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    John Atkinson Grimshaw Liverpool from Wapping 1875   • Hunter Biden’s Decadent Lifestyle Is A Metaphor For US Society (Robert Bridge) • Unlikely
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    Six months? Six months! This must be a former comic strip contributor?

    “and is looking to ramp up domestic tank production – a process that will take up to 6 months, US business media have reported”


    The woke left now want to call the female vagina the ‘bonus hole’ so as not to offend trans.
    Shit gittin’ ridiculous now


    Bravo, Putin decoupled fro the dollar. Hip Hip Hooray but can he stop the bloody control grid surveillance cbdc shit show coming down the pipe coz that is where the action is. That is the new Cabal’s currency.


    Primitive man believed the weather was determined by his good or bad actions. Today this belief takes the form of believing climate is determined by man, rather than by the Sun’s irregular orbit & activity: Milankovitch Cycles, Solar Inertial Motion, Solar Flares.

    Only complete idiots and uninformed fools think the Earth’s average temperature is determined by the Sun’s irregular orbit.

    Those with a bit of knowledge recognise that the average temperature of the Earth is primarily determined by irregularities in the Earth’s orbit and the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere -greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increasing at the fastest rate in all of geological history as a direct consequence of human actions.

    Dr. D

    In an article today talking about the collapse of Europe’s GND and because (as Armstrong said) they don’t have a fiscal union, therefore Federal Bonds, but instead a lot of illegal band aids.

    “Germany does not fund NATO, will not fund an army, and will not pony up its share of €384 billion a year to reconstruct Ukraine. Germany will not lift a finger to help Southern Europe.”

    Wow, some leader of Europe! Looks like they want the #Opposite of what “Europe” or certainly the South wants. No war, no Italy Bank bailout, no social programs for Spanish unemployment, no Trillion-dollar Environmental fund, etc.

    I don’t know what to tell them because they shouldn’t. The U.S. is their model but the U.S. is likewise entirely illegal. We joined up to a Federal Government fairly and legally at least, but then that Federal very very slowly claimed everything they were never authorized for (DoE, DoE, all economy, all regulation via “Interstate”, ignoring all 10A and then 1A through 10A). That’s historic anomaly they don’t have 100 years to double-cross their people like we did under Lincoln. In fact, our plan is going BACK to a European “common Market” like they had in the 90s with devolution and a re-establishment of the original intent of a Union of States. But the quote was worthwhile. What IS Germany doing? Or willing to do? Nothing, I guess. But rightfully so!

    BTW, what’s the news in Holland and the government collapse? Can we get some direction there?

    This was pretty smart, Bud down now 30%, and probably dead, a niche brand for a generation:

    “Meanwhile, former Anheuser-Busch President Anson Frericks criticized current management during a recent interview on Fox News:

    “This chasm that we’re seeing between Bud Light and its consumers is only going to intensify because every time you come out with one of these weak statements or some of these just platitudes,” Frericks said. “That’s not addressing the problem. And until you address the problem, I don’t see consumers coming back and coming back to this brand.”
    “We’re in the fourth month of this right now … This is something that should have been addressed three or four months ago by clearly coming out and saying: hey, Bud Light historically was always a brand that didn’t get involved in politics,”.

    That’s very simple. Does it say anything about gay people, trans people, or like Gillette did, having to have new commercials with Blonde, Nazi families? No. That’s not the point. So somebody, IN BUD, understands the problem. And that somebody, TOLD THEM the problem. But the CIA can’t stop, won’t stop. They, like Disney, will destroy themselves, you, the whole nation, rather than admit a glimmer of reality. It’s their weirdo religion, Cult of Self. So apparently Bud doesn’t listen to Bud? The long-term successful CEO? Out on the golf course? Nope.

    1913: Joke’s on you: taxes don’t pay for any of it! We mostly deficit-spend. So not only did we not need 1913 income taxes, we don’t need any taxes at all! And yet we have them? Books, stacks, libraries, such that even the Federal Government and professional accountants don’t know/can’t keep track of them all?

    Yes. It is all CORRUPTION. Taxes exist to create CORRUPTION. Like regulation, taxes exist solely to help my friends and punish my enemies. If not, they could easily go 15% flat tax like Russia did back when. And Forbes tried to in like 1990? But that would be a fair playing field and lazy, worthless criminals and their idiotic, drunken sons couldn’t compete in that world. So we have this instead. I need to STEAL the money I can then use to BRIBE the worthless, corrupt, immoral criminals at Harvard to get my coke-addled son into.

    Putin has achieved what Gaddafi and Hussein failed at, to decouple the dollar from the oil.”

    Yes and look what it cost. Even enormous Russia, with now unparalleled weapons supremacy is taking a serious punishment from it. And btw no: the US$ and oil are not decoupled, but it’s getting close and I know what you mean. Luongo is covering “yet the latest” oil rigging, after the Biden’s SPR drain that leaves us totally helpless, the constant re-jiggering of WTI and Brent spread/pair trade. But that patch is stretching like a rubber band and breaking.

    “DOJ arresting and silencing Dr. Gal Luft in November 2022, after their refusal to investigate Luft’s March 2019 evidence”

    The only crime is exposing crime. The only enemy is the Truth. They have to have Biden in there because if they brought in anyone – this goes beyond a GenX or Millennial – but literally any normal, rational, sane human being, they would see the swamp as so bad, so criminal, with so many crimes, not just unforgivable like “Sound of Freedom” but actively treasonous and seditious and which for the slightest sense of self-preservation you’d have to put down and arrest all the nameless people involved. So the crimes HAVE to get bigger. That’s #AntiLogos. The crimes get bigger to hide previous crimes, which leads to new crimes, which leads to new needs for new money and new murders.

    Back up: This is the “Great Dividing” as dozens of prophets have foreseen. I was just listening to Sister Ann Emmerlich the other day. The Sheep and the Goats. The Good and the Bad. The Black and the White. The Pro-Christ and the…Anti…Christ.

    It’s an Orientation. Understand that.

    People can be near or far down the spectrum, and all humans are flawed, but look at their orientation. Are they FOR #Logos, Truth, reason, logic, order, function, and therefore beauty, love? Or are they #AntiLogos? That is, AGAINST Truth, reason, law, order, and therefore an enemy to the earth, and to love? Acolytes of EGO. Ego, the Rebellion to God, led by the first Rebel, that musical Rock Hero, the Morningstar?

    So back down to the Law and whistleblower, this is a #Cancer, and it only goes two directions: More cancer, which kills the host and all life, or Less cancer until it’s gone. Evil can only get larger if allowed, until we get up and CHOOSE and DO something about it. Address it. Expel it. Make it smaller. But that would be mean! …To the Cancer. F**k Cancer.

    Aside from “Revelations”, the “Revealing” that is, a vast increase in all human knowledge, What you see in ALL PEOPLE right now, is that separation. They now have to CHOOSE either the Truth of that knowledge, OR their own Egos. We see how it’s going and how many friends and family are/were lost over it. And that the loss of #Truth lead to the loss of their very life. #DiedSuddenly. Even when you risked all to warn them.

    “Mark Levin criminally prosecutes Biden DOJ for 15 straight minutes of pure back-to-back FIRE”

    And? Do something about it. Here’s one, and the methods are hidden in this overly-long podcast:
    YOU, that is YOU, can bring pro se lawsuits that cost you nothing, can register legal complaints with 10,000 departments. We have the world’s largest bureaucracy. Tattling to bureaucracy is what bureaucracy LIVES FOR. And especially to harass other, competing bureaucracies. So we have these crimes, listed out 500 times, with each day, hour, minute, location, and jurisdiction. Why not write a letter to your State Attorney General for each one relevant to him? How about the paid bounty for turning in each IRS crime? How about the 1/3 clawback for all his instances of Racketeering and organized crime? How about 10,000 complaints of open felonies to the State Bar Association?

    You can do something. And not on us – cuz how would we know? – but THIS Reporter, THIS platform could TELL everyone in the audience to get online and write that 1 paragraph public notary. If they ignore it, then make them ignore it. They’ll have to demonstrate “Yes we saw 200,000 complaints in the State of Ohio but instead shut down the website and closed the program” or whatever. The difference between sex and rape is consent. Did anyone think of saying “No”?

    “One would think that a wayward son such as Hunter and a bag of drugs discovered at the very seat of power should prove fatal to the president’s reputation. But in the current decadent-empire state of the US…””

    Yup. AND the M3, AND the bigger bank collapse than all of ‘08, AND the debt interest, AND the losing war, AND the $150B to lose it, AND Palestine, Ohio.

    Nothing matters. Nothing will ever matter again. It’s like the HMS Dreadnought took a broadside from every ship’s artillery, from every ship in every nation, with every weapon, every rocket, every missile, every torpedo, every asteroid, every laser from every Transformer Mecha-robot from “Pacific Rim” ever built, and nothing happened. All lined up, hit right on the waterline, with every speck of every gunpowder man ever made, for 20 years. Pop! Nothing.

    Speaking of nothing: “while the much-advertised NATO main battle tanks once expected to turn the tide have actually been pulled back from the front after taking losses.”

    Those tanks did literally nothing. NOTHING. They just draw fire. This was not unexpected though by anyone with two brain cells. “We sent ONE tank at a time, and little Johnny, if you use that one tank wisely, just maybe we’ll give you another.” No. That is not the way to fight wars (and the Pentagon knows it). That’s the way to LOSE wars and hand Ukraine to Russia, collapsing Europe and ending American Empire forever.

    Completely on accident, of course.

    On cluster munitions: great! So Ukraine lobs them over to the 1st line, and…?

    Are you serious? And? And then Russia moves back to Line #2. And? And Ukraine has just MINED THEMSELVES as they now need to advance into Line #1 which is riddled with unexploded bomblets. And? And the army who wins here is 1) one with an air force and 2) one with enormous depth of machinery to clear mines/bomblets under fire. So again: go ahead and use your new wonder weapon, people. And it backfires worse than the last 10 times, yet they learn nothing.
    Another broadside hits the ship at the waterline, but denial is clearly a force larger than the entire Universe, equal to God himself.

    “• White House Admits To Committing War Crimes In Ukraine – Russian Embassy (TASS)

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I’m not for cluster bombs, but facts matter. Both the United States, AND Russia, make and use them. It is pledged for almost the whole world besides them to refuse to use them, however, it’s not a legally-passed, arrestable crime either. Because as I said, if it were, they’d arrest Moscow too.

    He should really focus on how the United States – Obama and Biden – both SAID, only yesterday, that such bombs are “war crimes” and unsupportable. But that’s hypocrisy, and apparently we love that. We only elect such people and support them at every turn in every way we can. You can’t even be IN “The Club,” or be one of the “Good People” unless you’re a hypocrite at least a dozen times before 9am each day.

    “• Paul Keating: NATO Chief A ‘Supreme Fool’, ‘Accident On Its Way To Happen’ (G.) “

    Surprised this was reported. Did you see Youtube censor MP’s speeches from the floor of Australian Parliament? Yup, what happens in our own legislative debate is now forbidden. Of course that wasn’t the first time, they’ve done it here a bunch too, like Cotton’s NYT Op-ed was a good opener on that, 5 years ago.

    “yet this time, there is an eerie disinterest from the American side about even talking”

    This was noted in WWI as well, with everyone sleepwalking into it, what should have been, and was, extremely obvious. In a way, that’s much more disturbing. Watching all friends, family, citizens, do that and support it. Words are mouthed, but they are disconnected to action, that is to “Reality”. “There are tides in the affairs of men”, that is, I think we lose our minds regularly, due to the sun or something? right on schedule for the 4th turning, which is why 4th T exists. “If I told you want would happen in a few short years, you would have thought me a madman only fit for Bedlam” –George Washington on that 4th turning, the Revolutionary War.

    2000-2018 Map.

    Yes, that’s Clinton (after CIA Bush Sr made the negotiations in the late 90s at direction of Kissinger/Rockefeller) and we told them every minute of every day since “That Sucking Sound”. So it’s not a surprise, not an accident, and we didn’t just “lose it” one day. That map is 100% intentional. Now if we hadn’t done all those things, handed China all our military blueprints, put them in the Most Favored Nation, we still might have lost a bunch. But that hardly matters compared to just surrendering the nation, ACTIVELY, and lining up and shooting all the nation’s defenders yourself.

    “Journalists Abandoned Julian Assange and Slit Their Own Throats (Chris Hedges)

    Kind of. He talks about the Internet. THE ENTIRE INTERNET IS GOVERNMENT FUNDED. Now that’s through secret channels, venture-funding, but the reason “journalists” act like the CIA Press office is because the Journalists ARE the CIA press office. That’s where all their paychecks come from, 10 shell-company layers back. In that way, essentially the Government IS the economy. Now that’s either Fascism (merger of corporation and state) or Socialism (State owns the corporate means of production) which is why the two are the SAME THING.

    Hardly matters. Get through your head the internet, and most things on it, are government funded. Without non-stop phony money printing, money-printer-go-brrr, 95% of what’s out there wouldn’t exist. They never made a nickel and they don’t have 25 million viewers per-channel. Money-printer-go-brrr exclusively so the Federal Government, politics, the cool kid’s club, can pick winners or losers based on popularity and access and never merit. That’s the reason for its existence, because if it were based on merit, they wouldn’t have to bother building such a complicated, secret, violent machine. Like the Tao it would unfold naturally, without interference.

    So CIA hate Assange? Then 100% of all journalists instantly hate Assange. Easy. If the CIA who writes all their paychecks reversed tomorrow, THEY would all reverse tomorrow, having nothing to do with “jealousy” and stuff. We already know they have neither logic nor principles, so spare me.

    “The photographer Leonardo Sens, waited 3 long years to take this fantastic shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

    Couldn’t he just move the camera a little? To the next house over?


    Consider a spring driven mechanical timepiece. Each component has it’s own physical property, the parts are not equivalent. The position of the components in space differs.The function of the device depends on each component properly in place to function. Though not equivalent Each component is equal in terms of the function of the device.

    on a number line -1 and 1 are equal in distance from zero, in function -1 and 1 do not have the same properties – the numbers are not equivalent

    Astrophyicists tell us there is not a center to the Verse(universe in the standard model). This of course is not accurate, i personally know several centers of the Verse. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal…..” Equality does not imply equivalence. Vanity, excessively high self esteem, does not imply superiority. The previous sentence of course does not apply to Western Culture where vanity and superiorty are equal and equivalent.

    The Enlightenment is placed in the 17th and 18th centuries in western Europe,
    The Spanish Inquistion:
    Established:1 November 1478
    Disbanded:15 July 1834
    and the “Oh So Enlightened Ones” see no connection between the two. A less than humorous interpretation – Never give a sucker an even break!

    What type of man penned the United States Declaration of Independence?
    A man who knew the recitation of the Qur’an and the Good News of the Gospel.

    “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just: that his justice cannot sleep for ever: that considering numbers, nature and natural means only, a revolution of the wheel of fortune, an exchange of situation, is among possible events: that it may become probable by supernatural interference!

    I remain unenlightened


    It is important to avoid confusing “harmony” with “equilibrium.” Ecologists have started to use the word “regime” to describe stable assemblages of species. Some of the worst human political regimes are also depressingly the most stable. To use the language of complex systems theory, there are multiple local stable equilibria, and positive change requires escaping the gravitational pull of one local equilibrium to enter another. This requires active management and will not necessarily happen by itself. The management of ecosystems must itself be a human cultural evolutionary process informed by multilevel selection theory.

    E.O. Wilson Saw the World in a Wholly New Way


    Red, those of us here who have been watching the videos of inter-species cooperation understand Dawkins “Selfish Gene” is at best navel gazing and not investigation or measurement.
    “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” Thoreau
    “Every oak tree started out as a couple of nuts who stood their ground.” Thoreau

    Peace be with you all


    “Darwin Award” – we have a winner!

    Ten positive tests and counting: The mystery of why some people just keep catching COVID

    “Marion has resorted to giving up going into the office, resolving to spend three months working from home in a desperate attempt to out-manoeuvre the virus at least long enough to get a fifth vaccine dose. Right now, she says, a six-month break between illnesses is little more than a pipe dream.”

    TVASSF (T-cell exhaustion, immune collapse)


    So I look at this:

    Alaska crab fishery collapse seen as warning about Bering Sea transformation

    and then I see this:

    and I think this: I’m glad I don’t have a itch for crab! Were did I put that tinfoil, I have to make a new hat?


    Wow I guess you really CAN’T get through to them…even with a simple point.

    Any more primitive men at TAE care to stand up?


    feeling a little verbose this morning i beg your forebearance

    Do you ever wonder if anyone has read Billy Budd and synthesized the truth illustrated into their being?

    EoinW, do you equate compassion with weakness?

    The Special Specialist’s Specialist – One among The World’s Smartest Man that perceives themself removed from and above the selection process who upon closer examination is revealed to be a graduate of the Peter Principle.

    When it is realized that you are among “The least of these” it becomes much easier to “Love your neighbor as yourself”.
    Yes, yes, a sure sign of weakness. Beware! Empathy is the gateway narcotic that leads to compassion.

    mea culpa: i work to be nice, i’m just no good at it


    There is no such thing as ‘greenhouse gases’!

    If you look at hot deserts the temperature can drop by 30 centigrade or more overnight, every night, in 12 hours or less. Absolutely no signs of any greenhouse effect whatsoever. It simply does not exist.

    This would be true over the whole Earth if there was no other influence, but there is : water and water vapour. This acts as an insulator smoothing out maximum and minimum temperatures, clouds in particular.

    Look at the Moon – surface temperatures range from 100C to minus 150C. It is obvious ‘something’ is keeping the Earth cooler and warmer than these extremes.

    The Milankovitch Cycles can be used to predict global climate with some accuracy, but moderated by the current solar cycle and oceanic oscillations. All ‘predictions’ by the ‘man-made [insert name of disaster here]’ crowd have always failed.

    Bad weather was called an ‘act of God’, and the new religion now calls it ‘act of Man’. These zealots will never accept any science as evidence that they are wrong.

    Incidentally in the 1950s it was shown that the ‘greenhouse effect’ does not exist in greenhouses. Any warming is just isolation from the outside environment and is equally true of solid brick buildings or any form of shelter.

    The only ‘greenhouse effect’ I can think of is at the centre of the Sun. Hydrogen is opaque to light which is why it takes over 100,000 years for light to travel from the centre of the Sun to the surface!




    draining the swamp
    Short Term winners
    Long term winners
    (Federal Government interest payment)
    The Doomsday Clock continues to tick toward nuclear war
    The Doomsday Clock should be counting the ability to pay the banks/avoiding default/pay the owners/bankrupt the investors
    The big picture – energy input/retention/shape of space
    Primitive man believed the weather was determined by his good or bad actions. Today this belief takes the form of believing climate is determined by man, rather than by the Sun’s irregular orbit & activity: Milankovitch Cycles, Solar Inertial Motion, Solar Flares.



    average temperature of the Earth is primarily determined by irregularities in the Earth’s orbit and the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere -greenhouse gases in the atmosphere increasing at the fastest rate in all of geological history

    He is Witnessing His Faith

    “Greenhouse Gasses” is a religious term. But, for the sake of argument, going with this term, we can see VERY EASILY AND OBVIOUSLY that “Greehouse Gasses” have been much, much higher for MILLIONS OF YEARS in the past

    The result was – a lot more life on Earth of all kinds and a more stable climate.

    “Fastest ever temerature increase” is another item of religious faith.

    He wishes to speak, not as a scientist, but as a high priest, using the WORD “scientist” to do so

    What separates the Jurassic from the Triassic? Don’t know, never knew, don’t care, right Afewknowthetruth?

    We’ve had multiple anoxic events that were incredibly swift and led to ocean temperatures at the equator reaching boiling levels. With dinosaurs covering the earth before and after the event.

    The current slight warming (from around 1850?) from the previous greater cooling (try 800adm for instance) is, as anyone acquainted with actual science, not religion-“science” knows, is certainly NOT the “most rapid evarrrr”

    —Thinks incorrectly this is the fastest warming evar
    —Thinks incorrectly this is the most warming evar
    —Thinks a little bit more CO2 will turn Earth into Venus
    —Can’t explain why the Earth had MULTIPLE times more CO2 on multiple occasions that lasted for millions of years and didn’t turn into Venuis
    —Can’t explain why the Earth was much, much warmer on multiple occasions that lasted for millions of years but didn’t turn into Venus

    He says “science” and never ever means science.

    John Day

    A friend in my Buddhist meditation group has had his sister in the ICU for 6 weeks on a ventilator with Guillan Barre Syndrome paralyzing her diaphragm. She is not better. He avoided the jab, but his wife with persistent shingles pain and his sister got it.
    He knows. I sent him the story about Peru.
    I advised his wife about post-herpetic-neuralgia pain, which she has had for months now.
    I gave her a hug yesterday after asking where it doesn’t hurt.
    We get to meet in person once per month now.


    Teens — consent

    I have three teens, 17, 17, and 15.
    In some areas of their lives they each have very strong opinions and ideas. In other areas of their lives they haven’t decided, haven’t thought it through, don’t have the experience or information at hand. Or, they just aren’t ready to shoulder the responsibility in that area of life. One son, when asked where he wants to go to college looks at me and says: Where do you think I should go, mom?, but he manages high school classes flawlessly. Another, when faced with when getting his medicine each night (he has EOE): Will you do it mom? , but he desires full autonomy in deciding his daily schedule and will happily ride his electric scooter to the grocery store for something he wants. My daughter fixes herself all of her meals, except for cooking steak and chicken: Mom, will you cook me 8 oz of chicken?. She is happily immersed in her visual arts and crafts since I picked them up from their dad’s Friday evening.

    They aren’t adults yet. In some areas of life they can consent, but not in all. Each one is unique, and it takes a caring adult to get to know each one well enough to determine where they are ready to make their own decisions, a when they just need a little support, and when they lack the experience or judgment. Additionally, such an adult needs to gain sufficient trust that the teen is willing to ask for guidance and submit to the adult’s authority without coercion. An approach that suggests teens can consent in all areas of life is an approach designed to exploit the naïveté of teens.

    Younger children require even more input and support from a caring adult.


    Last year year in Peru, while masks were not enforced on the streets, one could not enter the larger supermarket. mall, bank or museums without updated proof of vaccination or better yet, last required booster. People’s vaxx-cards were scrutinized thoroughly by the personnel at the door, creating the long lines on the sidewalk. However, they were less stringent, for the most part, toward those who they “deemed as a tourists”.
    That, combined with the “specific batch” in the jabs, may explain GB Syndrome in such a localized outbreak.


    Homeless pet vet

    How amazing to see a vet who will touch a pet in front of the human companion. Vets used to do this. I can’t find one that does anymore. During Covid, vet techs started taking pets to the vet in the back, and later the vet comes out to discuss findings with the human companions. I am very uncomfortable with this. I don’t know these people, and I feel responsible to ensure for my pet that the animal navigates safely the human world. Just because someone work in a veterinarian office does not mean that they won’t abuse my pet — once out of my sight, my pet cannot communicate with me what happens. How am I supposed to trust that a vet knows what is going on with my pet when I cannot witness the interaction between my pet and the vet?

    I was told by an office manager at a local veterinarian that now it is for legal, not sanitation issues. Apparently there was a legal case where a pet being attended to by a vet bit its human companion, and the human sued the vet. I don’t know the particulars of the legal case…but this is being used as a pretext to create a situation where vets work behind closed doors. I am sure that, eventually, many pets will be abused by this model. When we create situations without natural oversight of vulnerable beings by humans who care for them and are bonded to them, corruption will enter, and the vulnerable will be exploited.


    @ phoenixvoice


    So what do you think of 18 year olds, male and female, being in the military and being in the position of killing others for their country as part of their job?

    John Day

    @Phonixvoice: Thanks for keeping us updated on your teenagers.
    Weird what veterinary medicine has become, not just this, but my younger son just spent or $8000 on his kitty that was a stray year before last. Heart failure suddenly for some reason.
    He was going to buy a used truck.

    John Day

    Time For Truth

    This survey the Russkies cite was a month ago. Why didn’t I see it in the American news?
    ​ ​Tucker Carlson Hopes Trump & RFK Jr. Win 2024 Nomination​s​​
    ​ White House incumbent Joe Biden​:​ At 80, he is the oldest sitting president in US history, and can hardly boast of an approval rating barely above 40%.
    ​ ​His rival for nomination is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., nephew to assassinated former US President John F. Kennedy. Incidentally, according to a YouGov survey, RFK Jr. boasts the highest favorability rating of all the current 2024 presidential candidates – 49 percent of respondents saw him favorably in June.–rfk-jr-win-2024-nomination-despite-very-tough-time-getting-it-1111739103.html

    ​ ​Biden Admin Lying to Americans ‘About Everything to Do With Ukraine’ – RFK Jr
    ​ ​The federal government under the Joe Biden administration has been blatantly lying to the Americans “about everything to do with Ukraine”, said Robert F Kennedy Jr, in an interview for Judge Andrew Napolitano on his Judging Freedom podcast.
    “This was a sell job that they gave us on Ukraine,” insisted the 2024 Democratic candidate for US President..​.
    ​..​”[The US] wanted the war, for the reasons that Biden has said… The real reason for the war in Ukraine is regime change in Russia,” Kennedy emphasized.—rjk-jr–1111745798.html

    ​ John Helmer on why “not-losing” in Ukraine is existential for NATO, and therefore, for the western empire. Thanks Christine.
    ​ ​The stake in the war against Russia is the preservation of the US occupation of Germany and the empire in Europe and the UK, together with the credibility of US weapons which must be sold worldwide at prices to match their reputations in combat. Losing the war on the Ukrainian battlefield and in the sanctions war against Russia means a worldwide defeat for the US, its military power, its commercial and financial dominance, along with its command-and-control systems, subsidiaries, and retainers.
    ​ ​The substitute for an anti-war movement in Washington is faction-fighting over what means, what terms can be devised to get the US out of the Ukraine before the Ukrainian army capitulates, Vladimir Zelensky flees for his life and fortune, and with them the collapse of the US alliance called NATO.
    ​ ​The apprehension of the allies in Europe was revealed a few days ago when Jacques Attali answered a telephone call he thought was from former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, but which came instead from the Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus. Attali, French presidential adviser, US retainer, and ex-head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, said he knew French President Emmanuel Macron well and that Macron was afraid the US would abandon the Ukrainians to save itself. There was the same fear among the Germans and British, Attali added. “The weak point is what happens in Washington.”
    “​[This is] a nightmare scenario. That would be the US saying, well, enough is enough. We are not going to help Ukraine more. You have to go to negotiations, to the negotiating table. And that’s it. … Neither France, Germany or the UK can do that. But the US could arm-twist your [Poroshenko’s] government and your country​​ [Ukraine] to say we want a ceasefire whatever it costs and stop [the war]. The most important thing is to avoid that.”
    ​ ​”There is no other way than a total win and to get rid of Putin…We have to take all risks for that. No compromise is possible, no compromise.”
    ​ ​This is the European allies’ last stand, their backs to the wall at the Dnieper River. It is the rationale for desperate measures on the battlefield, and at the NATO summit on July 11.


    ​ ​Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has said that his US counterpart Joe Biden could end the Ukrainian conflict in five minutes by giving up Ukrainian territory but Kiev disagrees.
    ​ ​”If we are talking about ending the war at the cost of Ukraine, in other words, to make us give up our territories, well, I think, in this way, Biden could have brought it to an end even in five minutes. But we would not agree,” he said in an interview with ABC News.

    John Day

    ​ Colonel Cassad posted this explanation from a West Point forum, about the new Ukrainian battlefield tactics, trading Ukrainian lives to exhaust Russian artillery shells and creep forward on the ground.
    Comment from the forum of veterans of the West Point Academy on the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Classics of corpse flooding.
    ​ ​Since Ukrainians show amazing insensitivity to human losses, I consider today’s change in the tactics of the Ukrainian command as a justified approach in the search for the “key” to Russian defense. Classic attacks under our combat regulations involve the preliminary suppression and destruction of enemy defensive positions by artillery and aircraft, as well as the simultaneous destruction of its combat controls to the depth of the defense zone and the prevention of the approaches of its reserves. Since Ukrainians have almost no aviation and they are significantly inferior to the Russians in the amount of artillery, classic attacks lead to nothing but a massive loss of expensive military equipment on the way to Russian positions, disorganization and demoralization of attackers with subsequent retreat. Almost three weeks of such attacks could not break through the Russian support band, in addition, as I was told by the G-3 from USAR EUR-AF in Stuttgart, they lost up to a quarter of our Bradleys, and they are now forced to urgently send two companies of Bradleys and a large quantity of other equipment to replenish and restore the combat readiness of two brigades of the Ukrainian strike unit.
    ​ ​In these conditions, our guys, together with Ukrainian commanders, developed tactics of “mosquito” promotion: continuous attacks of Russian positions by small tactical groups of Ukrainian infantry. The Russians, who are much more sensitive to losses in manpower, try to prevent close (“contact”) battles and retreat when Ukrainians reach their trenches, allowing artillery to destroy the enemy. This usually succeeds: Ukrainians die or retreat. But this tactic has a positive effect. Several such attacks almost completely destroy the Russian position, most often with their own fire, after which the Russians are forced to retreat to a new line, where this tactic is repeated. That’s how in two weeks the Russians were pushed back three miles from Makarov’s strategically important position. And this tactic is constantly improving. Our side believe that, at the continuing pace of such progress, in two weeks Ukrainians will be able to overcome the Russian support band and start storming their main line of defense, while maintaining the offensive potential of their strongest brigades. Perhaps that’s what General Milley meant yesterday about the ten weeks of the Ukrainian offensive.
    ​ ​This tactical technique has another important effect. Russians are forced to spend more artillery shells to repel such “mosquito” attacks, the stocks of which they replenish more slowly than they spend. And in two weeks of such battles, they may well approach the depletion of their stocks. Of course, this leads to great losses of Ukrainians but, as I said at the beginning, they are not sensitive to the death of their soldiers. In addition, advances however small are a better justification for their death than unsuccessful attacks. And here, we must admit that the Russians today are much closer to the armies of Western countries than the Ukrainians are in this respect: the Russians take care of their soldiers…

    colonel cassad

    ​ Turkey’s Erdogan releases Azov commanders from Mariupol prisoner swap, against the signed agreement to keep them until the end of hostilities. The swap was originally done to extract “high value” western commanders from the underground fortifications, as was reported at the time, which was a good deal all around. This is a little good PR ahead of the Vilnius NATO summit, where a negotiated peaceful-stalemate must be discussed.
    Erdogan is under NATO pressure, and this is good PR for Zelensky. (These guys are not really Zelensky’s friends, but get paid to tolerate him.)
    Turkish irregular forces in Syria have apparently been getting pounded for 3 weeks by Russia. That is bound to hurt. Turkey has not been getting-out as agreed with Russia and Syria. Is Erdogan retaliating against Russia?
    Adding to the general confusion is the fact that Prigozhin and PMC Wagner are all still in Russia/Novorussia, not taking up residence in Belarus, not at all.
    Simplicius has the story. What will be declared at the NATO summit in Vilnius tomorrow and Wednesday?​ “Joe Biden’s” excuse for sending 30 year old cluster-bomblet artillery shells to Ukraine is that “they/we” are “running out of ammunition”. One might say US/NATO are “losing the war of attrition against Russia”.
    ​ ​So, he could have done away with the entire deceptive preamble and just said: “We’re low on regular 155mm and all we have left to give them are the clusters.”
    ​ ​You see, the types of cluster munitions they’re getting are the ones fired from 155mm artillery units, so this is U.S.’s desperate attempt to tide them over and give them at least something to fire from their dwindling artillery stocks.​.​

    Germany Rejects Cluster Bombs For Ukraine As Clip Surfaces Of Biden Admin Previously Calling Them A ‘War Crime’

    ​ ​Biden Defends transfer of internationally-banned cluster bombs in press interviews as “difficult decision”..
    ​ ​Biden had also told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria on Friday that the transfer is necessary because Kyiv is “running out of ammunition” after 500 days of war, a grim milestone reached Saturday.
    “It was a very difficult decision on my part. And by the way, I discussed this with our allies, I discussed this with our friends up on the Hill,” he explained. He then added: “The Ukrainians are running out of ammunition.”…
    ..A prominent geopolitical observer has noted the following, however…
    ​ ​”For those saying this means the US military are depleted of our stockpiles, this is not true. We have been giving Ukraine all our old shit and stockpiles from the late 80’s and 90’s.”
    ​ ​The war analyst continued: “Now we are giving them old cluster munitions, with high dud-rates. We have been giving them the shit we don’t want. They’ve been fighting Russia without air support and with old and faulty equipment. No wonder they are losing.”

    John Day

    ​ ​Putin Held 3-Hour Meeting With Wagner Chief Days After Revolt
    ​ ​TASS presents the details based on the description of presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov as follows:
    “The president did hold such a meeting,” Peskov began. “He invited 35 people – all the squad commanders and the leadership of the [private military] company, including Prigozhin,” he said. “The meeting took place in the Kremlin on June 29 and lasted for nearly three hours.”
    “We are unaware of the details (of the meeting – TASS), but the one thing we can say is that the president gave his assessment of the [private military] company’s actions on the frontline during the special military operation and the June 24 events,” Peskov noted.
    ​ ​”Putin listened to explanations from [Wagner] commanders and offered them further options for employment and further use in combat,” the presidential spokesman continued.

    ​ James Kunstler, “Joe Biden,” the personification of a failed state.
    As a criminal enterprise, for instance, the Biden family influence-peddling operation among foreign powers reflects exactly the racketeering character of corporate America today — which is to say, making money dishonestly, and often for doing nothing. In America’s biggest industry, finance, this is absolutely the case. You may have forgotten what finance is, and what it’s supposed to do: namely, to lend money for activities intended to produce things of value, useful things that people need and want, sometimes even public works that benefit everyone in society.
    American Finance now is in the business of receiving free money (loans at minimal interest) from government-chartered central banks (issuing “credit” from nowhere), that banks, hedge funds, private equity outfits, and sundry freebooters can roll into instruments such as interest-yielding bonds (loans back to government) and derivatives (algorithmic bets derived, abstracted from, and tuned to market movements) magically multiplying money that finally produces nothing of value — though it may translate into yacht purchases, alimony payments, luxury suites at ballparks, private Caribbean islands, and traffic in humans for use as sex toys.

    Father of Our Country

    Pepe Escobar, Finance, power, integration: The SCO welcomes a new ‘Global Globe’
    ​ ​Arguably, the star of the show in New Delhi was Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who has led his country since 1994.
    ​ ​Old Man Luka, unbeatable in the headline-stealing department, especially after his mediator role in the Prighozin saga, may have coined the definitive slogan of multipolarity. Forget the western-termed “golden billion” which in fact barely reaches 100 million; embrace now the “Global Globe” – with a firm focus on the Global South.
    ​ ​As the clincher, Lukashenko proposed total integration of the SCO and BRICS – which in their upcoming summit in South Africa will be heading the BRICS+ way.​
    ​..The next step for the “Global Globe” – what the collective west dismissively qualifies as “the rest” – is to work on the complex coordination of several development banks and then the process to issue bonds linked to a new trading currency.
    ​ ​The main ideas and the basic template already exist. The new bonds will be a real safe haven compared to the US dollar and US Treasuries, and will imply accelerated de-dollarization.​..​
    ​..​The heart of the matter is of course the drive towards a fair multipolar world order – the polar opposite of the Hegemon-imposed “rules-based international order.” And the three key nodes are mutual security; trade in local currencies, and eventually, de-dollarization.​.
    …In parallel to Modi praising the key role of Iran in the development of the International North South Transportation Corridor (INSTC), Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi firmly supported SCO trade in national currencies to decisively break the US dollar’s hegemony.
    ​ ​Chinese President Xi Jinping, for his part, was adamant: China is all in favor to sideline the US dollar, stand firm against all forms of color revolutions, and fight against unilateral economic sanctions.
    ​ ​Russian President Vladimir Putin once again stressed how “external forces have put Russia’s security at threat by unleashing hybrid war against Russia and Russians in Ukraine.”​ …
    ​..India’s External Affairs Minister Jaishankar has confirmed there will be no new BRICS currency – for now. The emphasis is on increasing trade in national currencies.
    ​ ​When it comes to BRICS heavyweight Russia, the emphasis for now is to drive commodity prices higher for the benefit of the Russian ruble.
    ​ ​Diplomatic sources confirm that the unspoken agreement among BRICS sherpas – who this week are preparing the guidelines for BRICS+ to be discussed at the South Africa summit next month – is to hasten the fiat dollar’s meltdown: The Financing of US trade and budget deficits would become impossible at current interest rates.
    ​ ​The question is how to hasten it imperceptibly.
    ​ ​Putin’s trademark strategy is to always let the collective west embark on all sorts of strategic mistakes without direct Russian intervention. So what happens next in the battlefield in Donbass – NATO’s larger than life humiliation – will be a crucial factor in the de-dollarization front.
    ​The Chinese, for their part, worry about a collapsed dollar rebound on China’s manufacturing base.
    ​​The road map ahead suggests a new trade settlement currency first designed at the EAEU, supervised by the Eurasia Economic Commission’s head of macroeconomics Sergey Glazyev. That would lead to a wider BRICS and SCO deployment. But first the EAEU needs to get China on board. That was one of the key issues recently discussed by Glazyev, in person, in Beijing.
    ​ ​So the Holy Grail is a new supranational trade currency for BRICS, SCO, and EAEU. And it’s essential that its reserve status does not allow overriding power to one nation, as it happens with the US dollar.
    ​ ​The only practical means of tying the new trade currency to a basket of multiple commodities – not to mention a basket of national interests – would be through gold.​..
    ​..German industry/business circles already seem to have seen the writing on the wall, as well as some of their French counterparts, which notably include France’s President Emmanuel Macron. The trend is towards an EU schism – and even more Eurasian power.
    ​ ​A BRICS-SCO trade bloc will make western sanctions absolutely meaningless.​..
    ​.As it stands, there’s huge potential for a gold-backed ruble. If and when it hits the road, that will be a revival of the gold-backing in the USSR between 1944 and 1961.
    ​ ​Glazyev has crucially observed that Russia’s trade surplus with SCO members has allowed Russian companies to pay off external debts and replace them with borrowing in rubles.​..
    ​…The time is fast approaching for Russia to create the perfect storm to deliver a massive blow to the US dollar. This is what’s being discussed behind the scenes at the SCO, EAEU, and some BRICS sessions, and this is what’s driving the Atlanticist elites livid.
    ​ ​The “imperceptible” way for Russia to make it happen is to let markets drive up the prices of nearly all Russian commodity exports. Neutrals all across the “Global Globe” will interpret it as a natural “market response” to the collective west’s cognitive dissonant geopolitical imperatives. Soaring energy and commodity prices will end up provoking a steep decline in the purchasing power of the US dollar.​..
    ​..All of the above should be interpreted as the sketch of a possible, realistic path to real multipolarity. It has nothing to do with the yuan as reserve currency, reproducing the existing rent-extracting racket to the profit of a minuscule plutocracy – complete with a massive military apparatus specialized in bullying the “Global Globe.”

    ​Tom Luongo: July began with a series of bangs that cannot be ignored. I’m not talking about the noise coming from both Russia and Ukraine over the ‘counter-offensive’ or who wants to blow up the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant.
    I’m talking about the downstream effects that conflict has brought about. The old world is breaking down along sectarian lines as we watch Russia continue to fight the West to a standstill along the banks of the Dnieper river…
    ..From capital markets to geopolitics I’ve been targeting next week’s big NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania as a potential turning point. All of the conflicts out there today clogging up the headlines, from naval encounters in the Persian Gulf to Janet Yellen stoking conflict with China with her mere presence, reduce to a single conclusion.
    Every major power faction in the West is fearing loss of power….
    ​..​My good friend Alex “All Roads Lead to London” Krainer published a thoughtful piece on France and, predictably, he came to the tentative conclusion that the current explosion of violence in France bears all the hallmarks of a British-led color revolution.
    ​ ​And it’s hard to disagree with him.​..
    ​..​As far as his being the voice of reason in Europe it’s all theatre all the time with Macron.​ ​He’s a master virtue signaler.
    ​ ​What he really wants is what I’ve been saying Davos has wanted from the beginning of the Biden administration: a half-crazed US/UK going to total war against Russia in Ukraine to weaken both sides while he positions France and Germany to be the new defense contractors for Europe.
    ​ ​This would set the stage domestically for Europe to then push for the end of NATO, further subsume national sovereignty into the EU regulatory Borg and eventually roll all of this up into a UN-led global government.​..
    ​..This is rankling the old British Neoconservatives and their partners-in-crime at the US State Dept., National Security Council, K-Street think tanks and the CIA​..​.
    ..It may all come down to the next couple of weeks in France as this revolt against Macron may just be the biggest blackmail gambit we’ve seen in a long time.
    ​ ​But nothing less than the fate of a 300 year project for world government hangs in the balance. Everyone of these horrific factions wants to rule the world but none of them have the means by themselves to pull it off. So, watching them maneuver each other into the line of fire would be hilarious if the stakes weren’t so freaking high for the rest of us.

    Macron, NATO, and the Fate of the Empire part I

    John Day

    ​ ​During a podcast appearance with Lex Fridman, Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. outlined how during the pandemic the media engaged in an “organised conspiracy” by acting as “propaganda organs for the government agencies,” and acting to censor “anybody who dissented.”​…
    ​ ..Kennedy again spoke at length of the “insurmountable and mountainous and overwhelming” evidence that the CIA was involved in the murder of his uncle and his father, prompting Fridman to ask “What is the mechanism by which the CIA influences the narrative?”
    “Through the press,” Kennedy responded, adding “Directly through key members”…
    ..“I actually think the entire field of journalism has really shamed itself in recent years. It has become, the principal newspapers in this country, and the television stations, and the legacy media, have abandoned their tradition… they believed that the function of journalists was to maintain this posture of fierce skepticism toward any aggregation of power, including government authority… their job was to speak truth to power and be guardians of the first amendment right to free expression.”
    “But if you look at what happened during the pandemic, it was the inverse of that kind of journalism,” RFK Jr. further urged, adding “the major press organs in this country… were broadcasting propaganda, they became propaganda organs for the government agencies. They were actually censoring the speech of anybody who dissented, of the powerless.”
    “In fact, it was an organized conspiracy. The name of it was the Trusted News Initiative,” Kennedy noted, adding “Some of the major press organizations in our country signed onto it. They agreed not to print stories or facts that departed from government orthodoxy.”

    RFK Jr Blasts Media’s “Organized Conspiracy” To Suppress COVID Information And Stick To “Government Orthodoxy”

    Peru declares health emergency due to spike in Guillain-Barre syndrome cases

    ​ You don’t want to die of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which is like being burned all over.​
    ​ ​A sudden increase in Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS)—a rare and potentially fatal skin disorder—may be triggered by COVID-19, increased vaccination rates, or a lowered threshold caused by vaccines or previous infection, according to a large case series recently published in Burns.

    ​ ​The seven-fold rise in incidence of Stevens-Johnson syndrome & toxic epidermal necrolysis: Associations with COVID-19 and the vaccine
    ​ ​Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) / toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN) is a rare, potentially life threatening mucocutaneous hypersensitivity reaction resulting in desquamation of the skin and mucosa. These patients are managed on burns units due to the widespread desquamation. We report the largest case series of participants developing SJS/TEN in the setting of recent COVID infection or vaccination. We found a seven-fold increase in SJS/TEN since the COVID pandemic. This increase correlates with an increase in COVID infections and vaccination rates.​..
    ..​As a state-wide burns unit and referral centre for SJS/TEN, our institution manages two to four cases per year, prior to COVID. In the first six months of 2022 however, we managed fourteen cases. Five of these cases had COVID in the preceding month. Three of the fourteen had a COVID vaccine in the preceding month. All fourteen cases received a COVID vaccine.

    ​ ​A San Francisco group that stands for “car-free spaces, transit equity, and the end of car dominance” is behind a wave of “coning” driverless cars owned by Waymo and Cruise.​..
    ..According to ABC7 in San Francisco, the rebellious group has called for a “Week of Cone” ahead of this Thursday’s meeting, where the California Public Utilities Commission will vote to allow Cruise and Waymo to expand operations across the metro area.
    ​ ​One member of the group told the local media outlet:
    “Expanded and basically unfettered access to city streets is basically a bad idea.​”​
    “Residents never got a chance to have a say in this, never really consented to be used a human guinea pigs.”




    “We are hiring” signs on almost every single business these days.

    Some even say, “Always Hiring” which makes you wonder.



    Several such attacks almost completely destroy the Russian position, most often with their own fire, after which the Russians are forced to retreat to a new line, where this tactic is repeated. That’s how in two weeks the Russians were pushed back three miles from Makarov’s strategically important position. And this tactic is constantly improving.

    This is interesting

    HOWEVER, this tactic of retreating from forward positions, calling down artillery fire on the abandoned positions, and then re-occupying them in a counterattack…. these were the standard defensive tactics of the Germans in WW1 from 1914-1918. For those 5 years, they maintained a continuously advantageous attrition ratio.

    WW1 artillery required more explosives per shell and more shells -because the proximity fuse wasn’t invented until WW2. Inevitably, more shells blew up in the dirt, creating large craters, than in more-desirable and effective airbursts, which the proximity fuse ensures. The Germans seemed happy to retreat, mangle the terrain horribly with howitzer fire (far more horribly than current artillery fire) and then reoccupy it. For years and years. Their doctrine expressly had their artillery zeroed in on their own positions and bombarding them periodically.

    Anytime the Germans got tired of the current position, they could always build a new underground concrete complex a half mile back and reposition. The mangled nature of the ground they were giving up gave the advancing Allies considerable trouble of all kinds. The Germans could mine it and booby-trap it as part of taking a step back.

    The idea of advancing with just enough men dispersed to the perfect degree vs the cost to use the weapons that stop them is thought provoking, because it is difficult to know if there even IS a perfect scenario justifying the cost. I suppose someone at the pentagon is working the math on that.

    I suspect it still holds true that you need a numerical advantage to take a defensive position from your enemy. Anywhere the Russians want to hold fast, I don’t expect dispersion to somehow achieve a breakthrough. It would only work – or “work” where Russia chooses to withdraw while shelling them. Like hey, we’re going to disperse so much we cannot achieve a breakthrough. Just decide what your favorite way of dealing with us is.

    Just as someone at the pentagon is working the numbers of dispersion and loss of attackers vs expenditure of defenders, someone in the kremlin is surely deciding what their favorite way will be.

    I don’t think this dispersion approach is going to get any real wins.


    I’ve been lurking daily, but not posting. Not sure if anyone reads what I say anyway…

    Just some comments on some recent topics:

    I too find it hard to totally get on board with tvaf, my brain still cannot believe anyone would be THAT evil, even though I have experienced true evil personally many times over the years. What happened with the plandemic was pure evil, I know that, I witnessed it, upended my entire life, and was still only 24 hours from a vax mandate at my current job until that ruling came down. I had one of my staff tell me in a private meeting he thought the unvaxxed should be left to die. I watched the little kids double masked when it was known bullshit. I saw the way people treated each other, I saw the doctors and hospitals killing people. And I know of 3 people personally that were healthy 50-something year olds that died suddenly over the past year (all 3 just literally were lights out, overnight from cardiovascular related issues, and only one had any sort of issues in her past, and it was really minor, years before she just didn’t wake up one day). One guy literally was found in his chair, at his desk, hand still on his mouse. All 3 were the kind of sudden deaths that really freaked everyone that knew them out. I’m in my 50s, and have never heard of that kind of death in my lifetime.

    And still. God help us if it’s really true that these injections really are known early death sentences. It’s really too evil to think about.

    On the other subject. Child trafficking. It’s all too real. I witnessed it, in the 90s, in SF. I personally knew the head of the human trafficking division in Alameda County, CA. Chris Cornell and Anthony Bourdain didn’t kill themselves any more than Epstein did. You’ll never convince me that they did. But again, evil. It’s truly hard to wrap your head around what’s going on. I just cannot believe the media is trying to discredit the film… I think they are exposing themselves by doing so. Anyone that tries to discredit it is showing who they are.

    But what do we do? Other then be open and honest, and find a community not scared to see it and confront it.


    Generally, if one of our less-frequent posters shows up to say something – just for example, Polemos, Noirette, or yourself Kassandra, I tend to pay more attention if anything. I’ll bet that’s true not only for regular commenters but the lurkers.

    It is still scary to me too. Denying health care, employment, access to basic necessities… ostracism, trying to create a permanent subhuman underclass, that 30% of dems over here in the US who wanted to send people to summer camp.

    Amazingly, nobody has died in my little circle.

    One keeled over suddenly on the sidewalk, but did so in front of the house of a married couple who are both doctors and were looking out their big living room window right when he dropped, gave immediate medical attention and called the ambulance.

    One started blacking out and collapsing. Sold his business because he said stress must be getting to be too much for his health. Has to keep working for the company he sold it to now.

    Several with chronic headaches, continually tired, gaining weight, sometimes seem confused or not thinking very well. One with some chronic conditions cropping up and/or getting worse

    Wife keeps reporting clients at work dying or coming down with weird health problems. She said it is getting to be emotionally exhausting hearing about them.

    I didn’t keep tabs on any of my former coworkers because, well, they were all taking the injection and on the one hand, I don’t want to watch that tragedy play out on people I’d known for 20 years and on the other, they complied, making it all, including my unemployment and their own health problems, possible.

    One of the horrifying things is to discover how unreasoning people are. I had a conversation with a person I thought was a good work-friend while we got our new computers set up and handed out to us outside in the parking lot (it was all work from home by then)

    I explained why I had not taken the shot:

    “Multiple published peer reviewed scientific studies have demonstrated that the injection results in GREATER likelihood of catching and being more contagious. Vaccines inoculate. In a graph showing inoculations and cases, you should see an X pattern – the more inoculations, the less cases. But instead, all the most-injected countries are showing 2 parallel ascending lines. Cases AND injections both ascending simultaneously. In Isreal, Gibraltar, Ireland, etc. The “most-vaxxed” countries. And the thing is designed to fight a now-extinct virus strain in any case. So I said fuck that, I am not taking this thing”

    her scornful, morally scandalized reply:

    “Oh yeah? Well my mother is 83 and is at greater risk and I live with her, so I said fuck that and took the vaccine!” (scornful/triumphant finish)

    uh, so you decided to be more likely to CATCH it and more likely to TRANSMIT it to your mother… because of how vulnerable she is??? How did what I say not compute in the slightest? It was frightening. I’d known her since 2002. A fellow skeptic-atheist.


    I don’t have much to say so here’s a link to Procol Harum with the Danish Orchestra from 2006 that I got from a guy over at ZH.
    And for the fun of it, spellchecker insisted the band’s name was “provolone harumph”.


    Oops. A Whiter Shade of Pale.
    Of course.
    Boy, did my parents get sick of that song.


    Vaccine is designed to fight a now-extinct virus strain
    Why would anyone that is vaccinated even listen to such scandalous misinformation. /s

    D Benton Smith

    I’ll attempt to go E.O. Wilson one better.

    “Selfishness isn’t selfish, it’s merely shortsighted.”


    We are not at war. We are just preparing. Russia should not worry 😉
    Trudeau announces plans to more than double size of NATO deployment in Latvia
    ( Heheheh Plan to add 1,200 troops in Baltic country could take 3 years to complete)
    Not all of the troops will deploy right away, and it could take up to three years to fully realize the plans, which were laid out as part of Canada’s strategy to lead a brigade, (5,000-6,000) in the region.

    The federal government says it’s committing $2.6 billion in funding over three years, but $1.4 billion of that was announced in the 2022 federal budget.
    Canada and Latvia signed an agreement Monday — a so-called roadmap for creating the NATO brigade. (5,000-6,000)


    CDC caught omitting vaccine injury as cause of death when assigning ICD codes

    This is based on a leak of all the death certificates in Minnesota, going back to 2015. Unfortunately, it can’t be publicly verified due to privacy concerns (identifying information is redacted on the death certificates that they present as examples), but I can totally understand the motivation for this kind of dishonesty: “Look, we checked all the ICD codes, and there are practically zero vaccine injuries. Safe and Effective(tm)!”


    my brain still cannot believe anyone would be THAT evil, even though I have experienced true evil personally many times over the years. What happened with the plandemic was pure evil, I know that, I witnessed it…

    On the other subject. Child trafficking. It’s all too real. I witnessed it, in the 90s, in SF.

    This is exactly the denial and cognitive dissonance I wrote about yesterday. Child sex slave trafficking and the other ‘pure evils’ you witnessed… do not count as THAT evil ? You exemplify the classic retarded American voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’… because you know, blob A is less evil than blob B’s evil…

    Pure evil can’t possibly be this purely evil… are you f’n serious? Organized systemic genocide is factual historical truth. Yet you ‘just can’t believe it yet you believe it’ . Brainwashing and propaganda are real…case in point.

    Child sex slave trafficking and pedophiles-

    2015 I had a long conversation with a cop on the gang and drug task force. They elaborated on one of the biggest challenges facing today’s society…organized gang sex slave trafficking. In this AO, it was slaves coming in from Vancouver BC being trafficked through Wa state down to California- I presume LA

    In the 90’s I worked at a bar that was THE spot in town- full of celebrities, artists, media etc. Chris Cornell and the SG guys were regulars, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Hollywood movie stars, writers, politicians all frequented it regularly. Funny enough the Restaurant was mainly funded by a big time coke mover who was a ‘silent partner’…they used the business to money launder and move product. He eventually went to prison for ‘tax evasion’ as his official job was ‘professional gambler’. I think a lot of product was moving through Vegas.

    A good friend at the time was also a guy I did some rock climbing with- he had a live in daughter who was about 10 yo at the time. When my friend would go off on climbing trips his ‘good friend’ Glen and Glens girlfriend would stay at his apt and ‘watch’ his daughter. My climbing buddy expressed that it was great- they would take baths together and all sleep in the same bed.

    Glen and his girlfriend were also weekly regulars who would sit at the bar- I poured them many a drink. A few years later Glen was busted in a sting operation for soliciting a mother to bring her 10 yo daughter to a motel, which he would pay cash for raping her. Glen went to prison. I’ll let you figure out what Glen and his girlfriend were doing to his ‘good friends’ daughter in his own home, his own bed.

    It seriously creeped me out that I shook hands with Glen every week and poured that fucker drinks.

    But what do we do?

    The first step is awareness. You can’t change or accept a damn thing until you have awareness of it.

    Stop being in denial, you contradict yourself multiple times. Become aware of what is and don’t get in the way of truth, truth you already admit is reality.

    There is Pure Love and high morals… there is Hate and evil. We are surrounded by hate and evil, all around us- we all just witnessed and experienced it fully these past 3 years.

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