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    John Day

    I’m gettingg a jump to random You-Tube videos when I touch the scroll bar, X out, then I can use it. Similar. Comments section keeps blocking me. We’ll try this.

    John Day
    John Day

    Sorry. Having trouble with the uploads and weird video quirks here this evening.

    John Day

    McConnell got his speech back later, so it was more like a TIA, transient-ischemic-attack of that speech center.

    Michael Reid

    @ VP

    The way I see it we are put here to enjoy ourselves.

    Everything you do is your impact on your destiny.

    Your choices, your actions, your destiny, your life

    Nursing taught me there is no time better than the present to live your life


    Goddam – I can’t help myself.
    420ppm (today) – 280ppm CO2 (preindustrial) = 140ppm
    It’s actually worse than this because a proportion of the CO2 we’ve released has been taken up by the ocean – slowly acidifying it due to carbonic acid (H2O + CO2 = H2CO3).
    Physics tells us that CO2 traps ‘heat’ (as per the early experiments of John Tyndall) and more contemporary calculations tell us that that 140ppm extra CO2 in the atmosphere traps about 2watts per m2 of planet surface area. Most of that extra energy is taken up by the ocean (about 90%) which is why folk on land are a little confused as to why land temps don’t seem to be going up very fast and also why they don’t think a few degrees Celsius is problematic. All that extra energy in the ocean and atmospheric systems is however problematic as it can upset important things e.g. like ocean currents.
    The second law of thermodynamics is a physical law based on universal experience concerning heat and energy interconversions. One simple statement of the law is that heat always moves from hotter objects to colder objects, unless energy in some form is supplied to reverse the direction of heat flow.
    Earth is colder at the poles (and as you gain elevation) which means excess heat is moving toward the poles and heating the lower atmosphere. The earths atmosphere is divided up into things called Hadley Cells and these massive parcels of air are being disrupted by the excess energy moving toward the colder parts of the planet. This is resulting in wavy jet streams which are responsible for the three simultaneous heat waves currently being experienced in the northern hemisphere – f#$king up the lives of many in other words.
    The excess energy moving toward the poles is resulting in ice melting at increasing rates and allowing permafrost to warm up, activating methanogenic microorganisms (among others) and resulting in catabolism of previously locked up carbon and release of methane (another greenhouse gas). Cows have nothing on the combined might of those pesky Russian and Canadian methanogens.
    A note on CO2 in the ocean – the ocean is saving our asses right now. However cold water can dissolve more CO2 than warm water, meaning at some point the ocean will stop acting as our major CO2 absorber and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere will shoot up (assuming we are still here burning fossilized sunlight).
    Now there is some word that the excess heat in the ocean exceeds what could be captured by that atmospheric CO2 blanket – this is a wildcard. Could be subsea volcanism.


    We are farting against thunder. We have released a beast. Let the genie out of the bottle. Stupid little humans.


    Oh, and climate change is just one beast that our industrial civilization has unleashed…


    Yeah I am being abused just like everybody else on TAE too! Being redirected to utube videos not to my liking. But we have been abused worst before! We shall survive this too!



    Thank you for stating irrefutable scientific facts relating to the huge increase in CO2 (both in the atmosphere and the oceans) and the profound effect that elevated CO2 is having on the Earth’s thermal balance (amongst other things.).

    Of course, we both know that jb-hb is completely immune to factual evidence and simply rants idiotic diatribes and made-up bullshit over and over again, as per what the compulsive liar jb-hb has posted on today’s thread:

    He expects onlookers to believe that this could logically explain a variation in “increased CO2” claims ranging from 3.74% to 0.93% as applied to a one year change

    Where does that 3.73% annual increase in atmopshric CO2 come from?

    Well, we know where that ‘3.74% one year change’ comes from: jb-hb made it up.

    Nowhere in any scientific literature or reporting is there a 3.74% annual increase in average atmospheric CO2. That would amount to 15 ppm!!!! annual increase based on the current 420 ppm

    Just imagine 420 ppm; 435 ppm; 450 ppm; 465 ppm;480 ppm over 5 years.

    We may well see such increases, i.e. 15 ppm annual increase in atmospheric CO2, in the near future, when positive feedbacks release humungous amounts of CO2 and CH4 from ‘time bombs’ of the rapidly destabilising permafrosts and sea floor clathrates, and when even larger areas of forest go up in smoke than is occurring currently.

    But at this stage, the annual increase in average atmospheric CO2 is around 2.7 ppm, approximately four times what it was in the 1950s, with fluctuations relating to the absorption of CO2 by the oceans, as relating to precipitation and storm activity etc..

    Awaiting the next round on no-science, no-evidence (anti-science, anti-evidence) made-up bullshit ranting from jb-hb.

    By the way, jb-hb, we are not ‘onlookers’: we are both participants and victims. We are participants in that we contribute to the CO2-induced meltdown, and we are victims of the system imposed on us from above that demands the meltdown continue (accelerate).

    So the meltdown will continue (accelerate), notwithstanding all the bollocks presented to us by the controllers about ‘carbon mitigation’, ‘net zero’ and other official lies relating to atmospheric CO2 ‘reduction’.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Oh, and Observer, while less shrill, isn’t doing much better at the basic science, either.
    What’s it gonna take to get folks to pay attention? After all, all the essential information is readily available a few clicks away online.
    It is complicated, and requires some intelligence to comprehend, and there is a lot we haven’t figured out yet, but the broad strokes are known. And – more important for now — we can definitely falsify the Carbon Cult hysteria-hypotheses and experience some modicum of confident sanity.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Error: Slow down; you move too fast.
    Error: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that.

    OK, sorry. But do put my first comment in, in order, please. Typing in a small moving bus can be twitchy…

    Leon Blanc-Sec

    Oh look! It’s Douglas MacGregor! Telling us that Ukraine is collapsing! Like he’s been telling every single godamned week for the last year and a half!

    Can’t you find non-clownish commentators on the war?

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