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    Gustave Doré Over London — By Rail 1872 (woodblock)   • China Ready To Contribute To Build Stable World Jointly With Russia – Xi (TASS) • 41+ Cou
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    David David David !

    Dr. D

    Famous Printing. Here’s the bad part: those people are in London because that’s the BEST situation they could find. You should see the countryside when they broke down feudalism, the Lords no longer felt equal fealty as a two-sided contract with the “serfs” and chucked them out of the Highlands, for instance.

    If you know this, you can see in Downton Abbey where them TRYING to be moderately decent to their people nearly bankrupts them a century later, and actually does eventually. The new middle – that Kult would call Capitalists – don’t ALLOW any of that softhearted old-country loyalty to happen. If there’s coal under your peasant’s house, get a solicitor to make something up to chuck them out. When you break all laws and contracts like that, erasing all legal property rights, it’s “Capitalism”.

    “• US, Europeans Depleted Their Weapons Stockpile Fighting Russia in Ukraine (Sp.)

    If it hasn’t been said, the cluster bomb fiasco is nothing but this. The U.S., all of NATO, have no 155mm shells. None. Rather than let the guns go silent, — and lose — or like, do something about it like open a factory and create jobs, they are sending the ONLY 155mm shells in existence: cluster bombs, the bottom of the literal barrel. And take a boot right in a face on human rights appearances. So every time you hear “cluster bomb”, hear “Desperate” “Losers” who are “Sapped” and “Out of bullets”.

    “• Vaudevillian Visitors in Vilnius (Sp.)

    Is it just me, or does it say something that the place they’re creating their new schemes is called “Villainous”? I guess “Murdertown” was booked that week?

    “• Zelensky Can Expect Military Aid Guarantees From NATO Summit at Best (Sp.)

    Again with the lies. If they say it, it’s a lie. All words are lies, all implications are further lies. NO THEY CAN’T. “Further” military aid? We just said THEY RAN OUT OF CORE 155mm SHELLS. But it’s okay because we “Promise” some, many years from now? WTF kind of “promise” is that? If you can’t provide them now, you sure as h—l can’t provide them later.

    “The EU will never accept a Muslim nation as a member.”

    You mean Sweden and France, right? The whole EU is atheist, or rather, their new weirdo Woke religion of mass death. They are already a theocracy, so I don’t see them being Christian as a reason they wouldn’t allow Turkey in. And Turkey is barely Muslim, extremely cosmopolitan in type, unlike say Saudi or Pakistan.

    “Welcome to Zuckerberg’s Vision of Internet “Kindness” (Turley)”

    Great. Then they are a Publisher and lose all Sec230. That hasn’t changed. Anyone want to follow the law around here?

    “UK Parents Prosecuted for Refusing to Pay for Transgender Treatments? (Turley)

    Whoops, I guess not. You will be fined and jailed if you don’t force-sterilize your children and cut off your family line forever. Later they’ll write about this like the Late Roman Empire and say “WTF were you guys thinking? Wasn’t it time to dig up the guns yet?”

    Around the Internets:
    “Convicted US Olympics Gymnastics Pedo Stabbed In Florida Prison

    Just after the paper letter from Epstein to him and the blogs begin to be filled with his relationship to Nassar filming it, selling and distributing it, and definitely including (but perhaps with the sex participation of) the high-level people at UPenn. You know: the ones that all the Congressmen were paying for access to?

    Total coincidence, I’m sure. After years safe behind bars before now.

    But yes. Hey, if we very easily know Nassar, AND we know he filmed it, WHO was he filming it for? So, he never shared, sold, including anyone? No? Not even with overwhelming evidence he did? A lot? And was probably paid? A lot? And the courts, the law, the media, nobody ever asked, looked, followed? Not even ooooooonnnneeee tiny step? No?

    Huh. I do not find that suspicious at all.

    To phrase Epstein: Nassar didn’t stab himself.

    Speaking of not suspicious at all: “Putin Held 3-Hour Meeting With Wagner Chief Days After Revolt”

    That’s how you know he was super-mad! That’s a real revolt the Russian commentators say and he was super mad at their treason…so he offered them a super-expensive contract where they hold 10,000 rifles on Russian territory. Yup! Not suspicious at all.

    “BBC Engulfed In Another Child Sex Abuse Allegation Against One Of Its Hosts”

    Like CNN, after knowing, then protecting, then covering for, several producers/employees who are active, “Let’s find, convince, and pay them” 8-year old pedophiles; THEN they panned the most popular movie out today because it was against pedophilia and human trafficking. …Along with Rolling Stone, who said, “Protect Pedophiles? Hold my beer.” Ah Rolling Stone! That’s the values you were founded for, right?

    “Why Do You Support Child Trafficking?” Rolling Stone Slammed over Negative ‘Sound of Freedom’ Review.
    The same Rolling Stone that covered for accused pedophile James Gordon Meek”

    Along with NY Times, WSJ, NPR. Yup! No Epstein flight list! …Which is actually public information, it’s not hidden at all. They just won’t publish it.

    “Macron was afraid the US would abandon the Ukrainians to save itself. There was the same fear among the Germans and British, Attali added. “The weak point is what happens in Washington.”

    Huh. But I thought the U.S. was running it all! Europe is a helpless baby, doing whatever they’re told. Now Europe is afraid that Biden/U.S. WON’T tell them to do this? That they’d be exposed as making actual decisions with actual preferences? …To attack, conquer, and steal all Russian resources for European consumption, and using America’s army to do it.

    “in two weeks Ukrainians will be able to overcome the Russian support band and start storming their main line of defense, while maintaining the offensive potential of their strongest brigades. Perhaps that’s what General Milley meant”

    Sure man, sure. And Russia is incapable of noticing this and will just sit around and not, I dunno, level Kiev with one bomb or something. Still, I’m glad the Ukrainians finally found something, however poor. You do know these successful “mosquito” attacks are essentially “human wave” attacks and are called “mosquito” for a reason.

    “Turkey Suddenly Agrees to Advance Sweden’s NATO Bid”

    We finally found what this is, Putin is shelling the crap out of Erogan in Syria. Because wtf are they doing in Syria??? Turkey SAID they would pull out, but won’t. He thinks he can 1) get the billion dollar pipeline and 2) Solve his Kurd problem. While 3) getting paid by NATO to screw Putin. Okay man. Give ‘er a go.

    Breathtaking long interview with softball journalist: “Putin is a dead man walking’ | Bill Browder

    Yes, Mr. Browder, but exactly how dead IS Putin? and by how much WILL Ukraine win the war? I’d love to go over all 30 minutes of it, but since every two words, of every sentence, is a provable lie, using every trope (dictator, strongman, failed state) we’ve ever heard, all rolled into one, it would take about 90 pages. And nobody wants that. Just know this is the apex, the magnum opus, of Western nonsense. All we need is a nuclear war, he says. Easy! (Literally. He says it’s that simple.)

    Who is Bill Browder? He’s the guy who was supposed to chop up, sell off, and rule Russia from the West. Life expectancies plummeted like 10 years, that is, nation-wide mass murder and slow genocide, mafia violence was nationwide, living standards near zero. But he put Putin in charge and blew it. Suddenly under the terrible (elected) dictator Putin, life expectancies steadily rose. Crime steadily fell, oligarchs were steadily brought to heel under the steadily stronger Russian state. Russia became peaceful, normal, and even prosperous. Now it’s a world power leading the Global South out of similar colonialization by the Anglos. So…Bill…I hear you’re a moron, a serial loser, and trying to get your country back. Maybe the interviewer should have mentioned that?

    But even clicking if you don’t have 32 minutes, look at the linked videos:
    “Putin’s army destroyed by his own ‘Maskirovka’ | Philip Ingram
    “Putin’s Army Riots”
    “Russia Rebellion: Putin is losing grip on power- and he can’t make Prigozhin a martyr”
    “Ukraine identifying where to ‘slice through’ Russian defences
    “Putin Doesn’t care about his soldiers dying: Bill Browder”
    Which is why everyone agrees Russia is painfully and perhaps counterproductively harboring all his men and preventing all losses.
    “The End of Russia – Could Wagner Group Overthrow Putin” Yes, that was 13 hours ago. Still at it, learned nothing. “The Power of Positive Thinking!!!” Answer: No. They cannot.
    “Prigozhin spotted in Russia is a ‘nightmare scenario for Putin’ |
    “Bill Browder: The future of Russia after the war

    He literally says we’re going to chop them up, erase their army, and never allow them to have power again. I’m sure Russia will now surrender and come to the negotiating table immediately and not like Nuke the whole West instead or nothin’.
    “Anti-Putin activist Bill Browder says a ‘purge of monumental proportions’ is coming to Russia”
    That was two weeks ago. Where’s the purge? Bill now says it’s the LACK of purge that shows Putin is weak.

    This is the sort of guy I mean when I say it’s impossible to be discredited. On and on for 18 months, 8 years, 20 years, wrong every time, wrong at every turn, wrong about everything. Wrong that destroyed Germany and with the Paris riots, all of Europe. Wrong that costs us $150 Billion dollars and our entire empire. Wrong that means kids die of drinking water in Flint. Yet nothing. He’s an “Expert” doncha know? Can’t you see my white coat?

    He did say something interesting. Well, first he said “Prighozhin is Russia’s top military expert.” Uhhhh…Prighozhin is a caterer. That’s said all the time. He never served the military, he’s a businessman, a money guy. He knows literally nothing about war. Then Bill said, “After the raid on his St. Petersburg apartment, Putin gave all his stuff back, including the money.”

    Uh-huh. And Putin’s really super mad at this guy. He’s about to purge. Hang traitors in Red Square. Right. “No, no!” Bill says, “That just shows Putin’s weak! We have to have all NATO attack (with nukes) today.”

    The level. Of Western. Insanity. Bends my image of the whole universe. Is the Universe even large enough, heavy enough, grand enough, to have this kind of denial and stupidity resting in it? Don’t we really need another universe to hold objects this large?

    ““..Western governments and pundits clearly suffered more embarrassment from this episode than Putin did..”

    No they didn’t. As above, Browder still at it, and every major outlet will run him or the same stories. “Putin winning 5/5 only means he’s weak!” “Walls are Closing In!”

    “• Ukraine In NATO Is ‘Path To Peace’ – FM (RT)

    This was Bill Browder’s line, where every word is a lie. “Russia is an expansion state, who attacks everyone not in NATO!” Uh. Whut? Of our two nations, there is only ONE who attacks like 100 nations and it’s not Russia. WHO exactly has Russia ever attacked? I’ll wait.

    “So therefore the only way to KEEP Russia from attacking is to PUT Ukraine in NATO! Duuu-uh. Everybody knows that!” Well, first thing, Russia never attacked anyone before, and therefore there is zero data set on attack yes/no. But you might also notice the REASON they attacked was to KEEP Ukraine from NATO.

    As that’s true, it will also be true that if you put Ukraine in NATO – ever – at any speed, at any time – THEY WOULD ATTACK NATO. They wouldn’t just say “Oh well, ya got us.” So war is peace for sure. The only way to have peace is to keep having wars with Russia! No. Literally. They say this all the time, about all nations. Just last week CNN said “We have to have war with Russia (there) so we don’t have a war with Russia (there)”. Riiiiiight. War = Peace but War also = War? Sure! When your reality is nothing but AntiLogos, that makes more sense than anything before!

    Kassandra: Yes, evil’s whole M.O. their whole narcissistic lives, depend on only that one thing: that you can’t conceive or credit that they are that evil. Personally, I don’t know why. If you can imagine a little evil, surely you can imagine more, but as has often been quoted “The mind reels” “People are in denial” “tell the Big Lie, the bigger, more brazen, more impossible, more breathtaking, the better”. Ask Phoenix about trusted people telling big lies until finally breaking out of it, I think she knows.

    Not to make you responsible or anything, but it’s YOUR inability to imagine it, and therefore deny it, that allows the evil to BE so large. …Collective “Your”. And I don’t know what to do about it. Is it a good thing to make yourself open up to and believe such horrors? Bring them into your reality and soul? Probably not. Which is what men were created for. We will do this, but you have to trust and let them. Like the movie, THEY will track down the human traffickers and dispatch them. You just don’t ask questions about the specifics of what it looked like or how it was done. It’s enough that THEY will do so, and make the world safe for goodness and love. Which is the world we will be overjoyed to create for you. But you have to let them.

    Sure CitizenX. The gays used to try to pick ME up as a child. And that was years ago. They were proud members of NAMBLA and wanted to make sure I knew it. (Though not all are, of course). They tried to pick up Hemingway in 1910, it’s like other crimes, it’s nothing new. The sex of children is worse than just an infraction, a legal level of ages, worse even than just statutory or even a rape. Child development is like a plant growing, and to sexualize them early – especially in a serious way like intercourse – as if breaks the central stem, cuts off the natural growth. Forever. Although all things can be done, it basically makes an irreversible physical, mental, and psychological damage that can never be repaired. Their love and sexuality is essentially forever broken. Now we may not notice so much since everyone we know already did bad things to themselves too young, and half the kids in school are already sexed up or even trafficked, while the other half watch porn at such an early age that they’re mentally bent and trafficked. So it doesn’t stand out, it’s part of the water of immorality we swim in, unless your closest neighbors are the Amish. But that’s why the “Love of man grows cold” isn’t it? Why mothers can’t give a s—t about their children? Their love is already bent and broken from age 10. And even they don’t know why. All the adults around them, seeing it as “normal” don’t know why. They say suck it up, life sucks. Maybe you’re gay and the new drug, new lover, new click is the love you’re starving for. No. It isn’t. You broke your love, the door collapsed and you can’t reach that now. Dig out, it may take years.

    And we were telling you not to do this thing, go down this road, not to be a nagging Nellie, but because WE LOVE YOU. Don’t do this thing. Don’t cut your parts off, mentally, emotionally, and now physically, or you’ll be a disabled shell hobbling around all your life perhaps. They won’t listen. It ain’t cool! You can’t judge me! Sex, Drugs, Rock n Roll! I do what I want! Stupid Sky God!

    Yes, and you take the irreversible consequences of that too.

    Thinking about solar and the wind array, finally something productive to add. Yes, the power is way, WAY too lumpy. Always feast and famine. But I figured out that you need to spec the power output and put in a dump shunt. This is already done not to overload the system, used to power electric (24v) heating elements in the winter. Okay. But you could use the same idea to run something, say a giant icemaker freezer in the summer. It’s not just USING it, which might not be worth the investment, it’s about SAVING the batteries and charge controllers from constant high use or even destruction.


    ‘Zero Amish children diagnosed with cancer, diabetes or autism’

    This is an important point, particularly with regards to autism. It should be possible to correlate vaccine data with autism, possibly even singling out individual vaccines as potentially harmful. Not everyone has had every vaccine.

    Who would fund this? Certainly not Big Pharma or large medical organisations. I can’t see it being done even though it should be straight forward. Even if, say, a wealthy individual would fund it would they be allowed access to the data?

    V. Arnold

    The level. Of Western. Insanity. Bends my image of the whole universe. Is the Universe even large enough, heavy enough, grand enough, to have this kind of denial and stupidity resting in it? Don’t we really need another universe to hold objects this large?

    I do not have an answer to that last question…
    But what I do know is that in the U.S., they are a very damaged and sick society…
    Everything falls from there…it’s not an encouraging place to begin to find answers…

    V. Arnold

    I also did not mean to imply that the U.S. is the center of the universe; they most assuredly are not!
    Anyhoo…big trouble ahead……


    Key takeaways
    Tokenisation of money and assets has great potential, but initiatives to date have taken place in silos without access to central bank money and the foundation of trust it provides.
    A new type of financial market infrastructure – a unified ledger – could capture the full benefits of tokenisation by combining central bank money, tokenised deposits and tokenised assets on a programmable platform.
    As well as improving existing processes through the seamless integration of transactions, a unified ledger could harness programmability to enable arrangements that are currently not practicable, thereby expanding the universe of possible economic outcomes.
    Multiple ledgers – each with a specific use case – might coexist, interlinked by application programming interfaces to ensure interoperability as well as promote financial inclusion and a level playing field.


    Musk changed all that by showing the public an extensive network of government interventions to support censorship and blacklisting of private citizens.
    Incorrect – he offered a limited hangout. No one charged. Nothing changed just little bits to make us all feel the tightening of the control grid more like soft velvet.
    I’m unsure how China and Russia are NOT involved given their performance during LOCKSTEP.
    The Bankers and Billionaires have gone direct and as CJ Hopkins likes to say ‘they aint playing grab-ass anymore’
    We free thinkers are as deviant in the west as China or just about anywhere.





    The powerful United Nations is now seeking to increase its influence worldwide by seizing global “emergency” powers, and President Joe Biden supports their proposal.

    Interestingly, the U.N. proposal would begin September 2024, a mere two months before a highly anticipated general election in the U.S.

    The global organization will host a “Summit of the Future” where associated nations will adopt a so-called “Pact for the Future.”

    The “pact,” or agreement, would set in place multiple policy reforms offered by the U.N. in past years as part of its “Our Common Agenda” platform.

    While there are several aggressive proposals included in the agenda, none are as disconcerting as the U.N.’s plan for an “emergency platform,” which would provide the international organization significant powers in times of “global shocks,” such as another global pandemic.

    Exposed: UN Set to Launch ‘Global Shocks’ Plan Just Prior to US Presidential Election

    God damn it I have to go for more tinfoil!

    Clueless Honky

    Clueless Honky has a new post, The Last to Know, about how consumers of mainstream media are always the last to know, and how places like TAE are one of the best ways through that conundrum.


    UN + IMF + WHO + BIS = AGENDA 2030 as per WEF. All signs seem to point to a similar place, no one reads signs anymore. Most would seem to be lost. Signs ignored, consequences reaped.


    walk a mile in my shoes
    First, put food on the table, then, if you have surplus energy, you can face truth and reality and adapt your survival options in the social/economic/political environment that surrounds you.
    Are these your shoes?

    1. BRICS+ is a collection of nations that say enough is enough with endless US wars, financial instability and US Govt money printing on the backs of other nations causing inflation around the world. BRICS+ will end the US Govt Ponzi scheme without a war.
    2. • US, Europeans Depleted Their Weapons Stockpile Fighting Russia in Ukraine (Sp.)
    3. • Vaudevillian Visitors in Vilnius (Sp.)
    4. • Prigozhin’s War (Lauria)
    5. • Welcome to Zuckerberg’s Vision of Internet “Kindness” (Turley)
    6. Depopulation – Global Pandemic
    7. Politicians are liars trying to convince you to obey their wishes

    My shoes include inputs from TAE.


    Dear Doctor of Denial, Succintness has it’s charms, unless you are engaged in propaganda. Then say it, whatever it might be, 365 days in a row with as many words as possible.

    The entire regimen of tax cutting starting with Raygun has a singular purpose, to free up disposable income and direct it to compound interest payments. There is no way taxes could have ever have financed our Global War OF Terror.
    The compound interest on the financing for that self-storage warehouse where we store those useless signs of our affluence we pay compound interest on our credit cards for?
    That closet full of clothes and shoes we never wear that are still being paid for,
    That vacation, that jet ski, that boat, that ATV, that travel trailer, those RVs – simple to luxurious -, that high end automobile your teenager drives so everyone can see our affluence, the debt incurred by the corporation where you have employment, the debt carried by every town, city, county and state?
    Compound interest!
    Starting with our Iran-Contra affair and moving to our debacle in Ukraine,
    every child starved, maimed and murdered along our affluent path has been the victim of compound interest.

    “”Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” and the sergeant came over, pinned a medal on me
    Sent me down the hall, said “You’re our boy”. Arlo Guthrie – Alice’s Restaurant – 1997
    Three Cheers for Grover Norquist – “You’re our boy”
    Do you still use Facebook? The platform longest involved in pimping your daughter out for compound interest. “You’re our boy” It’s so convenient!

    And finally – The TRUE people of the Book have no part in this – looking at you CelticBiker. “None so blind as those who WILL not see”


    Cluster munitions : How many will be fired at Russian troops and how many will be fired at civilians in the Donbas and Crimea?


    Sri Lanka is colonized again. We are administered by foreigners from the IMF just as we were by the VoC back then. We are sold out by a despised Parliament and a usurper President, just as we were by the Kandyan nobility in 1815. Our new nobility gets to continue stealing and murdering while the comprador classes of Colombo get paid off with imported goods. Just like under colonialism. Then, as now, it is the common people of Sri Lanka who suffer. They are starving.

    Colonialism always worked like this. It was always divide and conquer. Colonialism always worked by taking economic control of a country while letting its petty nobility keep petty privileges. It always worked by letting local merchants take their cut of the blood-letting of the whole nation. And we always administered to it ourselves. The face and even the boot of colonialism was predominantly brown. I used to wonder how we did this to ourselves, but I don’t wonder anymore. In front of my own eyes, among my own people, I see it happening.

    How is what’s happening today colonialism? Compare it to the capitulation of this country to the British in 1815. The Kandyan Convention deposed the legitimate king, vested the country in the British Empire, and preserved only the ranks of the Kandyan nobility. What have we done in our completely hijacked Aragalaya? Deposed an elected President who was replaced with one completely unelected and rejected by the people last election. Preserved the ranks and privileges of a despised and frankly criminal Parliament. And we call this democracy? Where are the local government elections, delayed for years now? At a time of such great crisis, why are the people not consulted in a General Election? This is no democracy. It’s just another wretched nobility, selling us out to the American Empire instead of the British.

    We have a ‘caretaker’ government composed almost exclusively of criminals, led by someone explicitly rejected by the people, collaborating with completely unaccountable foreigners. This is not caretaker government. It’s an undertaker government.
    Why do I blame the Americans instead of ourselves? Follow the money. Look at the currency our misery is denominated in. That’s the problem. We had a forex crisis in dollars, not a problem with rupees or yuan. For us, what sunk us was the dollar, as it is for much of the world. This is happening globally,


    Thinking like an executive here and excuse my plagiarism. Also trigger warning – I’m in a rant mood.

    What happens in organisations is effort and cost – think Roman empire, WEF, Gov and a little tech start up for example. The less they have to do to produce results (lock people down, censor or make phones) the better it does its job. The outside of the organisation is the true reality. It is beyond the control of the management. This is why war and Ivermectin are problematic. You can only plan from within an organisation but your plans are directed at the world.
    The world is outside your plans.
    It can feel very comforting from within the business when its going well (Klaus) but the nature of the business must be as absolutely efficient and small as possible to be a perfect organisation because you exhaust your profit and capital and energy the bigger and more inward looking the bis gets (looking at you US GOV).

    This move to colonise genes and look inward is showing the resource and easy returns for empire in decline. It is perhaps why a surplus of humans in poverty is generating easy returns on child trafficking etc.
    The hand will get over played in time because the energy balance doesn’t add up and a lot of the outside world does not respond well to management. I for example say to the WEF – fuck right off and I’ll manage my own family, social interactions and forest without your help.
    In fact I will intentionally maximise efforts to exhaust your energy by being an unwilling customer and will relentlessly post bad reviews of what you are selling on all available platforms including word of mouth.
    I will also seek to publicly judge the character of your various members (Larry Fink, Kill Gates etc) as seriously wanting and entirely villainous and untrustworthy pieces of garbage.
    Unless these Fascist Banking mobsters make special efforts to directly view what is happening on the outside reality they will become obsessed with their wants and their organisation and will run out of customers or willing helpers.
    Or like thalidomide they may go through the ‘oh shit’ phase and crawl under what ever rock they can find before openly murdered.


    Balkanizing Russia? If most of what TPTB say is projection than maybe the Balkanizing of Russia really means the USA. Look at the way the country seems to be self dividing. West coast, everything south of the Mason-Dixon line over to and probably including New Mexico, the Northeast over to say the Ohioriver valley and then the central continental plains into the mountains somewhere. Where the hell is that tinfoil?


    To potentially prosecute a parent for refusing to use an adopted pronoun of their child is chilling and wrong. Nevertheless, a CPS spokesperson doubled down with a comment to Fox News that “domestic abuse is a severe crime and leaves victims with a lasting impact . . . This assists prosecutors to ensure that any victim, regardless of who they are, can get justice for the abuse they have faced.”

    Here is the most ridiculous part of this:

    Currently, it is nearly impossible to get CPS or a family court to pay attention to verbal and/or emotional abuse of children by parents. I gave “very important,” family-court-appointed people specific examples of verbal and emotional abuse of my children by their father. They were uninterested. Within a couple weeks of the “graduated parenting time” implemented by the court for my kids to see their father more and more over the course of six months, I saw marked changes in their behavior and demeanor. No one with any real influence over the situation paid any attention to my observations. Now, as teens, my kids sometimes open up and tell me what they were thinking and feeling and experiencing then, and now, at their father’s home. It isn’t pretty. Two of my kids struggle with depression. (Not formally diagnosed — this is their own observation of their own self.) My daughter sometimes harms herself. And all I can do is offer support — I am powerless to change their living arrangements.

    Here’s the fun part: it seems that, generally, family court and CPS are not interested in verbal/emotional abuse because it is (a) difficult to prove and (b) common for disgruntled parents to accuse each erroneously of verbal and emotional abuse. For example: one year after the kids started spending more time with their father, and I noticed these things, he filed legal papers accusing me of neglect as well as verbal/emotional abuse of the children. He lost, because his allegations were unfounded, and conversations with the children proved it. But, he wasn’t asked to pay my legal fees and he was only asked to fund half of the costly custody study.

    So now, suddenly, our society is going to elevate a *special* type of verbal/emotional abuse — misgendering — as somehow more sacrosanct and damaging than any other type of abuse?? They are insane. My daughter has a female friend who wants to use they/he pronouns and for people to alternate between “they” and “he” regularly in conversation. Some people don’t even possess the mental acuity to attempt to do this, let alone succeed. And the girl’s parents? They are great people, salt-of-the-earth types, and the continue to use female pronouns and the girl’s given name.


    The cynic in me is gaining greater control all the time. I followed the climate warming talk and warnings as closely as I could from the early eighties on. All the peer reviewed papers and talks by the most respected in their various fields of expertise. So now we are at the point where the rubber meets the road so to speak. Things aren’t even close to what we were told to expect by now. Well the resource wars seem to be here on schedule. So I read this headline:
    “Niger hit by blistering heat wave linked to climate change”
    Tag line:
    “The West African country of Niger is in the grip of a severe heat wave. Scientists say temperatures in Niger are rising one and a half times faster than in the rest of the world. Heat waves in the country are becoming more frequent and intense.”
    I was sure it was the Arctic that was rising multiple times faster or was the Antarctic? Are these places not part of the “rest of the world”? Now it is only “linked” so it’s all just correlation then? No hard evidence? Now the thing that sticks with me is the correlation part. Some of the reasons I now put forth as good reason to have abstained from the experiment are just that, correlation. Then they are thrown back as just that and not proof. Only to be followed up with opposite correlation and or .gov PR to counter my point. I usually point out the paradigm and then crickets.
    Suits me just fine. If I can’t use correlation than such nonsense cannot be put forth by the party claiming it isn’t worth looking into, on that basis.

    Oxy rant on!


    Dr D
    . If there’s coal under your peasant’s house, get a solicitor to make something up to chuck them out. When you break all laws and contracts like that, erasing all legal property rights, it’s “Capitalism

    Which is why it is helpful to clearly delineate the differences between economic systems and political systems. Sure, if capitalism is a virtue and is defined as purely following self interest in the economic sphere, it makes sense to use any means, legal or not, to get at the coal. Which is why we need a political system that respects rights of individuals and traditional property laws (which vary greatly from place to place, and age to age,) rather than being primarily beholden only to whomever has the most wealth, popularity, or guns.


    Re: BRICS+ will end the US Govt Ponzi scheme without a war.

    Catherine Austin Fitts often had that uncomfortable question in her numerous guest appearances:
    “Who would push the Red Button”
    aka the proverbial mean to make entire US financial structure collapse and clear the way so the next generation has a chance to make something better. Not easy decision since “The Ponzi” is a financial lifeline of just about any aspect of living of the current generation.
    Well….the V-R-L-D– (as H. Kissinger would pronounce it) will do it for us.


    Peak Prosperity


    So, pretty soon our secret alien technology will reveal TUNGSTON as the most valuable metal one can own, and luckily the US has tons of it in Ft Knox. Right?

    The knock at the door goes “pound, pound, pound!”
    And you’re offered face value for the gold you’ve got around.
    And you say, “No thank-you, I am keeping it, instead.”
    And the guy at the door says- “Bang! You’re dead”.


    Sure, if capitalism is a virtue and is defined as purely following self interest in the economic sphere, it makes sense to use any means, legal or not, to get at the coal.

    At its most bare-bones, Capitalism is: You can’t enslave people or steal from them. To get something from them, offer them something they will WILLINGLY give you the thing you want in exchange

    (If you can only steal or enslave because you are unable to bring value, you’re a useless loser…)

    Government itself is, in that sense, inside Capitalism. If it offers something in exchange for what it takes away, something that is WORTH it, then it is good government. If it doesn’t, it’s a worthless loser government.

    IF you presume Capitalism = Oppression – ie, the opposite of capitalism – then you would presume that stealing resources on a poor person’s land is Capitalism.

    But that would be Marxism, which thrives on inversion of definitions and a fair bit of projection as well. When they WIN, they try to make their new system work, it fails, they persecute evildoers that are ruining their Great Plans, they keep failing, they swiftly throw up their hands and say “Fine. We will steal and enslave – but it’s for a great future in which slavery and theft are eliminated” ….when there were lower levels of theft and slavery before they got control.


    Is that the same as a nick-name?
    Would a teacher get into trouble for not using the nick-name?


    Conflict thinking
    Canada/Trudeau approves killing people, if they are Russians.
    Canada/Trudeau does not approve of killing Russians with cluster bombs.
    Canada/Trudeau is not at war with Russia
    Canada is helping Ukraine preserve democracy?


    But that would be Marxism, which thrives on inversion of definitions and a fair bit of projection as well. When they WIN, they try to make their new system work, it fails, they persecute evildoers that are ruining their Great Plans

    You are absolutely right jb-hb! in this statement. Probably you are surprised that is coming from kultsommer? On the other hand, “theoretical musings and definition” of the capitalist system you should reserve for some other parallel universe.
    You could know but do not want to:
    In the entire 70-year existence of Soviet Union and later on in other Socialist countries no “heavily indoctrinated” ordinary citizen EVER uttered those words, after day-in-and-day out observation of his bleak existence:
    “You know Volodya, I think that some capitalist contra-revolutionary forces infiltrated OUR beautiful system and ruining the”Great Plan”, so that’s why we are where we are now….” They knew.
    Which happened not to be the case with “non-indoctrinated You-guys”.


    In reference to angry comment outbursts as of late. Some comment and insist to convert the opposite side to his or hers opinion as their life depends on it!!!
    Commenting is just an exchange of opinions on the site that posters “welcomes different opinions”. Well…not necessarily but still, calm down guys.


    Solzhenitsyn gives a blow by blow of the Soviets jumping continually at shadows. Newly invented terms enabling them to discover newly-defined traitors, saboteurs, counter-revolutionaries.

    ….“theoretical musings and definition” of the capitalist system you should reserve for some other parallel universe…

    like the parallel universe inside the heads of marxist academics? Is this a reminder that I should be staying firmly inside marxist definitions, “study” of captialism, and don’t dare stray out into a parallel universe of observable objective reality and common sense? “The Capitalist System” Really?

    “You know Volodya, I think that some capitalist contra-revolutionary forces infiltrated OUR beautiful system and ruining the”Great Plan”, so that’s why we are where we are now….” They knew.

    Like in the New Economic Plan in 1921, when the Communists realized they were going to fast, causing things to fail, looking like crazy incompetents to the general populace, so they relaxed all their controls, allowed people to trade value for value with less control and coercion?

    Like when China started allowing free enterprise – just some DEGREE of trading value for value – and had a way better outcome than The Great Leap Forward, which was grounded in sensible forward thinking Marxist Materialism?

    It’s just weird that whenever they use Capitalism, they benefit. But also “they knew” the Capitalists were sabotaging them, eh?


    Just got back from the liquor store. The entire depth of the fridge area behind the shelves is crammed to capacity with not only Bud but AB/inBev products in general.

    I suspect the 25%-ish estimate for fall in Bud/AB/inBev sales is kinda like the vax statistics. Pick a number large-ish enough to be barely believable but small enough to say “You’re an ISOLATED minority!” I think the reported % figures are part of the attempted damage control.

    Before Solo A Star Wars Story came out and lost money, Disney-Lucasfilm and its various many tentacles and pseudopods and bots kept shrieking full-spectrum/bandwidth that fans dissatisfied with Star Wars were Just A Small Vocal (bigoted) Minority and/or Russian Bots. But then Solo lost money. Because no one asked for a Han Solo movie in which Han wanders around in a daze asking everyone what’s going on while getting beaten up by women while having the stripes on his trousers “explained”

    (which is why someone bought all those empty seats for Captain Marvel – we’re not doing that Solo thing again – in the run-up to Captain Marvel, we were joking to each other, “What are they gonna do, force us to the movie theatre at gunpoint?” well, now we know)

    Buffet just bought one of only 7 US LNG terminals for 3.3 Billion. Weird to think of Star Wars having been bought by Disney for over 5 Billion. But I guess LNG terminals are downstream from culture.

    The Acolyte – the movie to be directed by Harvey Weinstein’s secretary in which a girlboss decides The Force (the energy of Life which surrounds, sustains, and connects us) is Bad and needs to be destroyed To Make It Fair – is apparently in worse trouble than thought. Officially, 300+ Million has already been poured into this “concept” with not much to show for it. Rumor has it that Kathleen Kennedy kept re-directing additional unapproved/unreported millions to the project while cooking the books. Additional rumor has it that her email is coming back Undeliverable, she shows in Outlook as out on PTO, and that Disney execs have a team of people investigating Lucasfilm.

    Biden DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Prepared To Testify Against 1st Family

    What about Clinton Standard Operating Procedure (CSOP) do you not get, Biden? – well, “Biden” Does this whistleblower not do bench presses or have a nail gun? wtf. Is this Spaceballs In The White House or what?


    “Not to make you responsible or anything, but it’s YOUR inability to imagine it, and therefore deny it, that allows the evil to BE so large. …Collective “Your”. And I don’t know what to do about it. Is it a good thing to make yourself open up to and believe such horrors? Bring them into your reality and soul?”

    Yes. It is essential to ACCEPT that evil IS here/there/everywhere. As individuals and as family/community, we have to “go there” – dig it out, face it. To EXPERIENCE the reality/impact (as if it happened/is happening directly to us) so that we see it and know it for what it is.

    It doesn’t matter which form of evil delivers you to your breaking point. It’s important that you get there! And that you experience your own SWORD IN THE STONE/”There’s no place like home”/“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that”/TVASSF/bonus hole + chest feeding/WAR IS PEACE/cluster bombs 4 thee/“We’ll always have Paris” moment(s).

    REJOYCE in your new-found freedom! Stand up. Call it out. Name it. All of it. Good and evil. The power, the force, the LIGHT is you.

    In the process, you strengthen and sharpen the gift of discernment – the ability to recognize truth/good/LOVE from lies/evil/hate. IMAGINING, remembering, and knowing that there is as much capacity/capability for GOOD as for evil. You choose.

    Be good. Be LOVE. In every thought, word, deed.

    You just keep throwing yourself at LOVE with LOVE – until you know that YOU ARE LOVE.

    LOVE to Ilargi and Friends that gather here.



    Who is Bill Browder?

    There is a movie called “The Magnitsky Act. Behind the Scenes” that features Browder. The director, Andrey Nekrasov, claims he was going to make a movie about corruption in the Russian government and how Magnitsky, who was Browder’s accountant, was wrongly imprisoned and then essentially murdered in prison. This was the justification for the Magnitsky act in the US that sanctioned high level Russians. The Magnitsky act was championed by John McCain and others. Nekrasov says in the movie that the more he learned about the incident the less he believed it until he ended up making a movie that was just the opposite. He interviews Browder in the movie. Browder thinks Nekrasov is a friendly and gladly answers questions until it becomes obvious that Browder is now the target at which point he walks out of the interview. The film is convincing but is of course just one side of the story.
    I have a Russian co-worker and when I mentioned Magnitsky he repeated the MSM Putin-government-bad-thankyou-John-McCain line. He hadn’t seen the movie and had zero interest in watching it. I asked if he thought Browder was a good guy but he had never heard of him. I asked about John McCain and he said that though McCain had done some bad things he had also done some good things. He said that Nekrasov used to be a respected director who had called out Putin but had now gone over to the dark side, probably for money. My coworker is very anti-Putin and since he is Russian I have to believe he knows things I don’t.
    I still think Neskarov’s position is more correct but it’s interesting to hear the other side. As with so many things it’s hard to know what the truth of the matter really is.


    …..Newly invented terms enabling them to discover newly-defined traitors, saboteurs, counter-revolutionaries.

    Yep. All by communist higher-ups.

    Like in the New Economic Plan in 1921, when the Communists realized they were going to fast, causing things to fail, looking like crazy incompetents…..

    Here comes you that prompted my reply:

    When they WIN, they try to make their new system work, it fails, they persecute evildoers that are ruining their Great Plans

    Rule by FEAR that history proves, you know….Stalin’s horrors. Ever heard of them?

    While I wrote “70 years of Soviet Union” in my post, I was rather thinking about the conversation than never took place sometimes after Stalin’s death, 1953 and on to 90’s, when things “normalized”.

    D Benton Smith

    It should be clear to everyone by now that the present war (Truthful Good vs Indescribably Wackadoodle Evil) is neither pointless nor avoidable, although discussion of the details do seem to be endlessly fascinating. The war is the expression of the very nature of the Universe itself, and it is never going away, unless the Universe goes with it. Whether or not that happens is too far above my pay grade, so not my department, but the nature of the fight is right down my alley.

    The internecine conflict is the dramatic manifestation of free will. Free to be right, and equally free to be wrong, according to one’s self determined choices. Both choices (right/wrong, good/bad, true/false, etc ) have their effects, and those effects are felt and described as either “dire consequences” or “beneficial results” depending upon the orientation of one’s viewpoint. In other words, all causes have effects which simply cannot be prevented once the cause has been executed. Whether you like those effects (or not) is entirely up to you, as are the choices of the actions taken to cause or forestall them.

    I suppose I could be reasonably criticized for reducing life’s complexities down to such rhetorical simplicity, but my defense is that the simplicity of it continues to hold true . . . both generally and in fine detail. . . regardless of how big or how small or how finely ground the details.

    If somebody wants NOT to be mean, nasty, incapacitated, dreadfully unhappy or downright evil then they should try their best to love and serve the BEST interests of others at least as much as they look out for good old Number One. But if, on the other hand, defiant victory for themselves alone (above all others) is what they value above all else, then they are free to give that a go. Free will is nothing if it isn’t free and willful, so let ’em have at it. You can’t easily STOP them anyway (FREE will, and all that, right?) Evil is stupid, doomed, and never ends well (indeed it probably doesn’t end at all) but telling people so doesn’t seem to have very much short-term effect on their stupidity, or destructive behavior. Maybe they’re all from Missouri and need to SHOWN why it’s a bad idea. That can be arranged.

    It also so happens that orientation toward good is in the direction of what we call spirituality or God (for lack of words to say it any better), and the opposite is in the direction of materiality, evil, Satan, or whatever. One path leads to “Heaven” and the other goes to “Hell”, and it doesn’t really matter very much what you call any of those things either. None of us are smart enough to fully comprehend it in either case anyhow.

    But we can all tell the difference.


    When you think that things can not get any creepier.
    Do not forget to have a yellow ribbons tied to porch posts.

    John Day

    Dora: Thank you for the Chris Martenson interview with PAul Marik MD.
    Reduce your cancer risk 60% by taking (enough) vitamin-D, omega-3 supplement (fish oil, butter/cheese from grass-fed cattle) and daily exercise at home, preferably in the sun (but don’t get burned).
    Further benefits from cutting out sweet drinks and refined sugars & starches, eating fresh veggies, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and drinking green tea.
    Meryl Nass has more of that information here:


    While I wrote “70 years of Soviet Union” in my post, I was rather thinking about the conversation than never took place sometimes after Stalin’s death, 1953 and on to 90’s, when things “normalized”.

    When do we count things as “normalized” in the USSR?

    When Solzhenitsyn’s hunger strike ended?

    When I finally got to meet my relatives in the late 80’s during the Gorbachev administration?

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