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    visit MoA for news of ICJ

    John Day

    Please Pause Genocide

    It is difficult to encapsulate the news today, though the overview is that the human economic world is going through a reduction in availability of the resources upon which our life-support system depends (peak-oil, etc.). That reduction-in-availability is reflected as increased costs, shortages and economic dysfunction in this economy based upon perpetual growth. Massive-“borrowing” has “pulled future prosperity forward” to the present, at least on the books. Investments will quit-paying-out at some approaching point. Faith in the financial economy will soon disappear, as the world faces the fact that it is all current-trade-flows, without the reserves-of-wealth that we had imagined to “own”.
    This is known in the halls of power. There is currently a power struggle over those flows of valuable resources and products, affecting pipelines, railroads, and shipping routes. The producing countries don’t want to pay so much rent to the centers of financial empire, and are growing bolder as the imperial armies prove ineffectual again and again.
    Russia becomes the military-champion and China the economic-champion for the producing countries (BRICS+) who want to trade without a 50% skim by the western-financial-system. Current wars reflect that, and also reflect the reluctance to nuke things you need and will be unable to replace in the leaner-future.

    Israel’s Reputation Takes A Hit In World Court Genocide Case [The starvation of the Israeli economy will increase and political change will be inescapable.]
    Israel has suffered its first major setback in the International Court of Justice (ICJ, or also “World Court”) genocide case brought against it by South Africa, and thus has also suffered a possible hit to its reputation on the global stage.
    The Hague-based court has ordered Israel to take all measures capable to prevent acts of Genocide against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, but it stopped short of ordering a ceasefire. The interim ruling will of course remain merely symbolic as the World Court has no power or mechanism whereby it can enforce the verdict. It asserts that South Africa’s case has legal merit and can proceed…
    ..Current president of the ICJ Judge Joan Donahue said however that the “catastrophic situation” in Gaza could get much worse by the time the final verdict in the case gets delivered while explaining why the provisional directive is necessary.
    Thus this ruling points to the likelihood that things won’t go Israel’s way in the end…
    ..The Friday directive comes ahead what’s expected to be a future, final ruling – and it comes as international pressure grows on Israel to reach a ceasefire – which the Netanyahu government is reportedly seeking in offering its 2-month pause plan in hopes of gaining the release of all captives…

    Pepe Escobar, Forever Wars. And No Plan B [much edited]
    ..If we combine all these variants – stalemate; BRICS; the Lone Emperor; de-dollarization; garden and jungle – in search of the most probable scenario ahead, it’s easy to see that the only “way out” for a cornered Empire is, what else, the default modus operandi: Forever Wars.
    And that brings us to the current American aircraft carrier in West Asia (aka “Israel”), totally out of control yet always supported by the Hegemon, aiming for a multi-front war against the whole Axis of Resistance: Palestine, Hezbollah, Syria, Iraqi militias, Ansarullah in Yemen, and Iran.
    In a sense we’re back to the immediate post-9/11, when what the neocons really wanted was not Afghanistan, but the invasion of Iraq: not only to control the oil (which in the end they didn’t) but, in Michael Hudson’s analysis, “to essentially create America’s foreign legion in the form of ISIS and al-Qaeda in Iraq.” Now, “America has two armies that it’s using to fight in the Near East, the ISIS/al-Qaeda foreign legion (Arabic-speaking foreign legion) and the Israelis.”…
    ..What Putin, Xi and Raisi have been explaining to the Global South, explicitly or in quite subtle ways, is that we are right in the crux of a civilizational war.
    Michael Hudson has done a lot to bring down such an epic struggle to practical terms. Are we heading towards what I described as techno-feudalism – which is the AI format of rent-seeking turbo-neoliberalism? Or are we heading to something similar to the origins of industrial capitalism?
    Michael Hudson characterizes an auspicious horizon as “raising living standards instead of imposing IMF financial austerity on the dollar block”: devising a system that Big Finance, Big Bank, Big Pharma and what Ray McGovern memorably coined as the MICIMATT (military-industrial-congressional-intelligence-media-academia-think tank complex) cannot control.

    How Gaza is impacting the Great Power standoff
    While China-led multipolarity has accelerated the decline of the American era, the war in Gaza may end it altogether.
    What is unfolding today in West Asia — the Gaza war and its regional expansion — cannot be viewed separately from the international transformations that have grown in momentum over the past few years. Today, the transition to multipolarity is the underlying factor shaping the decisions and policies of most countries, particularly those of the great powers…
    ..Crucially, the Pentagon’s stated purpose of securing navigation in the Red Sea does not align with the actual threat presented, revealing ulterior motives behind US actions. The Yemenis have repeatedly confirmed that they only intend to inhibit the passage of Israeli-owned or destined vessels — and that all other ships are free to pass.
    In short, the US/UK-led coalition is acting as a naval arm for Israeli military forces, seeking specifically to ensure unimpeded access for ships heading to Israeli ports via the Bab al-Mandab Strait. That’s not a position many other states will get behind if they want to maintain freedom of transport for their own shipping vessels.
    Ultimately, the American show of force in these waterways seeks to consolidate US naval dominance, which war-torn Yemen, West Asia’s poorest country, has contested…
    ..The most staggering poll result of all,… has to be the one in December… in which 51 percent of young Americans believe a final solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is for Israel to end and be given to Hamas and the Palestinians.
    ..While Israel remains a direct US interest in West Asia, Washington’s commitment to Tel Aviv’s security has already become a growing burden and increasingly difficult to justify. As the region’s Axis of Resistance expands its battle with Israel on new, multiple frontlines, the US will need to reallocate ever-expanding resources and focus on matching its international rivals in further-flung geographies.
    Ukraine was a test run compared to this Gaza war and the immense, direct toll it is taking on US alliances, domestic politics, and the American image globally.

    Bogdanov’s communiqué said “special attention was paid to the development of tragic events in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict zone, as well as the aggravation of the situation in the Red Sea in this regard. In this context, the missile and bomb attacks on Yemen undertaken by the United States and Great Britain, which are capable of destabilizing the situation on a regional scale, were strongly condemned.”
    This is the plainest signal to date of Russian backing for the southern front of the Arab war against Israel, and the link which the Houthis have made between the Israeli blockade of Gaza, the genocide of the Palestinians, and the Red Sea blockade which the Houthis have imposed on vessels owned or directed by Israeli shipowners, US naval fleet, and American-flagged and other vessels carrying military and civil cargoes to Israel or reload ammunition for future attacks on Yemen.
    At the same time across Moscow, unusually large delegations of officials of the Russian Security Council, led by Nikolai Patrushev, and Ali-Akbar Ahmadian, special presidential representative and Secretary of Iran’s National Security Council, have been meeting to discuss a detailed agenda which Patrushev’s communiqué calls a “wide range of Russian-Iranian security cooperation” and “the practical implementation of the agreements reached at the highest level.”
    In an open statement for reporters, Ahmadian told Patrushev: “”America’s grandeur has shattered, and today, it cannot even rally its traditional allies. A country that considers itself a superpower is engaged in war against resistance groups and the people of the region.”
    The display of Russian support for the Axis of Resistance against Israel and the US is unprecedented.


    John Day

    ​ Ukraine’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GUR) was aware of the flight of the Ilyushin-76 transport plane carrying Ukrainian prisoners of war, but did not block the work of air defense on its route, the head of the​ (Russian) State Duma’s Defense Committee Andrey Kartapolov told the media while commenting on the plane’s crash in the Belgorod Region.
    ​ “The Ukrainian side had been officially notified. Fifteen minutes before the plane entered the zone, they were given full information, which they received and confirmed its receipt by the Main Intelligence Directorate,” Kartapolov said. He stressed that after that “there should have followed the command ‘Air, stop’ for a certain sector.​ It was not issued. Instead, a command to open fire was given and the airplane with our crew and their soldiers was shot down,” Kartapolov added.

    ​ Gilbert Doctorow interview and transcript on Ukrainian shoot-down or Russian plane carrying Ukrainian POWs for prisoner-exchange.
    ​ I think this plane crash is extremely important because of what it says about the government in in Kiev, who is running it, and for what purpose. This devastating event has parallels with the MH-17. It has parallels with the bombing of a Russian detention center which kept Ukrainian prisoners of war and where again dozens if not a 100 or more of the prisoners of war were killed as a result of the Kiev government action…
    ..The original intent was to pursue what they have done otherwise on the field of battle. The Ukrainian forces have shot in the back their own soldiers, whom they thought might be going over to the enemy. What we have here… We forget that Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union for 70 years and the morals of Mr. Stalin were applied in Ukraine and seemed to have remained there despite the fall of the Soviet Union. By that I mean in World War II it was the practice of the Soviet Army to consider prisoners of war as deserters. They may have been injured, they may have been carried off the field to hospitals, but once they were interned in Germany or in Germany’s allies, they were considered as traitors. When they came home they faced severe conditions, if not execution. This is the very type of approach to human rights that Kiev is applying to its own citizens: A very Stalinist method and that is at sharp variance with the bunny rabbit quality of Kiev that Western news media have projected from the start of the conflict…
    ..The supposition is in any case that very powerful ground to air missiles were used and that such weapons are approved only of the highest levels of the Ukrainian military. Therefore it is improbable this was a communications accident…

    More from Indian broadcaster WION on the crash of the Russian jet carrying Ukrainian POWs

    ​ Pentagon Refused to Send A-10 Warthogs to Ukraine Amid Fears They’d ‘Fall to the Ground in Flames’
    ​ The Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II is an American close air support aircraft developed during the Cold War to target Soviet tank forces in a World War III scenario that never arrived. Instead, it became a key tool in the US arsenal over the past 25 years.

    ​Governments may change before 2025., No gas transit via Ukraine after 2024, PM says
    The Ukrainian Prime Minister’s statement followed the video address of Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico after bilateral talks

    ​ This will energy-starve European allies after cutting them off from cheap, reliable Russian supplies, and will also be “bad-fer-bidness” in Texas. Whose interests are served?
    Biden Set To Announce New LNG Export Ban After White House Met With Gen-Z Climate Warrior

    John Day

    ​ Gov. Abbott Tells Tucker He’s Not Backing Down, Expects Red States To Circle Wagons, & Trump Elected In November
    Abbott told Carlson that he’s “prepared” in the event that Biden tries to take over the Texas National Guard.

    ​ Would Texas join BRICS+? After how long? Texas has a gold depository. Soft Secession, Insurrection, or the Real Return of Federalism in Texas?​ Tom Luongo
    ​ Governor Greg Abbot’s letter to the Biden Administration declaring them in violation of the Constitution for stopping Texas from securing the border is a major escalation. The States have become ‘uncomfortable’ and are beginning to bare their canines.​..
    .​.That’s where Greg Abbot found himself with the Biden Administration’s open border policy whose obvious purpose was to invite the world to tilt the 2024 election in the Democrats’ favor… and by Democrats’ I mean Davos, whose agenda Biden are clearly advancing.​..
    ..Abbot’s Attorney General Ken Paxton backed him up and, as of [yesterday], 25 other States have openly expressed support for Texas’ stand against the lawlessness of “Biden’s” executive order.​..
    ​..“Biden” is giving Texas an ultimatum to comply. The Democrats are demanding Biden call up the Texas National Guard. The entire thing has a wholly manufactured feel to it, but it is also something that had to happen. The States had to stand up to this.
    ​ And as I’ve talked about at length, the goal here is splitting the US up because a divided US, falling apart politically at this point in history, is exactly what our enemies want. The eventual goal is undermining the validity of the US debt markets and Washington D.C.’s ability to pay its bills.
    ​ There is no Great Reset with a fully functional United States.​ This is why Abbot’s move is so very important.​..
    ​..The question I have now is what’s the over/under on “Biden” declaring Texas in a state of insurrection against the Union in order to deny it, as a State, its vote this fall? If Texas refuses to ‘turn blue’ then the next move would be to maneuver its governor into full opposition to DC. The question I have here is who is in control of the escalation framework here? Texas or the FedGov?

    Soft Secession, Insurrection, or the Real Return of Federalism in Texas?

    ​ Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered
    ​ Elements of our own government are deliberately encouraging the acceleration of illegal immigration across the southern border and they are actively sabotaging any attempts to stop the madness. There are two questions we need to ask: Why are they doing this? And, what can be done to stop them?’​…
    ​..We’ve all heard of the Cloward-Piven Strategy by now, and it’s not all that difficult to understand – Create social destabilization by using migrants as a weapon. But there’s a lot more going on here than meets the eye. Cloward-Piven is almost too simplistic an explanation; it doesn’t really define the bigger picture. There are a few ways that this strategy could open the door to authoritarianism in the US. Let’s examine these scenarios to better comprehend wh​y.
    ​..In 1968 the US Department of Defense at the request of the government drafted a civil disturbance plan called ‘Operation Garden Plot’ which outlined what was essentially a martial law response to large scale social breakdown. One of the main factors listed in the plan as a trigger for martial law was the uncontrolled mass migration of minorities into the US, as well as riots by minorities in light of economic uncertainty.
    ​ Garden Plot has provisions designed to install a long lasting domestic military presence in the US if deemed necessary, and was even tied to programs like REX 84 which planned out the installation of “FEMA camps” or detention facilities meant to hold large numbers refugees during a mass migration crisis. These programs were accidentally exposed during the Iran/Contra hearings of 1987 and were kept secret from a majority of representatives in Congress.
    ​ In other words, political elites designed a set of operations to swiftly impose martial law if a migrant disaster occurred. But were these measures meant to solve the crisis? Or were they meant to use the crisis as an excuse to put boots on the ground in the US and permanently end whatever constitutional protections we have left? That is to say, it may very well be the plan of the establishment to keep the borders open until illegals overwhelm the system and the public is willing to accept martial law.​ [It is suggested ​by some that inducting migrants into the ​US military to act against American citizens would manage the “problem” that 70% of American soldiers would balk at this illegal action.]

    Cultural Replacement: Why The Immigration Crisis Is Being Deliberately Engineered

    John Day

    ​ “Israel’s use of Starvation as a Weapon of War”: Continues to Attack Starving Palestinians Awaiting Aid Trucks…
    ​ “My five children have been starving for more than a month, and we do not have any flour,” stated 46-year-old M.F., who requested anonymity due to safety concerns.
    ​“We eat a small amount of rice each day, so when I learned that flour aid was available, I walked for 13 kilometres before the Israeli army opened their machine gunfire. We were hit by shells fired, resulting in several casualties. I managed to survive, without receiving any flour.”

    “Israel’s use of Starvation as a Weapon of War”: Continues to Attack Starving Palestinians Awaiting Aid Trucks…

    ​ Netanyahu cannot survive 10 minutes without US support: Amir-Abdollahian
    The Iranian foreign minister blamed the US and Israel for inflaming tensions across West Asia and stressed that the solution to the crisis ‘is never war’
    ​ “If the US today stops its backing — logistical and weapons, political and media support — of the genocidal war launched by Israel, then I can assure you that [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu will not survive for 10 minutes,” Iran’s top diplomat told ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz during.
    ​ “So the key to solving the problem is in Washington before it is in Tel Aviv,” he said from New York on the sidelines of the UN Security Council meeting on West Asia.

    ​ ASTANA, January 25. /TASS/. Russia, Turkey and Iran consider Israeli attacks on Syria to be in violation of international law and the republic’s territorial integrity, reads a joint statement issued by the three countries following the 21st round of talks on Syria.

    ​ This is why Russian aircraft now patrol over the Golan Heights, Syrian territory, militarily occupied by Israel since 1967.
    ​ ASTANA, January 25. /TASS/. Israel has stopped compliance with a deal to notify Russia in advance whenever it wants to strike Syria, Russian presidential envoy for Syrian settlement Alexander Lavrentyev told TASS.
    ​ “It does notify, but after the strikes. I am saying this absolutely seriously because we previously had an agreement with them about sending a notice some time before the strike,” he said, when asked whether Israel notified Russia about the latest strikes on Syria.

    ​ Hamas Says ‘Faults Happened’ in 7 October Attacks in First Account Since Start of War on Gaza.
    ​ Regarding the events of 7 October, the report said that Hamas targeted Israeli military sites and sought to “arrest the enemy’s soldiers” in efforts to pressure Israeli authorities to release thousands of Palestinian prisoners.
    ​ “Avoiding harm to civilians, especially children, women and elderly people is a religious and moral commitment by all the Al-Qassam Brigades’ fighters,” it said, referring to the military wing of Hamas.
    ​ “We reiterate that the Palestinian resistance was fully disciplined and committed to the Islamic values during the operation and that the Palestinian fighters only targeted the occupation soldiers and those who carried weapons against our people.”
    ​ The report added that Hamas fighters were keen to avoid civilian harm “despite the fact the resistance does not possess precise weapons”.
    Among those killed during the attacks were over 30 children and more than 100 elderly, according to official Israeli statistics, as well as 60 foreign workers.
    ​ “If there was any case of targeting civilians, it happened accidentally and in the course of the confrontation with the occupation forces.”
    “Maybe some faults happened during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’s implementation due to the rapid collapse of the Israeli security and military system, and the chaos caused along the border areas with Gaza.”…
    ​..Israeli civilians were killed by an Israeli military helicopter on 7 October, citing reports from Israeli media outlets Haaretz and Yedioth Ahronoth.
    ​ “The two reports said the Hamas fighters reached the area of the festival without any prior knowledge of the festival, where the Israeli helicopter opened fire on both the Hamas fighters and the participants in the festival,” it said.
    ​ It cited the “Hannibal Directive”, an Israeli rule of engagement that reportedly stipulates that Israelis being taken hostage should be avoided at any cost, even if it it results in the deaths of its own people…
    ​..“Hamas does not wage a struggle against the Jews because they are Jewish but wages a struggle against the Zionists who occupy Palestine,” it said.
    “Yet, it is the Zionists who constantly identify Judaism and the Jews with their own colonial project and illegal entity.”
    It added that Palestinians stood against injustice against civilians, including “what the Jews were exposed to by Nazi Germany”.
    “Here, we remind that the Jewish problem in essence was a European problem, while the Arab and Islamic environment was – across history – a safe haven to the Jewish people and to other peoples of other beliefs and ethnicities,” it said.
    “We reject the exploitation of the Jewish suffering in Europe to justify the oppression against our people in Palestine.”

    Hamas Says ‘Faults Happened’ in 7 October Attacks in First Account Since Start of War on Gaza. “Hamas Claims Israel Killed Its Own Civilians”

    John Day

    ​ William Makis MD , mRNA Injury Stories – Children who lost both parents…
    2 yo UK boy Bronson Battersby died curled up next to his dad who had a heart attack; 14 yo Canada boy lost both parents suddenly on Christmas 2023

    mRNA Injury Stories – Children who lost both parents…

    ​I watched this brief video about the innate and spontaneous nature of human cooperation. “When the Student is ready, the Teacher will Appear.” (Spot the “teacher”?)
    Celia Farber , Over 66 Million People Have Watched This Video


    “Climate Change Truthiness Horizon”



    It’s getting harder to keep up with the Universal Hypocrisy enveloping the Late Great Planet Earth



    The Russian plane carrying POWs was shot down by Ukronaziland in revenge for snuffing all those French, UK and Duh’merican mercenaries in that hotel.

    The Russians killed a ton of war-man-whores in that hotel as a message to Nazilensky et al that the gloves are from now on off on any foreign ‘mercenaries’ [foreign military ‘advisors’] present in Ukronaziland.

    The Empire of Lies is like a spoiled enraged brat.

    Shooting down that POW plane which both sides had planned for weeks to exchange is like shooting someone with a white flag who was under a universally recognized truce.

    Means Russia can do the same now.

    Veracious Poet

    This is known in the halls of power.

    There is currently a power struggle over those flows of valuable resources and products, affecting pipelines, railroads, and shipping routes.

    The producing countries don’t want to pay so much rent to the centers of financial empire, and are growing bolder as the imperial armies prove ineffectual again and again.




    Meanwhile Gov Abbott is not backing down about the border.

    Tucker speaks with him at 2:30 pm today

    The letter, written on Jan. 17, before Texas Gov. Greg Abbott invoked the invasion clause of the US Constitution, suggests that a terrorist attack is likely imminent.

    “The threat we call out today is new and unfamiliar. In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland, and, yet, one is unfolding now,” the letter reads.

    “Military age men from across the globe, many from countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands – not by splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane bur rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted.”

    Meanwhile, TX Attorney General Ken Paxton posted a meme on X which reads “COME AND TAKE IT.”


    That’s the ATG of Texas saying that


    Senator Ron Johnson

    This sobering letter from former FBI, Homeland Security, and other law enforcement officials describes the chilling reality of why @POTUS’s open border is a clear and present danger to America.




    British Oil Tanker Carrying Russian Naphta On Fire In The Red Sea After Houthi Missile Strike
    The British fuel tanker operated on behalf of trading giant Trafigura, was on fire after it was struck by a missile as it transited the Red Sea…

    “The tanker, headed toward Singapore, was carrying naphtha, which is used to produce gasoline and plastics. Ironically, the naphtha was of Russian origin, Trafigura said.

    “The vessel is carrying Russian-origin naphtha purchased below price cap in line with G7 sanctions,” a spokesperson said, however some have voiced questions about how a venerated Swiss merchant procured the Russian commodity.

    So the lying scumbag maggot heads in UKtardistan managed to buy Russian fossil fuels below the sanction price cap to sell to Singapore breaking their own rules of sanctions on Russian fossil fuel.

    It’s always about the money not any ‘principles’.

    The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation also bought tons and tons of uranium from Russia this past year also violating it’s own hypocritical sanctions cap on Russian produce.

    Marlin Luanda tanker is owned by UK-based Oceonix Service

    No Smoking

    Too late, it’s already smoking



    Maryland Library Event Rolls Back Scheme Charging White People More

    Brilliant idea

    Charge ‘whity’ more as a vendor at a public library event than ‘blacky’, you know, for ‘inclusiveness’

    From the zerohedge comment section:

    “The public libraries in the U.S. are almost completely lock, stock and barrel leftie cesspools – even in red states/counties.

    Terrible selection of materials, unless you want pro-queer, pro-Marxist, pro-FBI, pro-CIA, etc….your tax dollars at work.”

    That’s sooo true about public libraries being woketard cesspools

    Typical Woketard librarian in the Empire of Lies







    The reluctance of key European countries France, Spain, and Italy to join the naval alliance indicated a growing skepticism among the US’s traditional partners — both western and West Asian — about Washington’s commitment and capability to defend its allies in any impactful way.

    And their Muslim immigrants would get pissed off and take to the streets. Maybe they really do fear some of their people … just not the white people.


    The Turd in Chief

    Figmund Sreud

    @ Dr. Day – Please Pause Genocide

    Yes, most appropriate headline vis-a-vis the Hague-based court order to Israel. Blasphemy!

    Me, when I read the final court’s decision, all I could think of is a headline along the lines alike, ‘when raping (crime) withdraw momentarily when ejeculating!



    Trudeau fell off the high wire and missed the safety net. He sent Joly.

    The people want peace and cease fire
    Statement by Minister Joly on the International Court of Justice’s decision on South Africa’s request for provisional measures in its case against Israel

    January 26, 2024 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

    The Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Foreign Affairs today issued the following statement:

    “Today, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) delivered its response to South Africa’s request for provisional measures in their case against Israel.

    “Canada supports the ICJ’s critical role in the peaceful settlement of disputes and its work in upholding the international rules-based order.

    “Our support for the ICJ does not mean that we accept the premise of the case brought by South Africa. It is for the ICJ to make a final decision on the case, which it has not done today. We continue to follow the case very closely.

    “Canada will continue to support Israel’s right to exist and defend itself, in accordance with international law. Nothing can justify Hamas’ brutal attacks on October 7, including the appalling loss of life, and the heinous acts of violence perpetrated in those attacks, including sexual violence.

    “Canada remains deeply concerned about the scale of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the ongoing and serious impacts on Palestinian civilians. Canada continues to support urgent international efforts towards a sustainable ceasefire. This cannot be one-sided. Hamas must release all hostages, stop using Palestinian civilians as human shields, and lay down its arms.

    “Parties to any conflict must protect civilians and respect international law. They are obligated to allow and facilitate the rapid and unimpeded access of essential humanitarian relief for civilians. Humanitarian access must urgently be increased and sustained in Gaza.”


    Test – Failled Test!

    Dr D Rich

    In the name of precedence, jurisprudence, objectivity, balance, justice, equality, non-affirmative action and the embryo of justice, fairness, they presented us the following conundrum, puzzler, double bind and naked contradiction in the Jean Carroll case

    The Partners at Letitia James and Judge Engoron ACCEPTED the valuation of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago at ~ $25 million, that’s 6 zeros as a Finder of Facts “fact’.

    The Partners Carroll(E.Jean), Crowley, Kaplan(Roberta) and Kaplan as in no relation to Roberta Judge Lewis A. Kaplan of the exalted 2.3 percenters not bound together in any particular genocide of the 21 century VALUED MAR-A-LAGO AT $1.5 BILLION as in 8 zeros after the 1.5 for the purpose of calculating the e.jean caroll award although her legal team requested a palstry sum of ~$23 million.

    So, by law school, judge, magistrate, attorney, lawyer Maths(maffs really dontcha think?) the following holds true:

    83,000,000 ÷ 1,500,000,000 = 0.05333 Kaplans

    Is equivalent to

    83,000,000 ÷ 25,000,000 = 3.32 Engorons

    So, if Engoron’s valuation held true in Kaplan’s court (Sam Bankman(not)Fried yet’s Judge) then e.jean Carroll’s award today would have been by precedence, jurisprudence and justice:

    $25,000,000 × 0.053333 = $1,333,332.50

    Another triumphant of The Two point Three Percent that reaffirms the laws of laws, ratios, fractions, proportions and physics hold true in any circumstance, time, place, venue, galaxy or universe

    Figmund Sreud

    Linh Dinh, originally of “Postcards from the End of [the] America[n Empire]” fame: … his latest:

    Conversation with Dzuy in DC Homestay:

    Of Vietnam, Dzuy claimed it’s one of the poorest countries on earth, “It’s ranked 176 out of 200!”

    “That’s obviously not true! Just in this region, we’re doing better than Laos and Cambodia, and the Philippines, too, I think. If not, we’re close.”

    “We’re not doing better than Laos.”

    “I just spent six months over there! They’re poorer.”

    “Then why do Vietnamese go there to work?”

    “So what?! Chinese are in Africa. That doesn’t mean China is poorer than Africa.”

    Dzuy also dismissed my observation that most of Sub-Saharan Africa is poorer than Vietnam. Hell, even China’s rise is illusory.

    “They steal technology, make junk no one wants to buy and erect buildings that crumble!”

    “In Laos, China just finished a rail system that’s superior to anything in the USA.”


    “In Indonesia, Chinese built trains are twice as fast those in the USA.”

    Dzuy shot me a look of disgust tinted with anger, “Nonsense!”

    “So China has made no progress?”

    “It’s an illusion. It will disappear. People who go there are shocked by how poor they are. China is like this puffed up pastry. There’s nothing inside!”

    “They have enough money to flood over here as tourists.”

    “So what? Even some Vietnamese go places.”

    “So who’s doing well?”


    “What about Russia?”

    The word alone made Dzuy glower, “Russia is so backward, uses 1980’s technology and can’t even beat Ukraine!”

    “So they’re losing that war?”

    “Of course!”

    To Dzuy, Russia is just a thinly disguised Soviet Union,headed by a KGB goon, Putin. Together with China, it will collapse soon enough. The future is in the West.

    “Russia is so far behind! They’re Vikings! Pirates!”

    I didn’t bother to correct him. As for Americans living in tents and under bridges, they’re just drug addicts or lazy.

    “The US is humane and tries to help everyone, but some people just can’t be helped.”

    “Did the USA help Afghanistan, or did it make money then run?”

    To this, Dzuy could only mumble, “That situation was complicated. Afghanistan was part of the Silk Road…”

    “Didn’t the USA abandon South Vietnam?”

    “No, that was our fault.”

    “Didn’t it kill Ngo Dinh Diem? They propped him up, then killed him.”

    “What are you basing that on?”

    “It’s a fact. During the war against the French, Diem lived in New Jersey. As for the coup, our generals wouldn’t have dared to stage it without American approval. They did pay for everything.”

    Kissinger himself said, “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”

    … continues at:

    “Russia is So Backward, Uses 1980’s Technology and Can’t Even Beat Ukraine!”


    Yeah, Thialand, Cambodia, Vietnam are so backwards, that I have just been texting my brother while he is eating his breakfast at a sidewalk cafe! I even can see a picture of the menu and then the served dish he is eating! Not sure we can do this here in North America!

    V. Arnold

    Yeah, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam are so backwards…

    Typical ignorance coming from USA on S.E. Asia and the rest of not America…
    Healthcare alone leaves the west in the dust……..

    Veracious Poet


    aspnaz quoted: “The reluctance of key European countries France, Spain, and Italy to join the naval alliance indicated a growing skepticism among the US’s traditional partners — both western and West Asian — about Washington’s commitment and capability to defend its allies in any impactful way.”


    “In response to Yemen’s Ansarallah-aligned armed forces’ Red Sea blockade of Israeli-linked vessels, the US Department of Defense announced the formation of “Operation Guardian of Prosperity … to uphold the foundational principle of freedom of navigation” in those waters, initially consisting of a coalition of ten countries, most of them insignificant partners.”


    Re. France, Macron first joined / supported / adhered to (.. not clear, verbal declaratives..) this naval alliance, and then 2-3 days later back-tracked. (Can be documented from MSM articles in F.)

    Allegedly, it was Army Generals who refused to act, on ‘ethical’ grounds – as against the ethics of Defense Forces. I have no proof of this, it was of course covered up. Macron has always been the Jupiter who just forges ahead, or back, or moves sideways, etc. Yet that Prez. initiatives, decisions, declarations / etc. be scotched in this way, i.e. for the public to be able to see it, is unprecedented (last 20 years.) *Imho*

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