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    Edward Hopper Railroad sunset 1929   • The Rape of Lady Justice (Patrick Lawrence) • Trump 1st POTUS in 40 Years Who Feds Didn’t Help Archive Cla
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    Dr. D

    “Gavin Newsom wants 28th Amendment for guns in U.S. Constitution” – Politico

    Now that they’ve tried everything else, they’re going to try following the law. That’s so crazy it just might work!

    “ Johns Hopkins Faces Backlash After Changing Definition Of ‘Lesbian’
    “A non-man attracted to non-men…”

    What is a “Man” though? If you can’t define “Woman”, you can’t define “Man”. In fact, when everything is a lie, you can’t define anything…by design. Therefore, you can’t define “law” and might be guilty of anything. It depends who your friends are. You can only have perfect power by eliminating #Reality.

    “New Jersey Bill Would Deny Funding To Schools If Their Libraries Remove Pornography”

    Forced speech, so to speak. I thought schools were run by the districts for just this reason. You MUST allow ‘pornography’ (whatever that is) for children. So since we must expose children to sex immediately, shouldn’t we really line up the kids at recess and run the train on them by all the staff? I mean, why not? You also can’t expose children to materials, it’s a crime, so why not serial rape them, which is also a crime?

    Even worse when you see it on a map like that. From yesterday, of course Wagner is given the green light to criticize, and some weird s—t. With some weird numbers that can’t be true. Then comment on Mexico which is a message I don’t understand.

    He’s not wrong that Russia will sue for peace with the complete dismantling of NATO in Poland, etc, perfectly reasonable, modest things for the completely winning army, when the other side HAS no army, except that can never happen. The West cannot go there, so they will have to collapse. Many changes upcoming therefore, which all take too much time.

    “We have learned of credible evidence that Joe Biden received a $5 million bribe from Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company. Now we’re told there is evidence of that on audio”

    Yes, except nobody cares. No minds are open, #Reason doesn’t matter. As Nietzsche says, “#Logos is Dead.”

    “freeing the entire territory of the former Ukraine”

    There, he said it recently. They do not get the West and move NATO closer.

    “the government will now try to “charge you for asking a question”

    Craig Roberts pointed out the same process of de-#Logos’ing the universe into a puddle of non-reason. Technically, $5M Civil case brought against Trump goes like this: “I accuse you of rape.” “No I didn’t.” “Defending yourself is slander.”
    This is not that different. So if Trump pleads “Not Guilty” that “Not Guilty” plea is calling the Prosecutor a liar, and is therefore Slander to his reputation. Have we descended into madness enough yet? Nope, long way to go. Government arresting you for asking a question, then classifying 100% of all materials related to the accusation is just a common waystop. THIS IS WHY YOU CAN’T ALLOW SECRECY, YOU IDIOTS. If Congress can’t oversee it, we can’t allow it.

    “.they’re so desperate to avoid Judge Cannon, they lied on the form,” says Patel. “They went forum shopping for a jurisdiction favorable to their case.”

    They’ve got nothing and it will fall apart again pointlessly. I don’t know how I know that. So it will make Trump’s point, AND help cement his position as best candidate.

    ““Even if she is personally convinced that she could preside impartially and without any bias or appearance of bias,” Cannon must recuse herself,”

    She must recuse herself but every other judge who is contrarily anti-Trump must not recuse themselves? Like Judge Sullivan who refused to recuse himself after a Judge Audit review panel ordered him to?

    As we saw yesterday, the prosecution also indicted all his lawyers. Wow. Muchly so. Doge would say. So: no attorney-client privilege going back 1,000 years – long since in the rear-view – they run NSA surveillance on the meetings – as seen for decades with Assange – AND then indict all the lawyers who DO still show up. AND don’t allow any of the lawyers to read any of the evidence, by classifying it all.

    I do not find that suspicious at all. I’m sure you have a wonderful case that will hold up honestly in court. Democracy!!!

    “In the first week alone, the Kiev regime forces lost thousands of casualties, along with more than a dozen of German Leopard 2 tanks, nearly two dozen of US-made Bradley infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) and several French AMX-10 RC light tanks.”

    That is a full offensive, not a probing attack. It had zero effect. They didn’t make it to the first line.

    “Babies born with their organs on the outside…Birth defects surpassed that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after nuclear attacks”
    by 100-fold.

    Cue the Biden sticker: “I DID THAT.” That is, all the Democratic establishment. All the Republican establishment. All the present Congress, most of which are incumbents. All the media who supported it and support it now. All the corporations who make it and support the war, Slavia Ukraine! All the people with such open Nazi flags in their yard, like I saw universally below the Pride flag of Hate and Exclusion last week. And such effects for another 500 years maybe?

    So…is that one act alone, by beloved Bush, by the beloved Cheney family, worse than the 6 million in the camps in one go, PLUS the six million they killed elsewhere? I think so, and by a lot.

    And we know, and we still support it now, and why not? We killed 25M babies since 50 years and fight violently to kill s’more.

    “• Pentagon Will Replace Destroyed Ukrainian Armor – US State Media (RT)

    Cool story bro. And you’re going to give that armor to whom? Ukraine will cease to exist.

    ““The US is demanding “a result from neo-Nazis – to break through the Russian positions,” no matter the cost, Antonov claimed..”

    The cost is all of Ukraine, all Ukrainian soldiers, all Ukrainian equipment, and the whole Ukrainian army. Sold! “And without an army what will you do when you’ve chased the devil to the end and he turns around on you?”

    They are going bankrupt everywhere and are desperate.

    Dr. D

    Wildfire news: this is interesting, and interesting people didn’t pick up quickly. Okay, first, “It’s Global Warming! We’re all Gonna Dieeeee!!!!!!!” Aaaaaaaand then the chart they show to demonstrate this shows the wildfires trending DOWN, not up. Uh-huh, ‘cuz no one notices, no one cares. Lies are the same as the truth now, don’cha know?

    Next, Hold on: if we have the same wildfires every year but worse, wtf is up with NY? And hold on: how is the air bad in NY but not, I dunno, Montreal, Ottawa, and Toronto? (To Americans, because there are no cities, no people, and no country to the north of us, therefore, no questions about it.) Also: no maps. Every year we have a fire of 50 acres in Cali and the media feverishly follows it with an hourly map and helicopters to fan the flames. No map. No where. I eventually had to look them up.

    Fire NEWS, however, is all over…follow the logic here…Holland. Da Fuq? They usually follow all things Canada? For that matter, since these are yearly, New York usually follows all things Canada? No. Never.

    Looking at the air map, we have danger zones all over! We’re all gonna Dieeeee!!!! …All over on top of each CITY,exclusively, in e.g., NY State, but not elsewhere. Ohhhhhh! So the air sucks in the cities always, this just puts them over the edge, got it.

    So clearly the cities of say, Buffalo, Albany, Potsdam and whatever hoosy else is up north like Burlington VT were naturally much WORSE than NYC, being half a thousand miles closer. (It’s like 400mi across NY State alone, although it’s a bit deceptive) NOPE. NYC was REMARKABLY worse than anywhere else, including Albany and Boston, although being +100mi further away. Umm… Science? If I’m IN the fire, there’s smoke, but if I’m 500mi away on the ocean the smoke is worse??? “???????????”

    Okay, symphony conductor now, all sing the chorus, ♩♫ What’s going on here??? ♩♫

    Here’s a symbol for you: I fart in thy general direction. Ѽ

    What’s going on? This makes no historic or environmental sense. Did nobody notice? Not a single reporter in all NY said, “Hey! I grew up here! This never happened before, even when we were burning coal. It ain’t the fires.” What next? Go ask Alice. We have a missing tanker of chemicals. Just the sort of thing to make a fire real smoky and eye burning. Go ask anyone else. Hey, you have fires up there, see anything strange lately? “Yes as a matter of fact we have reports of weird white bits like plastic appearing.” “You’ve been through fires before?” “Dozens, and never like this.” Weird reports of the fire smelling like chemicals or plastic, although being in the woods. All the fires start at once, although that’s not especially unusual. All the chorus saying we must have masks and environmental martial law and lockdowns, preferably forever.

    Oh! So if I were to set some fires – for which multiple people have already been arrested – and kind of boost the normal fire season, then rent some industrial buildings and chuck crap in their industrial furnaces, esp in NYC where the world’s most retarded and uncurious reporters are, then we can get a new Pandemic Planetary Lockdown? By promoting out failed and failing, totally disbelieved, discredited, forced-rationing tyrannical eternal martial-law plan of AGW Carbon Credits, the only thing that can possibly save us, our power, our rape-y idiot sons, and the monetary system? So we just did a nice PR campaign for how “Humans R bad m-kay, only solution is Socialism, is tyranny and lockdowns starting now but extending forever”?

    Ah. I see. Well why don’t you tell ME what must be going on. And use a map. Cause it’s a thousand miles. I may not be a genius, but I don’t have to be. The dumbest guy alive can see this is bulls–t.


    All you oligarch admirers, remember that it is people with money who kill us, who starve us, who take away our toys. Humanity would be well served by outlawing inheritance – the vast majority of oligarchs inherited their fortunes, they are the spoilt children of a brilliant man and a few bimbos. Do you want to bet your existence on the brilliant man’s genes winning out? Rupert Murdoch, Paris Hilton, “the families” (Sackler etc), Alex Soros, etc … they are all unworthy, they earned nothing, they were lucky in birth and will now use their inadequate brains to do what they are told by the manipulators of oligarchs … the real control team. Humanity is fucked because Mr Stupid sits on a pile of cash.


    The Biden administration is expected to provide Ukraine with controversial depleted uranium ammunition for use with US-made Abrams tanks, The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

    Bringing democracy to poor, democracy-deprived nations with resources … USA theft machine at work. But don’t worry, they are about the radio-active Ukrainians. The world is a joke.


    Fires! Here is the June 12th shot from worldview. The smoke doesn’t look very bad at all in the east. Manitoba looks to be the worst, so what’s the problem? Maybe the problem is that there is no problem!,21.904889158553402,-46.848429299640856,69.1658714993251&l=Reference_Labels_15m,Reference_Features_15m,Coastlines_15m,MODIS_Combined_Thermal_Anomalies_All,VIIRS_NOAA20_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor(hidden)&lg=false&t=2023-06-14-T10%3A21%3A49Z


    I can report that in southern Ontario we had a couple of mornings where the sun was an orange ball. That was the only sign of any wild flies. Oh and the idiots who took the opportunity to start wearing face masks outside.

    But I’m not in the centre of the universe, like NYC is.


    Garland Nixon and Tom Luongo bitch slapping the Neonazi Conjobs around, especially the British mutation.


    The Russians are slow walking the SMO because it gives time for the economic collapse of Eurotardistan and the Empire of Lies.

    The Russias and the Saudis have made OPEC stronger than ever in decades

    OPEC+ is going to strangle the Collective West like a giant Anaconda crushing a sleazy diseased dwarf.

    The Collective West is a hollow shell game at it’s core, it’s based on financial card tricks

    The BRICs world order is about real assets and commodities and real industrial base production.

    Eurotardistan and the The Cesspool of Tyranny©, formerly known as The Empire of Lies Gangster Nation®, will slowly sink beneath the waves as going concerns.





    Duh’merica the Beautiful

    People who need people are the luckiest people in the world




    If I’m the tree it makes sense though. Night condensation directed right to the root. Wind protection. Bark attack protection. No competition from grass and other pesky trees.
    Be nice to get a little mulch though….


    In the USA, even the Unvaxxed are fucked.

    Watch from 4 :00 min:

    When the State Wants You Dead

    Leaving the USA (with my family in tow) in 2013 after living there for 22 years, and formally relinquishing my green card, was the best decision I have ever made.


    Fascinating look at the scapegoating of the Unvaxxed by the Covidiots.
    Just published:

    Blaming the unvaccinated during the COVID-19 pandemic: the roles of political ideology and risk perceptions in the USA

    TVASSF (and now it’s their turn to suck it up)


    @ John Day
    I found that ,You gathered the info necessary to change a few opinions of how our social, economic, and political systems operate that affect our lives.
    TUESDAY, JUNE 13, 2023
    Deep State Class War
    Money, power, are there to supply your needs and desires with impunity..

    “Elite Pedophile ring”
    The message is being ignored by NATO ….
    We were forced to try to end the war that the West started in 2014 by force of arms. And Russia will end this war by force of arms, freeing the entire territory of the former Ukraine from the United States and Ukrainian Nazis. There are no other options. The Ukrainian army of the US and NATO will be defeated, no matter what new types of weapons it receives from the West. The more weapons there are, the fewer Ukrainians and what used to be Ukraine will remain. Direct intervention by NATO’s European armies will not change the outcome. But in this case, the fire of war will engulf the whole of Europe. It looks like the US is ready for that too.



    ARTE (very popular so-called ‘serious’ MSM F-D tv docs) has a doc about vax injuries.
    (2 months ago, I finally watched the whole thing.)

    It is interesting, in the sense that it has taken that long for a doc of this type to come into being. It presents in depth two victims, ex-sporty young man 35, almost totally physically debilitated, and gorgeous chick younger also sporty, a big point is made of that, and w. a great job etc. now reduced in function but still gorgeous, etc.

    The ‘facts’ and ‘stats’ are, as usual, mangled. At the start it is announced that only “a tiny minority” suffered COV19vax side-effects, but later on in the show some doc quotes some stats that are maybe close to correct (I didn’t take the time to check) and he points out, why did all these probs arise when the vaxx campaign began? Now that was brief and he isn’t ‘attractive’ (fat..) or ‘convincing’…

    If all this is sorta planned / is just the ‘state’ TV doing its thing, in the sense of echoing its potential audience, skirting around and supporting the Gov, is impossible to dope out, which is interesting as well.

    There is plenty of footage of the outraged parents of the sporty 35 guy, voicing all the usual complaints of being refused medically etc. For the rest, watch it.

    In German, with Eng. descr. and subs.


    Johns Hopkins Faces Backlash After Changing Definition Of ‘Lesbian’

    It includes a definition for the term “lesbian” that makes a point to exclude the word “woman.”

    It reads: A non-man attracted to non-men.

    But the term “gay man” has no such gender-inclusive phrasing in its definition:

    A man who is emotionally, romantically, sexually, affectionately, or relationally attracted to other men, or who identifies as a member of the gay community. At times, “gay” is used to refer to all people, regardless of gender, who have their primary sexual and or romantic attractions to people of the same gender. “Gay” is an adjective (not a noun) as in “He is a gay man.”

    The university makes a point of explaining its decision to remove ‘women’ from the lesbian definition… inclusivity?

    While past definitions refer to ‘lesbian’ as a woman who is emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually attracted to other women, this updated definition includes non-binary people who may also identify with the label.

    My favorite quote so far on Zerohedge comments: “The Trump magnet on my refrigerator is a Lesbian!”

    So the preeminent medical authority, Johns Hopkins, is unironically, seriously defining women as nonmen.

    This is an essentially MYSTICAL pronouncement well outside the realm of science and medicine. But well within the current treatment of Corp-Gov-NGO entities the new Bishops, Cardinals, and Popes of The One Church during the Dark Ages.

    Remember when America was experiencing comprehensive lockdowns, everyone non-essential was to stay at home, everyone had to wear a mask? Because of the massive danger from a virus?

    The CDC announced that Racism was “also a pandemic” and gave a BLESSING to thousands of people congregating and then dispersing into the population NIGHTLY in the 50 largest cities of the US for over 100+ days straight – defining it as being on an even higher holy level than the pandemic.

    Covid – Holy
    Racism – Even More Holy

    So, presuming the CDC believed everything it said about Covid, it was “worth it” to have what, tens of thousands? Millions? …die of Covid to keep those mass gatherings happening. We need to protect children and the elderly and Women, who are Most Affected, BUT it is Worth It. Where have we heard that “It was worth it” sort of comment before?

    The CDC and Johns Hopkins. Issuing Papal Bulls, as if it were the year 1200.

    We’re here to define reality and we are here to deny reality and we are here to do both. Dialectic > Synthesis. We LIKE contradictions. Damn you, Hegel

    There was a great quote below the video.

    My takeaway is that the current full-spectrum madness in various areas is being created by people who
    1.) Have a fetish for wibbly-wobbly changing of definitions, boundaries, memory etc moment to moment
    2.) This results in a demand for childish simplicity. Childish answers, childish explanations, childish un-nuanced ways of understanding and doing.

    Thus the strange drive towards both continual expanding chaos AND authoritarianism.

    Let me tell you a true anecdote. Most of my life, I was doing statistics and math for biologists, many of whom were Hegelians. Many times, they wanted Everything to converge Perfectly and Everything to lead to the same conclusion, without even a slightest deviation. In order to test them, so I know how to approach them, I used a following example:

    Djokovic played against Nadal. Djokovic won. He won 3:2. However, Djokovic scored 21 games, while Nadal scored 30 games. Djokovic had more aces, but without statistical significance, while Nadal had… blah, blaah, blah…. Who Won the game? Who is better player?

    100% of simple people (farmers, photographers, truck drivers, contractors…) will give you a funny look and say – Djokovic won! Who cares about the stats?

    About 80% of PhD Academic Minds will tell you: well… I think that the total number of points…

    Wait! Tennis… Is played to 3 sets. Djokovic won, 3:2. Djokovic has the trophy. Djokovic is celebrating. Who played better? Who won?

    Well, I think that your point is…

    Who won?

    But the games and sets, so…


    At that point, I just give them the simplest option, and don’t even try to explain anything, because they cannot comprehend nor appreciate anything.

    John Day

    @Zerosum: Thanks for staying up and monitoring my news-feed last night.

    @All-Y’all: Note that RFK Jr. in his 5 min. video above, uses Pink Floyd’s The Wall, “Another Brick In The Wall”, “Leave Us Kids Alone” as background music for his anti-censorship-industrial-complex video clips.
    Roger Waters probably approves…


    I was suspecting, when they first started going after Roger Waters as “fascist,” that they were attempting to pre-emptively salt the earth, so to speak.

    Make Roger Waters/Pink Floyd trigger thoughts of Deplorables ahead of “Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!” going into heavy rotation. Just too on-target to not get ahead of.

    Are they (“they”) super mean and super, super petty like that? What on earth would give anyone that impression.

    D Benton Smith

    Oliver Stone, like so many many others, alludes to the sheep-like behavior and apparent complacently dumb American people, and yet he, like the others, doesn’t mention or even try to explain why that might be. He merely implies that practically EVERYONE (other than himself and present company, of course), is a congenital scaredy-cat moron.

    Well, just on the face of it you can see that model of reality doesn’t wash and could not possibly be true. How could “everyone” be correct in their presumption that “everyone” else (with the exception of themselves and a special few others) be complacent and stupid? For that analysis to be true would require that the speaker/writer/pundit/prophet THEMSELVES be counted as being among the flock of stupid complacent sheep, because some other bright spark of nickel knowledge and barnyard wisdom has decided and declared that they are.

    Obviously that can’t be true.

    Look. We all get most of our info (and I mean practically ALL of it) via the grapevine. It’s all second-hand. You have not been to the moon, or the bottom of the sea, or even the mean streets of Baltimore. Other people have described those things to you, and for the most part you (and me too) more or less believe them. Nobody but God Himself has the capacity or omnipresence to know everything everywhere all at once. The rest of us have to depend upon others as the sources of the info that we need to survive and operate day-to-day. We rely on “trusted sources” for the vast vast vast bulk of our belief of what is going on in the world around us, and experience has taught us how THAT trusting gullibility tends to go if you’re not careful. We get lied to, misinformed and misled A LOT.

    Trust and trustworthiness are thus among the rarest and most valuable of all commodities, because people (for innumerable “good” reasons) lie, cheat, fake and evade truth A LOT, as we have all learned the hard way. That’s a problem, and it’s a toughie. Given that everyone is MOSTLY operating on “trusted source” second-hand info, how can we be fairly sure (or “sure enough”) that we’re getting the straight dope and making the right choices? Like I said, it is a very tough and tricky problem.

    Well, our solution is, and has been, very simple. We make up for QUALITY of info by substituting QUANTITY of info. Then we sift through the heap using various complex mental “algorithms” and “rules of thumb” to sort it all out and hope for the best. It’s much the same as how the bumbling chaos of ants (have you ever actually taken the time to WATCH ants in action?) eventually results in a functional ant colony that works well enough for the colony to survive and continue. It is far from perfect (consisting mostly or errors and missteps) and the life of an ant is not exactly paradise, but at least it IS life, and more tolerable than the alternative.

    One of the ways to speed that process of taking in and processing dubious second-hand information and make it more manageably practical to do, is to keep rough track of which of the “trusted sources” pan out more successfully most often, and thereafter to trust those particular sources (and TYPES of sources) more or less implicitly without much further minute inspection of our own.

    Our “trusted sources” are rather like our shepherds. Trusting them works fairly well when the shepherd has purely benevolent benign purposes and good intentions. It works out less well (but mostly tolerable) when the purpose is to “manage” the flock for maximum fleecing profits, and it works catastrophically badly (and totally unacceptably) when the shepherd’s purpose is to liquidate the herd and invest the profits in some other enterprise that seems better to them at the moment for any number of reasons that make perfect sense to the shepherd (such as greater wealth, power or self preservation, for examples).

    All life operates on these fundamental principles. ALL of it. Lions and lambs alike. Your only choices are between which shepherd to follow, how high up in the flock’s hierarchy you wish to be, and how much REAL reality (that is, TRUE information) you’re willing and able to take full first-hand personal responsibility for.

    Discover and know as much as you’ve got the guts to handle, and then pick your shepherd.


    re: stop tree

    It’s a ficus tree, and they are very cooperative:

    Braided Ficus


    Jeffrey Sachs discusses China and the world peace and prosperity with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in this episode.


    The stopsign tree reminds me of this underground house/orchard combo

    This is the way I’d love to build a house. But Blackrock bought all the houses, got me fired from my job, and bought up 1/3 of Ukraine, so that’s out. Maybe they could have used their influence to get HOA’s and govt entities to allow people to build stuff like this again.


    I want to thank everyone who spoke with, or at, or about me or the ideas I expressed. Very few will have much if any clue regarding what I was going on about, if only because it is stated so plainly and frankly that it must of course be hiding my true meaning in invisible ink.

    I come here periodically to do a number of things:

    a) share relevant info

    b) reaffirm my lack of faith in humanity

    c) indulge my lifelong Pollyannaic addiction to believing that “this time it will work”

    d) reaffirm that there is always one or three in the crowd who reaffirm my faith in humanity despite our mutually glaring lack thereof (I would name them but that would exclude others, and they might know whom they are anyway)

    e) say nice things to people when I think I can get away with it (few good intentions go unpunished in the human realm)

    f) watch my own ego do the same thing I see those of others do, in order to

    g) later analyze what it all means to me as I experience my very socially bruised feelings (which are my concern and nothing folks here need consider any more than I need consider theirs except an it please me)

    h) so that I may become a happier person and perhaps, dare I say, even a better person.

    It is a sad harvest but ALL harvests are sad. Just ask the animals whose meat we adore and probably can’t live without. But everything must be harvested including us, if only by impatient microbes, if only our most cherished delusions, and it is those delusions that I ultimately seek to harvest here: mine, yours, anyone’s, to separate within myself the cognitive good seeds from the bad seeds.


    Whoever is addressing that ficus tree is one of the most naturally attractive persons I have seen. She seems completely at ease with herself, as if she were an old friend she’s known since infancy. She reminds me of my son, who is about the same apparent age as her. He has his demons and issues, but was raised to be what he is even if he doesn’t know what that is, and it shows.

    I’ma send him that pic and say this is what you’d look like as a girl.




    Karl Popper: the Open Society and Its Enemies

    Some might find this interesting. Maybe useful. Perhaps so useful as to be entertaining.


    This guy is a relatively non-hysterical proponent of the notion that electro-magnetic fields from our ubiquitous electrical wires and gizmos, are seriously hazardous to our health. He explins his beliefs with humor and sans the seemingly obligatory references to blood-srinking satanists, etc:

    Electro Hazards: FWIW


    Quixotic indeed….


    Happy Words from a Wise Fool


    Far right? Yeah sure. Assholes with voices.

    Parental rights are now a “far right” political issue, according to Justin Trudeau.


    I wonder how you and chatbot would relate?


    Where are all the non-neo-nazi Ukraine expats?
    Why are they not screaming for peace in the countries that have allowed them to prosper and live in peace?



    I think Bosco would have so much fun tormenting Chatbot that Chatbox would sign up for MAID!


    Man, I can’t get a link to Rumble to post here. Not yesterday, not today. Whatever, this is a test to see if WordPress will tolerate me at all. @Bishko: potatoes are looking good.


    Dr. D: Smoke map. From Canada. Enlarge it to see smaller fires.

    John Day

    @Boscohorowitz Make your own dirty electricity filters for your house.
    I set this to about 4:12, where the nice fellow shows the circuit

    This is simply using capacitors to short-out radio frequency and switching noise trash on the AC lines.
    In each 3 prong plug you have 2 “hot” blades and a ground prong.
    Capacitors have a falling impedance with rising frequency, and they comein values and voltage-ratings.

    The simplest part of this filter is the 220 picoFarad capacitor wired from each blade to the ground prong.
    These are very high impedance at the 60 Hz (cycle per second) US line frequency or the 50 Hz line frequency in some countries like Japan. However, they have little to no impedance at radio-frequencies.
    They therefore short radio-frequency noise to ground, much reducing it.
    Ceramic capacitors at 400V rating or more should be fine for these capacitors.

    Between the two”blades” is where a lot of lower frequency, audio-frequency switching noise will be.You could hear this if you filtered out the power-line frequency of 50-60Hz and ran the rest through speakers. This band is much closer to the power-frequency.
    These capacitors together (24.7 microfarad in combination) are going to drop significant power and heat up, because they will have an impedance of about 160 Ohms at 60 Hz line-power fundamental frequency. [The small value resistors of 220k Ohm X 2 will stabilize HF parasitic resonances.]
    That whole circuit should draw about 0.75 Ampere of alternating current by basic calculations of 120V/160 Ohm = 0.75 Ampere
    Squaring that current and multiplying by impedance (AC resistance) gives 80 Watts of power dissipation per filter. That is an incadescent light bulb of power dissipation. That seems like a whole lot of power dissipation. I would use at least 400V rated metalized polypropylene capacitors, but I remain very suspicious of the amount of power which will be dissipated by these shorting-filters.
    You can switch off the circuit breakers to the part of the house where you sleep at night for free.

    Dr. D

    Fresno: We know how to do it. Doing it is easy. If enough people tried, it couldn’t be stopped, just like Tiny Houses. We just won’t. Waaaay better to complain. But, muh desert. But muh water. But, Muh Climate change. But muh, we’re all gonna die. …Yes, from lack of trying things.

    Don’t like this? Like I’ve said, there are 100 $40,000 houses in Muncie Indiana, there is no housing shortage at all. Probably 20 $20k houses. And there are 100 Muncies if you don’t like the weather. Go start.

    Veracious Poet

    We The People have -0- conceptual understanding concerning the DC puppet master CULTure that steer the policy & decisions, thus the money + actions, of The United States of America…

    It’s a labyrinth of IYI CULTure playing alien ant farm with the lives, futures & viability of humanity-at-large 😐

    Here’s a sample:

    The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) is a Washington, D.C. based think tank founded in 2007 by Michèle Flournoy, board member of military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, and Kurt M. Campbell, coordinator for Indo-Pacific Affairs in the Biden Administration (Lael Brainard’s husband).

    Funded by Northrop Grumman, dozens of military contractors, Chevron, Amazon, Google and other large corporations, CNAS specializes in United States national security issues, including terrorism, irregular warfare, the future of the U.S. military, the emergence of Asia as a global power center, war games pitting the US against the People’s Republic of China and the national security implications of natural resource consumption.

    The administration of President Barack Obama hired several CNAS employees for key positions.

    In June 2009 The Washington Post (purchased by Amazon Bezos in 2013) suggested “In the era of Obama… the Center for a New American Security may emerge as Washington’s go-to think tank on military affairs.” Later, press critical of US foreign policy described CNAS as a think tank that has “long pushed Democrats to embrace war and militarism.”

    CNAS was formerly led by CEO Victoria Nuland, who serves as Undersecretary of State for Political Affairs in the Biden administration’s State Department.

    It’s a *BIG* club & We The “Simple” People have barely a clue, They will never even hear tertiary-hand info about UniParty GlobalCap Empire think tanks, .GOV>*BIG* Biz revolving door et al. (drunk with wealth. power & control), in fact if a person hasn’t spent years working/researching from within the DC>NYC>Boston CULTure, it’s damn near impossible to possess nary a rudimentary sense of how deeply pervasive the Us vs. Them Deep Swamp, layer-by-layer, is extant…

    And I know but a little, it would take a lot of Honest, Humble & Spiritually Sane Men to even begin scratching the surface of *HARD TRUTHS* ~ Good luck Tucker!

    As long as We The People rely on MSM propaganda sound byte pablum, they will mistakenly believe .GOV is run by “elected” officials, who in reality are just a minuscule part of Us vs. Them Deep Swamp CULTure, by & large, where the religious faithful (It is a religion) competitively jockey for position & prominence, *all* co-dependently reliant for their sustenance from the aforementioned TBTF/TPTB CULTural behemoth 😐

    MSM is the propaganda arm of the CULTure, a cadre of true believers selected to craft happy talk & nonsensical arguments to consume the huddled masses 🙄

    Bread & Circuses all around!

    One strange evening, following the Bush/Obama admin theatrics which orchestrated of the audaciously massive transfer of wealth from We The People to the TBTF/TPTB fraudsters, I spent several hours drinking with Oliver Stone (he was filming Wall St. II in our environ)…

    We compared notes concerning the real reality of “America” in the 21st century, at which point I shared to historical record concerning the legal of real reality of The Democratic Republic under Natural Law being superseded post 1933 by the UniParty GlobalCap Empire, under Equity (Corporate/Banking) + Admiralty Law (State Power), to which he was shocked (he immediately understood, he had the pieces but not the complete puzzle), but he also understood the real reality of the dug in parasite CULTure that had dug in to the core of “America’s” being, after about 15 minutes he shifted the conversation to his personal ideological overton window.

    It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it…

    It is now impossible for any one human, no matter how gifted, to understand the depth of the problem(s)…

    The solution is *simple*, but We The People are too dumbed-down-to-succumb to “get it”, with most so thoroughly marinaded in a CULTure of lies, deceit & piracy (clad in $5k suits) that they would turn suicidal/homicidal with even a small dose of *HARD TRUTH*, the real reality of which is actually burbling below the surface of their EG0ic illusions (true consciousness), as evidenced by “bad habits” + daily “acting out” tragedies broadcast from sea-to-shining sea 😐

    In truth, I understand the emergence of the UniParty GlobalCap Empire, as a response to the inane, untrustworthy huddled masses (see Reign of Terror), not to mention how I benefited from running a business on the periphery, but I chafe at the inhuman greed, lack of remorse, warlike demeanor of the CULTure, plus how anyone espousing anything approaching Spiritual Sanity is deemed the enemy, even Trump…

    If you can’t beat em’, join em’!

    Following the 2008 bankster bailouts I more or less began accepting the futility of hoping for any reversion back to the Sons Of Liberty Miracle, acquiescing to the predominant essence of the UniParty GlobalCap Empire, with the last seven years clearly exhibiting who & what is in charge 😐

    You have no entered the Twilight Zone…

    The future is set, in all it’s technicolor horror, with the huddled masses now castigated to speed bump status at best, I hope I’m wrong…

    All blessings & peace onto the innocent.



    Ironic that the anti-gay law is the direct response to the threat of the western woke culture, a culture that the imperialists try to force on everybody else via sanctions etc. If the likes of Welby had fought the woke culture at home – upholding the principles and word of God that he claims to believe, but he is too much of a coward to defend so is a traitor to the cause handed to him by God – then he would not find himself in the position of Anglican church’s spokesman for woke. Cowardice and treachery are difficult to hide over the long run, but his God will judge him.

    The Africans are now telling the western, limp-wristed pedophile church that they have wandered into Satan’s camp, but the imperialists will not listen to black savages, ironic given that their own government leaders these days are frequently darkies. Oh how the world has changed, the Africans know what is good for them, the westerners are confused as to what to believe, so they prattle on about tiny irrelevances in their culture, blowing up social trivialities to be the definition of themselves, while letting other features of their culture destroy their world: woke retards confused over the meaning of everything, even language. What is the western world trying to achieve? Woke authoritarianism? Is that it? Meanwhile the Africans see the death of the west as the breaking of shackles that will free them to join the BRICS world: they have a future.

    Dr. D

    @VP. Yes, it’s hard if not impossible to understand the leviathan of evil of culture, all burrowed in, now everywhere. That alone is a life’s work, and you’ve made that. Great. As I’ve said, who has? I haven’t either, it was enough to get the broad brush. Where I am the details aren’t actionable.

    But you’re missing something just as large. There’s an equally large group, unnamed, unknowable, out there opposing them. If there weren’t, they would have won. We wouldn’t be having this discussion. And we can all see the leviathan is exposed and getting smaller, while the lilliputians are getting angry and more numerous.

    You may not see that, but that’s because it literally cannot be seen. Unlike THEM, WE cannot be tracked. We cannot be known. What we’re going to do can’t be guessed as we don’t know ourselves. Let’s Go Brandon, we’ll buy a Bud and capitalize on whatever pops up. Can they really win forever?

    No. “The seen and the unseen” as Basitat said. We can’t see this and I can’t see it either. However, it is there and larger than them. So we face it off with good heart, good cheer, knowing that all lives end the same anyway: with death. Cheer up and make yours worthwhile. You don’t need to know it. Oliver Stone doesn’t need to know it. I don’t need to know it. Like gravity just know it’s there. That’s not a failing, it’s a success. How are you going to OpSec* on people who have no idea what they’re doing or what they’ll do next? Go ahead and Social Media AI your heart out. Losers.

    *Operational Security, compartmentalizing operations so secrets remain hidden.


    Exclusive Footage of Zelensky First Learning About Leopards Destruction


    Ed Dowd.


    Collective West “leaders” brain storm a Giant Fart

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