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    Formerly T-Bear

    Did you know?

    Iran fires missiles at ‘terrorists and spies’ near US consulate
    The attack in Iraq and Syria were a reprisal for the Kerman bombing, the IRGC has said

    How ’bout another refrain of: “Nobody wants a wider war”

    Good night all


    The jews have to destroy the world to usher in their messiah. They brag about it. Every jew will have 2000 goyim slaves. Control of the $ can bring endless chaos , so they’re doing it. While they wait, they rape kids in tunnels. traffic them, kill them off and sell the parts. This is the reality of the “people” who control most every aspect of your life. Demons, straight from Hell.


    Could the “Disease X” bs be a purely psychological play to “basket” together peoples’ already developed psychoses about the ever-growing blob of “basket of deporable” such that touching any individual thing triggers a reaction to all filthy profane things in the basket, the point being to add Twitter/X to that basket?

    Associate peoples’ imprinted reactions to disease with X? Surely it cannot be that idiotic?

    Elon’s a weird dude. He’ll change to a different name on a whim. You’ll burn assets and make yourself look stupid doing this. Yes, big brain stuff, go on then.



    Thanks for the update on surviving the winter months when being off-grid. It just seems to me that during the winter months you can not depend on either the sun to shine or the wind to blow.

    The sun and wind both seem to let you down at the same time when you need them the very most. Then in the summer, both produce the most power when you need the least power. There seems to be no win-win situation in this matter.


    The Red Sea:
    The global south needs the Suez Canal to be open.
    That is why the US needs to close the Suez Canal.
    The best thing Iran and the Houthis can do, is to do nothing at all.
    That will infuriate the US the most!

    Winter in Ukraine:
    Russian MoD’s winter reports show a decline in Ukrainian casualties.
    Ukraine is reporting a 30% increase in casualties!


    This fall of the Protestant religion in America has given rise to this new American ideology reigning over the whole Western space: Nihilism.

    Post modernism is poison, mainly because it encourages you to turn inwards and create your own world, rather than turn outward and improve the existing world. Nihilism is the fruit of this endeavor and is the biggest heap of shite, mainly because it does not help you to live your life, it provides an excuse for opting out of life. It also removes all concepts of right and wrong, so it has a big role in undermining the morality needed for society to work. One of the things that amazes me is that younger people are very happy to adopt this philosophy, probably because it relieves them of any responsibility for the difficult things in life, but the end result being that they do not understand that personal responsibility is the only way to gain satisfaction and true happiness.


    Notice the German farmer’s protest is receiving zero coverage by the msm.
    The same for Polish farmers/truckers at border with Ukraine.
    The same for people protesting anything anywhere else in the world too.
    Nubody protesting nuthin’.

    D Benton Smith


    Very well said. I would add only that satisfaction and true happiness derive from using that personal responsibility to apply the Golden Rule.

    Figmund Sreud

    Link Dinh on death of Gonzalo Lira

    … in part:

    “It’s easy enough for me to state all this from the safety of Namibia, but Lira was in Kharkiv. Though a “fish on the chopping block,” to borrow a Vietnamese phrase, he gave us invaluable insights and observations from the war zone without self censorship. It’s this bravery that gained Lira admirers worldwide. Scott Ritter, though, shamefully suggested he was colluding with Ukrainian intelligence. To do what, Scott?

    On 3/6/22, Lira correctly predicted Western sanction will hurt the West much more than Russia. On 3/23/22, Lira concluded the US was committing suicide, but let me to tweak his assessment slightly. With Jewjabs, unchecked illegal immigration, woke education, cancel culture, cowed intellectuals, Jewjewed media, crumbling infrastructure and lying, pedophilic leaders, America is being murdered with a thousand cuts by Uncle Sam’s puppeteer. This is undeniable to anyone paying the least attention, but that’s asking a lot. Here’s a clue: Sam’s increasingly naked genocidal lust mirrors Israel’s, so locked in the sickest 69, they’ll sink together.

    Lira was among the few who remembered the Jewjab murdered Tiffany Dover. Sometimes, Lira was wrong, as when he thought Zelensky would soon be assassinated by the US itself. So what? Bold and blunt, Lira literally risked his life to make statements about Zelensky, Putin, Biden and NATO, etc. Among the cowed, Lira stood tall, so that will be his legacy.

    Tragic News Predawn

    Veracious Poet

    “Lira was among the few who remembered the Jewjab murdered Tiffany Dover.”

    To be “fair & balanced”, Tiffany didn’t croak (yet); She was hidden away, taken care of, paid-off & coached until she could be rolled out for her PressCon to ridicule “conspiracy theorists”:

    I do like me some Link Dinh though, perhaps aspnaz could buffer his “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” anima-derived politik with Link Dinh’s bottom-of-the-barrel hero worship?

    Dropping by Café Xí Muội at 5:35AM, I found it open, brightly lit yet without anyone in sight. I shouted towards the back, “Is it open, miss?” but got no answer, so I walked on in the dark.

    Passing two middle aged brisk walkers, I overheard the man say, “She went to Taiwan to become a whore, made some money.”

    On a green patch, a dozen people stood with their arms raised, palms inward. Immobile, it was as if they had died standing up, so had become a memorial to themselves. Bravely or not, they had fought, often enough against each other, but it’s all chill, just more sewer under a broken bridge.

    Dead, they finally reached equality, or equity if you will.

    “Progressive” whites or Jews are always coming up with ways to muck up your thinking and language.

    Are you a plus sized undocumented worker with a frontal hole?

    The government that harassed, then murdered Martin Luther King now commemorates him, in the most superficial manner, each year.

    Flatulent speeches are given, but no sanctioned maven ever asks why he was gunned down, or points out that the syndicate that squashed King continues to kill, torture or lock up anyone who can seriously shine a light on its sinister workings.

    An absurd name for asshole is “hậu môn” [“back door”], but only assholes use that in conversations. All writing is self-vindication, and all talking, too, for that matter…


    The streams and rivers flow into the sea.
    They fertilize the plains and make things grow.
    But when they’re dammed, the growers cease to be-
    Instead, synthetic light sets nights aglow.

    To commandeer the brainpower of the earth,
    Direct the streams, and dam the brains at birth.

    Veracious Poet

    Also, I really like how Link Dinh also creates entire posts directed at his blog commentariat 😛

    Ok, so which of you TAE geniuses is this?

    Now, let us consider mistah charley, ph.d, for he’s, despite some idiosyncrasies, a quintessential American. From his many comments after my articles, we know his dad was born in Canada. As a young man, mistah charley, ph.d even considered moving there, so he was sufficiently disenchanted, if not disgusted, with his native land. Though a mass attending Catholic, he’s looked into Buddhism, particularly Zen, and even Hinduism.

    Politically, mistah charley, ph.d reads Caitlin Johnson and considers Kissinger and Cheney to be war criminals.

    He also believes a transition from fossil fuels, as recommended by the United Nations, is advisable. Since this may not happen quickly enough to save the planet, mistah charley, ph.d is mostly resigned.

    For his SubStack profile, mistah charley, ph.d describes himself as “intelligent, kind, modest.” Self assessment, though, is never accurate. Those who claim to be God’s chosen may turn out to be Satanists, and you shouldn’t take my words that I’m tall, buff and can last all night.

    Nationally or individually, cowardly violence against unsuspecting victims has become an American hallmark. It’s also true of Israel. That’s why they’re inseparable.

    At least here (‘Nam), no one will whack you on the head to get even with God, their DNA, their upbringing, the opposite sex, the same sex or all the bad sex they’ve had, etc.

    Seems like Mistah Charlie is a rap poet too! Definitely TAE material…

    All I can hear is your voice,
    telling me that stopping ain’t a choice.
    Even though you’re saying that you can’t commit.
    I can hear in your voice,
    over all the noise of unimportance.
    When all I can focus on,
    is what you can’t admit.
    Hearing my name in your voice,
    saying it so passionate.
    I just wanna feel what real passion is.
    Saying my name in your voice.
    I just wanna hear you calling me,
    saying that you’re falling for me. . .

    We now return you to TAE’s regularly scheduled whinging, crying & propaganda circus…

    Veracious Poet

    The West is slouching its way into a new Dark Ages…

    Ebrietas alios stultos facit, alios bestias, quosdam demones.

    D Benton Smith


    Bad day?


    Fani Willis justifies racism, it starts to make sense.

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