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    It is always amusing when those seeking further proof of “global warming” – sorry, I really meant “climate change” – find that their ice-breakers are either trapped or unable to go through ice that is a lot thicker than they expected in the month of June.

    “U of M climate change study postponed due to climate change”


    Hey denier – I mean Nassim – you do realize Arctic Sea Ice Extent is at a record low for this time of year, tracking more than 2 standard deviations below a 30 year mean?

    You do also realize there has been no leveling off of warming in the past 30+ years that you moronic deniers always refer to. “After reviewing temperature trends contained in three satellite data sets going back to 1979, the paper concludes that the data sets show a global warming trend — and that Pruitt was incorrect” – so suck on that moron.

    In a 1978 paper John Mercer wrote the following:

    One of the warning signs that a dangerous warming trend is under way in Antarctica will be the breakup of ice shelves on both coasts of the Antarctic Peninsula, starting with the northernmost and extending gradually southward. These ice shelves should be regularly monitored by LANDSAT imagery.

    Well guess what moron – the Larsen C ice shelf is breaking off from the West Antarctic ice sheet.

    Oh yeah – what is your evidence? Sticking a pole in the ground in a single place in the arctic and that proves global warming isn’t happening.

    What a bunch of morons this planet holds.

    Ken Barrows

    You’re out of line. Nassim scours the globe looking for facts. When the former facts are no good, get new ones.


    Exxon knew through its own research that warming would occur.

    “Over the past several years a clear scientific consensus has emerged,” Cohen wrote in September 1982, reporting on Exxon’s own analysis of climate models. It was that a doubling of the carbon dioxide blanket in the atmosphere would produce average global warming of 3 degrees Celsius, plus or minus 1.5 degrees C (equal to 5 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus 1.7 degrees F).

    And paid organizations to downplay it or distort the science.

    Bob Ward, the Academy’s senior manager for policy communication, demanded that Exxon stop giving money to dozens of organizations he said were actively distorting the science.

    Still happening today. And then you get these morons posting about a single spot in the Artic where the ice is still thick. LMFAO, we are so screwed.


    Oh, I should also mention – their stupid little study didn’t take into account melting permafrost and release of methane gas from the underneath the arctic. So that 3 degrees plus or minus 1.5 degrees is total b.s. IT WILL BE MUCH WORSE.

    Add in non-global warming issues of deforestation et al and sayonara little snowflakes.


    3 degrees Celsius, plus or minus 1.5 degrees C (equal to 5 degrees Fahrenheit plus or minus 1.7 degrees F)

    It’s 5.4 and 2.7 Fahrenheit.
    What does it matter which way out the human race will take? Doom of all super predators in closed ecosystems.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    “Hey denier –”
    “you moronic deniers”
    “– so suck on that moron.”
    “Well guess what moron –”
    “What a bunch of morons this planet holds.”
    “And then you get these morons posting”
    “– their stupid little study”
    “sayonara little snowflakes.”

    Champuga appears to have all the best global warming arguments down pat.


    Now, now, Diogenes,such sarcasm was uncalled for, we are all friends here.


    It’s time for a joke …

    She will stop printing so slow, in the background, that you won’t even notice the lack. Of money.


    Well frankly it gets tiring reading whimsical
    anecdotes on how there is no warming when every scientific study shows otherwise.

    And as for how much Yellen plans on reducing monetary policy – do you not read AE? It’s all an illusion – there are no markets anymore.



    Calling me a “moron” merely illustrates the attitude of “believers”. Anyone who contradicts a false hypothesis is insulted.

    Here is the sea-surface temperature for the world as of two days ago:

    You will note that the area of Newfoundland/Greenland is in dark blue – because it is well below its “normal” temperature for this time of the year. In the article this was said:

    “But Barber said once out on the water the scientists realized this wasn’t the usual sea ice, which would be relatively easy for the icebreaker to plough through, but thicker ice from further north which had broken off because of climate change.”

    This means that this fake scientist and researcher is a liar – because he knows full-well that it is abnormally cold.

    As for global sea ice, it is unchanged from the date when your “John Mercer” wrote his piece of nonsense

    Why is it that you despise reality. Does it not get tiring to be constantly claiming “the End is Nigh” 🙂


    “You’re out of line. Nassim scours the globe looking for facts. When the former facts are no good, get new ones.”

    Ken Barrows,

    There is no need to scour the internet. The facts are available to anyone who wants to know the truth. I just posted below two charts which demolish the claims of the warmists. It is all publicly available – and never presented by the lying MSM.

    Here is a bit of more selective information which is far more important than what is supposed to happen in 50-100 years.

    Because of cold weather:

    Wheat Outlook: U.S. Winter Wheat Production Down 25% from 2016

    Russian Wheat Farmers Will Get Relief as Soggy Fields to Dry Out

    The two biggest wheat exporters are facing problems due to cold weather. If this continues, there will be serious consequences worldwide.

    Doubtless, if these problems were cause by “warming”, the media would be reporting it enthusiastically.

    E. Swanson

    Nassim, your post about the U of Manitoba study was featured in a Breitbart piece written by James Delingpole, which is where I suppose you picked up the reference. , HERE’s the original story. The study was set for Hudson Bay, a relatively small area and the access via the Labrador Sea.

    The other areas of Arctic sea-ice are experiencing less multi year sea-ice and the present extent measurement is outside the 2 sigma range over the period since 1980. The important variable is the seasonal minimum extent (not area) in the Arctic and this year, the data is tracking neat that from 2012, the year which set the record low extent. Here’s a great animation of the data which shows what’s happening in the Arctic thru 2007 Notice the steady decline in multi-year sea-ice, which has continued in the years since 2007…


    E. Swanson,

    I don’t peruse Breitbart.

    As regarding sea-ice, the southern hemisphere has been piling it on and the totals have not changed – as per graph above.

    As regarding land-ice, Greenland is currently stacking it up at a record rate as the Danes show:

    The temperature in the Arctic was just as high in the 1940’s BTW. I never claim that the earth’s climate does not oscillate. It does – and the sun is the driver not CO2.

    As for the Antarctic – which only gets into the headlines when there is natural calving along its coasts – here is a paper showing that it has been gaining ice for 200 years:

    Our study suggests an overall increase in SMB [surface mass balance] across the grounded Antarctic ice sheet of ~ 44 GT since 1800 AD


    “44 GT since 1800 AD”

    To put matters in perspective, that is only 3mm of ice – because its air is so dry. However, it is a positive figure and a colossal volume in absolute terms.

    Dr. Diablo

    I felt Diogenes’ comment was appropriate. An open argument is about the quality of ideas, not their people. This is what western civilization is based on: the right to hold opinions, to express them, to promote them, and even advocate them, and in fact, as a right, we defend the people holding a different opinion from violence, sometimes even from harassment because someday we too may hold an unpopular view on some subject. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do? Defend the minority from attack and oppression, even if we disagree with them? That’s the basis of the American principle at least, however poorly executed.

    Even worldwide, we must stick to the facts, the theories, because scientists themselves disagree violently, about practically everything. If they descended to the temptation of ad hominem attacks, educated discussions would immediately fall to “you’re a poopy-pants” “nanana-peepee”, and we’ve got enough of that as anyone who’s been to a scientific conference can attest.

    E. Swanson

    Nassim, I see you are a fan of the “NoTricksZone”, a proven anti-science disinformation site. Kenneth Richard (and Breitbart) clearly have no interest in the truth. Your re-posting of Richard’s BS destroys your credibility.

    As for the Antarctic, please recall that there is now an “Ozone Hole” which appears during the Austral Spring due to CFC’s humans have dumped into the atmosphere. Ozone is another greenhouse gas, so one might expect that the Antarctic would be somewhat colder with increased sea-ice as a result. As the Ozone Hole appears to be healing as the CFC’s are declining, the maximum sea-ice extent also appears to be exhibiting a decline. Then too, in a warmer world, the atmosphere can hold more water vapor, thus precipitation would be expected to increase as a result.

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