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    “..the steady encroachment on free speech has been sold as a “virtue” that all good people should applaud..”

    Chairman Mao did the same thing, selling totalitarianism as beneficial for the poor common man. Mao’s tactic was to eradicate the perceived threat from educated people by supporting the uneducated plebs to eradicate the educated, by accusing the educated of being imperialists.

    One such group of imperialists were the people who worked for religions, be they Chinese or foreign missionaries. Mao’s excuse was that religions were run by imperialists from outside China so are bad, he used that excuse to lock them up and torture them, of course pretending to the plebs who did the torturing that they were trying to re-educate them.

    By declaring that anybody who is more educated than the common pleb is an imperialist as they had the money to be educated, he was able to turn the 80% against the 20%. The cultural revolution thereby solidified Mao’s grip on China. In the process China lost most of its culture, but Mao was an ignoramus, he did not care about culture, he was not proud of China or its history, he wanted power.

    Nowadays the CCP still have pictures of Mao up in offices, after all, he enslaved the majority so that the CCP are still calling the shots and still earning the big bucks. The differences in income between the CCP and the rest is staggering – the exact opposite of communism. Half the country is still in farming poverty, while the heads of the CCP are all billionaires. Blatant evidence that the idea of communism was a way to con the ignorant poor.

    The modern CCP is still paranoid except that they have lost the pretence of communism. Now they use the excuse of national security, which really means regime security. In China, the poor do not get any social services, no healthcare, no pension, but the rich get anything they want. The CCP is committed to defend that situation so that they can live the good life.

    The western green/ESG movement is doing the same, demonising people in order to gain the support of the majority as a way to solidify their destruction of the west. If their revolution succeeds, we will all be slaves like the people of China, free to work, not free to think as thinking is a threat to the CCP.


    @Redneck said:

    Fossil fuels are running out and all our lives , except for the elites is going to change radically, it is happening right here now already! Australia has signed onto Zero carbon to be accomplished in eight years time , almost none of our autos are electric. Last week the eastern seaboard of the country was having blackouts. Where is the electricity to power all of the cars and trucks and trains to come from?

    Fossil fuels have always been running out, but they will not run out in our lifetimes, not even in this century. If you invclude coal then they will not run out for many centuries.

    Australia is destroying its energy generation system, they are doing it willfully, they are replacing reliable sources of energy with the likes of wind and solar, unreliable sources. Replacement has nothing to do with fossil fuels running out, that replacement is about destroying the western standard of living.

    Australia is also exporting uranium and gas to Chinese power stations while they close down their own nuclear and gas power stations for not being green enough. They don’t care about the planet but they particularly hate Australia.

    I saw that yesterday the Austalia Covid travel regulations were dropped. Despite having immediate family there, I will not go back to Australia for at least three years, until I am convinced that their Covid prisons are not waiting to be re-activated and I find myself unable to leave that political shithole. Until the people wake up, why would I want to travel to a country that is trying to kill itself?

    D Benton Smith

    @JohnDay “Worth a try, isn’t it?”

    Heck yeah!

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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