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    René Magritte Meditation 1936   • Ottawa Mayor Declares State of Emergency Due to Convoy Protest (ET) • Ottawa Police Threaten Arrests For Sharin
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    Re: 6 Big Differences Between Natural Vs. Vaccine-Induced Immunity

    [..] It was only just over a year ago that one of the most influential medical scientists in the world, Dr. Eric Topol of the Ragon Institute, Harvard and MIT, writing with Dennis Burton from Scripps, in the peer reviewed journal Nature Medicine tried to get us excited about “superhuman SARS-CoV-2 immunity” from the novel COVID-19 jabs.

    The article ends with the scientists expressing their optimism that a vaccine (or vaccines) would deliver an immune response “superior to that achieved through natural infection.”

    Polder Dweller

    As more and more people wake up to the fact that our governments are scheming against us, that their health is being wrecked by the jabs and that hyper inflation is on the way as the elite’s very next party trick, they are probably going to be just a little upset. The Young Gullible Leaders most likely think that uncle Klaus has a plan to save them from the wrath of their citizens. I think that he does have a plan alright, and that is to throw them under the bus, they will have served their purpose, after all and be no longer of any use to him. The people’s anger will be appeased for a while by going on wild lynching parties and then the charismatic white knights on their handsome steeds will ride in to save the day. Only, these white knights will turn out to be the four horsemen.

    However this plays out, this year and next year are looking pretty dire at this point. I hope I’m wrong.


    But hang on – Topol is Deflationista’s go to guy. He couldn’t be lying for funding? No one ever did that. So now we know Deflationista is the source of “conflict of interest hit pieces”.
    Nice to have him here more evidence we are onto something…

    Dr. D

    We all know money means nothing and no one works for it. It’s no motive for crimes.

    “[CNN] Ratings fell 90 percent overall when comparing Jan​uary 2021 to Jan​uary 2022. That’s hard to do. “

    That is so much worse than I thought. I can’t think of any CEO or public figure to compare to that. The monk who lit himself on fire on film?

    Ottawa: ““We can’t allow this kind of terrorism in our community to continue this way.”

    Which shows now terrorism is all things. It’s “Anything the powerful don’t like.”

    “Words mean whatever I wish them to mean, neither more nor less.

    The only question is: which is to be master. That is all


    Disliking someone and writing about it? Terrorism. Having a personal medical experience? Terrorism. Buying too much lettuce and toilet paper? Terrorism. Honking your horn? Terrorism.

    WORDS HAVE MEANINGS, people, even for those that change the dictionary with every news story, redefining “vaccine”, “peaceful”, “anti-vaccine” and yesterday, “racism.” (ADL) But to me this is great and possibly how this brain-melting ends. They will believe ANYthing. Anything at all. Their neighbors are Russians, politicians don’t know what blackmail and kickbacks are, that a dusting of snow is a bomb-hurricane blizzard that ends the world is an example of a climactic heat wave, anything.

    But these thick-necked, hard-headed, blind, deaf and stupid people DO know one thing: Although everyone else in Canada is a racist and Russian terrorist as of last Tuesday, THEY ARE NOT.

    So when Trudy and da Boyz define “Terrorism” as “visiting Ottawa” and therefore they are terrorists and fringe racists, well…then those words have no meaning at all. I don’t know why having your PM be in blackface makes him lily-white, a hero, a lover, and 1,000x better than Trump, but embarrassingly it had no effect. Canadians love Blackface apparently. Love dressing up in Indian costume. Love 30 million breaches of Nuremberg. But saying this DOES lose the meaning of the WORD “terrorism”, the “LEVERAGE”, the psychological hook they installed in you for control. And with it, waking up, not to Trudy being an appalling, disgusting excuse for a human and a war criminal – though capable of spiritual redemption – but they do wake up when they realize all Canadians didn’t become racists and terrorists last Tuesday.

    Now if only we could accomplish this in the U.S. Where 25 states that voted for Obama suddenly said, “Hey! What am I doing??? I can’t vote for a black man twice! I’m a racist! In fact, everyone in America is a white supremacist!” And where should we ever have a black President, Senator, Governor, Congressman, General, Joint Chief, Supreme Court Justice, boy-howdy, then finally we can get rid of those separate drinking fountains and outlaw slavery.

    Nope. Still no sparks going off. Jericho Green would say these idiots are trying to convince young people that it’s 1954, or 1854 in civil rights. Which is so stupid we have to drag out the naughty word “retarded.” But they believe it. Talk about slavery every day. While we lose bodily autonomy, imprison people without trial, have a VP who rounded up black kids for the for-profit prison system then defied a judge to allow them to leave rather than fight deadly forest fires for $5/hr. That’s not slavery. Nor is Nike, Apple, China overseas.

    Nor is Health Care conglomerates having a court rule that Nurses can’t quit, they have to work any pay the company says, under any conditions they say. That’s not slavery. I tell you, my respect for humanity has been dropping pretty steadily over the last few years, even as I understand it. I’m like, are they blind, unthinking robots, or both? Do they just love hate? Love attacking, oppressing their fellow man if they’re poor and helpless, old or young, or if the “other” don’t live in Brooklyn? What?

    Yeah, sitting in your truck is now terrorism. When you’re a Sikh. Stay Classy Justin. Hope it works out for you.

    Mayor Jim Watson declared a state of emergency in Ottawa on Sunday afternoon, citing “serious danger””

    Like Omicron, “serious danger” with zero injuries, destruction, or death? They are “Mostly not peaceful”? So what’s Mr. Jim’s blackmail file look like? Anybody know? Can’t be that hard to find out.

    “4D Chess: Truckers Loot Nike Stores, Burn Some Cop Cars So GoFundMe Will Reinstate Them” –BBee

    “ • Canada Contracts To Deliver 100 Million Vaccine Doses Annually For Years (CBC)”

    Again, the prime qualification for membership is being bad at math. Like, really, REALLY bad. Like can’t count to Xi bad. Like Supreme Court Justices don’t know the numbers “thousand” from a “Million.” …Otherwise, why would she be there?

    The Revolution Has Come for Joe Rogan (Techno Fog)”

    Never apologize. As they are unprincipled jackals, lacking all moral compass, the only thing they detect is weakness. You may be capable of nuance and compromise, but they are not. You may be capable of learning, changing your views, and forgiveness for the past, but they are not. They don’t care what you think, say, or what right and wrong are. Only POWER. And using that power for JOY, the joy of power-over, destroying others, especially the strong and upright, bringing them down to your level instead of doing the work to raise yourself and your fellows. Never, never apologize. They can’t understand, comprehend it. They are incapable of forgiveness, proven 1,000 times. Don’t bother. It attracts them like bright light.

    I am not happy to say these things, but years of watching.

    “ Biden Security Advisor Sullivan: Russian Invasion ‘Any Day Now’ (CNBC)”

    What a relief! It has the letters “NBC” in it, therefore it’s false!


    Dr D. On Rogan’s apologising. I don’t think he is a master strategist but this apology may be the anomaly – the perfectly timed mutation in the system, the random generated non AI chess move. The people were watching Rogan so much and then he was able to say sorry. They lie and wont – he will tell the truth and will.
    I believe after this he can now rise and say what ever the fuck he wants. We will see, but the art of war recommends stoop to conquer.
    He stooped, laid low, and responded to the woke and now the average dude can say well that is all a man can do.
    He is just a man.
    They screamed he didn’t scream back. They look weak. Very weak. Like just a few words will kill them. Dangerous spot to be in when people have ears and guns and trucks

    Doc Robinson

    • Ottawa Police Threaten Arrests For Sharing Fuel With Freedom Convoy (RT)

    From Daniel Bulford’s video message about this:

    “I was a member of the RCMP for 15 years…
    I know what a lawful arrest looks like…
    Please remain calm.
    This is a scare tactic to coerce people into submission.
    They don’t have a legal leg to stand on…
    Remain peaceful.
    The only thing that you are required to say if you are arrested or detained is to identify yourself…
    Hold the line.”


    There is a key human element in the debate around safety and efficacy that the science perspective is not in a position to address explicitly. Even though most are literally ignoring the signals, let’s not necessarily fall into the trap of assuming negative intent in regards to Topol or Malone for that matter. There are a lot of scientists that have made extensive investments (time) in the development of vaccines to address the health threat and there are buckets of money available to support their quest. People like Topol are overly skeptical to the idea that these jabs are not safe or efficacious even to the point of believing they are superior to natural immunity.

    Repeatedly exposing the immune system to any Covid vaccine is shaping up to be a serious train wreck in the making wether intended or not and I would echo PhoenixV’s sentiment to fight this with every ounce of our being.


    Turdeau Claims Truckers Only Hate Him Because He’s Black


    New Ottawa fashion statement.

    It’s not diesel officer, it’s water for the horses!


    Change is in the air.
    The leaders/ the gov./ the pro-vaccines are shooting themselves in the foot.
    Either the vaccine or the Omicron has removed the thinking cells from many of our leaders

    D Benton Smith

    Here is the thing about Natural Law insofar as it compares to any other forms of rule like laws, statutes, declarations, regulation, decrees, and so :

    All of those other kinds of “laws” exist only as attempts to describe various opinions about what should be, and then scribbling down those opinions as strong words on parchment, paper or stone tablets. Those aren’t actually LAWS. They’re more like crib-sheets, reminders or “notes to self”.

    Natural Law exists because it simply EXISTS, immutable, and regardless of anyone’s opinions. The hard part is figuring out what that Law actually is, but individual sovereignty is a good start. So is the innate knowledge of the difference between right and wrong, or that we are all somehow a part of something we call spirit or God , for lack of having adequate word skills to define it.

    Decisions about such things remain ours and ours alone to make. No one else can do it for us, because ultimately we ARE individually sovereign no matter how hard we try to pretend otherwise.


    Everyone needs to donate fuel can to the truckers in Ottawa, include a shoulder strap.

    As Turdeau looks out over a sea of people all carrying fuel cans from his secret Good Day Aye Führer Bunker, he will faint, with the vapors, at the shocking scale of the defiance of his authority.

    Clicking his Ruby Slippers together, he will repeat the Mantra, “There’s no place like home, eh” until he cries himself to sleep.

    “If only I had a brain”

    Doc Robinson

    Ottawa police decree is illegal, Justice Centre warns

    OTTAWA: The Justice Centre today warned that Ottawa police would be breaking the law if police attempt to intimidate or arrest people who bring food or other supplies to truckers who are peacefully exercising their Charter rights and freedoms in Ottawa…

    “People who bring food, water, gasoline or other supplies to peacefully protesting truckers are not breaking any law. There is no basis for this police threat, that was issued by Twitter this morning,” states lawyer Nicholas Wansbutter, retained by the Justice Centre, which is representing the Freedom Convoy.

    “In a free and democratic society that is governed by the rule of law, citizens can freely associate with each other, including the giving and receiving of goods and gifts. There is no law that would allow the Ottawa Police to arrest people for giving fuel or food to another Canadian,” continues Mr. Wansbutter.


    The one thing all tyrants cannot withstand is successful mocking and ridicule. It’s Kryptonite, it’s fatal.

    So here’s an arrogant prick who parked in a handicap spot and walked off for an hour or so, only to return to see his pride and joy enveloped in a grand prank. He goes into petulant mode and displays his indignity to a passing cop.

    The cop is wondering what kind of moron would call attention to the fact he’s illegally parked in a handicap space.

    Well, the kind of white man who loves dressing in blackface and then ranting about racists.

    Guy Who Parked His Car In a Handicapped Parking Space


    Maybe the truckers could cover the Parliament in Ottawa with yellow bellied Yellow post-it notes as a kind of art installation statement.


    I think oxy is correct. The Rogan apology is a sign of strength. Taking responsibility for past actions (words and deeds) is a RADICAL action. Well done Joe!

    “They lie and wont (apologize) – he will tell the truth and will. I believe after this he can now rise and say what ever the fuck he wants. We will see, but the art of war recommends stoop to conquer.”

    Now compare the Rogan apology (and corresponding actions he took, like removing content he chose to remove) to the Spotify CEO letter above (in the black text box). WTF is that guy apologizing to his “team” for anyway? Clearly he’s got a bunch of “children” working for him. It is a pathetic demonstration of what’s broke (and woke) around here.

    D Benton Smith

    This Freedom thing seems to have gone viral.


    Commercial retail and office real estate in NYC is dying. I was listening to Gerald Celente and he stated that Broadway is never coming back and the retail scene in areas looks like an apocalypse movie set, every third store front boarded up AND over priced.

    Manhattan Retail Rents Plunge Without Office Workers, Tourists

    “…who in their right mind would want to return to the office when Manhattan’s Soros-funded DA is taking a page from progressives in California to downgrade felony charges for armed robberies and drug dealing. Wall Street firms have already told their employees to dress down to avoid being attacked.”


    Manhattan’s Soros-Funded DA Lays Foundation For Next Crime Wave; Instructs DAs To Drop Prison Sentences

    “Manhattan’s newly elected DA, Alvin Bragg, has ordered prosecutors to stop seeking prison sentences for most offenses, and to downgrade felony charges in cases which include armed robberies and drug dealing, according to the New York Post.
    Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg (REUTERS/Mike Segar)

    In his first memo to staff on Monday, Alvin Bragg said his office “will not seek a carceral sentence” except with homicides and a handful of other cases, including domestic violence felonies, some sex crimes and public corruption. -NY Post”

    Wow, west coast Soros Woketards in the Big Apple


    Maxwell Quest

    I just came across this collage of headlines on The Burning Platform website, and looked up a couple to make sure it was legit. It serves as a prime example of what we are up against – all out informational warfare. This is a form of psychological priming, meant to trick the gullible into thinking that sudden heart attacks and strokes in those that are normally not at risk can be induced by a variety of everyday circumstances.

    Articles like these (probably originating directly from Big Pharma):

    a) Set the expectation for more heart attacks and strokes in the young, in effect telling readers that these rare events are actually commonplace.

    b) Provide a smokescreen for the Covid mRNA vaccines as being the true cause by linking these attacks with numerous other mundane activities.

    Look Out

    As far as I can tell, this pandemic operation was the starting gun for a run at total control. Now that their game is out in the open, I don’t see them backing down in order to make another attempt at some future time. I expect that things are only going to intensify from here, meaning that the psyop will soon escalate into armed conflict.

    Mister Roboto

    Even before the pandemic, it didn’t sound as though New York City was doing well.


    At 11:59 this Friday night, it will no longer be required for Canberrans to check into most premises except for certain “high-risk” ones, e.g. night clubs and bars. (Let’s see how long this lasts.) Still waiting for these wretched masks to be made optional inside retail and other premises. They’re optional outdoors.

    Nationally, booster shots are still optional, not mandatory. Nationally, Jabber the Nut & TPTB are discussing now whether to change the definition of “fully vaccinated” to “up to date” rather than “two jabs”. That’s a slippery slope if ever there was one.

    Last Sunday the trucker convoy made itself evident around Parliament House. Still there. Only one arrest so far for firearms reasons, otherwise peaceful. Overall it isn’t making much of an impact anywhere else in the city. We went out on Sunday, nowhere near Parliament, and encountered a long procession or beautifully polished and tubbed up older model cars heading into the Arboretum. That was our destination too. We had a most enjoyable picnic. Plenty of other people taking the air and enjoying the day.

    Autumn has arrived in Canberra about a month early after a cool, wet summer. This must surely give the climate change denialists plenty of ammunition: “a while ago we were told that the dams would never be full again, and now they’re overflowing.” One could suggest that climate instability is making itself felt here, but I don’t know how far that line of argument would go.

    Beautiful, rare, ancient forest in Tasmania is about to be hewn down to feed the perpetual-growth machine. Along the way it will greatly harm the valuable honey industry. But the growth machine doesn’t care: trees have been financialised. They must be cut down and sold otherwise the workers won’t be able to afford honey to put on their toast.

    On and on it goes. This is only one small example of a worldwide malaise. Governments everywhere seem to have lost patience with environmentalism. We are growing ourselves into extinction.

    D Benton Smith

    Honest dealer truth tellers like Joe Rogan are a key component of the “body politic” Immune System. And the Elites (just like the Covid / Vax that they created) now seek to destroy that immune system (which IS working) so that the immune system fails and the Elite “virus” survives. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Nevertheless, this wildly bizarre, poetically symmetrical,, cosmically civilizational , spiritual sort of “auto immune disease” fever still shocks the hell out of me even though I’ve seen it coming (and said so) for years.

    By the way, I’m betting on the T-cells. All in, in fact.


    Dr D, thanks for bringing up Jericho Green.

    Starting at 1:08 JG gives his take on Manchin stopping the democratic Build Back Better. Warning!
    Snowflakes will get the Mother of All Triggers.


    ..T-cells are also known to become exhausted. If your body is continually getting infected with this virus because your innate immune response no longer properly works against it and your B cells are not capable of helping you because the virus changed too much and the B cells cause too much collateral damage, that means your T-cells are left to deal with a very nasty job on their own. That raises the following question: As people now continually get infected, are we going to witness T-cell exhaustion?

    Suppression of the innate immune system: The main cause of the pandemic of the fully vaccinated

    Not there yet on the idea mass death in the offing, but can definitely see herd autoimmunity playing out.


    I tried to post this in the OMICRON IS THE BEST VACCINE thread but the internet in my building went patchy (‘works’..)

    Anecdote. (Switz.)

    I volunteer for a large charity, with lots of ppl working in close quarters much of the time. Masks are only worn when clients are present. Vaccine mandates are not applied (vax aren’t obligatory) and the contact-quarantine rules were never respected in this place.

    At one point the Big Boss told us that the Cantonal Med. Authorities would intervene — he looked desperate, white face, bruised eyes —, but they never showed up. I was never ordered / asked to quarantine, despite close contact with infected ppl. There were 3 outbreaks (since March 2020) and the last one, right now (presumably mostly Omicron) has about 1/8 of ppl out.

    The person below me in the work chain, “Maria”, triple vaxxed, caught Covid and was off for 9 days. The person above me, “JP”, unvaxxed, tried to catch Omicron to hopefully have a stab at obtaining a ‘recovered’ green pass; he caught bacterial pneumonia instead and has been under massive antibiotics, taken care of at home, for the last 10 days.

    ‘Eugyp’ blogger, worth a read, has collected reader on-the-ground reports from various places in the world re. COV19 containment / other measures.

    —thx for all the posts about the truckers and Ottawa, here there is very little news about it…Silencio…

    D Benton Smith

    Two Rules For Happy Living
    (which will also destroy tyranny INSTANTLY)

    Say the truth
    Do the right thing


    The Ethical Skeptic has been scrubbing adverse reaction data. Hmmm.


    Continuing along from post about Italian ‘regional’ health care…:

    Regionalisation is an awowed aim of the EU, to by-pass Nation States, create Regions, i. e. smaller entities, easily controlled, which may be awarded useless or trivial ‘new powers’ and will be carefully monitored. The inhabitants will be (are..) encouraged to adopt various forms of folklore: “Our Region”, ritual customs, food, dress, etc., touristy identity politics stuff. Funnily enough a mimicry, in a modern trope-y way, of the USSR.

    This regionalisation will not stretch to Health Care (> my interpretation, prediction) — Health Care will become MORE centralised, integrated, into a Bio-Health-Security Mega Top Kontrol Authority.

    (…) In Russia, regionalisation of health care makes sense (huge country… infrastr., climate, health problems, expectations, habits, etc. differ)…

    Covid madness is rampant in Russia as well. Moscow (Mayor Sobyanin, known to disagree with Putin often) ordered end Jan, the suspension of hospitalisation for children, with the exceptions: Covid and Emergencies. (I have no idea what is happening to leukemia patients / other .. I have this from a reliable blogger in Moscow, of course this can quickly change..) This is not reported in the W MSM, because Russian cruelty to children and their parents is not different from that in the W, so the W can’t trumpet blame…

    On Jan 18 (from Reuters) curbs were extended in Moscow, no mention of children.

    Moscow Times quote: Fifteen regions across the country have suspended routine medical care due to the overwhelming number of hospitalizations, while five regions have sent schoolchildren to remote learning and four regions banned mass gatherings. The Tula region south of Moscow took the most drastic step in the latest virus surge by announcing a 10-day regionwide holiday.


    The authorities and the media are panicking because they are facing a new way of protesting that has raised historical funds and they don’t know what to do.

    What is next.
    Shoot them …. seize their assets … put them in jail.


    Fraud doesn’t matter in scientific studies. You only need to believe.

    those darned kids

    jump, rats, jump!


    Rumble SPAC Explodes Higher After CEO Offers Joe Rogan $100 Million “To Make The World A Better Place

    Go Joe, Rumble, which hopefully one day will drown Youtube in the bathtub.
    Rumble wants Joe to stick a shiv

    shiv ~ noun
    a small usually improvised pointed or bladed weapon

    into Spotify’s rib cage, and give it a couple of quick thrusting turns.

    “Dinesh D’Souza

    Joe Rogan needs to upload all his episodes—especially the ones removed by Spotify—on Rumble. Rumble now seems to be the only video platform that protects open debate. Facebook and YouTube are the Pravda and Izvestia of our time, vehicles of state-approved propaganda…”

    Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has got to be some butthurt by these developments.

    Hey Dan, better pony up more dough for Joe, he’s in demand.

    Maybe Joe better get the ‘no censorship’ promise in writing from Spotify (preferably in blood which is always a superior sign of sincerity when used in a fountain pen)






    image tag flaking out as usual


    jump, rats, jump!

    Clever. In the face of another piece of data nullifying your narrative, you tell others to jump ship.

    Sorry, pal. You’re the only ones lost at sea.

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