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    Georges Seurat Bathers at Asnières 1884   • Stupidity, Evil and the Decline of the US (Doug Casey) • The Great Depression: A Real Estate Boom Gon
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    V. Arnold

    • Stupidity, Evil and the Decline of the US (Doug Casey)

    Regrettably, the US is no longer the land of the free and the home of the brave. It’s become the land of whipped and whimpering dogs that roll over on their backs and wet themselves when confronted with authority. Now, why are Americans this way? Let me give you two reasons—though there are many more. First, there’s a simple absence of virtue. Let’s look at the word virtue. It comes from the Latin vir, which means manly, even heroic. To the Romans, virtues were things like fortitude, nobility and courage. Those virtues are true to the root of the word. When people think of virtues today they think of faith, hope, charity—which are not related to the word’s root meaning. These may pass as virtues in a religious sense.

    Well, there you go…
    What do you choose? Personally?
    Rhetorically it doesn’t matter what you choose; the decision has already been made for you…
    How about them apples……………………………………………………………………

    Dr. D

    This is the same thing (and same period) as “meek”, as in “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

    To be Meek, in the original, is to have power under control, as in training and riding a horse. Great power under your control, not an animal running wild. That’s how your human, or manly nature, should be.

    So these people: those who cultivate great power, but also cultivate and use great self-control, are the people who will dominate. NOT the people who lie down and let everything happen to them, clearly those people are going to get screwed. Not at all unusual statement from an ascetic and monk, a religious man.

    But goes to show how control over human minds runs from changing the meanings of words, or even better, having two meanings for a word, so you can invoke and lie about both. That’s why, to quote another book, “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” Lawyers at that time were exclusively PROSOCUTORS, the King’s persecution team, who would accuse nobles, and ordinarly men, in order to steal their title and property in civil forfeiture. Again, the meaning of the words change. And the context: the speaker of this famous line was a historical faction that thought if there were lawlessness, they could grab the crown. So pointing this out highlights that the Judges and Advocates SAVE the common theatre-goer from anarchy and lawlessness, and are to be commended.



    “The games of cheap money and constant intervention that have brought you record global debt to the tune of $250 trillion and record wealth inequality are about to embark on a new round of peddling blue meth again. “

    The glass is 99% full for the elites.
    The glass is 99% empty for the rif-raf.
    It was only “…. collateral damage…. “. for the rif-raf.
    Borrowing money at no interest was a successful experiment for the elites.


    I’ve said it for years. When it comes to the U.S. government…Republicans are evil and Democrats are stupid.


    “…Corbyn’s team are nervous about the latest attempts to oust him from within the party over the issues of antisemitism and Brexit, after several senior figures came out in support of a second referendum.”

    Since he was allowed to run for office, it is axiomatic that they have some tangible sex dirt on him.
    “antisemitism” is the crucifix in the post-WW II religion of Holocaustianity, a politically-correct cudgel that is used to hide criminality and to censor free speech.


    Tulsi Gabbard could well be the only genuine antiwar candidate that might truly be electable in the past fifty years, and that is why the war party is out to get her.

    So good she might be another Obama. Even if she’s the real deal, she will get nowhere unless the entrenched Zioglobalist bureaucracy can be ousted.


    Doug Casey and others may lament the decline of the morals and ethics of Americans and especially their federal government, but rest assured that Australia is doing its best to catch up!

    There’s a growing movement to establish a Bill of Rights (no, we don’t have one), but I fear the horse has long bolted from this stable.

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