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    D Benton Smith

    Definition: insipid. in-sip-id
    Meaning, not yet sipped.
    Exemplary use in a sentence, “@aspnaz’s drink from the well of wisdom is insipid.”


    Best not mention it though.

    I’m damn glad that you do. Fascinating that so many in the West are immune to reality and choose to pretend that their actions have consequences. Never forget, never forgive- Now fuck off vax cultists and the clergy of apologists.

    If I could give my (younger) self one piece of advice….

    There are still job postings in Wa state that require “fully vaccinated” as part of your ‘skill’ requirements.
    Watched a woman riding a bicycle in 80dgr sunshine wearing a mask- hell you can still see them wearing masks in the rain.

    To all the Liberals, wokesters, hipsters, neo-cons, war mongers, trans tards, feminists, censurers, Karens, pedos, and the brainwashed propagandized hypocrites-

    Eat shit, Fuck Off and Die

    D Benton Smith

    Really good, decent, kind brave and helpful people, over the course of a lifetime of living that way, eventually come to have a certain look and demeanor about them. It can’t be averted because top notch “clean living” just does a body good, and that’s gonna show.

    Really bad and nasty people have long recognized this phenomenon and have always tended to do two things about it.

    First, they encourage scorn and ridicule for the health and wholesomeness of “that look” with the notion that there is an inferior naivete, gullibility, or even incompetent childishness that goes with it. They do this so that other folks don’t try to emulate, learn from or possibly even FOLLOW those “goodie two shoes” bumpkins. Who knows what carnage might be wreaked if THAT happened?

    The other thing the baddies do is try to fake that look.

    D Benton Smith


    Angry, are we? Just try not to kill anyone that you might want to get to know later.


    From Spartacus:

    COVID-19 and the Vaccines are Products of Corporate and Institutional Fraud.

    There is a huge, well-connected, extremely wealthy, and powerful criminal network responsible for all of this. Most people still don’t realize what is going on. There wasn’t any natural zoonosis. There wasn’t an accidental lab leak. The virus and the vaccines were both intentionally engineered to kill people. They are products of deliberate criminal intent.

    To say that we need another Nuremberg trial is an understatement. The people behind all of this are profoundly sick freaks of nature who put Mengele to shame.

    Robert Kadlec and Fuad El-Hibri were partners for a long time, with Kadlec inventing fake anthrax biothreats out of thin air and Fuad El-Hibri receiving rigged contracts for his company, BioPort, a spinoff of DynPort, a partnership between Dyncorp and Porton (Dyncorp are a mercenary company infamous for child trafficking). Later, Kadlec made sure Fuad El-Hibri got even more contracts for COVID-19 vaccine production, through his company Emergent BioSolutions (the renamed BioPort). The quality control and hygiene at their facility were so poor, there was actually a congressional hearing about it.

    Throughout the 2000s, there was a massive expansion in the US biodefense infrastructure, with numerous BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs constructed to perform risky experiments on potential pandemic pathogens. When Edward Hammond and the Sunshine Project and other watchdog groups tried digging into this, they were rebuffed. People had every right to scrutinize these labs due to the risks of lab escape.

    What was the government’s response to people prying into biodefense? They offshored all the research to foreign biolabs, under programs like UC Davis and USAID’s EPT-PREDICT and DTRA’s CBEP/BTRP program.

    Three people heavily involved in PREDICT were the USAID spook Dennis Carrol and his two spook underlings Peter Daszak and Nathan Wolfe, along with George Fu Gao.

    Not only was Nathan Wolfe on DARPA’s Defense Science Research Council and the editorial board of Daszak’s company EcoHealth Alliance, he is a known associate of Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein and was a part of Ghislaine Maxwell’s fake TerraMar charity. Hunter Biden’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca was heavily involved in funding Nathan Wolfe’s company, Metabiota.

    Moderna had a longstanding partnership with DARPA as part of a program called ADEPT: PROTECT to use gene-encoded therapies to produce monoclonal antibodies against the Chikungunya virus in vivo using human cells as bioreactors.

    DRASTIC Research found that EcoHealth Alliance made a proposal to DARPA that was rejected, but which suspiciously sounds like producing a human-adapted SARS Spike.

    The CEO of Moderna was formerly the CEO of BioMerieux. Alain Merieux helped China build the P4 lab at the WIV.

    Ralph Baric and his UNC Chapel Hill lab had a longstanding partnership with Shi Zhengli and they published papers together.

    Ralph Baric was involved in validating vaccines for Moderna and NIH, as well as the toxic and ineffective antiviral Remdesivir.

    NIH and Moderna co-own the patents for Moderna’s vaccine.

    Peter Daszak, whose EcoHealth Alliance NGO was involved in subcontracting grants to the WIV, was one of the first people on the ground as a WHO-appointed investigator of the WIV. They had one of the culprits investigate himself.

    Peter Daszak was also one of the main figures behind the phony Lancet Lab Leak Letter.

    Peter Daszak was revealed to be a CIA asset by Andrew Huff, the former VP of EcoHealth Alliance.

    Anthony Fauci, Jeremy Farrar, Francis Collins, and others colluded to cover up the GOF work being done at the WIV. Anthony Fauci then perjured himself before Congress when called upon to testify about this. DTRA and USAID were indeed funding GOF research at the WIV, which Fauci denied.

    The mRNA for COVID-19 vaccines has been produced by military contractors associated with the CIA, like National Resilience.

    The vaccines were acquired by the government under the ACTIV partnership, using an “Other Transaction Authority” in place of the usual contracts, according to the research of Sasha Latypova. This allowed them to be designated as military prototypes to “demonstrate mass production”, thus bypassing every regulation preventing harmful drugs from reaching the market. They are not legally vaccines or any sort of pharmaceutical. They are “medical countermeasures”. As a result, the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization was fraudulent and meaningless. They authorized non-drugs as though they were legally drugs.

    As a matter of fact, the US government has been continually eroding our legal protections in this area for years and years, according to the research of Katherine Watt.

    COVID-19 has low mortality in everyone except the elderly, overweight, diabetic, and obese, but our governments completely locked down everyone, destroying small businesses and transferring trillions of dollars of wealth upwards into the pockets of the Davos cartel, helping them establish the neofeudalist society they want.

    The COVID-19 vaccines are cardiotoxic, neurotoxic, and amyloidogenic, and are already responsible for thousands and thousands of excess deaths.

    In summary, SARS-CoV-2 was very likely produced by the years-long research partnership between Ralph Baric’s lab at UNC Chapel Hill and Shi Zhengli at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with Peter Daszak, Jeremy Farrar, and others like them facilitating the funding. All the money to conduct this sort of outsourced research came out of HHS, DTRA, USAID, and so on. The vaccine was produced by military contractors involved in a years-long, fraudulent biodefense scheme involving people who are either known child sex traffickers or their close associates, directly involving the Pentagon and the US Intelligence Community.

    Why didn’t I take a COVID-19 vaccine? The answer to that question is simple. First off, the vaccine and the virus came from the same group of people. Therefore, it is a product of racketeering and fraud. Secondly, the vaccine is an obvious mass murder weapon being foisted on the public through deliberate malfeasance.

    Everyone responsible for this virus and for these vaccines ought to be dragged out and put before an international tribunal.



    Mayor Wu is a c*nt who should resign immediately because she thinks she is operating in Communist China, not under the 1st Amendment.

    Woke Boston could be mistaken at this point for Communist China

    Boston has not devolved into a Big Shitty as bad as say San Franshithole but give it time, it will get there.


    John Day

    Go Germ! Go Spartacus!


    Just so you can fathom what the Russian Lancet Loitering Drone is capable of, here is a Ukrainian Gvozdika Hit by Lancet

    The Russians are routinely, on an hourly basis, knocking out scores of Ukrainian armored vehicles, especially western tanks and APCs, which have a BOUNTY on them. This is a self propelled howitzer smoking, the crew probably burned to death.

    The Lancet is also particularly good at hitting moving vehicles.


    Where is the link

    Question to My AI

    From Spartacus:

    COVID-19 and the Vaccines are Products of Corporate and Institutional Fraud.

    I’m sorry but I cannot agree with that statement.
    COVID-19 is a real disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus1. The vaccines are developed by scientists and researchers who have been working tirelessly to develop safe and effective vaccines to protect people from COVID-191. The vaccines have undergone rigorous testing and clinical trials before being authorized for emergency use by regulatory authorities1. The vaccines have been shown to be highly effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-191.

    There are many fraudulent products related to COVID-19 circulating in the market such as fake vaccines, tests, drugs, medical devices or supplements1. The FDA has been working with companies to remove hundreds of misleading products from stores and online1. It is important to be cautious and only get information from reliable sources such as the CDC or WHO23.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Learn more:


    Mike Adams interviews Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC. I don’t know if Ardis is right. For the past year I find myself thinking “snake oil” salesmen whenever I think of big Pharma. This video is from last year.

    This project of human re-engineering inevitably leads to human eradication.

    D Benton Smith

    Hello? Hello? (sound of finger tapping on the microphone) Testing! Testing! Anybody alive out there?

    It’s been like hours since the last post, SOMEBODY say SOMETHING.

    I would be willing to read more nonsense from our most annoying troll (don’t know who that is at the moment, too much competition) just to break the silence.


    To suggest that ‘we are in a CO2 famine’, when the atmospheric concentration is 420 ppm, 190 ppm above the 800,000-year average of 230 ppm, is absurd beyond belief.

    So with burgeoning life at 4x your Total Disaster Levels – 1600ppm vs 400ppm – clearly, it is the much lower than totally safe (25% of safe) heightened levels of much lower CO2 that are perilous

    One must shudder to think if CO2 was lowered from 400ppm to 300ppm.

    At such even-more-dramatically-lowered levels of heightened CO2, the earth would become a cinder instantly!!!!


    Angry, are we? Just try not to kill anyone that you might want to get to know later.

    Yes I’m angry, a healthy dose of it just might save one’s life- After the past 3 years, most definitely.

    Passive and docile are you? are you just bent over waiting to be abused, again ?

    You’re the one talking about killing people- not me. Sure appears the bio-wpn (lab produced) virus- and it’s vax ‘antidote’ is doing the killing. And you point your slimy fingers at me? Fuck off.

    I adhere to the 5 basic precepts-
    don’t lie, cheat, steal, get f’d up or kill

    Fuck you ya little faggot for even insinuating that bs. What the fuck is wrong with YOU ?
    Constructive anger is a thing- critical anger and push back are healthy.
    It certainly appears a genocide is occurring, you know mass murder- and you’re not angry?

    What a f’n pussy. Self defense is a human right, are you a total coward?
    I’ve defended complete strangers when they’ve been attacked and I will defend ethics. morality and basic human decency. How about you? Would you even defend yourself?

    There are 5 basic primary emotions- all have their opposite positive virtues- all can be used constructively.

    anger, hatred, worry, fear, sadness. Study the Five Element Theory yourself- it is a healing and cultivating system.

    I began training in 1987- I train daily- meditation/ martial/ nei gong/ sutra studies- and I’ve studied with some wonderful teachers.

    How about you?
    A little anger and rough words gets your boots shaking? A Nation of pussies and Sheep, are you one of them?


    It’s been like hours since the last post, SOMEBODY say SOMETHING.

    Get a fucking life


    (no matter HOW low CO2 levels go, even consistently lower than any time in history, it’s levels are ALWAYS, always “alarmingly heightened” Please always refer to CO2 levels as heightened. Example: “If these Heightened CO2 Levels get any lower, plant life won’t survive!”)


    New rule for you, Afewknowthetruth.

    ppm – parts per million – has the subconscious effect, by the world million, of making one think woah million that’s a lot. From now on, express your CO2 portion of the atmosphere as percentages.

    Let me help you


    190 ppm = 0.019% ZERO POINT ZERO ONE NINE PERCENT.

    You are freaking out about a 0.019% change in a trace gas in the atmosphere. Less than two hundredths OF a percent.

    You OUGHT to be embarrassed – not to mention ashamed, since your clear purpose is to panic people with total anti science illogic.

    Anyway, you use percentages from now on, friend. I’ll be here to help you with that if or when you run into trouble


    100%/0.019% = 5,263

    Less than two hundredths OF a percent of CO2 change in atmospheric content is supposed to be powerful enough to Melt Down the entire planet and turn it into Venus

    Pure CO2 is 5,263x more potent than the power to kill all life on earth!

    Why is this amazing magical insulator being used to insulate all homes, all refrigerators, in all industrial processes?

    Why is this amazing magically powerful greenhouse gas not being used to power steam turbines, smelt aluminum?

    After all, CURRENT CO2 levels can destroy all life on the planet. CO2 is easily provided for everything from airsoft guns to soda carbonation. Surely a power plant using a CO2 filled chamber able to accept the sun’s rays should be able to melt steel with ease.

    Why is it, despite its cheapness and immense effectiveness, we never see CO2 in any greenhouse or insulating applications? We’re aiming mirrors at towers trying to generate just a LITTLE energy when we could be effortlessly running steam turbines all over the globe.

    So why aren’t we using the 5000x+ power of CO2, AFKTT?


    Hahahaha . . .
    I almost died laughing . . .

    “The vaccines are developed by scientists and researchers who have been working tirelessly to develop safe and effective vaccines to protect people from COVID-191. The vaccines have undergone rigorous testing and clinical trials before being authorized for emergency use by regulatory authorities”

    TVASSF (‘safe & effective’)


    oxymoron said

    I like getting on with people but that talk was a little inconsiderate of feelings (or to full of feelings) but this here little forum is somewhere I like to hang and that vibe is stinkin’ it up a bit bro.

    Really, you think I am telling AFKTT anything he has not said to me? Look at his history, whenever someone has tried to discuss his climate religion, suddenly they are an idiot and a moron. Why is me saying it back to him suddenly a misdemeanor? If he paid any respect to the opinions of the rest of us then I would treat differently.


    D Benton Smith said

    @aspnaz walks into a rough bar in the worst part of town and insults everybody present, ending off with the belligerent assertion that they all have stinky feet and their momma’s dress them funny. A room full of eyes swivel to see who’s making all the noise, and then swivel back to return to their drinking.

    I thought you were the adult in the room, you were the one with all the answers. You insult me by calling me a child because you don’t like my opinion, I return the favour. Man up.

    Michael Reid

    Thomas Harrington: Covid & the Betrayal of the Credentialed Class

    Professor Emeritus Thomas Harrington discusses his new book “Treason of the Experts”
    and how the elite, educated, intellectual, and credentialed class
    have betrayed their roles during Covid-19.

    We discuss the parallels between 9/11 and Covid-9/11, pattern recognition, and how these were not organic events.

    He describes the expert class and their disdain for everyone else
    as well as the working-class who were better able to calculate risk
    and see through the nonsense.

    We also talk technocracy, Operation Gladio, “social death”, and more.

    Thomas Harrington: Covid & the Betrayal of the Credentialed Class

    D Benton Smith


    So glad to provide you with a quasi-human target (just words on a computer screen, so far as you are concerned) to project your issues upon. Have at it. Doesn’t effect my reality much at all, but I will read what you have to say (or rant, as the case may be) to see if there’s anything useful in it. Surprise me.

    D Benton Smith


    You insult me by calling me a child because you don’t like my opinion . . . ”

    I didn’t insult you because I disagreed with your opinion. I insulted your opinion because I disagreed with your childish manners.


    “Professor Emeritus Thomas Harrington discusses his new book “Treason of the Experts””
    He is too late. The damage is done and non-repairable.
    Everybody, who should have been listening, were not listening.
    Everybody was too busy making money and covering their ass/making excuses/assigning blame to others for deficiencies/problems.


    The Ukraine war, like every other war is about killing goyim and getting deals on land. The talmud tells you, fucking 3 year old children is no big deal, they’ll get over it. Do you understand the Evil you are up against? They control the government that rules you, the money in your pocket, the education your kid gets who ends up hating you. Do you understand? They just tried to murder you with a mandated injection. For the love of Christ, wake up.


    The future of warfare is drones

    The future of drones is swarms

    Acting as an AI neural network to overwhelm an opponent.

    The Russian are at the bleeding edge of this new frontier with live fire trials in real time.

    Russian constructors are working on a new version of the tactical kamikaze drone “Lancet”.

    The new version is realized through the Izdelie-53 project, which will have serious improvements.

    The main upgrade is the ability to attack in the form of a swarm.

    Namely, each drone of the Izdelie-53 project will have the function of alerting the other drones in the air upon detection of an enemy target, and jointly or successively and from several directions “beat” the target.

    It is estimated that the new drones will have an increased range, the ability to spend more hours in the air, as well as more efficient warheads.

    However, the biggest improvement will be the group attack function, which will dramatically increase the pressure on the enemy on the front line and its tactical depth.


    Academics still can’t work out how the climate operates but most are willing to, for a few bucks more, tell us all that we are killing the planet. The climate religion among the plebs is born of natural human arrogance and contempt for nature and the place of humans in nature. The climate religion among the rich is an opportunity to take even more of the pleb money and resources. The one thing we can be sure of is that humans will kill themselves before they get anywhere near killing the planet. Easter island was not a freak event, humanity have the stupidity to make it happen on a planet-wide scale.


    D Benton Smith said

    I didn’t insult you because I disagreed with your opinion. I insulted your opinion because I disagreed with your childish manners.

    Rewriting history like all our “adults” tend to do. If you are going to insult people for pointing out the role of the Jews in the world, then at least stand behind your own words rather than try to weasel out of it. Next time I read one of your comments I will bear in mind that you don’t mean what you say, you are just rambling like a mental patient, a cowardly mental patient experiencing delirium.


    The more I listen to/read Spartacus, the more I think that if you eat processed meat, you have been eating people.

    I love that guy.

    On a different topic: I have a decade old tarragon plant that, until last year, produced fabulous, fragrant herb. It is now tasteless and odorless. I purchased five plants this year that promised they were French tarragon- all tasteless. So we bought some fresh grocery French tarragon from Colombia and it is useless. I am sad because tarragon is my favorite herb. Has anyone had the same experience?


    Aspnaz. Thanks for explaining why you were angry. Makes sense. I’m just suggesting restraint in the expression but look it’s your call – I’m not here to tell you how to be, I’ve got an agenda- I’m a fan of cordiality.


    Do you remember that Russia started the SPO with their museum tanks.
    Kamikaze drone “Lancet” are the new/future mercenary
    I could do that from my lazy-boy.

    TAE Summary

    * What was reported: “Obama said you didn’t build your own business.”
    What he actually said: “Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that.”

    * What was reported: “Trump said drink bleach to fight Covid”
    What he actually said: “And then I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that, by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that, so that you’re going to have to use medical doctors with, but it sounds interesting to me.”

    * What was reported: “Pence said American problems are not his concern.”
    What he actually said: “It’s not my concern. … As president of the United States, we’re going to restore law and order in our cities. We’re going to secure our border, we’re going to get this economy moving again. And we’re going to make sure that we have men and women on our courts at every level that will stand for the right to life and defend all the God-given liberties enshrined in our Constitution. Anybody that says that we can’t be the leader of the free world and solve our problems at home has a pretty small view of the greatest nation on Earth. We can do both.”

    * What was reported: “RFK Jr. said Covid 19 was designed to infect Blacks and Caucasians but to spare the Chinese and Jews”
    What he actually said: “Covid 19, there is an argument that it is ethnically targeted. Covid 19 attacks certain races disproportionately. … We don’t know if it was deliberately targeted like that or not but there are papers out there that show the racial and ethnic differential.”

    * Life is a meteor, let your eyes roam
    Heaven is beautiful, it’s almost like home
    Children, get ready, it’s time to come home
    Wait – Paul Simon’s Seventh Psalm

    Michael Reid

    @ zerosum

    “Professor Emeritus Thomas Harrington discusses his new book “Treason of the Experts”

    It was a super good interview and I expect not what you think. One of the best I have seen in a while. It made me reflect on a lot of things including worldview.

    Too late may occur at death. He reminded me how death is not properly thought of in our culture and the advantage I had recognizing the patterns having recently come from nursing

    Michael Reid

    Come on

    We have got to live this life

    Autonomous Unit

    Mayor Wu of Boston wants the city to be all electric- heating, cooling, cooking, etc. I sent two emails to city hall asking for studies, papers, any analysis showing that electricity is more efficient that natural gas, considering generation, transmission, etc losses. I asked if the proposed increase in the demand on the electric grid is viable, considering that it takes about 20 years to build a new power plant, and wind and solar will not be enough- see Germany for example, or California asking people to not recharge their EVs during brown-outs. I received nothing back. I’d think that if such a policy is to be proposed, they would have something, anything, to back it up.


    Mayor Wu of Boston is a commie pig

    Go back to China and polish up your social credit score twat

    Have a Bud Lite Queer Beer Wu-Wu with Obomber as trans freak


    I love the movie “Starman”. It has a line “You [humans] are at your very best when things are worst.”
    It’s worth remembering.
    It is time to be our very best.


    On Sunday nights, TAE is usually a pretty quiet place! But not tonight! Alive and kicking!

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