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    Vincent van Gogh July 14th in Paris1886   • ‘NATO Is The Real Troublemaker’ – China (RT) • Why Doesn’t Moscow Try This Instead? (Zuesse) • US Cou
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    The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) agenda once had the staunch backing of billionaires, Western governments and the United Nations. Big Capital, however, is backtracking from the very Frankenstein it had created. What are the reasons behind this volte-face?

    In a June 10 Tweet, Elon Musk, the embodiment of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution, declared that “ESG is the devil”.

    ESG stands for the “environmental, social and governance” principles which dictate that certain aspects of a company’s work must be taken into account when deciding whether to invest in it. An investment-worthy company must have a good score on things like climate change, sustainability, energy efficiency, diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as corruption and bribery prevention, among others.

    Musk’s outburst was sparked by the shockingly low ESG scores assigned to Tesla by S&P Global, a ratings and market intelligence heavyweight. Tesla earned 37 points (out of a possible 100, where anything above 70 is considered “good” and anything below 50 is deemed “poor”) on its ESG scorecard while Philip Morris, the global tobacco giant, received a commendable score of 84. Similarly, as the Washington Free Beacon discovered, the London Stock Exchange gave British American Tobacco a score of 94.

    Perhaps, lighting up 20.3 billion tobacco products daily worldwide does wonders for the environment and sustainability.

    Why Is Big Capital Ditching the “Social, Environment, Governance” ESG Agenda?

    Dr. D

    “3,000 reserve personnel on July 13. Since February 2022, the Pentagon has deployed over 20,000 additional forces to Europe, bringing its current total to over 100,000”

    This is certainly bad because it’s quiet, and real. On target for their new “Plan”, next early summer, as per Armstrong.

    The thing of going nation-by-nation is very good though and necessary, it will restore the balance and sovereignty. NATO and everyone, EU, won’t allow it, but since they’re dead, eventually it will happen that way, ‘eventually’ being a very long time.

    “anybody with just a minimal education in the military sciences would know this was a failed effort to them from the start.”

    Yet they did it, and the Pentagon let them. So…why?

    ““…an outcome no rational actor could ever view as contributing to the collective peace and security of Europe.”

    You had me at ‘rational actor’. This is what we don’t have. Essentially anywhere. And the bad thing about insane people – or misbehaving people, like narcissists or drug addicts – is that they don’t know they’re insane. Or not the level to which.

    “However, US, NATO and Ukrainian leaders are still chasing dreams that are impossible to realize, Brenner warned.”

    Yes. That’s the definition of “insanity”. No, Johnny, if you jump off the roof, your Batman baby blanket will not let you fly.

    “Zelensky, for his part, never has given a damn about Ukrainians..”

    Maybe he has, but he’s sure riding the tiger now, yes? And his treatment at NATO after murdering everyone within his borders, sure shows who NATO and every world leader really is, right? Shoot yourself in the head for us, we’ll still turn our backs on you if you didn’t ALSO give me bacon.

    “In the long run, the only countries that will strengthen in terms of their armaments capacity will be the USA and Great Britain.”

    What a coincidence. Why, oh why, does anyone, anywhere trust the Anglos? Perfidious Albion.

    “where’s the concern for the United States in that?” In response, Pence said “it’s not my concern.”

    Breathtaking. And honest: thank God for 1A, never stop talking, Mike, that’s how we know who you are. Should ask him about “Sound of Freedom” – I here there were interesting rumors from him back in his home state about that.

    “Nobel Physics Laureate 2022 Slams ‘Climate Emergency’ Narrative (DS)

    Welp, I guess he’s no longer a scientist: He has opinions. He is open to discussion and debate. And we all know Science™, and especially The Science™, don’t do that. “Science” is always settled and Opinions are Treason. Just like asking questions is. That’s Science!

    He might get further saying something like, “But there IS a pollution crisis” which is generally true. Most of that pollution is in Asia, etc, on behalf of the West, that is, it’s OUR pollution. And most of the pollution in the West comes directly from EPA regulation, which universally approves and promotes things such as Glyphosate and food additives, batteries and plastics, and other regulators which approve of paving all farmland that can be captured in any way, from sea to shining sea. But ESPECIALLY all of Holland, particularly around Amsterdam.

    WHO, imagine if they got just a tick further. No guns. And no opposition to Obamacare. Then mandatory vaccination of experimental gene therapy and digital ID would be already done deal. Practically over, except brushfire rebellions like Winston’s. The battle here gave wind to the resistances elsewhere.

    Athens Heat: I see someone with a battery, they should get the old fashioned folding paper fan. Everyone should, they’re amazingly helpful, if anything can help. Cheap, portable, you’d make a mint selling them at $1 apiece.

    Well, that’s it: even eating ice is no help for all-day humid heat. It’s just oppressive and exhausting.

    Dr. D


    Yes, I forget who the worst in the ESG world was, like “Sketchers” company or something. Just an average innocuous company they were trying to bring to heel, like they used to with (illegal) infinite naked-short-selling like What did “Sketchers” do to receive such immense industry-wide ire, the worst company on the face of the planet, leaving Morris, Mansanto, Exxon in the dust? Nobody in their boardroom has a vagina. So therefore 0% ESG. Big Tobacco, 95% Electric car company (if they don’t actively censor people) 10%. Yup.

    Anyway, real news was Electric cars are dead. Yes, they’re stacking up in lots worldwide, but worse: Insurance companies are losing 30c on every $1 of policies written. That is, a g– d——d catastrophe. How does that work? Well, they’re pulling out of CA completely, and also FL. Also no doubt accidents have doubled or something in micro-strokes. But that’s not the one here.

    Being as retarded as all idiotic, unresponsive bureacracies, they write policies on electric cars, but then suddenly realize the batteries light on fire. So therefore they are writing policies (probably gov’t arm-twisting) then write off a car for a bumper-tap in a parking lot. Because if it’s been hit, at all, ever, the batteries may be damaged, rupture, and light their whole garage and house on fire. And that happens later. And you can’t tell.

    So they just total every EV for any event, always, at any time. Floods of course without question. And that’s expensive. Duuuuuuuuh.

    So now we just said we basically can’t recycle the batteries. (Oddly). Among other things, you want a stack, a warehouse of “Maybe damaged” 1,000lb lithium batteries, each a bomb ready to go off and take your recycle facility with it? So we’re mining the lithium, and then NOT USING IT. Disposing of this toxic element when the battery actually IS good and has 10 years life left. BUT NO ONE CAN TELL.

    …And they’re doubling YOUR car insurance rates to pay for it. For your 2005 Corolla in Nashville.

    …’Cause that’s how we’re going to have enough lithium and chargers and grid to have electric cars: YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ ONE. Only the super-rich, just like air travel. We’ll just jack rates until you cave. Peasant.


    The powers that be have sooo many irons in the fire they can’t keep track. As is the usual case they also
    forget which ones are red hot and which are cooling. As such they often handled the hot one thinking it cool and vice versa. Fun to watch. Too bad it’s the plebs that get the bill. With things like ESG and that Pence outing maybe a few more will start to see it.,


    Col. Douglas Macgregor

    ‘Right now the Ukrainian State.. is more totalitarian than anything we seen since Stalin’.

    The nazi ‘commissar’ shitbags of Nazilensky rounding up their 4th ‘army meat’ since the beginning of the SMO

    Grabbing young teenagers up to old guys in their 70’s to toss into the Russian Meatgrinder, including the disabled

    Nazilensky Continues Hunting Meat In Odessa In Brutal Fashion

    They need EIGHT soldiers to subdue one ‘volunteer’ for the awesome Ukronazi army.

    In this video the Ukronazis ‘recruiters’ threaten to shoot and then beat a ‘volunteer’ for the 4th army.

    The other three Ukronazi ‘armies’ have been annihilated by Russia and get worse each iteration.

    Dnipro Commissars Threaten To Shoot Cannon Meat Fodder In Legs if he doesn’t ‘join’.


    Meanwhile, real patriotic Russian men are volunteering at the rate of 1400 a DAY

    Let’s see, 1400 X 10 days = 14,000

    1400 X 100 days = 140,000

    Russians don’t have to be hunted down to want to protect their culture and country.


    Dr D’s rant on celebrity doubles turning into the actual people they stand in for.

    Yah, like it’s probably been going on for millennium

    Stunt Doubles dying for their ‘Original’ is a time honored tradition.

    The Real Biden is probably already dead and the shitbags in the SS go along to Get Along.


    Epstein is probably alive and Biden isn’t


    Life is funny


    A critique of Western Mi;litary MAfia gear.

    It’s all shit, but hey, it’s nice to actually capture and reverse engineer this crap to really find it’s weak points of total failure

    Russian Specialists Captured American/British Equipment And Give It A Review

    “Captured NATO equipment was sent for study by defense industry specialists.

    One of the first to study the British armored car Mastiff PPV. The main problem of Western armored vehicles is a huge amount of electrical equipment and air suspension, said Ruslan Kurbanov, Hero of Russia, commander of a tank company of the Marine Corps of the Pacific Fleet.

    He believes that all copies are much inferior to Russian and Soviet technology. The only advantage of this technique, as noted, is the survival of the crew.

    “There are very few cars where fragments flew inside. I think they have very good armor. Basically, it’s on a psychological level, when people left the cars in a panic and ran away,” Kurbanov added.”


    Can wait for burning Challengers and Abrams tanks

    Shows what thieves and thugs Western Military Industrial Mafia are

    “Hey, nice little third world country you have here, to bad it might burn to the ground some day, buy our useless military kitsch or we will kill you”

    KA-52’s waste Western garbage on a routine basis


    Government, Corporates, and their regulators lie to us?
    Who knew!

    FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court

    “Speculation has also been rife that the Covid-19 injections may contain traces of Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic and conductive substance.

    Medicine regulators, with the support of the Mainstream Media, have repeatedly denied these claims.

    But they were lying to you.”



    The other day the Russians bagged 311 tanks in one 24 hour cycle.

    Abrams tank tops $10 million per unit when training and maintenance is factored in

    Leopard 2 tanks fall around the $6 million mark.

    Russian Kornet ATGM tank killer about $100,000

    Do the math

    Nazi tanks burn again on the Steppes




    Enlisting to Fight for Ukraine Would Be ‘Suicide’, Brazilian Soldier Warns

    If you’re stupid enough to fight for Ukronaziland, you deserve to die

    It’s that simple.

    It’s a Darwin Award with your name on it.

    Maybe this is doing the world a favorite by killing off the sub-morons in every country around the world full of ‘thrill seekers’

    British Soldier Ran Away From Ukraine: “It’s Genocide, Horror”

    D Benton Smith

    ESG are simply roughly sketched set categories of the types of crucially important value judgements which free individuals must make for themselves in order to thrive and remain free, and which slaves have made for them by their masters and are thereby enslaved.


    but ignore any beneficial effect, this to me is a critical aspect of climate fear. CO2 is VERY beneficial and MUST be factored in like fresh air vs masking. Like lockdown versus open for business


    One thing is to disagree with someone and argue on his or hers standing on something (BtTW I never knew about Theresa P. until two days ago. Accidental link from Kunstler’s blog. I am still still interested about that $25 mil lawsuit), but if you go into road rage potty mouthed tail spin about someone’s comment that you do not like – it is not the comment that bothers you, it is something else. Seek help.
    Rage that is justified for defending family or a friend you use in unsolicited support for a man who doesn’t know that little- mouse-you even exists. You’ll get ulcer for nothing.
    Cut the crap.


    NATO is “the real troublemaker” that has fully embraced “Cold War thinking and ideological prejudice” as it continues to generate global tensions, China’s permanent representative to the UN has said.

    No. NATO plus the Five Eyes Sychophant Club fits that bill. Look at Australia and NZ, what better servants could the US ever wish for?


    @ kultsommer and @citizenx Get a fucking room would you.


    Who can/will you believe?
    TAE, Doug A Macgregor, Hungary, Kunstler, Larry Johnson, Tucker, Mother Earth

    https: //
    US could stop Ukraine conflict instantly – Hungary

    The US wants the conflict in Ukraine to continue and has failed to explain its reasons to NATO allies, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said.

    Kiev is fully dependent on the West in the fight against Russia.

    At this point, “Ukraine has lost any real sovereignty,” Orban claimed, citing Kiev’s devastated economy, and heavy dependence on Western allies for funding and weaponry.

    The Hungarian leader also accused Kiev of using moral blackmail to receive Western support.
    (He did not mention Hunter Biden/blackmail documentation)
    https: //
    Just to remind you, here’s how that started: In 2014, the US fomented a coup against Ukrainian

    The Ukraine army is shredded. It’s out of munitions. The US is also out of those very artillery shells most in demand.
    https: //

    The US is amassing troops in Europe at the time Ukraine’s military capability of taking on the Russian troops is waning.
    https: //

    Pence then tells the ridiculous lie that Putin will roll into a NATO country if he beats Ukraine, as if he wants war with NATO. Tucker then follows up with questions about cluster bombs, Pence gets boos, and then Tucker receives applause after saying every American city is falling apart while most can’t point to Ukraine on a map…
    Depopulation in Sudan. No grain in Sudan
    https: //

    Extreme weather events.
    No time to read all those opinions because Mother Earth has destroyed/changed routine life?



    Putin has thus far responded to the West’s aggressive expansion of NATO right up to Russia’s borders by targeting missiles against new member states, and not by offering each of them individually a bilateral treaty-proposal and guarantees for peace, including mutual weapons-inspections.

    The proof is in the pudding (the end of the meal): Putin will be remembered either as the person who sold Russia out, the person too cowardly to defend Russia, or the person who saved Russia. Keep your minds open to all three, we will only discover in 20 years from now when we know the outcome of the current global power crisis.


    “The US is amassing troops in Europe at the time Ukraine’s military capability of taking on the Russian troops is waning.”

    Russia will be gaming this conflict every day, discovering new possibilities and prioritising them, trying to discover the most likely outcome. Nuclear war is a big deal to us, but the Russians will be looking to save Russia, in which case we will be able to detect the nuclear decision when Russia starts to withdraw its troops from Ukraine. Russia will want to protect as many troops as possible before the missiles start flying, because all leaders of nuclear nations hope that the nuclear weapons will neutralise their opponent and let them take over. This may not be realistic, but they will hope for this, so they will protect their best soldiers for the post-nuclear fight.


    Tucker Carlson. Ray of light that I haven’t seen in decades. Maybe there is a hope.
    How in the world he got away to bypass, what I thought is a mandatory, agreed-upon list of questions?


    US President Joe Biden signed an Executive Order increasing Operation Atlantic Resolve in Europe with 3,000 reserve personnel on July 13.

    The USA is so predictable, why wouldn’t China and Russia just use time to defeat their enemy? The USA is so busy destroying itself that there is simply no need for either China or Russia to be proactive and trigger a defeat of the NATO and sychophants club. It is almost as if the whole game had been planned a long time ago: Ukraine Nazis die, ((Blackrock)) takes over Ukraine on the cheap, Russia earns billions.


    Apart from the Ukraine fighters, who exactly is losing out from this war in Ukraine? Russia makes a bunch of cash, Israel gets rid of its most hated Nazis and the US MIC makes trillions, the Ukraine mob will be sending billions back to their paymasters in the US, the terrorist groups in Europe and Arabia will be rebuilding their weapon stocks, so who is losing? The Ukraine will have no families for the next 20 years, the Ukraine have no men to work over the next 30 years, the mercenary networks will be thinning out, the USA idiots will be paying tax and getting a tiny fraction back in return, the US army in Syria will probably get out or get wiped out. All the little people lose, all the big people steal: that is life.


    Brown coal, hated by AFKTT because he is racist? I think not. Hated by AFKTT because he is a believer, and there is nobody as dumb as a believer. We all believe in some things, which makes us all dumb in some areas, but some are really good at this, the beliefs range from climate destruction to the Christian God, to the Budda, etc. All nonsense, but it helps us to get by.


    Ukrainian POW Says They Were Given Old Bradleys That Don’t Work

    Just a regular guy caught in a shitstorm

    He chose wisely


    sorry for the double, wtf?


    Press Gangs

    Like real gangs

    Harvesting meat in Ukronaziland

    Western MSMediawhores® never show this

    Another Bradley Driver Ain’t Having It – Throws Fists At Commissar Then Gets Jumped


    That was a powerful video of the Russian soldier coming home from the war. Very moving.


    English youth – dropping like flies in 2023.
    What on earth could it be?
    Nobody seems to know, and nobody even cares.




    What’s sadder than not keeping up with friends?
    When one has passed and I can’t make amends.


    Mike Pence, “That’s not my concern.”

    alas so much concern for the general welfare.
    now, tell me how dumb our current vice president is
    even better tell me how dumb i am

    guess we need a moral majority, i know let’s have a Tea Party and exclude the nattering nabobs of negativism.

    Where is Huey Long when you need him? Oh I remember, he was consumed by the general welfare.
    “a chicken in every pot and every man a king” – Kingfish

    just no good at being nice, Dominus vobiscum


    Smokey the Russian Bear Speaks from Experience




    I hope you are OK. Maybe your shortness of breath is asthma? My Wife suffers from severe asthma and has to take fairly powerful inhalers. Maybe you should ask your doctor for an inhaler to try and see if it helps.

    As for feeling fatigue, being almost 70, I sleep 12 hours ^sometimes even more. My kids want me to get checked for Lymes Disease!


    Where the fuck are the women concerned with women’s rights?

    Current ‘feminists’ are a disgrace to their gender.

    Makes me doubt the entire scope of modern so-called ‘women’s rights’

    Maybe we should go back to the ‘”keep’em barefoot and pregnant” thing



    The perfect example of a ‘modern women’ involved in politics

    Tip your hand bitchez



    Hi WES
    My doctor said,” Nothing wrong. If you want, you could try an inhaler.”
    I said, “I’ll think about it.”
    If the tests had found something wrong, I probably would try something to “fix it.”
    Here is what webmed said, “If you sit too much, your brain could look just like that of someone with dementia. Sitting also raises your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, which all play a role in the condition. Moving throughout the day can help even more than exercise to lower your risk of all these health problems.”
    🙁 , 🙁 , 🙁 , 🙁 , 🙁 ,


    Kamaka has got a rare speech impediment.
    I’ve never met anybody who can hold a candle to her condition.


    They have brought the Western world into communism and China and Russia into capitalism, with total surveilliance, mind you. It’s a dialectic. Coke and Peppsi. 1CREW runs this shitshow. They print the money, out of nothing. They tell the dumbfucks what to think via TV. Babaloynian money magic and Plato’s shadows on the cave wall. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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