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    Andy Warhol Reigning Queens 1985   • NATO Plan to Bulk Up Presence on Eastern Flank Faces ‘Serious Problems’ (Sp.) • US, NATO Weapons Stockpiles
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    Alexander Carpenter

    Also note the extensive comments providing valuable-overview perspective (much like here at TAE).

    What’s it gonna take to shut up the retard neurotics, hidden-agenda ideologues, and presstitutes?

    Dr. D

    A: to take away their money. They, and other people, are only “If you’re so smart why ain’t you rich?” or the reverse, “If you’re rich, you can only be smart. The richer you are, the smarter.” There are no criminals in their world.

    So as long as the Laptop class is comfortable, and has a house (now each worth $1M) they are collectively rich as many billionaires and therefore the smartest people in America. QED. Remove their 401k and they are instantly stupid and no one will follow them.

    I don’t know why that is, I just report it.


    So Spain is having a heat wave! Big deal. It has these every summer! Perfect beach weather!

    Back in the late 1970s I was working in a Rio Tinto gold/copper mine about an hours drive west of Seville. A mine, previously mined by the Romans!

    Yes, it was very hot about 47 degrees C. The handrails on the blast hole drill I was working on were so hot your hands would burn if you weren’t wearing gloves! We put our hand tools in a bucket of water so we could hold and use them. But it was a dry heat with little or no wind.

    I joked it was so hot you could fry an egg on a car hood! So we did! It took a while but the egg did finally turn white!

    But I have worked in much hotter places like Morroco or the state of Nevada where temperate got above 100 degrees Fahrenheit daily. Again it was a dry heat, much easier to take than in a high humidity place like the Congo during it’s rainy season.

    So much for climate change! Back then they called it global cooling!

    Dr. D

    “US Virgin Islands Demands $190 Million From JPMorgan Over Jeffrey Epstein Relationship”

    Baffled by this. What legal logic exists that they get money for not knowing about, and arresting, a well-known, high-profile pedophile living and committing crimes on their territory?

    Better not let Chicago find out about this: they already don’t do their job; if they can ALSO get $190 million every time they don’t arrest a criminal, there’ll be no end to it.

    “Russia, Iran Coordinating To Expel US Troops From Syria, Pentagon Says”

    I would think so. If you allow nations to just invade and occupy their neighbors, well, that’s a war crime, right?

    “Hersh Exposes The Real ‘Quid Pro Quo’ That Changed Erdogan’s Mind About Sweden”

    $11 Billion direct payoff by Biden to Erdogan in order to have any wins at all at NATO meeting. Like that $6B to Prigozhin. And some F16s. A day later Erdogan says, “Sweden: Just kidding, we need to be in the EU first.”

    Like Prigozhin, the media slavishly melt down in ecstasy over it, claiming Turkey completely and permanently switched sides, Russia is over, BRIICS are dead, etc. Have you ever seen Turkey? Have you ever read anything before?

    So when Biden double-crosses Erdogan on the $11 Billion, Erdogan can twice as double-cross Biden over it…but maybe after $1-3 billion loans were already written. …Which they then default on. Since neither NATO, nor the IMF, are likely to exist soon.

    John Kerry. Headline: “Kerry Doesn’t Believe in Marriage” Why is that? It’s universal to the point of beggary that if you own something, your wife owns it too. All property in a marriage is joint property. If they fell into arrears on the payments for that plane, they would have attached assets of John Kerry and even Federal paychecks to John Kerry.

    IsraeLab, Chart: Who we are and what we do:

    We are a group of doctors and researchers who are actively following up on the vaccine campaign in Israel and monitoring the healthcare system for possible safety signals. Our findings are based strictly upon official sources of information:

    Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests to the Israeli Ministry Of Health, HMO’s (Kuppot Holim), and hospitals
    Weekly epidemiological reports published on IMOH’s web site
    Additional reliable sources which could be verified and published
    We declare that we have no conflict of interests
    We are not looking for financial support

    “Spain would be able to send only a meagre number of soldiers to reinforce the NATO flank in Slovakia and Romania,”

    Um, why? Why would they have a “flank” and why would it need to be “reinforced”? Are Slovakia and Romania at war? Also they CAN send them – Spain has 47 million people – they WON’T send them.

    America, 10x their size, can barely send 3,000 men, or the size of an Easter Day parade in Nashville.

    ““Until now, we have not used [cluster bombs]… we did not need to, despite also previously experiencing a shortage of ammunition..”

    They are the wrong munition for the purpose. They are almost certainly going to HAMPER Ukraine’s war effort because of it, just like all the patchwork equipment and incompatible trainings worldwide. Ukraine is now ATTACKING. They need thermobaric bombs and mine sweepers. What they absolutely DON’T need is to drop cluster bombs with a +5% dud rate on the trenches they are about to charge into.

    ““I don’t understand how a cluster bomb is a ‘defensive’ weapon,” … that doesn’t add up [if you] look at what a cluster bomb is.”

    Crimean bridge: I think it’s those pesky Bolivians again. But Ukraine put out a postage stamp for them.

    “The toll includes some of the formidable Western fighting machines — tanks and armored personnel carriers — the Ukrainians were counting on to beat back the Russians.”

    They have indeed adopted typical Western thinking: the answer to all problems is to buy something. It’s all about THINGS, material world, “tiny pebbles” theory. Money. You just get an Excalibur, a magic Iron Suit, Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber, or that latest Oracle Software, and you don’t need to do any work! No need for 20 years of tireless training, sharpening steel on steel in a Kurosawa movie, no need for win, lose, draw, and no time needed either! All those phones will now answer themselves!

    How do we know it’s always and only OBJECTS, magical objects like a possessed sword that make the world, and never, never people? This is the same as the whole Western view on guns: Guns get up, hop out of the drawer, and run around shooting people. Totally without any human criminals involved! They’re magic! Magical thinking!

    And thus it is with Bradley Fighting Vehicles: No Crews Required! No crews trained, no soldiers attached, no time expended at all! Zero. You just order them from Amazon for deliver the next day and they fight the battles for you.

    This is merely an extension of their seething hatred and raw contempt for all human life and efforts. Such that they can’t even rest their eyes on the mere existence of humans, or even their existence within the overall Matrix and machine, Agent Smith.

    As they say, this “demonstrates the inability of Westerners to think and act according to facts, rather than expectations. The Ukrainian people are beginning to understand this.”

    “It is very likely that there was no Western involvement in Yevgeny Prigogin’s decision. The USA made every effort to demonstrate its distance from the Prigozhin mutiny.”

    You are kidding, right? We spent all week with every major talking head and guest doing the #Opposite of “distancing”. There was a classic one of Twitter Blue Checks, “Patriot Wagners, making life safe for democracy” then 1 hour later, after the deal, “Wagner is a terrorist group and should be arrested worldwide” again. The Twitter account doesn’t even notice. Hypocrisy and Illogic are as swimming in water.

    “Zalyuzhniy told The Economist that he needed “300 tanks, 600-700 IFVs, 500 Howitzers.” In such case, he thought it “completely realistic”

    As said at the time, this is more equipment than is owned in all of NATO. He’s not wrong that this was what was needed to at least field the Russians not be a total embarrassment, and have the mild possibility of “winning”. (Remember: Russia can still turn all Ukraine and indeed all Europe into glass in 15 minutes) However, I point out that AGAIN their seething hatred of humans leads him to neglect that TRAINING 300 tank crews, 500 Howitzer crews is NOT realistic. That would take 18 months? 24 months? Since the depth of training is usually to have at least one guy around who’s done it before, 2-5 years? Plus 100,000 rounds of training ammunition? 20K rounds a year for 5 years?

    And Russia STILL has 5x that number of tanks, and with a Zero mile supply chain. Plus gasoline, which Europe doesn’t have.

    “You almost wonder if this military-industrial complex thing where weaponry has been turned into a mechanism for stabilizing the economy,”

    As Keynes said, “It would be exactly the same, exactly as productive and useful, if we just dug holes and filled them in again.” Or if we broke windows then repaired them again.

    “but RFK Jr.’s having worded his argument as carelessly as he did”

    He did not word it carelessly. It’s just that the media and this writer are LYING. They make s—t up. And it’s not hard, you can listen to his statement yourself, and I did listen to it only yesterday. So it’s the new “Very fine people” hoax, where specifically saying “We condemn Nazis entirely” IN THE SAME PARAGRAPH, IN THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS RECORD, is not a rebuttal and was never said, but saying “Peaceful protesters on both sides” Actually means “I support all the bad people on only ONE side.”

    This guy has to get with the program: if the media is just going to get up and LIE about you, every morning, making up everything you said, Biden never took Burisma money, the laptop isn’t real, then none of what he says matters. I don’t know how people are +20 years behind the reality on this. Haven’t they clocked off and died of old age already? Progress is one funeral at a time? How old do you have to be to NOT have this be daily reality for all your life? CNN Green Screens, pretending to put on gas masks safe in the studio in Gulf War ONE.

    However, I agree with the writer on the statistics. It may indeed have been MEANT to be such a weapon, but if so, its efficacy on that point was ~1% Clearly every other feature overwhelmed the underlying theory about it, Vitamin D probably being a big one, but anti-malarial drugs being key as well.

    He should also know all the death stats are false, as the thought China had 300 people dead of Covid is laughable on its face. That alone would tell you the disease doesn’t actually exist. And Israel did what we did: mark ALL deaths as Covid deaths, including traffic accidents. So their stats basically don’t exist.

    Again, how old are you that you grew up with data that was within-the-ballpark not complete fabrications and lies? Must have been nice.

    “• Hunter Biden Threatens Trump With ‘Legal Trouble’ (RT)

    That is pretty far out. This is why we always err to maximum forbearance and tolerance of all speech. So even a Private Citizen, with no office or power at all, is not allowed to have OPINIONS? That’s about the maximum in the other direction. If I have opinions, will Hunter sue me too? (A: Yes. Yes they will.)

    What is the statement? “A known and admitted life-long coke user might be using coke.” That’s it. Not exactly a revelation, is it? Or inflammatory. Yet here we are.

    “• Almost Half of Millennials Want Jail Time for “Misgendering” (Turley)
    A recent survey by Redfield & Wilton Strategies for Newsweek, “

    What did we JUST SAY? Last sentence? About statistics and data being all entirely fabricated and false? And this is according to the editors of the NEJM and Lancet, about MEDICINE, a field hard to hide crap in, and that was almost TEN YEARS AGO, they said, “(as all research now comes from pharma corporations) everything printed in our journals is false, we ought to put in a warning.”

    Biden approval is probably 8%. We have several sources. However, the same Newsweek claims surveys that it’s a very-average +40%. Draw your own conclusions.


    Living in Athens I can confirm that, yes, the past few days were hot. But nothing extraordinary. This is typical Greek summer. We had worse heatwaves in the past. So I don’t understand the hysteria. “Experts” on tv were calling for lockdowns. Greek authorities implemented restrictions on access to the city’s parks. This new fear mongering campaign is really mind boggling. Since yesterday the meltemi started blowing again so things are cooling down. But the clown experts want to convince us that we are experiencing something unprecedented. No. Again, this is typical Greek summer.


    The Deep Dipshit State® trying an open fake on Duh’mericans




    Biden’s Granddaughter Relieved To Have Been Disowned After Seeing Biden Eat Baby




    Just curious. How tall are the domestic blueberry bushes in your British Columbia area? How many blueberries would a typical bush have?

    In northern Quebec/Labrador the blueberry bushes were only 2″ to 4″ tall. Blueberries only grew on the southward facing slopes of hills. Further they tended to hide themselves on the leeward side of slopes protection from the prevailing cold winds. A good bush might yield 2 to 4 tiny blueberries. It was hard on your knees and back too as you were always bending over or kneeling down. I have no ideal how the scrawny black bears every got fat, for winter, eating these sparse and tiny blueberries!

    I once tried growing domestic blueberry bushes in my backyard at home, just north of Toronto but the blueberry bushes never prospered and all died out slowly. These domestic blueberry bushes ranged from a foot to 2 feet tall. They never produced very many blueberries. The soil just wasn’t acid enough despite my efforts to make the soil acid and sandy.


    The Amish are the healthiest people in the Western world.


    NO vaxx, NO masks, NO GMO, NO TV,

    NO autism, NO myocarditis, no SIDS, no SADS, no ADHD

    What a Coincidence!

    Duh’mericans will NEVER connect the dots

    Pass the GMO junk food, I’m missing the Kardashians on TV



    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again – the ecological species assemblies are part of the climate.
    Are olives and carobs and cypress etc. heat loving? Well why yes Oxymoron they are.
    Can you grow Eucalyptus forests (which can only continue if exposed to the extreme heat and dryness that will cause forest fires) in Canada? Why no, sir continue…
    If Pistachio trees won’t set nuts with excess humidity in the air well surely the planet is warming so much you can grow them commercially in Melbourne, London, Sydney, Dallas!

    Ah again no.

    Weather changes and the climate may but people need to get a little perspective – this in NOT runaway climate change. I know from my own orchard.

    Look at nature not numbers and you will find whatever little truths this world is capable of revealing.


    Creating a World of Distrust


    Creating a World of Distrust

    Experts lie at the center of it.

    “I just saw a meme with two heads speaking to one another.

    One head is visibly angry and is saying something like, “look at this!!!” holding up a cell phone.

    The other head says, “oh yeah, let me tell you what I think of that.”

    The angry head says, “shut up idiot!! You are not an expert! ”


    RFK Jr and Germ are right Asians and Ashkenazis Rule. One spike to rule them all and in the ace-2 bind them


    • NATO Plan to Bulk Up Presence on Eastern Flank Faces ‘Serious Problems’

    The German economy WAS the core of Eurotardistan®

    Now that it has no cheap energy and is being visibly de-industrialized, it’s like a twinky snowflake shaking it’s limp wrist at the God of Industrial Production and stammering in a whiny Germanic nasal tone about how unfair it is that God gave Russia 12 time zones of cheap energy and resources.

    The Russian industrial base is going to bang Eurotardistan like a cheap gong


    A tiny, tiny example in eternal time and space where the bad guys get their ass handed to them in a timely manner


    Top Russian Talk Show Host Soloviev Says Russia Should Nuke Europe – Calls For WW3

    No Joke, Putin is barely holding back his own Hawks

    As Above, So Below



    bears repeating

    ““This crisis demonstrates the inability of Westerners to think and act according to facts, rather than expectations……..”

    bares a reality few western persons will dare accept – there is mystery. The Big Bang hypothesis first codified by Georges Lemaître is four years short of a century. The famous hypothesis has more patches than an inner tube in a bald tire on a poor kids bicycle. Although they are unaware of the fact, most western minds who have reached my station in life still believe in a cosmological constant engendering a steady state. How about this, how to understand time dilation in this verse expanding at the speed of light. Wanna see the deer in the head lights stare? Ask someone my age, 72, about gravitational lensing in relation to the path of a photon. Just for grins ask what discovery is credited to Penzias and Wilson and in what year.
    Well, i don’t know but it is probably a threat to our national security.

    “…..the inability of Westerners to think and act according to facts…..” or hypothesis


    Dore and Campbell.



    Challenges (take from Peter to Pay Paul)

    people not willing to volunteer to join the war effort
    depleted weapons stockpiles
    expired ammunition
    three rotations a year
    already deployed elsewhere
    billions of dollars for …
    weapons and ammunition, repairs and maintenance, paychecks, infrastructures for training, billeting, food, supplies, transport, contractors
    production and supply line infrastructures
    supplies of fuel, gas, oil
    Off topic, for WES
    You are awakening my old memories.
    In my youth, I left footprints in Abitibi, NW Ontario, Lower north Shore, Gagnon and Sept Iles.
    Biting the hand that feeds you—kremlin-1111932906.html
    Russia Suspends Participation in Grain Deal

    The Grain Deal Is Coming To An End | The Battle Of Staromaiorske. Military Summary For 2023.07.16

    Military Summary


    Ukrainians Attacked The Crimean Bridge | End Of The Grain Deal. Military Summary For 2023.07.17

    Military Summary

    John Day

    TAE comments were hot late last night, and TAE Summary input appreciated.
    Here’s this for your efforts, fellow-travelers.
    Midnight Confessions :


    NATO Plan to Bulk Up Presence on Eastern Flank Faces ‘Serious Problems’ (Sp.)

    As soon as I read “NATO’s Eastern Flank” I stopped reading.

    If East is NATO’s flank, then NATO’s enemy is either the country-less Arctic or the Mediterranean ocean.

    I’m not reading a damn word about war or military affairs in general from someone who thinks East is NATO’s flank.


    The last thing that needs to be done is to censor Bobby. We don’t need any more scripted politicians.


    gravitational lensing


    Well, I’ll be.

    D Benton Smith

    All solutions are derived from amassing mountains of wild ass guesses, and then trying one’s best to sort through the mess to find the best one.

    This is as true for nations and even whole civilizations as it is for individuals.

    We must guess at our answers because we absolutely have to have answers, and yet we are also unable to know ANYTHING for absolute certain. That capability is strictly reserved for the Divine Intelligence that created the World. The rest of us have to take our best guess, and the ways and means of doing that are as numerous and various as the number and variety of the people who engage in doing it.

    For this reason it is VERY important ( I would say VITALLY ESSENTIALLY important) that the entire spectrum of human thought and opinion be allowed to throw their own best guess into the hat so that the sorting-out process will include ALL of the guesses (good and bad alike).

    Throw ’em all into your hat and then sort ’em out to come up with the right one. (which means the answer which ACTUALLY best serves your REAL best interests.)

    The “sorting” process will conclude with a “solution” or answer that is somewhere in the vicinity of the average or mean of All of the answers added up to a total and then divided by the number of guessers.

    Think of it as a scatter chart or a lottery based on guessing the number of jelly beans in the jar.

    It’s almost (perhaps ACTUALLY!) miraculous how well that method works . . . but only if EVERYBODY is allowed to place their bet. If one side or the other is prevented from contributing to the calculation then there are TWO things you can know about how the answer will turn out:

    The FIRST thing you can know for sure is that the chances of the prejudiced answer being the BEST answer are virtually nonexistent (approaching very closely to zero), and that fact is made true by reason of the SECOND thing that you know about prejudged answers. And the second thing that you know about an answer based on only one side of the spectrum is that it will be dramatically SKEWED in favor of the side who got to vote, and against the best interests of all those who were censored, shut up, disenfranchised and not allowed to have any of their own say about the conditions of their own lives.

    From this it should be pretty clear that a person or group who don’t possess and also allow the right to free speech have got pretty nearly no chance at all of coming up with right answers to anything. That is VERY not good. In fact it is FATAL. It’s like the line from the movie where the voice says “If you build it they will come.” Except in this case the voice is saying “If you censor you will fall” (which is a nicey-nice way of saying: if you take away the rights of others you will lose those rights yourself, maybe even including your right to life itself if taken that far.)

    That’s a hard thing accept, but nevertheless it is still a fact that sometimes it seems not possible to accomplish such a sensibly noble freedom as Freedom at the same time that one is immediately needing to silence, imprison or kill some clear and present mortal danger in order to keep oneself and loved ones alive.

    In other words, sometimes you will experience the actual need to take away the rights of others in order to preserve the right of having Rights.

    I hope I don’t have to remind everyone that being in such a situation and having such a drastic “solution” are thin ice, Bro! The thinnest of thin. You better make DAMN sure you get it right, because if it turns out that you were wrong then you are well and truly screwed. I’ll clarify that point like this: If you take away the rights of another when you don’t absolutely HAVE to (in other words because it was a legitimate last ditch act of self-defense) then it’s you who is the bad guy in that matter and therefore you SHALL experience the consequence. I’m not saying you “should” experience those consequences. I’m saying that you “shall”, because that’s the way the first principles of Cause & Effect work.

    I’m not necessarily making a moral or intellectual judgment about whether the perpetrator of the action is right or wrong. I’m reporting on the observable FACT that the ultimate consequence of unjustly violating the RIGHTS of others, when it is not REALLY necessary, is that the perpetrator will have their right to those rights removed by others. It’s the inexorable complex mechanisms of Cause & Effect playing out as they must, that’s all.

    Sometimes, in order to simply stay alive, it becomes apparently necessary to remove some or ALL of the “rights” of another individual. We call this the Right of Self Defense. It’s triplet brothers with the freedoms of speech and movement. I’ve heard them referred to elsewhere as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” In any case, they are rather important. In point of fact, the physical universe itself could not exist without them (but that’s probably a little more philosophically deep than is necessary for this little essay.)

    Here is the straightforward fact of it. If we do not grant these rights to ALL, then these rights will not exist for ANY, and at that very moment (in the extremely unlikely event that it ever happened) the world will have thereby ended. The game stops when the divine intelligence who made it (and whose show this is) determines that there are no rights, and not one femtosecond sooner or later than that.

    So in the meantime, let’s continue with this freedom of speech thing. Why not?



    I have a friend who is a transvestite. Although he is now over 70 he still has no idea why dressing as a woman has such an impact on him. He never went to work ‘dressed up’ and has kept it secret from his kids.

    At weekends he often goes to gatherings of like-minded people. He is not interested in ‘normal’ male conversation and hoped they would be interesting but for the most part they are normal blokes dressed as women. The vast majority are tranvestites with a small number of transexuals. He says the transexuals he has talked to ‘have problems’.

    The point is that they are NOT ‘trans activists’, so who is?

    It seems to me that most ‘trans activists’ are not themselves trans but feel the need to promote the idea of changing sex. I would expect for the most part ‘trans’ will be male and cross-dressing would be enough, very few would consider a ‘sex-change’.

    There seems to be two levels of ‘sex change’. One just involves breasts – women lose them and men gain them, but their reproductive organs are unchanged. The other type of ‘sex change’ involves genital changes to better mimic the other sex. In both cases it involves taking hormones for life. These operations are so drastic that it should be the last resort but often it seems to be the first resort with little regard being given to the quality of life for the victims.

    I object to the misuse of ‘hate speech’ for just disagreeing with some aspects of trans. To me ‘hate speech’ is the Nazis in 1930s Germany – people who TRULY hate.

    I object to the word ‘transphobic’ as it means fear of trans people, but more often they look ludicrous and do not cause ‘fear’.

    What is odd is how much this tiny minority is catered to by governments and others, usually at the expense of many majority groups.

    It DOES make sense if this whole trans thing is a WEF style ploy to intimidate the majority and take away their freedoms.

    Many people are now afraid to express their opinions of woke/trans issues. The Bud Light fiasco gave the public a way of showing their anonymous disapproval – simply don’t buy the product!

    If 44 percent of millennials (between ages 25-34) favour criminal charges for people who use the wrong pronouns [but believe shop-lifters should be let free] it is abnormal and shows the level of brainwashing that has been achieved. This is just the forerunner of things to come.

    John Day

    @Aleexander Carpenter: Rainfall is not increased over 20 years; maybe a bit decreased in “intensity”. With global heating, it should increase.
    Not factored in is the vast application of aluminum oxide aerosols, “chemtrails”, which generally decrease rainfall. It’s not a “thing” to this analysis, but it has been happening for over 20 years. I pointed a sky full of chemtrails spreading out to haze (over Austin, Tx.) to a Vietnam-special-forces vet friend a couple of evenings ago. It was very easy to see, with older dense chemtrails already spread out, intermediate chemtrails, and some fresh.


    Misgendering has been referred to as an “act of violence” at some U.S. universities.

    As someone who knows what it is like to be triggered to re-experience past trauma, and how it can powerfully affect current behavior and mental well-being, I understand the urge to protect vulnerable people — victims — from those who would bully them.


    The path through healing sufficiently from trauma lies through the triggers, not by crafting a life that avoids them.

    I don’t care what very important people say…

    Verbal abuse, though psychically painful, is not violence.
    Emotional abuse, though psychically painful, is not violence.

    Yes, people who have experienced verbal and emotional abuse need to escape the abuse and find safe space in order to become grounded and start healing — but they do not need to perpetually live inside a safe bubble. To do so is to not truly live.

    So, “misgendering” is not usually a form of bullying, not usually a form of abuse. It is often simply a reflection of physical reality or ignorance on the part of the speaker of someone’s pronoun preference. Since we cannot be certain what is going on in the mind of another, it is often impossible to ascertain in any given moment whether the “misgendering” was intended as emotional/verbal abuse or was simply normal conversation. Calling attention to physical reality — i.e. biological sex characteristics — through pronoun use is a form of speaking objective truth.

    My thoughts on misgendering: stop expecting the world to create a safe bubble for you! If you feel vulnerable, go find a community where you feel welcome and safe, and spend enough time there to tank up on all of those feel-good emotions. Choose how much time you want to interact with the rest of the world. When you interact with society at large, don’t expect it to cater to your personal emotional vulnerabilities. That is what your “safe space” community is for.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: I read this as “meandering”, heh, heh, heh…

    Misgendering has been referred to as an “act of violence” at some U.S. universities.”

    D Benton Smith


    I read this as “meandering”, heh, heh, heh…”

    Alas, even the great among us occasionally fall prey to the pun, but I gotta admit that it’s hard to resist scratching when that bug bites

    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke:

    “With the invention of the West came the invention of Western history – an elevated and exclusive lineage that provided an historical justification for the Western domination.”

    A Bonfire of the Vanities



    J. Dore and Dr. Campbell communicatin’, up top. See also:

    Peter McCullough is talking to Alex Jones. (link is to rumble)


    from Balkanist magazine, June 2023, echoing back to Serbia as relevant to UKR.

    excerpt, Marek Mikus:

    What I call the post-2000 hegemonic project in Serbia was essentially an agenda of neoliberalization and transnationalization carried out by the elites that came to power after the so-called October Revolution that ended the rule of Slobodan Milošević in October 2000. The agenda was formulated in opposition to Milošević’s nationalist project in the 1990s, which set Serbia on a path of direct confrontation with the West, culminating in the NATO bombing of the country in 1999.

    Due to economic mismanagement, the looting of public assets, but also Western sanctions, the economy was in a deplorable condition by the end of the decade and support for sacking Milošević and bringing Serbia in line with the rest of transitional Eastern Europe was growing. Eventually, with the significant involvement of foreign actors, a political and social coalition was assembled that essentially toppled the Milošević regime and opened the door for the post-2000 hegemonic project. The 2000s were a time of rapid, frequently criminal sell-offs of public assets and a host of standard neoliberal reforms, including external liberalization and erosion of the welfare state. The process of integration into the European Union (still incomplete and with no prospects of being finalized any time soon) provided the main institutional and ideological framework for this restructuring.

    — Some of the interview is about the Pride Parade, which takes place all over Europe just now (yest. in CH.)

    Slow Entropy in Serbia: An Interview with Marek Mikuš


    @anticlimactic re: hormones ‘n’ stuff

    The ‘complete makeover’ folks have permanently lost the ability to feel tickly down there. Sex is over for them. Not having that pop-off valve will kill many.

    Russia-Ukraine Reports – 2023-07-17
    Ukraine, with NATO help, hits Crimea Bridge. There will be an additional update today.


    Let’s hope when it comes to Big Pharma,
    There’s going to be swifter Big Karma.

    The panel above shows gravitational lensing. It’s from Astronomy Picture of the Day.

    Background radiation, early 60s. I started college majoring in astrophysics. I ended up in art history when I hit the linear algebra brick wall.


    If “triggering” me is violence and you are obligated to accommodate my potential triggering, then the more screwed up I am, the more I rule over you. At the point of maximum-screwed-up-ness, I can demand maximum accommodation – your complete obedience.

    Your complete obeisance, since I may require that I be celebrated, for affirmation-purposes. Either you overtly “normalize” me or I am NOT normal, in which case, I am oppressed and triggered. So you need to overtly celebrate me. To make it fair.

    Basically, by being screwed up, by being able to be triggered, I become that cowboy wearing the black hat who comes into the bar, finds the poor hard-working farmer, and yells “DANCE RUMMY DANCE” while shooting my sixgun at his feet while he hops around. Whenever I feel like that’s what I need.


    I just had a very odd thought: Is it possible to tunnel under the Kerch Strait? I’ll probably dig for the answer, but maybe others would like my odd thought also.


    GeertvDB interview with D Bigtree.

    Listening to it now.


    Wrong video- sorry, it’s the 2021 one.
    “Last week he (GvdB) issued a warning…” (Kunstler this Monday)

    I think JK may be referring to this one.

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