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    ‘Greta told us the world would end by TODAY (21 June 2023) yet we are still here. Maybe she is full of shit?

    The fact that Greta gets so much exposure/promotion by the mainstream is a sure indication the controllers have a use for her. Nothing to do with protecting the environment, of course. Just promotion of their fake ‘green’ agenda.

    Neil Oliver on ‘the controllers’. According to Neil, there are just 8,000 of them.

    I don’t know how he comes up with that number, since the controllers are never seen -just their underlings the enforcers of the crime cabal.

    It seems to me he just came up with 8,000 so he could do simple mathematics.

    Nevertheless, he is right. The slaves do vastly outnumber the slave-masters.

    On the other hand, for the moment, all the power lies with the slave-masters. Well, it does until Russia and China etc. unseat them or until environmental-economic-social collapse unseats them; whichever comes first.

    A lot comes back to what one chooses to believe. For the moment a substantial portion of the dumbed-down populace still believe the lies. But surely continuous failure must eventually generate disbelief.

    TAE Summary

    * Politics
    – Patriots and communists are mutually executive
    – Overthrowing a tyrannical government is constitutional but one man’s tyranny is another man’s sovereignty
    – Donald once was a little child, a little child like me
    – Ukraine is a corpse; Black Rock is a hyena; He who laughs last, laughs best
    – Drones are the future of warfare
    – The BRICS are heterocultural, the West is homocultural
    – The US will roll over for Russia and China and expose its soft, dark underbelly
    – The way of things: Monarchy > Democracy > Corporotocracy
    – It all started with apes, bones and a monolith

    * The Environment
    – Don’t shoot the canary
    – Too many people using too many resources is the problem; This is not overshoot because overshoot is just a nasty rumor
    – Forced degrowth, bad; Voluntary degrowth, good; You will choose to have nothing and you will choose to be happy
    – Greta is beating a pale horse

    * Money
    – Billionaires have too much influences
    – Money and war go hand in hand; Love of money is the root of all evil; Love of truth is the root of all good.
    – The death of a billionaire in a submarine is a tragedy, the death of a million from the vaxx is a statistic

    * People
    – Ted K was a μάρτυρας
    – All races have good and bad people, therefore all races are the same
    – TAE is a little fish in big pond and can slip through the net
    – It’s safer to be the president’s son than the son of a president
    – The West is undergoing a slow motion leukocide
    – People need to take matters into their own feeble hands
    – The earth is flat; You are not on the moon; You are not on the sun; Seriously y’all; Stop it.
    – A flash mob of Hamburglars attacks McDonalds
    – If you have a beef with God take it up with him
    – Morality is a survival instinct

    * Covid
    – The vaccines have wrecked the immune systems of the populace
    – ISNAFU – Immune System Normal: All F$$$ed Up
    – Vaccines cause cancer
    – Sanitation is declining. Major influenza headed our way
    – We all have a ticking-time-bomb illness

    * Though everything passes, in the end will be the Word

    * Night, night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the pillow rats bite.

Viewing 2 posts - 81 through 82 (of 82 total)
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