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    Botticelli The Calumny of Apelles 1495   • NATO Isn’t Defending Ukraine. It’s Stabbing It In The Back (Cook) • Kennedy Accuses Biden Of Preparing
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    This is certainly death vaxx related.
    Best not mention it though.

    Covid: Teen’s heart transplant after rare complication



    Very, very not good.



    This is how they may attempt to cover up the huge numbers of excess deaths in the UK right now – currently running at 5000+ EXCESS per month.

    Britain on lockdown alert as new killer virus which kills 40% of victims ‘certain’ to reach UK

    TVASSF (and will believe anything)


    Lockdowns and MASKS – an absolute disaster.
    But hey, sacrificing kids for the sake of the elderly – you know it makes sense..

    Children born in pandemic have poorer communication skills, study finds

    ” …at six months, an average of only three people had kissed babies, including their parents – indicating babies had met very few relatives or family friends. One in four babies had not met another child their own age by their first birthday



    Safe and Effective

    72 people compensated out of court after falling ill following a Covid vaccination

    TVASSF (and the floodgates will soon open)


    To suggest that ‘we are in a CO2 famine’, when the atmospheric concentration is 420 ppm, 190 ppm above the 800,000-year average of 230 ppm, is absurd beyond belief. Present ecology has evolved for 230 to 280 ppm average.

    Not only that, of course, but atmospheric CO2 is rising at around 2.7 ppm per annum, the fastest rate in geological history. With this accelerating CO2 catastrophe underway, we break through 450 ppm in less than a decade.

    I guess heatwaves will be recoding of the order of 50oC as a regular part of life by then.

    ‘Never let the facts interfere with a good political-cultural argument.’

    With all its climate bullshit, TAE continues to do a great disservice to humanity, promoting increased levels of suffering in the future.

    Dr. D

    Certainly immune to charts and data. What specific part of “CO2 has always been multiples higher than now” does that chart not communicate to you?

    How is a long-term chart of CO2 a “Cultural-political argument”? I don’t see any argument there, it’s a chart of raw, accepted, scientific data. Are the numbers speaking to you, telepathically, in your mind? What are they saying to you?

    I guess the voices are saying “Present ecology evolved with 280ppm” which that universally-accepted chart specifically says is absurd and relentlessly anti-scientific. That chart — indeed all charts — suggest that plant and animal life developed with 6x that amount of CO2 — 1,200ppm. AND there was no melt-down, and we were never Venus.

    Do you not believe science and their universally accepted charts? What do you believe in that case?

    Just Some Randomer

    @afktt – 800,000 year average? Why not 800,000 seconds if you’re going to cherry pick minuscule and irrelevant time periods? Live has been going on for billions of years on our little rock. What’s the average over that period? Might be more relevant.


    UK Long term sickness dropping for 20 years.
    Then Long ̶C̶o̶v̶i̶d̶ Vaxx strikes:




    Chill dude – they’ll all get it with the imminent collapse of Global Bread Baskets.


    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fumed that Nato had reached an “absurd” decision and was demonstrating “weakness”.

    Is that Israel’s official position? In which case it should take it up with their Biden handlers in the USA. Why use their own man-puppet to shout at the US, unless it is all for show.


    With all its climate bullshit, TAE continues to do a great disservice to humanity, promoting increased levels of suffering in the future.

    Now now now. Did you miss the entire Covid thing too? I’m saying there are questions, and there should be. Not allowed for Covid, and see where that got us. “The science” for CO2 or “the climate” has by no means been settled. And parrotting the panic induced by the control freaks at WEF et al will not settle it. You’re going to have to prove it. And no, that hasn’t happened yet.

    “Just Stop Oil” equals “Just Stop Society”. Because society was built on and with oil (and some coal). There is no replacement. Better be careful. And better make sure you have proof. Seeing temperatures rise at the same moment CO2 levels do, is no proof. Those are just two variables. In a field where dozens of variables play a role, over a long period of time. And if you think you can force billions of people into uncomfortable lives, on the heels of doing just that with lockdowns and masks and killer gene therapies, good luck.


    It’s winter in Australia right now.
    A highly death vaxxed nation with an immune destroyed populace.

    Expect a lot more of this when winter arrives in your locale.




    RFK Jr may end up doing a re-boot of Trump if the MSM are not careful. They never learned the whole time that all publicity is good publicity. He should say more potentially triggering things at just the right time just to get them outraged enough to keep him in the news.

    The Media are in a bit of trouble – their legacy tactic is shock and drama and outrage – if it bleeds it leads. Combine that with a public learning to distrust them and a bubbling background of alt media and they could spend more dollars putting out spot fires than convincing anyone of anything


    Most western states balk at the notion of a face-to-face confrontation with a nuclear-armed Russia – rather than the current proxy one, paid for exclusively in Ukrainian blood. But there is a more duplicitous subtext being obscured: the fact that Nato is responsible for sustaining the war it now cites as grounds for disqualifying Ukraine from joining the military alliance. Nato got Kyiv into its current, bloody mess – but isn’t ready to help it find a way out.

    Israel’s man, Zelensky, is acting the Israel line every day: the amount of moaning this guy does, you would think you were in a coffee shop in Tel Aviv.


    RFK: “@nypost story is mistaken. I have never, ever suggested that the COVID-19 virus was targeted to spare Jews. I accurately pointed out — during an off-the-record conversation — that the U.S. and other governments are developing ethnically targeted bioweapons and that a 2021 study of the COVID-19 virus shows that COVID-19 appears to disproportionately affect certain races since the furin cleave docking site is most compatible with Blacks and Caucasians and least compatible with ethnic Chinese, Finns, and Ashkenazi Jews. In that sense, it serves as a kind of proof of concept for ethnically targeted bioweapons. I do not believe and never implied that the ethnic effect was deliberately engineered. That study is here:”

    Can’t survive in US politics if you anger Israel, so you have to be a sneaky weasel and hope that most people get the message before the tiny hats get alerted.

    3.2.1 …. and it’s DBS: But there are nice Jews … blah blah

    @DBS I know, you are the adult, the dick who is looking after us children, now you feel like Epstein? Is he one of your “Nice Jews”? Pick a side or be a coward, you are the later, you are on the side of the fairies and nice feelings, a bit like VP. Maybe balls up and recognise what Epstein and his Jew friends were doing? Is it really that difficult, is there not enough track record of how the Jews treat people? Fuck the nice Jews, they were in a position to object to the bad jews, but they don’t, they comply with the crimes of the “Bad Jews”. There are no good Jews, they have all been silenced.


    Being a forester and knowing a couple of things about trees and their growth I will need a little more detail about Present ecology has evolved for 230 to 280 ppm average.. I am unaware of the studies averaging out all ‘ecologies’ – whatever that means (like they have no interlocking edge systems and are discrete planets to themselves).
    I am on the fence but not convinced either way and not concerned either way. I reckon we are all gunna die anyway. All trees. All people, mountains, animals, ferns, social media companies and all dreams.

    John Day

    Genocidal Class War

    The Government solution to undesired topics. POOF!
    ​ ​DOJ Removes Sex Trafficking Info From Website​ , John Leake​
    ​ ​In my recent review of the film Sound of Freedom, I noted the strange preposterousness of the film’s mocking, snarky reviews published by Rolling Stone and the UK Guardian. Why, I wondered, would the reviewers characterize the film’s premise as “QAnon conspiracy theory” when the State and Justice Departments have plainly acknowledged the reality of child sex trafficking on their websites?

    ​ Colin Todhunter presents this, which I also featured last August.. It bears further consideration.​
    An Engineered Food and Poverty Crisis to Secure Continued U.S. Dominance
    We see an abundance of food but skyrocketing prices. The issue is not food shortage but speculation on food commodities and the manipulation of an inherently flawed global food system that serves the interests of corporate agribusiness traders and suppliers of inputs at the expense of people’s needs and genuine food security.
    The war in Ukraine is a geopolitical trade and energy conflict. It is largely about the US engaging in a proxy war against Russia and Europe by attempting to separate Europe from Russia and imposing sanctions on Russia to harm Europe and make it further dependent on the US.
    Economist Professor Michael Hudson recently stated that ultimately the war is against Europe and Germany. The purpose of the sanctions is to prevent Europe and other allies from increasing their trade and investment with Russia and China…
    ..The US knew beforehand how sanctions on Russia would play out. They would serve to divide the world into two blocks and fuel a new cold war with the US and Europe on one side with China and Russia being the two main countries on the other.
    US policy makers knew Europe would be devastated by higher energy and food prices and food importing countries in the Global South would suffer due to rising costs.
    It is not the first time the US has engineered a major crisis to maintain global hegemony and a spike in key commodity prices that effectively trap countries into dependency and debt.
    In 2009, Andrew Gavin Marshall described how in 1973 – not long after coming off the gold standard – Henry Kissinger was integral to manipulating events in the Middle East (the Arab-Israeli war and the ‘energy crisis’). This served to continue global hegemony for the US, which had virtually bankrupted itself due to its war in Vietnam and had been threatened by the economic rise of Germany and Japan.
    Kissinger helped secure huge OPEC oil price rises and thus sufficient profits for Anglo-American oil companies that had over-leveraged themselves in North Sea oil. He also cemented the petrodollar system with the Saudis and subsequently placed African nations, which had embarked on a path of (oil-based) industrialisation, on a treadmill of dependency and debt due to the spike in oil prices.
    It is widely believed that the high-priced oil policy was aimed at hurting Europe, Japan and the developing world…
    ..Current policies are designed to create a food and debt crisis for poorer nations especially. The US can use this debt crisis to force countries to continue privatising and selling off their public assets in order to service the debts to pay for the higher oil and food imports…
    ..The closure of the world economy in March 2020 (‘lockdown’) served to trigger an unprecedented process of global indebtedness. Conditionalities mean national governments will have to capitulate to the demands of Western financial institutions. These debts are largely dollar-denominated, helping to strengthen the US dollar and US leverage over countries.
    The US is creating a new world order and needs to ensure much of the Global South remains in its orbit of influence rather than ending up in the Russian and especially Chinese camp and its belt road initiative for economic prosperity.
    Post-COVID, this is what the war in Ukraine, sanctions on Russia and the engineered food and energy crisis are really about.
    Back in 2014, Michael Hudson stated that the US has been able to dominate most of the Global South through agriculture and control of the food supply. The World Bank’s geopolitical lending strategy has transformed countries into food deficit areas by convincing them to grow cash crops – plantation export crops – not to feed themselves with their own food crops…
    ..And what we have also seen is countries being placed on commodity crop production treadmills. The need for foreign currency (US dollars) to buy oil and food entrenches the need to increase cash crop production for exports.
    The World Trade Organization’s Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) set out the trade regime necessary for this type of corporate dependency that masquerades as ‘global food security’…
    ..‘Food security’ has led to the dismantling of food sovereignty and food self-sufficiency for the sake of global market integration and corporate power.
    We need look no further than India to see this in action. The now repealed recent farm legislation in India was aimed at giving the country the ‘shock therapy’ of neoliberalism that other countries have experienced.
    The ‘liberalising’ legislation was in part aimed at benefiting US agribusiness interests and trapping India into food insecurity by compelling the country to eradicate its food buffer stocks – so vital to the nation’s food security – and then bid for food on a volatile global market from agribusiness traders with its foreign reserves.
    The Indian government was only prevented from following this route by the massive, year-long farmer protest that occurred…
    ​..​The cynical ‘solution’ promoted by global agribusiness to the current food crisis is to urge farmers to produce more and seek better yields as if the crisis is that of underproduction. It means more chemical inputs, more genetic engineering techniques and suchlike, placing more farmers in debt and trapped in dependency.
    ​ ​It is the same old industry lie that the world will starve without its products and requires more of them. The reality is that the world is facing hunger and rising food prices because of the system big agribusiness has instituted…
    ..For too long, ‘class’ has been absent from mainstream political discourse. It is only through organised, united protest that ordinary people will have any chance of meaningful impact against the new world order of tyrannical authoritarianism and the devastating attacks on ordinary people’s rights, livelihoods and standards of living that we are witnessing.

    An Engineered Food and Poverty Crisis to Secure Continued U.S. Dominance

    ​ ​Globalists Suggest ‘Finance Shock’ And Climate Controls To Launch Their Great Reset​​ ​, Brandon Smith​
    ​ ​At the end of June government leaders and think-tank power brokers from around the world met at the Summit for a New Global Financing Pact in Paris. Participants include United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva and World Bank President Ajay Banga.
    The supposed purpose of the summit was to find financial solutions to the goals of tackling poverty while simultaneously curbing “planet-heating emissions.” As with all climate change related events the discussion in Paris inevitably turned to international centralization of power and the formation of a global consortium to fix the problems that they claim sovereign nations cannot or will not fix.​..​
    ..These all seem like disjointed plans to simply inflate prices through different forms of taxation and force the public to consume less goods, but there is a much bigger scheme at play here. It’s important to understand that climate change is nothing more than a vehicle to deliver a fully centralized global economic system, likely under the control of the IMF, BIS, World Bank and the UN.
    The annual payments by wealthier nations into global institutional coffers is an act of tribute, a show of fealty. It’s also a way for groups like the IMF to create a system of greater interdependency.​​ If vast sums of money are flowing through globalist institutions and they become the arbiters of how that wealth is redistributed, they can also build a system of rewards and punishments. They can punish countries that don’t follow their dictates and they can give advantages to countries that toe the line.

    Globalists Suggest ‘Finance Shock’ And Climate Controls To Launch Their Great Reset

    John Day

    ​Nobel Physics Laureate 2022 Slams ‘Climate Emergency’ Narrative as “Dangerous Corruption of Science”​
    ​The co-winner of the 2022 Nobel Physics prize has launched an excoriating attack on the ‘climate emergency’ narrative, calling it a “dangerous corruption of science that threatens the world’s economy and the well-being of billions of people”. Dr. John Clauser notes that misguided climate science has “metastasised into massive shock-journalistic pseudoscience”.​..
    ​..​In turn, continued Clauser, the climate pseudoscience has become a scapegoat for a wide variety of other unrelated ills. It has been promoted and extended by similarly misguided business marketing agents, politicians, journalists, government agencies and environmentalists. “In my opinion, there is no real climate crisis. There is, however, a very real problem with providing a decent standard of living to the world’s largest population and an associated energy crisis. The latter is being unnecessarily exacerbated by what, in my opinion, is incorrect climate science,” he added.

    Nobel Physics Laureate 2022 Slams ‘Climate Emergency’ Narrative as “Dangerous Corruption of Science”

    Media Twists RFK’s Remark at NY Press Event​ ,​ ​Big pounce on candidate’s talk about COVID-19 susceptibility variation.​ Peter McCullough MD​
    So, what exactly did RFK, Jr. say?​ [in a private conversation, recorded secretly]
    ​ “​We need to talk about bioweapons. …. We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars into ethnically targeted microbes. The Chinese have done the same thing. In fact, COVID-19, there is an argument that it is ethnically targeted. COVID-19 attacks certain races disproportionately. The races that are most immune to COVID-19 are—because of the genetic structure, the genetic differentials among different races, of the receptors, of the ACE-2 receptors—COVID-19 is targeted to attack caucasians and black people. The people who are most immune are Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese. We don’t know if it was deliberately targeted or not, but there are papers out there that show the racial and ethnic differential impact of that. We do know that the Chinese are spending hundreds of millions of dollars developing ethnic bioweapons, and we are developing ethnic bioweapons. That’s what all of those labs in the Ukraine are about. They are collecting Russian DNA so that we can target people by race.​”​ …
    ​ ..What are we to make of RFK, Jr.’s second claim about “genetic differentials among different races, of the receptors, of the ACE-2 receptors”?
    ​ ​A quick Google search for Ethnic Susceptibility to COVID-19 ACE-2 Receptor yielded 504,000 results. At the top of the list was the 2022 paper SARS-CoV-2 Susceptibility and ACE2 Gene Variations Within Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds.
    ​ ​An augmented Google search for Ethnic Susceptibility to COVID-19 ACE-2 Ashkenazi Jews yielded 92,500 results. At the top of the results was a series of academic papers about variations of DNA polymorphisms in ACE2 and TMPRSS2 and how these variations seem to render some ethnic groups more or less susceptible to COVID-19. with Ashkenazi Jews apparently being less susceptible.

    ​Steve Kiirsch backs up his statements, as usual. ​ Over 1M Americans are likely severely vaccine injured by the COVID vaccines

    ​ ​FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines after being forced to publish Confidential Pfizer Documents by order of the US Federal Court
    ​ ​In early January 2022, Federal Judge Mark Pittman ordered the FDA to release 55,000 pages per month, and since then, PHMPT has posted all of the documents on its website as they have been published.
    ​ ​One of the most recent documents published by the FDA saved as 125742_S1_M4_4.2.1 vr vtr 10741.pdf, confirms the use of Graphene Oxide in the manufacturing process of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine…
    ​.​In layman’s terms, the study was conducted to determine how the vaccine works. The study found that the vaccine used mRNA to instruct your cells to produce a protein (called P2 S), which is the Spike protein of the alleged Covd-19 virus.
    ​ ​The millions of spike proteins then bind to a receptor called ACE2 on the surface of your cells, inducing an immune system response.
    ​ ​But what is most interesting about the study is that it confirms on page 7 that reduced Graphene Oxide is required to manufacture the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine because it is needed as a base for the lipid nanoparticles.​..
    ​..​Because as this document, which the FDA attempted to keep confidential and sealed the 75 years, shows, Graphene Oxide is indeed used in the manufacturing process of the vaccine because it is vital in helping to make the vaccine’s lipid nanoparticles stable.
    ​ ​Therefore, trace amounts or large amounts, depending on the batch, of reduced Graphene Oxide inevitably make their way into the Pfizer Covid-19 injections.

    ​Easy choice? ​Santa Clara University Students Must Take Covid Vaccines or Withdraw

    Santa Clara University Students Must Take Covid Vaccines or Withdraw

    John Day

    Whew! They’ve already got some catching up to do. They just need to drag this case out for years, now. Meryl Nass MD has the story:
    Federal Agencies Can Start Censoring Again: A 3 judge panel in New Orleans issued a ‘stay’ today on Judge Doughty’s order pending an appeals panel rule on the merits

    ​ The Pentagon “disappeared” a 5 inch exit-hole in the back of John Kennedy’s skull. after illegally removing his body from Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
    ​ ​The autopsy that the U.S. national-security establishment conducted on President Kennedy’s body has always been the Achilles heel of the assassination. That’s because the autopsy was fraudulent. But because the military “classified” the autopsy, forcing enlisted personnel to sign secrecy oaths and threatening them with court martial or criminal prosecution if they ever revealed what they saw or did, the military was able to cover up much, but certainly not all, of its autopsy fraud for decades. That cover-up came to a screeching halt during the 1990s during the term of the Assassination Records Review Board.

    The Achilles Heel of the JFK Assassination

    ​ ​Kennedy accuses Biden of preparing for ‘war with Russia’
    ​ ​“Biden has lost his way,” Kennedy tweeted on Friday, arguing that the president should focus on America’s domestic problems instead of trying to achieve “global military dominance.”
    ​ ​“I want people to understand what this troop mobilization is about. It’s about preparing for a ground war with Russia,” he said.
    The idea of defeating Moscow in its conflict with Kiev is a “futile geopolitical fantasy” of the Biden administration, the Democratic presidential candidate added.
    ​ ​Thousands of Ukrainians have already lost their lives because “America’s foreign policy establishment manipulated their country into war… Now, rather than acknowledge failure, Biden admin prepares to sacrifice American lives too,” Kennedy said.

    Moon of Alabama has this. Thanks Christine. The Syrian government may get a little more control of traffic across its border into the illegally-US-occupied zone.
    ​ ​Syria Outmaneuvers ‘West’, Regains Legitimacy
    ​ ​Since 2014 the United Nations delivered humanitarian supplies to the al-Qaeda infested north-western ‘rebel’ region in Syria. A UN Security Council decision provided the necessary backing.
    ​ ​Coming from Turkey the UN convoys passed mostly through the Bab al-Hawa crossing, east of Hatay in south Turkey. The ‘authorities’ in the north-western area, i.e. al-Qaeda, used the distribution of the goods to keep control of the population.​..
    ​..​On Tuesday the new attempt for another renewal failed. Russia vetoed the ‘western’ supported resolution and proposed a different one which failed to gain the necessary quorum.
    ​ ​Without the authorization of the Security Council the UN had no legal way to continue the convoys. Today the Syrian government made a surprise move and offered its approval to keep Bab al-Hawa open for the UN convoys:
    ​ ​In a letter submitted to the United Nations and the Security Council, Syria said it would allow the United Nations access to the crossing for six months “in full cooperation and coordination” with the Syrian government.​
    ​The United Nations said on Thursday it was studying Syria’s letter and the potential effects on its aid delivery operations.
    ​ ​“The coordination and cooperation with the U.N. has always been there and will be there,” Bassam al-Sabbagh, Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, told reporters. He did not elaborate on requirements by his government, but said the U.N. should not work with “terrorists” in the north, an apparent reference to opposition groups that control the area.
    ​ ​The UN will not want to end the convoys. With this move the Syrian government will gain at least some control over the goods coming in and over their distribution.
    ​..By keeping Bab al-Hawa open for the UN Syria will strengthen its global position. Syria, with the help of Russia, will likely continue to make diplomatic moves which will, slowly, slowly, enable it to regain a more normal standing in the world.


    @AFKTT You are an ungrateful idiot. You are also totally stupid, but that is a discussion for another day. You must be as ugly as Greta with all that rage inside, it is amazing how rage influences aging – happy people age to look happy, AFKTT people age to look like Greta – and you are an old fart from what you claim. Mind you, most of what you claim is bullshit, so it would not surprise me if you were some 12 year old kid taking the piss. You make as much sense as a six year old, but I am guessing you would have to be a retarded 12 year old.


    Hey aspnaz did you have a look at the Helen Mirren quote? I like getting on with people but that talk was a little inconsiderate of feelings (or to full of feelings) but this here little forum is somewhere I like to hang and that vibe is stinkin’ it up a bit bro.
    I mean feel free to ignore me or throw shade my way too but I thought I would just mention it coz we got a fairly adult leaning commentariat. You might be angry (hell we all are) but go easy tiger – we like a lot of what you got to say.

    John Day

    Attention Elon Musk!

    ​ ​Chemically induced reprogramming to reverse cellular aging​ , Journal Aging
    ​Abstract: A hallmark of eukaryotic aging is a loss of epigenetic information, a process that can be reversed. We have previously shown that the ectopic induction of the Yamanaka factors OCT4, SOX2, and KLF4 (OSK) in mammals can restore youthful DNA methylation patterns, transcript profiles, and tissue function, without erasing cellular identity, a process that requires active DNA demethylation. To screen for molecules that reverse cellular aging and rejuvenate human cells without altering the genome, we developed high-throughput cell-based assays that distinguish young from old and senescent cells, including transcription-based aging clocks and a real-time nucleocytoplasmic compartmentalization (NCC) assay. We identify six chemical cocktails, which, in less than a week and without compromising cellular identity, restore a youthful genome-wide transcript profile and reverse transcriptomic age. Thus, rejuvenation by age reversal can be achieved, not only by genetic, but also chemical means..​.​
    .. ​Discussion: Although the potential of these and other combinations of chemicals to achieve cEPOCH ​(chemical epigenetic programming of old cell health) ​​is great, from treating blindness to liver failure and skin damage, in light of the toxic effects of expressing all four Yamanaka factors in mice [22], it is critical that the safety of chemical rejuvenation cocktails is tested rigorously in mammalian animal models before human trials are initiated. Although transcriptomic analysis did not indicate any developing pluripotency, based on the absence of mRNA for pro-tumorigenic genes such as NANOG and by RNA-seq analysis looking for pluripotency signatures, the only way to assess the full safety of these and other rejuvenative cocktails is to test their effects in multiple animal models, paying particular attention to signs of tissue dysplasia or cancer. To date, our experiments with genetic and chemical rejuvenation methods indicate that cells possess a barrier to becoming too young or completely losing their identity like iPSCs created using OSKM. Understanding this putative barrier would also speed the identification and development of improved age reversal methods.

    VC6TF drug a​nd ​small-molecule combination ​”​​CIPSC Cocktail”​ used in the study above​. (Billionaires First! Don’t try this at home!)


    Do you read tweets? Ignorance is not an excuse.
    • RFK Jr. Reams Establishment for ‘Manipulating’ Ukraine Into Conflict (Sp.)

    It’s about preparing for a ground war with Russia,” RFK Jr wrote in a viral tweet viewed over 2.4 million times

    added in a separate thread viewed 4.8 million times.
    Did you watch Fareed Zakaria aired on July 9th, 2023

    • Did Biden Just Inadvertently Unveil the Path to Peace in Ukraine? (ElKishky)

    Did Biden Just Inadvertently Unveil the Path to Peace in Ukraine?

    In an interview with Fareed Zakaria aired on July 9th, 2023, US President Joseph Biden made comments that could potentially sketch out his administration’s vision of a realistic scenario that could potentially end the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. [..] Biden’s comments, if interpreted correctly, might carry significant implications. It seems that he outlined a scenario that would satisfy Russia’s conditions for peace, which could be summarized as follows:
    maintaining control over Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014, and parts of Ukraine that Russia took control of post-February 2022, especially in Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia oblasts which Putin now considers part of Russia;
    no NATO membership for Ukraine; and
    the denazification and demilitarization of Ukraine.
    The last two conditions were stated in Putin’s speech on February 24th, 2022, the day the armed conflict started.
    Should instruction manuals, etc. be translated to Russian, or Ukraine

    • US Delaying Approval Of F-16 Training For Ukraine – Politico (RT)

    … a training center expected to be set up in Romania ….
    … to help Kiev procure F-16s and train Ukrainian pilots, and maintenance ….
    … the US State Department has not approved the request to transfer instruction manuals, flight simulators, and other materials required for training, Politico said, adding, however, that there is no indication that the US will not eventually greenlight the move. Pentagon spokesman Garron Garn said the request “is still being reviewed.”
    Did you hear/read? But, Don’t believe it!

    “..the Ukrainian military lost 26,000 men and more than 3,000 pieces of military hardware..”

    • 20% of Ukrainian Weapons Destroyed In Just Two Weeks – New York Times (RT)
    Did you read, Depopulation with Engineered Food Scarcity

    An Engineered Food and Poverty Crisis to Secure Continued U.S. Dominance

    An Engineered Food and Poverty Crisis to Secure Continued U.S. Dominance
    By Colin Todhunter
    Global Research, July 15, 2023
    Not enough time to read because it takes too much time to put food on the table

    According to the Belarusian officials, the camp will accommodate up to 5 thousand people, as well as the necessary amount of military equipment. It was clarified that the camp was intended for training the territorial defense troops. At the moment, the final decision on whether the Wagner Group’s employees will be located in the camp or not is yet to be made.

    The footage of the camp reveals that is unlikely to become the base of Wagner’s permanent deployment because there are only tents seen on the photos.

    At the same time, according to unconfirmed reports, Wagner forces deployed in Africa will also come to Belarus. Thus, the creation of large military bases with all necessary infrastructure is likely to continue.


    A proxy war uses mercenaries, and destroys foreign land


    Has COVID ‘science’ been ‘re-written’?

    In 2020 it was said that COVID used ACE2 receptors to infect the body. The Chinese [and Japanese] have the highest number of these with Europeans having the least. As a bioweapon it seems to be aimed at the Chinese. Now we have the ‘furin cleave docking site’ as a point of infection with Europeans being at highest risk!

    This is highly suspicious. It coincides with the idea that the Wuhan lab was DEFINITELY the source and it was a bioweapon aimed at the Europeans.

    But COVID appeared to be ‘at large’ before December 2019 :

    September 2019

    – Barcelona finds COVID in sewage water samples taken in this month
    – Two prestigious universities from the UK and US did independent studies tracing COVID from Wuhan to cases in southern China occurring in September 2019
    – In the US many elderly people died with strange symptoms in September 2019, which in retrospect could be explained if they died from COVID

    October 2019

    – Italian researchers examined blood samples taken in October 2019 from elderly male cancer patients and 8% tested positive for COVID

    December 2019

    – In South America COVID was found in a sewage sample taken in December 2019

    Of note is that Barcelona detected COVID in a sewage sample taken in MARCH 2019. I think it could very well be valid. The average age of death in the UK is 82 and it is unlikely that deaths in this group would be investigated so COVID could have circulated unrecognised for a long time. For most others it would be a bad case of flu at worst and over 99% would not be infected anyway.

    If all the evidence is valid it suggest that COVID was circulating in early 2019. It spread around the world gradually growing in cases until it was identified by China as a disease.

    I did read of a project to trace the origins of COVID using sewage samples from around the world. That was some time ago and I have seen absolutely nothing about any progress they made. Suspicious!

    D Benton Smith

    @aspnaz walks into a rough bar in the worst part of town and insults everybody present, ending off with the belligerent assertion that they all have stinky feet and their momma’s dress them funny. A room full of eyes swivel to see who’s making all the noise, and then swivel back to return to their drinking.

    Figmund Sreud

    Following writing claims it “examine in detail what happened between the Russian state, the General Staff, the Ministry of Defence and the proprietor of Wagner PMC, Mr Prigozhin.” Interesting…

    The March on the Kremlin



    This will please everyone



    Covid is ethnically targeted


    @ anticlimactic
    …. so COVID could have circulated unrecognised for a long time. For most others it would be a bad case of flu at worst and over 99% would not be infected anyway.”
    Links to studies and documentation wound support your assertions.
    ( I agree but I have no proof)


    Amen Brother


    I’ve been camping in the Coconino forest the last few days. Yesterday, to escape the afternoon heat (above 95 F here — of course, in Phoenix it is getting to at least 115 F — exploring via the car means air conditioning!) we explored Sunset Crater National Monument and the Waputki Pueblo ruins about 15 miles away. It is believed that natives settled in the area of the ruins when the area that became Sunset Crater began rumbling and shaking and spewing out steam, and the people living there fled for their lives. Subsequently, the volcano created an enormous cinder cone and lava flowed out from its base. At the ruins the temperature was over 100 F and there were no visible sources of water. We asked the ranger about the scarcity of water. Apparently, the agreement by experts is that a thousand years ago instead of only sage brush, scrub, and spindly juniper trees, this area was a grassland with natural springs, etc.

    The “climate” is ever changing. Sometimes, human activity affects it. Most of the time, changes occur due to natural forces completely outside of human control. Regardless, it behooves us to minimize the poisons that we pour out around ourselves. And then there is the stupidity of injecting ourselves directly with poisons….

    D Benton Smith

    Vis a vis Mike Pence saying that his constituent’s well being is not his concern, smooth move Mikey. It is now being dramatically demonstrated to dumb bell traitor Pence that the worst way to respond to an alleged slander is to deny (and thus REPEAT) the alleged slander, because all that such a tactic accomplishes is the quintuples of the number of times that the alleged slander is voiced in public and is thereby more likely to be heard and possibly believed by the target audience.

    First they say it, then he denies it, and then they say he denied it, which gives them a platform and reason to say it all over again along with all of the proof that his denial is lie. By the time the echoes and reverberations die down the original allegation has become a commonly accepted part of the culture by countless hordes of people who never would have even heard about it all if he had just kept his yap shut.

    This is BASIC public relations/political knowledge, like Kindergarten level kind of stuff. Mike Pence is a total idiot. Right there is PROOF that he’s a totally incompetent moron, who doesn’t even know how to be a proper bad guy! Sheesh!

    Ah well, too late to tell him now, and that’s a real good thing. Never liked that scumbag because he has always BEEN the scumbag that he has now so flamboyantly revealed himself to be.

    Oh! Did I say “scumbag”? I meant to say, “STUPID scumbag”

    John Day

    Thanks for the RFK Jr. video, Oroboros. People can watch it and see what they think, now that it is confirmed to be factual-as-stated.

    Thanks Zerosum I hope you get food on the table. I did notice the clue you gave recently related to a doctor visit. “Mum’s the word”, as they say.

    Thanks Phoenixvoice: “Everything Changes”

    John Day

    @DBS: Now leave poor Mr. Pence alone, you intellectual bully!

    D Benton Smith

    Recent headline swiped from some newspaper, “Boston’s Democrat Mayor Compiles List of Her Critics’ Names and Gives it to Police.”

    The key significance of that heinous violation of the law is that Mayor Wu considered that the crime was not only a completely normal and legal thing to do, but that it was actually and literally the single most important responsibility of her job.

    Her job is to assure the continued power of the group that she belongs to, which is Government. Achieving that aim is therefore her DUTY, as she sees it. Therefore the neutralization of any and every perceived challenge to that power is the shared primary duty of every member of that group.

    And what was the name of that group again? Oh, yeah, “Government”.

    From the viewpoint of the government you’re either with us (the gov’t) or against us (the gov’t), and if you’re against us (the gov’t) then that’s against the law as we (the gov’t) wrote it and we will arrest, imprison or even kill you for breaking it. “Not being us (the gov’t) is the most serious of all crimes and is punishable by fine, imprisonment, or death, as we (the gov’t) see fit.”

    Did you notice that she did all that nastiness in a way that was easily discoverable by anyone who cared to look. There was no gigantic clandestine conspiracy to hide the fact.

    That’s because it is TRUE. Mayor Wu directed the power of her Justice System AGAINST persons whose only observed crime was criticism of Mayor Wu. In other words, the criticism was seen and acted upon as a LEGAL cause of action.

    Mayor Wu considers that anyone who disagrees with her is, by definition, a criminal who should be curtailed by the Justice System . . . and she doesn’t give a damn who knows it. In fact the only people whose opinion she cares about on that matter, are the people who already agree with her about it so completely that they designate her duties and sign her paycheck.

    So, I guess that makes everybody around here a criminal, by definition. Well, since it is established that we are all criminals I can only say that I hope that we do a decent job of it. Let us all, then, aspire to be the most decent criminals that we can.

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