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    Johannes Vermeer The girl with the wine glass (Dame en twee heren) 1659   • Prigozhin Charged With Armed Mutiny, To Face Up To 20 Years In Prison
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    Another day, another …



    “I put Ukraine first, no matter what my German voters think or how hard their life is”

    Ha ha, that tells you all you need to know about what this person thinks of his voters. It also tells you one hell of a lot about German voters, they are on a suicide mission and are proud of it, they believe others will look admirably on them. Humanity at its lowest.


    Supporting Ukraine is “vital” for democracy, former President @BarackObama tells me. Russia’s fullscale invasion “was a wakeup call to Europe… to the West and to democracies around the world, that the old ways of thinking, might makes right… those forces have to be confronted.”

    — Christiane Amanpour

    Again, we know that Obama and this reporter are lying, but what this tells us is how stupid they think the listening humanity is, and my guess is that they are not far off the mark. It does not amaze me that these people keep spouting – it’s a job after all, paid by billionaires – it is the humanity listening that amazes me.


    It is good to read that the submersible imploded rather than the occupants being stuck for days waiting until their air ran out. It would have been so quick they would not even have time to notice it [one millisecond].

    It seems the US Navy detected the sound of the implosion two hours after the craft submerged so why did we have days of speculation that the occupants were possibly trapped and waiting for the air to run out?

    Just Some Randomer

    @anticlimactic – Media trying to manufacture a high profile distraction from the undeniable proof of the Biden family criminality and Treachery being aired that same time, of course,

    Dr. D

    “I put Ukraine first, no matter what my German voters think or how hard their life is” Annalena Burbock, German Foreign Minister

    Never stop talking. At last we we realize it’s all being run from and for a mafia, and the homeland of that mafia was/is in Ukraine.

    But here at TAE it may take some longer than others.

    “Supporting Ukraine is “vital” for democracy, former President @BarackObama tells me.”

    “Democracy” is all nations with one party, no media, and the highest corruption in the world. I see why he desires it. Note the subtitle, “Will Democracy win?” That depends: which one? The dictionary definition, or your new #OppositeLand definition?

    “HOLY SMOKES: Reporters TURN on Karine Jean Pierre, gang up on her for 4 minutes straight asking about Joe Biden’s connection to Hunter’s overseas business dealings after bombshell text messages reveal criminal corruption scheme”

    That’s so bad, she might even call on an African…

    “It’s all true. Hunter, the laptop, the bribes, the foreign cash, the money laundering to his dad. The President of the United States is a crook and a traitor. The DOJ has known all of it for years. So they’re destroying Trump’s life to protect Biden.”

    They took down links to the Hunter Biden laptop again. Protecting the President? No. It was due to factual evidence that Hunter’s laptop was a repository of kiddie porn. Hunter, himself, is on camera, himself, with naked underage girls. The FBI owns this laptop.

    So it’s no longer “out there” to say that the nations are ruled by pedophiles. The fact of banning the links proves it. But that’s reality and we don’t do that.

    (Jebus it’s about time. I get exhausted with explaining how although there are bad-acting pedos everywhere, there were exactly none in Congress, and also not even one in all D.C. Remember folks: there’s no such thing as blackmail! And definitely not in the halls of power. That’s only a thing for the little people. Oh. Wait. The #Opposite of that.)

    “Prigozhin vs Shoigu and Gerasimov. Now it’s Prigozhin vs Putin.”

    I can’t believe any of this. Not because it can’t happen but because it makes no sense. I can only assume they got a good rise out of the Derp State heads when they tried this and are laying it on thick to make sure they attack and attack now. More I can’t tell. But although THEY (Derp State Nulands) may also doubt it, and probably do, it’s to get them over the edge of “How can we not? Everything’s gone wrong, it’s do or die.”

    Again, this is a war of US, against the Mafia seated in ALL the Intel agencies, the Derp State, CIA/MI6, NATO, etc. So the White Hats here are probably – if I were them – reporting back to Moscow if this puppet show is getting them excited, like the cat laser Trump used in that press conference. If I had to guess, there is enough coordination against the REAL enemy, the NeoCon mafia, that they set up Hunter, Joe, and the release here, but need NATO to attack and be pummeled soundly and incontrovertibly, on camera, for the world view. Only then will the cowards we have everywhere realize the Derps aren’t in power, like good minions will instantly report to and obey the new power, and the White Hats can proceed with Impeachment and some arrests while they won’t have support to fight back, and the people will be too shocked about the paradigm collapse to put up the AntiFa riots.

    That will get us to the next step. And there are a lot of steps, and they’re all dangerous. But this would be why, I would only guess, Russia really needs them to obey the clock right now, on command.

    “From yesterday, before the “coup attempt”. Prigozhin says Russia is losing.”

    Supporting facts. Because that is bat s—t insane. Look just at the territory map of the conflicts, using Ukraine’s own data. Literally they got 5km max into a 20km barricade. There’s not even any way they COULD have encountered Russian soldiers, with data both sides agree on. That would only fool idiots so far removed from the front, and so far removed from reality, that they will buy anything. Like Baerbock, Blinken, and Nuland. Perfect.

    ““Mikhail Podoliak, a senior aide to Zelensky, blamed the offensive’s failure on the West’s apparent hesitance”

    Let me get this straight: now Russia says they’re losing, and Ukraine says they’re losing too? Last week both claimed to be winning. What are they twin brothers and whatever you do, I do better? Not credible.

    “the West’s apparent hesitance to give Kiev all of the heavy weapons it asked for in recent months.”

    There’s a bunch of stuff here. Yes, granted. And as I’ve said, I don’t need heavy weapons one at a time over months, I need them all at once. The U.S. especially has hung them out to dry, ‘them’ including Davos. But what happened to the 8 years of weapons you started with? Those $50B in arms since 2014? What happened to all the 200,000 soldiers we trained? What happened to all the tanks and planes you started with? Where is it, Brian?

    Now a year in, go 10x on all those questions. Heavy arms? To be used with what soldiers? Then when you got them, you simply drove them into a minefield with no minesweepers. Wtf? In a direct frontal attack into the most heavily fortified area? Rlly? We need a Sun Tzu meme on that, just before the one “In order to win the war, blow up your own nuclear plant in your own country to draw in an attack.”

    NATO is sapped. Russia no doubt calculated how long it would take for them to be defenseless. Strange part is, Europe never compensated and started heavy manufacturing for it, so it was way easier than ever. We’ve said the same thing since the beginning restraint, so don’t be distracted: it’s a Land War in Asia. You destroy the ARMY, not the territory. Then you can wander wherever you want and take it all. Russia says they’re fighting NATO since early on. So they, in the standard Land War in Asia (aka ‘Russian’) manual, you draw the enemy to you, where you have 0 supply miles, and destroy them.

    NATO now has been destroyed, and that is getting harder to hide from the press. So given this is the plan for +12 months, what is the next only step? Smash the last bit, then walk in and do whatever you like because there is no opposing army. They think they’re safe because Russia CHOOSES to sit behind a nice, safe, defensive line? Russia has 500,000 men sitting around on base and an air force untouched. As NATO has no army, they can walk to Lviv in 5 days.

    …The point was to reduce casualties in a nation with a shortage of Slavs, and not get drawn out where they could be flanked (as with the Yellow Line Bioweapon example). And they can do that in 5 days, because they have no intent to go to Paris or Belgium although I’m sure they could get there. (They couldn’t hold it after, too far, too many square miles)

    Anyway, don’t be fooled that the line is waaay over here in Donbass. Russia did that. Russia chose that. Ukraine has no pressure at all (yet) making them do that. And NATO doesn’t have their back except with “attaboys” because they have no men or weapons left either.

    ““Some people believe this is a Hollywood movie and expect results,” Sleboda noted. “No it’s not. Why would we think that”?

    As said Kennedy.

    ““‘Western’ equipment is more complex than Soviet era stuff. It also requires more specialized maintenance. The Ukraine received a zoo.”

    Remember Scott Ritter (I think) told Redacted that sending the menagerie weapons was worse than sending nothing at all. They would actually detract from the war. Aaaaand is correct. And again in this article points out what’s constantly forgotten, they already defeated Ukraine’s far larger army in the first 30 days. Then defeated the remainder up to now. What men? We have generals but no sergeants. All chiefs and no indians, which is why the Anglos think this is normal, all systems go. As the article, Russia did the opposite, reducing chiefs to indians.

    “Why an Armistice Offers the Best Hope for Peace in Ukraine (Foreign Affairs)

    As Rickards says (an insider, but a double talking one). They are behind the times. Only Kissinger was with current information. They are talking DMZ about 12 months too late. Russia will now do whatever they like, wherever they like, for as long as they like, and ignore you. You are irrelevant and there are no agreements as they are “not agreement capable.” As seen in the Kiev agreement, no?

    “Graham-Blumenthal Resolution.”

    Yup, that’s them. You only need to know the names to read no further.

    “The PRC’s Rise Is a Failure of American Presidential Leadership (Thayer)

    Papa Bush arranged it and sold us out probably as far back as when he was CIA Director. (aka, the real president of the real country, i.e. the Derp Money Empire). Then China could have done literally nothing, or would have take 40 years longer except for the help under Clinton and Bush Jr. Obama maintained the status quo while the gutting and as our helplessness became obvious. “What do you think? There’s a magic wand?” he said, “Those jobs ain’t coming back.” …A day before Trump brought a bunch of them back and improved the quality of life for Black Americans overnight.

    So I can’t even say this is CHINA’S plan, it’s so 95% dependent on America. If China had any plan and we didn’t act, there would be no plan. That means it’s us, not them. Which Trump said. He was like, “Heck, yes if I were China I would have done this too. Take all you can, that’s the deal. It was our American leaders who did it…”

    ““..Victoria Nuland, the architect of the 2014 EuroMaidan coup in Kiev, has said “the war is going to last six years, 16 years.”

    Soooo…Nuland said it’s a war. And WE — that is the United States — is attacking Russia. Got it. P.S., has she read the Nuremburg statement on how starting an aggressive war is the ultimate war crime, in which all the other war crimes are contained? I’m guessing not, or that was a good thing.

    “Europe is preparing itself too, for a long war with Russia,” Magnier warned.

    Apparently not, since they have no increased arms production. Or is that the spreadsheet jockeys being incapable of moving paper clips without screwing up?

    ““We are treated in these twilight months of the “Joe Biden” regime”

    It’s really the best to see Joe up there, cornered and surrounded, saying in order to keep the high tower he’s going to run again until he’s 90. No wonder Trump didn’t pull the obvious election rigging and come back, this is much better.


    —The MSM/CNN are ecstatic over the possibility of Wagner being destroyed
    This is a USANATO psyop
    Wagner is obviously totally loyal to Russia, so this is not betrayal, so there is something else happening.

    The minds at TAE have discussed and analyzed How people are motivated.

    This is a Virtual war story that is embellished/enhanced with AI pictures and AI video.
    You fell for the covid story. Now …. apply your lessons.


    The CBC is just as bad as CNN.
    ( ecstatic over the possibility of Wagner being destroyed)
    Their talking point/experts have prepared before today.


    Politicians are always telling people how “CLEAR” they are. Watching Psaki’s terrible successor ramble with Burbock about how clear they are is like watching people eat boogers they would rather spit out. Obama is going to a dark place called never-ending duality man. That dude is a “SELF-machine”
    Painful. So much murder and pain on the back end – so many wives and children in the Slav world are hurting not to mention the men.
    This Nazi thing is so mean and crazy

    John Day

    @Aspnaz: Thanks for the clarification that your father worked for a UK company in Africa, and as an actual-Christian, sought to help people, but was not an Anglican priest.
    I had taken some of the information you provided previously and had come to a mistaken conclusion.

    John Day

    Who Owns My Flesh

    ‘PEAK OIL’ AND THE UNFOLDING INFLEXION​ , Surplus Energy Economics​
    ​ ​According to Goehring & Rozencwajg – who are as good as it gets where energy analysis is concerned – Hubbert’s peak is finally here. Only hindsight, of course, can conclusively determine the moment at which “peak oil” became a reality, but G&R are very probably right.​​
    ​ ​With conventional oil production in decline since 2016, the only source of unconventional supply which remains capable of further increase is the Permian basin, located in six counties in West Texas. This basin, say G&R, is within a year of its own peak, and we know how rapidly shale production declines once a basin slips onto the down-slope of the ‘drilling treadmill’. The rates of decline of individual shale wells tend to be very rapid, and a point inevitably arrives at which operators can no longer drill enough new wells to stop overall output declining…
    ..The peaking and impending decline of oil supply is sky-writing dramatic changes to activities hitherto taken for granted. It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of oil for so many aspects of daily life…
    ..We have indeed taken enormous technological strides over the past two centuries, but that has been possible because the supply of low-cost energy has always, hitherto, been abundant. Technologies evolve to suit the energy available to power them, and the contrary proposition is ludicrous.
    The critical issue, so often dismissed or ignored by the high priests of the new and shiny, is that the capabilities of technology are bounded by the laws of physics…
    ..This is where the term “renewable” ought to be subjected to far more critical examination than it has tended to receive so far. We can’t source the plastics required for the renewables sector without hydrocarbon feedstocks. Renewables can’t, of themselves, power the extraction, processing and delivery of the vast amounts of concrete, steel, copper, cobalt, lithium and a host of other resources required for the development, maintenance and eventual replacement of wind and solar power.
    In short, “renewables” would merit that label only if they were capable of renewing – that is to say, replacing – themselves over time…
    ..Any pilot worth his or her licence knows that “Isaac (Newton) is always waiting” if they get something wrong. The starry-eyed visionaries of energy transition need to develop an equivalent awareness of the hard limits of physics…
    ..The coming decline in oil and broader fossil fuel supply, coupled with continuing cost increases and the lack of full-replacement alternatives, provides significant visibility on future trends. The world’s average person will become gradually less prosperous, a process exacerbated by rises in the real costs of energy-intensive necessities including food, water, housing and essential travel.
    The result will be a leveraged contraction in the affordability of discretionary (non-essential) products and services. Labour intensity in the economy will reverse its long decline, absorbing workers released by contraction in the discretionary sectors.
    To this extent, economic contraction is capable, at least in theory, of happening gradually. The same, though, cannot be said of the financial system…
    ..As you may know, I believe that we can only seek to understand economic trends effectively if we embrace the concept of “two economies” – a “real economy” of material products and services, and a parallel “financial economy” of money and credit.
    From this, it follows that money, having no intrinsic worth, commands value only as a ‘claim’ on the goods and services made available by the “real economy”. These “claims” exist in two forms – those that we exercise, transactionally, in the present, and those which we set aside for exercise in the future. Measured in relation to material prosperity, the exercise of excessive claims in the present is mediated by inflation, but the real problem resides in a huge excess of monetary ‘claims on the future’…
    ..It may seem obvious that less oil means less driving and less flying, but the real significance of oil contraction lies in what it means for ‘behind the scenes’ activities such as food production, petrochemical supply, and the distribution of products and raw materials.
    The moment, as well as the implications, of “peak oil” have been debated over decades, and there is no particular practical significance attached to the precise date of its arrival. Moreover, surplus oil – that is, supply less its ECoE-cost of delivery – has already turned down, both on an aggregate and a per-capita basis.
    But the symbolic meaning of the peak oil “moment” could hardly be more profound.

    #258: Written in the skies

    ​ ​C​harles Hugh Smith , ​Doom-Loop I: “Bringing Demand Forward” Will No Longer Save Us
    ​​ The fantasy is that inflation will plummet to zero and we can all go back to “Bringing Demand Forward.” The reality is what’s plummeting is demand.
    ​ ​The US economy has been saved time and again over the past two decades by this one weird trick: “Bringing Demand Forward” by lowering interest rates and lending standards so Americans could continue to buy stuff they didn’t really need because the monthly payment dropped as interest rates were pushed toward zero.​..
    ​..Nothing “Brings Demand Forward” like a speculative bubble and so inflating credit-based bubbles is all part of the plan to encourage people to buy stuff they don’t need on credit to keep GDP expanding.
    ​ ​”Bringing Demand Forward” with speculative bubbles is joyous until the bubble pops–and all bubbles pop. When bubbles deflate, gains are replaced by losses and the reverse wealth effect kicks in.
    ​ ​The solution for the past two decades has been to drop interest rates even further and expand credit even more to generate a new bubble in one asset class or another.
    ​ ​Now that central banks have pumped up the Everything Bubble and unleashed inflation, the weird trick of dropping interest rates / juicing liquidity no longer works.​..
    ​..”Bringing Demand Forward” always had an expiration date. You can’t bring demand forward forever. Eventually consumers tap out, bubbles pop, speculative gambles go bust, debt service eats up consumers’ disposable income, credit cards get maxed out and enterprises bloated by decades of bubbles and credit-funded spending implode under their fixed costs and debt loads.​..
    ..It’s going to hurt when we hit the rocks at the bottom and unfortunately few are taking measures to reduce their risk while such measures are still within reach.

    ​Pepe Escobar , If you’re counting on Asia’s many new power centers to compete and clash – don’t. The Greater Eurasia Partnership is set to integrate them all – from the SCO, EAEU, and BRICS, to emerging new currencies – in order to replace the ‘rules-based order.’
    ​ ​On July 4, at a New Delhi summit, Iran will finally become a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).​..
    ..In parallel, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Overchuk has confirmed that Iran and the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) should sign a free trade agreement (FTA) by the end of 2023…
    ..Russia and Iran – two key poles of Eurasia integration – have been getting closer and closer geoeconomically since the west’s sanctions tsunami that followed Russia’s February 2022 Special Military Operation (SMO) in Ukraine..
    ​.​.In a parallel track, the members of the Asian Clearing Union (ACU), during a recent summit in Iran, decided to launch a new cross-border financial messaging system this month as a rival to the western-centric SWIFT.
    ​ ​The ACU comprises the Central Banks of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Iran: a healthy mix of West Asia, Southeast Asia, and South Asia.
    ​ ​It was the Central Bank of Iran – still under harsh sanctions – that developed the new bank messaging system, so new it’s not yet known by its own acronym.
    ​ ​Crucially, the Governor of Russia’s Central Bank took part in the ACU summit as an observer, along with officials from Belarus, which applied for ACU membership two weeks ago.​.
    ..As Iran’s first Vice President, Mohammad Mokhber summed it up: “De-dollarization is not a voluntary choice by countries anymore; it is an inevitable response to the weaponization of the dollar.”…
    ​..Iran is now at the heart of all things multipolar. The recent discovery of a massive lithium field holding roughly 10 percent of the world’s reserves, coupled with the quite possible admission of Iran into the expanded BRICS – or BRICS+ – as early as this year, has bolstered scenarios of an upcoming BRICS currency backed by commodities: gold, oil, gas and – inevitably – lithium…
    ,,The Global South has had enough of the US sanctioning and banning whoever, whatever, and whenever they like, in defense of a hazy, arbitrary “rules-based international order.”​ …
    ​..All interlinked developments concerning SCO, BRICS, EAEU, and other multilateral mechanisms – now happening at breakneck speed – are converging in practice into a concept formulated in Russia back in 2018: the Greater Eurasia Partnership.​..
    ..As Lavrov routinely explains now in all of his important meetings, this includes “interlinking the complementary development plans” of the EAEU and China’s BRI; expanding interaction “within the framework of the SCO with the involvement of SCO observer states and dialogue partners;” “strengthening the strategic partnership” between Russia and ASEAN; and “establishing working contacts” among the executive bodies of the EAEU, SCO, and ASEAN.
    ​ ​Add to it the crucial interaction between the upcoming BRICS+ and all of the above; literally, everybody and their neighbor all across the Global South is queuing up to enter Club BRICS​.

    John Day

    Gilbert Doctorow watches Russian TV so he sees things we don’t see in the ‘states.
    ​ Thanks to the Vladimir Solovyov talk show last night, I have heard a recent speech by Kennedy in which he sets out the insightful and entirely sane thoughts of his uncle on managing relations with the Russians. Yes, I did not hear RFK Jr. on the BBC or on CNN. It had to be Solovyov who understood that this speech must be disseminated widely…
    ​..Kennedy’s speech was instead based on objective reasoning: recognizing that the other side is also human, that it also has national interests which it holds as dear as we do ours and that compromises must be made to preserve the human race. This is a starting point that deserves the full and enthusiastic support of everyone who values peace and abhors the thought of a coming nuclear war. It trumps all other partisan concerns of Left and Right and Middle in the United States. Those other partisan concerns, which include identity politics, minority rights, environmentalism may be important in their own right, but have been used cynically by those in power to distract the electorate from the fundamental issues of politics, which concern the share of the economic pie enjoyed by each stratum in society and a peaceful world in which to enjoy the prosperity.​..
    ​..A candidate who has said he would immediately pardon Snowden and Assange, as RFK Jr. has said, is a man who deserves the support of every enlightened citizen in the land.

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and what we, the people can do to remove the insane U.S. foreign policy cabal

    ​ ​Robert Kennedy Jr calls for a new peace movement: “We have been immersed in a foreign policy discourse that is all about adversaries and threats and domination. Is this really who we are? Is that what America’s founders envisioned?”​ (Two and a half minutes)

    ​ One must wonder what people are actually making the military decisions in the West/US/NATO, where they physically exist, what their personal “skin in the game” is, and what they expect to lose or gain in this global conflict. This World War 3 is primarily over control of global resources, finance and production.
    The old glbal trade and financial system is decaying and will be superseded by the developing Eurasian and Global South alliances.
    This is “existential” for the owners as regards their positional status controlling western finance, trade and politics. However, as long as they do not feel personally threatened with death, they will be willing to take very high risks with the lives of the rest of the humans in the world.​

    ​ ​Professor Sergey Karaganov’s “Tough-but-necessary decision” article – which claims that by using its nuclear weapons, Russia could save humanity from a global catastrophe – has provoked plenty of reaction both at home and abroad. Partly because of the author’s status – he has been an advisor to both President Boris Yeltsin and President Vladimir Putin – and also due to the belief that his opinion may possibly be shared by some people in positions of power.
    ​ ​Dmitry Trenin, an extremely respected Russian expert who served in the Soviet military gives his response.​..
    ..The fear of the atomic bomb, present in the second half of the twentieth century, has disappeared. Nuclear weapons have been taken out of the equation. The practical conclusion is clear: there is no need to be afraid of such a Russian response.
    This is an extremely dangerous misconception. The trajectory of the Ukrainian war points to an escalation of the conflict both horizontally (by expanding the theater of military action) and vertically (by increasing the power of the weapons used and the intensity of their use). It must be soberly acknowledged that this momentum is heading towards a direct armed confrontation between Russia and NATO….
    ​..So far, Moscow’s strategy has been to allow the enemy to take the escalatory initiative. The West has taken advantage of this, trying to wear down Russia on the battlefield and undermine it from within. It makes no sense for the Kremlin to go along with this plan. On the contrary, it’s a better idea to clarify and modernize our nuclear deterrence strategy, taking into account the practical experience of the Ukrainian conflict…
    ​..The main adversary should be given an unambiguous signal that Moscow will not play by the rules set by the other side. Of course, this should be accompanied by a credible dialogue with both our strategic partners and neutral states, explaining the motives and objectives of our actions. The possibility of using nuclear weapons in the current conflict must not be concealed…
    ​ Regarding Russian nuclear strikes against NATO countries, as raised by Professor Karaganov: Hypothetically speaking, Washington would most likely not respond to such an attack with a nuclear response of its own against Russia – for fear of a Russian retaliatory launch against the US itself. This would dispel the mythology that has surrounded Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty for decades and lead to a profound crisis for NATO – possibly even the dissolution of the organization. It is possible that, in such circumstances, the Atlantic elites of NATO and the EU would panic and be swept aside by patriotic forces that would see for themselves that their security does not in fact depend on a non-existent US nuclear umbrella, but on building a balanced relationship with Russia. It is also possible that the Americans could decide to leave Russia alone.
    It could well be that the calculation just described would ultimately be correct. But it is unlikely.
    Yes, a US nuclear strike on Russia would probably not follow immediately. It is unlikely that the Americans would sacrifice Boston for Poznan, just as they were not going to sacrifice Chicago for Hamburg during the Cold War. But there will probably be some sort of response from Washington. Perhaps of the non-atomic type, which, without speculating too wildly, could be sensitive and painful for us. It is likely that with it, Washington would try to pursue a goal similar to ours: paralyzing the Russian leadership’s will to continue the war and creating panic in our society. Moscow’s leadership is unlikely to capitulate after such a blow, since, at this stage, Russia’s very existence would be at stake. It is more likely that a retaliatory strike would follow, and this time, one can assume, against the main adversary rather than its satellites…
    ..The war in Ukraine has become protracted. As far as we can tell from the actions of the Russian leadership, it expects to achieve strategic success by relying on Russian resources, which are many times greater than those in Ukraine. It also relies on the fact that Moscow has much more at stake in this war than the West. This calculation is probably correct, but it should be taken into account that the opponent assesses Russia’s chances differently than we do and may take steps which could lead to a direct armed clash between Russia and the US/NATO.
    We must be prepared for such a development. To avoid a general catastrophe, it is necessary to put fear of armageddon back into politics and the public consciousness.

    Rep. Gaetz Wants to Give Biden Military Authorization to Take Out ‘Chinese Assets’ in Cuba
    ​ ​Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Thursday told the House Armed Services Committee that he wants to give President Biden the authority to intervene militarily in Cuba to “take out” Chinese assets that are allegedly on the island.
    ​ ​“I support an Authorization for Use of Military Force to take out the Chinese assets in Cuba,” Gaetz said. He wanted to add the AUMF as an amendment to the 2024 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) but had to withdraw it for procedural reasons.
    ​ ​“To my hawk friends on the committee who think I’m too much of a dove, this amendment is an authorization to use military force given to President Biden to take out the Chinese assets in Cuba,” he said.
    ​ ​Gaetz’s comments came after The Wall Street Journal reported Beijing and Havana are negotiating to establish a joint military training facility in Cuba, which cited unnamed US officials who based the claim on “convincing but fragmentary” intelligence.​..
    ..The Journal report said that some US intelligence officials say “that Beijing sees its actions in Cuba as a geographical response to the US relationship with Taiwan: The US invests heavily in arming and training the self-governing island that sits off mainland China and that Beijing sees as its own.”

    Rep. Gaetz Wants to Give Biden Military Authorization to Take Out ‘Chinese Assets’ in Cuba

    ​ Sasha Latypova and some of my friends are on this 848 pages, but I gave up looking for myself at 124 pages​. It’s not searchable, just a PDF. I’ve been censored intermittently since 2016, and some other things have happened which cannot be explained in terms of who could have known what, and how.
    Verified on a government watchlist, at last!
    ​ ​NYC Department of Health is Spending Taxpayers’ Money to Spy on Racially Profiled Communities Using Federal Intelligence Affiliates as “Private Contractors”
    ​ ​Here is a link to the 900-page FOIAed document ​[404 now] ​which collates numerous reports spanning June 3, 2021 to September 26, 2022. I invite my colleagues in the wrongthink community to check if they are on this list, too. I only scanned a few pages and found many familiar names: Drs. Rose, McCullough, Nass, Kory, Ruby, Yeadon, late Dr. Zelenko, Steve Kirsch, Igor Chudov, El Gato Malo as well as The Epoch Times and Children’s Health Defense. Of course, Robert Kennedy Jr. is there, too, with numerous mentions.

    D Benton Smith

    So CIA has pulled the lanyard on their big cannon of last hope lost causes and has launched its ill conceived “regime change” operation against Putin and Russia. The puppet they intend to install is a slimey bastard named Kasyanov (PM of Russia 2000-2004) who is a straight up US stooge and friend to the equally slimey Russian Oligarchs that Put out maneuvered and through out years ago.

    Prigozhin was easy to dupe and maneuver because he is himself just another “not overly moral” old Oligarch himself. Easy to manipulate. Not easy to simply boss around, but VERY easy to manipulate because of his love of money, love of Russia, and most of all love of Prigozhin.

    As evidence, check out the usual main stream media suspects all around the world and you will see that CIA is flooding the zone with puff pieces lauding what a wonderful guy Kasyanov is. He’s their key “player” inside the operation, and the US puppet they intend to install.

    As per usual, the Bad Guys have acted prematurely and will fail because if I can figure it out in 15 minutes then Russian Intelligence had it figured out three days ago. The communication lines between Prigozhin and the people who were manipulating him are absolute fully visible to Russian Intel and are no doubt being rolled up and brought in for questioning at this very moment. Som bih hads are going to roll, and most of the obstacles standing in Putin’s way will have been removed thereby.

    Look for a week of “action so fast it is blurred to look at”, and then the immediate fall of Ukraine, and NATO itself shortly thereafter.

    The Markster

    The triumvirate of evil that is Obama, CNN and Amanpour means I will not watch the video, but I can smell the slick Steve McQueen lies and bravado from 3,000 miles away. Leading the charge against a “might makes right” world order, indeed. I bet the pink pussy hats with their blue and yellow neo-Nazi pom poms are all swooney right now.

    What a total clown show 🤡.

    There is a straight line running through Russiagate and the impeachments, the Scamdemic, a stolen election, J6, and the neo-Nazi butchery and senseless destruction in Ukraine. And not only are Joe and Barry presiding over the whole thing, but they and their families and supporters are laughing in all our faces.

    Because might makes right, and the ends justify the means, just like Alinsky said.

    And today I will be parading about making two social calls, a trip to a winery for lunch, then shopping and taking a nice long walk around town in my lovely union made official Kennedy 2024 navy t-shirt, a $25 investment that would be a bargain at twice the price.


    @ The Markster – There is a straight line running from 11/22/1963 to where we find ourselves today.


    Putin has been handed the keys to release the Russian military by Wagner.


    Robert Kennedy Jr calls for a new peace movement:

    “We have been immersed in a foreign policy discourse that is all about adversaries and threats and domination. Is this really who we are?

    Obama had a special talent to sweetly deliver that: “It’s not who we are.”


    The news media is more than ready and are constantly pumping WAR, WAR, KILL, KILL

    D Benton Smith

    The big news is the attempted COLOR REVOLUTION that CIA just launched via the Prigozhin mutiny. It’s all about timing. They chose this particular moment (rather than earlier or later) because US/CIA/NATO/ Cabal have irretrievably LOST the Ukraine war and Russia is poised to just roll right over the top of them if they don’t do something RIGHT NOW.

    But stop and consider something obvious for a moment.

    Do you think that Russia is unaware that CIA/Cabal et al have been very very deeply engaged in building the ‘Russian Regime Change’ operation for the past 10 years?

    Of course not.

    And do you think Russia intends to plunge into the full commitment of open WW3 on the plains of Ukraine while KNOWING that it’s ranks, institutions, and Home Front political networks (including some high ranking military) are infiltrated and undermied with traitors and CIA stooges and knowing operatives?

    Once again. of course not!

    First they must lure the conspirators out of their hidey holes by encouraging the traitors to think they have a chance of toppling Putin’s administration.

    This may not happen as precipitously as the rats hope. The rat Kasyanov entertains the megalomaniacal delusion of being placed at the top the West’s intended puppet government . . . like they did for Zellenskyy in Ukraine. His backers and co-conspirators must now be discovered, and they will be cagey bastards not easily lured. They must smell success before they step into the open, and that’s what the Russians will provide. Bait and lures used until every last traitors is known and neutralized, in a war of attrition as they have fought the Ukraine campaign for the past year (successfully!).

    “They wanted to disband the Wagner PMC. We set off on June 23 on our march of justice. In a day we traveled to within 200 kilometers of Moscow. In this time, we have not shed a single drop of our fighters’ blood. Now the moment has arrived when blood may be shed. Therefore, understanding our full responsibility for the possibility of Russian blood being shed by one of the sides, we are turning our columns around and heading in the opposite direction to our encampments in accordance with the plan,” Prigozhin said in an audio recording Saturday evening.”

    Update(1325ET): An emerging Russian state media headline: Prigozhin Agrees to Stop PMC Wagner March, Start De-Escalation After Lukashenko’s Mediation…

    Belarusian president held talks with Prigozhin today. Lukashenko says that Prigozhin has agreed to “stop the movement of armed persons on the territory of Russia and to take further steps to deescalate.”


    @ dbs,

    Yes, the ole brere rabbit ploy. Killdeers also are quite proficient at the ruse.



    There are a lot of articles on RT giving an air of authenticity to the story BUT if the threat was real then would this be allowed?

    It still seems very weird and nonsensical!

    D Benton Smith

    Vermeer was quite the astute observer, social critic and storyteller as well as an amazingly skilled painter.
    See the revoltingly smarmy masher physically help the barely pubescent to raise her glass and drink, plying the young innocent with alcohol while his disgusted and bored companion in the background looks disapprovingly away while yet allowing the wine assisted seduction to occur. All that in a single frame. Vermeer was an absolute master of his craft.

    D Benton Smith

    I’m still undecided and extremely curious about whether Prigozhin might be a willing participant with Putin in a sophisticated Russian intelligence operation designed to draw out and decapitate the CIA collaborators inside the Russian apparatus. Based on how magnificently well the Wagner Group have performed elsewhere for the past year and a half I would have to say that it is at least highly possible. Time will tell.

    D Benton Smith

    Meanwhile, keep your eyes on Mikhail Kasyanov. I have seldom seen such a massively odious heap of prestige building fluffery pumped into the media. How does a washed up ex-politician flee and disavow his native country (Russia), cheerlead for its sworn enemy (Ukraine), and yet garner major praise from around the world in media that is owned (lock stock and barrel) by the American CIA?

    Hmmm. Tough question. Could it be that he is a bought and paid for traitor to Russia, in the employ of CIA?

    D Benton Smith

    By CIA I of course mean the chimeric creature known only as 5 Eyes for lack of a better description. After fleeing his native Russia Kasyanov’s postal drop box was the British “think tank”, International Institute for Strategic Studies in London, England. Nothing fishy there.

    Sometimes I wonder why those devious creeps even bother to lie about and camouflage their allegiances. The lies are so transparent and the camouflage is so thin! Surely they don’t care about what we nobodies think. So who do you suppose it is that they are lying TO?

    D Benton Smith

    Hmmm. I just found out that Kasyanov’s current whereabouts are unknown and/or undisclosed. Nothing fishy about that, either. Especially for a dude that has risen to such international prominence virtually overnight.

    I think the expression is, “waiting in the wings”, in preparation (protective custody?), no doubt, for his anticipated big entrance onto the world stage real soon now.

    Dr. D

    Once again Benton and I are on the exact same page. I feel like I should flip flop or something.

    The Wagner thing is not credible. He suddenly went insane with no events 3 weeks ago? And belted himself to a rocket of increasing crazy he can’t get off of and can’t win? Uh, no.

    We know the Russian Generals are on the take. FSB now has all the communications of which ones phoned West. As he says, there are other not MoD traitors to out as well. So they are flushed out, and Wagner stops “In trade for” MoD “reforming” and “kicking out” such generals as (supposedly) withheld ammo and shot at him? And the purge would come before they go full WWIII, that is, any counterattack in size.

    And, as I say, try to entice NATO to get smacked. Check, check, and check.


    It’s kosher theatre. You are being deceived while you are being robbed. People are dying all around you, have you noticed? There is no russia, china or jeusa. 1 crew runs this freakshow. They want you dead or enslaved, watched and monitored like rats in a cage. Ask the chinese, they already know. One day soon, on a weekend, your banks gonna close. You won’t give a fuck about ukraine then, you’ll be worrying about eating and staying alive. Everything’s been stolen…now they’re gonna burn the house down.


    Huge Column of Chechen Forces Coming For Prigozhin

    No love lost between the Chechens and Wagner


    Wagner actually performed very mediocre in Bakhmut contrary to Russian media hype.

    Large majority of casualties and losses of Ukronazis due to Russian army artillery and Russian army gunships.

    Prigozhin the Blowhard morphs into Prigozhin the Traitor

    Prigozhin’s collaborators shot down and killed a Russian Ka-52 helicopter crew.

    The Russian Army will never forgive this act of treason, killing Russian officers for a coup.

    Wagner encampments all over the SMO zone are being surrounded and FSB interrogation units are being mobilized.

    Wagner soldiers never swore allegiance to the Russian Federation, they actually only swore allegiance to Prigozhin himself. Talk about a Cult.

    Wagner served a purpose, now it’s finished.

    Prigozhin never was a soldier, he served 10 years in jail for armed robbery.

    Very poor judgement to let this clown be a poser for so long.

    This incident will be a god sent to ID the 5th and 6th columnists in Russia out into the open where they can be terminated with extreme prejudice.

    Prigozhin’s office in St Petersburg had billions of rubles in cash stashed for ‘lunch money’.

    Russian Ka-52s Hit Wagner Convoy

    The Russian military is already attacking Wagner troops al over the place


    Meanwhile from Andrei Martyanov on the offensive to call it an ‘offensive’

    Ukronazis last remaining elite units chopped to pieces

    Equipment shredded.

    Douglas MacGregor stating he think the Russian defensive posture is over and will shift in a big way to a Real Offensive



    From Andrei about UKtardistan, the has-been empire:

    “Yet another batch of the “best” tanks in the world having a bad day in Russia. So, make your own conclusions.

    Where are the Challengers?

    Russian pilots of Ka-52s and Mi-28s are asking, as do Khrizantemas’ crews and other people operating Kornet ATGMs or 152-mm Russian artillery operating Krasnopol munitions?

    And British government has no answers–they know how to kill defenseless civilians, how to do false flags, how to use chemical weapons, how to support child rapists and how to kill poor cats–that, they know how to do–fighting real war?

    Forget it, nobody in Sandhurst knows it.

    So, the news is–they keep Challengers in deep rear.

    Well, Perfidious Albion seems to be a correct definition.”


    God Save the Drag Queen


    Karine Jean-Pierre Insists It’s Not Her Job To Answer Questions Like Some Sort Of Press Secretary


    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Things got tense in the White House briefing room today after several journalists in the press pool asked Jean-Pierre to answer some questions.

    “Listen here — it’s not my job to stand here and answer your questions all day like some sort of press secretary,” said Jean-Pierre while furiously flipping through her 3-ring binder to find a pre-written comeback that would shut the journalists down once and for all. “For goodness’ sake, I’m a human being, not some wind-up toy or magic 8-ball you can shake up and ask whatever question you want to! What do you take me for? A member of the White House communications team?”


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