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    It seems the missing boys in a Thai cave have been found. Now, they are trying to work out how to get them out. That cheered me up a lot. People can last quite a long time without food if it is warm – provided they have water.

    “Shocking state of trapped boys’ Thai cave: Australian police divers battle ‘challenging’ conditions

    AUSTRALIAN Federal Police have revealed the horrendous conditions they’re facing as they work to free 12 missing boys and their soccer coach from an underground cave. ”

    V. Arnold

    NATO is “justified by the need to manage the security threats provoked by its enlargement.”.

    Well, that’s a whole mouthful of logic that should lead to NATO’s end…

    V. Arnold

    Well, it was a Brit who was first to get to the “lost boys”.
    They’re fine and well cared for, now.
    But yes; the next challenge is to get them out.
    The challenges are many and serious; none of them can swim.
    But time is running short; more rain starting tomorrow; a critical situation at best.
    There are years of experience in the world leading cavers present; I’m hopeful they’ll get it done well…


    I was reading up on that a bit, and still wonder how they ever got to where they are now. Divers’ base camp is 3 hours from where the boys are?! Most of the food delivered to them is gels, to make up for lost strength? Incredible they’re all still alive. And incredible achievements from the divers. But 4 more months?!

    From Guardian:

    Richard Tomlinson, a trained cave diver who has just returned from trip diving caves in Southern Thailand, emails to point out that a diver cannot even start a cave training course unless certified to rescue-diver level and with 50 dives experience.

    The diver also needs to know how to dive using gear that is adapted to cave diving.

    The full training course takes about eight days and about 14 dives.

    One of the most difficult skills to master is line laying – it sounds easy but is not as you can end up tangled in the line, especially in tight passages.

    The two lead divers would have had a very hard time laying the initial exploration line working up current and in, I would imagine, very poor visibility.

    People have asked how the boys survived for so long Some caves have very large fresh water snails in them, about the size of a fist and deep blue colour. There are also small shrimps – mostly you notice them when they try to nibble your ankles!

    But young boys (and girls) are remarkable strong. A map from AFP:

    V. Arnold

    It’s pretty common knowledge that humans can survive for 30 days with only water.
    Further; it must be understood these kids are footballers; in top shape; so, it’s clear they had no problem with 10 days.
    Another point; they were’nt panicked or hysterical, but rather calm when first discovered as the video clearly shows.
    IMO, culture clearly played a huge role in their survival. I would surmise Budhism also played an important part as well, the Dharma teaches well…
    Can you imagine some American kids 11 to 16 being so composed? I can’t. I picture paniced, hysterical teenagers out of control.
    Whatever; the rescue is the next critical step; I think they’ll elect to teach them to use scuba gear to quickly, relatively speaking, to get them out as quickly as possible.
    The rains are coming…

    V. Arnold

    I was reading up on that a bit, and still wonder how they ever got to where they are now. Divers’ base camp is 3 hours from where the boys are?!

    Two years ago they went to the same place; so, they were familiar. Also, the passages were not yet flooded.
    Their bad luck the rains came and trapped them.
    Rubbish the Guardian! It ain’t gonna be 4 months or even 4 weeks. Things will move very quickly with many experts on hand to expidite the rescue…


    Can’t blame Guardian for the 4 months quote; it’s all over. Teaching kids first to swim, then to dive, then to cage dive, takes time. Also takes people and equipment. And the number of expert cage divers is limited. It’s gonna take time. 4 weeks looks unrealistic. But they’ll get the world’s best help.

    V. Arnold

    I also have some experience with scuba gear; within 1 hour (even less with some) one can learn how to breathe and with guidance could be brought to a safe place.
    This is not a time for normal protocols; expediencies are what matters.
    Believe me, it will be done asap…
    …and the Guardian is full of shit!!!!
    The kids do not have to learn to swim; just breathe!

    Dr. D

    It is difficult to figure how to do immigration in a positive manner, but as we’re finding with political discourse here, there is a long, complex discovery of what is “proper” and “right”, where and how we talk, (in political office and rallies) where we don’t (on their front porch trespassing, in Walmart) and why. Because if the whole thing breaks down, discourse, processes, traditions, as happens every 70 years or so, then no one’s safe anywhere, you and me both. If we keep the norms of civility, it can be fixed in whatever manner it can.

    It’s similar with immigration. Countries have traditions based over 1,000 years or at least since Westphalia. They’ve evolved through innumerable challenges and have a lot of accrued intelligence. Nothing’s substantially changed in the last year or two to make us discard them completely, but simply adjust and progress as ever. At the moment there are borders worldwide, longstanding legal processes, and basically every nation on earth is open to migration by some means or another if you file the paperwork. The exact mix is something we all can advocate and affect following existing processes, which are surely pretty broken, mostly on purpose. That would be a positive manner to address the many issues in a productive way that does not topple governments and societies, creating even greater hardship than exists presently, because bad as things are, they can be made far, far worse, and not just inconvenience a few, but kill hundreds of thousands, children, you, your friends, me, everyone, if you move to civil war. Let’s agree that whatever our differences, that is counterproductive and profits only the rich and well-connected, and harms most the poor and vulnerable, who are the ones we claim to wish to save.

    Nothing special, just a more pensive thought for a day here in an America that will spend tomorrow memorializing 8 years of grinding, pointless war brought on by 15 years of grinding, pointless oppression caused by spiraling taxation and an unjust surveillance state under the Writs of Assistance that culminated in an attempt to disarm the citizens at Lexington. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper and better to repair longstanding grievances and leave them alone? To not attempt the phony arrests and show trials of English writers, thinkers, and journalists? Did it work out for them? What was gained?

    “…you have betrayed the express command of your king. Through your arrogance and stupidity, you’ve opened these peaceful realms and innocent lives to the horror and desolation of war! You are unworthy of these realms, you’re unworthy of your title, you’re unworthy… of the loved ones you have betrayed! I now take from you your power! I…cast you out!” –Odin, MCU


    “…In all, 31 companies announced buybacks in excess of $1 billion during June.
    At the same time, investors dumped $23.7 billion in stock market-focused funds in June, also a new record. For the full quarter, the brutal June brought global net equity outflows to $20.2 billion, the worst performance since the third quarter of 2016, just before the presidential election. The selling is particularly acute in mutual funds, which saw $52.9 billion in outflows…”

    A lot of rich people are sitting on a lot of cash.
    Are those rich people going to spend it or putting it in their mattress?


    The American revolution was not. It was a coup. The proletariat did not overthrow the elites, the elites overthrew the elites. George Washington was the richest man in America, by way of land speculation.
    The Proclamation of 1763 demanded an end to western expansion.
    In 1706 England ruled that any black that made it to England would be a free man.
    In 1772 England freed all slaves.
    It never was about taxation and representation, it was about power and wealth.
    The constitution gave the vote to only white male landowners, 14% of the population.


    With the fall of journalism one is left on our own trying to figure out what is going on. This is impossible if the underlying cause is ignored. The rich are getting wealthier at the expense of everyone else.

    People under stress revert to their old myths and religion. In Europe the free movement of people, goods, services and capital is impossible with a Holy War against Islam being fought on the border forcing millions to flee to safety. Eastern Orthodox Greeks and Russians are scapegoated instead of ending the forever wars and writing down bad debt.

    Donald Trump is the ultimate disrupter. He has picked up on the unrest that is directly correlated with the declining well-being of western society. The problem is that the myths that get the greatest applause have nothing to do with the shrinking Middle Class.

    National and Global Oligarchs are skirmishing over power. The separation of children from their parents at the southern border blew up because it reflects the opposing myths between those economically hurt by immigration and the credentialed who believe the economy is good and society caring.

    Plutocrats who use the forever wars plus global labor and environmental arbitrage with in-time logistics to increase their bonuses are playing with fire. The President wants to end this global system. This appears to be escalating into catastrophe. It will only be averted if the well-being of western society is increased. Corruption ended. Corporate criminals jailed. Climate Change and over-population halted.


    “The American revolution was not. It was a coup. The proletariat did not overthrow the elites, the elites overthrew the elites. George Washington was the richest man in America, by way of land speculatio”


    It is best to let the Americans keep on dreaming. Reality is too harsh. I suspect lots of people have yet to visit Mount Vernon – or look in a DC phone book for names starting with the letter “W”

    Dr. D

    What a strange series of facts! Washington was indeed a wealthy son, but he was also a failure. It seems quite unlikely one man on one estate his father built would be the richest man in North America. Franklin alone was a media mogul akin to Rupert Murdock, and surely they were not wealthy compared to others, bankers, shipowners, and other Tories’ sons now forgot.

    Was it a coup? All revolutions are coups. The people must revolt for there to be a Revolution, yet their hardship is never adequate to form a successful revolution. It would be as saying the peasants of France got up and invaded the peasants of Italy one Sunday afternoon: it never happens. It is always the wealthy making real trouble, those who will never pay. So yes, I guess, same as every other war ever. The question is not if they were wealthy, but why the wealthy interests no longer aligned. That why a Colonel, who bought his commission as they all did, suddenly wanted to undergo 8 years of hunger, hunting, hardship, disease, and didn’t give up. The British did, they got bored, which is why they signed off for a bit and came back later — as reported recently — and burned the White House only to get bored and wander off again. Whyso? Why fight? Why wander? The war probably made him poorer than ever, not richer, and certainly older. If wealth was his driver, why retire, why attempt to leave Congress, why resign from office against all demands?

    So England freed their slaves in 1706, and yet there were slaves to outlaw in 1772, 70 years and 3 kings later? So they were happy to have slaves everywhere in the world, but not in London, same as we do, with the people making our shoes and iPhones, so long as they’re “over there” in Africa or Asia. And so he outlawed slaves in England? The Colonies, most of North America was England. So America, which is England, was bad for having slaves that England, which is America, is forgiven for having, for transporting, for being neck deep in the profitable sale and transport of for 100 years ‘til then? And it wasn’t a time thing: England was still treating India as slaves in 1947, or in South Africa in 1961, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in 1970, and in Libya — complete with slaves — today.

    I’m not sure what line I’m following. England (which was America) protected the people? Except the Proclamation of 1763 was widely ignored by English citizens who were happy to steal Indian lands with the same payoffs Sarkozy would recognize but even more happy to steal all the developed pioneer lands, which the “White” families (actually all sorts) then needed to buy a second time from the King and his agents. Was that fair to “protect” the natives over the dividing line, but NOT to protect actual English citizens? How did that seem at the time? How about in 1820? 1863? How about compared to the several trillion$ in fraudulent mortgage foreclosures which continue even today?

    How about the voters? America had the same suffrage again that England had. More voters than Britain in fact, which is both why they were not getting full representation and why they rebelled. So we’re comparing England with few voters, to America with the same rules and traditions? And because they’re the same, America is the bad one, with poor representation? What representation did England have even with who could vote under the rules of King George? Could you vote out the Earl of Rochester? Yet here when you can vote, you must vote in a Clay or a Jackson? We know that well today, but they tried something. All complained, who else tried?

    I guess you could ask, is what America did — even attempted to do — better or worse than England? Was it worth the trouble? Were the people happier, wealthier, better off? Could they live truer to their nature? It’s hard to say as each nation has priorities that may be alien to outsiders. Immigration certainly suggests the world wildly preferred America to England. Prosperity was very hard in England from 1800 which is still known as “Dickensian” even today. The late Victorian era was dodgy even when pulling wealth of millions from their worldwide slave colonies. Edwardian is well known for pointless luxury crossed with needless hardship and cruelty. England through Thatcher wasn’t considered great and is becoming Dickensian again today. Yet we know the troubles of America too, and France, Germany, China, all of us. No one escapes.

    So I’m unsure of this list of facts, which are true, and yet implied Americans must account for, although each edict is English, who is superior to us by being the same. How does this work?

    Many thoughts to honor and celebrate Independence Day.

    V. Arnold

    They’ll be evacuating the kids asap; there is a plan and the following article has a picture of the diving mask the kids will use. It’s a full face mask negating the use of a mouth piece. Much safer for the non-experienced.

    Each child will be escorted by two divers; although is didn’t specify, I should think one leading and the other following.

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