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    Edward Hopper People in the sun 1963   • The Velocity of Money… and Revolution (Brin) • Ecology: The Keystone Science (Hawes) • Facebook Flags, R
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    Yeah the plastic thing….. We are all doomed really. Only so many years before we run out of synthesised fertilisers and then what do you do with 8 or 9 Billion and barely a single wild space left to plunder for survival. I fear it will be a reality that people taste a bit like pork in the end…
    Heavy man.


    If you deplore death in the Mediterranean, the australian example shows that the thing to do is to turn back the boats:

    If you rescue (most of the time) people put on lousy dinghies barely off the coast of Libya by human traffickers and get them all the way to Europe, you encourage attempts – and people drowning. If you turn back boats, people don’t attempt the crossing and no one dies. Encouraging rescues is encouraging deaths.


    the answer is to not go to war. If Syria was an island in the Mediterranean – what would you do? Die from bombs on your head or take a chance on the sea. So much of this issue is about people being able to work their shit out at home. Without guns.


    There is no answer, there isn’t even an approach, to the refugee problems in Europe -and the US- without insisting the bombing and all the other forms of violence aimed at creating chaos, stops. But there is no industry with more political clout than arms manufacturers. Violence is profitable.


    Italy to offer 12 patrol boats to the Libyan Coast Guard:
    This is excellent news! From the link: “Sending back the migrants sends a clear message. It’s a waste of time and money to cross the sea. The idea that european ports are open encourages migrants to attempt crossing the Mediterranean. We are not against migration, but we are in favor of a legal immigration that would avoid suicide trips aboard rubber boats” explained Abu Ajila Abdelbari, captain of the Libyan Coast Guard

    We can now expect the number of migrants drowning, that had already fallen dramatically when, much to the chagrin of soi-disant compassionate humanitarians, prodded and poorly equipped by Italy, the Libyan Coast Guard made half-assed attempts to stop the flow of migrants, to fall further dramatically.

    The thousands of drowned migrants over the last few years could have been avoided if someone in charge had the willingness to do what common sense screamed: ignore the well-meaning but idiotic humanitarian bleeding hearts and just send a few boats to patrol the waters, and disrupt the business model of human traffickers.


    I completely agree and I deplore and condemn the social engineering operations by NATO to “liberate oppressed people” and remove dictators in Libya and Syria. Those were other disasters by well-meaning (or so the charitable explanation goes) humanitarian progressives, led by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Yes, those operations generated chaos and human misery on a massive scale. But don’t conflate those operations with the general migrant problem in the Mediterranean. If you look at the countries that the migrants crossing the Mediterranean come from, Syrians or Libyans are a small minority. You got tons of people from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Gambia, Senegal, Congo, Mali, Côte d’Ivoire, Pakistan, Bengladesh etc. None of them is fleeing bombs on their heads. None.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Tabarnick, terrific posts. I took screenshots.

    The U.S. isn’t against immigration per se:


    V. Arnold
    Dr. D

    All day: The “Tea Party” or “T.axed E.nough A.lready Party”, was the ones telling reporters like YOU what the American Revolution was in 2008, and why the same thing could happen today, being so similar. Maybe the Tri-cornered hats and YouTube videos of people dressing up as founding fathers reading those documents word for word to you wasn’t a clue. …So weird. The need to co-opt, then disparage, then hate and disagree on general principles, when *I think* your side and theirs are the same…just like they were during the Tea/Occupy competition, which was the exact same thing: both protesting Wall St, bailouts, and absence of law. Nice to know in 7 years STILL no one has cottoned on and united, far happier to fight and be robbed than make peace and prosper.

    Next, a call for mass murder and living in caves on the premise that it’s impossible to be both technological and ecological. Apparently he’s never heard of Sci-fi. It is eminently, easily possible, authors, thinkers, inventors, futurists propose it all the time, just not like this. But never skip an opportunity to attack the poor for the resources they’re barely using under rules they don’t control. In fact, he’s got more than Sci-fi trouble since clearly if the planet moved to the levels of Japan, India, or Africa, we’d have far, far too many resources. But like I said, never skip a call for mass murder and genocide, it’s just good policy, the people’s own murder approved by the reading public without a blink, while the “important” people who caused it all, scientists, politicians, professors, are way too important for the ovens and must be saved. Can we skip this line now? Multiple fields of study have a hundred thousand solutions no one’s even attempting, even though we would have more of BOTH. Permaculture comes to mind, marine protected areas, but many others as well.

    I suspect that’s part of the “Fuel poverty”, where in England for instance, there are many tiny, legacy homes with .5m thick stone that are nigh-impossible to insulate. Here’s the thing for you dummies: that home is 700 years old and it may use more energy today, but it doesn’t require the ruin of a new forest to knock down and rebuild it every 20 years like your “ecological”, modern homes. I can’t believe I need to say this. So which is more efficient, a new Tesla with $50,000 worth of new smelting, lithium, and an Afghanistan war to source it, or a 1979 Volvo that can do another 200,000 miles? We CAN make cars like that. Audi made one a while back. American tractors are going on 100 years old and are on their first rebuild. So which is better for the environment? A new cardboard pop-up house that’s worthless in 30 years, or a Scottish Abbey that’s still in use 1,000 years later? Which do we like better? Makes us feel better? Makes us think long term and not for this week’s GDP? So not to say Britain can’t do more, but over here they’re demolishing every arable field and historic structure to put up WalMart, because that’s more “efficient.” Thanks.

    Theresa May managed to sabotage the people’s will quite nicely, as planned. That’s what we do when the people get uppity and vote wrong, just like the EU referendums back when. 100% expected to attack the people where they live in vengeance for daring disagree with their betters. That’ll show them. They’ll really get on board once we make life twice as hard; they won’t revolt at all.

    I can’t fault Monbiot specifically, but he seems to feel that government somehow STOPS corporations, when they’ve been the greatest enabler of corporate power we’ve ever seen. Not to say at this point shrinking government will then de-power corporations since they’ve made it legal to have a license and be larger than nations with no social responsibility. But if central government that could be bought out was the problem, it can’t be the solution too.

    Which leads into Mr. Khan and his ilk, who used the full power of government to aggravate the asset bubble and thereby destroy all the common people, yet 2 or 3 times repeats the answer is to give them more power. Much, much more power. Because the 10-fold, 100-fold power we’ve given them since 1800 has clearly gone in the right direction, and they haven’t sold permits off to their pals, actively inhibited common housing and let Grenfell happen, having done nothing yet to stop it since then. That’s why they need you plebes to give them MORE power, and hand away the natural power and responsibility of the people. Except that they’re protected by people like Khan, or their peers in Auckland and Vancouver, you could sue the pants off Grenfell, you could compete in bids, and projects. But not when they assure free money bubbles, priority exceptions to all rules and norms, and backing that they were “following the law” (that they just wrote) with “approval” of whatever body they pay to stamp their pals into power and no-bid profit.

    But don’t worry, give them more power and they’ll solve it this time. I promise.

    Facebook: most expected story ever. They’ve been doing this since the ’90s, so while you have to have the Constitution to pass your citizenship test, if you have one in your pocket, the FBI suspects you’re a terrorist. No schizophrenia here at all. “Several indicators can help identify these individuals: References to the Bible, The Constitution of the United States, U.S. Supreme Court decisions, or treaties with foreign governments.” — FBI guidelines, 2011. Enjoy your freedom, suckers, where words, not deeds, are a crime.

    Agree humans move on expectations, that’s why it’s critical to hold expectations that they can only migrate according to rules and quotas, which is why those norms were set over 200 years. However, it all comes to nothing if you attack everyone, everywhere, and I pay both for the attack, for the refugees, and for the resulting oppression. If anything, that comes first.

    “Share everything. Play fair. Clean up your own mess. Say you’re sorry when you hurt somebody. Don’t take things that aren’t yours…” –All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

    I guess Kindergarten is too advanced for them.

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