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    Salvador Dalí The discovery of America by Christopher Columbus 1959   • There is Hope After All (Paul Craig Roberts) • We Are Witnessing The Fina
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    Wes: “I am wondering how Michael and Red are doing since we have had so few sunny days since the beginning of December. Their battery banks must be having a very hard time getting recharged.”

    The worst is over for me. From mid November til mid January is the slowest. Low angle for the sun means any cloudy day I don’t get enough in through the PV system. On cloudy days I run a gen for about two hours +/- to top the bank, running on just the bank for a couple of days is more wear and tear than I want to put the bank through. From here on even on cloudy days I usually get enough for our needs. I rely totally on PV for my electricity. I’ve been off the electric grid for seventeen years now so we know how to manage our use quite well. Most folks would have a hard time with the steep learning curve during the dark period. I’m a bit further south than Micheal is so I can’t speak to his situation. When I first went off grid I had a small wind turbine (1kw), and small PV array also 1kw. The wind turbine was of little use even though the geological wind survey put out by environment Canada said that my location and elevation would produce three fold my expected electric use. Well mother nature didn’t take math or maybe I should say she doesn’t do averages.


    What’s with the Trump picture? Is someone suggesting he’s a Buffalo Bills fan? Postponing a football game because of snow? is there nothing in western society that hasn’t been spoiled rotten? I’d love to send the NFL back to Regina, to Taylor Field for the 1970 CFL West Final. Real football for the 21st century woke pussies.


    There they go again…


    reference Dr. Martin speaking on the X clip”
    “…they are too incredulous to believe the things I just said happen to be true…”

    “Only the small secrets need to be protected.
    The large ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

    The news automatically becomes the real world for the TV user
    and is not a substitute for reality, but is itself an immediate reality.
    Marshall McLuhan

    Please watch the X vid from Japan starting at minute 8:12 to the conclusion, more than once

    The scientist rigorously defends his right to be ignorant
    of almost everything except his specialty.
    Marshall McLuhan

    science is not a subsitute for ethics, there can be no science without ethics
    humans who justify and accept the murder of children are without an ethical boundary
    measurement demands a point of reference

    are you willing to accept the value you place on another’s life as the value of your life?
    I didn’t think so
    Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Madison be damned, we are very near peak Adams and Hamilton

    Dr. D

    Picking on Greg Hunter, he’s now saying, “Well maybe Israel doesn’t seem to be hitting only targets” Hey no kidding. And some others where it’s sinking in after the original knee jerk. But I appreciate it. Like Kunstler. Constant ranting on vax, which is distinct from reporting on vax, which does actually exist.

    Thoughts on that, bringing it back to Hemke interview: Blinken will FORCE a war. Armstrong says they MUST have a war, don’t care who or how. Pretty hard to stop when all you need is to shoot at people until they shoot back. Yemen was more than (casually) reported, using everything, involving everyone, including submarines. (ha. ha. Which is primary, land or sea? SEA can only carry 10 missiles. Yemen laughed because they have 500,000 targets. 500,000 vs 10, who wins? There are not enough ships or missiles on the planet, as Ukraine shows)

    So they MUST get the war, then what? The Fed mandate means they MUST solve the banking crisis…that was caused by a reckless Congress, where Johnson put in basically the same budget as McCarthy was fired for. So they “Print”. “Biden” — or the non-Biden, who like Austin, nobody-knows-who’s-running-things like the 1990 Soviet Union – wants to steal all Russian $300B because they’re broke and will collapse this month without it. On what legal basis? “Biden” says? The U.S. is not in the war. You know, in the war that Biden says we’re in. But we’re not in. Nor is Europe, who is in, but not in. So what legal basis is “Biden” saying “ANYTHING” concerning Russian money relevant? Is Biden our World God Emperor? WGAF what he says?

    Jurisdiction again. But they’ll do it because now the debt compounding is $36 Trillion and $1 TRILLION a year, probably two.

    Getting out in circles here, what does all that mean? Inflation. And they will stop the “Hyper” part of that inflation, that is, like ‘08, by not letting a single DOLLAR reach the People for how? Greg’s other rant: non-stop Covid deaths, of 22 year old Olympians (again and again). WHICH ARE DEFLATIONARY. So what’s the cure to hyperinflation for printing for my pals? KILLIN’ MORE FOLKS. The right folks, that is: YOU. Or their own golfing pals, they’re not picky as long as it’s not them personally.

    The pressures that have to be counterbalanced in this house of cards are astonishing though. I mean, props to them, I not only couldn’t do it, I wouldn’t have thought it possible. Having all markets rigged, having levels of control is one thing, but having the intelligence and models to actually set the dials in the right positions is something else. Nevertheless, this is essentially the Techocratic Tower of Babel (See the EU’s HQ architecture) and a mistake will inevitably be made.

    They say “Then rates will …” Will they? WHO makes the mistake? If Europe, (as we are attempting) then, money will flow here FIRST and rates will go DOWN. They will say “Powell” lowered, but “Powell” doesn’t do jack. He FOLLOWS the 1-year. The ONE YEAR will drop, as capital flees Europe for the U.S. …At FIRST. THEN it will all boomerang, but there’s a process and a window first. …Or vice versa if the U.S. fails first as they are paying every U.S. city D.A. and 5 million immigrants to do and collapse us back to colonial status. Their NGOs are paying for it, then running it through human trafficking drug cartels. Ran out of volunteers and had to move to Asians and West Africans. Did anybody LOOK to see how an Afghan gets $10,000 cash? If he had that, he’d be king and not need to leave. …Unless SOROS is printing it, and handing it, obviously not to him but to the cartel capo, directed by his CIA buddy Derp State. Step one: Print money. Step Middle: Lots of confusion. Step Three: Money ends up with my friends!

    Anyway, a mistake will be made. As they said, when Hamas did something nobody thought they would, they were gone, caput, missing, then Israel responded by letting it, expanding it, genociding and nuking it…did everyone predict all shipping would be in South Africa? I don’t think the core scenarios said “This, then that” did they? Only somewhere on the 150-branch logic tree did that one appear among hundreds of possibilities.

    We’re in a system with such pressures, so many, so high, with such low visibility, in a system so fragile ALL assets are viable targets in a “Target rich environment”, that besides the top level, it has become impossible to predict. Except WHO (Iran, Russia, China) and THAT (the West will keep doing stuff until they are stopped by force).

    “he (Vivek) has a not-so-publicly-disclosed interest in every shot that was delivered.”

    And Trump was in charge, authorized it, watched it be done wrong, let it go out to 700M shots, watched the effects, and still supports it today. And VIVEK is in trouble here? No mas. In fact, no one cares, so no one cares about Trump, won’t care about Vivek, and will deny the tripling of deaths of their own children as they already have, past tense.

    “Epstein Documents Reveal Alleged Sex Tapes That Clearly Identify Bill Clinton’s Face”

    It went classic narcissist’s handbook so it doesn’t matter: 1) That doesn’t exist. 2) That doesn’t exist and you’re crazy 3) Maybe it exists but it isn’t what you think. 4) Maybe it exists and it’s a little what you think but it doesn’t matter. 5) It exists like you think but it’s not as big and anyway everyone was doing it. 6) It exists and was as big as you think, and my guy was involved, but everybody already knows that, it’s old news. <—– You are Here.

    I guess everyone loves narcissistic abusers than themselves and their own children? Lies more than success? Your choice.

    Assad: One: He’s speaking German. How many languages does he know. Two: that’s the premise of “Three World Wars” as we seem to have on purview by 1900 at least. He is of course, exactly correct. There is no POSSIBLE interpretation except that the “West” was perfectly happy if Germany and Russia fought each other and all stood by. It’s only when RUSSIA won the war, with +2/3rd of all the fighting, that the “West” began to ACT and DO. So: Russia won the war, We rush in to steal the spoils. That is, to occupy and control all Germany as we do to this day, 80 years later.

    Okay, so WHO? Who is “We”? The Germans aren’t going to occupy themselves you know. The BRITISH. As a back-merger with the Anglosphere. The BRITISH needed to knock out an equal and viable Germany, and also run the Third Crimean War as Stalin stopped their British takeover plan, just as Putin stopped it today. So the BRITISH – through us, their retarded idiot-lackey – swooped into a war they barely fought and couldn’t take a few miles of Italy, raced across Europe at huge cost to occupy BERLIN, and then PUNISHED Russia for winning, already telling our soldiers they were are real enemy and not to fraternize with our own allies at the Elbe (Studs Turkel). Then we bombed Japan to tell Russia we were coming for them. Now why dey Sus?

    As Assad continues, all the Nazis were our Allies — Merged, “British” allies – against their REAL enemy since Nickolas II , the RUSSIANS. Chamberlain MADE SURE Germany was armed expressly to attack THE RUSSIANS for no earthly reason. So the NAZIS were our real Allies. Howso? Well as he says, look what happened after. They were all elevated and adored, primly placed throughout all our internal systems. Then in the declassified Trump docs, they themselves said they thought Hitler was alive and living in Argentina. I’m not saying that, our records from 1960 did. We know for an undisputed fact that SOME very high level Nazis DID live there as a point of historical fact, and so long as they were far away, we approved of it. Because they may have lost and government-in-exile, but they were our Allies. And our real enemy was the same: Russia. WHOSE Enemy? ENGLAND’s.

    Nazi Germany unifying Europe HELPS create world government, but you have to conquer Russia to take over the world.

    Being highly articulate, he then takes up the concentration camps in a thoughtful and accurate way, in few words, unlike me. Are the 6 more valuable than the 25? Yes!!! The 25 Million Slavs was the point all along. That was the goal, whatever else happened. The 6 million are heroes since rounding them up and murdering them bought me my own country! Nothing could be better than that. They, the leaders and directors of Israel, would have happily killed 12 or 20 million Jews to get a free new world nation. With nice beaches.

    You saw this in Eastern Europe since 1900 when this wacky concept first started. They tried everything to get the Jews to bite on this idiotic idea, but they wouldn’t. After running the narcissistic playbook for decades, eventually they just killed them all to MAKE them obey. Back of my hand, woman! See what you made me do! If you don’t shape up, you’re going to make me have to shoot you! Since the future owners of Israel killed every Jew they could find, these are the only ones left. Like maybe with PTSD? Ya think? Abusive co-dependent trauma, ya think? Stockholm for survival, ya think?

    This is the Narcissistic abuser catbird seat. The Le plus throne of personal power. And it’s not like he’s kidding. Like any pimp he WILL kill you all. For nothing, for lookin’ at him funny. And he HAS, just now, with the shots. And we, and “the police” do nothing. So what do you think the abused is going to do? Where must their minds live to cope?

    “Other than the Houthis, the entire Muslim world could be in the dock, with Israel and the West”

    This is a point that should be repeated again and again. “Oh the Israelis”. Really? And what are any of you 20 nations doing about it, including 1B Muslim Indonesians? Nothing. You control 100% of the oil as having a voting block, and like 1970 you used it to do…nothing. You own all the transit corridors, not just there but Indonesia, and you used them to do … nothing. You can blockade the whole Mediterranean probably, Algeria, Gibraltar, Libya, Egypt, and you used it to do…nothing. And the ISRAELIS are the bad guys? Uh-huh. So they were mugged on the street, you were walking by, and…bravely ran away rather than say anything. Even left it to South Africa to call 911 who can arrive 5 hours after the victim is dead.

    Right. Carry on then, I’m way too small other than to point at it. I’m an American so neither one of your problems is my business except to not be involved and not arm anyone. I’ll watch.

    “After a 20-year effort, the American “superpower” was defeated and driven out of Afghanistan by a few thousand lightly armed Taliban,”

    Kind of. The CIA-n-Co arm them, the Taliban, and ALL our enemies to JUSTIFY our being there, on the poppy fields. We weren’t beaten, we withdrew because we pivoted to attacking Russia DIRECTLY. Etc. Ugly, gruesome, cynical, murdering stuff. So evil the mind reels. Change my mind.

    And P.S. “Biden” didn’t do it because cynically, “Biden” doesn’t exist as a person. So who? I could say the same of Trump but let it pass for now.

    the disappearance of American Protestantism is the key factor in the fall of the West.”

    Seems weird but he’s actually kind of correct. That’s why they go after, pay for, discredit, and destroy religion first. They hate religion more than ANYTHING. In this case, trying a bunch of things, but eventually getting it in the 60s. Odd because Protestantism of course APPROVED of all the wars and other bad stuff, as often mentioned. They might even have been core support for some. BUT: what they don’t mention is that Protestantism LIMITS it. That is, you’re required to have a JUST war, with rules and honor. You’re required to have the war to HELP people, not help yourself. The war has to END. Moving to the much planned and paid for nihilism removed all that. Sure, now it’s harder to recruit them to fight (Army enrollment numbers) but history shows you can just PAY them, with made-up money, and MAKE them, with cynical, violent, nihilistic force. And so they have.

    I was going to bring up on that, the X letter forwarded 2x already, The “Incompetence” of the System is “The Point”. Suppose you had people who were competent. Suppose they were even Black or whatever. You tell them to go pour this train derailment into the river then shut down the Rail Union. They say “No man, I don’t think so” and go get another job. Why? Because they are COMPETENT. They are self-value in their COMPETENCE. Now maybe this isn’t intentional, but the machine Leviathan gropes blindly at WHO, who on earth can I possibly get to enact policies as violent and retarded as Nuland’s?

    Well…not the Competent, by definition. Run the same scenario with the IN-competent. Or might actually BE competent, but never had to rise up to that level and are unsure. YOU got your job ONLY as a diversity hire, and you know it. Because you failed all your grades up til now and they promoted you anyway. You didn’t know what was going on in College and all the other kids seemed like they did. Now you somehow got in as a diversity hire – which you are CERTAIN of, since you’re an idiot and a plagiarist – and the machine, the organization tells you to kill every union and dump this barrel in the river.

    You do it. Because you have nothing in yourself, it’s a miracle you have this job at all and are completely beholden to your “betters” liking you, for no good reason. The more incompetent they are, the more obedience you have.

    That’s why they not only HAVE this, are FORCING completely irrelevant, unqualified transgender people into the weirdest occupations…but they need you to KNOW it. It’s not “just” ritual humiliation, it’s that ONLY YOUR MINIONS ARE ONLY LOYAL TO YOU. And not only don’t care about anybody else, actively HATE everybody else, since you know your orders are about to be asking them to kill them, your opponents, the resistance, for doing nothing but breathing wrong. ONLY IF they are blinding incompetents is this possible.

    …And is also a movie trope. “No, you fool! That can’t be! That’s Impossible!” With the evil, mustache-twirling villain denigrating all his minions slapping each other who can neither think nor are competent at anything. This is why. And why Good wins, incidentally. Evil can’t work together, and this is what it takes to make them obey orders: complete stupidity and incompetence.

    Thus Claudine Gay: Poster child #1. Top of the heap.

    They’re not especially rubbing YOUR face in it. They’re rubbing THEIR face in it. Their slave class they have promoted for no reason. They want and NEED them to be slaves and not independent, self-actualizing people with agency. Independent self-actualizing people eventually follow “Reality” and “God”. Thus fabricating incompetent blue-haired subgroups even in the white class because there aren’t enough minions otherwise.

    And this is not to say they are not ABLE to be competent. That’s a whole different issue and they probably are. But if you were a kid and they say it was okay to fail or cheat on tests because your last name ended in “R”, at those ages, sometime in your career, you would, wouldn’t you? We all would. Only few cranks and iconoclasts wouldn’t. So the greater tragedy is, they could become great people, exceeding the masses, and your “Helping” actively sabotaged and stopped it, crippling them for life.

    Incompetency. ON PURPOSE. And that’s your plan for winning. Okay man.

    “On the negative side, there were some of the worst forms of racism that ever existed”

    Well, I’m glad to know France never bugged Africa or nothin’. Not like set up open air slave markets and are the only country running what are essentially African colonies TO THIS DAY. Sure showed those Belgians how it’s done. Thanks to France they’ve kept them living in huts and fighting with spears. Disgusting.

    “one of the flags of this nihilism that now defines the West, this drive to destroy, not just things and humans but reality.”

    Yes, and it’s an Orientation. Not a sexual one, but one TO God and “Reality’ or against. This isn’t special and happens with regularity, such as Napoleon as Anti-Christ, coming out of the bloody revolution. State is God. Cult of Personality.

    “There is a powerful nihilistic impulse in the US: the search for war and violence. This is a lost society without meaning, that provokes or fans conflicts everywhere in the world.”

    Why? I think because when you’re empty inside, you go out looking. Since there’s nothing inside, whatever’s happening can’t be you, so it must be somebody else’s fault. See some similar patterns in drug addicts. Then Envy and Hate.

    “This is a man who presides with imperial distance over a republic that has tumbled into spiritual and social collapse”

    As PCR says, the Collapse is the GOOD thing. The collapse is the CURE. They want an EMP like in Obama’s movie? Yeah, and then we go outside and talk to our neighbors and their Google Apps is blind. POWER is when one guy at the top tells people to do things. If the system is so fighting nothing gets done, then no orders are followed. That’s not power, although the “Disaster Capitalism” playbook, right there in the U.S. Marines Manual, is that “Promoting Democracy” (i.e. “Color Revolutions”) is to cripple and divide the system so they can then plop money in and pick the winners you like. Who like the minions above, are useless and beholden to you and know it. Like we did with USSR collapse and the Chechnian Mob. That’s only Power if you have a throne to do it from. If the Throne you’re sitting on is ALSO being shot at, this plan doesn’t work so well.

    So what throne do the Elites think they’re going to sit on and be untouched while they direct our winners and losers? Where do they hide when their plan is to have a war of “All against all” to exhaustion? Do they not know what “all” is? (No: they are definitionally insane)

    “the pathological savagery of the Israelis as they exterminate the Palestinians of Gaza announces the end of any claim America and the West altogether have to global leadership on any kind of moral basis, legal basis, or any assumption that the West possesses superior ideals, principles of government,”

    Yes, and in a way well worth it.

    “• After 100 Days, Netanyahu Vows To Continue Gaza Killing (Cradle)

    By Bravely running away. And leaving Gaza city as they blew up 100 tanks there or something? …But I’m sure all those tank drivers are fine and were only shot with paintballs or something and are back at the picnic bench.

    “Ask the Saudis how hard it is.
    • Western Strikes On Houthis Mostly Failed – NYT (RT)

    Yes, they say “Iran” is shooting, “Iran” = the Houthis. While Saudi Arabia is right there, doing nothing? Wow, must be the same “Saudi’s not involved” that happened with all the 912 hijackers. Schrodinger’s Saudis. And they bombed Yemen…from the SEA. Really? We have bases and support all over Saudi and we were stuck shooting from a wet postage stamp? It’s almost like Saudi told Joe to GFY and joined BRIICS or something. Nope, only Iran, ask the NeoCons.

    “Egypt’s Suez Canal saw a 40% year-on-year decline in the first eleven days of 2024..”
    • Egypt’s Suez Canal Revenues Plunge (RT)

    Always do a beta test. That was the Evergreen. Like the Michigan protest was the Beta test for J6, although they thought they had the right approach to work it and didn’t. But same undercover agents there, 12 of 15 violent supremacists were really CIA Director Wray. It’s a Shame about Wray.

    Boy, wait til the Republicans find out all their people are being railroaded and jailed without trial! Things’ll really change around here!

    “Political Survival Now Netanyahu’s ‘Real Objective’ (Sp.)

    Discount prophets say he’ll be tried for war, but so what? He would right now and every day he isn’t he gets to eat 5-star and fly Epstein Airlines. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. Why ever on earth WOULD he stop? There’s not a single logical reason. He must BE stopped from outside.

    “Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s top general, however, denied that the military asked for a specific number”

    Department of Irrelevancy Department. Does anyone doubt Zaluzhny said “Some Number”, “A lot”? So why “Specific number”? Are you all really high, or really stupid?

    “conscripting half a million people “is not enough” and Ukraine needs to enlist at least two million.”

    Same here. And they wear what? Shoot Russians with what? Do they ride to the front on two million donkeys? WTF is wrong with you people, and I don’t mean the Ukrainians, I mean the reporters.

    “more important for the West now, because commercial shipping is at risk.”

    It’s already not: everyone moved to South Africa. The End. It’s an additional cost but we can keep it up for 1,000 years.
    And for who? Our oil and goods don’t go through Suez, Europe’s do. Their cost, not ours.

    “backed by the strong and unwavering support of the United States”

    The unwavering of refusing to fund them at all, this month. But other than “Nothing”, we’re giving them everything. Nothing = Everything, in #AntiLogos.

    “• Germany Unsure Where Its Ukraine Weapons Went – Der Spiegel (RT)

    Mexico. We’ve already seen them there. Also Gaza.

    “• No Peace Without Russia – Swiss Foreign Minister (RT)

    You’re kidding. Why would Russia stop? They can sign Minsk III and start NordStream III?

    “Fani Willis Says Accusations of Affair With Trump Prosecutor Are Racist (NYP) “

    Wade could be a great lawyer and probably is. That’s not the point. They are CORRUPT lawyers, who definitely both know better. Let’s list the cases they’ve taken prosecuting exactly this.

    ““There are an array of horrors that could result from Donald Trump’s unrestricted use of the Insurrection Act.”
    • NBC News Admits ‘Deep State’ Exists… To Save Us From Trump’s Return (ZH)

    People were mad he didn’t use the Insurrection Act for the “Summer of Love” which is easily identified as a foreign-funded color revolution and I was one of them. But I do understand it and was probably wrong. Why would you not do this instead of risking Civil War? Wouldn’t we let them get tired like other angst-filled children and come back to the family having learned something?

    NBC also Not News Network: TIME magazine published a gloating article on the 2020 election rigging that month. They openly said they were picking the President against you because you’re too stupid to vote right.

    And their premise: Trump, who nobody’s ever obeyed yet, is going to be a dictator. Presumably like other Republicans, by making the government far smaller and following the Constitution. Yup. The “Not Logic Network” for the “Not Logic People”.

    “• Dems Hatch “Republicans For A Day” Scheme To Boost Haley Vs. Trump In Iowa (ZH)

    Never a day Democrats don’t want war. Must be embarrassing for you. Too long, gotta go.


    where is Burr when you need him?

    Clueless Honky

    Thanks for everything TAE and commentariat.
    Clueless Honky has a new blog-post:
    That Ball Has No Sides Part 2

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke this a.m.:



    Out of Africa!

    Spotting the similarities
    Can you see the commonality yet? The monetarist ”financialisation” of the UK economy has made the Nation poor in real export performance and the bankers rich; it has increased Britain’s dependence on toeing the NATO/US line, emptied the Treasury and weakened the NHS by succumbing to ridiculous panic in the face of Covid19, and seen its educational system become so narrow, politicised and inflexible, there has been a quite staggering loss of citizen willingness to think for themselves. Instead of the banks fulfilling their original role as purveyors of money to each generation’s entrepreneurs, the fabled ”trickle down wealth” process has actually been sucked up into banks who have – more and more – used their giga-wealth to buy other banks, while focusing on funding Big Globalist Multinationals to get even bigger through M&A. As we now see (but every villain from Gina Miller to Jeremy Hunt affects denial) Britain is under the immediate cosh of blocist centralisers in the EU, and New World Order fanatics persistent in their desire to make the UK look dysfunctional and thus unable to function independently. PM Sunak follows the insane mass migration policies because he works for them, not us…and Keir Starmer is exactly the same animal.

    Comparing the UK to Gambia, for EUNATO hegemony read Sino-Islamic hegemony; for financial services dependence in the UK, read Tourism dependence in Gambia; for educational and social neglect in Britain read precisely the same ignorance in my adopted country; for ECOWAS union politics in Gambia, read Brussels blocism in Britain; for emptied Treasury during the Big Pharma Contrick19, read tourism crippled in Gambia; for lower rates of good food repurchase in Britain read zero ability to afford a decent balanced diet here.

    But the last commonality is that of being enmeshed in the fishing net of credit-derived debt in the face of rising interest rates, and exposure to both smartphone technology and media content. For this is where brutal cultural change has served the geopolitical control-freaks in the shape of narcissism, fame fantasies, State control of information and mass brainwashing alongside higher and higher costs of consumption.

    Here in The Gambia, the astonishing rise and rise of smartphone usage has involved increases in citizen debt both to purchase these infernal spy-phones and renew credits to feed the addiction. Equally, however, it is seen by young Gambians as primarily useful for banal conversation at all times and [especially among females] selfies to the point where – when either at the beach or dressed up on Fridays – they pose and pout for what often becomes an amateur fashion shoot. Thus, even though they skipped both pre-digital cameras and mass cellphones, they hardly ever use their phones data content as a source of information beyond tabloid fame obsession, beefcake and locally made soaps appealing to a truly tooth-rattlingly low IQ and/or half-educated influence.

    In short, they are even further down the road to simplistic manipulation than other similarly distracted electorates in the First World.*

    *In one area – advertising – I am bound to say a local acting profession really is emerging. To any and all Western commercials directors, I would point out that good scripts, intuitive casting and really good ”comedic” actors make the TV ads here infinitely more engaging and LOL funny than the programmes.

    Finally – last but far from least – Big Pharma represents the beginnings of a problem in my homeland, whereas in my self-banishment here, deregulated really means unregulated. There are lots of meds-pack notices saying ‘Prescription Only’ – somewhat pointless virtue-signalling given that there are no GPs to write the scrips. Once again, a State health service on the way to collapse allows one to glimpse what Britain will become in the end. [the coming EUNATO mandatory approach to ”vaccination” ensures that we will go the same way as Black Africa].

    Predicting the consequences
    Poverty moving rapidly towards desperation is far closer in the 3rd World than the first. For different reasons (naked corruption, lack of cultural remorse etc) Covid19 made less impact in terms of ”New Normal” kidology here than it did in the West…because compared to a pressing need to find family food for the evening meal, a bad flu bout was seen as something of a non-event. But the converse is also valid: people here are far closer to abject destitution than in the UK, and after a season of 50% fall off in tourists thanks to iniquitous EUNATO State lockdown in 2021, lots of seasonal workers crept ever closer towards starvation. In short, we’ll see the full consequences in the Gambia before you reach that stage in the UK.

    The ultimate consequences of following neoliberal perverted monetarism all the way down to the bottom of the pit could be summarised as follows:

    When the wealth gushes up not down, the mass repeat consumption neoliberal economies require doesn’t happen.

    It thus has to be stimulated by lax credit at low interest rates – and where possible, the import of poor quality goods from elsewhere in order to keep the Proles feeling rich.

    This has the potential to upset the import/export balance of payments problem, and produce a fall in the currency’s value, causing inflation at home.

    Competing Sovereigns then buy one’s currency with a view to taking ‘directionalised’ profit so exports fall, imports rise, and the citizenry suffers further inflation.

    In desperation, the Nation State borrows money to prop up the currency and provide more benefits to its by now very concerned electorate.

    Down and down goes the national wealth, up and up goes the national debt, further and further away goes the normalisation of interest rates in the light of citizens and sovereigns now mired in debt.

    Finally, there are four further crucial similarities you share with Gambians:

    1 Brits and Gambians are more likely to comply rather than complain

    2 While Brits have their imported thugs, Gambians have their beach bumsters and Nigerian hookers. Both can [and already are] displaying an increase in violent aggression if they don’t get what they want

    3 Gambians rarely expect elections to make any difference, and smart British voters feel the same: there is no radical Opposition deemed likely to tackle the underlying problems of Greed

    4 Tribal voting in Gambia and the UK is very different, but requires exactly the same skills in lying through your teeth about what you stand for. While the UK has Greens, EU Remainers, ScotNats, Plaid Cymru, Hard Left, anti-EU, Hard Right, Ulster Unionists, Scottish Tories, English Tories, The Labour Party, PC feminists and gender nutters, so too Gambia has The Mandinka tribe [the largest] followed by the Fula, Wolov, Jola, and Sarahule. In the 2021 Election that returned Adama ‘Plank’ Barrow to the Presidency, the dominant Mandika tribe was split about what it was after, but its dominant size still handed the election to Barrow. He is the leader of the National People’s Party, but all Parties here claim to be ‘National’, ‘United’ or ‘Alliance’ in a somewhat incredible attempt to suggest they have support above the tribal spectrum. This is no more true than the myth that Keir Starmer will offer any real alternative to Rishi Sunak.

    Both cultures share a tendency to vote in favour of self-interest and their wallets. Both electorates lack the education, informed radicalism and discernment to throw out the traitors at the top. But Gambia is further down the road to impoverished perdition…and this why I contend that Brits in particular and the EU in general would do well to use my adopted country as a yardstick for what the coming Apocalypse might entail.

    Ultimately, neoliberal capitalism is a cul de sac economic system doomed to eat itself. It gives more and more ridiculous wealth to the tiny percentage of winners, but has no solution to the bust that inevitably follows the mortal combat [between rising interest rates and the level of lax household borrowing to maintain the feverish repeat consumption level] required to keep the ideology solvent.

    Ever since 2009, the global alliance between Pharma, multinational business, central banking, silicon valley powered State surveillance and its dupes [climate emergencists, Davosites and crazy Vegans] has been trying to put off the moment when this sick neolib/neocon joke finally becomes obvious to even the last compliant sofa-bound blob.

    Along the way, we Anglofones lost the battle to establish a living wage for nurses, Waspi justice, real Brexit, an independent foreign policy, Covid19 weapon development, the reality of vaccine calumny, a fair deal for Russian speaking Ukrainians, and truth about the 2020 POTUS election tampering. It represents a grand theft of civil rights spanning thirty years, exacerbated by opening borders to anti-social thugs.

    Free speech and direct democracy have entered an existential crisis in the West; Black Africans have rarely if ever had either. The key thing that will accelerate events here in The Gambia compared to the West is the much thinner line between being poor now, and desperate by this time next year. The UK in particular already has its systematically imported thugs fighting with police and slagging off the Jews, but I suspect there may be [initially] a sense of giving Starmer a chance. The tourist season here is well below par again this year [reduced spending power in the First World] and – now that the IMF and China are involved working at their planned hegemonic duopoly – tourism and infrastructure projects put on hold plus over-leveraged accommodation speculators will start to lay people off and, in some cases, go to the wall. The same applies to smaller retailers suffering from a 16.7% inflation rate that can only squeeze the working class until they can no longer viably function. The moment when Devils find things for idle hands to do isn’t that far off.

    In the UK, the inflation rate is only 4% and the den of thieves at the Bank of England can still hide the inevitable with talk of reduced interest rates. In the US, the rate is just under 3.2%. Both the Fed and the BoE are gaily putting out puffery about reduced interest rates later this year, conveniently forgetting that both cupboards have been emptied by Covid, Permawar, welfare sprees and a host of other Bidenomic/NWO insanities. The US national debt more than doubled during 2023 – from $13 trillion to $34 trillion; the UK’s debt exceeded 100% of gdp for the first time in 64 years for similar reasons.

    But the Gambia is a minnow without the array of disguises enjoyed by the First World; in three years, the national debt here has grown 50% – globally, the debt is tiny but Washington [ie the IMF)] and Beijing are already extracting several kilos of flesh: a second port (for easy US troop access) is under way, and the Chinese are already ruffling feathers by installing factory fishing with the potential to wipe out the local fishing community. Add that to the other layoffs already mentioned, and we reach the tipping point: What happens when half-starved people have no money coming in at all and nothing to do?

    I advise all of you to keep a close eye on the gather storm in Gambia. The coast is unlikely to remain as smiley as it has traditionally been. For once, a sub-saharan African nation will be a peek into the near future.

    The Davos >> banker >> ecological looneys >> surveillance >> military complex knows perfectly well how nasty things could get when 7.8 billion Earthlings have had their savings digitally pilfered with nothing coming in. Hence the need to be rid of the Useless Eaters.

    2024 is a pivotal year. Sleepwalk through it at your peril.

    Analogies & Outcomes: at the end of the neoliberal road.


    The Pedo NeoConJob Satanists and their mediawhores manipulate and distort language and the meaning of words.

    Projection is their go-to tool but misdirection is also a favorite



    They even use Capitalization as a weapon



    Control the Narrative
    Control the illusion
    Control the Complexity/Everything
    In other words
    • There is Hope After All (Paul Craig Roberts)
    • We Are Witnessing The Final Downfall Of The West (Emmanuel Todd)
    • The End of Global Leadership (Patrick Lawrence)
    • After 100 Days, Netanyahu Vows To Continue Gaza Killing (Cradle)
    • Germany Unsure Where Its Ukraine Weapons Went – Der Spiegel (RT)
    (“..regarding the massive commitment to finance the Ukrainian military, there have been “no controls” whatsoever, Der Spiegel reported, quoting the ministry..”)

    • Western Strikes On Houthis Mostly Failed – NYT (RT)
    ( Israel’s Channel 12 reported on 26 December that 244 US transport planes and 20 ships had delivered over 10,000 tons of armaments and military equipment to Israel since 7 October.
    According to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the Biden administration cleared a potential $147.5 million foreign military sale of M107 155mm artillery shells and supporting equipment to Israel on December 30.

    Israel is also relying on US naval forces to target Yemen’s Ansarallah-led armed forces, who have been targeting Israeli-linked commercial ships traveling through the Red Sea. Ansarallah seeks to blockade and punish Israel for what the resistance group views as the genocide in Gaza.
    But Israeli leaders are hoping for additional US help to expand the war to Lebanon to confront the most important Axis of Resistance member, Hezbollah)

    Friday’s barrage, then Saturday, then Sunday, then Monday…. Yemen’s response
    Ignorance is bliss




    Fani Needs a Spanking



    Rappin’ out a crooked tune


    Putting more than our heads together…………….







    She thinks he’s just ‘man-plaining’ to hog the attention from her


    Fani Willis Doesn’t Deny Her Illegal Affair, Shouts “Racism” Instead

    Lawyers use weasel words and legalize sleaze


    A cousin, with kids ranging in age from 20 down to 7 was diagnosed recently with multiple blood clots. One difference from a couple of years ago: the doctors are openly acknowledging that these clots are a direct result of her Covid vaccination. (I don’t know how many she received.)


    Nathan Wade’s Wife Subpoenas Georgia DA Fani Willis in ‘Contentious’ Divorce

    Wow, Nat traded a Joycelyn (m. young ruler, rejoice) for a Fani



    Idiocracy beckons…

    I’m noticing a general background of illiteracy throughout the Public Space.


    1. the inability to read or write: “the ineffective educational system meant that illiteracy was widespread”

    Even college grads working as baristas trying to pay off 100k student debt can’t even count change back from the register.

    “They didn’t teach that when I was in school dude!”


    Figmund Sreud
    D Benton Smith

    Continual losses are forcing the hidden Zionists to break cover and reveal themselves as such, regardless of how they profess to stand on other (often fake) issues . Most of these players publicly “identify” as Jews, but also many others are not Jewish at all, but simply opportunistic covert psychopaths and greedy suck-ups).

    All (repeat, ALL) of the leading candidates for the US presidential candidacy of both (repeat, BOTH) so-called political parties are pure Zionist. This is largely because it is impossible to make a serious run for President without the money that only the Zionist command and control network can provide.

    That money, for example, is how Trump won in 2016. Netanyahu and the Zionist machine footed his bill, just as they provided funding (in exchange for promises) to his opponents (ALL of them). For example the video here on TAE yesterday about where Ramaswamy got his money (Covid-19 and the Big 3 hedge funds), and even the other dude RFK Jr whose ties to Zionism need no further elaboration.

    Do you seriously think that Trump would have got all of that “free” news coverage in 2016 if those fakers (who ostensibly hated him) didn’t want to give him the publicity that whipped up his “base” and got him elected? All they had to do to defeat him was ignore him! The argument that they did it to sell newspapers is ridiculous, they lost readership and cash right straight through the entire boondoggle. Such financial losses are called “the price of doing business”, and their business was to make people think that there was a REAL difference between the candidates, and that it made any difference at all in who won the kabuki talent show.

    I think that Trump (in his egotistical and narcissistic heart) believed that his way of doing business was the best way. He was honest to that extent at least. But he was and still is a Zionist from the git go, and he does what he’s told by his bosses just like everybody else.

    And yes, we ALL do what we’re told by our bosses. The only difference is in who we accept as our boss, and how bossy that boss is. Some bosses, for example, leave you alone with your free will to make your own choices and suffer your own consequences. Other bosses get so far up your junk that they tell you which words you’re allowed to think OR ELSE!

    Of course both so-called “sides” virtue signal like mad to their respective audiences, and the stuff they say makes eloquently logical ….. to their respective followers. Therefore they are seen to be steadfastly virtuous ….. to their respective followers. I would expect no less. These candidates are, after all, PROFESSIONAL liars who are good at it. But grownups should know by now that the “two sides” these candidates argue about so compellingly are complete bull shit with no bearing whatsoever on the REAL two sides. The only “two sides” that exist as real opposites are good vs evil (truth vs lies, freedom vs slavery, free will vs automatism, etc.)

    Conservative vs Liberal? Rethuglican vs Democrap? Hogwash. All sane people are BOTH …… as required by the circumstances and objectives at the time in question. I am, you are, and the vast majority of everybody else is too, regardless of which conservative or liberal style of approach they prefer. The only REAL things that sets them apart from each other is the degree to which they believe they are separated, and whether or not they proactively desire to serve good or serve evil.

    Both sides of the Conservative/Liberal ( and I say this laughingly) “political divide” are funded by the same funding sources, and all of them make the same promise : to defend and forward the Zionist One World Government cause as the priority above of ALL other considerations. Israel first, America second (at best, although you might as well just say “America last” because the only second-place in a duel to the death ….. is death.

    In this manner it does not matter which of the phony lying candidates wins the election, because all of the candidates are phony liars who are not even allowed to get on the ballot until they are completely captured by their Zionist paymasters. It’s all over before the fist ballot is even printed up.

    You are going to have to come up with a better way of doing business.


    Whitney Webb Exposes Truths About RFK Jr.

    Robert Maxwell was actively trying for years to get his daughter Ghislaine Maxwell to marry a Kennedy.

    No shit.

    There was a lot of ‘intermingling’ between Maxwell and his daughter with the Kennedy Clan in the earlier 90’s

    JFK,jr was on Epstein Lolita plane too.

    Worth a listen. Whitney is one of the sharpest pencils in the case.


    You are going to have to come up with a better way of doing business.

    We did …. come up with better ways …repeatedly …. throughout history ,….. but the majority is/did NOT listening to us.
    We are a minority.


    Yah, it’s a tabloid but still…….

    The rot run deep Grasshopper


    Ghislaine Maxwell was a guest at disgraced former NYC Governor Cuomo’s wedding to a Kennedy scion:.

    Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ also boasted about ‘sleeping with JFK Jr.’ who she viewed as her ‘chief conquest’



    When you see someone like Nathan Wade trading down in such an obvious and massive way, you’ve got to think it has more to do with what sort of weird proclivities they could share rather than any sort of normal sex. And so it would have been more about giving access to something otherwise unavailable, not the person in their own right and what we would normally think of as temptation.


    Sasha Latypova. Is she talking about the WEF’s new very scary pandemic X? Monkeypox didn’t work last year.
    “The Little Known Weird Trick: You Can Train the Sheep to Scare Themselves.”

    Figmund Sreud

    Alberta shut down its fleet of whirligigs because it’s just too cold and blades might just shatter due to materials turning brittle! True…

    “One of the first lessons any new engineering student learns in their materials class is “cold brittle behaviour” of materials. When it gets really cold, like -30 C or colder, many materials lose much of their strength and are prone to shattering. This applies to wind turbines as much as it applies to car bumpers.”

    Most of Alberta’s wind fleet slowly shut down Thursday night, but not for lack of wind


    @Michael Reid, Red, (and Wes, since he asked)

    Thanks for the progress report.

    Any thoughts about using pumped storage for a backup? Set a tiny panel and pump to trickle low-to-high, and leave the high tank for emergencies. It’s probably useless in winter, I guess. I’m a big fan of low-tech backup systems, so thought I’d mention it.


    Work around – no need of joining Nato
    During his visit to Kyiv on Jan. 12, UK PM Rishi Sunak signed a 10-year security agreement with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, which entails the UK providing material and intelligence security support to Ukraine through the next decade, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported.

    Britain announces new winter humanitarian aid package for Ukraine worth almost $50 million
    “We have just reached an agreement with Britain on security in all areas: on the ground, in the air, at sea, in cyberspace,” Ukrainian public broadcaster Suspilne quotes Zelenskyy.

    The agreement is designed to last until Ukraine joins NATO but can be extended if needed.

    “If this [Ukraine’s accession to NATO] happens before the expiration of this agreement, the security architecture we have created will actually be incorporated into the security system of the entire alliance,” Zelenskyy added.

    London will share intelligence with Kyiv, assist with national cybersecurity, military training, and develop mutual defense industry cooperation, according to a statement on the UK government’s website.

    The deal also commits the UK to consult with Ukraine in case of another Russian invasion and to provide “swift and sustained” military assistance.


    Cut & Paste journalist Konstantin Toropin


    The Houthi strike involved the USS Eisenhower, Philippine Sea, Gravely, and Mason in the Red Sea

    22 fixed wing aircraft from the IKE

    More than 80 Tomahawks were launched as part of the strike

    As another military analyst noted that is a year’s worth of production of the Navy slice of the Block V Tomahawk

    One has to wonder the wisdom of expending that many cruise missiles given the production issues the US has faced. If the US is preparing for war with China then I really must question their judgement.

    The US military has the greatest checkers players known to man.

    Oil prices are rising not because of the threats of the Houthis, but because of US and UK strikes against the Houthis. Gas in Europe is getting more expensive too.

    There have been about 100 strikes with precision weapons (and they have a hefty price tag), but the result is rather the opposite. Iran has rightly claimed that the strikes are increasing instability in the region. The Houthis themselves promise more attacks, and “US and UK interests are now legitimate targets”. I wonder if Cyprus is too? That’s where the British typhoons took off from.

    Oman, which plays an important role as a mediator between the US and Iran, has condemned military action in Yemen. Beijing, too, is “deeply concerned”. Who supported it? According to Biden, Australia, Bahrain, Canada and the Netherlands.

    The main fear is that Iran will block the Strait of Hormuz, this could affect up to 20% of the world’s oil and LNG supplies. So far the estimate is 50/50, but the US and UK won’t stop. Once they are involved, they will continue to poke the hornet’s nest with a stick. A 3% increase in prices will not do the trick.



    The Telegraph notes:

    Britain’s aircraft carriers are not ready to be sent to the Red Sea because of the recruitment crisis engulfing the Armed Forces, The Telegraph can reveal.‌

    However, The Telegraph understands that RFA Fort Victoria, the only Solid Support Ship capable of providing the CSG with the amount of ammunition, aircraft, spare equipment and food required for a full deployment, is unable to sail owing to a lack of sailors.

    ‌In normal times it operates a crew of 100, but is understood to currently be working with a skeleton crew.

    So you built a 3 billion pound paperweight. Nice work!


    Time for the USA to change the anti Iran music.
    Iran and Russia working on a mutual defense agreement.

    Just Some Randomer

    @zerosum “So you built a 3 billion pound paperweight. Nice work!”

    No, no, no. Don’t be so silly. They built TWO 3 billion pound paperweights.


    Yesterday: Gonzalo Lira dies at the hands of a government.
    Tomorrow: Julian Assange dies at the hands of another government.

    So utterly sad.


    For good but depressing analyses of the British situation, by a writer based in Devon, I suggest visitng Tim Watkins’ Consciousness of Sheep website. According to him, Britain’s economic situation is DIRE. Among other things, they’ve run out of North Sea oil, squandered the gains on tax cuts for the rich, renewables aren’t making the grade, most of the country north of a line from the Severn to The Wash is among the poorest in Europe, and so on and on and on.

    The UK is being bled white by its poor leadership, muddle-headed economic policies, ignorance, denial, hubris, stupidity and cupidity.

    So is Australia.

    Stop the world, I want to get off.

    Figmund Sreud

    John Helmer latest: Putin fence-seats!

    “Not since Moses held out his hand and got the Israelites’ god to blow an easterly wind to part the Red Sea, has there been such a prodigious feat on that stretch of water. In the hours following the US and UK bombing and missile attacks on Yemen on Friday morning, the Kremlin ordered that a fence be constructed in the middle of the Red Sea on which President Vladimir Putin (lead image) has told Russian officials to sit.


    Veracious Poet



    Sic semper tyrannis.

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