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    We in Western civilization believe DEEPLY in a particular kind of equality. We believe in standards. We believe that everyone can rise to meet THOSE standards – of being GOOD people. Deeply.

    So when someone is NOT being good, is NOT playing fair, is being deceitful, nasty, destructive, we reach out and say – you are my equal. Typically, cognitive dissonance between how they are ACTUALLY behaving and the compliment. The instinctive human reaction is then to measure up to the standards they were complimented on.

    Fascinating. THIS essentially, is what locked me into a disastrous marriage for over a decade. According to my Western worldview, heavily influenced by the Mormon upbringing, it took me a very long time to come to the conclusion that my then-husband was simply a “bad” and “irredeemable” person, or, at least, that he was choosing the “bad” behavior because that was what he wanted, and that there was no “good person” hiding in there, just needing the right circumstances to come out — that I had no ability to create nor encourage the “right circumstances.”

    The family court system insists that we must continually accept that a parent who has acted badly in the past is now reformed when “good behavior” is displayed. The court only ever sees a brief snapshot, and is incapable of coming to lucid conclusions, and even a thorough “family evaluation” is not going to provide more than a small album of such snapshots.


    This is UK disability claims (PIP = Personal Independence Payment)) data – solely due to Cardiac Failure!

    TFASSF (fucked I tell you)


    Sinead O’connor death updates — Irish music legend dead suddenly at 56 with cause unknown

    TVASSF (see it yet?!)


    phoenixvoice – I was thinking of you a bit when I wrote what I wrote, because we both have experience with Narcs

    Your post reminds me of another inscrutable Western cultural rule: We are all obligated to have collective amnesia, such that in every instance, we are beginning all over again for the first time.


    Strange browser results. Starting yesterday, when browsing TAE and clicking a link a browser redirector redirects my click to an ad for a video game of one kind or another. Closing the open tab and going back to the TAE tab and reclicking the TAE link will take the browser to the correct link. This comes and goes.
    . I tested this on a completely clean machine with no extra app that was setup months ago and hasn’t been used since its setup. No trackers lurking in the software. Same results. It only happens on the TAE site.

    I wonder if the TAE server has a malware ad-redirect on it serving itself out to readers I don’t know. Anyone else seeing this?


    I am having the same issue as Dora.

    It started yesterday. It happens when I click on any link posted on the TAE site. Am redirected to a video game site. On a second try, am redirected to the link posted.


    The World of Warships keep coming up.

    Am now being redirected at the very first click from homepage on today’s Debt Rattle. New: pop up redirect is now happening from this Reply To: box.

    Just tried my iPhone – and the redirect happened there as well.


    World of Warships IS awesome. And the game developers are Russians, incidentally. I have a player with Dr D in the name in my Clan, which is privately and slightly humorous

    But I tried a few links here and everything went where it was supposed to go.

    I’m using Brave on a fresh instance of Private mode.

    Maybe because I have World of Warships installed, they leave me alone, like making a copy of the VCR tape in The Ring?


    Susanmarie108 – is your iPhone going over your router’s wifi? ie the same connection as your computer?

    lol this is the type of thing that would have me doing a DNS flush, hard reset of the router, etc. It IS mysterious-sounding.


    I will try a few links to see if also affected.

    re: World of Warships – I played World of Tanks for about 5 years, got quite good. It’s an extremely trolly environment, and probably trained me to do some things I’d rather not know how to do. It was one of the ‘heavy straws’ that broke my social media backbone. Lost interest after seeing the worst in human interaction unleashed.

    There are some very interesting things happening in that kind of system/game. You’re thrown into a 15-v-15 match with randoms, and have to fairly soon assess the competency of your teammates, their willingness to play team roles, their intent, their goodwill or lack of. I was never much surprised at cacophony and mayhem, but sometimes you got a group who, despite lack of communication, could coordinate very well.

    It was a brutal numbers game, as is war. You had to play a lot to get good, and good was measured by clawing your way up the percentiles. I had 54% win rates in some of my vehicles, after 20k+ battles in them.


    Most links are working for me, but some seem to ‘boomerang’ where I end up focused on a different comment in this thread. No links have taken me to any wrong or malicious sites.

    For ref:

    Windows 10
    Firefox V115.0.2 + uMatrix + uBlockOrigin (most stuff at this site is unblocked)
    LOC: suburb of Los Angeles, Spectrum Cable is ISP
    DNS: (CloudFlare public)

    Veracious Poet

    While aboveboard “people” circlejerk within debates soon sucked into black holes of 1s & 0s, the *now* dominant CULTure (narcissists, sociopaths & psychopaths) superciliously *conspire* to rid *their* CULTure of those pesky grubbers, unsophisticated rabble, useless eaters & deplorable patriots

    They’re laughing at you…

    This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God — having a form of godliness but denying its power.

    Have nothing to do with such people.


    I’m fully invested in the total destruction of NATO=tardistan

    Fully Invested

    So the only thing better than the smell of burning Bradleys in the morning is burning Leopard IIs

    “The Russians have made our glorious tanks burn once again!”

    Leopard II being snuffed like clockwork

    Achtung Sonderführer!


    I wonder if the TAE server has a malware ad-redirect on it serving itself out to readers I don’t know. Anyone else seeing this?

    Yep! I get a new tab that opens to “warship etc.
    I close the tab.
    Its anoying.
    I wish that my AI was smart enough to find those commands and get rid of them.


    I assume that everyone at TAE have already figured out that Hunter is going to get pardoned before he gets to spend one jail.
    Same justice system for everyone (that’s connected)


    The Russians make mistakes but they seem to learn from their mistakes.

    Unlike NATO=tardistan© and it’s Warwhore Pimp, the Empire of Lies©.

    The Russians have made major improvements to their loitering drone, the Lancet

    Meet the Lancet 3.0

    Leopard II master killer.

    This has the advantage of being improved based on actual battlefield conditions unlike the Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia who can only design shithole weapons based on flawed theories instead of actual combined arms warfare experience in 2023.

    The Empire of Lies Military Industrial Mafia is physically and mentally incapable of inventing anything other than boondoggles designed to grift profits, not perform in literal warfare conditions.

    Here’s the Lancet 3.0

    Judge for yourself, which side are you on boy, which side are you on…..


    Follow the money.

    Plimer churns out climate nonsense that has been demonstrated to be completely wrong.

    Who is paying him?

    Why does TAE continually promote climate nonsense?

    We do know that everyone ‘in the system’ -from the Biden crime cartel, to the City of London, to Wall Street, to the EU, to NATO, to Pliner- is a professional liar.


    Dr. D said

    I presume If he’s not a programmer either you’re saying Elon is then good for nothing?

    That’s a huge leap. How does not being a programmer make you a good for nothing? There are roles in business other than sitting all alone in a cubicle masterbating over control loops and other geeky shit. The money used to pay the people writing the code is a more important role as is setting the goal of the end product.

    Gates managed to get Windows put on every new PC and bought up the competition, that brought him huge profits and made Windows ubiquitous in business. Running the business gives people jobs, but being a programmer does not give you time to also run a business.

    Musk is a business man, he does what he is good at, he coordinates people who are experts in their field to create the product he is wanting. Including finding the money for it to happen. That is an even more important role than programmer, as people who are good at it are very rare, while pretty much anybody can be a programmer.


    DBS said

    This “corrected at the last possible moment” behavior is so extremely consistent that I have come to believe that it is both intentional and purposeful.

    Exactly the same here. You hear the thunder, go to the weather burean site and a few minutes later you see the thunderstorm warning appear. Not much help if you checked the weather 30 minutes earlier and are now 400 m from the shore on a windsurfer trying to dodge the sparks. So much for predicting the weather, they always update their forecasts either minutes before or just after the event. I have always assumed it was so that they could claim how accurate they are when someone trawls through past forecasts checking for accuracy, assuming that happens every so often.

    Mind you, us windsurfers tend to rely on, and others as they have far more detailed wind predictions and a choice of models so that you can select the one most accurate for your location.



    We are still waiting for you to ‘prove’ that the increase in atmospheric CO2 from 280 ppm to 420 ppm associated with the burning of fossil fuels over the past 200 years is not an increase of 50%.

    Come on jb-hb! You really are not trying hard enough! Surely you can come up with some kind of distortion of the laws of mathematics to demonstrate that 420/280 is not 1.5.

    While you are at it, I’m sure you can ‘prove’ that.CO2 does not absorb outbound energy in the IR and ‘prove’ that CO2 does not re-radiate energy in the IR back downwards, raising the temperature of the Earth -something which Tyndale demonstrated in 1859 and which solved the mathematical puzzle that had perplexed physicists and mathematicians in the early 1800s: why the Earth was substantially warmer than calculated using the laws of radiation and cooling. The ‘mystery substance’ [in the early 1800s] that kept the Earth warm in the past but is now superheating it at the fastest rate in geological history.

    And I am sure, if you try just a bit harder, that you can ‘prove’ that the oceans are not at the highest average temperature since humans evolved.

    And with a supreme effort you will be able to ‘prove’ that ice sheets are not melting, that communities are not being wiped out by flooding, and that all the heat records reported over the past few years are entirely fake.

    And if you really try, I am sure you will be able to ‘prove’ that industrial humans are not adding around 40 billion tonnes of CO2 to the biosphere via the burning of fossil fuels.

    Just repeating that ‘2+2=5’ does get a bit tedious.

    I am reminded of the soldier marching in a column who shouts “Right, left, right, left,” while everyone else shouts “Left, right, left right,” and declares that everyone else is out of step!


    Just so jb-hb can have another fit of mathematical tomfoolery.

    Today’s atmospheric CO2 numbers, reported by

    Jul. 25, 2023 422.04 ppm
    Jul. 25, 2022 418.67 ppm
    1 Year Change 3.37 ppm (0.80%)

    No surprise at all. Yet another extraordinarily high increase on the year-ago value, as industrial humans burn through 100 million barrels of oil a day and an undetermined quantity of coal, forests, peat etc.

    Uninhabitable planet in a few years?

    ‘Nobody cares.’


    Dr. D
    Viktor Bout was traded for Brittney Griner. Paul Whelan is still in a Russian prison.


    jb-hb said

    Because, as he revealed incontrovertibly himself, he subscribes to deconstructionist, postmodernist, Marxist critical theory – using topics like Ukraine and The Not A Vax to gain street cred, in-group authority, only to concentrate on using Fake Environmentalism to demoralize, corrode.

    Absolutely, it is the deliberate deceit and manipulation that is annoying. Like having to listen to a liar’s tales every time you go to the pub. You try to not notice the liar, but eventually he comes over and starts telling you his lies again, the same lies yet again. He will not stop, he is a religious zealot, his religion is of more import than your comfort. The only question is why he does this, why does he care whether you believe him or not? He doesn’t care about your comfort, he feels empowered to make you miserable to further his own religion. But at some level you are important to his goals and he is very motivated. My belief is that he is trying to sabotage you, to turn you into someone who cannot defy him, someone who will succumb to his relgion and thereby allow him to preach his lies from center stage. He is not interested in you believing, he is interested if defeating you, disabling your logical arguments by wearing you out and grinding you into the dirt.


    All of you are falling for the jew narrative. Its no different than a soap opera or professional wrestling. Its all bullsjit, its all lies. They control all sides , all players, every freemasonic shithead puppet.. No one walked on the fuckin moon. You are being deceived by a satanic cult. Staring closely at trees, everyday mindfuck jewnews…you cant see the forest. You are being herded into a pen, like sheep.


    I assume that everyone at TAE have already figured out that Hunter is going to get pardoned before he gets to spend one jail.
    Same justice system for everyone (that’s connected)

    Of course.

    When governments are run by crime syndicates -which they are- criminality is celebrated and rewarded. Indeed, it has been that way for centuries.

    What distinguishes present times from previous times is that the primary energy systems are close to peak or have already peaked, the energy cost of recovering enrgy or resources is rising, environment is collapsing and Ponzi schemes that have worked so well in the past for those at the top of the power pyramid are close to the limit of expansion.

    The general populace is, by and large, completely clueless.

    CP tells us what he thinks of the chance of surviving what is underway, i.e. close to zero for most.

    Interestingly, his viewership has increased from just over 1 million to 1.14 million over the past couple of years, i.e. about 40,000 more people are awake to CP-style preparation and commentary than 2 years ago.

    Considering the population increase over that time, that amounts to a smaller percentage of awake people than before!


    “There’s tonnes of evidence” that the building collapses of 9/11 were controlled demolitions.

    And yet, here we are, 22 years later, and the ‘power that be’ are still able to prevent that evidence from reaching the bulk of the populace.

    What makes ‘the powers that be’ task of keeping the lid on everything so much easer is that people do not want to know the truth, and many expend much energy fighting against it (c.f. jb-hb on CO2-induced planetary meltdown)


    The Universe Zeros Itself Out


    Michael Reid

    @ VP

    People will be
    lovers of themselves,
    lovers of money,
    disobedient to their parents,
    without love,
    without self-control,
    not lovers of the good,
    lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God — having a form of godliness but denying its power.

    Have nothing to do with such people.

    We are all born innocent.

    We become aware over time has life is lived.

    One of the first steps is to develop self esteem.

    Term used in psychology to reflect a person’s overall emotional evaluation of their own worth
    Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth, abilities or morals.
    Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself (for example, “I am loved”, “I am worthy”)
    as well as emotional states, such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame.

    High self esteem is not a sin or wrong if it is grounded in truth.
    It it a worthy goal and healthy.
    It is healthy to love yourself.

    High self esteem based on lies is a problem that will usually damage others.

    Low self esteem is also a problem that will damage a person.

    I think ego that you refer to so frequently is also related to false high self esteem.


    I get the same thing- only my redirects are to some random utube video, courtesy of “videocampign” and “glorious sort”. It is the clicking the does it. I’ll see if it lets me post.

    Michael Reid

    @ Celticbiker

    What are you going to do?

    Michael Reid

    Regarding the issues with the site:

    I suspect it is related to new advertising.
    I am running Brave (a way better Chrome)
    I find this site launches a new tab when I click on text in a comment.
    I manually kill the tab being launched and all good for a while.
    After some time period has elapsed the behavior returns.
    I do not find this behavior an issue when commenting from the workstation
    but I have not tried the iphone
    Maybe I will try the private window in Brave


    No popups or redirects using e/os browser (e foundation operating system android). I tried using standard google android and with opera browser I got a popup when I clicked on today’s debt rattle. After this the page behaved normally and all subsequent popups were blocked.

    Afktt – if it is as bad as you say it is, then there is nothing that we can do, according to this logic we have to wait until the world becomes uninhabitable and all life on earth will all just stop and die. This climate theory goes back to James lovelock and Gaia theory in the 1960’s. Still waiting for evidence of the huge destruction but my eyes and fairly well working brain has come to the conclusion that the planet we live on has been through much worse (volcanoes, earthquakes, the flipping of the poles, cosmic radiation, asteroids, you name it) and still going strong.


    I wonder if an exploit of an unexpected redirect injection on the site is doing the browser redirects. I don’t know. I will say that a silent, unannounced browser redirect on a site is a red flag for me about the site’s security. But that’s just me.

    John Day

    Testing again…


    Joe Biden Bizarrely Claims “Over 100 People” Died From COVID Pandemic

    What a disgusting vermin fucktard embarrassment Pedo Joe is to Western ‘civiLIEzation


    Scumbag criminal Mitch McConnell STROKES OUT in mid mumble.


    What a pitiful sack-O-shit the Empire of Lies has degenerated into.

    Maybe he has advanced syphilis that he got banging cheap hookers and it has eaten his brain.


    It would be great news if his mind is mush from the Clot Shot.


    A national example of ‘science’ in action


    Meanwhile back on planet Earth

    Store owner scares thieves out of his store with a bong 🤣

    John Day

    It looks like Mitch McConnel just had a stroke on camera, at the podium. Itlooks like a Broca’s Area ischemia stopped his ability to speak.

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