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    Pablo Picasso Guernica 1937   • Germany Is Facing The Biggest Crisis The Country Has Ever Had (Cody) • Berlin’s Quit Decades Of Courting Both Mos
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    Germany is facing the largest crisis it has ever had
    I’m, that headline seems a bit of an exaggeration. How about the collapse at the end of WW1 with revolution, overthrow of the empire, loss of territories and the humiliation at Versailles?
    Or the hyperinflation in 1922-23?
    Maybe the collapse of the Reich in 1945? To me that is Germanys biggest crisis ever.
    So unless the nukes start flying or the Chinese occupy Berlin I don’t think a cold miserable and broke winter counts

    those darned kids

    the video of emmanuel is most succinct summation of u.s. foreign policy i have ever seen.


    Neal, he’s talking about post-WWII Germany, or even post-wall.


    Leave Emmanuel alone!


    @neal Lining up to get nuked might help with that crisis!
    “Production of the B61-12 nuclear bomb begins,” Sandia National Laboratories announced from the United States. The B61-12, which replaces the previous B61 deployed by the U.S. at Aviano and Ghedi and other European bases, is a new type of weapon. It has a nuclear warhead with four power options, selectable depending on the target to be destroyed. It is not dropped vertically, but at a distance from the target on which it is directed guided by a satellite system. It can penetrate underground, exploding deep to destroy command center bunkers in a nuclear first strike.

    The B61-12s, classified as “non-strategic nuclear weapons,” are deployed in Europe — in Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Britain and probably other countries — at distances far enough to strike Russia. They thus have offensive capabilities similar to those of strategic weapons.


    “If we are to go not towards Hell, let us go to Free and Sovereign Nations, lands for native peoples, and not for colonial powers, and let there be a World Alliance of Free and Sovereign Peoples.”

    Anyone notice anything like the above anywhere?


    From the review by MICHAEL SENGER cited in the Brownstone article: Dr. Birx Praises Herself While Revealing Ignorance, Treachery, and Deceit

    As it turns out, Birx was not “100% MAGA.” She wasn’t even 10% MAGA.

    Now, I’m not saying Deborah Birx is a CCP agent. I’m just saying that if she was an agent for Xi Jinping’s stated goal of gradually stripping the world of “independent judiciaries,” “human rights,” “western freedom,” “civil society,” and “freedom of the press,” then every word of her book would read like that of Silent Invasion. If she did do it, this is how it would have happened.

    But in researching this topic for over two years, few things have made my hair stand on end more than the clues Birx gives about the man who did appoint her to her role. This man, who will be the subject of my next deep dive, is a little-known, clean-cut, Mandarin-fluent intelligence operative who arguably played a greater role than even Fauci or Birx in bringing China’s totalitarian virus response to the United States, acting as a direct liaison between Chinese scientists and the White House on key items of pseudoscience including asymptomatic spread, universal masking, and remdesivir: Matthew Pottinger.

    Dr. D

    Benton: That’s the question of “What is War?” We knew what they were up to when they immediately broke the treaty, then liquidated the country. But they didn’t send tanks. Is economic war a war? I say yes, seeing the Rust Belt more thoroughly annihilated than any nuclear bomb ever could. The U.S. themselves were the first casualty, yet they still deny it, lo these 50 years later. “Daddy wouldn’t do that.”

    Picking on electric cars again: Texas says: “don’t charge”. That’s it. I guess if you have to get to work, too bad.

    And this is the weather with bush and forest fires. Sorry, can’t charge, can’t leave.

    If the power goes out like it did in winter? Can’t go to work, can’t leave.

    And this is on top of there being no grid to charge them and no plans to make one. Ever. Is that because they expect all the poor people to die for some undisclosed reason?

    Makes you wonder.

    And Denninger just followed the latest: Truck towing some moderately large trailer? Under 50 miles, and that’s if there’s a charging station the minute you stop. No backup either as you can’t get a can of “’lectric”. Um can I say, “Not in America?” Not in Canada or Mexico either. This ain’t a small country.

    Yet like everything else, they just push and push and push and push these TERRIBLE, moronic, unwanted, unasked for, self-immolating, deadly ideas. While rejecting thousands of ideas we constantly suggest that would work for no cost.

    France? How’s France doing for electric cars with half the nukes missing? Germany? Good idea there? I’ve never seen anything like it. Their capacity for dumb is supernatural. Preternatural. Galactic. Alien in fact, as if we’ve found the dumbest species in the known universe and they’re advising our known leaders on their every move, which neither serve them, serve us, or indeed will be accepted at all without tremendous violence.

    Suit yourself. We beat everybody before now, and ARE tremendously violent. You’ll just be another loser we bury and forget ever existed. F around and find out.

    “The world over, from California to Sri Lanka, people everywhere are suffering from their incompetence.” Is it “incompetence” though?

    “ensuring the fair redistribution of profits generated during the crisis.”

    What profits? You have no industry. And they’re going to redistribute the wealth from production they no longer have? Yup, that’s Socialism. Misery, Poverty spread widely. And who are the redistribut-ors? They wouldn’t be planning on eating 5-star dinners and driving Mercedes would they? I mean, The People are all this together, right comerade?

    “could also reduce the country’s economic output by 12.7 percent,”

    He’s a lunatic, but then economists can’t count to three. If you lose the steel and glass industry as he admits, then what do you think can happen downstream? The machine screw industry? The car industry, the house industry, the solar industry? That’s right, the supply blockage of 12% upstream means… 100% block downstream. …Or you can import your glass from China and America with only half the supply, AND pay prices double with shipping at $10/gal. I’m sure it’ll all work out if you “redistribute” your money to the poor. Why don’t you print some money? I hear that makes wheat appear.

    Here’s the problem that I sort of circle around all the time: If you don’t give the money to the factories, (aka what they call “Capital”, “rich people”) we have nothing afterwards to GIVE the poor. Because we all have nothing, rich and poor alike. You have to MAKE stuff, with a SURPLUS called “Profit” in order to give anybody anything. And all that takes work that comes from US and nobody else. His plan is to liquidate a dead carcass until all Germans live in grass huts again. Population will therefore drop +90% as everyone is killed, exactly as the WEF and them there Guidestones suggested. Which is just a coincidence and isn’t related to anything because rich people never talk together and never make plans.

    “Germany’s new leadership has gone “all in” on its alliance with the US, overturning a strategy that had underpinned its success”

    Sad to see, and has ruined their negotiating position and all leverage, but it won’t last long. Europe is not going to live in grass huts when all they have to do is throw German Politicians in the Baltic sea and buy heating oil. Heck, we’d throw politicians in the sea in winter for no reason and don’t need an excuse.

    They must, so they will. MacKinder isn’t going to stop them, and the Empire can’t make them. But maybe Germany has to be reduced to the level of Lithuania first.

    “Republicans Wince as Their Ukrainian-born Colleague Thrashes Zelensky (Pol.)”

    You can say anything but the truth. The Truth is the only enemy. For Republicans and Democrats alike. If we start telling the truth, where does it end? Then the People escape us and are free again. They’d be doing that “Declaration” thingie we don’t like.

    She drew a rare rebuke last weekend from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry,”

    The Who? Hello, what country is that? We care about the opinions of nations with a lower GDP than Delaware? Why not cower to Nairobi instead? Oh wait: I forget, Kiev is the Capital of the United States now. All our money and free health care goes to them.

    GOP national-security hawks also worry that the MAGA wing of their party,”

    The article admits MAGA is a minority of government representatives, at the same time the Democrats are pushing to arrest every listed Republican. You know: outlaw all opposition parties like they do in Ukraine. That’s Democracy! Defending Democracy by creating a one-party system where if you have opinions, you’re arrested.

    “granted anonymity for the same reason offered a blunt reply: “What the f-ck.” A third House Republican granted anonymity to speak”

    Um, they “Granted” him free speech? Who is doing the granting and permission-giving here? McConnell? Well, one good thing here: They’ll all collapse when Ukraine does then, since they lashed their ships together.

    “Russians are not letting up on the grinding of the Ukrainian forces, the West has already lost interest”

    Because the West are drooling morons. Russia is barely touching them. They haven’t shut off the power and water and haven’t even sent the Russian Army yet. And weapons? Russian just buys the HIMARs from Ukraine, then shoots them back. You could fight this war for loose change. I could probably get a 2nd mortgage and fight this war. HIMARs shall not be infringed, and they sure aren’t in Ukraine.

    “there were bound to be severe repercussions if their core security concerns were ignored”

    Yet the bubble has not popped. It may take shelling Biden’s personal house – or worse, his crackhouse – for any message to hit home, and even then I doubt it. This is what being “Violently mentally ill” means: you can’t look to rationality for anything. You simply adjudicate and lock them up, restrain them for the greater good because regardless of what you say or do, reality will never come back to them if indeed they ever had any. I don’t know why this is so hard.

    “But this crazy person keeps acting crazy!” Yes. And then…? Pretty sure we have a procedure for that.

    “Italy May Soon Be Unable To Arm Ukraine – Foreign Minister (RT)”

    Case in point. If the U.S. and Germany combined can’t arm Ukraine, but Italy can? What would you say of a guy who would go to war with no men, no guns, and no gas? Crazy, right? Okay, how about one man, one .38, and one 5-gal can? Still crazy, right?

    So how is this any different? They’ve clearly said you need 100 tanks, all the support, 70 aircraft that aren’t jammed, and 200 howitzers. Are we now pretending that wasn’t said?

    What do we say of people who say things, then immediately say it never happened? “Crazy people”, perhaps? Mentally ill and deranged? A danger to themselves and others? Yes, there’s a process for that regardless of who you are.

    “there are many more, a typical example of how modern democrats are fundamentally weak on foreign policy.”

    Yes, but all of these the Republicans also promote and agree on.

    “..a 45% drop from China’s shipments of 5.5 million tonnes in the same period a year ago.”
    • China Issues Phosphate Quotas To Rein In Fertiliser Exports (R.)”

    Phosphate is a much bigger problem than nitrogen and will be for the rest of our lives. There is also essentially no solution but turning life from a line into a circle. That P must be shipped back from NYC to Iowa again. Or better, the PEOPLE in NYC must relocate to Iowa to be closer to the circle of land. There’s no housing shortage, no food shortage, just a location, a bubble problem.

    “nationwide lockdowns that did not stop or control the pathogen”

    Every 1% rise in unemployment leads to 40,000 early deaths. They raised unemployment by +10%. Narcissistic psychopaths’ defense: “No I didn’t.”


    The global “experts” way to prosperity. Sri Lankan style!

    With a domestic market of only 20 million consumers with a modest per capita income, Sri Lanka needs to look beyond its borders and increase its global competitiveness to sustain high and long-term growth.

    To that end, Sri Lanka’s new Vision 2025 sets out a course of reforms to make the country more competitive and lift all Sri Lankans’ standards of living. These reforms range from the pressing need for labor law reform to restructuring social safety net programs and boosting technology acquisition and digitisation.


    THE powers of the World Economic Forum have come under scrutiny on Wednesday, July 13, after eager internet users spotted the WEF had deleted an article from Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

    The article deleted on the WEF website is called – Sri Lanka PM: This is how I will make my country rich again by 2025 – and was searched for by people following the collapse of the country’s economy, which resulted in HUGE riots and the Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fleeing to the Maldives.

    In the article, published on August 29, 2018, Wickremesinghe said that the country’s “economic policy, Vision 2025, is firmly embedded in several principles, including a social market economy that delivers economic dividends to all.”

    The WEF questioned after deleted Sri Lanka PM article is recovered by Wayback Machine


    “He’s a lunatic, but then economists can’t count to three. If you lose the steel and glass industry as he admits, then what do you think can happen downstream? The machine screw industry? The car industry, the house industry, the solar industry? That’s right, the supply blockage of 12% upstream means… 100% block downstream. …Or you can import your glass from China and America with only half the supply, AND pay prices double with shipping at $10/gal. I’m sure it’ll all work out if you “redistribute” your money to the poor. Why don’t you print some money? I hear that makes wheat appear.”

    Priceless, for everything else there’s Mastercard, which may also make wheat appear.


    An echo to Ilargi’s “A high chance of meatballs.”

    Summary of uselessness of W arms expedited to Ukraine.

    (I have no military background or arms knowledge, from my reading only..)

    – Arms sent not efficient, not in good working order, surplus / outdated / etc. the sender is happy with sending them off

    – Lacking the necessary spare parts / back-up matériel / essential functional stuff..

    – Not adapted to Ukraine (ex. different railway gauge..)

    – Convoys, depots, easily tracked, identified by the Russians, are destroyed by them before arriving at destination

    – Arms are stolen, appropriated by Ukranian (or other) thugs, middlemen, or army factions and sold at competitive prices to interested parties such as terrorist groups, etc.

    Imho, the abundance is creating a brisk market with low-ish prices. (I can’t judge the prices but have seen them called low, good, favorable, etc.)

    Once in the hands of the Ukrainian forces, UAF, (spare parts etc. already mentioned) they are impossible, difficult, or clumsy to use because,

    – (this is the most pathetic I read about) .. The instruction manuals are written in German / French / English, and the Ukrainians simply can’t make them out

    The UAF often is not familiar with them, has not been trained in their use (so what was with all that NATO training, heh?) or for whatever reason does not see them as a great contribution

    The complaints, reports of failures, are too numerous and important, and the hype about game changers etc. is desperately shrill.

    The offer of weapons was not designed (imho) to “win a war” but simply to encourage the Ukr. high command (In Ukr., it is political, thus Zelensky and his coterie) to keep up the fighting, so as to, well ‘fight to the last Ukrainian’, a hackneyed saying by now.

    Keep it up, buddy, we have your back, gonna send guns and cash…

    Which brings me to the financial aid, the USA particularly seems to see money (and money management, like weird price-caps) as a universal solution, throw money at it, the problem goes away. That might work in a rich Florida neighborhood in a quarrel between furious neighbors, but is illusory in real-world geo-politics in the long run (some temporary quiet can be obtained, but that implies sharing or transfer of ressources)…


    Build Back Better … for who …. as if it has never been tried before …

    build a new relationship of mankind based on mutual love, respect, peace, fraternity, and solidarity…
    Deniers are everywhere, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, even in Germany
    Survivalist, preppers, are anticipating breakdown of society in the Western alliance.
    The BRICS are cooperating in securing their energy need for the future without war and booths on the ground.
    Read more …

    In Search of Enemies

    In Search of Enemies
    12114 Views July 16, 2022 59 Comments
    By Femi Akomolafe for the Saker Blog

    – The speed and the alacrity with which the “free world” jumped, at the say-so of their leaders, to condemn every Russian is simply beyond belief.

    – What exactly is wrong with the “free world”?

    – Why the unbridled penchant for unremitting confrontation and bloodletting?

    – The behavior of the “free world” disturbs greatly. Whichever way one throws it around, it is difficult to call it a Natural Behavior!

    – Sanctimonious hypocrisy of the highest order!

    – Why are Westerners so dumb that they cannot ask where their leaders who can’t find the money to repair their shattered economies, suddenly find the money to provide weapons to Nazis in Ukraine?
    Russian state energy major Gazprom has officially asked German industrial giant Siemens to provide documents allowing the return of a crucial gas turbine, which had been stuck at the firm’s Canada factory due to sanctions.

    The Nord Stream pipeline, one of the main routes for Russian gas exports to Europe, is currently out of action due to a scheduled 10-day maintenance period. However, prior to the shutdown it had been operating at just 40% of capacity for several weeks, due to a turbine from the pipeline’s Portovaya compressor station being stuck at the Siemens facility in Montreal, where it had undergone repairs.
    On a personal note. Energy
    To get away from mosquitoes and the heat, on my gladcamping trip, I found out that the battery in my car would need boosting, because I used the “air conditioner” too much, Being stranded in the campground was not a desired outcome.
    Made my day
    The instruction manuals are written in German / French / English, and the Ukrainians simply can’t make them out
    ps. Beat the heat wave … soak in a long bath

    John Day

    @Red: That Sri-Lanka 2025 path to prosperity is blather, some copy written by a 20-something in under 2 hours…

    @Dr.D: “Capital” more properly refers to the “means of production”, which you observe to not be money, in the case of wheat,and is also not money in the case of Toyota pick-up trucks, but factories, mines, stocked warehouses, and an advanced industrial economy. When money is constrained, like in “cross of gold” days, then maybe gold is that bottleneck in the “capitalist” production chain, but it’s not like that now.
    Fordist capitalism went away with Ronnie Ray-Gun, and it was a pretty good set-up, while it lasted, but the $US as global reserve currency did the job of finally making US industry uncompetitive. Putting all the taxes onto employers, with perverse incentives for the system to raise them, like health-insurance in a for-profit system, just worsens that.
    There are clearly problems with bureaucratic, federally funded medical care, but there has to be some step-down path from where we currently are. One is collapse, with people dying of appendicitis and babies-that-won’t-come-out. The other, that I can see, is government funded health-care from state or national, or even county level. I have been part of all of these. Who gets something, who gets less, who gets nothing, and who dies are all problematic, always. I had an unfunded patient with pancreatitis on IV fluids who could barely eat Jello for 5 weeks in 1993, in the only little hospital in Caldwell County. No other hospital in Texas would accept him. Nice guy. I apologized to him at least twice every day. The teaching hospital in Galveston finally accepted him. Maybe he got surgery. I hope he lived, he was in his 30s.
    In times of sweeping change, when time is short, and supplies of everything become unreliable, a command-economy becomes imperative, but who gives the commands? Shinzo Abe is dead, so who might give commands in Japan? Clearly, there is nobody of that stature amongst WEF “globalized leaders”. Russia and China are covered unless somebody kills Putin when he leaves Russia, like for a G-20 shindig.
    Just as America is not “agreement capable” it is not command-economy capable, for the same reasons of elite division. Elites don’t follow “commands”, until after they capitulate. All the elites are still doubling-down, not capitulating, as far as I can see. Sri-Lanka’s elites are probably not living there, or it is a minor-holding for them.
    Stalin, Franco, FDR, Hitler, gave commands which were followed, for better and for much worse. It’s better if a commander does not use meth when things start to slide towards ultimate defeat. Meth makes it hard to negotiate a reasonable peace. Cocaine too. Zelenski is not agreement-capable for all the reasons, and he knows what happens to Ukrainians who negotiate with Russia. That lesson got taught in March.
    Beats me. Putin/Lavrov/Xi? Collapse of $US hegemony? EMP takes all of their grids and internet down and leaves them down permanently? Maybe there is some milder path to western-elite capitulation. Maybe they will buy-into the new BRICS+++ system and declare themselves victorious full-participants.
    The massive $US debt default by Argentina and everybody who follows Argentina could do it; just turn all that nice money into 5 billion-mark notes.
    My read on that is that somebody(s) must show a path outta the black-hole for Sri Lanka first, to inspire faith and hope. Sri-Lanka exports tea and needs to import deisel. That’s tough. Clearly, Sri-Lanka needs to grow their own food, civil-war or no civil-war. Sri-Lanka does not have an easy step-down from chemical fertilizer, but I don’t accept 80% of people dying of starvation and the local violence it engenders. Public Private Partnerships extract resources from a country. Sri-Lanka is fully extracted for lifetimes into the future, already.
    Can Narendra Modi of India (Hindu-Nationalist) take ove Sri Lanka and kill the 30% Tamil Muslims?
    That never works, whenever Sri Lanka tries it.
    Sri Lanka needs at least a couple of years of fertilizer and oil for free, and a bnch of food right now, and an agreement and command capable executive for survival, for starters, and just forget the debts, because they are unserviceable in any scenario.
    Who bells this cat? I’d like to take notes…


    – 80% of people dying of starvation and the local violence it engenders
    – take over Sri Lanka and kill the 30% Tamil Muslims?

    a path outta the black-hole for Sri Lanka

    Do like people always do …… avoid death/war….. seek peace ……leave …… Immigration


    Wow, two whole questions

    The question here is:

    Why are Westerners so dumb that they cannot ask where their leaders who can’t find the money to repair their shattered economies, suddenly find the money to provide weapons to Nazis in Ukraine?

    Another question:

    After the war is settled – in Russia’s favor (my bet), do Westerners expect the Russians to forgive them for providing support to Nazis 2.0?

    The Answer

    Mass Formation Psychosis

    And while Brett Weinstein and Mattias Desmet in their current podcast agreed that adding the word ‘psychosis’ to the term mass formation was counter productive to the discussion, I don’t.

    The Collective West needs to have their collective noses noses rubbed in the word ‘psychosis’ at every turn of the screw.

    Germany is psychotic now, just like the not to be mentioned “Olde Days of Uber Alles”.

    Germany is like a ‘self harming teenage’ that has cut itself all over it’s body politik with razor blades.

    Clearly psychotic, but never mention it to them, it would upset their delicate Teutonic sensibilities!

    The Green Seppuku

    Hey, it’s an admirable sentiment to want to not be dependent on fossil fuels.

    But the transition period has to be much longer and far more thought out than what is happening now as a slow-mo train wreck.

    The German Greens are crazier than a shithouse rat.

    They have razor bladed the German economy. That economy looks on track to bleed out in the cold snowy Eurotard winter.

    At least the blood will freeze, it will be much easier to cleanup that way.

    Hey, nobody’s psychotic around here, you got that? Mum’s the word



    • Gazprom Requests Documents On Nord Stream Turbine Return

    The turbine issue could have been solved in a 5 minute phone between Germany and Canada.

    But it’s become a clusterfuck, which oddly serves the agendas of multiple players.

    However like the old expression, a Zebra is a horse designed by a committee, Turdeau the ‘Just’ from the Land of Maple Syrup has dope slapped Germany with their truculent attitude and given the Russkies a guilt free gift from heaven to withhold gas and to further torment the Teutonic hordes.

    A couple of German politicians found their balls and made noises about opening Nord Stream 2 if the country masquerading as a Hockey Puck didn’t give the turbine back but they were very quickly re-emasculated and put back in there place, how sad ;>(

    Speaking of giving back Turbans



    The latest from Jaques Baud, interview, print, eng. trans, short and worth it.

    The West’s Debacle in Ukraine: A Conversation with Jacques Baud

    Geopolitics and Empire interviews Gonzalo Lira, vid / audio. Lira speaks out about the US-collective-vassal-W losing in Ukr., which for sure is the case, that point is worth emphasising. I am not a fan of this guy, but he brings up some Ok points.

    Over one hour long.

    Gonzalo Lira: American Power Has Collapsed, It’s Pulling Down the Rest of the World With It


    “ . Even in Texas, which could be considered the world’s 10th-largest economy by GDP, the independent energy grid is so fragile that power companies are remotely turning down people’s home thermostats to save on energy supply.”

    The author must be mistaken…right now the power companies in Texas would be turning thermostats UP, not DOWN to save on energy….

    John Day

    Part 4 of “The Psychology of Totalitarianism” Thanks Bill. This is just a taste from the middle.
    “Ponerology” is the study of evil.

    Anyways, those are Desmet’s views. How do they compare with Political Ponerology [PP]? Pretty well, on the whole. On the last point, Lobaczewski warns: “oversimplification of the causal picture as regards the genesis of evil — often to a single, easily understood cause or perpetrator — itself becomes a cause in this genesis” (PP, p. 132). More generally pathocracy is a “complex causal system” (PP, p. 79) that emerges largely unconsciously, as a result primarily of psychobiological factors. Here are some quotes that get across the point:
    … in leaving behind our old natural method of comprehension and learning to track the internal causality of the phenomenon, we marvel at the surprising exactness with which the latter turns out to be subjected to its own regular laws. … The entirety is … clearly subject to causative determination to a degree that the researcher could not have anticipated. (PP, p. 235)
    … the system is rigidly causative and lacking in natural and rational freedom of choice. (PP, p. 256)
    … the image of the phenomenon is so dominated by psychological causation that there is not much room left for free choice. (PP, p. 316)
    The range of causal factors Lobaczewski brings to bear is extensive (more extensive than Desmet’s). His account involves a number of what he calls “pathological factors” (specific personality disorders and disturbances, whether primarily genetic, organic, or functional, of varying severity), “ponerogenic phenomena” (like pathological narcissism, paramoralisms, reversive blockades, conversive thinking, spellbinders), and “ponerogenic processes” (like hystericization and ponerization of groups) that proceed roughly in stereotypical sequences, utilizing ideologies. All of these form a complex mosaic structure that makes up the macrosocial phenomenon of pathocracy, much like the fractal of Desmet’s description.

    For Desmet, “The whole of society has a part in [totalitarianism’s] rise in one way or another; every person bears a responsibility in it” (PT, p. 139). Similarly, for Lobaczewski,
    In ponerogenic processes, moral deficiencies, intellectual failings, and pathological factors intersect in a spatio-temporal causative network giving rise to individual and national suffering. (PP, p. 224, cf. p. 78)
    He often repeats that one kind of evil (“normal” human weaknesses and failings) “opens the door” to another (psychopathic). In this regard, the people most responsible for the early stages of ponerogenesis are not evil per se. They are just weak. And that weakness provides the opening for unimaginable evil.

    Desmet thinks that ideology is what selects for position in totalitarianism. Here, Lobaczewski would disagree, arguing that ideology becomes increasingly irrelevant and essentially window dressing as pathocracy takes on its dissimulative form. In an ordinary society, a social structure forms as a result of many factors (see PP, pp. 38-48). The resulting structure is in no way planned, but a kind of self-organizing superorganism the develops out of all the individual and group interactions, cooperation and competition of the people that constitute it.

    Pathocracy is a demented Bizarro-world version of this process (OK, he doesn’t use those terms precisely). Ideology may provide the initial impetus and outer clothing, but the ultimate selection process, like the causality, is psychobiological in nature. In terms of ponerogenic groups like the Bolsheviks, “Rigorous selective measures of a clearly psychological kind are applied to new members” (PP, p. 165), resulting in a “pathological social structure.” (The same dynamic applies to the periodic purges of Party and society.) Just as humans tend to self-select into suitable roles based on their unique cognitive repertoires, a similar process plays itself out in ponerogenic groups and, ultimately, in a pathocracy.


    Well. That Lira interview was uplifting.
    I still suspect that if all hell broke loose and it was the West’s fault, the locals in an expat’s new homeland may not be all that friendly.


    I believe that “psychosis” should generally be appended to “mass formation” because otherwise it is not clear from the words “mass” and “formation” alone what is being discussed. “Mass formation” by itself sounds like a conglomeration of clouds.


    Population graph above.
    What happens in Nigeria and DR Congo won’t stay in Nigeria and DR Congo.

    Dr D Rich

    There you go again Dr. D casting broad aspersions on the American CEO class, the MMIC military medical Industrial complex and 49 out of 50 States’ legislature for emblazoning into law the murderous inhumanity of At Will employment statutes. You’re so unfair. Those titans of industry will correctly insist that loss of life’s prospects which arise with unemployment don’t alone translate into worsening mortality, but increase in concert the latter’s one-for-oneassociation with poverty.

    Dr. D said: “Every 1% rise in unemployment leads to 40,000 early deaths. They raised unemployment by +10%.”

    Yet there it is, that which accounts for the rising Excess Deaths above and beyond “C19-excess deaths C19”.


    Whilst what you say about previous crises is correct, there is something different about the current crisis: there can be no recovery. .

    Almost all of the easily-extracted high-quality coal is long gone.

    Almost all the easily-extracted high-quality oil is long gone. The system is dependent on extracting gluggy kerogen from ‘tar sands’, and other low EROEI extraction systems.

    Humungous debt bubbles have been constructed on the assumption of infinite-growth-on-a-finite-planet -an absurd notion from the outset, but achievable in the short term via looting of the planet and destruction of the environmental future.

    So now all the chickens are coming home to roost (the great unravelling), and all our so-called leaders have to offer is more of the same bullshit that got us into this global predicament in the first place..

    Population overshoot meets Peak Oil, Abrupt Climate Change, the unravelling of Ponzi finance and collapse of biodiversity,

    Veracious Poet

    Germany Is Facing The Biggest Crisis The Country Has Ever Had (Cody)


    Germany is facing an unprecedented crisis due to a potential Russian gas cut that will erase the prosperity Germans have grown accustomed to, warned Rainer Dulger, head of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations.

    The whole world is facing the same crisis. The oligarchs behind WEF have obviously gained control of all significant governments and banks, which means that the crisis is in full swing for us, the plebs. The one-world government and one-world bank already exists in all but name, the power and control is already centralised and the interesting thing is that the oligarchs are keeping their roles secret.

    We know some of those involved, such as Gates and Soros, because they cannot keep their mouths shut, but this level of control takes more than just them, the rest remain anonymous. They obviously will stop at nothing as we have already seen a number of assassinations and governments have done nothing to investigate and reveal the people paying for those hits. I assume that a number of the political changes are also due to people trying to get out of the game alive. You can assume that all the security services are compromised, so they will soon be shooting people in the streets when the hunger riots start.

    The banks will also continue to force countries to waste money in return for finance. You can see that in Taiwan where the government is on its knees pleading for US protection from China. Taiwan wages are well below China wages due to the government economic policies and the Taiwan government spending tons of cash on US weapons and US green initiatives. The wages are low despite Taiwan leading the way in the Chinese world’s semiconductor industry. We have electric buses, electric scooter systems etc all paid for by the government because otherwise they would not survive in a free market. All stuff that the country cannot afford.

    Watching the Netherlands farmers, it is sadly obvious that the people have already lost this battle and are soon going to be entering a century of slavery. You would expect the whole Dutch nation to be on general strike and marching in the streets demanding policy change, but instead they show us that the TV has control over their brains, they trust the TV, it is their parent, it is their guru, it will also be their death.

    Violence is the only way the people can restore their power, but the oligarchs behind this operation are hiding, so the solution is the mass slaughter of oligarchs before the mass slaughter of plebs. This will not happen while the TV leads the people into the slaughter house.


    Germany’s new leadership has gone “all in” on its alliance with the US, overturning a strategy that had underpinned its success What was known as the “memory culture” was an essential element of the foreign policy strategy of post-war Germany.

    Germany has been captured by the WEF oligarchs. The politicians of Germany have been bribed, blackmailed and threatened to comply with the WEF agenda. This is a coup. The German security services have failed the Germans, letting their country be captured by external forces. The whole reason for having security services is to prevent this sort of thing happening, but the German government has failed its people, the traitors in the security services have given into the WEF oligarchs and allowed the German politicians to be captured.

    Maybe this is why the Russian government appears to be working for Russia, maybe Putin’s experience in the Russian security services enabled him to prevent them being compromised by the WEF oligarchs.


    A Foreign Affairs Committee aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the U.S. intelligence community is planning to brief Spartz about her claims in a classified setting Friday morning.

    You can just imagine how this will go: I just wonder how they will threaten her, maybe threaten to destroy the lives and careers of her children? The security services may just threaten her with an accident, or her children with an accident.

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet

    Yet like everything else, they just push and push and push and push these TERRIBLE, moronic, unwanted, unasked for, self-immolating, deadly ideas.


    Time for the survivors to put up the white flag and to surrender

    1. Immigration, 9 million, and counting, refugees in EU from Ukraine and everywhere else.
    2. Piles of destroyed cities in Ukraine, middle east, N. Africa
    3. Factories, jobs, and income have been destroyed.
    4. Shortages of food, income, etc.
    5. Lack of adequate housing
    6. Lack of energy
    7. Lack of health care
    8. Lack of competent leaders that will operate the social/economic systems for sustainability

    Veracious Poet

    Violence is the only way the people can restore their power, but the oligarchs behind this operation are hiding, so the solution is the mass slaughter of oligarchs before the mass slaughter of plebs. This will not happen while the TV leads the people into the slaughter house.

    John Day

    @aspnaz: The standing reference is that each new president’s initial security briefing presents films of the Kennedy assasination from a couple of different angles to help him understand his new role.


    The December 2020 resignation of Dr. Deborah Birx, White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator under Trump, revealed predictable hypocrisy.

    If she had stabbed WEF in the back in the same way she stabbed the people in the back, she would have been assassinated by now.

    John Day
    Participant I’ll try to reduce duplicate posts…

    How much of the false-presentation of reality, with which we are increasingly deluged, has been well-planned and arranged, and how much has been thrown like spaghetti against a wall, and used until it quit sticking? You might also have been struggling with how to approach models of human behavior in times of rapid change, brought on by economic degradation, as the provisions for life become unpredictable, then life-threateningly short. A society entering crisis needs to adjust, but the specific needs of the owner class, the working class and the skilled classes may be so disparate as to make that impossible until some class capitulates. It migh have to be the owners who capitulate in order for an actual, healthy reformation of social economy, the “social contract” to start getting worked-out..

    This article says that “Ideologies are no longer the way we know them, and that means the world is being reconfigured”. There are always flaws and corruptions of ideologies, also. Ideologies are simplifications that people can “agree” upon to work in harmony, but with a range of interpretations and embodiments.
    ​ ​Capitalism at war means monopolies arising, while communists at war means massive genocides arising.
    ​ ​Corroded ideology is not necessarily a bad thing, but it shows a breakdown in thinking in society
    ​ ​Ideologies arise as a way of trying to organize models of government, and several of them have even been criminalized around the world due to the massacres they have carried out. But at the same time, this does not mean that they will cease to exist.
    ​ ​When a society thinks 50% one thing and another half thinks 50% another thing, this means that there is a polarity of thoughts that can only lead to chaos and barbarism, because the people, hungry or in difficulty, are not able to come to a consensus, and then authoritarianism and popular uprisings arise.

    Ideologies are no longer the way we know them and this means that the world is being reconfigured

    ​Surplus Energy Economics looks at The Affordability Crisis (Heavily edited)
    ..We need to be absolutely clear, though, that money has no intrinsic worth, but commands value only as a ‘claim’ on the material products and services made available by the energy economy…
    ..Central banks can ‘print’ money (digitally), but they can’t similarly print low-cost energy. The banking system can lend money into existence, but we can’t lend resources into existence…
    ..Whether we think in energy or in financial terms, what’s happening now is that the economic resources of households, and of the economy itself, have ceased to expand, and have started to contract, whilst the costs of essentials are rising.
    This is what is meant by an affordability crisis.
    An affordability crisis does what it says on the tin, and has two main effects.
    First, consumers who have to spend more on necessities have to cut back on purchases of discretionary (non-essential) goods and services.
    Second, households suffering from affordability compression struggle to “keep up the payments”.​..
    ..Perhaps the biggest single risk of the lot would be a wave of ‘can’t pay, won’t pay’ reaction by the public.​..
    ..​None of this is going away. An outbreak of peace and conciliation between Russia and its opponents, welcome though this would be, wouldn’t alter the fundamentals, which are that the ECoEs of energy supply are rising, reducing the affordability, not just of energy itself, but of all energy-intensive resources and products.
    Fourthly, there’s no “tech fix” for structural affordability compression.​..
    ..It’s worth remembering, in this context, that energy sources must precede applications…
    ..Technologies are optimised to the energy sources available, not the other way around.
    The big question now isn’t whether an affordability crisis is going to happen – because it already is – but when this reality is going to gain recognition as a feature of the system…​ (Dick Cheney always knew this. Who else?)​
    ..Discretionary consumption has entered an irreversible decline, and that the economy, just like millions of households, is struggling to ‘keep up the payments’ required by an increasingly financialized system.
    #235. The affordability crisis

    ​The Rape Of Europe Is Next​ Jorge Vilches (Already underway from my vantage point. It’s more than “grooming”.)
    ​ ​It is becoming ever clearer for European public opinion that without Russian energy, Russian food, and Russian produce at large quite simply Europe cannot survive. So as Frank Sinatra foresaw, the end is now near and Anglo-Saxon+EU joint plans for Russian piracy – plan A — are just about over. Never in their history have Europeans depended so much strictly from Russian produce that very simply cannot stop coming in. All the way to very distant Japan and South Korea, with these Russian sanctions their much-required ´Just-In-Time´ strategy is rapidly becoming ´Just-In-S**t. So now Europeans and Western-compliant Asians would freeze and starve with massive migrations democratically spread out everywhere. That´s why plan B “let´s rape Europe instead” will necessarily kick in soon.​..
    ​..The Anglo-Saxons basically just want to change the tide and win at something-anything, so if Russia cannot be defeated they´ll rape continental Europe first and try to make buddies with whomever later, even Latam or Africa… with investments profits on top. And Australia, as an active part of the AUKUS core may also perform a key role regarding “unfriendly” Asians. And beware: if you care to believe the Anglo-Saxons, between Fort Knox and the Bank of England they both pretty much vault everybody else´s gold, Europe´s included. So be carefully aware of the plenty of food for thought before you. Gold is real money as Lawrence of Arabia learned the hard way…

    ´Rape Europe´ is next, stupid

    John Day

    ​A few excerpts from the recent (Swiss Strategic Security veteran) Jacques Baud interview. Thanks Noirette. (When will Europe realize she is being raped?)
    ​ ​In the English-speaking world, the U.S. and European Union strategy is increasingly being questioned by military and intelligence officials. This trend is reinforced by U.S. domestic politics. Republicans and Democrats have a very similar view of Russia. The difference, however, lies in the effectiveness of the investments in support of Ukraine. Both share the goal of “regime change” in Russia; but Republicans have noted that the billions spent tend to backfire against the Western economy. In other words, they seem unable to achieve their intended goal while our economies and influence weaken…
    ..In Europe, and in the French-language media in French-speaking Switzerland, France and Belgium, the rhetoric faithfully follows what the Ukrainian propaganda says. We are shown a fictitious reality that announces victory against Russia. The result is that we are not able to help Ukraine overcome its real problems…
    ..There is a general anti-Russian mood there. People are more Catholic than the Pope. That was also the case with the oil embargo. The U.S. Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, advised the EU against an oil embargo. But the EU wanted to do it anyway, leading to skyrocketing oil prices. So, it is obvious that there is a certain dynamic in the EU related to the generation of the current political leadership. European leaders are very young, have no real experience, but are ideologically fixed… (“Young Globalist Leaders”)
    ..In Europe, our understanding of the problem lags behind that of the USA. We are not able to discuss the situation calmly. In the French-language media, it is impossible to take an alternative view of the problems without being called “Putin’s agent.” This is not only an intellectual issue, but first and foremost a problem for Ukraine. By confirming the view proposed by Ukrainian propaganda, our media have pushed Ukraine towards a strategy that costs a huge number of lives and leads to the destruction of the country…
    ..In the United States, a distinction must be made between the government and the mainstream media on the one hand, and the military and intelligence professionals on the other. Among the latter, there is a growing sense that Ukraine will suffer more from Western strategy than from a war with Russia. This sounds like a paradox , but more and more intelligence people seem to recognize that.​ ​ In French-speaking Switzerland—in my experience—people do not understand that. They follow the rhetoric of the American government. This is an intellectually limited, extremely primitive, extremely dogmatic and ultimately extremely brutal view towards the Ukrainians. It is, again, a view that is more Catholic than the Pope, because even the US military seems to understand that this approach will lead to failure..​.​
    ..Let us consider the situation in Mariupol. Our media seem to deplore that the fighters of the Azov Movement surrendered. They feel sorry for them. They would have preferred that they all died. This is extremely inhumane. But now it appears their fighting had no longer any impact on the situation. If you read the Swiss French media, they should have fought to the death, to the last man. These media would have done a “wonderful job” during the defense of Berlin in April 1945! …..NATO is not a peace organization. NATO is fundamentally a nuclear-power organization, as NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said. That is the purpose of NATO—to put allies under the nuclear umbrella. NATO was founded in 1949, when there were only two nuclear powers—the U.S. and the USSR…
    ​..​The very concept of war was not adapted to the realities. NATO is a regional security and defense organization. It was designed in 1949 for a war in Europe with nuclear weapons, tanks, artillery, etc. In Afghanistan, however, there were no nuclear weapons, tanks, or fighter-bombers. That was a very different kind of war. But NATO did not identify the problem…
    ..To make it simple, let’s say that a war in Europe is a technical challenge. A war in Afghanistan, on the other hand, is a societal challenge. NATO has not understood this essential difference. I mentioned the war in Afghanistan because NATO was engaged there as an organization. In Iraq, it is better to talk about “NATO countries.” But the fact remains that they did not understand that they were waging totally different types of war. Western armies are not prepared for it and have a dogmatic understanding of war…
    .. The idea of a common European house, as formulated by Gorbachev and favored by the Russians, is inconceivable to the United States. For this reason, Russia has always had a certain respect for the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). After the end of the Cold War, this model could have been expanded to build security through cooperation rather than confrontation…
    .. A 2017 US Army study found that the USSR did not attack Europe because it never intended to. So, our security does not depend on NATO, but on our ability to have good relations with our neighbors. In fact, I believe that NATO membership would put our security at risk. That applies equally to Finland and Sweden.​..
    ..Since the early 1990s, the Russians had a conception of security in Europe that was inspired by the OSCE: security through cooperation, not confrontation. That’s why the Russians were interested in joining NATO at that time. But the very concept of NATO, with a dominant power tied to the very nature of the organization itself, cannot integrate the Russian perspective. If you look at the current challenges in the world, the Russian vision can be seen as much more realistic than the Western vision…

    The West’s Debacle in Ukraine: A Conversation with Jacques Baud

    John Day

    Globalists are racing time against this threat!
    ​ ​Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Egypt plan to join BRICS, and their potential membership bids could be discussed and answered at next year’s summit in South Africa, Purnima Anand, the president of the organization, told Russian media on Thursday.​..
    ..“I hope that these countries will join the BRICS quite shortly, as all the representatives of core members are interested in expansion. So it will come very soon,” Anand added.
    The news of the three nations’ plans to join BRICS comes after Iran and Argentina officially applied for membership in late June, with Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh touting the bloc as a “very creative mechanism with broad aspects.”

    ​”Quitting bad science”​ : I can relate…
    Health experts are quitting the NIH and CDC in droves because they’re embarrassed by ‘bad science’ – including vaccinating children under 5 to ‘make their advice palatable to the White House.’

    (finally dinged for) Breaking-the-law:
    A federal district court in Ohio has temporarily blocked the Biden administration from enforcing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate on thousands of U.S. Air Force service members who remain unvaccinated after having opposed the shot on religious grounds but have had their religious exemption applications denied.

    And it’s not just sugar. There is wholesome food for thought here:
    Research suggests sugar can trigger reward and craving states in your brain similar to addictive drugs, and lead to brain-related health issues such as depression, learning disorders, memory problems and overeating.

    Sugar Acts Like a Drug — And That’s a Problem for Your Brain

    ​The Ethical Skeptic: The ‘Worthless Human’ Lie of the Diet Cartel
    (5-courses of intellectual nourishment for the thoughtful.)

    The ‘Worthless Human’ Lie of the Diet Cartel

    John Day

    Just noticed this:

    Biden Says Saudis Lying After FM “Didn’t Hear” Him Confront MbS On Khashoggi’s Killing

    “With respect to the murder of Khashoggi, I raised it at the top of the meeting, making it clear what I thought of it at the time and what I think of it now,” Biden told reporters

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