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    Jean-Léon Gérôme Truth Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind, 1896   • What Happens In Texas Will Decide The Fate Of The Nation (Libby Emmons)
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    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet


    After all his lies, how is he still in Congress? I genuinely don’t see how that works.

    Haven’t you got it all figured by now?

    Clearly the lunatics are running the asylum…


    Dr. D

    Nikki Haley Celebrates Getting More Votes In GOP Primary Than Any Other Democrat In History “ –BBee

    “Biden Dispatches CIA Director To Negotiate Major Gaza Ceasefire Deal

    Not the first time. I guess we know who the President is now.

    “The WEF introduced the concept in 2019 in an article entitled, “How regenerative agroforestry could solve the climate crisis.” The article claims that farming, the most essential industry for our survival, has contributed to 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and is the cause of 80% of deforestation. The latter is the key here – they want the land in order to seize the means of production.” Armstrong.

    “As CNN reported in March 2021:
    “Facts First: There’s no evidence of a sudden rush of individuals on the terror watch list showing up at the southern border. The information that is available is vague and leaves many questions unanswered. That said, it’s entirely false to imply a small number of individuals on the terror watch list coming to the southern border is a new phenomenon. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that being on the FBI’s terror watch list does not mean someone is a terrorist or has proven ties to terrorists.” (via Armstrong)
    well, I for one am glad that means no right-wing Americans on the FBI watchlist for domestic terrorism matter! Because according to CNN, the watch list means nothing! And the FBI puts them on there for no reason, and have no idea what they’re doing. That’s what we (or Statists) all pay them for!

    You win! The FBI is useless and should be disbanded, and the watchlist CNN quotes means nothing!

    Why there can be no election:

    Socrates’ Political Forecasts

    Blowout of up to 60% GOP, possibly higher than ever in American history, which makes sense actually. (Look at present conditions and how intentional and voluntary they are) He is suggesting Biden may Executive order alien citizenship the day before the election. Hey, why not, right?

    If you think this is bad, his model suggests 2028 may not even have a sham election. That no one will bother pretending.

    “As many know, the computer has been forecasting civil unrest, and eventually the United States will split, as will Europe.”

    Yes, but the United States is supposed to split, as it’s not supposed to be run from the center. We have an additional problem in that Kari Lake’s audio has the GOP head saying “Guys back East” say they’ll kill them both. Who are these “Back East” guys? Why do they get to decide what happens in the far West, just ‘cause? Why doesn’t Arizona go whack a few guys in Maryland to set the right tone for interference in the Southwest? Tell them to stay over there. Why is it okay if it only goes in one direction?

    Continuing with Texas (long article on law and precedent) look at this: “This Biden Administration is acting by an executive order bypassing the Congress that theoretically represented We the People.” That is, Congress passed a law, however badly, concerning immigration and borders. Doesn’t matter it needs to be updated and hasn’t. Biden is simply refusing Congressional orders, which are the People’s orders, in theory, of what they want done, and therefore took the great trouble to pass a “Law.” Biden just said “Nah, I don’t feel like it. I’m going to do what – I – feel like instead of all the “Laws” that have been passed.” Therefore, I AM THE LAW. Why have Congress? Why have courts? Biden isn’t going to refer to them anyway.

    “50 Bags Of Cocaine Seized From Belgian Socialist Minister’s Office, Staffer Arrested

    But I have a solution: Moar government. Moar laws. Did he not know cocaine was illegal? Then it’s impossible that this happened. You just pass a law, and then everyone obeys automatically, of course!

    Trump VP: Trump will be removed before he’s even elected, and/or 10 seconds after. So therefore VP is voting President.

    And I’m not getting started here: If I were Trump, I’d stage my own assassination and blame it on Democrats and the Derp State. Absolutely everyone would believe it.

    Not going to opine on Texas for a change. I can see it going all kinds of ways and can’t tell which. I think like the border, food plants, and wars, it’s not nearly as bad as is being reported. Yet.

    Asia: Which narrative is right? Easy: the only one that matters is the one Asia believes. We’re irrelevant. Not in ourselves, but in that, since any war or position is “fought” in Asia, then it’s only which side Asia believes that will have any effect. In war, in policy, in action, in results. The West can believe anything they want and be in 100% agreement about it, but if it involves only the Western Hemisphere it will have no effect on the ground. At all. On China, on Japan, on Philippines, on Indonesia, on trade, on nothing.

    And it details, we signed a memo that was essentially a treaty in 1984 that the U.S. would phase out the arms sales to Taiwan, as part of ALSO signing that we believe that Taiwan is China and is owned by China. So…Xi is not demilitarizing South China Sea? We’re running warships there daily. Toppling, interfering in every nation like the Philippines. And trying to militarize even Australia against them. So.

    And WTF? We couldn’t beat them if they were south of Texas and the size of Mexico, much less 10x larger and with an ocean we’d need to run supply lines across. The delusions of these people knows no bounds. Their insanity is infinite when it comes to promoting violence. Why not? Never cost them anything yet.

    “And the fool responsible for this policy is running for reelection as president with the media’s and America’s elites’ support.”

    The “Elites” always hate, betray, and destroy their home country. Worldwide, but you can use England in 1910-1940 as an example. The Intelligentsia always hate work, hate workers, hate humans, hate success like cancer and mostly always have. But that’s true in other nations as well, although it’s a soft impression and I suspect they’re not – quite – as traitorous as the Western ones have been. Why? They hate money. Their currency is “Socialism” that is, Social Status. They want to be popular. So they will do, and say, and kill anyone they have to be popular, and sit at the 8th Grade Mean Girls table, and get an “A” with them. So easy. You could buy them for a nickel, and probably free as we see each day as Taylor Lorenz (Private School, esq) says Journalists aren’t getting paid, they’re being spanked with no vaseline and thrown off the train. And STILL they will write what they hope will make them popular with the Mean Girls, FOR FREE. Who are abusing them, mocking them, and laughing at them, FOR FREE.

    Those are the Elites. And the wannabes, the talent pool for future elites. Naomi Wolf for example, before she started with questions. She was a Taylor Lorenz back when.

    So, no surprise, as usual every elite, every media, every college, half of business are aching, working, striving, committing actual active crimes to destroy the very country and people that allow them wealth and status. And we have to fight them, which is in fact far harder than any external enemy ever will be. But we usually win anyway, but why bother? How about DON’T betray your country and kill every working man? How about DON’T get accolades and social status for that?

    PCR, being a thousand years old, is barking up the wrong tree with “Races”, and “White ethnicities”. Obviously. When he was five, maybe those things sort of existed. And now when interracial marriage has been on for 20-30 years? Do those poor kids have a single drop of white blood? How about the huge number of citizens whose parents are illegals? Are they “real citizens” or not? No, silly-pants, it’s the CULTURE they are in, not the “race” which is theoretical and unscientific to begin with. You’re encouraging and reinforcing this nonsense, and thereby helping insanity win.

    You see this in “Everything, Everywhere All at Once”, a movie about Chinese immigrants. Quite Chinese, really. In it, their 1st generation daughter is already all-American California gurl, through and through. Just a good example. Do you think she and they want 22 Million illegals here? I’m guessing not, since it causes them the same trouble as everyone else. Since they ere small business owners, they probably were Republicans, as are all the Cubans, and Ramaswamy. So why distinguish anyone as “White”? That’s irrelevant and inflammatory. Stop helping the enemy.

    …But, Republicans, so… Helping the enemy is what they live for.

    “Ultimately, the American show of force in these waterways seeks to consolidate US naval dominance,”

    One of the keys here, besides that the U.S. existing as the Israeli Navy (so proud) is that the smallest hillbilly nations aren’t afraid of America. We have no power whatsoever, no one respects our threats because we can’t back them. That’s how Hezbollah got started btw. Under Reagan, the Beirut bombing, he threatened to shell the mainland with destroyers lobbing shells the size of Volkwagens. That’s not a joke, that fact is true. Well, they couldn’t get an agreement, so Ronnie DID shell them. And guess what? Nothing happened. Nobody cared. Turns out that yeah, although you can toss shells randomly in the mainland, there’s a f- of a lot of land out there and not many shells, and when you don’t hit anything except at random doesn’t have much effect; It just proves you’re a dick. So then they were like, “Wow, THAT’S what we’ve all been afraid of?” And this nation is just shelling civilians all day, like Panama, etc? Yeah: No. We side with anyone against the world’s biggest dick and war-crime enhancer.” And so still today. But anyway, Beirut was all an Israeli project as they were going to be the Switzerland of the Mediterranean and set up a neutral banking center, also for Muslims, where there are nice beaches. Israel (and Switzerland) hasn’t stopped dropping bombs on them ever since. Like, every day from 1980 to about 10 minutes ago. Thanks. Don’t expect to see it in the news.

    So, anyway, lesson learned in Yemen? The U.S. got nothing. No bombs, no ships, no shells, no men. You can do anything you like to them. They’re punks, nobodies, worthless powerless has beens. Sink every ship you can see and laugh. They ain’t gonna do s—t.

    And boy is that great for the Dollar!

    “Israel sees “a real economic interest” in Gaza, and that explains why no matter the extent of global outrage, Tel Aviv’s military campaign in the beleaguered enclave rages on,”

    Collateral. And why use the word “Collateral” instead of “wealth”? “Collateral” is leveraged 1,000:1 using “Debt”. It’s all debt-based system and they need a world war to cover the crash and stay in power.

    Problem: it’s the Commodity producers and manufacturers, have all said “Collateral”. You in the West made sure of that. Trump asked even a minor first iteration, to have manufacturing we could make shells with and you fell on the floor writhing in a hebephrenic stroke. Having “Collateral” is the enemy, as those are the people we steal from. So when the commodity producers in Russia and Africa withdraw their collateral, what happens?


    “• Iran ‘A Legitimate Target’ – Israel (RT)

    Why? Iran is 1,000 miles from you. The only thing they have different is no central bank.

    “Israel claims – without evidence — that Iran was involved in plotting the October 7 attacks,” …in which Israel murdered 1,200 of their own people with hellfire missiles as per their standing military directives. Democracy!

    “Col. Macgregor Says at Least 400 Americans Died in Ukraine (Sp.)

    I’d be shocked if it weren’t 4,000 although perhaps that’s a little high.

    “• ‘Suicide Mission’: Ukrainian Troops Reveal Dire Situation on Battlefield (Sp.)

    Again, props to Ukraine. They’re amazing. Goes to show the Russians sure know how to fight! (As the ultimate insult: they would rather die than be seen as “Russian”)

    “• Why Did Ukraine Shoot Down An Aircraft Carrying Its Own Soldiers? (Poletaev)

    The top threat to Ukrainians is Ukraine. Biden’s Slavic genocide. Gotta get ‘em all. Personally, I think that, taking a break from shelling their own bases and blowing up their own pipeline, Russia shot down their own plane.

    “The West is going all out against Russia, as evidenced by the current holding of the largest-ever NATO exercise,”

    I’m lost: so you’re going to waste maximum ammunition, fuel, men, and attention? If this isn’t a cover for an F16 nuclear attack, it seems very ill-advised.

    Emmanuel Todd: We can all worry after Russia realigned their entire military to deliver not on trains, or stockpiles 10 nation’s worth of Euro-gauge locomotives. That is: It’s not a surprise attack. Right now it is IMPOSSIBLE, literally, physically impossible for them to do so. But NeoCons make up 10 impossible things before breakfast, so…

    “• EU Not Prepared For Potential Armed Conflict With Russia – Politico (TASS)

    EU not prepared for sitting in a cafe and ordering brioche, as they have no gas, coal, electric, or wheat. Nor can they stop the immigrants that will rob you in your chair.

    “As a result, for example, the Belgian military is so short of ammunition and funding that soldiers will “have to throw stones” shortly after the start of any conflict,”

    Alexander said this about sending all 20,000 British troops to Ukraine, which of course they won’t send even two, because “Fighting”. When Bismark was asked, “What will you do if Britain invades us and lands in Saxony???”

    “I’ll send the German police to arrest them.”

    Uh, yeah. Now you know why London has OTHER people do all their fighting. And why not? If you can find drooling idiot retarded trust-fund kids like the United States to do it, why should you? Now that we’ve converted to the tranny army, they’ll be REALLY skeered.

    Hey, anyone seen Austin yet?

    “Former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro was sentenced to four months in jail on Friday for ignoring a subpoena from the Jan. 6 committee.”

    This isn’t an argument that anybody’s going to care about but it’s true: that’s not a real and official committee as it was formed illegally. Just like Texas, they don’t bother to call and ask, although the other part of immunity is arguably also true. Whatever, that’s politics and he probably should have shown up. Plead the 5th, what they gonna do?

    “After all his lies, how is he still in Congress? I genuinely don’t see how that works.”

    Gee, it’s almost like we don’t have fair elections or something. Like McConnell despised in his district and all Kentucky and wins year after year.

    …And thought experiment: if that were true is that why Republicans ALSO cannot look into election interference? Because 2/3rds of them would ALSO be removed and arrested?

    ““Gender affirming care” is of course the term”… that means DENYING your gender. Because: words. If words were used, you know it’s a lie.

    Again, I’m so, so glad with a 36-hour wait for EMERGENCY care in Que, they have $75,000 a pop for cosmetic amputation.

    “Pespsi/Tesla” Um, what? Because a truck can go 500 miles per day you went 1,000? Because you added a driver but did NOT add a battery? Trucks make 25% of road emissions? Then you are REALLY barking up the wrong tree, making residential auto use to half the distance would be WAY easier and happier. The entire electorate would be in favor, as they always are for trains and mass transit, but somehow Congress HATES printing money and handing it to their friends somehow? Also as we saw with Ford, the CAR may go – barely – but towing cuts the range by +2/3rds. So if every car needs a substation to run the charger, how many substations does a semi need? That is, it’s equivalent to 2 cars? 4 cars? 10 cars? Would it be easier and more ecological to just shovel coal into it directly?

    Oh, god, sorry: Facts and logic. I’ll shut up now.

    Dr. D

    Let me repeat that: Global Warming:

    “They want the land in order to seize the means of production.” –Armstrong.

    John Day

    This map looks redder:



    True or False?

    Pillsbury Dough Boy gets Religion


    Dr. D

    “Laid-Off LA Times Reporter Sits On Street Corner With Sign Reading ‘Will Call You Racist For Food’ ” –BBee


    I think AI reinterpreted Reality here…


    those darned kids

    funny how truth looks just like my ex..


    West’s anti-Russian policy now ‘at its peak.’

    Is he sure about that? The West’s “owners” demonstrate a ruthlessness, barbarism, greed and desperation that know no bounds, or so it seems. But Putin surrounds himself with a great team, and needs to. What a leader Yeltsin chose to guide his failing nation. The trajectory for Russia is firmly set, and in the opposite direction to the West with its corruption and hypocrisy. It would appear the West is incapable of producing such leadership material. But hey! Go Trump! Make America great again! – with Vivek by your side. Good luck old chap.

    As for Trudeau, pack him off to Harvard with Ardern 😉 and make sure he’s provided with a big pair of blue glasses…

    While on the sidelines, the bread and circus entertainment dished up by the MSM rolls on, and the sheeple breathe a collective ‘Oh my God!’ as the US experiments with novel, grotesque ways to kill people.

    ‘Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil.’ Here we have this quote again. For the most part, greed is the driver and motivating impulse.


    ‘The Entire Journalism Industry Is In Freefall’:

    Taylor Lorenz Vlogs The Death Of MSM……

    As BuzzFeed, Insider And Vice Jettison Assets


    Media Maggots Eat Themselves from the Inside Out

    Corporate media is on life support. Driven to cut costs by sagging ad revenues and waning appetite for propaganda, layoffs and ‘restructurings’ are happening all over.

    What is a “waning appetite for propaganda”?

    Like, I use to eat gobshite, but it finally killed my appetite due to it’s taste….

    <img src=”
    /gobshite.jpg?resize=563%2C563″ alt=”.” />

    Differences Between A Gobshite and An Eejit – Jarlath Regan


    Inching Up to ‘Full Orwell’

    FDA’s New Rule Allows For Medical Research Without Informed Consent

    “In an effort to encourage the discovery of more treatment and diagnostic options in the medical field, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has finalized a rule allowing certain clinical trials to operate without obtaining informed consent from participants…”

    it rears it’s ugly head yet again…..



    Jeff DeWit Resigns in Disgrace

    DeWit the Shit is a symptom of a much larger cancer

    John Day

    About “Trump’s VP”; LBJ was the VP foist upon JFK as “insurance” for the MIC and financiers.


    Trump has a truly phenomenally horseshit track record with his nominations….Bolton…Barr…even Nikki the NeoConJob…


    Oh no, lock the door

    BooHoo Twat Taylor, Taylor, Taylor

    Oh the Humanity!


    “Opining on the sad state of journalism is Jeff Bezos’s vocal-fry champion,Taylor Lorenz, who said this week that “The entire journalism industry is basically in a free-fall,” and that the LA Times’ woes follow “months and months of layoffs in the media industry.”

    “And it’s not just digital media sites,” she continues. “Local news has been obliterated, the newspaper industry is cratering, radio is essentially dead – aside from NPR which has been gutted. Meanwhile, hundreds of workers at Conde Nast, the parent company of pretty much every major magazine from GQ to Vogue to the New Yorker to Vanity Fair are on strike.”

    The LA Times newsroom today. What’s missing?



    Media Whores Taking One Up the Ass

    And I thought the Satanist Cabal would print ‘money’ to keep them afloat forever and a day…



    I guess the MASS firings in the ranks of the PRESSTITUTES means:

    Consolidating ALL news to One Official Government Source



    Propaganda is not cheap….


    Pakistan Deports Half A Million Illegal Immigrants In Just 3 Months

    Not a question Way, a question of Will

    “In comparison, while Pakistan manages to deport half a million illegals with little fanfare, the UK government brags about removing just 38, while sometimes hundreds of boat migrants continue to pour in on a daily basis.”

    Wow, 38 Albanian criminals removed, at least they weren’t dark skinned, now that would be hateful…

    Home Office

    Today we returned a further 38 people to Albania with no right to be in the UK!

    This included offenders convicted of drugs offenses and sexual communications with a child.



    Denver Health At “Critical Point” As 8,000 Migrants Make 20,000 Emergency Visits

    “The Denver hospital system is turning away local residents because it is flooded with migrant visits…

    ABC News reports Denver hospital system may collapse due to migrant crisis: ‘We are turning down patients’

    Denver Health CEO Donna Lynne warned the center is in a crucial moment due to unexpected costs associated with immigrant visits.

    What I think is not being said is that Denver Health is at a critical, critical point and that we need to take this up in 2024,” Lynne told the Denver City Council, according to the Denver Post.”

    Is Denver a Sanctuary City?

    It used ‘weasel words’ to say: it was AND it wasn’t!

    Unspokenly Sanctuary

    If that does not constitute “sanctuary city” what does?

    However, denial now runs deep.

    “Colorado is not a sanctuary state, and the Governor is not focused on buzzwords but on ensuring our law enforcement resources go toward fighting actual crimes to help make Coloradans safer,” Conor Cahill, a spokesperson for governor Jared Polis, told Axios in a statement in January of 2023.

    Eat Dirt and Die Denver



    John Day

    That new invention is a lower-dose fluoroscope.

    “The fluoroscope was invented in 1896 by Enrico Salvioni. The name was coined by Thomas Edison when he created a machine in same year. Edison used calcium tungstate as the fluorescing material. Unfortunately, he quickly discovered the health hazard related to the fluoroscope.”,hazard%20related%20to%20the%20fluoroscope.


    Democracy, is people power, is voting.

    Governments are for the people, by the people, of the people.

    Democratic governments are not for the elites, or the whites, or the D, or the R, or the racists.

    Listen to people power.

    ALL People want peace.

    Tucker, (22 million), You are WRONG to want to deprive (someone) of the right to vote.

    Tucker, Your observation/opinion/comment/solution does not fix the border/immigration problems.

    Tucker, you are an intelligent motivator, find a path for peace/unity,

    Tucker, reject a path for war, reject a path for hate, reject a path for division, reject a path that provoke/endanger/brings disorder.
    Tucker, see the light, politicians are diverting the attention of residents of their countries from economic issues, by talking about war with Russia.

    Tucker, see the light, politicians are diverting the attention of residents from economic issues by talking about illegal immigration.

    Tucker, see the light, politicians are diverting the attention of residents of their countries from economic issues, by talking about genocide/Israel war.


    Scott Ritter on his recent visit to Chechnya. Interesting enough. Vid, see from 0 to 21 mins.

    LIVE: The International Court of Justice delivers its Order, from Syriana Analysis. 50 mins.

    (re. S. Africa accusation > Israel .. genocide + its prevention)

    A vid. doc.

    Louis Theroux, 2011, BBC. 57 mins. … he investigates and interviews the nationalist Jewish settlers who have chosen to live in disputed areas of East Jerusalem and the West Bank, including locations declared illegal by even Israeli officials.

    *The Ultra Zionists.*


    Egghead Logic 101.”So why distinguish anyone as White? This is irrelevant and inflammatory.” Ancestry, heritage, the bond of the blood in your veins. That’s why. Raisinbrain.


    Israel. —– A two-state solution is what is always mouthed by all outside actors who pretend that they want ‘Peace.’ Particularly USuk and some EU countries. Now comes over as a cheery, folkloric, aspirational myth. Put forward to fool an ignorant public.

    Potted history, offical version.

    Some highlights: *1947.* Partition Plan (never implemented) .. 1993. Olso accords.. hmm..

    A 2-state solution will never arise. All top political actors know this. No outside party will attempt to enforce it. (Incl. USuk, EU, R, UN.) While Fatah (ostensibly – their real role and its hisotry is another topic) might have been ‘for’ as a presentable policy, they have been crushed by Hamas, who, btw, afaik, has never expressed any interest / demands in that direction. Certainly not in the past 4 months.

    Isr. will never accept a 2-state solution. As an ‘ethnic’, ‘separatist’ and ‘expansionist’ entity, it can only continue to corral, oppress, imprison, kill, etc. the low-life unter-menschen (Palestinians, but not only.) It can’t give that up, if it did, it would loose its internal support (Israelis who have privileges, etc. but of course not all Isr. citizens) and its outside backers who fund it, arm it, and prop it up with image Kontrol and various other measures.


    Little Big!

    Max Head Room meets the Matrix


    The Control Grid loves NATO PROVACATO


    (Does Tucker read TAE?)
    Control complexity/communication/input to achieve output/outcome/expectations.
    (garbage in, garbage out)
    ICJ updates: Court orders Israel to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza

    The ruling issued by the ICJ ordered six provisional measures including for Israel to refrain from acts under the Genocide Convention, prevent and punish the direct and public incitement to genocide, and take immediate and effective measures to ensure the provision of humanitarian assistance to civilians in Gaza.


    SPECIAL Judge Napolitano: Colonel Macgregor on US Military Overreach.


    With the Nord stream pipeline gone, Germany is losing it’s competitive industrial edge because is has no cheap Master Resource of natural gas to hold up it’s flagging economy.


    Biden Pauses Approval of LNG Projects After Pressure from Climate Activists

    The Empire of Lies was selling Germany horribly overpriced LNG but, well, that’s Dust in the Wind

    Fearless Leader of the grandFatherland



    Germany Warmongers for War with Russia

    Hold my beer

    Anybody spot the irony of an Iron Crossed tank committing to yet another Asian land war head-on with Russia?



    [Meme Alert]

    Come to your senses before it’s too late!

    Listen to the Snail



    ICJ updates: Canada No Commitment. No comment. Canada high tight rope walking … looking for safety net

    Figmund Sreud


    The Foreign Ministry and Security Council meetings confirm there is now a new definition of “terrorism” in Russian warfighting strategy, in which there is both public and secret support for Hamas, the Houthis, and other groups in Lebanon and Iraq fighting for national liberation against Israel and the US.




    Assistants of Studio Executives The Last Few Months


    As the ICJ reaffirms the duty of all nations to stand against genocide and not support it, I look forward to the USA and UK acting.


    best i can do today


    They walk among us, the Living Dumb

    Thank you Tik-Tok from the bottom of my heart…



    Finally some creative intelligence for tough times.



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