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    Igor Chudov’s newsletter has been on to this


    We will see John , if I live long enough……

    Veracious Poet

    BA.5: “Ninja” COVID is the latest fear-porn marketing exercise.
    It is the most transmissible yet, but much milder than all pre-Omicron strains, though considerably worse for “vaccinated” and especially “boosted” of all ages. Most people are having 2-5 days of mild to moderate illness, but not “boosted” Dr. Fauci…

    I wish people would stop trying to look smart & important, when they are neither…

    Anecdotal: My wife & I came down with COVID on JUL 01 (BA.5 presumably, spreading @ 70%) & it was on par with the WORST cases of Influenza we’ve ever experienced (both unvaxxed).

    7-10 days, just like the AMA is reporting for this “variant” of the bio-weapon…


    I am visiting the outlaws in Taiwan at the moment. On arrival we have to do seven days of quarantine in a quarantine hotel. The strange, but very clever, aspect is that after the third day you are allowed day-release from the hotel: you can leave but you have to be back to sleep overnight, the curfew time depends on the hotel but we usually got back at around 10 pm. Sounds crazy but this is a very clever political compromise.

    The Covid fanatics want more than a week of quarantine, the anti-Covid fanatics want quarantine to be abolished. The compromise is seven days of quarantine but on the fourth day the prisoner takes a RAT test, if they pass they can leave for the day but have to back to sleep that night. The next morning the prisoner has a temperature test and if normal is allowed to leave the hotel for the day, again has to return that night. The same two-day sequence is repeated on days six and seven.

    The RAT and temperature monitoring is partly an honour system. Tests, thermometers and forms are provided by the government. You take the RAT test in your room, fill in the form and send a picture of the test and completed form to the reception (via Line), they then reply to give you permission for day release. The same happens with the temperature tests.

    The Taiwan government managed to come up with a political compromise that has been accepted by both the for and against groups yet keeps both happy. Such gems in the pig shit of politics keeps my hope alive that one day governments will help the people rather than helping the crooks. Naive, I know.

    I should point out that for people with homes in Taiwan, they can quarantine at home. They also have to stay home for three days and are supposed to have a monitoring system after day three, but the monitoring is not implemented, it is an honour system and many people simply ignore it.

    Don’t get me wrong, the whole arrival and quarantine process is still bizarre in a way that only the Asians can pull off. For example, on arrival you have to buy a sim card so that they can track you using GSM, you register the card against your pre-flight PCR test, then go through immigration, then people walk up to you and start spraying you with alcohol, your luggage is sprayed with alcohol, you get a badge with “Quarantine” printed on it, you have to do a spit test (the sort where nobody does it properly, but they all enter the cubicle, then exit after two seconds), you then get taken to your hotel by taxi, but the taxi is a special quarantine taxi where the passengers are behind totally ineffective plastic screens to protect the driver, then on arrival at the hotel you and your luggage get sprayed again, then you have to cover your shoes with a paper bag shoe, etc etc. The theatre is amazing, all totally pointless but very good humoured.


    No problem connecting to TAE from NZ today, or any other day.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)
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