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    Jackson Pollock Man with knife 1938-40   • Dems Have Resurrected Law as a Weapon that Serves Power (Paul Craig Roberts) • Fani Willis: Wife of Lo
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    Dr. D

    Can’t post. Trying..

    Dr. D



    Tell me: is there a fairer grandmotherly face than this in all of Western Civ?” Than this of Ursula von der Leyen? — Kunstler

    I know, which one, you ask? Which is a violent, lying, scheming, murderous, evil control fiend and which is Dolores Umbridge?

    Dr. D

    “Watch: “You Are The Problem” – Conservative Speaker Slams Davos Globalists To Their Faces

    Holy s—t! What? They invited him? These guys are the world’s superapex of groupthink, the denizens of drear, anyone who drops a comma from “The Narrative”™ is “Disinformation” and jailed on the spot like CJ Hopkins. What’s up with this?
    “The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on Jan. 17 withdrew its proposal to establish and list Natural Asset Companies (NAC), which would pool investors’ money from around the world to buy controlling rights to public and private land throughout the United States.”

    Collateral. And “The Great Taking”

    “Very few people understand how close we were to losing control of our property and natural resources through this diabolical NAC scam.”

    Hahahaaha! Sure. MAKE ME. Like the “Great Taking” where they expect to show up to all 300 million Armed American houses and evict the owners without issues. Sure pal, sure. Check your meds.

    “The creation of NACs was the initiative of an organization called the Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG), which was created with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation and other unnamed investors.”

    Rockefeller. Well they never dun wrong before! One problem: The Federal BLM DOES NOT OWN THE LAND. They “Manage” the land. The federal level only owns D.C. and some military bases. The. End. Therefore the STATES own the land and “permit” the Federal level to manage it if they want to. That being the case, what did they think they were “selling”? A right that the States can take back from them in seconds?

    This is what happens when nobody follows the law: eventually they all forget there IS a law. Then we have a “Rules Based Order” of “Norms” instead of “The Law”. The norm of 2024 is that all felons and arsonists go free: should we keep that “Norm”? How did it become a “norm” when it was “Ab-Norm” only yesterday? Who “Normed” it? Congress? No, Congress passes “Laws” on e.g. masks. “Norms” we just make up like the 6-foot rule, then un-make up when I want to eat at the French Laundry.

    Corruption is “Normal” in D.C. I hear that means it’s not illegal anymore.

    Anyway: collateral. Again. That means it’s really important and very close.

    “Ex-IRS Consultant Took Job with Intention of Stealing Trump’s Tax Returns: DOJ

    It is “Normal” for everyone to break the law when stopping Trump. FBI says so. So why you picking on poor Mr. Littlejohn? (Unfortunate name.) It is not “normal” to be prosecuted for it. Shouldn’t we jail the prosecutors for misconduct unbecoming of a “Rules and Norms Based Order”? Okay, I’m done. But anytime you hear “Norm” or “Rules-based order” think: illegal. If it were legal it would be called a “Law.”

    Littlejohn was also too dumb to realize they had already combed them 1,000 times illegally and there was nothing there. If there had been, it would have been leaked years before. Therefore, he was doing Trump a terrific favor. Thanks, I guess.

    Dems Have Resurrected Law as a Weapon that Serves Power (Paul Craig Roberts)

    From what I said last week, that he could be fine and it would be illegal anyway, well of course, he’s not fine. This guy has never brought cases of this sort, he was like an auto attorney or something. No offense, but when you’ve got a case that is likely to put you in the Supreme Court and the history books, you really have to go the extra mile to get someone, or at least your best guy in the house/State to run it.

    “Nathan Wade was a lawyer specializing in family matters, [he] never prosecuted a single felony case in his legal career.” This my guy! Shut up and take my money, you’re hired!

    Then as we find out, they were already paying “Their best guy” and the rate was $200/hr. I have no idea what billing rates are there. He was getting $250/hr to be hauled in, a 20% vig, arguably less qualified. That’s already provable fraud even when you’re not sleeping together and sharing the $650,000 on parties.

    “the massive racketeering case brought by Willis. If these allegations are true, Willis is not just outside of the ethical navigational beacons. She is off the map.”

    The Racketeering attorneys are racketeering? That is, attacking or extorting in coordiation with one another, often for profit of say, oh, $650,000??? Sounds about right. Can we sue them and 3x damages? (Yes, probably) No? So if Trump dropped out these problems wouldn’t have magically gone away? That’s the DEFINITION of “extortion.”

    Some people think that Soros himself got away with stealing his billions from the Bank of England via his manipulation of the British currency.”

    And some people think that the BoE GAVE that money to Soros in a pre-arranged trade since as Armstrong says, nothing is more obvious than currency pegs breaking. Or if they “win”, they just “Backsies” like they did to the Hunt Brothers. But the BoE just went “It’s a fair cop, old chum” and wrote the check. Then they were bestest pals forever, the end. As Soros somehow transformed overnight from simple trader like Jimmy Rogers his partner was, into Social Justice Warrior extraordinaire! Marching all over the planet helping, helping…helping British policy, MI6, and 20 or 50 Color Revolutions. Then helping topple, control, and re-colonize America for the Crown. Huh. All on accident, all starting “The Day After”.

    Have we ever seen such a thing before we can point to? Yes: Brown’s Bottom not too long after. BoE kept selling all the gold in England at ever-lower prices. Everyone told them so, and it was their selling MAKING the prices drop below market. The last ounce left on the last day of the lowest profit in a century. …Then the same day, Rothschild Bank gave up their seat on the London Fix after 100 years of continuous service. The price started rising and has gone from $200 to $2000, a 10x loss for the people of England. And a 10x rise for…Rothschilds, perhaps? In their castles in Europe?

    But I’m sure we all confuse Barney and a Velocoraptor from time to time.

    “Donald Trump’s lawyers have warned that the entire entire US could be plunged into chaos if the country’s Supreme Court upholds the state of Colorado’s decision to remove”

    You might be overselling it there. In fact, we probably wouldn’t notice. All kinds of things would happen, most of them legal, like choosing the President in the House of Congress. They’ve been claiming “Chaos”, people running down the street smashing things like “Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow”, “Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria” but it never happens. Not in Katrina, not in Sandy, no where. People are the same mid-level of criminal and helpful before and after “It’s Happening”. Or it only happened once, and that was just small parts of 12 cities, paid for on Craigslist, despite all their efforts. Just because there’s no mushroom cloud doesn’t mean it isn’t a dangerous fraud. “Kansas Burning” may have been a brushfire in violence terms, but it led to bad ends.

    “• Trump Warns Of Years Of Trauma If Presidents Don’t Have Total Immunity (Hill)

    They keep saying this wrong. NOBODY HAS “TOTAL IMMUNITY”. There is no such thing. If the President misbehaves, he can be removed more or less immediately….BY CONGRESS, USING AN IMPEACHMENT.

    They’re not talking “Immunity”, there is no “Immunity”, they are talking PROCESS. You Impeach first, then immediately press criminal charges. You could probably impeach in three days, as the Democrats just demonstrated.

    This goes to bad news clips where the Judge and Lawyers are using non-obvious legal jargon. She asks, “So you think you couldn’t prosecute a President no matter what he does?” and the Defense mostly said “Yes”. Because he means you don’t Prosecute FIRST. By the STATES. If this happened, every time Biden changed oil leases, Texas would arrest him. Every time Trump changed gender positions, Rhode Island would arrest him. OBVIOUSLY you can’t have that. The President needs reasonable faith that if he tries to do his job, it’s legal unless it’s impeachable. …Which sadly is only partly legal but is partly political, as the DNC just proved. But it is, and there’s no way around it. You prosecute SECOND, after the Impeachment removes.

    No Immunity. There is no such thing. There is PROCESS however, even if we haven’t been following it for 100 years.

    “• Gaza Will Be the Grave of the Western-Led World Order (Takahashi)

    Gosh I hope so; they deserve it. Too bad it wasn’t Ukraine though. Would have saved some extra lives.

    Also what is “Grave” here? Germany still exists, America still exists, they’re essentially immortal. What you mean is HOW they exist, what policies they pursue. Nobody dies if we go home. Nothing bad happens except Nuland becomes school janitor. That’s it. That’s the whole thing they’re fighting and killing a million, now six million people for. So the CEO of Lockheed isn’t fired and takes early retirement in only FIVE beach houses instead of SIX. As they say: “International justice has become a sick joke.”

    It always was. Remember Churchill and killin’ some folks in India? Remember the Maine? Remember Nuking Nagasaki because we were mad at St. Pete? Those are history’s good guys, can you imagine what the bad guys were doing?

    “• Houthis Declare Safe Passage for All Russian, Chinese Ships in Red Sea (ZH)

    They re-declared, as this was always the declaration of their declaration from always and ever. Somebody finally “Asked” and “Read” what they wrote instead of “Making s—t up.”

    “the center of global production and consumption will finally shift to Asia,”

    Not only that, but because of their actions, the FINANCIAL center will be there too. It didn’t have to be that way. Like a Greek Play, Armstrong predicts these things, the players read and know it, then somehow their actions all lead to it anyway.

    ““What if the United States has no permanent allies?”

    “The U.S. has no allies, only victims” Whoops, no the quote actually goes, “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.” — Henry Kissinger and we said that on camera, to Europe HALF A CENTURY AGO. The world’s slowest learners. They call them “The Garden People” because they’re mental vegetables.

    “have concluded that a no holds barred confrontation with Russia would lead to the collapse of all of NATO; undo decades of US iron grip on Europe; and ultimately cause the Empire’s downfall”

    Ah, but in his triumphialism, he needs to take a step back: OTHER beltway players ALREADY KNEW this and got us INTO this point to collapse the parasitic Empire and put America First. They are ALSO using the NeoCons’ death grip to their own ends. No Empire = we can’t be the water boys for London.

    Trump went and told them. They laughed at him, and here we are.

    ““NATO is not moving into Asia. It’s China that is coming close to us.”

    Whut? I can’t even get a fever-brain retard translation of this. Let’s just stick with “Bomb Bomb Bomb China” “China bad, m-kay?” Naturally, the original video (Jib Jab?) has been purged by Winston at the Ministry of Truth. You CAN see McCain’s YouTube comments on a video that apparently never happened and was never made?

    “Neither the South nor the United States are responsible for black slaves in America. The slaves that came to the New World came from the Black Kingdom of Dahomey’s slave wars.”

    Naturally none of this is true. However, they weren’t AMERICAN slaves, they were BRITISH slaves. We hadn’t rebelled yet. Britain loved slavery. And no, they didn’t care about the race. It’s a technical detail since all the whites died of malaria and that was bad for profits. Yes the slaves were sold by black Africans who were also Muslim, but they didn’t sell them to nobody: if Islam was A-ok with slavery, clearly Christianity and Europe were too. We miss as it’s a point of emphasis but we weren’t settled by the Puritans. They were a tiny outlier. It was settled by the Dutch as a mega MNC billionaire corporation in the fur trade. PA south it was approach identical to the Caribbean Sugar trade. It’s only that sugar didn’t grow there that made it only “The South”. But think “Haiti”, not “Madison”. Later that all got mitigated, but 1600-1770, a very long time, they were Caribbean, as Hamilton was, and after the Rebellion Britain happily carried on for a lifetime with slavery and whippings and uprisings without us.

    As it turned out, the North both settled the Dutch mega-corp thing with small farmers, who dissolved and distributed their power, and Massachusetts become not a footnote but a counterweight and eventually, after 200 years, the North matched the South. But it didn’t start that way. And although we, Jefferson, had a plan to end slavery, clearly it didn’t have enough leverage and didn’t come off. We didn’t even stop importing slaves until 1807, a long time. That seems soon, but 30 years after 1776 and 20 years after the Constitution, a generation. The idea was to stop the import and let it fade out, transform slowly so as not to collapse the economy and therefore half the United States, then be re-conquered by London. Okay, good, practical idea. We know what happened, though. After the cotton gin, slavery actually expanded. Different flavor than Caribbean British mega-corps, but they weren’t even tried to change until 1833, and that was only a long term phase-out. …Just as we tried to start in 1807.

    “Financed by Jews?” Really? How much? One? All? EVERYTHING was financed by Jews since you dum-dums outlawed lending by any Christians back when. So the Jews therefore deserve equal credit for all universal GOOD done worldwide, if they deserve a portion of the bads. GTFO.

    To his point: maybe. But the “tax rate” only is what we’re putting in vs what we’re getting. If we’re getting everything we want, we’re happy and won’t rock the boat even if the theoretical tax rate is 99%. …Which it never was, ask any tax accountant. The rich didn’t pay taxes then either (with exemptions and tax shelters) although probably more than now. Reagan tried to trade this bizarre tax rate for ending the loopholes that they weren’t paying anyway. In theory roughly neutral. Why have a “law” if everything and everybody is exempt? So it’s more “how much do I work?” and “how many hamburgers do I get?” This is why they’ll suffer higher rates for national health care.

    Speaking of, as it’s all “Free” and the best provider of all services in the universe is the government, wait times in a Canadian ER is now 36 hours. …But they have whole new offices dedicated to gender surgery, no lack of doctors or money there. You can get seen right away for euthanasia. And this is considered pretty good compared to England.

    …As everyone told them. “You run out of other people’s money.” It DOES work at first, that’s why socialism is so enticing. …But then it collapses, All doctors work for the government, and aren’t allowed to go private as the system fails, killing everyone. I hope Canada wasn’t that strict, but the point is the same. 100 Million dead in the 20th century.

    And here, when we ran into that same problem, instead of reducing involvement and bureaucracy and law, we DOUBLED it and ADDED the Socialism that was taking out Canada and UK. Whatever. It looks good at the time, except for the part that it kills everyone 100% of the time in all history. I’d expect doctors to read at least that much.

    But: pretty sure they didn’t do a thing doctors told them in the ACA. Clearly they would have said train more doctors and nurses, instead of less. Open more hospitals and nursing homes instead of closing them all. Yet here we are. Obama added 3x paperwork and I think 5x cost by now? And no doctors at all. So we’ve out-Socialist’d the Socialists. Infinity bureaucracy, zero service = Nirvana.

    But I have a solution: do it MOAR.


    Fani and Wade – Marriage Councilors LLC

    Dr Archibald Bitchslap has your number….


    Nikki could use ‘some learnin’



    A quick news wrap up in Duh’merica:





    • Americans Enslaved Themselves to the State When They Accepted Income Tax

    “A “free American” has ceased to exist. Such an American predates 1913..”



    The Quaint Country Road Where the Biden Family’s Compound is Located Delaware



    • Atlanta DA Fani Willis Just Stepped on a Rake

    Wade did Too!



    tboc: “With this information in hand, what value does the pursuit of this objective have for humanity as a whole.” No value what so ever.

    “Does achieving the goal bring one closer to engagement with the affairs of men or leave one estranged, a clod washed away by the sea?” No it does not, you are estranged as well as washed away.

    The whole experiment I’ve gone through is on of economic prudence. My first house off the electrical grid came about in ’07. The spot I wanted to build on was a kilometre from the nearest hydro pole which would have cost an approx. 40k to bring it to the site. The system including a gen that was stand alone rated cost 24k. No brainer from cost stand point. From experience with my former home on the grid I knew that we could live with 3kw daily use based on the meter readings on my electric bill.

    By coincidence, are there coincidences?, I happen to have a daughter with a husband and two boys. They were gifted some acreage from me and wanted to go off grid as well. Set up cost was about the same in ’11 as when I built in ’07. The cost to bring the hydro in as far as they were was about even with the off grid price. The boys were toddlers at the time we built their new home. All went well until the boys got older. Getting tweens and teenagers to live by the sun wasn’t going well. So after doing a shit ton of math and taking advantage of the “new” green agenda .gov was pushing everywhere they went grid tied and are now “connected”. So going directly to your points:

    1. The bounds of geographical latitude that your experience would be applicable to.

    45 degrees north

    2. The scope of technology required, not to enter into trial and error, to insure a modicum of success.

    I’m using 21 solar Pv panels roof mounted rated at 260 watts, one combiner box basically a vdc breaker panel, 80 ft of #3 copper wire, yes big shit, to bring the power from the combiner to the charge controllers,
    two Flex max 60 charge controllers by Outback, one Outback radian series inverter/charger GS8048 the 80 is 8000 continuous watts producing 240 vac, one Mate three control panel, the inverter will run fine without the panel but you have more control over the input/output parameters with the control panel and one load centre basically another breaker panel fixed to the bottom of the inverter where dc power comes in and the ac goes out. Depending on local building codes you could run the home from the breaker suite available here, room for ten ac breakers. I’ve used a 200 amp panel as required by my local codes and then ran my power from the load centre to the panel to satisfy the inspectors. Then there is the battery bank that can vary in cost from a couple of thousand to well tens of thousands depending on your situation and desires. All that’s left is a gen to consider. I run an 8kw 30amp propane generator, more than plenty the way I use my system.

    3. The cost of putting the required infrastructure, including backup(mechanical generators and stored energy), into operational readiness.

    I done the install of the entire system my self. It’s a vdc system so black negative, red positive, if you can boost your auto and install a new radio you can do this. So no idea what a company would charge. It took me about two working days to do the install.

    4. The amount of resources to be put aside to create a fund for maintenance and replacement. The time that it would take to have these funds in place before necessity emerges.

    I’ve put in three systems one in ’07, one ’11 for my daughter and family and the last in ’15. To date the only replacement parts needed have been new batteries. If the system is used in a moderate way the batteries should get you four to ten years, this would depend entirely on the type and up front cost you want to foot. At a lower end of $4000 on lead acid, it’s reasonable to assume 6 or 7 years before replacement. If you stick away $100 bucks a month it should more than cover any replacement parts.

    Back in ’07 when I done the first system all the hype was about green save the planet shit and I thought that I might lead by example! Oh the naivety. I should have known better. Lots of accolades from people but no one followed. I’m quite comfortable living close to the sun as money has never been a driving force for me besides what was immediately needed for day to day bills. I could not get behind faith based systems and none are more faith based than fiat currency. The plus I get from my own system is watching the contortions made by the public at large with every increase in the electric bill. Beyond that there is no virtue in this. As Dr D says “Every watt not used is a watt you don’t have to buy or store.” I would add, create. I see dollars the same way, if you don’t spend it you don’t have to earn it and by way of not earning it you aren’t taxed on it. Hope that makes it at least as clear as mud. The following site has a lot of good info for those with interest in the off grid.
    For remote cabins or full time homes this is a good way to go but if your near the grid than conservation is more likely the best option. Beware the Jevons paradox problem. Easier = more energy slaves somewhere.


    Off Grid




    Control over complexities requires control of knowledge/information/change/effect/relevance/convergence/simplification.
    (Garbage in, garbage out.
    Butterfly effect)

    Fact: “• Houthis Declare Safe Passage for All Russian, Chinese Ships in Red Sea (ZH)

    Fact: French mercenaries are dying for the Nazi regime in Ukraine.
    “Watch: “You Are The Problem” – Conservative Speaker Slams Davos Globalists To Their Faces

    Holy s—t! What? They invited him!


    Just for fun let us imagine that the song Teach Your Children was first released in 1949. In 1969 the song Teach Your Children was brought back from cultural obscurity on the album DeJa Vu. The Album Deja Vu was re-released in 1989, to great fanfare, as a wave of missed the point swept across the cultural abyss.

    “Teach your children well
    Their father’s hell did slowly go by
    And feed them on your dreams
    The one they pick’s the one you’ll know by” Graham Nash

    “And feed them on your dreams
    The one they pick’s the one you’ll know by”

    I see that is true and that vision is debilitating.

    Kevin Roberts and Melei – fool me once, fool me again, fool me again, fool me again
    “The one they pick’s the one you’ll know by”

    paraphrase: we will use the remaining power and strength of the citizens of the United States to crush the People’s Republic of China and put and end to raising humanity from poverty once and for all. By century’s end we will have driven the huddled masses to our desired outcome. The common man will be debt based chattel.
    “The one they pick’s the one you’ll know by”
    ahh – but you got your’s didn’t you
    boy howdy!!!!!

    another paraphrase:
    “Don’t you ever ask them why
    If they told you, you would cry
    So just look at them and sigh”
    And – – hope – – they love you
    more than you hate yourself
    living among your fellow islands


    The Race to the Bottom

    Commercial Real Estate is going to implode in spectacular fashion, especially in the urban outskirts of the Big Shities.

    Californicate is pioneering the techniques to completely break down the social fabric of the nation-state using Ritual Humiliation of any culture practices, like shopping, or dating, or courting.

    Kill the ‘office’ for work. Which kills the businesses that supported that urban office experience.

    Working from home isolates the individual (easier to mindfuck them), virtual friends aren’t real friends, it’s in the name, they’re like ‘virtual’, as in not real.

    Normalize severe public mental illness.







    75% unoccupied malls scream: LOSER


    Control over complexities requires control of knowledge/information/change/effect/relevance/convergence/simplification.
    (Garbage in, garbage out.
    Butterfly effect)
    Houthis Using Commercial Satellites Combined with Radar to Target Ships in the Red Sea


    About Bump:
    ‘As noted by Bump, citizens are much safer to just accept what they are given and avoid the temptation to do their own research. Censorship is now actually proclaimed as a form of virtue signaling, assuring viewers that they will not have to hear certain opposing views or figures. There is little tolerance for those who insist on seeking out such news. After all, as the Post’s Bump explained, “I’m telling you, you’re wrong about these things, and you don’t listen.” ‘

    Sounds like a cult leader to me. “Have some Kool-Aid.”


    What is indisputable is that for more than a hundred years the tax rate on American citizens has been higher or equal to the tax rate on medieval serfs and 19th century plantation slaves

    Actually, it is disputable, although I regret to inform….

    It is my understanding that the tax rates on serfs and slaves covered essentially *all* of their valuable productive capacity in the food they grew, animals they husbanded, and/or cotton grown. The income tax rates cited *never* covered the entirety of an individual’s income, since they apply gradually, for example, the 91% tax rate falling on income over a rather generous threshold, not on every penny made. Serfs and slaves paying 30% or 50% of all they produced were impoverished. In the US currently, truly impoverished people pay zero in income tax, and for those whom the upper portion of their earned income (through labor) is subject to the 39.7% rate, are earning above median income levels, and are typically living comfortable lives. This is the reason why there are no revolts like the serf revolts mentioned—the tax rate applied to the full income is less than the 30% threshold AND those subjected to it are not impoverished.

    I state this because I detest it when people twist facts around to try to get others to act, causing deception. I agree with much stated by the author — I have looked into the issue of whether or not the US federal personal income tax is legal and, although I lack any formal legal training, it appears to my understanding that this view is technically correct. It is my view that the US populace would be well served by rescinding this tax, as the federal government has become a behemoth that threatens the liberty of the people. It needs to shrink back to a more manageable size. Many of the federal programs that are of good use to the people are already administered by the states, and should a state want to keep the program, then it should work out with the residents of the state how to fund it.


    The southern plantations were not responsible for the origin of their work force
    I can accept that argument*, however, those who owned and ran the southern plantations *are* responsible for how they treated the slaves that they inherited and thereafter acquired — they are responsible for the human-rights abuses that they perpetrated or for the way that they used their Christian religion to justify mistreating enslaved humans. Those in power in the US south during slavery also crafted laws making it very difficult for slave owners who were fond of their slaves and wanted to free them from granting the manumission of their slaves.

    * There is a parallel here for all of us using devices with lithium batteries containing cobalt — including me on this iPad — and the cobalt mines in Africa.


    “Doing your own research is a good way to end up being wrong,”
    Interesting view…while that is sometimes the case, my life experience suggests that doing my own research has been a very effective tool for countering the lies of propaganda. Also, when I base my actions on my own research and later find that I was wrong I am less inclined to blame others for the outcome and more inclined to do further research to understand how I got it wrong, which has led me to better decisions in the future. Relying on “experts” rather than on my own research and intellect short-circuits this entire process.


    Relying on “experts” to make decisions on one’s behalf is, essentially, the role of children, and not of adults.



    Maxwell Quest

    “As noted by Bump, citizens are much safer to just accept what they are given and avoid the temptation to do their own research. Censorship is now actually proclaimed as a form of virtue signaling, assuring viewers that they will not have to hear certain opposing views or figures. There is little tolerance for those who insist on seeking out such news.”

    Plus ça change…

    Slaves should not pay any attention to that conspiracy theorist who left the cave a while back and came back peddling misinformation about the outside world of sunshine, plants, and animals. Just continue to watch the shadows on the wall and forgo every opportunity to embark on the Hero’s Journey.

    In Dora’s snippet from Philip Bump I hear the allegory of Plato’s Cave. Those that follow Bump’s advice remain slaves, children of the state, useful idiots, and not actualized adults who get to experience reality.

    Plato's Cave



    Sanders calls on Biden to end ‘unconditional support to Israel’ after Netanyahu rejects two-state future

    John Day

    BlackRock Empire

    Though I won’t vote for Bobby Kennedy Jr. unless he stands up for Palestine, I still get his campaign emails. This one is unusually clear and to the point. The western empire serves BlackRock, which is a cover for global financial interests, hiding the faces of the owners, while doing their will. BlackRock is no longer apparently-separated from the Fed and Treasury of the US since the “going-direct” carried out under cover of COVID. “The Blob”, needs to keep feeding on fresh assets. it needs to consume Ukraine. The defense against The Blob is to deny Ukraine to The Blob. Starve The Blob. Western troops and mercenaries will be hired with conjured money and sent to die as long as the money is accepted as “good”.
    Team Kennedy: The Ukraine war should have never happened, and it’s time we understand the complex web surrounding it.
    The Backstory:
    Russia tried multiple times to settle this conflict, wanting one key thing — to keep NATO out of Ukraine. However, the big military contractors had other plans. Adding new countries to NATO meant a captive market for specific companies like Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Boeing, and Lockheed.
    The Financial Toll:
    In March 2022, we committed a staggering $113 billion to the war in Ukraine. To put it in perspective, this could have provided homes for almost every homeless person in our country. But it doesn’t end there. An additional $24 billion was committed two months ago, and now President Biden is seeking another $60 billion.
    The Money Trail:
    Senator Mitch McConnell recently revealed a startling truth — it’s a money laundering scheme. The funds aren’t really going to Ukraine; they’re going to American defense manufacturers, and who owns these companies? BlackRock.
    The Loan Illusion:
    Senator Tim Scott tried to ease concerns by calling the billions we’re giving away a loan. But it’s not a generous offer; it’s a tactic. By labeling it a loan, extreme austerity measures can be imposed on Ukraine. This includes putting government-owned assets up for sale to multinational corporations, including its prized agricultural land.
    The Land Grab:
    Ukraine’s farmland, the breadbasket of Europe, is a major target. 30% of it has already been sold to Dupont, Cargill, and Monsanto — all entities owned by BlackRock.
    The Rebuilding Contract:
    In December, President Biden awarded the contract to rebuild Ukraine, and yes, you guessed it — BlackRock secured the deal.
    The Strategy:
    Their strategy is ancient but effective — keep us at war with each other. By fostering division, they maintain control.

    Pepe Escobar outlines La Défaite de L’Occident (“The Defeat of the West”) by Emmanuel Todd
    ​ Todd, in what he has defined as his last book (“I closed the circle”) allows himself to go for broke and meticulously depict the defeat not only of the US but of the West as a whole – with his research focusing in and around the war in Ukraine.​..
    ​..(Todd) focuses on the key reasons that have led to the West’s downfall. Among them: the end of the nation-state; de-industrialization (which explains NATO’s deficit in producing weapons for Ukraine); the “degree zero” of the West’s religious matrix, Protestantism; the sharp increase of mortality rates in the US (much higher than in Russia), along with suicides and homicides; and the supremacy of an imperial nihilism expressed by the obsession with Forever Wars.​..
    ​..I n February 2022, the combined GDP of Russia and Belarus was only 3.3% of the combined West (in this case the NATO sphere plus Japan and South Korea). Todd is amazed how these 3.3% capable of producing more weapons than the whole Western colossus not only are winning the war but reducing dominant notions of the “neoliberal political economy” (GDP rates) to shambles.​..
    ​..The Russian notion of a nation-state, focused on “sovereignty”: the capacity of a state to independently define its internal and external policies, with no foreign interference whatsoever.​..
    ..The implosion … of WASP culture, which led, “since the 1960s”, to “an empire deprived of a center and a project, an essentially military organism managed by a group without culture (in the anthropological sense)”. This is Todd defining the US neocons.​..
    ​..The US as a “post-imperial” entity: just a shell of military machinery deprived of an intelligence-driven culture, leading to “accentuated military expansion in a phase of massive contraction of its industrial base”… “​Modern war without industry is an oxymoron”.​..
    ​..The crux of Todd’s argument: his post-Max Weber reinterpretation of The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, published a little over a century ago, in 1904/1905: “If Protestantism was the matrix for the ascension of the West, its death, today, is the cause of the disintegration and defeat.”​…
    ..In a nutshell, Todd shows how Protestantism imposed universal literacy on the populations it controlled, “because all faithful must directly access the Holy Scriptures. A literate population is capable of economic and technological development. The Protestant religion modeled, by accident, a superior, efficient workforce.” And it is in this sense that Germany was “at the heart of Western development”, even if the Industrial Revolution took place in England.
    Todd’s key formulation is undisputable: “The crucial factor of the ascension of the West was Protestantism’s attachment to alphabetization.”
    ​..Moreover Protestantism, Todd stresses, is twice at the heart of the history of the West: via the educational and economic drive – with fear of damnation and the need to feel chosen by God engendering a work ethic and a strong, collective morality..​. The collapse of Protestantism could not but destroy the work ethic to the benefit of mass greed: that is, neoliberalism.​..
    ..He refers to “one of the great illusions of the 1960s – between Anglo-American sexual revolution and May 68 in France”; “to believe that the individual would be greater if freed from the collective”. That led to an inevitable debacle: “Now that we are free, en masse, from metaphysical beliefs, foundational and derived, communist, socialist or nationalist, we live the experience of the void.” And that’s how we became “a multitude of mimetic midgets who do not dare to think by themselves – but reveal themselves as capable of intolerance as the believers of ancient times.”​…
    ..Todd’s brief analysis of the deeper meaning of transgenderism completely shatters the Church of Woke – from New York to the EU sphere, and will provoke serial fits of rage. He shows how transgenderism is “one of the flags of this nihilism that now defines the West, this drive to destroy, not just things and humans but reality.”​…
    ​..Todd correctly defines NATO by plunging into “their unconscious”: “We note that that its military, ideological and psychological mechanism does not exist to protect Western Europe, but to control it.”
    In tandem with several analysts in Russia, China, Iran and among independents in Europe, Todd is sure that the US obsession – since the 1990s – to cut off Germany from Russia will lead to failure: “Sooner or later, they will collaborate, as “their economic specializations define them as complementary”. The defeat in Ukraine will open the path, as a “gravitational force” reciprocally seduces Germany and Russia.
    ​ Before that, and unlike virtually any Western “analyst” across the mainstream NATOstan sphere, Todd understands that Moscow is set to win against the whole of NATO, not merely Ukraine​…
    ​..Whatever the deadline, inbuilt in all this is a total Russia victory – with the winner dictating all terms. No negotiations, no ceasefire, no frozen conflict – as the Hegemon is now desperately spinning.

    John Day

    Netanyahu: ‘In the Future, the State of Israel Has to Control the Entire Area from the River to the Sea’

    Sanders calls on Biden to end ‘unconditional support to Israel’ after Netanyahu rejects two-state future

    ‘We are attacking Iran’ – Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister accuses Tehran of supporting militant groups ‘from the Houthis to Hezbollah to Hamas’

    ​ Israel Bombs Damascus Residential Building, Kills Four Iranian Guard Members​ , Syrian state media reports warplanes fired on building from occupied Golan
    ​ The slain reportedly included a Quds force general, and the Revolutionary Guard identified the slain, but did not include their ranks or duties within Syria. Notably, the Guard’s names did not include the Quds force general, though it also did not deny he was killed…
    ..Iran followed up the incident with a statement condemning Israel for “organized terrorism,” and threatened retaliation at a time and place of their choosing.

    Israel Bombs Damascus Residential Building, Kills Four Iranian Guard Members

    ​ Israeli Military Chief Says Lebanon War Likely in Coming Months​ , Says Israel will apply lessons learned in Gaza offensive​ (Lesson: Make the Americans fight.)
    ​ Lt. Gen. Herzi Halevi, discussed the potential of war in Lebanon, saying the likelihood of a conflict in the coming months is “much higher” than it has been.
    Lt. Gen Halevi said he believes Israel will be starting the war with more advantages than in the past, and that lessons learned in Gaza will be applied to the situation in Lebanon. Tens of thousands of troops are reportedly being readied for the new offensive.

    Israeli Military Chief Says Lebanon War Likely in Coming Months

    John Day

    ​ Israelis torture Palestinian prisoners using refrigerator trucks
    ​ Al Mayadeen’s correspondent in Gaza reported on Thursday, citing accounts of released Palestinian detainees, that the Israeli regime “exposed prisoners to low temperatures as a means of coercing them to make false confessions” by placing them in iron caravans with refrigerators set at – 20 degrees.

    ​ Mohammed al-Kilani was among a family of 55 sheltering in Sheikh Radwan, Gaza City. Then Israeli forces stormed their apartment, executing his father, wife and 12-year-old son
    ​ “The walls started collapsing on us,” Kilani, 45, told Middle East Eye. “We did not know what to do. We all hid in one room.”…
    ​..The destruction was quickly followed by Israeli soldiers storming into the apartment.
    ​ Kilani’s father, Hussein, went out to meet them, raising his hands in submission and asking them what was happening.​ “They shot him in the heart. He was killed immediately,” Kilani said.
    ​ One of his sons, aged 12, was just behind his grandfather.
    “They threw a bomb on his abdomen. His intestines spilt out before my eyes. He was killed.”
    ​ When the family expressed shock at what had happened, an Israeli soldier fired another bullet into the boy’s dead body.
    ​ “The soldiers then ordered us to take off all our clothes, including our underwear,” Kilani said.
    “They kept the men on one side and the women on the other. My wife was holding the Quran as they led us out of the room. A soldier told her to throw it away. She refused. He shot her in the back and the bullet came through her abdomen.”​…
    ..“They ordered us to get out, along with the women, without any food, clothes or money, then they burned the apartment. We went down to the basement, completely naked, before they took us to the mosque near the house.”​…
    ​..Kilani said that for around 24 hours, Israeli soldiers “took turns” torturing and humiliating him and his son, while preventing the elderly family members from using the toilet or drinking water.
    ​ “They tortured us by putting glass and nails in our feet, and by leaving us naked on the seashore from about seven or eight in the morning until after 2am. We were left without food or water or anything that could keep us protected from the cold weather,” Kilani said.
    ​ The 45-year-old said that if he or his son moved, the soldiers would hit them on the back with their weapons.

    ​ Large Rocket Barrage Slams Into US Base In Iraq, Injuring Americans
    ​ The Al-Asad base is the same that suffered retaliatory strikes in January of 2020 after then-President Trump killed Iranian military officer Qasem Soleimani.
    ​ US defense officials at the time said just 10 missiles managed to make contact with the base. It appears fewer than 20 missiles were fired in Saturday’s attack — with an unknown number intercepted by missile defense systems — though the story continues to develop.
    ​ Al-Asad was the second largest base constructed during George Bush’s “Operation Iraqi Freedom,” — wherein ‘freedom’ in Neocon-speak of course refers to 300,000 dead Iraqi civilians — an operation which ostensibly ended in December of 2011.​..
    ..The Iran Observer said to “expect US retaliatory strikes against Iraqi resistance forces.”
    ​ This follows an Iranian strike on what they deemed foreign “espionage centers” and “anti-Iranian terrorist gatherings in parts of the region” with ballistic missiles, killing four though no Americans.​ [The Iranians are not attacking Americans.]

    ​ Houthis have declared safe passage for Russia and China.
    A senior Houthi official, Mohammed al-Bukhaiti, mentioned these US rivals by name in an interview with the Russian outlet Izvestia on Friday. “As for all other countries, including Russia and China, their shipping in the region is not threatened,” he said, stipulating this will remain as long as they are not linked to Israel or its supporters.
    ​ “Moreover, we are ready to ensure the safe passage of their ships in the Red Sea, because free navigation plays a significant role for our country,” he added, but then underscored that attacks on ships will continue if they are “in any way connected with Israel.”
    ​ The spokesman went on to blame the Red Sea crisis on Israel’s (and its backers) refusal to reverse course in Gaza, given its aerial and ground campaign as continued. “Ansar Allah [the group’s formal name] does not pursue the goal of capturing or sinking this or that sea vessel,” he claimed. “Our goal is to raise the economic costs for [Israel] in order to stop the carnage in Gaza.”

    John Day

    Senior NATO Official Says There Will Be A Hot War With Russia
    ​ Admiral Rob Bauer, chairman of Nato’s Military Committee, told reporters following a meeting of Nato defence chiefs in Brussels that governments need to start putting preparations in place, and that civilians will need to be mobilised on a large scale.
    ​ “We have to realise it’s not a given that we are in peace. And that’s why we [Nato forces] are preparing for a conflict with Russia,”​ Baur declared.

    ​ Russia can’t trust West – Lavrov​ , Moscow finally understands that it can never have a real partnership with the US-led bloc, the foreign minister has explained
    “The West cannot be trusted. Even now, it wants only one thing – to live at the expense of others and to be more clever than others.”

    ​ Russia killed 60 foreign fighters in a missile attack on Kharkov, the Russian Defense Ministry has said
    ​ Russia’s elimination of foreign mercenaries in Ukraine hurts the West because it demonstrates how Moscow can inflict “huge losses” with single precision strikes, Finnish news editor Janus Putkonen has told RT. The Russian military said that it targeted a “temporary assembly point of foreign fighters” in Kharkov on Tuesday, killing 60 foreign fighters and injuring more than 20 others, the majority of whom were “French mercenaries.” The French foreign ministry on Thursday denied the presence of any French mercenaries in Ukraine, although a pro-Russian resistance group in Kharkov told RIA Novosti that French-speaking personnel were present at the targeted building, and that some foreigners there had been “supervising” the RDK, a Ukrainian paramilitary unit associated with the country’s military intelligence agency.​..
    ​..Hours before the strike, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that his country could not allow Russia to win the conflict in Ukraine, and pledged further arms shipments to Kiev​.

    ​ Russia called the French ambassador for an explanation: The dead French in Kharkiv were members of the regular French Army – They were not mercenaries…
    Direct French involvement in the war – Russia hardens its stance

    ​ NATO personnel in Ukraine now ‘fair game’ for Russia – Ritter
    ​ Ritter pointed to the possibility that at least some of the French-speaking individuals may have been active-duty French military, “who were in Ukraine at the behest of their government, and now they’re dead.”
    ​ “I think this shows a new mindset for the Russians,” he said. “In the past, Russia has not shown any hesitancy to eliminate foreign mercenaries fighting on behalf of the Ukrainian military. But there has seemed to be some sort of leniency towards military advisers or personnel who belong to NATO countries who are in Ukraine.”​ … Frenchmen in Kharkov may have been instructors teaching the Ukrainians how to handle weapons provided by the West.

    John Day

    ​ Johnson Throws Cold Water on Ukraine Funding, Prioritizing Border Security
    ​ “With regard to Ukraine, we have needed, we have requested publicly and privately in every form, answers to critical questions: What is the end game and the strategy in Ukraine? How will we have accountability for the funds?” said Johnson, seeming to suggest that a bipartisan deal may not be enough to encourage their support of continued funding for Ukraine. “We need to know that Ukraine would not be another Afghanistan.”

    ​Cat sent this. There is not much news getting out about Lahaina lately, but it looks like the plan is to get rid of the locals and take the land, “same as it ever was”. No new details of the microwave beam weapons, just grinding corruption and the weirdness of foreign cops. Still no views of what is happening. Airspace is closed to video-drones. Guarded fences. Insurance won’t pay.

    ​Pierre Kory MD, A Team of Experts Rebut The Expert Opinions of BC’s College of Physicians and Surgeons
    The College is trying to punish Dr. Charles Hoffe for numerous 100% scientifically accurate statements on multiple aspects of Covid science. Here is the first part of my expert defense testimony.
    ​ Canadian community doctor Dr. Charles Hoffe was one of the first to notice something was “wrong” with the vaccines in April 2021 after he witnessed terrible injuries (strokes etc.) and even a death in the patients he was vaccinating. He then wrote an open letter to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia with his observations and concerns, suggesting that perhaps the jabs should be put on pause until their safety could be more assured. One paragraph from the letter said:
    ​ “In our small community of Lytton, BC, we have one person dead, and three people who look as though they will be permanently disabled, following their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The age of those affected ranges from 38 to 82 years of age,” he wrote.
    ​ Hoffe was then banned from working in the local emergency ward and other provincial hospitals. He later submitted more than a dozen claims of vaccine injuries on behalf of his patients, but all were denied validity.

    ​ In an appearance at the globalist World Economic Forum in Davos, the Director General of the World Health Organisation urged that global cooperation will be needed during the next pandemic, and that “national interests” hinder compliance.
    ​ In a session titled “Disease X,” Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stated that in order to be “better prepared” and “to understand disease X,” the WHO’s ‘Pandemic Agreement’ needs to be adopted globally.
    “This is about a common enemy,” Tedros continued, adding “without a shared response, we will face the same problem as COVID.”​…
    ..“This is a common global interest, and very narrow national interests should not come in the way,” he continued, adding “of course national interests are natural, but they could be difficult and affect the negotiations.”

    ​ Meryl Nass MD , Why is Davos so interested in Disease X?
    The global biosecurity agenda is critical for them to achieve the New World Order/Great Reset.
    They strung several very well constructed fairy tales together that, when believed, lead you to walk happily into their ovens and pay for the privilege.
    It’s that simple.

    John Day

    ​ Texas facing ANOTHER power grid collapse amid intense winter weather spell
    ​ An energy generation mix was taken from ERCOT’s app on Monday that showed zero percent energy contribution from solar, 0.8 percent energy production from power storage, and just 6.8 percent energy production from wind.
    ​ “Meanwhile, the ‘fossil fuels’ so detested by the state’s legacy media sites were kicking in 84.9 per cent of total generation, with a whopping 67.2 per cent coming from the state’s natural gas industry,” the media reported…
    ..”The problem was made a lot worse back then because ERCOT turned off the electricity to wells, compressors and pipelines,” reports indicate. “ERCOT, Texas regulators and the industry itself have worked to get grid-critical sites properly identified since 2021 to prevent that mistake from happening again.”
    ​ “If that claim is accurate, then the grid should be able to maintain service to all Texas customers during this severe weather event. If that claim is not accurate, then there could be trouble.”​
    ​ Whatever happens next will depend on the natural gas infrastructure of Texas, not the renewables infrastructure of Texas. The latter is entirely unreliable every time an unusual weather event arrives, which serves as a lesson for other states that are pushing “green” energy solutions as being the future.
    ​ “But the bottom line here in either event is clear: The success or failure of the Texas power grid when the chips are down is entirely related to the performance not of renewables, but natural gas,” says David Blackman, an energy industry veteran.

    ​ How Texas’ power grid weathered the latest freeze​ [Though peaking natural gas ​electrical generation has to do everything​, whenever asked, it is not mentioned here. Odd.]
    ​ Energy demand soared as minimum temperatures in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston and other cities began to fall in the mid-20s and teens beginning on Sunday.
    Texas then saw three consecutive unofficial winter demand records throughout the freeze, with the peak topping out at 78,138 megawatts on Tuesday morning. (ERCOT couldn’t measure peak demand during the 2021 storm, and it was likely higher than the new record.)
    ​ Tuesday’s peak demand will likely be the state’s third highest, being around 7,370 megawatts (MW) lower than the all-time record set in August 2023.
    Details: Later that afternoon, a new solar power generation record was set, with panels around the state contributing 14,835 MW to the grid, or around 20% of the total generated power at the time.​ [Good luck​ it was clear that afternoon, eh?]
    ​ Wind also accounted for 30% of the power generated during the now-broken winter demand record set Monday night. [Good luck Monday night, right?] …
    ​..Rickerson said surplus energy from solar generation throughout the storm helped charge batteries and gave operators a chance to correct issues at thermal plants.
    “This is the first time we’ve seen operational days significantly affected by the amount of solar during a winter storm,” he said.


    Deep pockets speak more loudly than a hundred-thousand voices,
    And crush the aspirations of a hundred-thousand choices.





    Dr D. Loved it today. Bloody loved it.


    It’s the jews. To dance around, obfuscate, pretend and walk on eggshells because you had the holyhoax shoved up your ass as a kid, reinforced by shitty movies, tv and constant mindfuck ain’t no excuse. The kiddiefuckers are runnin this shitshow. Lookin away or pretending it isn’t happening won’t work anymore.


    The ‘Houthis’ prefer the name Ansarullah which means Supporters of God (Allah)

    News Flash:

    A US official told Sky News Arabia that the Houthis are preparing to attack US bases in the Middle East

    “Ansarullah is at war with the US for striking Yemen

    Attacks on US bases through out the region are imminent.”

    Good, the Empire of Lies has no legal, moral or spiritual right to be anywhere in the Middle East in any capacity.

    It’s support for the genocidal Zionists negates it’s presence forever in the region. Death to the Empire of Lies.

    8 hours ago

    US Airbase in Iraq Hit by Massive Missile Attack

    “A number of US soldiers are being examined for traumatic brain injuries after “Iranian-backed militants” carried out a missile attack on US airbase Al-Assad in western Iraq’s Anbar Province, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said on Sunday, adding that the US is also assessing the damage caused to the base.”

    Iraqi told the Empire of Lies to leave, they are offically unwelcome and their presence is illegal.

    But the hypocritical Military Mafia of Duh’merica only believes in rule based order when it dictates the rules.





    From Zerohedge Headline”


    Fani Fingered (by Wade considering the $700,000 she paid him for his “services”)


    Fani Gets Phucked

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