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    MC Escher Belvedere 1958   • ‘Army Of God’ Convoy Heads To US Border While EU Farmers Block Cities (ZH) • War On The Middle East – The Time Of Mo
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    Veracious Poet


    Dr. D

    Yesterday in Texas: yes it’s a scam. Yes the TV is making it worse than it actually is, although it’s not that great. Remember last 25 times they were caught using the same footage, or footage from a different country? That every other story posted in the last 20 years was also false? GOP/Trump is using this as an election rally, but also for national solidarity. What makes a country? They ask. Okay, great, thanks. However, does that make lying a good thing? I mean, maybe, ‘cause telling the truth for 50 years hasn’t worked. Every day 50 years we say, “There are bad people in Hollywood and they call themselves communists, who want to make satanic videos and sex up your kids” and they’re like, “naaaaaah. You’re crazy.” Even as every year, every action, one by one, slowly, slowly marches only in that direction. All their kids run away in the 70s, 80s, and 90s and end up on the streets doing porn and disappearing there and they’re like “Naaaaah.” I know my kids are actually literally there. Actually literally addicts. Actually literally turning tricks for suppliers. But nobody’s causing it. And it’s a coincidence that it comes up heads every day 50 years in a row and never once goes back to 1959. So maybe lying is all that’s left since they’ll believe any lie, but deny any truth? We have to lie to them just to get them to believe it’s real? Wot a world. So your kid is going to jump in traffic, do you lie and say you have candy?

    Anyway, there are enough migrants to annoy many VERY large Blue cities, unless all of that is staged too? Knee-jerk: it’s less than half as bad as they’re saying — maybe ¾ — but maybe 10x worse than would be tolerable.

    A C_Ram is this:

    Obviously Tower22 is illegal under every International and Domestic law, as the U.S. is occupying a sovereign country, shelling it, killing it’s people, and stealing its oil and wheat. The UN and ICJ approve by default, as they do all murders and thefts.

    Aspnas: maybe, but they may be using “GPS” in a very colloquial way. There may be high-energy local pulses you could send to sniff out chips you know are there. But again, the problem isn’t could the chip hear the source, it’s that the source – satellite or ground – couldn’t hear the very, very tiny chip. Ppl forget that all the time with GPS – it’s one-way, passive. Don’t see why it couldn’t be technically possible, though, and worth someone’s time. Suppose you had 100 soldiers out there and could only hear back one chip: still worth it. It’s not their money.

    “would need the US to do the heavy-lifting, which would be against US interests, and cause loss of munitions, ships, planes and prestige.. At what point would they employ nuclear weapons far and wide”

    “Israel is as a millstone around the world’s neck” or something like that in prophesy. That means their embarrassment goes on for quite a long time. Now it may or may not be that way right now, but it isn’t perceived that way. The prophesy implies the whole world perceives Israel as a pariah after this…whatever event. Let’s not? But prophesy doesn’t work that way. As we see now, people don’t learn unless something happens. In a sense, why should they?

    “Discussing an alternative system of taxation that is fairer and simpler helps establish two important things: one, it reveals how far we’ve drifted from fairness, and two, it provides a template for a future reformist government to follow.”

    This is what Russia did, and it seems unfair not to have scaling, but turns out it’s less bad than any other way. As we’ve said the rich don’t pay taxes anyway, or at the least they won’t pay any more than under any other method. As you make them pay more, they hide more or leave. If you make them pay less, they don’t bother to shelter so much as it’s not worth their attention. Amazon and GE pay nothing now. Many wealthy own no assets and live in the condos of their corporations and drive corporate cars. What government CAN do – and have been – is drive up friction costs like Accountants and TurboTax to infinity, like some kind of financial Cloward-Piven. I pay TurboTax $300 a year for nothing? Like, the government doesn’t already know what I owe? Who’s that money for, what’s it going to? Nothing, it’s digging holes and filling them in instead of spending $300 x 350 Million Americans per year on roads. So when you lower taxes you MAKE money. Or can, if the circumstances are like ours, way above the upper limits of tax evasion. It’s quite likely Reagan did this but we’ll never know since he doubled the national debt and the boom was really print-n-spend.

    WES yes, the Fed has lost all credibility. After 40 years of Greenspan, they just assume they’ll get free Reagan-money for any Taper-Tantrum. And they’ve been right. This actions seem to be Powell telling them no without collapsing into epilepsy. No, Billy, the era of one-way trades (aka corporate welfare) are over. Make REAL trades in bonds, and sell REAL loans to projects. We’re not just going to give you the trust fund. Get a job. It could be something else, but that is one of the real effects. Doubt it will help, the collapse is still coming, but the mo’ better behavior and real economy instead of fake you can re-install each year, the less bad the crash will be.

    Dr D Rich

    Words matter again today.

    GPS but I can always find you or me by the moon and the stars and maybe apparently you or Musk can now track those thoughts, celestial navigation, in my head.
    RFID vs GPS vs Loran C?

    “Triggers” john helmer says.(where’s John’s ‘s’?)
    I bet.
    “Triggers” as in setting off a malignant narcissist but not triggering asthma or MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) truly and physically an internalized object state.

     The Tower-22 Strike In Jordan Triggers US, Israel Into All-Front War (Helmer)


    15,700,000 Jews according to the Jews
    (It seems like so much more)

    1,360,000,000 Catholics in the world census data
    (Can it be?)

    Proof positive Judge Kaplan could never have been E.jean Carroll’s attorney’s mentor and employer. Serendipity, strange coincidence didn’t Carl Jung say something about that?

    Triggering seems so well aligned with Alistair Crooke on Leader, Leaders, Leadership and his/her pointedly asked question:

    That is: ‘How can Zionism be saved?’

    I say let go the way of my former Catholic church, insignificance and oblivion deserving of insignificance.
    After all, they asked for it.

    Dr. D

    Sir Penrose, Physicist, was just talking about Escher and the mathematics behind tiling and these illusions. Escher is my MC.

    ” Tragic Report Reveals Thousands of Journalists Still Have Not Been Laid Off
    WASHINGTON, DC — A devastating new report revealed that despite massive layoffs, thousands of journalists still remain gainfully employed. “ — BBee

    Here’s one that did age well:

    “SpaceX Introduces New Reusable Rockets That Israel And Hamas Can Fire Back And Forth” –BBee

    And, courtesy King George III: “Op-Ed: You’ll Never Beat a Tyrannical Government with Just Guns” –BBee.

    That’ll show ‘em!

    Someone pointed out, which side do you think encouraged GenPop to drive down to the border willy-nilly? So they can have another J6, “Insurrection” and erase Texas from the election rolls? Yes, that is, Texas is still part of the United States (they’re not expelling it) yet their votes don’t count this time. Uh-huh. Sure. I’m sure THAT is in the Constitution.

    Well there’s a lot of branches on the logic tree, we’ll see. Maybe they’ll strike in Arizona this time.

    ““up to 700,000 people” will be heading to the southern border.”

    Because there’s no food and services are overwhelmed that you want to do this? Skeptical. What is it you’re actually DOING? I need a #HashTag! It’s both a mnemonic and as catastrophic extremist-destroying device. Signaling! The most effective tool ever known! Again, are you planning on DOING something down there, like J6, or just fill up the Emergency Rooms? If only some Republicans were you know, in Congress and could do something.

    “Czech Gov’t Announces Biggest Single Purchase Ever: Fleet Of F-35 Stealth Jets
    “By signing this intergovernmental agreement, our country and also our army enter a new era.”
    …of joining the 19th century, before planes could fly.

    Czech, buddy, guy, pal…I can sell you an air force that can’t fly for HALF the money…

    “US Seeks “New” Strategy for Ukraine as Reality of Russia’s Advantages Sets in” – New Atlas

    Yes, the Zero Mile supply chain and all the tank fuel. Since I knew they’re illiterate, I tried to point out the pretty colored pictures on the “Map” but nobody was listening.

    40% of Germans are stocking up. …Because prices will be higher tomorrow, And shortages more severe. What Russia? We’ve got our own problems. Meanwhile, prepping is a conspiracy theory. Otherwise known as “having stuff you’re going to eat.” Naughty naughty. 15 minute cities have pods, they don’t have places for your to keep ramen noodles. That’s what the bread lines are for.

    Too bad having a garden creates so much environmental destruction and CO2 or you could do that.

    “U.S. claims that an Iraqi resistance group, allegedly supported by Iran, is responsible for the strike.”

    They know exactly who did it, except they don’t know who did it. Right. That is not suspicious or troubling at all.

    We both know and don’t know sometimes 3-4 times before breakfast! Like we don’t know what’s causing the spike in mortality rates at all, but without looking we’re absolutely sure it’s not that one thing! We don’t know because we know, even BEFORE we know, which we don’t, which is why we’re so sure.

    This is perfectly logical…in #OppositeLand. Don’t know why this is so hard.

    Tower22. So the Media can’t even tell what nation things are happening in, and also don’t care. Are they happening on our PLANET at least? Can you narrow it down that much? A: Nope. A lot of stuff on the border isn’t happening on any planet and they report it daily, along with chlorine attacks n’ election interferences.

    “What are the odds that Iran will retaliate by striking US officials in return?”

    Zero. Our officials are the most effective force on the planet for bringing down the United States. And they’re a frenzy of mindless activity. What more could you ask for? What you do is what China does and give then $30M dollars and tell them “Please spend it on everything you believe in.”

    Anyway, back to MoA, Boy good thing the world’s top terrorist didn’t tell us 20 years ago his plan was to make the U.S. overextend and overreact to pointless, minor provocations, and look like a deranged idiot fighting holy wars, eventually exhausting and bankrupting itself, because that would be So. Embarrassing. What’s that? He did? 100 times and it was reported in the top articles of every American newspaper? We actually already lost both nations this world’s top terrorist was fighting for using these exact tactics?


    “• Davos a Living Fossil of an Empire at War With Itself and the World (Dionísio)

    Well they’re certainly at war with themselves. Their own people are their A#1 enemies, and they tell us so every day.

    “But they don’t really believe that. If liberals really actually thought that Trump was going to suspend the constitution and send his enemies—them—to camps, their sense of survival would have prompted them to select the most charismatic, brilliant, popular, vigorous, 2024 Democratic presidential nominee possible.”

    They would also stock “Food” and train with “Guns”. Now some have, granted. And that’s good, it brings the nation together. But half of those Democrats are now stocking and learning to defend against Biden’s policies and not Trump. Nor is it a universal good: that Portland Liberal Gun club trained the guy who tried to burn down the migrant center with all the migrants inside. #Helping!

    We know that the fake deficit hawks don’t actually believe what they are saying in real time, as they’re saying it, because while they’re threatening to shut down the government every few months, they keep throwing even more billions of dollars at the Defense Department than the DOD even asks for,”

    Yes, quite to make fun of Republicans here. Like 30 years now, every day since Gingrich? Not ONE policy they ran on, EVER, not even with a supermajority? (Twice, I think) Nope. And yes, the DoD has had to tell them – both parties of course – “Please for the love of God we do NOT want this weapon you are forcing on us.” Too bad, suckers! Don’t you know the age of battleships isn’t over? We’re giving you 10, no 100!!! While your soldiers sign up for food stamps.

    You see, it’s the Democrat’s fault the Republicans can’t find their -ss with both hands, never stopped a bill, never cut a budget, never enforced the law, never funded a campaign these 30 years. Honest! Vote Blue No Matter Who! Oh wait, don’t we have a unigender slogan for that?

    Hungary Responds To Reported EU Threat To Destroy Its Economy (RT)

    Like Texas, Hungary is about to be in the EU – even head of EU – and yet have no legal or voting rights. That’s what “unity” means: you’re free to do whatever I tell you to!

    “‘Desperation’ of Ukrainian Leadership Hard To Ignore – WaPo (RT)

    WaPo reported something? That IS front page news. They did say Boris Budanov was direct CIA though. Ze never ran anything, so we know who’s in charge. Wasn’t our real President, the CIA director just there? Hey, it may not have come to your attention, but ‘Pretty pictures” that Russia is what they call, “Large”?

    “Kiev would like to repatriate citizens who are eligible for military service.”…in order to shell OTHER Ukrainian citizens for THEIR military service. Or I guess that joke doesn’t work anymore since the Donbass is Russia.

    “The committee will be bipartisan, with six Republicans and three Democrats,”

    Huh? But they’re Republicans, so she’ll get off. Probably be awarded damages, although to do that she really needs to burn some black neighborhoods and hospitalize some policemen.

    Cameraman is standing there with the bull, no fence. And that bull is small compared to bison or auroch. I guess he’s not the same bull who realized he could run the logs through the electric fence to get out? That sure would be hard to stop. Both YouTube and Google are posting worse search results than ever in the history of the Internet though, so I can’t find it.

    In Google’s case, that seems to be entirely intentional at this point. I saw one where they were actively stopping all search results too, that is, you had to dig special to get more than 12 hits on the first page. If you want a second opinion, this is not the place for you: we give CNN, NBC, and ten other cut-pastes. Google’s CEO promised his goal was to refuse to give you results. Only ONE result, and that one is wrong, made up, just like AI. You’ll get nothing and like it.

    So…pretty sure that’s not winning, as you’re just creating your own opposition and alternative? Like Rumble is getting over the line into self-referencing, self-funding now? All boring, square, stupid, churchlady s—t is on YouTube, and anything cool and real is on Rumble? You’re training the next generations of boys well: no Facebook, YouTube is a fag. …Or whatever insults fellow kidz use these days. What do the nagging, scolding, helmet-wearing parents do these days? And we do the #opposite and become Republicans. Weird, but whatever. 10,000 years and this time isn’t different.


    Do you think NATO has used the appropriate amount of firepower in operations since the year 2000?

    Do you think NATO should have used more firepower in operations since the year 2000?

    Answer these two questions and stop pointing your damned finger at someone else.


    Chips for the paralyzed is just a way to open the gates to Hell. Controlling the herd. Owning the thoughts of soulless meatbags. Safe and effective. Concern for the injured coming from people who chop up fetuses for parts and inject billions with poison. Soylent Green will be introduced with feelygood reasons too.


    People Power

    1. Ignore. The 3 monkeys (Don’t hear, don’t see, don’t say)
    2. Quiet Quitting. Pretending.
    3. Leave. Go. Migrates.
    4. Substitute.
    5. Unite your voice/action. Convoy. Demonstrate. Assemble. Coalition.
    6. Freedom and Peace.
    7. “Go Home”.
    8. Deterrence.
    9. TAE


    Dr. John Day:

    That was a beautiful description of the moment you met your wife!

    Michael Reid

    Globalists are content to let the public believe anything they want to, as long as it is false

    The Globalists have used, continue to use, their secretive microbiology knowledge to create Cancer. They are doing it on a mass scale today in the “COVID vaccines” with oncogenes (SV40) and a spike protein compound that suppresses the tumor-fighting BRCA1 gene in order to create turbo cancer.

    The entire history of cancer research has been a scam to create cancer. Globalist-funded researcher say they have to create cancer in order to understand how to cure it. They never cure it, and only create it.

    loaded with SV40 DNA in an intentional effort to cause cancer. It is not a “contaminant;” then or now, it is an ingredient. The Salk Institute is a criminal fraud. Salk Institute is where Inder Verma researched oncogenes and educated Robert Malone, a former computer science student. Then look what happened with Pfizer, mRNA and SV40.

    an account of Dr. Richard Day in March 1969. Day informed his audience that Rockefeller Institute knew of cures for cancer but refused to release the information because they wanted people to die of cancer.

    But consider if people stop dying of cancer how rapidly we would become overpopulated.

    Genetic Control of Mankind, 1904-present, Bacteria, Viruses, DNA, mRNA, and Cancer


    I am calling on the Biden Administration to strike targets of significance inside Iran, not only as reprisal for the killing of our forces, but as deterrence against future aggression… Hit Iran hard, hit them now.” —South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham.
    And…it is questionable who is responsible and where it occurred and he is calling for immediate reprisals? This is utter lunacy. Hitting someone who may not be responsible is a sure way to escalate conflict.

    Michael Reid

    @ phoenix

    Some suspect Israel did the damage to draw the USA in deeper


    @ Michael R – certainly plausible.

    A majority of the Israeli people, (I say this based on poll results, it is difficult to assess the proportion from across the globe,) appear to be completely subsumed by a mass formation that deludes them into belief that Palestinians are sub-human, or, at least, not due the same level of respect as the Jewish people. Oh, the irony: Europe is wrangled by farmers protesting strangulating government regulation; the US has states in revolt over federal mishandling of the border and a convoy of protesters en route; Israel has folks protesting to prevent food from entering beleaguered Gaza.

    *sigh*. It reminds me that while university students across the US protested the Vietnam War, students at the Mormon-run Brigham Young University had a rally in support of the Vietnam War. (BYU was my alma mater. I have always been anti-war, so I found the tale unsettling.)

    In light of Enlightenment ideals and Judeochristian values (and, likely the fundamentals of other value systems, but I’m not as familiar with those,) it is nonsensical to deprive a starving population of food. The only explanation is that a sizable portion of the Israeli population has gone mad, (as in crazy.). We treat people who are “not in their right mind” with great caution. It is unfortunate that Israel’s arsenal is in the hands of people who are not well in the mind.

    D Benton Smith

    Such a quiet and subtle shift in language. Virtually overnight the same piece of real estate that was for centuries called the “Middle EAST” (the so-called “Levantine”, orient, etc.) is now being universally referred to in all public communications as “WEST Asia”.

    Whether it is to the east or to the west sort of depends on where you’re measuring FROM, doesn’t it? What is your frame of reference, or to say it another way, where is the center of the Universe?

    The shift was quite so unremarked and surreptitiously done that the distracted public might not even notice the flip, but it speaks volumes. This isn’t a shift of Earth’s tides. It is a re-tilting of it’s axis.

    D Benton Smith


    Regarding your observation that, “We treat people who are “not in their right mind” with great caution.”

    The Russian Federation’s highest ranked Foreign Affairs diplomat, Sergey Lavrov once remarked that it is , indeed, a dangerous chore. He compared it to escorting a rabid dog to the pet cemetery.

    those darned kids

    “the drone attack on a u.s. military installation in jordan

    “this brazen attack on the united states

    donald trump, wwe hall of fame, class of 2013

    D Benton Smith


    Chips for the paralyzed is just a way to open the gates to Hell. Controlling the herd. Owning the thoughts of soulless meatbags. Safe and effective. Concern for the injured coming from people who chop up fetuses for parts and inject billions with poison. Soylent Green will be introduced with feelygood reasons too.”

    That was well enough said that I reposted it as a quote in this comment so that everyone could have the opportunity to read it again. You nailed it.

    Dr D Rich


    From eating brains to injecting brains it was all known BEFORE they did it. I heard it said here that if we concentrate on mistakes from the past, we can’t make progress and it upsets people. I’m all for upsetting people

    It won a Nobel for a monster.
    Look it up.

    Reminds me of local giant on whose shoulders we used to stand.. a U.S. Surgeon no less.

    Thomas Parran

    John Day

    Hunter Biden Partner Says Payments From China Were Delayed Until Joe Biden Left Office

    John Day

    @WES: I just saw her that time. Her parents let her stay at that co-op, their first child (5th of 6) to attend college, and not just any college THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS!

    Dr. D

    Tim Pool says possible WWIII. What does that even mean? Well, The U.S. fights against China and Russia. …Combined.

    But for fun, here’s a little song I just heard about it.


    @Dr D re: detecting the chips

    You pulse from anywhere that is convenient (satellite, nearby cell tower, Amazon van), and you detect from ‘boots on the ground’ that are proximal to any chips. I won’t speculate about the power required to ‘reflect’ NFC chips at distances > 5m. I do remember my friend’s dad, a HAM, showing me his radio burns. I will speculate that the condition of the chip carrier is of little concern.

    Figmund Sreud

    Yield curve reinventing! Recession is officially on, …

    Re-steepening of the yield curve signals rising unemployment and deepening bear markets



    Michael Reid

    Biden faces conflict at home and abroad w/ Robert Barnes (Live)

    https://rumble. com/v4a8cjf-biden-faces-conflict-at-home-and-abroad-w-robert-barnes-live.html


    We hit a lot of the highlights on tracker chips. You might as well wear a bell around your neck. You could try to make it private using digital keys, but we have already seen that fail with car theft. A lot of cost and risk for something easily detected and cut out. If this is a real thing it will have unintended consequences.


    Does this mean I can call black people “nigger” ?

    No, only black people can call other black people “nizzers”.

    Just like only women can call other women “cunts: or “bitches”. Or fags and femenists can call men toxic or “toxic masculinity” . Clearly the Maddows understand there is no such thing as feminist toxicity or “toxic faggots” who want to rape kids like Biden family incest.

    Only Jews can call other Jews “bad Jews” if they don’t go along with being the chosen ones to steal and genocide. All non-zionist goyim are anti-semitic according to all Jews. Or was that anti-semantic?

    And…it is questionable who is responsible and where it occurred

    It is?
    The US govt is responsibile for illegally stationing armed troops (against International Law) in foreign lands stealing their resources. But most Americans are fucking retards wondering “who is responsible”, but American mirrors apparently don’t reflect truth to broken American minds.

    Cue shotgun Dick Cheney-

    Cheney On 4000 American Dead: “They Volunteered.”

    “They” did a good job on scrubbing that video interview.


    thomasjkenney said

    You pulse from anywhere that is convenient (satellite, nearby cell tower, Amazon van), and you detect from ‘boots on the ground’ that are proximal to any chips. I won’t speculate about the power required to ‘reflect’ NFC chips at distances > 5m. I do remember my friend’s dad, a HAM, showing me his radio burns. I will speculate that the condition of the chip carrier is of little concern.

    Of course you never know what the military have cooked up, but the best ground penetration radar will get you a maximum of 30 meters deep, and that is at 100 MHz or so, so the resulting image is very basic but may be good enough to detect a tunnel. In the Gaza area the soil is dry, so you would have decent depth (max 30 m). The problem is that the surface is littered with destroyed buildings, so it would be impossible to use ground penetrating radar vehicles with built in receivers, especially with all that rebar littering the path. Trying to read the signal from a satellite would be impossible using current technology, but you never know what the military may have developed. As for an embedded chip producing a signal detectable through 30 meters of sand (sand being the best material), I think you are dreaming. It has never been demonstrated so it is beyond our current technology.

    I suspect they try to use radar to detect the tunnels, I suspect that Hamas knew about this before hand and built the tunnels deep enough. Their success in finding tunnels will be destroyed by their own bloodlust in downing buildings.


    Elon Musk rebuilding his relationship with the Jews by supporting their Gaza genocide while supporting “never again” over the genocide of the Jews. He comes from South Africa, so his brain obviously sees some as human and others as chimps; the Palestinians have joined the blacks of South Africa in Musk’s mind. Musk is obviously controlled opposition, receiving so much government money to further their electric cars, mind-control electronics etc yet appearing to be on the peoples’ side by providing “free speech” on his X platform; of course, it is not free speech, the purchase resulted in a bias change, it is now biased towards the Jews rather than against woke. Lots has changed for Musk since Nuttyahoo visited him during Nutty’s last visit to the USA. His support of the Gaza genocide was shameful.

    John Day

    @Citizenx: I think the politically correct term between tribal members is “self-loathing Jew”.

    John Day

    Analyzing Ecosystems

    MK Bhadrakumar , ‘Swarming’ the US in West Asia, until it folds
    The US is so deeply mired in an unwinnable battle from the Levant to the Persian Gulf that only its adversaries in China, Russia, and Iran can bail it out.
    While the Yemeni resistance movement Ansarallah is comparable to Hezbollah in certain respects, it is the audacious brand of defensive deterrence practiced by the Islamic Resistance of Iraq that is going to be highly consequential in the near term.
    Last week, citing sources in the State Department and Pentagon, Foreign Policy magazine wrote that the White House is no longer interested in continuing the US military mission in Syria. The White House later denied this information, but the report is gaining ground.
    The Turkish daily Hurriyet wrote on Friday that while Ankara is taking a cautious approach to media reports, it does see “a general striving” by Washington to exit not only Syria but the entire region of West Asia, as it senses that it has been dragged into a quagmire by Israel and Iran from the Red Sea to Pakistan…
    ..Much depends on any “threat of physical impact” on American forces present in Syria. The swift US military exit from Afghanistan took place with virtually no advance notice, in coordination with the Taliban. “In all likelihood, the same may happen in Iraq and Syria,” Lavrentiev said…
    ..The Islamic Resistance of Iraq has stepped up its attacks on US military bases and targets. In a ballistic missile attack on Ain al-Asad airbase in western Iraq a week ago, an unknown number of American troops sustained injuries, and the White House announced its first troop deaths on Sunday when three US servicemen were killed on the Syrian-Jordanian border in strikes earlier that day. This situation is untenable for President Joe Biden politically…
    ..Certainly, what gives impetus to all this is the announcement in Washington and Baghdad on Thursday that the US and Iraq have agreed to start talks on the future of American military presence in Iraq with the aim of setting a timetable for a phased withdrawal of troops…
    ..Pentagon commanders would be pinning hopes on protracted negotiations. The US is in a position to blackmail Iraq, which is obliged, per the one-sided agreement dictated by Washington during the occupation in 2003, to keep in the US banks all of Iraq’s oil export earnings. But in the final analysis, President Biden’s political considerations in the election year will be the clincher. And that will depend on the calibration by West Asia’s resistance groups, and their ability to ‘swarm’ the US on multiple fronts until it caves… T
    ..hat explains the Astana format meeting of Russia, Iran, and Turkiye on January 24-25 in Kazakhstan. The three countries are preparing for the endgame in Syria. Not coincidentally, in a phone call last Friday, Biden once again told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “to scale down the Israeli military operation in Gaza, stressing he is not in it for a year of war.”…
    ..Their joint statement after the Astana format meeting in Kazakhstan is a remarkable document predicated almost entirely on an end to the US occupation of Syria. It indirectly urges Washington to give up its support of terrorist groups and their affiliates “operating under different names in various parts of Syria” as part of attempts to create new realities on the ground, including illegitimate self-rule initiatives under the pretext of ‘combating terrorism.’ It demands an end to the US’ illegal seizure and transfer of oil resources “that should belong to Syria,” the unilateral US sanctions, and so on…
    ..Simultaneously, at a meeting in Moscow on Wednesday between the Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev and Ali-Akbar Ahmadian, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, the latter reportedly stressed that Iran-Russia cooperation in the fight against terrorism “must continue, particularly in Syria.”…
    ..Iran’s patience has run out over the US military presence in Syria and Iraq following the revival of ISIS with American support. Interestingly, Israel no longer abides by its “de-confliction” mechanism with Russia in Syria. Clearly, there is close US-Israeli cooperation in Syria and Iraq at the intelligence and operational level, which goes against Russian and Iranian interests…
    ..These developments are a vintage illustration of defensive deterrence. The Axis of Resistance turns out to be the principal instrument of peace for the issues of security that entangle the US and Iran. Clearly, there isn’t any method or any reasonable hope of convergence to this process, but, fortunately, the appearance of chaos in West Asia is deceiving. Beyond the distractions of partisan argument and diplomatic ritual, one can detect the outlines of a practical solution to the Syrian stalemate that addresses the inherent security interests of the US and Iran that are embedded within an outer ring of US-China concord over the situation in West Asia… The pullout of US troops opens the pathway to a Syrian settlement, which remains a top priority for Moscow and for Putin personally.

    So no decision yet, right? Quiet negotiations? ‘Moment Of No Return’ Imminent As Biden Has ‘Decided’ On Response, Says Iran Supplied Weapons Used In Attacks
    Biden said the White House sees Iran as responsible for supplying the weapons used in the drone strike on the Tower 22 base along the Jordan-Syria border, an attack which also saw over 40 American troops injured.
    Admin officials have repeatedly asserted they do not seek wider war with Iran, even while direct accusations fly against Tehran, and there’s talk of military ‘options’ and warlike threats go over the airwaves.

    Caitlin Johnstone, Everything Israel Wants To Destroy Is Hamas
    UNRWA is Hamas. The hospitals are Hamas. The ambulances are Hamas. The journalists are Hamas. The schools are Hamas. South Africa is Hamas. People tweeting unfavorable things about Israel are Hamas. Basically everyone Israel and its supporters want killed is Hamas.
    Defunding UNRWA over a handful of alleged Hamas members who don’t even work there anymore makes no sense from a humanitarian perspective or a military perspective, but it makes a ton of sense from a genocidal perspective.
    Cutting off aid to the most aid-dependent population on earth would be a psychopathically monstrous act all by itself, even without having caused their extreme needfulness in the first place by backing a genocidal bombing campaign on a giant concentration camp full of children.

    John Day

    Energy economy

    John Day

    Surplus Energy Economics , Normalising money and value
    Why has the global economy become credit-addicted, and why has a post-capitalist kleptocracy replaced the market economy? Why is the much-vaunted transition to EVs decelerating, and why are the costs of renewable energy development rising? Can we really achieve nil-net-cost net zero, switching to more climate-friendly energy sources without becoming poorer in the process?
    The answers to these and many other questions lie in economics, but not, as we shall see, in the way that economic issues are customarily presented to the public, and debated by decision-makers in business and government…
    ..We can’t explain any of these trends by reference to money alone, but need to bring the material, and the laws of physics, into the equation…
    ..Effective interpretation of the economy requires the application of a concept wholly unknown in orthodox economics. This is the concept of two economies – a “real economy” of material products and services, and a parallel “financial economy” of money, transactions and credit…
    ..Having no intrinsic worth, money has value only in terms of the material products and services for which it can be exchanged (the concept of money as claim).
    By excluding the material, the economics orthodoxy manages to promise ‘infinite growth on a finite planet’, something which, in the words of Kenneth E. Boulding, co-founder of general systems theory, could only be believed by “a madman or an economist”…
    ..The biggest challenge of the SEEDS project has been to translate the substance of the material into the language of the monetary. The whole aim of the project has been to link the financial to the material. Stated at its simplest, the physical economy functions by using energy to convert raw materials into products and services…
    ..There are two distinct characteristics of the material economy which can guide us to effective interpretation. The first is that energy is never “free”, and the second is that the critical characteristic of energy is its density, something which can be likened, for convenience, to the power-to-weight equation as it affects the performance of vehicles…
    ..Transitioning to renewables may have environmental benefits – though even this claim needs to be treated with caution – but an economy powered by less energy-dense renewable energy must be smaller than an economy powered by more energy-dense oil, gas and coal…
    ..The environmental (as well as the supposed economic) merits of renewables need to be heavily qualified, because a system based on less dense energy needs a correspondingly larger physical supply infrastructure. This in turn means an expanded need for raw materials… Moreover, the accessing and processing of these raw materials increases the need for energy inputs. Indeed, the term “renewable” is questionable, because the only energy source capable of supplying everything from concrete and steel to copper, lithium and cobalt, in the quantities needed for transition, is legacy energy sourced from fossil fuels…
    ..Just like iron ore or arable land, environmental tolerance is a finite resource…
    ..Here’s an issue that we need to look fairly and squarely in the face. The dramatic growth in the size and complexity of the modern industrial economy is a direct consequence of harnessing the vast amounts of low-cost energy contained in the planet’s reserves of fossil fuels. Nothing like it had ever happened before.
    Its continuity is entirely dependent on the discovery of alternatives, and these must be at least as energy-dense as oil, gas and coal…
    ..[ECoE, energy cost of energy minimum] probably occurred in the quarter-century after 1945. The second is that the trend ECoE of fossil fuels was probably well below 1% at its lowest point. From 2% in 1980, and 4.2% in 2000, all-sources trend ECoE has already broken the 10% barrier, and is likely to reach 18% by 2040…
    ..As extreme disequilibrium emerges between the ‘two economies’, we cannot compel the material to conform to the financial, because the exchange value connection between them doesn’t operate in that direction…
    ..SEEDS analysis plots two distinct curves, globally, and for each of the 29 national economies covered by the model. The prosperity curve of the “real” economy, though material in character, is presented in monetary terms for the purposes of benchmarking and comparison with the “financial” curve…
    ..We can calculate that each dollar of reported “growth” between 2002 and 2022 was accompanied – and made possible – by a $3.20 increase in debt. Put another way, we had to borrow at an annual average rate of 11% of GDP to deliver annual average “growth” of 3.5% between those years…
    ..Just as rising ECoEs are driving down the supply and ex-cost economic value of energy, so the real costs of energy-intensive necessities are being pushed upwards. This can be expected to undercut returns on invested capital, such that capital investment decreases. As this happens, and as asset markets slump, the effect will be to expose enormous malinvestment. Calibrating the scope of this malinvestment, and determining where it has occurred, is perfectly feasible, but not in the compass of this article…
    ..The affordability of discretionary products and services will be subject to leveraged compression, a process already visible in economies worst exposed to the “cost of living crisis”.

    #270: Normalising money and value

    Charles Hugh Smith, The Era of Easy Money Ruined Us
    The rot caused by easy money will only become fully visible when the hollowed out institutions start collapsing under the weight of incompetence, debt and hubris.
    Fifteen long years later, the damage cannot be undone because the entire status quo is now dependent on the easy-money bubble for its survival…
    ..The wealthiest few could buy income-producing assets on the cheap at carrying costs no ordinary investor could match. Since there was so much “free money” sloshing around for financial elites to tap, the demand for income-producing assets soared, pushing prices into the stratosphere. These enormous increases in valuation generated stupendous capital gains for the wealthiest few…
    ..”Nepo(tism) babies selected by accident of birth without any tempering in flames… cocooned in their own reality, disdainful of the unselected, coddled and hothoused, ignorant of history and, worst of all, supremely confident in the superiority of their own righteous abilities… because when you get first dibs on the free money there are no consequences you can’t buy your way out of.”

    Boeing’s nosedive: How greed ruined a great American company
    What was once essentially a collective of engineers known for innovation and craftsmanship now operates in the interests of Wall Street
    After a few lonely, uncertain years, an aircraft was built that would shrink the world and usher in the glittering jet age. A few short years later, the company would embark on another hugely expensive gamble that paid off when it undertook to build the six-story-high, 225-foot-long Boeing 747.
    In 1957, when the 707 made its maiden flight, fewer than one in ten American adults had ever traveled in an airplane. By 1990, more adult Americans had flown than owned a car…
    ..For many decades, Boeing was a decidedly unpretentious, engineer-driven company with a culture emphasizing both dazzling innovation and the sober virtue of impeccable craftsmanship. It was a place where the top managers held patents and could talk shop with the floor workers…
    ..The singular event cited as marking the beginning of Boeing’s downfall was its 1997 merger with McDonnell Douglas, which put it on a collision course with a culture steeped in cost-cutting and financial performance. Somewhat perversely, although Boeing had acquired McDonnell, it was the latter that took over. McDonnell’s executives ended up running the company and its culture became ascendant. Scores of cut-throat managers battle-hardened in the company’s perform-or-die culture were brought in. A federal mediator once likened the partnership to “hunter killer assassins meeting boy scouts.”

    John Day

    Another Fast & Furious Scandal? Mexico Demands Answers As Cartels Acquire US-Military Grade Weapons
    Mexico is furious and demands an investigation into how belt-fed machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades are ending up in the hands of cartel members, the country’s top diplomat said.

    Celia Farber points out another potential trap. These patriots must already be aware. I think they are being strictly careful.
    New Greg Reese Video: Documentary Film Maker Who Penetrated “Pat-Con” Dark Agenda To Use False Flags To Criminalize US Patriots Warns Us NOT To Fall For The Texas Border Trap Which Is Their New Jan 6

    Clayton Baker MD , Medicine Has Been Fully Militarized
    Among its many harsh lessons, Covid has taught us this: if you substitute Pfizer and Moderna for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, and swap the NIH and CDC for the Pentagon, you get the same result. The “medical-industrial complex” is every bit as real as its military-industrial counterpart, and it is every bit as real a problem.
    As a physician, I am embarrassed to admit that until Covid, I possessed only an inkling that this was so – or more accurately, I knew it, but didn’t realize how bad it was, and I didn’t worry about it too much…
    ..At this writing, virtually all the major healthcare systems, specialty regulatory boards, specialty associations, and medical schools are standing at attention, still in lockstep with the received – and by now, clearly false – narrative. Their funding, after all, be it from Pharma or the Government, depends upon their obedience. Barring dramatic change, they will respond in the same fashion when orders come down from above in the future. Medicine has been fully militarized.
    ..In his farewell address, Eisenhower said something else that I believe is most prescient here. He described that a military-industrial complex fostered “a recurring temptation to feel that some spectacular and costly action could become the miraculous solution to all current difficulties.”

    Medicine Has Been Fully Militarized

    Sasha Latypova gives some clear history of the CIA, potentially the largest criminal organization in the world, and joined at the hips to MI-6 and Mossad.
    The Largest Intelligence Agency That Goes Largely Unnoticed , Guest post by a secret agent

    Secret Agent Man , Johnny Rivers

    John Day

    Gilbert Doctorow: Speech for a now cancelled ‘Holocaust in Latvia’ program in the European Parliament
    The event was cancelled today by order of the President of the European Parliament in the context of charges just leveled against Zdanoka of being a Russian spy. I expect to learn more about these charges tomorrow, but ahead of the specifics I can say that anyone following Zdanoka’s long-time activities on behalf of her electorate in Riga and her open and brave criticism of Moscow’s policy failings till now with respect to the Russian-speaking population of Latvia would know at once the utter falsehood of such accusations.
    Over the past decade, I have been honored to be an invitee each year to the various panel discussions that Zdanoka arranged in the premises of the European Parliament, including Russia-EU Forums that attracted the participation of prestigious Americans including Ray McGovern and Ambassador Jack Matlock…
    ..My intention as speaker at this event was to break taboos about who is and who is not a neo-fascist among the political elites in Europe. In fact, I wanted to go beyond the designation ‘neo-fascist’ to the more emotive but more accurate term ‘neo-Nazi.’ Neo-fascism is a Europe-wide phenomenon today if by the term we mean viciously enforced state censorship, utter conformism in political thinking and utter intolerance for heterodox views. Neo-Nazism is more violent and its emergence is more concentrated. geographically than neo-fascism…
    ..My thesis in this speech is that the neo-Nazism rising in the Baltic States and Ukraine is enabled by the revisionist politics of the Federal Republic of Germany in the new millennium…
    ..The reunification of Germany after the fall of the Wall gave it that much more population and economic heft, leaving France far behind. And in the 2000s, France lost its way politically. The pitiful fool Hollande was installed by the Americans after they destroyed the presidential candidacy of the intellectually very strong but morally weak Dominique Strauss-Kahn…
    ..Unfortunately for us all, the new self-confident Germany has too many bad habits from the Germany that brought about WWII, beginning with rabid Russophobia. This is the common legacy of all the main parties: CDU, Social Democrats, Greens, Free Democrats. From my own personal experience with the European Parliament, I understood that it was precisely the German Greens, through their spokespersons like Rebecca Harms, who were the fiercest enemies of normal relations with the big neighbor to the East. The mindset of German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock is nothing new to the Greens…
    ..It is in this context that we have to view Germany’s years-long coddling of the Baltic States with their never-ending recommendations of anti-Russian measures and provocations…
    ..I think of the meeting that Scholz had with Putin a couple of weeks before the outbreak of the Special Military Operation. When Putin raised the issue of neo-Nazism in Ukraine, Scholz laughed in his face.
    Here and there in Eastern Europe, in Ukraine, in the Baltic States monuments to the Soviet liberators of these countries from occupation by Nazi Germany are systematically removed or destroyed… The literal rewriting of history comes elsewhere, from the mouth of none other than President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen when in her speech this past weekend dedicated to the liberation of prisoners from the Auschwitz concentration camp, she said it was done by ‘Allied Forces.’ … Von der Leyen’s intent was to deny that the Red Army was the liberator…
    ..The greatest sin of the CDU, Social Democrats, Free Democrats and Greens is to deny the outcome of WWII out of sheer hatred for Russia, those barbarians to the East who out-produced and outfought their forebears at a cost of 26 million Russian deaths in 1941-45…
    ..I found a remark by Vladimir Solovyov in his talk show of last night to be worthy of repetition. Solovyov does not throw bouquets to the USA often or willingly, but last night he reminded his audience that America is probably the freest nation in the Collective West, while Europe sinks into dictatorship and authoritarianism…
    ..I close this speech with a recommendation to guide the ‘fight against the resurgence of neo-fascism’: this fight can gain traction only if we speak openly about who is enabling these truly anti-democratic developments, and that puts Germany under the microscope.

    Speech for a now cancelled ‘Holocaust in Latvia’ program in the European Parliament

    The Role of the Forest Holobiont in Earth’s Climate: Another Talk by Anastassia Makarieva, Ugo Bardi
    I had several comments on the interview that Anastassia Makarieva gave for a film produced by the New England Forest Group. One was that, lacking images, the presentation was not so easy to understand. So, here is the talk she gave at the International Conference on Basic Science for Sustainability in Belgrade, on Sep 22, 2022. This one is longer and clearer, recommended if you want to understand the mechanisms that make the biotic pump work.
    The biotic pump is part of an innovative and important interpretation of the current climate situation. Anastassia is proposing that the warming of the atmosphere may be caused not just by the accumulated CO2, but by a radiative forcing of the same order of magnitude generated by deforestation. Earth’s forests are giant holobionts coupled and embedded in the even larger holobiont that’s the whole ecosystem. It is not surprising that they strongly affect climate, and not just by the conventional factors, albedo and carbon sequestration. There is much more than that…
    ..If it turns out to be true (and I think it might well be), it means that a significant fraction of what we have been doing to mitigate global warming may well have worsened the situation. For instance proposing “biofuels” obtained from wood means damaging the forests, and that damages climate.
    ​ But there is much more in this concept: it is a complete revolution in the way we see Earth’s climate system. Forests not only cool the atmosphere, but also stabilize the climate. This means not only that we need more forests, but that some ideas such as carbon sequestration and geoengineering could do a lot of damage if not coupled with reforestation.​ ​ [It’s Old Growth Forests that do the climate work with Mother Gaia.]


    @aspnaz re: finding tunnels, yes, a stretch. I had in mind “…and let God sort them out…” Someone may have referenced the ‘chipping’ in relation to trying to find tunnels, but it may be de rigeur for gov property, and makes a lot of sense in many other realms. Guy steals IDF identity, tries to slip in, no chip no service (just one ex).


    “Pathogen Access Benefit Sharing System” (WHO “treaty”)
    Every nation gets some lab ebola! Every nation gets some lab smallpox!
    Every nation gets a Pharma industry branch to fiddle with ‘em and make citizens take “vaccines”.
    James Roguski talks about the WHO.

    He emphasizes that the “pandemic treaty” is a trade agreement that lets every nation have a shot at working on bio weaponry. A bright future will be had by all.

    John Day

    @MPSK: If you really need to get deadly plagues into the hands of governments everywhere, to cull the weaker, sicker and unluckier humans right-away…

    Dr D Rich

    @John Day


    “What’s wrong with plumbers?” (Answer at the end)

    Extracted.. .because my phone = computer enables me:

      As a physician, I am embarrassed to admit that until Covid, I possessed only an inkling that this was so – or more accurately, I knew it, but didn’t realize how bad it was, and I didn’t worry about it too much…

    John Day, we’re on a 20+ year run, 2 decades, 7300+ days of the likes of
    1. Mitchell and Jessen Torture Psychologists Inc., indemnified by the CIA, contracted by the same CIA “to reverse-engineer SERE”, lionized by APA American Psychological Association, praised by politicians included Bush2 and his cabinet, state medical boards and professional associations openly defending the Torture Doctors.
    2. Gen. Antonio Taguba: career ruined after issuing Taguba Report read it and see military medicine participated and approved. Child rape and murder at Abu Ghraib, Bagram and GITMO installations under U.S. military control, medical personnel present and therefore participating by abdicating their affirmative duty to act
    3. Adm. Alberto Mora Navy General Counsel opposed torture at GITMO. Watch “Taxi to the Dark Side” torture deliberately designed and applied by medical personnel

    4. Stephen H. Miles MD: read “Oath Betrayed: Torture, Medical Complicity and the War on Terror”

    5. Scott Horton’s “The Torture Doctors” read it

    Here’s Dr.David Tornberg, deputy assistant secretary of defense for health affairs courtesy of Tom Koch PhD and his many superb essays, papers and lectures:

      Dr David Tornberg, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, translated Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld’s memorandum into an order that redefined the role of medical professionals in the US military. ‘‘Physicians assigned to military intelli- gence…have no doctor patient relation- ship with detainees and, in the absence of life threatening emergency, have no obligation to offer medical aide’’.15 As professionals whose first concern is patient health and welfare irrespective of political or military allegiance…US military physicians were taken out of the game. ‘‘A medical degree,’’ Tornberg said, ‘‘is not a ‘sacramental vow’—it is a certification of skill.’’1 Under the Tornberg directive a medical degree becomes a practical diploma carrying no more ethical weight than a plumber.”

    Never forget Lockheed, QTC, VA and DoD disability programs, Anthony Principi and the medicalized murder of Congressman John Murtha.

    Answer: Reducing an MD to a “certification of skills” rather than a higher ethical and moral calling permitted reactionary, venal, ambitious Nurses, PsychDs and enlisted techs to fill the void the Bush and Obama administrations needed to carry out The Torture Program on an worldwide industrialized scale.

    Dr D Rich

    Written a long time ago:
    DoD Medicines David Tornberg, Col Elspeth Ritchie and the Services Surgeon Generals all advanced the argument that military physicians participation in torture at Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Gitmo does not violate any regulation or professional standing because they asserted a negative, that the adherence to Hippocratic Oath and the Geneva Conventions are not a suicide pact much like the assertion of our political leaders asserted post-911 that strict devotion to The Constitution would be a suicide pact in the prosecution of accused terrorists. They asserted a new principle. They articulated there is higher moral and ethical responsibility to justice rather than a commitment to the principles of the Hippocratic Oath and Geneva Conventions
    > Except I asserted in my question that their de-emphasis of the non-binding Hippocrstic Oath and the Geneva Conventions is and remains a cynical diversion and criminal distraction from the responsibilities of their Office(s) and their Commission(s) under Army Regulations, U.S. Navy Regulations and and Law of Land Warfare. These documents contain direct citation to the Geneva Conventions as the guiding behaviors for military physicians in the treatment of captives, POWs, and enemy combatants. That these military regulations written under the authority of Title X U.S. Code exert Constitutional authority which no man, not Elspeth Ritchie, not David Tornberg, not Don Arthur, nor the President of United States are permitted to waive or neutralize by proclamation or fiat.

    Also Written a while ago: 17 years ago, I stood in official protest to an undeclared, illegal war that manifested the obvious criminal imprisonment, torture, rape, and murder of enemy combatants, prisoners, children included. Then and now my arguments against the systemic misconduct were buttressed by Title X U.S. Code, the UCMJ, and Navy Regulations. All three standards require military physicians and chaplains to abide by the Geneva Conventions. I made this assertion at a large publicly announced meeting in Washington DC for Department of Defense medical leaders. I was not alone in protest out of several hundred people gathered. One other 0-6, an Air Force colonel voiced her condemnation of the misconduct.
    However, a DoD Medicine was ready with a response and it came immediately . From the back of the auditorium, DoD Medicine spokeswoman Col. Elspeth Ritchie addressed our “concerns”.
    With the Air Force’s, Army’s and Navy’s surgeons general arrayrd behind her, Ritchie explained that abiding by Hippocrstic Oath was overridden by a higher ethical calling to justice in defense of the nation. The three uniformed services surgeons general coauthored a similar defense that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Of course, her reply and their written response was not official policy and completely sidestepped the obvious lawbreaking, a non sequitur really.
        I’d like to think my action motivated John Murtha’s public and unpopular stance against the criminality at Haditha or perhaps he inspired me to act, a service academy appointee from his congressional district. Murtha’s reward, botched surgery at the National Capital Regions crown jewel military medical center. Allegedly, he was too fearful to return to the military medical center to address the complication choosing instead a nearby civilian university hospital where he died several days later.
         The isolation and marginalization accorded me by the system, the military and my family, friends and colleagues continues nearly two decades later. A written accounting of those two decades would fill several volumes. Scores are still being settled. I am left wondering what happened to that senior Air Force officer. To what, if any, deprivations she was subjected

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