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    I see that the private US Republican club is moving to ensure Trump cannot win the primaries.
    They are of course changing the rules of the game because they are currently losing!
    Each state will now switch from winner take all to proportional delegates.
    So far there are now a dozen supposed presidential candidates and likely even more will enter the race to split the votes up so Trump can not win.
    Then at the partiy’s convention, everybody will support someone besides Trump.
    If that doesn’t work they will throw Trump in prison!
    Expect more lawsuits to be filed against Trump everywhere as further insurance.
    Then expect them to go after any lawyer representing Trump.

    Bottom line: Trump won’t be on the ballot! Neither will Kennedy.
    Maybe in 2024 many Americans won’t bother to vote since the outcome is rigged like 2020 was.


    John Campbell.


    Well, that’s pretty interesting. Smoke page is unavailable for being “not secure” despite being https.
    I hope the outage is temporary. We are thick with it here. Low flying planes are invisible, though the sun shone bright orange.
    Sorry, folks.

    Figmund Sreud

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    Veracious Poet


    But you’re missing something just as large. There’s an equally large group, unnamed, unknowable, out there opposing them. If there weren’t, they would have won. We wouldn’t be having this discussion. And we can all see the leviathan is exposed and getting smaller, while the lilliputians are getting angry and more numerous.

    Actually, I don’t see the leviathan diminishing at all, quite the opposite…

    The interconnectedness of the UniParty GlobalCap CULTure, while struggling with launching some of their hubristic plans, have successfully debased the ability/willingness of We The People to reject the ruling elite, in numbers that matter, with now an apparent a public awareness They can’t self-correct at all, due to elections stolen in “broad daylight”, without consequence…

    In fact, the UniParty GlobalCap CULTure boldly wielded the justice system itself, without fail, to defend total lawlessness at the polls, which has is now gaslighted & demeaned the We The People’s faith in the system to reflect their choices, at all (quiet quitting is quite the trend) 🙄

    You may not see that, but that’s because it literally cannot be seen. Unlike THEM, WE cannot be tracked. We cannot be known. What we’re going to do can’t be guessed as we don’t know ourselves. Let’s Go Brandon, we’ll buy a Bud and capitalize on whatever pops up. Can they really win forever?

    You’re right, I don’t “see” that at all…

    The number of We The People’s aspiring to join the UniParty GlobalCap’s unified integrated CULTure has only grown exponentially from my vantage point, so far gone that in states like Clownifornia there is no alternative left…

    Yes boycotting may have short-term effect (we’ll see how long gen pop’s attention span endures), but from my vantage point the only path out of the Deep Swamp CULTure is if a majority leave/reject the DnC/GOP maelstrom.

    And thus far the “tracking” is without a doubt indicative of We The People far & away still lining up to vote for The Regime 🙄

    Cheer up and make yours worthwhile.

    Yes, at this stage of my life I need to move away from participation, focusing on where I can actually make a difference 😉

    But, after speaking with 1000s of “The seen and the unseen”, my gut tells me something wicked this way comes, We The People (those that aren’t already enthralled with or members of the Deep Swamp CULTure) don’t seem to have the wherewithal to do what needs to be done…

    I hope & pray They prove me wrong,


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