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    Pablo Picasso Women running on the beach 1922   • 1 in 5 Canadians May Never Be Comfortable Without Masks, Vaccine Mandates (I.) • Did Justin Tru
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    Mister Roboto


    Beauty eh.

    Way to go Canada.


    Hyperimmunization is the presence of a larger than normal number of antibodies to a specific antigen. This creates a state of immunity that is greater than normal. Immune system overactivity can cause many different diseases.

    Malone’s latest warning comes after he issued a prepared statement in mid-December 2021 aimed at parents, in which he said that with regard to mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines, “a viral gene will be injected into your children’s cells” that “forces your child’s body to make toxic spike proteins.”

    “These proteins often cause permanent damage in children’s critical organs, including their brain and nervous system, their heart and blood vessels, including blood clots, their reproductive system, and this vaccine can trigger fundamental changes to their immune system.”

    Only 6.84% of all examined children (n=190) had high antibodies concentration above 5 IU/ml, which could increase the risk of side effects if the next booster would be given during the next 5 years.

    What about 5 months?

    By the way, none of the Pro Pharma talking heads who are always on TV could start a Substack — no one would subscribe, there is no real audience for their lies. In the marketplace of ideas we are winning in a rout. (Toby Rogers)


    High Antibodies Myth – Evolution has pruned out those with constant high levels of antibodies, isn’t that a sign we should heed?


    Topol taking on the blasphemers with the wrong denominator.

    V. Arnold

    Pablo Picasso Women running on the beach 1922

    …it’s great; women free to romp on the beach…free/free to be………….


    A Global News poll. Is it anything like the poll that has Hillary into her second term now?

    I’m not unsympathetic when it comes to other’s fears. After all, this is Stage One of an economic collapse. I know it’s not obvious to all because every accountant is a graduate from the Arthur Andersen school. What normal we get back to will be a false dawn.


    Is it true that Trudeau took his family and fled to DC? I heard that AOC gave them refuge and they’re all hiding in her office right now.

    Or has he gone to Davos to ask Uncle Klaus what to do next?

    Heartwarming to begin the week envisioning all our aristocrats fleeing the country. “Just take your ill gotten gains and go away!” Unfortunately it’s not July 14th. I don’t see any Bastilles about to fall. Canadians are too busy putting on their masks and heading off to work like good little boys and girls. The truckers will make all the bad stuff go away.


    I don’t wanna be a bummer but it seems like this is the start of a long war and I wonder how longer truckers can hold out in the cold with all that enthusiasm. I feel like what the government will do is tire them out and then say alright we won’t mandate the vaccine for truckers and then a month later say no we’re mandating vaccine for truckers again. For the truck as it’s their whole life heaps of gas that they pay for themselves, for politicians is getting paid to turn up at work do a couple of pen strokes then wait a month and strike them out and change them. Money runs this world and trucking is globalisation. This whole movement is still giving us hope though and I love them for it cuz what are you gonna do that stand up to tyranny.


    Very interesting conversation between Alison Morrow and Sharon Sharyl Attkisson,a former CBS news investigative reporter who is suing over claims the Obama era government was spying on her, over on Rokfin–Sharyl-Attkisson

    Dr. D

    “ 1 in 5 Canadians May Never Be Comfortable Without Masks, Vaccine Mandates (I.)”

    They just told them, and 10 seconds later they wore masks. So tell the the #Opposite, and 10 seconds later they’ll believe that too. They’ll be fine. Jellyfish bounce back, they’re adaptable above all and will believe literally anything.

    “It would lead to a slippery slope”

    Uh-huh. And only now you notice. Once the product was sold, at multi-billion dollar profit to non-UK companies. That fills the Organized Crime monthly intake.

    ““This is, perhaps, the greatest act of cowardice from a sitting Canadian PM in this nation’s history,”

    If only. But it’s extremely obvious and egregious.

    Sikhs are always up for a fight. You know their origin story, right?

    “Unvaccinated and Undeterred: Austria Holdouts Dig in Despite New Law (Y!)”

    They may need it. Rumor has it the West sold them and they’ll need to hold off China singlehanded. That would be so grave as to be fatal, but our resistance the biowar seems to have caused China to retreat within, as they often do in history, and so they may not be as expansive as predicted.

    That may be a result of Kazakhstan dust-up. Nobody talking still. How about this: it’s not the same-old crew, who are mouthy liars, but a different ones who keep their mouth shut, and want to get things done but don’t care what you think. That is, the Reality people, not the FantasyFreaks of “MOPE – Management Of Perception Economics” So if they flip Kazakh, flip it to what? Why? Kazakh is their own nation, and corrupt, as many. So somebody removes these corrupt puppets. In interest of what? Non-corruption it seems. They didn’t then after merge with Russia or the U.S. (Or make their very first act to start a central bank like the Libyan Resistance did.) So what? Well for one thing, they’re NOT PAYING CHINA. This key of the Silk Road where China desperately needs the money right now. #2, corruption lifts, they’re not going to just be a puppet of China. Or Russia either, it seems. They’re handing it back to the people. #3, China’s Silk Road is screwed. Not going to Lisbon. And in a soft way that’s nobody’s fault.

    Now who just did that and shut up about it? Oh and P.S. “You’ll never defeat the Army with small arms/handguns/AR15s you Bible-clingers.” Besides that the U.S. lost every war since WWII against small arms, (and also didn’t win WWII either), here we have the most modern war, and Kazakhs showed that it only takes a dozen Molotovs to sink a hardened APC. So easy a caveman can do it. Stick them to the side, the tires, sucks the oxygen out of the cabin in no time, long before everyone is burned alive. So you only need like a 20:1 APC ratio to knock out their primary armor. Geez you people, they’re not even trying. They’re just a little peeved, not attacking in force at all.

    Now imagine lobbing 50,000 tractor trailers at 32,000lb apiece at say, Parliament or Congress, 24 hours without ceasing. That’s just ONE group with ONE equipment class. Imagine the damage all the Arm Loaders in New Jersey could do.

    the nation’s first clinical trial of ivermectin to treat COVID-19,”

    Test against what? They’re still looking for the first death from Omicron. Are they going to infect them with Delta from a test tube? Whatever. Look, they’re going to move on to the next virus, according to Bill.

    Why did they do this? Again, they needed to blunt the impact since they, and we, told you from the start what this was, and only 2 years later the CDC and Walensky are coming ‘round to admit what we’ve said since June ‘20. Knowing we, the People, are a tremendous giant, if the people won’t glom on to anything withing 100 miles of the truth, you just have to divert the blow like a boxer. You’re going to get hit, you just have to bend it to be pointless, keep the people and their freedoms standing while it S L O W L Y sinks into their thick, fat heads.

    What if they hadn’t? What if when the HCQ thing we all told you in 2020 (which is Fauci’s published cure from 2002) they just went hammer-and-tongs? Well, they told us what they’d do earlier this year: they’d release smallpox. They even went through the trouble of finding it in a lab the week after Bill mentioned it.

    So do you want that? Considering a REAL disease that’s REALLY dangerous like smallpox – and at this point probably 500 others in CRISPR labs worldwide – is this really that bad? So they salted the batches, easily seen, and killed anyone who was compliant and complicit, that is, their own Karen Army. I’m not happy about it, but when you’re going to have D-Day, inevitably in a war, do you want it to be a good one or a bad one? Strategically, I mean? Do you want to kill 50x, or 1/50th x? Look, we told you to get out of Appomattox. A lot. If you don’t, what am I supposed to do, make you? Yes, we good guys are tied by our own principles and moral code.

    Unless like children you think we can have a war with no casualties, or like an idiot, you’re still denying we’re even IN a war. Most are. It dosn’t have to be a war against China, or somebody. It’s clearly a war for free speech and free action, bodily autonomy.

    Japan’s Kowa Says Ivermectin Effective Against Omicron In Phase III Trial (R.)”

    Yes, but Japan, so not real Science. Only White people have #Science, Fauci says, not Asians, not Indians, and not Africans. Or am I missing something here? Another day of appalling racism from the Left. Please stop.

    University Offers Help to Students ‘Affected by a Free Speech Event’ (DM)”

    And appalling weakness and authoritarianism from the Left. “Mommy make them stop.” My precious baby ears had to hear the Bad Man. So anyway, anyone graduating from Colorado? Bottom of the resume pile. Certified idiots and losers. If you want respect, be an HVAC repairman. Oh and get paid 3x what Professor Dum-Dum will. Adjuncts are making minimum wage, showing they’re dumber than Cletus at Popeye’s and twice as indebted.

    “US Close To Approving ‘Mother Of All Sanctions’ Against Russia (G.)”

    Over the public objection of Ukraine, who says the United States are deranged lunatics and liars. This may actually be a way to push Ukraine, with 75 years of the west’s most poisonous propaganda, back into Russia where any sensible person would put them to get things working and get soup on the shelves and heat in the houses. But that’s the West Anglos for you: Every lie, every day.

    “EU Threatens to Halt Nord Stream 2 & Cut Russia Off from SWIFT (RT)”

    EU threatens to shoot themselves in the head then live in caves. Fixed it. Please, please do this. Maybe caves are all you deserve and we should save the gas and oil for the adults and men.

    We have a lot of market under 200DMA still, probably rocketing snap-back on short covering to meet it from the underside, fail to rise through resistance, then drop away lower. There’s nothing like bull rallies in a bear market, it’ll peel the paint. What do we have now? Lower high, lower low, lower high, lower low, false double top… Yeah, that’s not good.

    On the flip side, we have $40 Trillion from Powell and $10 Trillion in direct stimulus to the people? No? Powell is still raising rates and doing QT? Then Powell is making it go lower. On purpose. That’s the whole point of Politboro central-planning! Enriching insiders!

    So they’re going to “Start a war”, have a fake incident with fake people and fake footage in a fake nation like Wakanda, then fake-react with fake-stimulus (that only stimulates Jeff Bezos)? No. Those things will take time. So it will have to be much lower first.

    So to “keep credibility” Powell is going to have to keep his word and beat the retail investors bag-holders blue and unconscious first. THEN, and only then, have a magic! Excuse! On the horizon! Motto: “Right on Schedule!” To hand MOAR money to his golfing pals and Fed-heads.

    Here’s the next problem: You can’t fix a debt problem with debt. And you can’t fix an inflation problem with inflation. And you can’t fix a world-wide-supply-chain problem with shortages caused by hyperinflation, hoarding, and de-globalization. So the Fed has a high chance of causing their own demise with their own inevitable response. Which was always inevitable, since 1971. Whole papers were published on it. The Economist cover “Get ready for a new world currency”, 1987. They had it all worked out, but the problem is THEY HAVE NO ONE TO BLAME.

    Blame Russia? Where? Blame the Red Hats? They have no power anywhere (officially). They ruined the plan, the schedule, the timeline, the narrative, then ran up Jan 2020, handed them the bag and said “Tag: you’re it!” Clinton promised to start WWIII in Syria if elected. Almost immediately. THAT was the plan, the person/thing to blame. Bye bye.

    So we have the oil, gas, mines, supplies. You see we have endless gas in Russia, endless oil in Iran. THEY JUST CAN’T LET THEM SELL IT, because they’re too greedy to allow “reality” to co-exist. Because we have the oil, gas, we have the mines, the raw materials, we have plenty of food. It’s being A) screwed up with market-rigging and B) intentionally and obviously withheld from the people, so they will all die and/or accept communism, or it’s real name, “Neo-Feudalism,” with the unaccountable Corporations as the Baronial Lords. Tossing people into life-sentences at will and stealing their daughters.

    Get past the initial sentences here for an article on market-rigging to raise profits, that also shuts off all meats: The method used here is the same lesson for decades, and the one they use to control metals, Bitcoin, and most markets. It’s surprising Tyson didn’t do this earlier, but they need to (borrow, from insider banks) buy up all competition and get adequate market concentration first.

    So there’s nothing wrong with meats or meat-packers. It’s strictly intentional to concentrate money by illegally erasing market competition and triple their margins. You can reverse it in 6 hours with a couple of FBI Swat teams and arrests, hauling out their accounting records. So with most of our other problems. So we have a POLITICAL problem/crisis as Foss said. Not an energy one, not even a financial one. They want YOU to take the loss, and they get the gains, by political/economic faction. PMCs in Pajamas? We bought their loyalty cheap as they’re also getting screwed. Where to pay them from? Any rural/Red Hat/worker/poor person we can find. Feed them to the PMCs like Soylent Green. The irony being, like Neil Young, they think they’re on the side of the Worker, the little people, when over time it’s come to be the complete opposite.

    So bad news: we got real, big problems. Good news: all the problems are fake, so you can most probably account for them, get around the supply chain, and protect yourself. Even make fortunes on it. And it’s gonna take years, decades, to un-f*k it.

    That’s the real news.

    Mister Roboto


    Comment before reading TAE
    We are standing at the battle line
    Blogs are the new “4th estate

    CBC has been bought – hook, line, and sinker

    All that CBC did was repeatedly present anti trucker propaganda and ignored the problems


    (digital red herring to squeeze by spambots) ) As for rigging markets, what happens after awhile is people lose interest in selling goods for money. The middleman, including the clown who thinks he’s got the market cornered, gets squished.

    I hear a chronic underlying refrain among everyone, which is that somehow we’ll return to a financially sane society. I don’t see it happening. Money is our primary means of universally rendering everyone nuts, so insane they think pieces of paper or wafers of not-very-useful metal, or digital abstractions a la Bitcoin, are genuinely magical things that can easily be transformed into a side of beef or a piece of ass.

    That is the primary means by which humanity has become collectively insane to the point of destroying its own biologically necessary environment.

    And no, Russia nor anyone has enough gas for forever, even in metaphoric hyperbole.

    This idea that there is some kind of viable norm we can return to bewilders me. It is the norm which made this mess. What there is, is a tangle of chaotically converging existential crises, crises that we refuse to address practically because we literally have no sense of fundamental reality.

    Bad news, we have numerous real big deal-breaking death-delivering problems at hand, and none of our answers/solutions to them are real.


    “I don’t wanna be a bummer but it seems like this is the start of a long war and I wonder how longer truckers can hold out in the cold with all that enthusiasm.”

    The battle is not the war. Every day the truckers hold out, the more the common people will suffer. That suffering is what will topple the current regency. All those Big Mac wrappers that Dr. D. mentioned awhile back.

    Dr D Rich
    those darned kids

    mister r.: not only that, but you are a racist, misogynist, white supremacist with unacceptable views, found within a fringe minority.


    Morning News – Trudeau announced –
    “I tested positive”
    He will be working from home for the next 5 day or until he test negative


    Trudeau is setting an example of what to do if you get a drippy nose from Omicron

    those darned kids

    “I tested positive”

    it appears he need to quarantine for 10 to 20.




    For those interested in addressing the root cause of inflammation, The Root Cause Protocol
    Handbook is available for free. It comes with a quick overview.
    Daniel prophesied that iron would be mixed with the seed of men within the last generation of kings to inhabit the Earth prior to God setting up His Kingdom. Read Daniel 2:43-44. The Money Power Monopolists you all like to ignore have, and they financed its manifestation in reality as part of their “faithful service” to God as “God’s Chosen.” If you want to both genocide the planet AND feel righteous, just take responsibility for financing God’s Prophecies of destruction upon the masses! See how easy that is to rationalize? Anyway, metallic iron filings are known carcinogens that drive oxidative stress and inflammation in the human body. If you don’t know this, take some responsibility.

    Protected: Existing Subscribers – Download Handbook

    The PW is “rcp” followed by the first three integers above zero. It is six characters long.

    PS — It didn’t work in my linux firefox browser. If you you don’t see the button to download the free file, try another browser. Chromium worked for me on linux.


    Folks, this whole “event” was timed to coincide with the top of the debt-based money bubble.

    We are under economic siege… the Money Power NEEDS a SCAPEGOAT for the debt-based money bubble bust that ALWAYS occurs at the top of debt-based money bubbles (zero-exceptions).



    Re. Ilargi’s top post “..U students affected by a free speech event” > Roboto.

    Upper ED, ‘colleges’ and Universities (USA in first place, other W countries catching up fast..) is no longer about educating or training students to be efficient, creative, hard-working in some kind of useful job or productive role. Or, very well trained, thoughtful, idealistic, sincere (law, health, etc.) and doing ‘their best’. Or for that matter, innovative, full of new ideas, in *Science.*

    // Why is other topic, here I describe.//

    In the US upper ED has long been corrupted by profit-making, with administrators, investors, projects (e.g. construction, sports) taking over, leaving the basic, on-the-ground ‘education’ of students by the wayside, in the gutter. The students are cash-cows, via parents, student loans, gvmt. stipends, other.

    Previously (1990 > 2010 or so) it had devolved into a “certification biz” – certain degrees did offer some kind of guarantee of some return in payment, position, social status (the family, upper middles, lower middles some, pays for the pedigree.) That has now vanished as well.

    What better way to cover all this up than by creating attendant policies that are orthogonal to education for all, that induce hysteria, crazed group adherence, encouraging multiple divisions (racial, sexual, anything) to keep all these students watching everyone around them, their mates, and denouncing ‘anyone’ for non-pol-correct-speech? And then going so far as to induce, legitimise, fear of ‘free speech’ because some ‘words might be *harmful*…’ No better way could be found to swiftly de-moralise and subjugate these young ppl, keep them focussed on BS and silent about anything that might be important to them. .. PSY-OPS 101!

    Mister Roboto


    Please, if you post the name of the ‘leader’ of Canada,

    please follow the Proper Spelling Protocol (PSP)

    It’s ‘U’ before ‘R’ when preceding ‘D’



    >>Besides that the U.S. lost every war since WWII against small arms, (and also didn’t win WWII either), here we have the most modern war, and Kazakhs showed that it only takes a dozen Molotovs to sink a hardened APC.<<

    You are thinking too low. All these “lost wars” were also primarily economic debt-generating wars against the host country. IOW, Vietnam was about the OWNERS of BIS, Inc. seizing control of their central bank, and saturating the US, Inc. with more debt. Does one saturate moar debt when one wins the war quickly? Or when one drags it on forever?

    You have read Art of War by Sun Tzu, right? Machiavelli’s The Prince is a must read as well — if you want to know how the Money Power thinks and acts, of course. Most don’t. They hide under the pillow and exist in an illusion.

    “If you have to fight a war, end it quickly or you will bankrupt the country.”
    ~Sun Tzu, Art of War

    Can you ratiocinate out the corollary that precisely explains the US, Inc. situation?

    Try this on for size, “If anyone comes along and sells you on a never ending war, ONE OF THEIR PRIME OBJECTIVES IS… TO… BANKRUPT… THE… COUNTRY…

    The US never fought anyone. It was the Money Power using their US vassal to fight against both the stated “enemy” (who invariably doesn’t have a BIS controlled central bank and obeisant politicians, NO EXCEPTIONS!) and the US, Inc. Inextinguishable Debt-Serfs.

    While Muppets wring their hands together about INEXTINGUISHABLE DEBT, they can’t grasp the fortitude to realize the OBVIOUS — IT IS A FEATURE, NOT A BUG!

    “The one aim of these financiers is world control by the creation of inextinguishable debt.”
    ~Henry Ford

    “The youth who can resolve the money question will do more for the world than all the professional soldiers of history.”
    ~Henry Ford, Sr.

    “The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”
    ~Lord Acton

    “The power to deceive is our main weapon in the struggle for social survival. Like it or not, without it, we are sheep in the company of wolves. Similarly, the power to read intentions from nonverbal expressions is our best safeguard against victimization by others. Without it, we are at their mercy.”
    ~David Livingstone Smith, philosopher

    The application of the Trivium Method of Intellectual Self-Defense is the best defense… some are too good at nonverbal expression control.’

    Question: op where do i go to acquire the tools to be a threat to rothschild
    Rothschild: I suppose anywhere you were able to get a quality education, free of bullshit and filler (GRAMMAR), and develop the ability for critical thought (LOGIC) and logical expression (RHETORIC).
    good luck with that.

    Rothschild listed only the Trivium, and nothing else, when asked what they view as a potential threat their dominance over the intellectual self-defenseless and monetary illiterates.


    Turdeau, pray for me





    let try this instead


    Trudeau rant

    Conspiracy theories
    Condemnation of protesters
    Hateful messages by fringe minority
    Fear tactics
    Trust facts
    Trust science
    Vaccines are safe and effective

    John Day

    @VP Gary: I’m just saying that people don’t get it unless they see something. Buckminster Fuller made things people could see… That’s what I’m trying to do, a trial project of growing Mexican avocadoes farther north than usual. I’ve really put them through some rounds of selection for cold tolerance, got one avocado before the February deep-freeze last year, and have lost 4 trees to cold this winter, but have potted seedlings that did fine to replace them, and more experience with what varieties survive here, now.

    I expect “some” avocadoes this year (2 counts).

    The thing bout soft-skinned Mexican avocadoes is that they get beat up in shipping, so strictly a local thing, or processed-preserved products.


    John Day

    Boscohorowitz said: “Bad news, we have numerous real big deal-breaking death-delivering problems at hand, and none of our answers/solutions to them are real.”

    That’s why working on any real problem in a real way is something you can show and tell, like making a nice old house into an orphanage with a big doll-house in it, maybe a kitchen-garden and some fruit trees…

    Insulation is a good thing winter and summer. Get it while you can..
    Be seen working on “emerging problems”.

    Mister Roboto

    John Day

    TT4TW said: “Try this on for size, “If anyone comes along and sells you on a never ending war, ONE OF THEIR PRIME OBJECTIVES IS… TO… BANKRUPT… THE… COUNTRY…

    The US never fought anyone. It was the Money Power using their US vassal to fight against both the stated “enemy” (who invariably doesn’t have a BIS controlled central bank and obeisant politicians, NO EXCEPTIONS!) and the US, Inc. Inextinguishable Debt-Serfs.”

    Good analysis, Amigo!

    those darned kids

    more “anecdotes”:

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