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    @ Mr House

    And don’t forget that we cannot trust the science of collapsing buildings either.

    Polder Dweller

    I got my serological test today and it was negative. I asked what they looked for to see if I’d had Covid and the woman said antibodies. I tried to ask about T-cells but she just looked at me as though she had no idea what I was talking about. I didn’t bother with any more questions after that, it wouldn’t have been worth it.


    There’s little to enjoy in the digistream news, but one thing I do enjoy is watching the Blue-Check Believers in the super-scarey Covid! bit tie themselves into tighter and tighter
    knots to allow their narrative to still make sense..

    “Periocarditis in teenagers is double-plus-good! .. means the vaccine is working! ”

    it sure does- but for whom?


    Adding: I see the mcMedia reporting on the “very rare!” covidvaccine side affects as a subtle
    terrorism on the Injected.


    I’m thinking we need a stronger term than “cognitive dissonance” as a descriptor at this point. My vote: “irreconcilable differences”.

    Mister Roboto

    Periocarditis in teenagers is double-plus-good! .. means the vaccine is working!

    Jesus wept, please tell us you’re pulling our legs about people saying such utter brainwashed horseshit!


    @Dr D #77136
    Brilliant analysis. Thanks for those thoughts, you ask the right questions and shed a lot of light on the possible answers.


    This letter arrived yesterday. Not much comment needed, except to say that the part about “accessing your vaccination certificate” means being able to see that you are recorded as having been jabbed on a government database. Being on this database is optional and I never opted in.

    How long before push comes to shove is anyone’s guess. But it has to come.


    Hmmm, the file didn’t upload and it was <512KB in size. Do I try again, or not?


    One more try.




    “irreconcilable differences”.



    Just another off topic idea for TAE to put in it’s pipe and smoke!

    Lately, we have been seeing lots of news of how cyber hackers have been randsoming companies and heroic (inept) FBI involvement. I don’t think this is accidental. More likely somebody is writing a new narrative to get out in front of a story that is currently shimmering but will break soon. Wonder what that story is?

    Today, the federal AG announced that the DofJ will be reviewing all vote audits to see if they broke any of their voter laws. (Tranlation: Keep the existing election status quo.) Strangle all state vote audits?

    You can be 100% sure the Arizona State Senate’s court supervised vote audit, will have broken many of the Fed’s new “out of thin air” voter laws.

    So why all of a sudden headlines of cyber randsom stories of companies (old news)? Like maybe anything connected to the internet is vulnerable?

    Like voter tabulation machines “not connected” to the internet but found to have been connected? You can’t trust any vote audit results because they could easily have been hacked while they were being audited!

    I wonder how close to bullseye I will be?


    @ teri:

    You should really do your homework before posting your science fiction!

    Gain of function was 100% Obama. January 9th, 2017, Obama authorized full funding!


    When the system is geared to exploit the people and the planet to enrich the 1%; it is inherently inequal and unstable. Divide and rule Empires all ultimately fail. The Western one is falling. Nobody wants to face reality. It is too unpleasant.

    The US CDC models say the virus will be gone by November 2021. This is the goal of the public/private PR Campaign. Prayers too may help to make this come true. A new coronavirus spike and lockdown this winter and everything spins out of control. Pandemic shortages and inflation already are becoming too obvious to ignore.


    > A new coronavirus spike.. <

    still waiting for evidence of a first one..


    “Irreconcilable differences” = 614,738 Americans who died in the coronavirus pandemic.

    Granted the majority were unproductive old farts that the nursing home industry and government are unwilling to spend the big bucks to save; likewise, the obese, the ill, essential workers, and multi-generational households. Billionaires made out like bandits.

    Yes, Donald Trump was denied a second term which would likely have torn America apart by now. But instead, Billionaire #1 gets to rocket into space next month.


    There’s really only one solution to everything and it’s this:

    That’ll scare the sh!t out of ’em.


    “No scientist ever believes that he has the final answer or the ultimate truth on anything.”
    – Carroll Quigley

    We have been waiting to see if the predictions coming from Vanden Bossche would come to anything.
    His models showed that mass vaccination campaigns would drive new more infectious variants, and that people vaccinated will not have good immunity to the newly emerging strains.

    But the latest “dangerous and virulent” Delta mutant allegedly comes from largely unvaccinated India, does it not? Not the result of a mass vaccination campaign. Meanwhile 80% vaccinated Israel apparently does not have a resurgence of any mutant virus. If anything, they more likely have a surge in ADRs!

    So where does that leave us with expert opinions: as confused as ever.
    It doesn’t help the cause of truth and justice when even the honest experts are found to be barking up the wrong tree. It would seem that Michael Yeadon’s take on the mutancy issue might prove to be more accurate in the end?



    Yesterday’s Matisse was truly magnificent. Oh, to be able to recline on a couch without a care in the world! Today the Kandinsky is a test for the imagination. There has to be a connection with the Euro 2021 kick-off! Thinking back to Bill Gross’ wife – I reckon it would be a cinch to copy it 😉


    I’ve been following this site for several years and have to say kudo’s to Raul and all who comment regularly. My Parents # 77165 “leave your phone home” absolutely true. I have been leaving it home on purpose for several years now. It is my “business” phone. On Fridays I turn it OFF. Turning it back on Monday morning, if I remember! I use cash for a lot of my purchases, not that we buy much anymore. Just working on being less obvious to the algorithms. Sometimes when we’re out with no tracking devices I’ll use my credit or debit card wondering if the AI’s are scratching their digital heads trying to figure how I got there. If only it was that easy hey?

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