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    Harris&Ewing Newsie, Washington DC 1920 • The IMF Knew In 2010 That The Greek Memorandum Would Increase Debt (SYRIZA) • Why Greece Should Reject the L
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    Off topic as far as the day’s events go, but I am trying to find an article you did some years ago on the “degrees of separation” of people’s “wealth” from actual physical possession – the thought that people “had” something because it was shown in a monthly statement. In a “what could go wrong” expose, you detailed the intermediation between supposed “ownership” and the reality of things held in street name etc. IMO it was a much needed and much to be recommended article, and now that we seem to beapproaching another shakeup, is worthy as runnning as one of the “oldies but goodies,” or even updating if there is now even more to say about it. Would you mind posting the link?

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    If only I could remember. Doesn’t ring a bell right off the bat. That’s what you get with all the writing?! Maybe someone else knows? By all means, see if you can provide more clues, keywords etc.

    Thanks for your donation.

    John Day

    Stoneleigh has had a lot to say about “multiple competing claims on real wealth” since TAA started.
    It sounds like that is the topic, Jeff. I think more than one of her posts and all of her lectures contain some of that message.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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