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    Dr. D

    Excellent and direct comment by Phoenix.

    That’s why I get so upset when I hear Words are Violence, etc. It so utterly minimizes REAL, physical violence and how very much more serious and harmful it is. It’s really a direct attack on anyone who’s experienced it. Physical violence almost always, with nearly no exceptions, must include verbal and emotional abuse and violence as well. So it’s minimum 3x as bad? And they want to be front of the line, AHEAD of actual rape and beating victims, telling them what they should feel and how to be. It’s unconscionable.

    Words are words. They can be experienced as violence the same as someone who hasn’t learned to pay attention and parry flying dishware can be injured, both accidentally and on purpose. But it most often ISN’T on purpose, and it most often CAN be parried with nearly no effort.

    Emotional abuse is clearly worse, but it does require being involved with and caring of the other party in some way. That makes it worse but also harder to do. We’re not born with self defenses against bad parents, teachers, etc.

    Physical abuse CAN be like taking an injury in skateboarding. Yes it hurts, but no fault, no emotion or reaction about it. However, that’s not usually the norm. Normally it’s an escalation of emotional abuse and control, like “politics by another means.”

    I guess they treat all three as if everyone is and must be a houseplant, a victim. There is no possibility of ever changing, strengthening, parrying, or transcending. You must always and ever just complain to big daddy about it, and give him all the power to right and wrong it, never yourself. I disagree as I’ve almost never seen big daddy behave equitably or admirably, and never until after the wrong when it’s all too late. It’s depressing and inefficient to function that way when I could just move away from the baseball and not get hit.

    (as he says too much again)


    “44 percent of millennials (between ages 25-34) favour criminal charges for people who use the wrong pronouns ”

    Almost 40% of millennials have gone to college. Is there a correlation here?

    Millennials: The Most Educated Generation?


    Catastrophic meltdown is occurring all over the Earth, from the Arctic to Antartica, and yet TAE continues to present the utterly warped notion that there is nothing to see, and that it has happened before.

    I guess the anti-science, anti-reality, anti-life narratives that TAE regularly churns out will begin to fade after another couple of years of rapidly worsening overheating mayhem.

    Jul. 16, 2023 421.99 ppm
    Jul. 16, 2022 418.29 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.70 ppm (0.88%)


    He recalled that although Spain has on paper “some 150,000 troops”, far from all of them are available to be posted to Eastern Europe.

    Probably find that most do not exist and that the generals are collecting their salaries to hand over to the politicians and other “friends”. Third world Europe.


    They just tried to murder a few billion people, but hey, there’re jews so lets not talk about it. Money made this happen, the media made this happen. Discussing the wizard behind the curtain is strictly verboten. That should tell you all you need to know, while people get sick and die all around you. No worries, its all good.

    Michael Reid

    @ Dr. D

    Have you heard the speculation regarding the purpose of Janet Yellen’s 4 day trip to China?

    I heard that she asked China to help the US with the sovereign debt problem.

    See the latest Alexander Mercouris video at the 1 hour mark


    My friend, China is ruled by the same moneychangers we are. Thats why our factories are all there. 1 team 1 crew. The Russian and Chinese revoutions were bankrolled out of London and Jew York. Everything you see is theatre, mindfuck, to corral you into a pen.


    Janet Yellen Ate Psychedelic Mushrooms During Her Visit to China


    The Chinese denied her and her staff a state dinner and she had to just go to a restaurant and order her own dinner.

    That’s the Chinese state dumping on her a tad.

    She she orders a local mushroom dish known for it’s magic properties.

    Whether it’s true or not is irrelevant, the Meme is out their and she looks like an Empire of Lies idiot with the three bow trippy move.


    Go Janet


    “It has been reported that Janet Yellen may have experienced the psychedelic effects of wild mushrooms consumed during a visit at a local restaurant in Beijing, China.

    According to Chinese state media, Yellen dined on jian shou qing, a type of wild mushroom known for its unpredictable psychedelic effects, during a casual meal at the popular restaurant Yi Zuo Yi Wang shortly after she arrived in Beijing on July 6.

    “You thought you were walking straight, but you just fell sideways,” one gourdmand told the Xinhua state news agency in a report about the shroom’s “potent powers” – published only after Yellen departed.

    Yellen’s indulgence of the hallucinogenic mushrooms took place before her embarrassing bow on Saturday.

    Yellen committed several diplomatic faux pas while in China, bowing multiple times to Vice Premier He Lifeng while enthusiastically shaking his hand.

    Former White House staffer Bradley Blakeman, who served during President George W. Bush’s administration, told the New York Post that the gesture was unseemly.

    “Never, ever, ever…an American official does not bow. It looks like she’s been summoned to the principal’s office, and that’s exactly the optics the Chinese love,” Blakeman said.

    The 76-year-old Treasury Secretary also tripped over Lifeng’s name several times, calling him “Vice Premier Hu” as she opened the first official American meeting with the economic chief.

    Yellen’s experience with the magic mushrooms came just days after a bag of cocaine was discovered in the White House and before the Secret Service revealed that two stashes of marijuana were discovered in the executive mansion in 2022.”

    John Day

    I was just going to post that Janet Yellen on mushrooms story.
    There was a rainbow over her plane when she touched down in Beijing, so why not go-all-the-way!


    The altered version of the LA Times article spread by Weibo and Twitter users includes an erroneous Chinese translation of the headline: “The Los Angeles Times confirms that Breggogen [Prigozhin] dupes U.S. intelligence, netting $6.2 billion by feigning a revolt.”

    The article that has been circulating actually reports on a $6.2 billion surplus in U.S. military funds that is expected to be sent to Ukraine, and does not mention the Wagner Group. The Weibo posts include an erroneous Chinese-language translation of the original article’s English-language headline and a photo of the Wagner Group’s leader that is not present in the original report.


    Groomed for the Job young

    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Young Barack Obama on “The Gong Show”

    A “magic act” of all things


    AFKTT said:

    I guess the anti-science, anti-reality, anti-life narratives that TAE regularly churns out will begin to fade after another couple of years of rapidly worsening overheating mayhem.

    No, they won’t… because overheating mayhem by itself doesn’t prove the cause. It’s not enough to make a prediction, and then claim that your favorite theory is the dominant cause when that prediction comes true. The overheating may come true, but possibly for other reasons. You have to be able to successfully defend it against the many objections that have been raised (here and elsewhere): the geologic record of CO2 being higher in the past without runaway, the role of solar cycles in terrestrial temperatures, prior models have been poor at predicting sea level changes, etc etc.

    There is also the observation that many of those who have demonstrably been shown to have acted in bad faith during the COVID era are also – surprise! – out in front to capitalize on “climate change.” It’s hard to know how of that is simply opportunism, or whether they have managed to control the scientific narrative in the usual way (by controlling the funding of “the science”). I can say that the last three years have significantly eroded my willingness to accept that “the science is settled.”


    Interesting piece, a heavy Christian slant but well done

    Calendars and Turtles

    They’ve been fucking around with the calendar for thousands of years.

    It used to always have been Lunar

    !3 months of 28 days = 364 and one extra, April Fool’s Day, when the real year started

    The Universe created on a turtle’s back

    The Dream of the Blue Turtles

    Moons and Turtles


    Michael Reid

    My friend,

    I have been to China once, even had to get a Chinese visa. Loved Dim Sum in Hong Kong.
    I thought it was nice. I enjoyed the people, food, technology, and tremendous desire to work. I thought they were great. They were trying to learn how produce quality product for minimal price and appreciated help and advice how to improve.

    I saw we had moved our manufacturing to China but this culling.

    Are you saying the Jews owned all the manufacturing in the west and moved it to China if they would exterminate the western world?


    Yes, your history, religion, your race, culture and values are being exterminated. Jews hate White people, their only valid adversary.. Listen to their rabbi’s, read their writings, don’t take my word for it.. . No freedom, privacy or independence, none. China is the blueprint for the jeworldorder, total surveillance. Why do you think all those sattelites are in the sky?

    Michael Reid

    Regarding misgendering,

    A sex-determination example is the X-Y system, like in humans. There are two types of sex chromosomes in this system, X and Y. The male has one X chromosome and one Y chromosome, whereas the female has two X chromosomes.

    D Benton Smith


    Lemme make a few guesses about you, based on what you post here and also the two words that you glued together to compose your handle, “Celtic” and “biker”.

    I’m guessing Irish, Scottish or Welsh for ethnicity, and Christian for religious heritage (regardless of whether or not you are religiously active). Bikers are typically known for the ability and willingness (if not outright joyous enthusiasm) for getting up close and physically personal in defense of themselves and loved ones, so I’m also guessing that you either like to fight, or wish that you did.

    Now obviously I could be totally mistaken about all of that, but I’m counting on you to correct me if I’m wrong.

    If I’m right (or close to it) about those things however, then I’ve got a couple of questions for ya. My first question is about how you reconcile your extreme dislike of Jews and all things Jewish, with the incontestable historic fact that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi to his dying day and beyond, who never renounced that religion nor the God described in the Jewish scriptures (about which He was an acknowledged scholar) .

    And my second question is about how you reconcile your angry and belligerent attitude with His core message about what you need to do in order to please God and find salvation from evil.

    TAE Summary

    * Money Equals Intelligence is the new Might Makes Right

    * Climate Change
    – Heat waves are normal; So are heart attacks; Nothing new here
    – Climate change is not runaway; At most its a fast saunter
    – Silicon doping levels, that is, the amount of impurities needed to change pure silicon to either a good conductor of electrons or holes range from 0.01% to 0.00001%; In physical systems a little of certain substances can go a long way

    * Gender
    – Transgendering children = OK; Degendering children = OK; Misgendering adults = Jail time
    – US Math teachers are being told that the X Y coordinate system is offensive and that in the future all math should be done in polar coordinates using ρ and θ

    * The Biden Administration
    – Secretary Yellen plans on another trip to China and will bring the CEO of J P Morgan to back her up; She is billing the trip “Janet in the Sky with Dimon”
    – White House announces Crayola inspired Food Pyramid
    LaserLemon Asparagus
    Almond NeonCarrot CottonCandy

    Formerly T-Bear

    What is this crap about personal pronouns? A word comes to mind containing all forms of gender as well as non-gender . Shit, covers them all, it’s the world they inhabit, the cesspit. Those inhabiting this world all mothered of assholes, fathered of fake food, cradled in the toilet, matriculate to the toobs, educated in wastewater treatment and released into reality – the world.

    It is the waste of the time of day to give them the time of day; a foolish effort – where is cancel culture when needed?

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