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    NOT .. Holier than thou.
    Birds of a feather flock together.–canada–uk–netherlands-to-icj-for
    Nicaragua taking Germany, Canada, UK, Netherlands to ICJ for genocide

    The executive authority in Nicaragua published an official statement in which it revealed that it warned the governments of said Western powers that they might be jointly complicit in the “flagrant and systemic violations” of the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide and international humanitarian law in the Gaza Strip.

    In its note verbal, Nicaragua urged the four states to immediately cease the provision of arms, munitions, and technologies to “Israel” because it might use them to facilitate or commit violations of the Genocide Convention in Gaza.

    The memorandum underlined that the countries supporting “Israel” are obligated to cut off supplies to it “from the moment the state becomes aware of the existence of a serious risk of committing genocide.”

    Peace ceasefire.


    PC Roberts after all those years in gooberment cannot figure out the answer to his question is the fuckin jews? And he’s one of the brighter ones. Does not bode well for the future. Mongoloids with PhD’s.


    The IDF/US have probably dropped over 10,000 big block buster bombs on Gaza and killed maybe 30,000 Palestinians so far, while maybe scaring the sh*t out of twice that number.
    I kind-of-get-the-impression they aren’t being very successful in exterminating these Palestinians, who should have all died yesterday, per the WEF’s depopulation memo.
    At this rate of 3 dead Palestinians per bomb, the US is going to need to supply the IDF with at least another 556,000 bombs to complete the job.
    Maybe the problem is the US doesn’t have that many more big bombs?
    Maybe that is why the IJC legalized the killing of the 1.7 million Palestinians?
    Now the UN has cut food aid to the Palestinians to help the IDF starve them to death, more economically.
    Sadly, the Palestinians don’t stand a chance.
    It is what our banking masters want.

    Dr D Rich


    Ask and answered lawyer-style in someone else’s post:

    notice the passivity and lack of specificity for Them who “shan’t” be named

      There is a cost to denouncing this genocide, a cost they do not intend to pay. They fear being attacked. They fear destroying their careers. They fear losing funding. They fear a loss of status. They fear persecution. They fear social isolation. This fear makes them complicit.

    There is a cost to denouncing these Jew/Israel/ Zionist genocideRs of Palestinians, a cost they do not intend to pay.
    They fear being attacked by Whom?
    Who do They fear destroying their careers?
    Who do They fear “losing their funding for them”?
    Who do they fear administering their loss of status?
    From Whom do They fear persecution?
    Who do They fear socially isolating them?

    And alas, victim blaming, target blaming…”This fear makes them complicit.”

    What’s the difference between Collaborators and “Complicit(ors)”?

      2005, then deputy assistant secretary of defense for clinical and program policy David Tornberg is- sued a directive explaining that “physicians assigned to military intel- ligence have no doctor-patient relationship with detainees and, in the ab- sence of [a] life-threatening emergency, have no obligation to offer med- ical aid. A medical degree is not a sacramental vow, it is a certification of skill.”

      Circa 2021: Rather than reject the evidence, the judge, Col. Lanny J. Acosta Jr., ruled on May 18 that while juries could not see that type of evidence, prosecutors may invoke such information for very narrow use on matters that are a judge’s rather than a jury’s domain.

      The ruling stirred controversy. David Luban, a professor of law at Georgetown University, said he found it troubling because “torture evidence sneaks in through the back door.” Mr. Nashiri’s lawyers accused the military judge of “moral blindness.”

      In Monday’s decision overturning Colonel Acosta’s ruling, the military commission review panel said the “withdrawal of the contested language renders the matter moot.”

      The ruling also caught the attention of Biden administration lawyers, who were unhappy with the decision by the long-serving chief war crimes prosecutor, Brig. Gen. Mark S. Martins of the Army, to cite a statement obtained through torture. A dispute over the tactic figured in the general’s unexpected decision to retire from the Army 15 months early. He leaves service on Sept. 30.

      After he put in for retirement, General Martins asked Colonel Acosta to wipe from the record the information from the C.I.A. prison while retaining the overarching decision that judges have the authority to evaluate information gleaned from torture. Colonel Acosta did just that.

      Even medical records of U.S. citizens were fair game. The Defense Department even argued that detainees don’t have the same medical rights as ordinary citizens…..since 2005.

    I was particularly drawn to this judicial statement on “ripeness”, as in not ripe some 20+ years later as the “ripeness unofficial doctrine” was used on me in my case soon to be 7 years running come April 2024.

    “The issue of admissibility of such evidence is not ripe or ready for judicial review,” the Court of Military Commission Review ruled in a six-page decision that essentially left to another day the overarching issue of whether prosecutors can in some instances use evidence obtained through the torture of a prisoner.

    The product of such a system is the following:

      FBI, acting locally via Federal Magistrate Judges, wrongfully procures court-orders on innocent targets, which are then used like a weapon to defame, smear, dismiss, discredit, and socially-isolate the target locally, in ways which then ensure that all whom the FBI notifies will necessarily participate in community-wide actions to treat the target like a criminal

    Families, friends, colleagues and enemies all join force against the target AND then trot out a psych professional to label the target paranoid.
    Google the account of Ernst Hemingway’s friend (love that term, friend) who “didn’t know what to think” after FBI records of FBI’s covert surveillance of Hemingway were finally revealed, but more importantly putting to rest the incorrect notion held by Ernst’s friend that Ernest was delusional about the FBI targeting and surveillance that was indeed true the entire time.

    How sweet that, huh? Ernst’s friend didn’t know what to think after thinking for decades “his friend is was and ever shall be a liar or delusional. How does that f*cker unpack that level of cognitive dissonance. God bless him, right Dr. D?

      COLLABORATORS. The FBI received a tip from a confidential human source (CHS)” that Mr. Pacheco “was on the U.S. Capitol grounds on January 6, 2021.”

      While the informant did not know Mr. Pacheco, the CHS “identified him by comparing images on his Facebook and Instagram pages with open-source photos from January 6, 2021.”

      They didn’t barr Scott Ritter from coming home but they sure as hell permanently barred Lira.
      “Barring a journalist from coming home is some KGB shit, Bill.” 

    Where CIA-level-shit is more awful than KGB-level-offal.

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