    Much better plan in looking BACKWARD. This is what we ALREADY did, and that’s why Russia is pissed at us and going to take all Ukraine, that is, all European Banking Collateral.

    How do we know? Ze, being an actor and moron (but I repeat myself) said like Dr. Evil, they are taking “One TRILLION dollars. Bwahahahaha.” …AND THEIR GOLD. Specifically added, specifically felt the need to add that, on camera, to the world. And in today’s world of lies, gold isn’t “money”, gold is COLLATERAL. Where you lever it 1,000:1 with lies to make 1000:1 paper money.

    So Europe is short on collateral due to the Ukraine war? Very short? Thanks for the info Loki. You’re a f’n super-genius.

    “Then he starts monologuing! About how feeeeeble I am, about how inevitable my demise is…”

    Anyway, other than stealing everyone’s gold – again (so boring) – what is London up to now?


    Right. Yup. In which NATO realizes you’re the Hero when you don’t follow the rules, save civilians, keep your word, don’t do like genocides and terror attacks. Yup! This the NEW hero, like Captain Marvel. Commit genocides with Pride gurl! Don’t let no man hold you back from murdering refugees across the universe! That would be “Gentlemanly” and we’re post-Gentlemanly now, and are discarding those boring rules of war, Geneva conventions, and we blow dams and shell nuclear power plants now! Brown Circle Power!

    Yeah, um, thinking those guys in Lexington aren’t going to sign up. Or Blackpool. Look at your empty ships, no sailors, broken ships, no steel. Your Scotmen aren’t Jack Churchill and Bill Millin landing Normandy with a broadsword and pipes, but Sick Boy, Spud and Begbie who are so coked out they can’t walk one mile from the train station to Ben Nevis and give up.

    Anyway, thanks for monologuing. Never stop talking, drop by anytime. What did Ze just tell us? Tick Tock.

    ““Let’s assume that the United States strikes Iran,” Marandi said. “The United States has bases all across the Persian Gulf. The Iranians will hit out at those bases,”

    Iran has been planning this at leisure, with nothing else to do. We have no ships, no planes, no missiles, no shells. They can close Hormuz in 60 seconds and have 1,000 miles of coast to shoot from. Any ship we shell back from will be sunk in 10 minutes. As I said, our guys are going home from Syria and Iraq on a city bus. With donations from home. Right now they’re just being very, very nice to us and giving us a chance. Letting us know our position is unsupportable in every possible way. Luongo-Larry Johnson interview covered it this week, but only for 5 minutes in the hour, because, what is there to say? They only add, like Ukraine, it’s an escalation dominance problem: we have nothing between pea-shooters that hit a camel and nukes. This is on purpose as the Social Engineers need nukes, need WWIII and have been doing everything, like erasing all arms treaties, to make sure we have to go there, start WWIII and cover for their escape.

    “In recent months, senior officials from various EU countries have been urging their citizenry to brace for an allegedly inevitable conflict with Russia,”

    Yes, and OTHER top officials have been saying that’s ridiculous and there’s no evidence whatsoever. Like the NATO head. But Reality a la Carte. Everything and its #Opposite is true at the same time.

    “• EU Gives Zelensky Life Support for Himself and His Regime. But .. (Jay)

    Wait: it’s still worse? Not $54B in arms, but money, and now not $54 Billion AT ALL? But over 4 years? So $10B? No wonder they didn’t want to admit that, that means the war is over AND they’re throwing all the Farmer’s good money in after the bad. For their egos.

    ““This agreement is also an important signal to Washington that Europe is stepping up and is with Ukraine for the long run.”

    Stepping up by REDUCING their support. Got it.

    “Most EU countries have no military stock left to defend themselves against any threat – which does tend to take away the credibility of the absurd narrative that Russia is about to invade at any moment.”

    Um, yeah. And like us, by now they COULD HAVE. I’m not saying it’s enough, there’s a ramping curve, but with 10-20 nations they could easily have 5 new Shell factories opening, doing 20 a day and slowly moving up to an amount that isn’t embarrassing. THEY DIDN’T. They HATE MONEY. They hate winning too, I guess? You do you, man.

    “EU Citizens’ Taxes Going To Terrorists – Moscow (RT)

    When I read that, I’m like “Which ones?” Like the ones importing MS13 baby-rapists into Kansas City? Or maybe the ones in South Europe? Maybe supporting Boko Haram and ISIS again, (#Hashtag)? Or the terrorists doing a civilian genocide on children in Gaza? So many to choose from, Europe is now the Terrorism-exporting capital of the world. So. Proud.

    “a “terrorist organization that attacks ambulances.”

    Yes, and UKRAINE doesn’t attack ambulances. Because they don’t have the arms. EUROPE AND THE UNITED STATES attack ambulances, because it can’t happen without us, at our express direction. Just like every hospital in Gaza. Specifically attacked, with gravity bombs, AND dressing up like doctors to shoot people.

    Anyway, this tells us what Putin is up to. He is highlighting this and stamping it on paper which means he is planning to CHARGE specific individuals in Ukraine with it during their War Crimes trial. That means at a minimum he’s decided to take half the country, and probably all.

    “The UK has urged its NATO allies to consider sending the alliance’s expeditionary force to Ukraine, an informed source told Sputnik.”

    Britain is planning to go but at the last minute will find itself super-busy and miss the bus. Just like they—and we– did with the Leopard vs Challenger/Abrams tanks. “Let’s you and him fight!”

    “”The UK’s reported plans [are]“a fantastical delusion on the part of the Brits and has no foundation in reality,”

    Johnson said the same thing in detail with Luongo. So…suppose Zu gets the 40,000 A MONTH they need to, you know, NOT LOSE INSTANTLY. That’s just treading water, every day, forever. WHERE DO THEY TRAIN THEM? Well not in Lviv! In Britain. So…the UK is planning to train 40,000 a MONTH?

    THAT’S THE SIZE OF THE WHOLE BRITISH ARMY. How does that work exactly? Russia is destroying i.e. ONE British army EVERY MONTH for two years. And they don’t NEED 40k/mo, Ukraine NEEDS all 400k RIGHT NOW to make any difference, get some options.

    So we’re going to train the ENTIRE U.S. ARMY every year, forever? How’s that supposed to work? Say, um, old chap, do you have enough seats on the 5 boats you have remaining to even GET them there? No? You own essentially nothing and aren’t going to commandeer United Airlines either? Okey-dokey then. Stick with your crayons. Be right back, have to warn your mother you shoved the glue stick up your nose again.

    I mean, there’s “I was wrong”, and there’s “This man is delusional and thinks he’s a pancake”, and then there’s THIS.

    They should try it. I think NATO troops, from the 1-star Generals down to the Privates, would all disobey orders and defect. Which they should.

    ““When the Western Roman Empire was overrun, Rome ceased to exist.”

    Kind of weird. No, Rome still exists. We’re Rome. Rome also didn’t’ “Fall” as we’ve come to find out everything we learned is a lie and that pretty history was all made up. Rome was still increasing in ability and technology into 400AD. But it “fell”? When? And it fell bc of Julius Caesar, 400 years previous? Talk about a sneak play. And it “Fell”? What the heck is “Byzantium” then? And it fell but they called it the “Holy Roman Empire” from 800AD to 1800AD and straight on through 1930, which is why it was the “Third Reich”? (Again, their thought of “flag” and “Reich” had a very different meaning at first.)

    America put up Roman buildings, and Greek, and called it a “Senate”? I mean, okay, we know what you mean, but what do you mean? “America” was “Overrun” with the Irish and Italian immigrations. Yet here we are! It changed us? Yes, it did, just like they said in would 1850 and 1880 yet here we are!

    “When Washington speaks of “American national interests,” whose interests is meant?”

    Well we DO know the answer that that one. 99% of people and 99% of counties are opposed. So it’s the 1%, or even the 1% is just obedient to the 0.01% ‘cause they’re sycophantic, butt-licking suck-ups. The kind of borwn-nosing tattle-tale kids you hated in school. Who get very, very rich doing it. Then scold and berate their neighbors like Karens on Crack.

    Statistically, by every measure, Americans are opposed, and more opposed every month.

    “Europe’s working-age population will shrink.”

    “Demographics is Destiny”. Human = GDP. No joke! .: Reducing humans = reducing GDP. Right. Problem: debt-based system can never have a reducing GDP without total collapse. It can’t even have a reducing RATE of increase. Therefore the system we are going to is “gold” based, or more openly “Hard” money? The geniuses with the glue stick up their nose thought they would go to a “CO2 Carbon Credit” the Technocratic “BTU” currency from the (famous) 1930s of Stalin and Hitler, technocrats extraordinaire. Yeah: no. The thing about “Causing Chaos” is that it “Causes Chaos” which is the definition of “Chaos” meaning “Uncontrolled.” Try a dictionary next time. No one yet has had a collapse caused by a lack of faith and then signed up to a currency run by those we are having the lack of faith in. Check a book.

    Anyway, the “Reducing population” is fine and probably a good thing, done well (it isn’t). And we have no problem at all with a solid state system, or fluctuating up and down around a zero-point. We had that for centuries. But this system isn’t one of them. They HAVE to know this, so they HAVE to be planning a “Hard Money” states, which makes all existing debts far worse. Since they are the creditors, they think they can take an existing, bankrupting, unpayable debt and DOUBLE it yet again. Gold-backed money is “Thick” money, it gets stronger and harder every year, Opposite of Fiat inflation. Take the collateral, and everyone will be happy and just let them. This is why in the WEF papers, “Things will get rocky planetwide” and “You’ll own nothing” (Because we will have repossessed everything).

    Uh huh. Pull the other one. More likely you’ll be tossed off Canary Wharf or hung from the Brandenburg Gate and we’ll own plenty of guns we took from the Catterick Garrison in York. But go on. FAFO.

    “explicitly Russophobic posts, issue death threats against Russian officials,”

    Death threats = love and tolerance. Just like the New Age flag of love and dynamic action those guys with funny mustaches had.

    “Facebook made an exception to protect her,”

    Because women aren’t equal to men but are so weak, stupid, and helpless, they have to be protected. Also “Exceptions” are for my friends and “Rules” are for my enemies. Everything’s an Exception! Every single thing. I just make up “exceptions” in my head, a minute ago! Calvinball rulz!

    “The platform, once a college-focused social hub”

    Yes, it was created to rate whether a chick was a good lay and would put out again. Total support!!!!!!! You rule, Zuck!!! I will DIE on this hill for men like you!

    “• Novichok Public Inquiry Turns Into A Secret Farce Before It Begins (Helmer)

    You’re kidding: this is still going on?

    A “Public” inquiry that is completely, 100% “Private”. Got it!

    ““I absolutely accept how difficult it is when you are batting in the dark…but it is a situation which has simply got to be coped with.”

    Why? Why does it have to be coped with? Russia sent two guys on a public airplane, with their own passports, to lick the doorknob of the Skipal’s home, then flew back again also public with their own personal passports. MI6 had no trouble finding them and published the whole thing. What could there possibly be to hide in a story like that? Couldn’t be simpler. Literally nothing anti, or embarrassing to government in there, and considering our war with Russia, should be made front page news all month!

    “What am I supposed to make of this?
    • E Jean Carroll Lawyer Says Trump Used Coded Version Of C-Word Against Her (G.)

    Exactly. Why am I reading this? If I was being sued and thought I was innocent, I’d lash out too. So I approve. …And I’m not even sure that’s what happened. Are they working overtime to humanize an underdog Trump? Because that’s what it’s doing to me.

    But “The Guardian” so not only guaranteed false, but as Alexander says, they 100% of the time misread Americans for 250 years in a row and never adjust. We do NOT as a baseline trust wealthy, privileged Eton-screwing boys. Saying Bow-tie wearing professors and “Senators Say” to us means it’s false, or if not false, it means I’d rather be wrong if it means I can screw them for lols. Just ‘cause. Let’s Go Brandon!

    The Guardian is Trump’s Campaign wing, I guess.

    “• Musk Took Drugs With Tesla, SpaceX Execs – WSJ (RT)

    And now they’re Musk’s Campaign and PR wing. Musk was going down, but this will make him far more popular in America. Thanks!

    And “You’re not a horse. Don’t take horse dewormer”. …Which is a Nobel Prize winning human medicine safer than Aspirin. “You’re not a cat. You’re not murdering cats…” Ketamine has a new article monthly IN THE WSJ about how it’s been a revolutionary cure for long term depression, etc and has worked so well it’s mainstreaming. Like psilocybin has been for PTSD, only better and has been developed further. THANKS FOR READING YOUR OWN PAPER, Sir. So do I believe the WSJ? Or the WSJ? They print the #Opposite.

    Who is this for? ALL of Silicon Valley are already on drugs – look at how they act. All of Wall Street has ALWAYS been on drugs – they’re the cocaine capital of America. The rest of America is ALSO on drugs – 2/3rds were taking some Zoloft or similar, and the other third are on Pot and Meth. So…????????

    Calling Planet Earth? Anybody home?


    Not necessarily. But we do know THEIR story is totally dead wrong by their own facts. Sap in Canada. Yes, that’s a problem, but trust the trees, they’ve done this before. Here’s the other half: IT’S FREEZING IN FLORIDA. That’s not in the news. Because i.e. “Lies”. Same temp in Ontario as Tampa, 2,000 miles.

    What we seem to have is a break of weather normalcy, with more variation. This is easily seen as related to the now non-existent jet stream. Air in Canada used to stay in Canada, and the pole stream as well. Then the Jet stream slowly began to dip into Texas, once at first, then more and more, until it almost doesn’t exist anymore. We have the same weather FROM the Poles TO Miami. So it’s not “Warmer.” It’s colder. Then in summer, same thing: we have 80f FROM Miami TO the Poles. What does that mean? Well, it ain’t Global Warming since on average it hasn’t changed that much. Nor does that behavior follow their theory.

    It happened exactly the time that the magnetic field critically weakened and the magnetic North started to move, and is moving ever faster toward Russia to this day, so I would suppose the ELECTRIC magnetic force was related to locking the jet streams in place, which makes sense. We did not, and can not effect this which is earth and sun, EXACTLY as you see in the record. Warm and cold occur millions of years before us. The pole moving is related to the timing. It is therefore predictable and was indeed predicted in the 70s although you have a significant digit error zone of like hundred(s) years because the cycles run in the ten-thousands. However, we were overdue.

    So Canada: STOP EXPORTING YOUR COLD TO MIAMI. Don’t be selfish like that.

    And Russia: STOP STEALING OUR NORTH POLE. Can’t trust the Russians with anything.



    prevent abnormal fluctuations,
    to stabilize
    media bullshit and lies continued,
    grievances about the economy or government performance,
    a viable solution
    can kicking is all the world has left
    more talk and no action brings us closer to the world’s biggest and most violent social revolt seen in history.

    • Beijing Powerless As Chinese Stocks Crater (ZH)

    Brzezinski’s Barbaric Dream. The Israeli-Gaza Conflict is the Beginning of A Broader War, “Spreading Towards Iran”: Dr. Paul C. Roberts

    • Brzezinski’s Barbaric Dream. A Broader War, “Spreading Towards Iran” (Stea)

    Although Brzezinski, in “The Grand Chessboard”, describes a partnership between Russia and China as a disaster to be avoided at all costs,
    the rampant chaos created by the Brzezinski plan, and Washington’s current neocon agenda, world domination.
    For my students — to help them shape tomorrow’s world
    US Not Prepared for War Against Iran and ‘Axis of Resistance’

    Attacking Iran would be a catastrophic mistake for Washington, as the US is too internally weak to wage a new major in the Middle East, University of Tehran professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi told Sputnik’s New Rules podcast.

    But the truth is that the United States is not the United States of the past. They can launch an attack on Iran. But the price would be extremely high and the United States wouldn’t win.”
    • EU Needs An Enemy – Kremlin (RT)
    Talk about imminent war with Russia helps bloc members divert attention from domestic troubles, spokesman Dmitry Peskov says

    EU Gives Zelensky Life Support for Himself and His Regime. But What Are We Missing?

    A pathetic 50bn euros spread over four years! Is this money really for Zelensky and his cabal to keep the war going though, or simply a massive bribe for him to pass most of it on, in order for him to stay in power?
    It would be absurd to assume that most of this money will not be diverted in a regime which redefines the scales of corruption and embezzlement.



    The UK has urged its NATO allies to consider sending the alliance’s expeditionary force to Ukraine, an informed source told Sputnik. According to the source, the alleged move came “in connection with the unfavorable developments in the Ukrainian theater of military operations for Kiev”. The insider added that Britain also called on NATO to consider imposing a no-fly zone over the territory controlled by the Zelensky regime and to increase military aid to Ukraine.

    I’m pretty sure we call this: Going To War With Russia


    Az voting law…
    Perhaps…but only because federal courts watered down voter ID laws, which led to the current law…which could permit undocumented folks to vote, but only for federal office.. Federal courts insisted that people who only attest citizenship not be excluded from voting for federal office. So AZ wrote the law so that those who attest their citizenship, but don’t bother providing documentation to prove it, are a special type of registrants who are provided a ballot that only allows them to vote for federal offices.

    Federal judge strikes down 2 Arizona voting proof-of-citizenship laws

    And now all eyes are now on China and every day that Beijing is just more talk and no action brings us closer to the world’s biggest and most violent social revolt seen in history.
    This could have something to do with the Chinese migrant camp near the Darien Gap.

    Dr D: It costs MORE money to drop them south and go THROUGH the Darien Gap than land at the airport in Mexico City and take a limo.

    Apparently, Ecuador has the most loose visitor policy — no visa required to enter Ecuador.

    From Wikipedia: Most visitors to Ecuador can enter the country without a visa.
    However, visitors from certain countries must first obtain a visa in advance before being allowed to enter.
    Visitors may stay up to 90 days, except citizens of Peru, who are allowed a maximum stay of 180 days, and citizens of China who are allowed to stay for 90 days per calendar year.
    All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months, except for citizens of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. Citizens of those countries can also enter Ecuador with a national ID card.[1]

    Apparently, the details of entry laws change frequently in Ecuador, but they tend to be generally liberal: (from 2017)

    It is my view that the powerful interests funding the mass migration from Ecuador and to the north, with the exception of the Chinese, have little interest in the individual lives of those making the trek. They care little about how many migrants die in the Darien Gap, how many women are raped along the way, nor how many children stolen from their families and trafficked. Instead, they furnish them with maps, inadequate supplies, and hope. Once the migrants reach the US border, on one side or the other, those who have navigated successfully are given gift cards, cell phones, and plane or bus tickets.


    The Empire of Lies has no diplomacy

    This is what passes for diplomacy in the Collective West



    Duh’merica’s West Asian “Policy”

    Not sure of the Big Picture here.

    STEP BACK we’re working on a Fix



    Allegory of the Day

    Global South’s response to Empire of Lies Gangster Nation Overtures

    Bitch Please



    Speakin’ of witches an shit

    From and allegory about the Federal Reserve

    The Wicked Witch of the East

    “She be gone Babe”

    Her old and withered body turned to dust, leaving behind the magical Ruby Slippers

    Dorothy got some Bling!



    As a note about humor at TAE, a suggestion:





    Just remember: An artist respects the silence that serves as the foundation of creativity

    John Day

    @Dr. D: I considered this. The Darien Gap selects for rugged fitness, doesn’t it?

    “Completely baffled by the Darien Gap. CLEARLY these guys are nation states and CLEARLY they have essentially unlimited money. It costs MORE money to drop them south and go THROUGH the Darien Gap than land at the airport in Mexico City and take a limo. So what gives except PR? We’re fighting an enemy that’s totally retarded and we’re supposed to be demoralized by that? Who’s giving us the snow job, so long, and why?”

    D Benton Smith

    So maybe we all would possibly benefit from the wisdom coming from China on matters of the comportment of Empires.. They are the experts, ya know? If ever there was a nation that should know about the rising and falling of Empires, China has got to be it because they’ve built and burned to ground so many empires that they’re lost count. It’s got to be a couple of dozen that we know of, and probably that many more that have just been forgotten altogether.

    Of course there is that annoying little question that if they’re so damn smart about how to do it properly, then why do those previous attempted keep on burning to the ground every time, and WHY in God’s name do they keep on doing it anyway? Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

    In their favor, though, at least one good book resulted from all of those abysmal (and repeated) failures and violent deaths (measured in the BILLIONS, not millions, surely.) I speak of “The Art of War”.

    My only further comment about that wonderfully concise little treatise on the proper management of mayhem is that it needs a more descriptive name. Instead of calling it “The Art of War” it should more accurately be entitled, “Professional’s Handbook on How to Obtain and Retain Personal Power By Deceiving, Enslaving and Killing People in Large Numbers.” That’s a bit cumbersome for a book title, I suppose, so let’s shorten it down to something a bit more catchy, like “User’s Manual for Psychopaths”

    Absolutists in the audience should really go for that one. I know Genghis Kahn sure did, and he was a real whiz-bang at murdering innocent women and children for fun and profit. Chairman Mao was no slouch, either.

    John Day

    King Charles has been diagnosed with a form of cancer, says Buckingham Palace.
    It is not prostate cancer, but was discovered during his recent treatment for an enlarged prostate.

    Pancreatic cancer is popular these days. 😮 Who knows? Colon cancer is increasingly common, too.
    Did he get the real jabs?


    The down trodden immigrants going through the Darien Gap are props in the Hunger Game’s narrative of “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free……”

    The vast majority of them are not fleeing political persecution, which is welcomed in the immigration laws.

    They are fleeing economic conditions and economic collapses which are NOT covered by immigration laws.

    But the Satanist Cabal needs a good sob story to wave like a bloody shirt in front of the Duh’merican Sheeple to sell the Grift.

    The Drug Cartels, the human and child trafficking concerns, the secretive Chinese Operatives, Hezbollah cells, etc…they are the poison pill slipping in under the cover of the “Beard” of the masses of ‘down trodden’.

    Look over there, squirrels!

    The ‘tired, poor, huddled masses’ will be used for vote rigging the elections and filling in the military with soldiers that have no moral scruples to follow orders and kill Joe Sixpack for jaywalking.

    Just sayin’

    The hordes of illegal immigrants are also ‘breeders’ to replace the job Duh’merican women don’t do anymore because they are are too woke and ‘liberated’ to want to ‘bother’ with actual children, they’re sooo messy and ‘unfulfilling’.

    Kids would Harsh Their Mellow

    And kill their career paths.



    D Benton Smith

    Good to hear about King Chuck’s cancer. It’s well past time for Charley to take a break in Hell for some remedial lessons in human decency before returning to the world stage (as a wharf rat, perhaps). Civilization, like Science, tends to advance one death at a time.


    King Charles

    “Did he get the real jabs?””

    Didn’t need to, inbreeding covers a lot of medical bases.



    A decade or so late and a trillion dollars short….

    Cue the cowbell

    Coincidence Theory straight ahead Sir!

    Imagin it took an Empire of Lies MAJOR GENERAL this long to connect the dots.

    I beg your pardon Sir, square pegs don’t fit in round holes….



    Not a good look for the Military Mafia trying to leverage air shows for more budget boondoggles

    “Aim High… Fly-Fight-Win” -U.S. Air Force Official Motto



    Boeing finds mis-drilled holes in their financial statements!

    Soooo our western slavemaster bankers need the west’s GDP to grow every year so their Ponzi banking scheme doesn’t collapse. So the bankers are importing (slave) immigrants. However, they don’t seem too concerned about destroying collateral in non-western countries though.

    The US says it wants to stabilize west Asia and maintain peace!
    The US military are bombing west Asia to destabilize and spread war!

    Well we know the Queen received the real jab! It turbo charged the cancer she had, thus shortening her reign by months/years?

    So King Chucky likely got the real jab too and is now a turbo cancer victim. Wonder how long he has left?

    Since one of the WEF’s goals is to destabilize our institutions, obviously killing off the British monarchs would be one of their goals.

    Dr. D: Good news!
    Your wish is being granted!
    Canada will be keeping it’s cold air up here in Canada for the next 2 weeks or so.

    Accordingly, due to the sudden deep freeze up here, I have suspended my maple syrup operation and turned off the sap taps on my sugar maple tree.


    John Day, DBS, Orob.
    Re King Charles. I wonder if we’re hearing the full story on Kate, the Princess of Wales. A fit woman seemingly a ball of health, suddenly admitted for major abdominal surgery with a 14 day hospital stay. Back in the roll out days, she pulled a publicity stint being jabbed with the clotshot, with the world’s press in attendance, inspiring young women and kids in the UK to follow suit. Maybe she also got the real thing. They say her illness is not cancerous, but would you believe them?


    I think that electric cars don’t pencil out balance sheet wise, wait until you drill into the number on AI robots.

    They are not cost effective in small numbers and the Empire of Lies industrial base is too fragmented and wimpy to produce them in the numbers and standardization of design and repair parts to make them viable.

    AI robots would have to be manufactured in the same bastard spin-off boutiques of the Military Industrial Mafia which has consistently shown itself to be incapable of efficient cost effective products. Too many bribes and grifts and payoffs, no money left for the actual stuff to be made properly.

    Self driving cars in San Franshithole are hated by the peasants who vandalized and sabotage them regularly. AI robots walking around will be jumped, boosted and sold for parts and scrap.

    The Sheeple will eventually devolve to the Flesh Fair like in A.I. the movie where the crowd loves to see AI robots torn to bits for entertainment like the Colosseum.


    John Day

    Complicit Or Revolting

    Caitlin Johnstone asserts: “However Bad You Think Israel Is, It’s Worse”
    The IDF has been running a Telegram channel featuring homemade snuff films in which Gazans are brutally murdered by Israeli forces, captioned with celebrations of the gore and pain therein like​ “Burning their mother… You won’t believe the video we got! You can hear their bones crunch.” ​ The IDF had previously denied any association with the channel, but Haaretz now reports that it was directly run by an IDF psychological warfare unit.

    ​Professor Anthony Hall explores this question. The fox is due to report back about the chicken house in a month. Who might be “We”?
    Are We Turning the the Corner Away from Genocide and the Criminality Inherent in the Rules-Based International Order?
    Why Did the ICJ Put the Netanyahu Government in Charge of Preventing and Punishing the Gaza Genocide?
    ​ I’m old enough to remember hearing and seeing frequent references to something called “the rule of law.” Then in the post-9/11 era this vital phrase seemed to go the way of our dwindling freedoms, civil liberties and the tattered remnants of our democratic institutions. In the process of aborting the promise of decent human futures for most of the world’s people, the word, “law,” was pushed to the sidelines.

    ​ Strikes Against Anti-ISIS Militias in Syria and Iraq Prove US War on Terror is a Sham
    ​ Local media estimated that at least 23 people were killed in Syria and 16 in Iraq in Saturday’s attacks, with Damascus and Baghdad blasting Washington for its flagrant violation of the two countries’ sovereignty. Syria’s Foreign Ministry said it was “not surprised” to see American forces attack targets in the country’s east, “where our forces are fighting against the remnants of the ISIS terrorist organization, while the United States is working to revive ISIS terrorist activity.”

    ​ Is Bobby Jr. inching closer to condemning Israeli genocide? When would he be able to “go there”? RFK Jr slams American attacks on Syria and Iraq
    The US presidential candidate urged Washington to get “unwelcome” troops out of the Middle East

    John Day

    ​Celia Faber, Gaza In Pictures: How Can Anybody In Their Right Mind Support This? “This Is A War Against Children”

    To End ‘Nightmare’ in Gaza, Sanders Moves to Block Funding for Israeli Weapons​ [Bernie Sanders is still the “lesser evil”. I would have voted for him as such in 2016.]
    “Twenty-seven thousand dead—two-thirds of them women and children,” said the senator. “This is unacceptable.”

    ​ U.S. admits it hasn’t verified Israel’s UNRWA claims, media ignores it
    Secretary Blinken admits that the U.S. has been unable to investigate the “evidence” presented by Israel claiming 13 of UNRWA’s 13,000 Gaza employees participated in October 7. Biden took Israel’s word for it anyway.

    U.S. admits it hasn’t verified Israel’s UNRWA claims, media ignores it

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 122: Endless killings and despair in Gaza
    Biden urges Congress to “swiftly pass” a $118bn bipartisan deal that includes $14.1bn in military aid to Israel after the ICJ ordered Israel to halt its ongoing attacks on civilians in Gaza.
    ​ 27,365+ killed* and at least 66,630 wounded in the Gaza Strip.
    380+ Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 122: Endless killings and despair in Gaza

    Chris Hedges, Our leading humanitarian and civic institutions, including major medical institutions, refuse to denounce Israel’s genocide in Gaza. This exposes their hypocrisy and complicity. [Don’t forget to get your boosters!]
    ​ The deans of U.S. medical schools and leading medical organizations, especially the American Medical Association (AMA) have joined the ranks of universities, law schools, churches and the media to turn their backs on the Palestinians. The AMA shut down a debate on a ceasefire resolution among its members and has called for “medical neutrality,” although it abandoned “medical neutrality” to denounce Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    ​ There is a cost to denouncing this genocide, a cost they do not intend to pay. They fear being attacked. They fear destroying their careers. They fear losing funding. They fear a loss of status. They fear persecution. They fear social isolation. This fear makes them complicit.
    ​ And what of those who do speak out? They are branded as antisemites and supporters of terrorism.

    John Day

    The Gulf Arab Dilemma: Countering Geostrategic Encirclement. Geographic Pivots of Global Trade​ (​Isolated and colonized by the Sea-Powers, to this day.)
    Despite reaping trillions in oil and gas revenue over the decades, Gulf Arabs nations have failed to construct infrastructural lifelines in any direction

    The Gulf Arab Dilemma: Countering Geostrategic Encirclement. Geographic Pivots of Global Trade

    ​ Houthis Vow ‘Escalation’ Despite US Strikes, Could Sabotage Western Internet Cables In Red Sea
    ​ Despite more weekend rounds of US heavy strikes on Houthi positions in Yemen, the militant group aligned with Iran is vowing more attacks on vessels in the Red Sea…
    ..A Houthi spokesman, Yahya Saree, responded soon after on Sunday, saying “These attacks will not deter us from our moral, religious and humanitarian stance” in support of Palestinians in Gaza. He vowed that it won’t pass “without response and punishment.”​ …
    ​..”Telecom firms linked to the UN-recognized Yemen government have said they fear Houthi rebels are planning to sabotage a network of submarine cables in the Red Sea critical to the functioning of the western internet and the transmission of financial data,” The Guardian reports.
    According to the specific Houthi threat:
    ​ The warning came after a Houthi-linked Telegram channel published a map of the cables running along the bed of the Red Sea. The image was accompanied by a message: “There are maps of international cables connecting all regions of the world through the sea. It seems that Yemen is in a strategic location, as internet lines that connect entire continents – not only countries – pass near it.”

    ​ Could the Houthis sabotage international internet cables in the Red Sea?
    Yemeni telecoms companies have warned that the Houthis are planning to target the Red Sea’s internet cables.
    ​ “While the Houthis have access to advanced drones and missiles, they likely do not have the technological capabilities to reach cables that are hundreds, if not thousands, of meters underwater,” Pinto tells Army Technology. “They could maybe target one or two of the shallowest cables.”
    ​ The Red Sea has an average depth of 490m, with some cables lying at just 100m.
    ​ “The Houthis certainly don’t have submarines,” Jones acknowledges. “But they could use some kind of depth charge, explosive or remote-controlled underwater mine, or send someone in scuba gear with wire cutters.”

    ​ The Honest Sorcerer, We Are Not Mining with Renewable Energy…and when we do, shit is going to get real​
    So, what sort of technology will be available in the late 21st century? Following the logic of energy and resource cannibalism it is not terribly hard to see where things are headed. It increasingly looks like to me that we are hurtling towards a steadfast deindustrialization of the entire world economy, and a radical re-localization of the production of essentials. Even though we still might have abundant iron or aluminum (bauxite) reserves, we are already in the process of running out of affordable energy to process them. Iron ore represented 93.4% of all metals mined in 2021, and all of it was delivered and smelted using fossil fuels — mostly coal. Without enough diesel fuel though, the remaining vast iron and coal reserves will remain under ground, as there will be no way to haul away the miles of rock covering them. Sorry, but no diesel, no coal. And no coal, means no steel. And with a drastically diminished steel production, it would be even harder to build more mines, railroads, processing plants, wind turbines, you name it. No steel, no manufacturing, no construction, no complex society.

    ​Newt Gingrich (ack) describes the class which manages for the elites, here. The Elite 1 Percent Behind the Cultural Civil War
    ​ While doing their two weekly national surveys, Rasmussen and his team noticed an anomaly. Out of every 1,000 or so respondents, there would always be three or four who were far more radical than everyone else. After several months of finding these unusual responses, Rasmussen realized they all shared three characteristics.
    ​ The radical responses came from people who had graduate degrees (not just graduate studies), family incomes above $150,000 a year, and lived in large cities (more than 10,000 people per zip code).
    ​ When Rasmussen aggregated the responses from more than 20 surveys, he realized these people made up a unique elite 1 percent.
    ​ He then did a national survey of only people with these characteristics – and found some astonishing results. He briefed me and our team on the findings – and joined me on Newt’s World to talk about it further.
    ​ When all other voters gave President Joe Biden a 41 percent job approval, the elite 1 percent rated him at 82 percent approval.
    ​ The elite 1 percent are surprisingly young. Sixty-seven percent are between 35 and 54 years old. They are 86 percent white. Almost half of them (47 percent) favor “Sanders-like policies.” They are overwhelmingly Democrats (73 percent).
    ​ The gap between the elite 1 percent and the rest of America is startling. While 57 percent of all voters say there is not enough individual freedom in America, 47 percent of the elite 1 percent say there is too much freedom.​ 77 percent of the elite 1 percent would like to impose strict restrictions and rationing on the private use of gas, meat, and electricity.​
    72 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning gas powered vehicles.
    69 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning gas stoves.
    58 percent of the elite 1 percent favor of banning sport utility vehicles.
    55 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning non-essential air travel.
    53 percent of the elite 1 percent favor banning private air conditioning.

    John Day

    ​ Polish Farmers Plan General Strike, Blockade Of Ukraine Border
    ​ The presiding officers of the farmers’ trade union “Solidarity” unanimously adopted a resolution on Wednesday announcing a general strike of farmers throughout the country, according to a union’s statement.
    ​ The strike will begin on February 9 with a blockade of all border crossings between Poland and Ukraine, along with blockades of roads and highways across the country between Feb. 9 and March 10, the trade union said in the statement on Thursday.​ “Our patience has run out. Brussels’ position on the last day of January 2024 is unacceptable for our entire agricultural community,” the trade union said in the statement.​ “Additionally, the passivity of the Polish authorities… regarding the import of agricultural produce and food products from Ukraine leave us with no other choice but to declare a general strike.”

    EU citizens’ taxes going to terrorists – Moscow​ , Maria Zakharova reacted to the Ukrainian shelling of a bakery in Donbass that allegedly involved Western weapons

    Former CIA Coder Sentenced To 40 Years For “Vault 7” WikiLeaks Breach, Child Porn Charges​ [The kiddie-porn charges make him a target in prison, I hear.]

    ​ Kyle Young, who lives in a stretch of rural Arizona border, which is run by Mexican Drug Cartels, has very useful insights (and videos), which I have not seen elsewhere.
    ​What we are not being told about the border situation
    ​ As long time readers know, I’ve lived near the Mexican border most of my life. For nearly forty years I’ve witnessed first hand the ebb and flow of migrants moving across my farm in groups of two to thirty+ at a time. I’ve had to fix my fences numerous times, turn off the water at my well because they didn’t, and pick up their garbage. Much of the latter was supplied by humanit​arian aid groups.
    ​ The new wall has changed much of that. We’ll get to that shortly.

    ​You can’t import food security. Feeding Africa: Sanctions make it worse, imports don’t help, what’s the solution? Food security is key to the continent’s self-reliance

    John Day

    ​ The Ethical Skeptic looks intently at “Intent”. The Problem Of Intent
    ​ Intent exists. We cannot define the boundary of the domain of intent, save by means of metaphysical speculation. Therefore, all theist versus atheist debates regarding gods, designs, purpose, creations and/or the lacks thereof are but mere religious diversions from this core reality.
    ​ I have good news for those wearied by the red herring debates of atheists and theists alike. Rest assured, the arguments entailed by both camps neither involve mutual exclusion nor bifurcation, nor do they present a false dilemma. Such deliberations firmly reside within the realm of irrelevance, exemplifying a fallacy known as ignoratio elenchi, which essentially entails ‘answering the wrong question’.
    ​ Don’t get me wrong: both theists and atheists are free to lead lives enriched by the meaning they derive from their respective metaphysical choices. I appreciate sincere arguments from both sides of the debate and see each camp’s pursuit of truth as valid and significant. I can comfortably mingle at gatherings hosted by both theists and atheists, fully recognizing the relative strengths of each group’s arguments. This is the ethical privilege of ignosticism​ [“God” cannot be “defined”], distinct from agnosticism.​ ​
    ​ After all, it has never been about God, gods, creation, intelligent design, naturalism, or purpose to begin with. All such teleological deliberations are ignoratio elenchi and constitute mere metaphysical selection. No one ‘represents science’ inside such debates.

    The Problem of Intent

    ​ Meryl Nass MD on WHO International Health Regulation amendment manipulations, When they wrote the IHR amendments, crossing out human rights was no mistake. ‘Cause they did it twice. The second time human rights were only to be ignored when NECESSARY.

    Meryl Nass MD on universal-protections for peaceful-democide.
    The “NO LIABILITY” aspect of the unlicensed, novel vaccine developed in 100 days is in-your-face in the WHO’s proposed treaty
    The globalist lawyers who drafted the pandemic treaty definitely anticipated injuries from the 100 day vaccines. So what did they do? They made sure that all the nations signing up to the Treaty “shall shall shall” i.e., MUST give the WHO, its lawyers, the nations, the manufacturers, the doctors and anyone else involved a bullet-proof liability shield.


    @ John Day Thanks for the link. The book I recommended was by a psychiatrist working in Hong Kong who’s task it was to interview victims of CCP brainwashing after they were released to Hong Kong from their three to four year prison sentences. They were usually released and expelled from the country because they were not Chinese. Many were religious folk. I am sure it covers similar ground to the book that you referenced, there are a lot of brainwashing books out there.

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