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    Great interview. Food for thought especially as what Griffin had to say at the end minutes:

    Michael Reid

    It began as “Global Cooling” but fell flat since
    a solar warm spell happened to occur just when the concept was introduced.

    It took the Global Cooling scammers over a decade to decide that they were on the wrong track, but when they did,
    they changed the name of the conceptual deity to “Global Warming,”
    to match the existing weather conditions.

    But unfortunately, a cyclical solar cooling period was due to arrive and
    Global Warming failed to match the new weather conditions.

    Time to give up and admit that a false deity had been imagined?
    Not at all.
    A further new name was given to the deity – Climate Change –
    that would encompass literally anything that happened in the weather.

    From that day forward, the prophets attributed every earthquake, every typhoon, every drought to the Climate Change deity.
    Every meteorological event therefore provided “proof” of man-made Climate Change.

    Obeisance to the “Greater Good”

    Obeisance to the “Greater Good”

    D Benton Smith

    I earnestly believe that “The truth will set you free.”

    I also appreciate the irreverent amendment, “… but first it will piss you off.”

    And before that it will probably scare you senseless.


    Greta no do China



    Mel proves my point. He’s right there among them, the synagog of satan beams its illusions out of hollywood.. The whole point of the manufactured virus and the jewclotshot was to destroy western civilazation and kill as many goyim as possible. It’s working quite well, is it not?



    Thanks for the super duper coded reply! Only a few here at TAE will be able to decode it!


    I agree with your approach to child rearing. Each child needs help/guidance depending upon their unique personalities and needs. My son and daughter are quite different! My son is not a paper/desk guy, like his Mom. He likes being outdoors but is mechanically inclined like me. My daughter is academically inclined like me and is taking a business degree.

    My analogy is that when your child is born you have total control of the ball of string. As the child grows up, the ball of string gets smaller and smaller. By the late teenage years you are lucky to be still holding onto the ball’s end piece of string. If you have done a decent job of raising independent adults, they will still listen to your advice/guidance.

    I remember going with my son to buy a used car he needed to go to work. He had $16k saved. We visited many car dealers. Many several times. Late one Saturday my son found a one year used red sports car that he really wanted but the dealers sales staff (3) only wanted to sell at an excessively high price (@new car price). I made offers but the sales people kept trying to rework everything back to their high price, double what my son had saved. This went on for quite awhile.

    I realized the reason for this stubbornness was it was likely a car one of the 3 salesman had driven for a year and didn’t want to lose any money on the arrangement. I made a final offer which they immediately rejected. I then announced I was leaving, which greatly upset them and they kept verbally badgering me, so I just stood up and left. My son was very upset but on the way home I explained what was likely happening. The whole purpose was to educate my son on how crooked the car business really is.

    Then several years later my son, with more money saved, came home one day and said he had just bought a new used car, a Ford Fusion sport with standard. (Which conviently the 2 women don’t know how to drive, so they can never ask to borrow the car! Yes. he is possessive that way!) Anyway I asked my son what he paid, maybe a little high, so instead of saying that, I instead said did knowing how to buy a car help him? He said yes! So I knew I was still holding onto one end of the ball of string! (So far the car has served him well.)

    Ever since the used car education, my son is now constantly buying used stuff he wants. Tonight he just came home with 3 used 35 hp outboard motor carborators for $150 which new would cost $2k!

    For my son, the initial painful car buying experience is paying totally unexpected dividends!

    John Day

    Kassandra said:
    “God help us if it’s really true that these injections really are known early death sentences. It’s really too evil to think about.”

    I think it’s more like Russian Roulette with a time-delay fuse. You made the right choice not to play.

    Michael Reid

    @ kultsommer

    Thank you for the video interview
    “We will not survive the system by figuring out how to hide from it,” says G. Edward Griffin, author of Creature from Jekyll Island and founder of the Red Pill University, in the second part of our interview. He says it’s critical for folks to focus on protecting their portfolios. “Our lives and our freedom are at stake here,” Griffin warns. He also believes the banking crisis is not a surprise since it allows for the transition toward “a cashless society” with fewer banks. “Cash gives people autonomy.. it allows them to be independent of others,” he argues. Finally, he claims that de-dollarization is inevitable and might happen soon.

    I also discovered the Red Pill University

    Maybe I will get another degree


    Young People Dropping Dead | The Global Lane – July 6, 2023

    This is encouraging- 4 parts

    Young sds w Dowd
    Climate bs pushback
    Reparations bs
    Woke grooming young children

    Some princesses are boys

    Total denial, total hypocrisy, serious mental illness from the Left

    SJW tards…it’s a cult-

    Michael Reid

    WES and TAE viewers:

    The super duper coded reply WES referred to was what I sent last night.

    That reply provided the design for the wind array

    battery bank rails,
    wire size, wire connections,
    breaker size, breaker connections,
    wind generators wire size and connections

    Wind generator 27.6 A times 12 generator per rail = 331.2 A
    Rail protection 63A times 6 breakers = 378 A

    The 0 AWG wire also known as 1/0 AWG wire is
    Aluminum THHN (Thermoplastic High Heat Nylon)
    Stranded Building Wire

    I will route that wire by laying it on the ground between
    the wind array and the power house

    Start windspeed: 7.2 KPH

    Rated windspeed: 43.2 KPH
    with Rated power 400 W
    with Max voltage 14.5 V
    yielding Max current 27.6 A

    Safe windspeed: 162 KPH

    ( 24V battery bank rail )
    ( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG ) ( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )
    (63A breaker)(63A breaker)(63A breaker ) (63A breaker)(63A breaker)(63A breaker)
    ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) ) ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) )
    (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG) (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)
    (WG01+)(WG03+)(WG05+)(WG07+)(WG09+)(WG11+) (WG13+)(WG15+)(WG17+)(WG19+)(WG21+)(WG23+)

    ( 12V battery bank rail )
    ( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG ) ( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )
    (63A breaker)(63A breaker)(63A breaker ) (63A breaker)(63A breaker)(63A breaker)
    ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) ) ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) )
    (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG) (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)
    ( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG ) ( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )( 6 AWG )
    (63A breaker)(63A breaker)(63A breaker ) (63A breaker)(63A breaker)(63A breaker)
    ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) ) ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) )
    (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG) (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)
    (WG01-)(WG03-)(WG05-)(WG07-)(WG09-)(WG11-) (WG13-)(WG15-)(WG17-)(WG19-)(WG21-)(WG23-)
    (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG) (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)
    (WG02+)(WG04+)(WG06+)(WG8+)(WG10+)(WG12+) (WG14+)(WG16+)(WG18+)(WG20+)(WG22+)(WG24+)

    ( 00V battery bank rail )
    ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) ) ( (0 AWG) (0 AWG) )
    (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG) (12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)(12AWG)
    (WG02-)(WG04-)(WG06-)(WG8-)(WG10-)(WG12-) (WG14-)(WG16+)(WG18-)(WG20-)(WG22-)(WG24-)

    Wind generator 27.6 A times 12 per rail = 331.2 A
    Rail protection 63A times 6 breakers = 378 A


    And here I was thinking AFKTT had – out of comoronic empathy – died on June 25. After all, that was the date that Greta – prophet of AGW, now apparently thrown under the bus by AFKTT – provided as the end of the world. She must have got her sums wrong, all that campaining and missing school is very likely to turn Greta into a dumb activist.


    Destroyed Bradleys Galore!

    A New Offensive From Orekhove Direction Crushed Again

    I love the smell of Burning Bradleys in the morning


    anticlimactic said

    There is no such thing as ‘greenhouse gases’!

    Even CO2 is technically a vapour, not a gas, for anyone interested in enthalpy.


    Ukrainian Tank Hit With Double-Tap of Lancets


    Too bad the Empire of Lies is too Chickenshit to send Abrams tanks to Ukronaziland.

    The negative publicity for the Military Industrial Mafia would be epic having videos of burning Abrams all over the Inter-Webs.

    Empire of Lies weapons are pure shit, made for profit, not performance

    Russian weapons are made to kill,



    The latest NZ draft school curriculum excludes physics, chemistry and biology. So, in 20 years you can say enthalpy to a kiwi and only the refrigeration engineers will know what you are talking about.

    If you think that AFKTT is a NZ bullshitter, quoting nothing “science” to back up his arguments, never fear, it will get worse, there will soon be masses of younger kiwis just like AFKTT, all ignorant bulkshitters.

    If you can’t persuade them, remove their education.



    Oh f-you citizenx

    You exemplify the classic retarded American voting for ‘the lesser of two evils’… because you know, blob A is less evil than blob B’s evil…

    Pure evil can’t possibly be this purely evil… are you f’n serious? Organized systemic genocide is factual historical truth. Yet you ‘just can’t believe it yet you believe it’ . Brainwashing and propaganda are real…case in point.

    You exemplify the classic retarded person that doesn’t care to really read and try to understand what someone is saying, and just wants to feel superior and shit on others.

    I absolutely recognize and actively call out evil. That certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t a part of me that simply cannot believe it in my heart. It’s because it’s truly hard to fathom, it simply doesn’t make sense to me who just cannot imagine being that. But then again, here I am faced with an asshole that just wants to ridicule someone else, and act superior to them, and has no desire to understand. And directly faced with this behavior, it’s also hard for me to believe someone would act this way.


    That’s the spirit !
    Now why not take that anger and direct it towards the true evil you are so confused about?

    The retarded American conundrum is voting for the lesser of two evils. Rather than seeing it for exactly what it is- evil. “feeling superior and shitting on others huh?” You contradict yourself multiple times- that’s on you- I am not ridiculing you-

    Yes I realize some things are hard to fathom- we as a Nation have been programmed, brainwashed, and propagandized ruthlessly and incessantly to “believe” that we are the good guys, the saviors of the world, the best, our rules based order, you’re with us or against us…

    Most Americans simply cannot fathom that “we” could commit evil, genocide, or be THAT bad- yet our Nation has murdered more humans around the planet than any other Nation post WW 2- so I don’t really give a f about your “feelings” when denial is at the root cause of what continues to allow this murderous rampage to continue while you’re confused- it is happening.

    I think I understand perfectly well that our Nation has been on a murderous rampage for far too long pretending we are doing good helping and saving others from evil. WE are the monsters- there is nothing superior or ridiculing or assholish about that truth. They nearly tried to put us in camps after locking us down and force injecting us and children with experimental injections !!!

    What the f are you confused about? – it is happening, it did happen- it will continue until enough take courage in the ugly reality of what we are up against to completely and fully push back.

    The days of ‘it can’t happen here’ are long gone- boo hoo your feelings got hurt- meanwhile the murderous abuse continues, our nation falls apart, children are being raped by the ‘elite’ , dystopia is now the norm…the list goes on.

    You go ahead and stay confused, deny what is happening, and bitch at me… I notice you did not comment on voting for evil- rather that it’s all about you and your confusion and denial. Yes I am disgusted with the majority of my fellow citizens as they seem to have their heads fully up their butt holes and just can’t believe anything reality based.

    Was it not a CIA dude who said when they majority of Americans believe our lies, then we have done our job? Maybe it’s time to start “unbelieving” those lies to face truth and reality? As difficult as it is.

    Over the years I have become more hardened to the reality of evil… I no longer candy coat or soft pitch anything. The last few years crystallized my views of just how f’d up things truly are- my patience for “oh I just can’t believe that ” is long gone.

    The horrors and evil of war is real, the US leads the way.

    Sadly I know far too many women (family members and girlfriends included) who were sexually molested, abused and raped… that is evil and horrific. Don’t fucking blame me for the horrors you can, no can’t, can, no can’t see- which is it? Oh yeah- I’m also disgusted with the hypocrisy of my fellow retarded citizen. If the show fits… don’t blame me- I’m fully against this evil bs and vow to fight it for the rest of my living days.

    Seems like it’s hard for you to believe anything…do not blame me for your own safe space of denial.


    “We all cherish our children’s future.”

    I no longer believe this is true. As an abandoned child, raised by grandparents that didn’t want me, left to raise myself and completely fend for myself by the age of around 8 years old, I thought I was just unlucky. That most parents loved their children. Watching what “loving parents” do to their children, I see widespread abuse.

    I don’t really know what to think about any of this. Is anyone else totally confused? You all seem so confident and sure of yourselves.

    Ok, this explains a lot and yes I could have worded things better. Now I get why you think I was ridiculing you- that was not my intention.

    Ridiculing the voting for lesser of two evils- yes. It is still supporting evil.

    After these past years- I have become far more ruthless and hair triggered dealing with Liberal insanity and hypocrisy. My patience is over being surrounded by Libtards who were both wrong and wanted me dead for my own health choices.

    My body my choice, but not when it comes to an experimental ‘vaccine’ that is both ineffective and dangerous. Total hypocrisy.

    I too live in the PNW because I love the Mountains, but now have a passion for hating evil Liberals. I was once very left leaning but no longer.

    I’m proud of you for not getting the poison shots- they made it a living hell for us who chose body autonomy for which I will never forgive or forget. That was pure evil the cult unleashed on us- their intent was clear and I have no confusion regarding their actions and words.

    It is difficult for me to have any patience around this topic. Especially when others try to make excuses for their conduct. To your point- I will shit on and ridicule the vax cult til my last breath- they act like it never happened, are in total denial that they were wrong or did anything wrong or got any of it wrong – so I am coiled and triggered from the years of abuse heaped on me by Liberal scum. Parallels abuse as a youngster.

    There have been no apologies, no looking back at the failures and complete denial at the vax injuries and deaths which makes me more furious. I have no qualms about hurting peoples feelings regarding any of this mess- you either ‘get it’ or you don’t.

    I am committed to truth and reality as it is- not as I want it to be. I don’t care about being right, I care about truth. We were ruthlessly gas lit by Liberal scum and abused for years- that in itself is enough to understand these fuckers are evil and dangerous. Dig a little deeper to realize it was a bio weapon lab created virus followed in sync with a global prison and forced injections- yeah

    I reject that my motives are to feel superior- I accept I am now ruthless in fighting this evil, ignorance and denial. I admit that I hate Liberals with a passion now after what they have done and what they have become as an insane retarded cult.

    I wish all beings good health and a happy long life- until they reveal themselves as hypocritical retarded arrogant genocidal scum- which they have. So fuck them all to hell.


    walk a mile in my shoes
    First, put food on the table, then, if you have surplus energy, you can face truth and reality and adapt your survival options in the social/economic/political environment that surrounds you.

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