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    Christopher Makos Andy Warhol piloting John Denver’s bi-plane 1977   • US Demands Big Results From Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Soon – Politico (RT
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle June 16 2023]

    Dr. D

    Bidens: They could have created and received infinity bribes and it wouldn’t matter. Watch.

    “• US Demands Big Results From Ukraine’s Counteroffensive Soon – Politico (RT)

    Again this makes little sense. It’s not like they need to prove something. They already proved it. Valor is no substitute for results. The U.S./Davos knew this 6 months ago, and even if this worked, the very first attack – with the Leopards and Bradleys – would finalize it. So is this old info? Softening the inevitable change, whatever that may be?

    “US President Joe Biden has repeatedly promised to back Ukraine “for as long as it takes.”

    …Or until the Americans get bored, which is about 5 minutes. And backing them means we’re not in the war. That he says we’re in. But aren’t in. Since BlackRock is the one public, commercial face of the unified Derp State, and the whole West will collapse if BlackRock loses Ukraine, are they really going to just pull out if Ukraine loses, exactly as they already lost?

    I think perhaps everyone is waiting for events to overtake them so they won’t have to act. BlackRock/Derp are making what moves they have, which are few, involving ordering people around with a strongly-written letter. BRICs are creating a second world system so long as they aren’t stopped. One or the other will eventually matter. But “eventually” is already 20-40 years too long for me.

    “• EU Rules Out NATO Troops Openly Fighting In Ukraine (RT) “

    Then they’ll just create a situation where that is necessary, unavoidable, and demanded. That’s what “Russia is shelling their own nuclear plant they’re sitting inside of” was about.

    “Ukraine’s long-awaited attempt to take back the territories…, is now in full swing.”

    So they gave up on the lies here and are telling the truth? I guess they were forced into it as no one believed otherwise.
    So…it’s a dead general’s fault, not the regime who employs a dead general. Because that shows success and competency and not blame. Got it.

    “which would make it legal for Polish nationals to fight in the Armed Forces of Ukraine..”

    Legal? Or do you mean “compulsory”? That is, if my CO orders it from above, I have to go? I suspect weasel-words that aren’t actually, but end up being interpreted as the latter. Then NATO troops are attacked and killed, Article 5, Nuland.

    Speaking of, Biden guaranteed WWIII if we sent F16s. We are sending them. I guess everyone thinks Biden is a liar and a fool since they have no reaction to this.

    “• Biden Admin Weighs ‘Israel Model’ for Ukraine Instead of NATO Membership (Sp.) “

    As said before. It was not enough to own Israel, their very own and first nation-state, bought and delivered to them from England. Not enough to cheerfully murder kids there every day. Not enough to be the gay hub in the center of the Middle East. Not enough to be reputed organ-harvested (from Ukraine) surgical center of the world. Not enough to be a technocratic state of Security, ID, and universal deadly vaccines.

    They wanted all that but MOAR, in a wildly larger country, their former homeland. TOTAL digital state. TOTAL control. TOTAL trafficking and harvesting. TOTAL gay drug party criminal Ibiza, with nukes and guns, all paid by the U.S., their b—h. This is why they act like it’s the world capital. It is.

    They still want this, but without electricity or an army. The universe has limits, but hubris doesn’t.

    Over 300 persons from 32 countries attended the conference and participated in the robust program to discuss how to create conditions for a ceasefire”

    Must be the 300 dumbest guys in the world. Give Russia what they want: neutrality and security on the border. They already asked. A bunch. It’s not even unreasonable, it’s already the compromise position. Say yes and go home. IYI: plan, discuss, think, scenario, over 5-star meals for 100 years incapable of the simplest practical action.

    “If you laid all the economists in America end-to-end they still wouldn’t reach a conclusion.” — FDR

    Same here. If they have peace, a solution, everyone with pivot and 1) Criticize any work that was actually done as being done wrong, i.e. peace. 2) Have to go home and finish that other paper without breaking a nail, and therefore give up power, privilege, status and position and get no more 5-Star meals. I say keep the war forever!

    How about this: next time they go, we kidnap their kids and send them to Ukraine somewhere, perhaps to be conscripted to the front. Nothing sharpens the mind like adversity, right?

    ““Are there tapes that you accepted bribes, President Biden? Is that true?”

    We were 100x Watergate in RussiaRussia. So is this 1,000x Watergate? Certainly, but no one cares. Biden could throw open the southern border, have violent cartels import a million people carrying dose of drugs to kill 1,000 U.S. cities, and anti-tank and $1B in weapons of war and no one would care. …Oh, wait.

    I’m at a lack of stronger words for “No one cares.” They LIKE it, they WANT, it, they ache and desire it. They hate the U.S. with complete abandon and the “other side” 100x more. If they can pwn the Maga, they would blast the whole continent of North America into space forever. That’ll show’em. On TikTok you can see them happy-dance to abort a baby just so they can pwn them.

    “• The Biggest Coverup In Political History (GP) While Trump was being impeached.”

    No one cares.

    ““This is a case where you have prosecutors who have consistently demonstrated lack of ethics and willingness to lie to federal judges in sealed proceedings.”

    No one cares. For example, the prosecutors openly lied on the world’s simplest form only yesterday. “Was there an existing case?” Lie. Well, they picked up a pen, so lie came out. Their fingers would probably burn hellfire if they told the truth. Their weirdo religion requires they always tell a lie at all times, even when the truth is better. Like Karl Rove.

    Here’s the question: WILL anyone care? Are there enough remaining Americans who care about the truth? Who knows?

    “the threats to the lawyers are greater than at any time since McCarthyism. Nor is the comparison to McCarthyism a stretch.”

    Again, they owe McCarthy an apology, but the meme is in there and no one will examine it inside themselves. Seems from about 20 movies since 1950 covering this, there WERE Communists in Hollywood. What??? Seems they were trying to undermine what it means to be “American”, including some of the root laws and premises, like capitalism (whatever that is) and all 10 Amendments. Seems from action out of Hollywood since then they WERE after your kids, and DO want to advertise a gay agenda as being innately superior in every way. So…McCarthy was wrong how exactly? (A: because it’s not a crime to have opinions)

    Are these guys worse than McCarthy? Undoubtedly. Gaze into the monster long enough and you become him. They are now 10x the Christian Right, 10x the racists, 10x the prosecutorial zeal, 10x the trampling of human rights, 10x the trampling of men like MLK, 10x the intolerance, 10x the fascism, 10x the support of megacorps, and 10x the murder, burning black neighborhoods in +12 cities coast to coast causing $1B+ damage and 57+ deaths.

    That’s just an opener. They’re also trying to end the United States and its laws altogether. As the U.S. IS essentially the Constitution, if you erase the Constitution, and they have, you erase the United States. …However, as the problem to them, the Constitution lives INSIDE US, not out there where they’ve killed it. This is what drives them crazy and why they have to also occupy our minds and souls.

    Sequoiadendron giganteum is the sole living species in the genus Sequoiadendron.”

    You can buy and grow a Sequoia, it just won’t grow to that size. (It requires fogs off the West Pacific coast). Like other issues of scale on camera, you can’t understand redwoods without visiting them. For instance, like other forests, trees fall over. However, where a redwood has fallen over in front of you, it completely blocks all human motion. The boles are like 8 feet high, too high to climb over. So you’re really an ant among matchsticks. And the Sierra Nevada rocks are pretty similar in scale.

    Why not buy and grow a sequoia, a redwood, a ginko, a bristlecone, a dawn redwood, and for that matter, an elm? Actually there are too many possible trees to list. Once, when people used to know things, they would often put these unusual cultivars in public parks and campuses, like Monkey Puzzle trees, curly/red beech and such. Now they can’t tell a “tree” from a “not tree”* but you can still keep some strange variety alive for the future, 100 years hence.

    * Or “food” from “not food”, or “life” from “death”, but perhaps if you can capsule it, they will get their brains back 100 years or so and appreciate it.

    I have no Idea about “Ideas”. The issue for humans is all “things” are ideas, as the only thing we CAN “name” essentially, are “ideas”. Therefore real things and “ideas” are at some level identical, although that’s not how we use the word. We use the word for “Abstraction” thing vs “Real” (i.e. tangible) thing. There is a place where you can perceive the actual world through direct consciousness without abstractions and thoughts in the way, but no one goes there. Even if you did, to communicate it, you’d have to return to abstraction and ideas.

    So I’d propose coining 3-5 more words for what you’re talking about there, in order to be clear and cogent.

    V. Arnold

      Christopher Makos Andy Warhol piloting John Denver’s bi-plane 1977

      Baloney; that plane is on the ground; not flying…


    Baloney; that plane is on the ground; not flying…

    And Warhol is not in the plane….

    But that’s what makes it a nice photo. Read the link text.

    Dr. D

    Crazier than that, I went looking for the biplane why it was experimental and found this:

    “‘The cockpit was pretty small and difficult to enter. Andy couldn’t manage it. So I told him to just stand on the other side, then I angled the lens to make it look as if he was inside’ In the summer of 1977,” –Guardian photographer

    So The Guardian’s policy of lying about everything, everywhere, goes back a long way.

    Dr. D

    Since the internet is garbage and can only give you every answer you DON’T want (Looking at you ChatGPT), here’s an answer to the very simple question, what is John Denver’s biplane? (in a world-famous photo) Like ChatGPT, it happily answers pages of every question I never asked, about his death, about other planes, about biplanes in general, about 1930, about Andy Warhol, about 1977, about music, about…anything except what I asked.

    Remember Google said they hate their system as it stands? They want to give you only ONE answer, no opinions, no options, no diversity? Yeah, that’s what their answer would be, exactly like asking ChatGPT about BlackRock buying Ukraine, WHILE PROVIDING ChatAI with the links, it STILL says it doesn’t know anything and can’t comment.

    It’s a home-built plane, thus experimental, wood, canvas 180hp Lycoming, although as home-built, other engines were installed.

    Get your answers while you can before Google, like other other software people, “Improve” their software so it becomes unusable, then never fix it never-ever-ever-never while the industry and nation falls apart around them like some hyperbolic sci-fi story we all fight with 10x a day.

    Could people ever be stupid enough to both install computers everywhere instead of doing things themselves AND make all the computers so un-operational that the world collapses and they live in tents instead? Apparently yes. We have answered that question.


    “What I see is the Cabal coming out from under cover out of sheer desperation and panic, thereby further exposing their previously well hidden motives and identities so blatantly that even folks as sheep-like, gullible and stupid as you and me now see them and reject them as the abhorrent and condemned failures that they are. Each time that happens the numbers and certitude of the awakened grows and the dying hegemony of the satanic cult shrinks. One awakening at a time. Just as it happened with you, and me, it is also happening with millions of others around the world.

    “This is a war and there are casualties. What would you have me do? Quit fighting because I might die? That’s not even possible. I cannot die, and I certainly don’t choose to shrink. I’ll choose truth, thank you very much, and the truth is that Light wins.”

    I really REALLY like this. Kind of stuff I can stick in the knapsack of my soul for provisions along the journey.


    “”One of the ways for the BRICS to replicate that, and then displace it, is to link their bond markets, and the governments and the populace actually start to buy the bonds which are denominated in the new currency. And I believe that if they do that, de-dollarization could happen much quicker than most people think.””

    Insert famous quip about going bankrupt first slowly then all of a sudden.


    The images of nature that Raul posts daily have really become a significant source of soul food for me. Cleans out the optic brain pipes normally befouled by das latest newz.


    Warhol/biplane: I say that it’s less, even much less, than “the Guardian lies about everything” and more that modern mediated culture has so hyper-sown and hyper-bred language and semiotic words, meanings, definitions, tropes, memes and applications that the difference between truth and a lie, not just in print or recorded audio/video, but in common daily conversation beginning with one’s first words to one’s spouse or, that lacking, self.


    re: google: it’s a good time to but lots and lots of good quality print books. Goodwill is quite the home library these days.


    Friendly banker wants to crash Russia’s economy by replacing bureaucrats with AI


    Laughing Buddha

    I say that if Count Basie had let the legendarily strict martinet, Benny Goodman, rehearse his orchestra for him once a week, both bands would have been even better than they were. Benny’s would’ve loosened up a bit, and Basie’s gotten tighter.


    ‘the difference between truth and a lie’… has been lost, that is.


    Never, ever, forget the absolute mendacity of these psychopaths.



    Chile is one of the most vaccinated countries in the world (92.3% of the population) – how is this possible?

    TVSSF (Si ellos son)


    Defending vaccine boosters gets complicated when they are associated with higher rates of the infection they are supposed to target.

    TVASSF (the boosted even more so)


    Coming to you next winter:

    Urgent vaccination warning issued to Australians as Covid and flu ‘double whammy’ strike ahead of the school holidays

    “Parents urged to vaccinate kids against flu and Covid ”

    Comment section is a hoot!

    TVASSF (and nothing learned)


    “The device is simple: It slips over your eyes like a pair of glasses and blocks all distractions while reading. Even as I’m typing that, I’m sensing some sadness: I have wanted this product to exist for many years – I was basically raised by books, and lost my ability to focus on reading over the past few years. Something broke in me during the pandemic – I was checking my phone every 10 seconds to see what Trump had done now and how close we were to a COVID-19-powered abyss. Suffice it to say, my mental health wasn’t at its finest – and I can’t praise the idea of Sol Reader enough. The idea of being able to set a timer and put a book on my face is extremely attractive to me.”

    Prosthetics R Us


    TFN! when you’re lazing around and you’re just 36 years old.

    Lazing in his Ibiza garden one afternoon last spring, Ben Howard experienced what he calls “a strange interlude”. Without warning, for an hour, the Brit award-winning singer-songwriter completely lost his ability to speak.

    …It was over in an hour. And then, a month later, it happened again.

    Howard later learned that he had suffered two transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs), also known as mini-strokes.”

    TVASSF(especially the lazers)


    Hair spitting argument, weasel-words

    “We are not at war with Russia. We are supporting a country attacked by Russia.” – Blejean


    Depopulation, De-Dollarization, change
    Proof is irrelevant and does not change opinions.

    …. 10 years to unravel the complex payment path that led to Joe Biden.
    • The Bidens ‘Coerced’ Burisma To Pay $10 Million In Bribes – CHS (Fed.)
    I’m at a lack of stronger words for “No one cares.”
    Try “priority” or “important”
    Even my kids deny the evidence/fact/info that they see.

    It is with great sadness that I had to keep silent and to accept what I cannot change.

    ” It must be time to go and get our 4th shot.”
    Thank for the amazing pictures from amazing efforts by amazing photographers.

    D Benton Smith

    So here’s an interesting question, since the bad guys are literally POWERLESS NOTHINGS were it not for the services of their sycophantic minions at every level who do the bad guys’ bidding in exchange for niceties such as food, shelter, money, status, prestige, protection, and other special privileges not bestowed upon the truly downtrodden from whom such things as a decent life are routinely stolen by those minions and sent up-line to the bad guys and their minions.

    The question is, “Have you now or have you ever been a bad guy or minion?”

    My apologies if that makes you uncomfortable or if it gives you the ammo to dismiss my discomforting question because I’m just a fucking hypocrite. Regardless of and despite my indefensible hypocrisy, it’s still a good question.

    Your truthful answer is also the answer to the question of why getting rid of the bad guys is such a sticky problem and so hard to accomplish. Answer it honestly and without excuse (even if only to yourself in the privacy of your own little spiritual hidey-hole) and you’re home free.

    And yeah, I’m working on it. As are you. That’s why you’re here and have read my comment thus far. Good luck and bon chance to us all.


    Early May – Zaluzhny disappears from public life after being a frequent media personality.
    May 10th – Zaluzhny misses NATO Chiefs of Staff military committee
    May ~18th – Video of Zaluzhny attending Odessa Law Academy conference, remotely, with unverifiable event date.
    May 25th -Zaluzhny appears in video looking unwell, with Banderite OUN-UPA paraphernalia in background
    May 25th – Zaluzhny misses important Ramstein-12 meeting
    June ~7th – Zelensky meets with commanders Komarenko, Syrsky, Tarnavsky, and other staff. Zaluzhny is absent.


    Zelensky meets with commanders Komarenko, Syrsky, Tarnavsky, and other staff. Zaluzhny is absent.

    Maybe Zelensky is still angry with Zaluzhny or he is still on special assignment?


    “In the 1960s, when I was a kid, only 6% of Americans had chronic disease. Autism went from 1 in 10,000 in my generation to 1 in 34 kids who have autism and half of those are full blown.”

    If anything, Rfk Jr will open the eyes of the semi-Democrats. We all know that the full-Democrats do not care about life, children, morals, workers, managers etc. They hate us, they think they are better than us, and they think they will be winning by gettinf rid of us. But, by getting rid of us, they become us (the bottom of the ladder) and who do they think will be the next victims? People are stupid, the full-Democrats are the worst, the people need to mould their world from the bottom up, not from the top down. Fuck the idea of a new amazing leader, build a local community, support each other, defend it when you have to (you will have to) and die an honourable death.


    Sorry, but Warhol? Srrip away the hype and … you have nothing.


    “The question is, “Have you now or have you ever been a bad guy or minion?””

    Both. But I sucked at villainy as much as minionhood, and so have accepted focusing on just being me. Finally, I something I’m good at!

    Paint by Numbers


    Re: the Edvard Slavsquat article that I posted above:

    Considering Russia’s history as a police state, and its ability to afford the energy to run a big ol’ technosphere for several decades at least, Skynet is a real threat to Russians. Over here in discombobulating USNATO, Skynet would at most merely cyber-blitz our energy grid and/or nuke our cities. Over there, it might very well put the brain-synch on everyone and wake them up every morning at work-thirty with Putin playing piano in their heads.

    Yes, Russia is a major threat to Russia. Russia is succeeding mightily these days, at least in the terms by which we judge huge ancient empires, nation states, and national economies, but success is the worst thing for a hominid social structure to achieve. USA did this and the results are laughable (if one gets high enough to stop crying).


    That would depend on the election cycle


    If you fear that your saving are not going to last as long as you will live, Improve your odds, keep taking booster shots.


    Words that you are not allowed to use.
    Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transsexual, and Queer
    You must say, “( LBGTQ)”


    A successful gambler knows when to quit. ( If he doesn’t have dementia)


    Recent visit to Balkans and now in Peru is great case study observation of “living with less” and the way of life going on regardless of how some things does not necessarily function as we’re custom to in the USA.
    In my mind I occasionally play the game as “how low” will Americans accept the downgrade.

    Michael Reid

    Once when people used to know things

    I appreciate you. I appreciate your knowledge


    From the creator, on why he made it in 2009 and how he feels now:

    The accusation that the West promotes “pseudo values contrary to human nature” reeks of unrestrained hatred and homophobia.

    I’m looking at the map above [below] and I can’t laugh anymore.


    Michael Reid

    the Constitution lives INSIDE US, not out there where they’ve killed it

    D Benton Smith


    the Constitution lives INSIDE US, not out there where they’ve killed it“

    I like that statement very much, and it applies far more broadly than just to the Constitution as well.


    Standard Excuses … Not me, not my fault, they started ….
    Since day 1, Ukraine, Zelensky, has been blaming losing the war with Russia on NATO for not supplying what it needs, Leopards, F16, etc.

    Dr. D

    In full earnestness, what is “Queer”?

    Sooooo….. They make us all use words we have no idea what they mean? None, not the slightest? What a magic trick!

    The Online, NPR, Planned Parenthood, Advocate, Wiki, MedicalNews definition is like the new definition of “lesbian”, that is: we know it is by it isn’t. Queer means, “I am not the one person on the most tippy-top of the bell curve.” Everyone removed to the left or right of that guy is, by definition, “queer”. Okay, in that case, the overwhelming majority of queer people are straight. Which means what?

    No idea. But then I now live in a world where Doctors and Biologists don’t know what a “woman” is, so…

    At a gay parade this was published by the gay community: “Queer: Ah, do we really have to use that word? It’s trouble. Every gay person has his or her own take on it.”

    So gay people have no idea what is queer. Neither do straights. And according to what sparse definition we have, it means “variety of straight.” Yet 100% of people are using it daily in “LGBTQ”.

    …That is, along with “Trans” which is a logical contradiction of both “L” and “G” and “B”. If there are no genders, there can be no same-sex love.

    And you wonder why people are confused and a lot of us think they’re just mentally ill? The mentally ill part isn’t about who they’re attracted to, that’s sane. It’s all the stuff that comes after.

    Just another throwaway statement. Hardly worth bringing up, which is why I haven’t long before. Just think of how outside all reason you have gotten yourself when you use the thought-stopper “LGBTQ”. And now, “P+”.


    Regarding the Charles Hugh Smith post shared by Dr John yesterday…
    It is true that a couple of people recycling does nothing to significantly adjust the larger system.
    I have found that by examining areas of my life and looking for ways to live more harmoniously with the planet and/or cut costs (as many resource reducing strategies do both), that it adjusts my perspective, and allows me to make connections that I did not see previously.
    In his blog post, CHS bemoans more than once how he must import in fertilizer. I have found that between chicken droppings and compost that my garden’s fertilizer needs are satisfied.
    I have found that on an income that is easily a quarter or less than my family had when I was growing up, that I can provide a lifestyle for my children that approaches what I was raised with.
    Just one person can create a significant effect in that person’s life.
    I don’t buy the existential anomie nonsense that because my individual contributions are insignificant in the big picture that they are useless. My individual contributions are huge — to me, to my children, to my spouse, and to the lives of others that I touch directly — and they work together synergistically in my own life.

    Michael Reid

    it seems to me
    the present is the only time that actually exists


    @Dr D re: sequoia with boles 8 ft high… ahem…

    This one is a ‘lesser’ specimen in a less glamorous grove at the southern end of sequoia’s range. I’d guess the diameter to be 4.5m, about 14-15 ft. The monarch of the Freeman Creek Grove, the George H W Bush Tree, is 6m+ maybe?

    Freeman Creek Grove

    Wandering in the Sierra Nevada is a humbling experience. You really start to grok your own insignificance.


    “Wilson also criticized scientific types with overly rigid belief systems, equating them with religious fundamentalists in their fanaticism. In a 1988 interview, when asked about his newly published book The New Inquisition: Irrational Rationalism and the Citadel of Science, Wilson commented:

    “I coined the term irrational rationalism because those people claim to be rationalists, but they’re governed by such a heavy body of taboos. They’re so fearful, and so hostile, and so narrow, and frightened, and uptight and dogmatic … I wrote this book because I got tired satirizing fundamentalist Christianity … I decided to satirize fundamentalist materialism for a change, because the two are equally comical … The materialist fundamentalists are funnier than the Christian fundamentalists, because they think they’re rational! … They’re never skeptical about anything except the things they have a prejudice against. None of them ever says anything skeptical about the AMA, or about anything in establishment science or any entrenched dogma. They’re only skeptical about new ideas that frighten them. They’re actually dogmatically committed to what they were taught when they were in college. …[36]”

    Robert Anton Wilson, 1988

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