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    Veracious Poet

    Meanwhile, back in the crazed conurbations UniParty/GlobalCap fealty, the deferentially witless swarms zealously await the latest Interwebs fad, to titillate & distract…

    This week’s TikTok challenge!

    This week’s TBT hero tribute:

    Stupid is as stupid does…

    Ave Caesar morituri salutant!

    Veracious Poet

    Verba deficiunt, finis.


    This rambles a bit, sorry. Much editing.

    re: ‘1. There is no “secret movement” that cannot be seen and destroyed because of “eyes in the sky”’

    Heh! Silly Sunday tangent: garden steganography and crop circles.

    I’ll also try to be pertinent and say that much of what I’ve read online about censorship lately has been about…online censorship. This is itself a kind of gaslighting, no? “ZOMG, YOU’RE BEING CENSORED (online) !!!! online…online…”

    The Coughing Code
    The Upside-Down Flag/Cross/Menorah
    Tree Blazes
    Currency Defacement
    Boob/Weenie Flashings
    Colored Hats/Shoes/Capes
    Secret Hand Signals
    Encrypted Morse Code Via Mirror/Smoke/Drum Circle
    Hand-Written Encrypted Letters Delivered Via Courier
    Warrant Canary
    A Chat Over Coffee In The Kitchen/On The Back Porch
    Pick A Book And Become It (There’s a book about this!)


    If it smells like movie plot, zoom out a bit. For instance, the current ‘AI’ won’t become SkyNet overnight. It might kill millions if something like ChatGPT is put in charge of rail switching. It need not, but why would They pass up the chance? (Echoing Dr D a bit there, sorry!)

    It’s the banal start, though, of delegating extremely important decisions about human/biological life to machines that cannot help but be flawed simply because we have a very limited view of this universe. They also not only lack our motivations, they really don’t (yet?) have motivations of their own. They have to be given a flawed human’s flawed interpretations of what it’s flawed perception tells it about human motivations. GIGO is understatement.

    Would you trust ChatGPT to decide when to plant wheat for the year? How about weather forecast in general? Trust it to decide if/when a life-saving operation is to be performed? Trust it on if/when to dispatch an ambulance? Trust it to not botch FDA beef inspections and send all cows in Montana to the furnace for a Brucellosis scare?


    Final thought that is not entirely unrelated: the Shoshone, Miwuk, Piute, Chumash, others used to travel to Hockett Meadow between two forks of the Kern River for a big yearly trading bash. For tribes from the east, this was often preceded by a spring rabbit hunt. Long weirs were built in the brush, 100-200m long, gradually converging pair of low fences, with a corral at the apex. Tribe makes a long picket line at the open end of the triangle, and makes a ruckus while walking inward. Many, many rabbits captured; little energy expended; social ritual performed.


    RKF Jr is the same old crowd, heavily loyal to Israel, aware that political power does not come without the approval of Israel. Weak and limp wristed when it comes to Palestine, he obviously has no intention of fixing that problem, the USA’s greatest on-going crime. He even stated “Israel’s right to exist”, which nobody ever has really explained, that “right” comes from “might” and not from goodness or international law.

    He is just another pawn, selling us new talking points, pretending to move that overton window, such as adding legitimacy to the anti-vaccine movement, which he will simply not enforce in office. Trump did the same, praising Wikileaks and government agency integrity etc during his campaign, but it was all talk.

    He has been consistent in his anti-vax stance, has been for a long time, for that I give him credit, the rest is just riding the wave. We can see already see that the anti-vax movement is gaining ground across the world, not due to Kennedy but thanks to his stated foes. Other than “his time has come” on the vaccine train, he is the same old record, just a few more scratches. Show us someone brave enough to stand up to Israel, then we will know that we have found someone who could become a leader, someone with some of the sort of integrity that will fix the USA …. pro-vax/anti-vax is a side issue.




    I enjoyed your expanded list, outside of Ukraine conflict, of what we cannot see.



    Denninger, for those who believe in evil … Good, Evil, Or Simply Optimization?.


    Another 1971 world wobble
    Year of Assange birth


    Another depopulation tool

    Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, and Queer ( LBGTQ)

    Veracious Poet

    Denninger, for those who believe in evil … Good, Evil, Or Simply Optimization?.

    Karl is such a maroon!

    Forget about religion, it’s a dead letter construct that has been the domain of tyrants, con artists & fools since America lost their appetite for *HARD TRUTHS* following Lincoln’s War of Aggression, setting the stage of the Bankster/MIC Empire.

    I get “it” ~ Karl’s a devout atheistic misanthrope, with a *huge* chip on his shoulder, but any rational person knows that *evil* is part & parcel of the human condition, not some mythological phantom…

    People that want to hurt others financially, emotionally, physically & SPIRITUALLY are *EVIL*.

    People that want to build/protect their families, communities & humanity-at-large, in a spirit of love, are *GOOD*.

    The Sons of Liberty didn’t fight *Satan* in 1765-1781, they fought human *EVIL* 🙄

    If Karl wasn’t *still* trapped in his self-centered trance, he might remember the Sons of Liberty *mostly* met in protestant churches, with many clergy supporting/joining the fight:

    “Give me liberty, or give me death!” is a quotation attributed to American politician and orator Patrick Henry from a speech he made to the Second Virginia Convention on March 23, 1775, at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Virginia.

    Reverend William Emerson (Ralph Waldo Emerson’s grandfather) at Lexington-Concord:

    “Arise! my injured countrymen! and plead even with the sword, the firelock and the bayonet, plead with your arms the birthright of Englishmen, the dearly-purchased legacy left you by your never-to-be-forgotten Ancestors…”

    Specifically, the Sons of Liberty fought to *protect* their families & communities against the *EVIL* tyranny of King George & Parliament, using Locke’s definition/establishment of Natural Law as their *legal* precedent, which was lost 90 years ago following We The People’s moronic *election* of FDR, clearly representing a debased CULTure not cut from the same Spirit of 76′ that expelled the British from our shores 🙄

    Ol’ Denninger was schooled by no other than me concerning the Sons of Liberty, before he deleted the original “Ticker Forum”, that was such a powerful discussion/gathering point that it literally spawned The Tea Party (which unfortunately was co-opted by UniParty GOPhers almost immediately, due to lack of honest, sincere & spiritually sane leadership) ~ Karl didn’t like my info at first, in fact he almost turned TF against me like a group of mean girls (lol), but in the end there was no disputing the historical record.

    Not surprised that ol’ Karl wants to pin the tail on his favorite scape goat, religion, but he’s missing the forest-for-the-trees; We The People lost their way due to CULTure, of all stripes, due to UniParty GlobalCap schemes (initiated by The Robber Barons) to concentrate wealth, *power* & control from the top down…

    And a majority of We The People shouted HOORAY FOR OUR SIDE! *every* damned step of the way, at least until the plandemic, at which point it was too late to stop the juggernaut of lies, theft, murder & criminal insanity roiling from sea-to-shining-sea 😐

    Enjoy your echo chamber Karl, you deserve it! 😉


    VP said:

    Ol’ Denninger was schooled by no other than me concerning the Sons of Liberty, before he deleted the original “Ticker Forum”

    I knew you would pull some bullshit like this to massage your ego … you are relentless.

    There is no such thing as evil, all rational people clearly do not believe in evil, your points are fatuous. Evil is a religious contruct and all rational people do not go along with your religious beliefs. Just because it lives in your head, just because you are centain your head is where it is at, you are just you, despite what your ego tells you. Nowadays it is mostly ancient boomers and their rural spawn who believe in evil, there is nothing wrong with it, but as Denninger says, it is your excuse for doing nothing, leaving God to fight evil while you hug your sofa. Yet another get out of jail free card so that you can blame others for the mess that is the USA.


    Karl’s a devout atheistic misanthrope, with a *huge* chip on his shoulder

    How do you spend a lot of time on TF and not know Karl is rather firmly Catholic? Atheistic, really?

    Forget about religion, it’s a dead letter construct that has been the domain of tyrants, con artists & fools

    Which is it then?

    Karl is a bit of a jerkhero. No question there. I turned him around on a couple things myself. But there you go, he comes off as an overbearing jerk AND somehow, he DOES consider things and change his mind. Quite in character, he banned me for a minor annoyance/infraction, which was just as well, more than 50% of the people that made the pre reset TF special were banned as well by then. It was a good time to move on.

    But there he was again, just like in the runup to the 07/08 fiasco, jerkily fighting the good fight in the age of lockdowns and injections.

    The Old Testament had a number of prophets, and a key thing binding them together is some guy filled with righteous fury at some wrong being committed and going to the king, to the people, whoever, and bringing it to them in no uncertain terms. Quite jerkily, much of the time.

    Just some ordinary guy who is struck with a realization and acts. Comes striding out of the desert blazing with anger, bystanders thinking WTF is this guy so mad about – just give him a second or two.
    As far as it is understood in their old testament biblical times, god spoke to them, they’re on a mission from god. He goes straight to the king – or maybe he begins preaching at the entrance to the city or in the market square. The Grey Champion.

    I’m an Atheist, so the way I’d put the value of Christianity – ie the value of RELIGION – is that it is like your interesting Great Aunt’s chest in the attic, filled with wisdom and junk from thousands of years of the Mediterranean and near east. Not ALL the wisdom, but a buffet of it nevertheless. Some weird pointless junk (what’s the point of Song of Solomon) but much that is spiritual. Saved up and passed on to you, to save you some time and effort in your life, so you can do things instead of being miserable and unproductive while reinventing the wheel from scratch.

    I’m sorry but pooh poohing atheism and religion in the same breath? It has the feel of a As Seen On TV Ad in which aw, some normal thingy DOESN’T WORK, you need our SPECIAL THING. I 100% do not believe you and actively, quite consciously and purposely disbelieve you when you make that pitch.

    Maybe try this before dismissing all religion with a wave of the hand

    Lincoln’s War of Aggression

    The southerners started the shooting.

    The southerners claimed it was about state’s rights — but crowed in triumph and rang church bells all over the south after the Dredd Scott case, which resulted in the Federal Government forcing every level of government in states in which slavery was illegal to follow the laws of slave states, on penalty of ruinous imprisonment and fines for all elected officials, all govt employees. And the south forced, upon the north – jubilantly, via the Federal Government – ruinous fines and imprisonment on anyone, any private citizen even giving basic merciful help – food, water, shelter – to an escaped slave in a state in which slavery was illegal. States rights for us but not for you.

    The southerners claimed it was about self-determination – but when West Virginia seceded from Virginia, for the purposes of self determination – oh the howls of outrage. When Eastern Tennessee wanted to secede – for self determination – The south stopped them. Secession is GOOD because self-determination, except when YOU do it.

    The southern states SAID in their own declarations of independence that it was for slavery. They said it themselves, just read their own words.

    The post office kept delivering mail between states, seceded or not. You can read the correspondence between the various prominent people in the north and south between secession and war. They TELL YOU what they are doing and why.

    You have to ignore the actual southerners completely, their actions, their words, to think of it as a “war of northern aggression”

    John Brown was like the prophets of the old testament. Struck like a thunderbolt with what was right, he got up that minute, that second, and walked out of the church to do it. And he was a bit jerky in some ways, is my impression.

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