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    Pablo Picasso Femmes d’Alger -Women of Algiers (after Delacroix) 1955   • A Trump Criminal Trial Could Run Right Through 2024 Election (Turley) •
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle March 11 2024]


    Marcron, Tusk, the UK Indian are all talking about sending NATO into Ukraine …. now we know what that means don’t we children? Yes, none of those countries have decent armies, so it means the draft, and have you noticed how well Russia is able to dispatch untrained wallies in mud? Yes, Ukraine will become one huge pool of blood …. I wonder if that is the plan, feed the subservient peasants into the meat grinder, get rid of most, then the Indian will be the whitest person in the UK. Marvellous. Maybe they can send Charlie in first, the UK needs its first black king, before DEI dies out.


    The free world:
    The western world:

    Can’t really judge, maybe she’s a dude, I am not good at sexing chimpanzees and she looks more like a chimp every time I see her. Just look at that jaw, you can see that swinging from the trees right now in the African bush, I wonder if she ever visits her relatives in the dark continent.


    The free world:
    The western world:

    I definitely made the right decision to get out of there, I emigrated to NZ, discovered that was not as bad as the UK but was definitely on its way (this was pre-Horse PM), so escaped a second time to Hong Kong. Now I feel like I am in a place surrounded by decent people, that is all I wanted, now I got it.


    Happiness and Stress Test Sapien Lab

    Homo Sapien sapien, the Wise, wise ape.

    Boy, the Anglo speaking countries sure are scraping the bottom of the barrel all the while smugly posing as the Shining City of the Hill

    More like the shitholecity in the gutter.








    Dr. D

    March 11. Bank bailout facility closes today. In just a second, the FedGov wll be unfunded again (22?)

    The daily dose of “Except for it happening all the time, it never happened”:

    ““The Women Codebreakers Who Uncovered Some of the Cold War’s Most Notorious Spies”

    The Women Codebreakers Who Uncovered Some of the Cold War’s Most Notorious Spies

    As is ALSO usual with these things, we learn:
    1) Allies are always wiretapping everything and everybody since 1941.
    2) they lie about it to everyone, denying it and its information even to Presidents.
    3) We were using it to topple our allies, in this case Russia.
    4) Reporter Katherine Reay, national bestselling and award-winning author from Northwestern University, is entirely clueless of what she’s saying.
    5) This undermines the undying false narrative of Feminism. That is, that women were cattle, naked as Ferengi, locked in a home, like any good Human trafficker. They were never employed anywhere by anybody, because, since they never had bank accounts, they could never cash their Paychecks! QED. Beat that logic.

    Nope, women never dun any work, from the Stone Age ‘til now, by gum!

    So which is it? The Massachusetts Millworker narrative today? Or the Women never dun worked narrative? Both! Neither! Aiiiii!!!

    A: Whichever one gives me POWER. Power over YOU. The point of Power is POWER. Power over. Lies are easy: if lies give me POWER, I can do it all day long! I was going to breathe anyway, so I might as well breathe undying lies!

    Liz Cheney:
    “The GOP has chosen. They will nominate a man who attempted to overturn an election and seize power. We have eight months to save our republic & ensure Donald Trump is never anywhere near the Oval Office again. Join me in the fight for our nation’s freedom.”

    When??? How???

    As stated 100 times, the way to Save Democracy is to prevent the people from voting for their chosen candidate. In fact, you have a vote of one. Biden removed every candidate by force, including or especially RFK. True Democracy is having only ONE candidate to choose from. But here in the United States, True Democracy has never been tried.

    “Trump is not president now, but his party interferes when the Democrats want to send money”

    What does this mean? The Meta-reality is Democrats SHOULD send money, that’s the normal, appropriate baseline. The other perspective to NOT send all your money is a weird, inappropriate, un-historical, perhaps illegal approach. In reality, of course, We can either fund a bill or not, either way. All bills are written and voted Yea and Nay. They are all equal. You could say “Democrats ‘Interfere’ when Republicans wish to vote for peace.” Is that not an equal statement?

    Soo…why’d ya say it this way? A: Because murder is our baseline. It’s our “Rules and Norms”. The LACK of murder by the thousands per day is perceived as a catastrophe. For whom? Doesn’t that seem slightly more odd?

    Okay, try another. In any system, the baseline is LACK of action, the status quo. Even funding last year’s budget is an extra we have to get out of our chairs and pass. Yet the DOING MORE is the baseline here, the ACTION is the norm, and the PASSIVE is the outlier. How can that be? When I’m home in a chair I’m “Doing nothing”, but when I’m going to the gym, I’m “Doing something”. This predicates the Opposite. NOT funding, sitting in the chair passively, is the extra. Going to the gym for $150B of work is the passive, the normal, the nothing. How do you get your mind there, to that location? A: you lose your job drumming up endless wars at NPR and go work for RT.

    “President @realDonaldTrump was a president of peace.”

    Totally not, and that’s the shame. Because he was still the greatest push for peace in my lifetime just because he didn’t start any NEW wars. At this point, being passive and wandering off from places we’ve already lost, no one knows why we’re there, we only inflaming and antagonizing the local population with no goal at all in mind, is considered “President of Peace.” Like getting a Nobel for killing only a couple kids on Special Ops raids, and ONLY sending 39 Tomahawk missiles into a nation we’re not at war with. True Gandhi material.

    “This was Angry Joe.” — Peter Baker, NYT.

    Yes, that’s what I want most in someone with the nuclear button: To be angry and want to challenge every rando nation to a fistfight and push up contest. Okay, SOLD! But I have a WAAAY more angry, challenging candidate in that case, Mr. Baker: Candidate Donald Trump. Right? If some angry, loud, game-on is good, more is better, right?

    “These are ideas so old”...they were around in 1717, as they’ve been fighting a 300 year war with Russia. They are so old I fell off my dinosaur. So old, Joe had only just finished College and was trading in his horse for a jalopy, and cruising the soda fountain in his jodhpurs and Dapper Dan.

    “• Can Americans Have Hope? (Paul Craig Roberts)

    Thanks Paul. If once again, you’re working for the other side, and like Mad Denothor, saying, “Go, and die in what way that seems best to you.” It takes about ten seconds to turn the country around, since everything that’s broken was done by a sabotage, footed by an impossibly-tiny cadre of saboteurs. Arrest them, send around a man with a wrench, and it’s all fixed for 100 years.

    “Why do these dumbshit Democrats think that their assertion amounts to a conviction?”

    Philosophically, he should pause here and explore this vital and relevant question. This is the essence of the thing. They do, so why, and IF they do, then does that imply any weaknesses we can exploit? Yes and yes.

    “the border conflict between Washington and Texas would be heated up. … the prospect would be used by Hillary to declare martial law to put down rebellion and cancel the election.
    As much sense as this makes for the Democrats, there is little evidence that they are moving in this direction”

    Correct. And very strange, I also don’t see the rather large staging and mechanations this would require. Are they bad at strategy? Surely given what they’ve done so far, you’d at least have ancillary pushes to use SOME of those elements, right?

    It’s like they’re just spinning and don’t know which way is up. Juggling plates while Trump throws more at them, when the headlines would seem to say the opposite. That they’re the ones throwing plates at him. Again, none of this makes sense in the normal view, but all matches up in the “White Hat” thesis.

    “If he hasn’t struck a deal with the elites, why would they allow him?”

    Paul has several common meta-realites here. One: Elites control anything. Or some things. What if their control is always modest, background, and tenuous? Two: the Elites that control everything are one “Elite”. Okay, I’ll bite: if “The Elites” (Da Jooooooooos!) control everything, why is Donald there at all? Or me? Don’t they already control everything so much that neither Donald nor I exist? “Controlling everything” means there’s already no resistance. But According to their actions, not only is there “A resistance”, and that resistance is Donald Trump as furry, suit-wearing mascot, but that “Resistance” took the Presidency in a day. They didn’t stop him AND they didn’t remove him.

    So…what “Power to control everything” were you talking about again? HE’S up there, I’m up there. Seems like they’re not controlling much. They have so much control CNN, NBC, Disney, Buzzfeed, Vice, HuffPo, all ceased to exist. So much control the Ukraine war was diverted into a fiasco then defunded.

    What “Control” did they have again?

    Part II: So he “cut a deal with the elites.” Okay, of course. Presidents don’t have power, they are bodies, TEAMS of people and power. So you can remove the head, but the Team carries on. So obviously you have to talk to some power-blocs to assemble a “Team” of power blocs. What if there are TWO teams? I mean, didn’t my question just predicate not two, but a lotta-lotta “Teams”? We all know that’s true. But all Teams work for only one “Elite” and never disagree with each other? Does that seem likely?

    Okay, let’s propose there are TWO Elites, only two for simplicity’s sake. Let’s take Germany as a clear example: there are the NATO Germany, the WEF Globalists, and the INDUSTRIAL Germany, of business, manufacturing and Bosch. Their priorities, goals, representatives, are all wildly different, conflicting. And in Germany, clearly the NATO/WEF has a near-total upper hand.

    But we were talking about Trump. Trump “Cut a deal with the Elites” or he couldn’t be President. He’d have no support. But what if he cut a deal with a DIFFERENT elite, made up of, oh, totally theoretic example, the base Military, MilIntel, manufacturing wealth, and Wall Street?

    Okay, well if there are two conflicting, openly warring major elite factions, then by definition neither is “in control,” can they be? Because they won’t “Be in Control” until they fully defeat the other side.

    Sloppy thinking. Core of his confusion here. WHO? Paul. Who, exactly? Not in abstractions, write their names on a piece of paper, post them to a wall, and connect threads as if you were investigating a smuggling cartel. A knows B, B knows C. C sniped D. D fought A. B and C are in a spat but appears they remain on the “same side”, and so on. Very normal, average, boring, logical stuff.

    “Former President Donald Trump has promised to start the largest mass deportation of illegal aliens in U.S. history,”

    Translation: as Executive and top Policeman, Trump took the radical view that he should enforce the law. As agreed on and passed by Congress. How “Insurrectionist” of him.

    His opponent has vowed to NOT uphold or enforce any laws. Against his son, or anybody else. Your choice. Vote for Burr!

    “Macron said that France would do everything to prevent Russia “from winning this war.”

    As stated many times here, France is a nuclear power. Macron is saying he will nuke Russia. And Russia of course will just sit around and let him! What could go wrong? It’s a masterplan of Napoleonic genius! …Thankfully everyone else in France is not insane.

    “• West Is Conducting ‘All-Out Militarization’ To Defeat Russia – Vucic (ZH)

    Clearly they are not in any location we are aware of. Biden is still savaging the Rail Union and destroying every train.

    “five-fold build-up in all respects,”

    Fivefold in what? Not money from Congress. Not 777 shells. Not Abrams tanks. What?

    ““We shouldn’t have gone into the whole thing in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    We shouldn’t have done every illegal invasion before, but we SHOULD do every illegal invasion now.

    “Ankara has delivered some 40,000 tons of humanitarian aid to Gaza”

    Well that’s a good thing, how much is that? “A semi truck holds 40,000 pounds” (it varies), 2000lbs/ton, although he may be talking metric, they’re similar. 20 tons. So 2,000 trucks in 6 months, 300 trucks a month, 10 a day. Very respectable, however, extremely small for 2M people.

    “Hamas committed “murders and sexual assaults”

    Can you show me? Because the NYT had to retract this about the rapes. You mean they misgendered someone while kidnapping them? It happens.

    “..What do we make of a country where money is the only value, where even universities, allegedly centers of learning, prefer money to truth?”

    Ah, if only! If they preferred money they A) wouldn’t bankrupt Disney, Vice, HuffPo, and CNN B) Wouldn’t want to go bankrupt getting sued for killing everyone. C) Would create products people want and sell them instead of creating products no one wants and FORCING them to buy, by law and the force of government guns.

    But “money” is entirely unrelated to their goals. They actually want the #Opposite of “money” that is, Socialism. Why? It’s a totalitarian, oligarchic POWER. Party members get palatial Dachas and shopping in Zurich, the people get one size shoes. …And 100 million deaths, which really takes the edge off!

    Paul, does the DEI gender-affirming, race-tracking to the 1/32nd, speech-policing Harvard LOOK like it’s MONEY running them? They had $100B endowment, lost it all via Economist Larry Summers, and didn’t care. They are the TOWER of anti-money. What they’re about and worship is POWER. FORCE. Violence. The POWER-over to MAKE you cower, grovel and obey. Ego. To drink wine from the skulls of their enemies, and hear the lamentations of their women (whatever they are). To make them all PAY. Oh yes, I will make them pay.

    All because you weren’t popular and picked on in grade school? Dial it back, Beevus.

    “If the WHO declares a disease, artificially made or not, as a pandemic, orders would have to be followed.”

    Really? Who’s going to make me? Does the WHO have an army?

    “Any “climate-related health issues”, defined by the WHO, would also fall under the WHO health tyranny.”

    They get to self-define? That’s awesome. I’m drive-thru manager at Taco Bell, but I’ve self-defined that I’m also bank manager. I’ll be over there regulating banks and inspecting the vaults shortly.

    The Eagle has Landed: It would be different if windmills actually made energy.

    Quolls look like possums. It’s like a day-hike, why wouldn’t everyone re-import to the mainland? Would they vote Conservative or something?

    “Did you know that fasting effects the brain?”

    Guessing the poorest peasants in medieval Europe knew. There were like 50 fast days re-setting your health. Thankfully we’re sooper-schmartz now and left all that superstition behind!





    Many here may have read the perspective of Good Germans – post totalitarian state. I have not. It’s a current focus as I realise the boiling frog of the masses is due to these incremental knee bends.


    Pablo Picasso Femmes d’Alger -Women of Algiers (after Delacroix) 1955

    Belly button and two tits, flying in equilateral triangle formation … nice if you are into that sort of thing!

    Sometimes I think the best thing on a Picasso painting is his signature, which is a very cool signature.


    Come on. Trudeau has been voted in by the Canadians … give him a break. It is not his fault, blame the fucking Canadians for their own misery, enjoy the Canadian’s misery, it is not Trudeau’s fault, they are stupid dumb fucks and that’s just the way it is. You think the voting public could not get rid of him? Vote in clowns and your country turns into a circus, but are you intelligent enough to spot it? Ummmm.

    those darned kids

    mr. trudeau was “voted in” by 5,556,629 canadians.

    there’s about 37 million of ’em.


    Figmund Sreud

    Alastair Crooke:

    “[T]he White House is coming to terms with a new experience: The limitations to U.S. power and to automatic compliance by other states – even the closest of allies.

    The U.S. can neither force its will on Israel, nor compel an ‘Arab Contact Group’ to come into being, nor compel a putative Arab Contact Group to support and fund Biden’s “fantastical” Gaza ‘solutions’. It is a salutary moment for U.S. power.

    ‘Out of Touch With Reality’ – White House Fails to Navigate the Israeli Re-calibration


    SeaBirds posted prev. thread:

    We could suggest that Nuland may not have left on a sour note. Maybe most objectives of the deep state were fully achieved with remarkable success, and maybe military defeat of Russia wasn’t necessarily one of their goals.
They managed to sever a growing partnership with Russia and Germany….

    Debt Rattle March 10 2024

    I agree a lot has been achieved, many Russians and Slavs have been killed and in one way or another UKR becomes ‘up for grabs’ (US Corps, deals w. other countries, etc.)

    Yet, Nuland quitting spells out, internally and for the public, just one message: the determined UKR anti-Russian (say, neo-Nazi) camp within UKR and its support by the USA (Pax Americana) is loosing, has in effect, lost, and must re-group, withdraw, re-consider, etc.

    — The UKR defense front is breaking down is how I read it, but I am not a military savy person. While it could hold there was still hopiness. —

    That UKR cannot win against Russia is finally being acknowledged, so a driving figure has to go. She is an emblem, to be quickly ‘retired.’ (Not Blinken, who plays another role.) I’m sure she was told to quit ‘gracefully’ for a nice pension / whatever.

    *sidebar*: How that idiot Trudeau and Canada are going to manage to downscale I have no idea. Maybe they will gather and wear UKR embroidery shirts (as usual) and play UKR (i.e. Russian) music and dance while cursing Putin, Canadian Farmers, left and right wing extremists, while being filmed going kissy-kissy amongst themselves. / end sarc.


    blind loyalty
    assertion amounts to a conviction
    Biden repeatedly makes statements without any proof
    Biden repeatedly misrepresents facts or claims authority that does not exist.

    “..Harvard is devoid of intelligence and of integrity. The reason is that Harvard is flush with Big Pharma research money..”

    “..What do we make of a country where money is the only value, where even universities, allegedly centers of learning, prefer money to truth?”

    • Harvard University, Formerly Great, now Corrupted by Money (Paul Craig Roberts)
    How many ways to say, “peace”

    Former US President Donald Trump said that he would not provide financial assistance to Ukraine if elected this fall, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said. On Friday, Trump met with Orban at his Mar-a-Lago residence in Florida to discuss a wide range of issues of common interest for Hungary and the United States. “If the Americans do not give weapons and money, and the Europeans follow them, then the war will end. If the Americans do not give money, then the Europeans are not able to finance this war themselves, and then it will end.
    Get ready
    Which Way will you be herded by the elites

    How can the Democrats run a candidate for president who has been ruled incompetent by his own government?

    “..the elites could permit Trump to assume the Presidency because they know that they can prevent him from achieving what those who elected him want..”

    “.. If all else fails, the bullets that destroyed JFK and RFK are available.”

    Call for Genocide by USA

    • No Borders? No America (Justin Smith)
    Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for the Trump campaign, stated:
    illegal aliens “should not get comfortable because very soon they will be going home.”

    • NATO Can No Longer Hide Its Military Presence in Ukraine – Zakharova (Sp.)
    • France Just Can’t Calm Down, Itching to Start World War III (Sp.)
    • West Is Conducting ‘All-Out Militarization’ To Defeat Russia – Vucic (ZH)
    Netanyahu insisted earlier this week that the mounting international pressure for a truce will not make Israel give up on its goal of achieving “total victory in war”, (Genocide), against Hamas, (Palestinians).




    Greetings from the Haut-Rhin!

    Our noble president Macron is ready to take the baton from the Americans and fly to the aid of the poor Ukies. He will don his little Napoléon hat and fight the pesky Russians with baguettes – single handed if needed! While signing lucrative defence deals with Armenia and Moldova. His problem, is that he needs Scholz to pay for everything 🙂


    top post:

    France is forming a coalition of nations that are willing to consider the possibility of deploying Western forces to Ukraine, Politico reports. On Friday, French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné travelled to Lithuania to hold a meeting with his Baltic and Ukrainian counterparts to promote the idea that foreign forces might assist Ukraine in tasks such as de-mining. (Sputnik)

    Macron was the only EU ‘leader’ that dampened anti-Russia spewing, in times past. Recall, in 2018, he was the only one to go to Moscow for the FIFA, he cheered, etc. Being ‘with’ Russia was def. on the agenda.

    Subsequently R. teams were banned from FIFA (??)

    Macron is mega unpopular in F (endless list of issues..) He has always aimed to present himself as a leader of the EU, being the fore-runner, the strategic genius, moving in the right direction, he provides stellar analysis, etc. Against Germany – anyone who imagines the bones of WW2 are buried and forgotten – No.

    He is furious because Russia in interfering, with great success, in France-Afrique, throwing the traditional F manipulators out of some Afr. countries, as Russia offer ‘better deals’…

    Other points could be brought up…


    SeaBirds, heh 🙂 yes. Deals with Moldova are definetly on the cards. For what exactly idk.?


    Russian TV show trolls Europe, discusses which Eurotard cities to destroy.

    Which cities are the Germans and French not afraid to lose?

    Maybe conduct a survey in each country.


    Musk’s tweet:

    “”Most Americans do not know that the US census currently counts, for purposes of voting power, all people in a district, regardless of citizenship! Senate Democrats just voted unanimously to defeat an amendment that would have stopped counting illegals for congressional seat apportionment and electoral college (presidential) votes. Since illegals are mostly in Democrat states, both the House and the Presidential vote are shifted ~5% to the left, which is enough to change the entire balance of power! This is a major reason why the Biden administration is ushering in record levels of illegals and doing so few deportations,” he wrote on X.

    Musk is correct. A US pre-Civil War law counted slaves as 3/5 ‘s of a person for purposes of Congressional apportionment of each state’s US House members and Electoral College members. This scam of shuttling illegals primarily into states currently losing population (California, Illinois, and New York) and losing congressional seats to other states does look like a bid to regain lost House seats, by hook or by crook.

    John Day

    1) @Oroboros: Good image finds!
    Epstein + Kamala
    Alligators on hallucinogens

    2) FDNY Chief Vows To ‘Hunt Down’ Own Employees Who Booed AG Letitia James
    A New York Fire Department (FDNY)’s top official has vowed to “hunt down” pro-Trump staffers who were caught on video booing New York Attorney General Letitia James during a Thursday ceremony.

    John Day

    Counting games

    Michael Reid

    In recent decades,
    formal partnerships between

    governmental bodies and

    corporate and private interests, and
    international and private finance systems,

    have been established and

    with this merger,

    power has shifted
    democratically elected interests
    corporate and private interests.

    There are non-elected,
    privately funded global structures and agendas in place now that
    intend to supersede democratic and accountable institutions to
    hijack control of our country.



    Did you know this version of the History of Haiti?
    By Robert Parry
    February 10, 2006

    Michael Reid

    Geopolitical analyst S.L. Kanthan discusses how everything is linked (e.g. economy, health, food, war, empire, fake news media) under one establishment. The American Empire is losing control, coming to an end, and going mad. Russia has reemerged, China is rising, and there is now this multipolar world. Covid was a psychological operation and trial on how to control the world and by the U.S. to attack China. The globalists have a dystopian vision for the world. Why can’t the Europeans see what the U.S. is doing to them (e.g. collapsing Europe)? Asia will be the powerhouse.

    S.L. Kanthan: American Empire is Finished, Russia Has Reemerged, China is Rising



    Is current year misery REALLY 33% of 1980?


    Jimmy Dore.


    Jacques Attali, 1981 interview with Micheal Solomon. “We will find something or cause it, a pandemic that targets certain people, a real economic crisis or not, a virus that will affect the old or the big, it doesn’t matter, the weak will succumb to it, the fearful and the stupid will believe it and asked to be treated. We will have taken care to have planned the treatment, a treatment that will be the solution. The selection of idiots will thus be done by themselves, they will go to the slaughterhouse on their own.” Another jew, obviously just coincidence.

    Michael Reid

    Doc Malik: Everything Is Heading Toward a One-World Government

    Doc Malik discusses the Covid9/11 forever war, how he was canceled, and how everything that is going on now is interlinked (e.g. the wars, biosecurity state, economic collapse, cultural degeneration). WHO is attempting to create a new layer of supranationalism to bypass nation states and setup the embryo for one-world government. He believes the penny will drop in 2024 (e.g. pandemic, war, financial crash, cyberattack) and that unfortunately, we are living in a global Stockholm Syndrome. No matter what happens, don’t lose your sh*t! Be prepared, go underground, bypass the state by forming parallel structures, listen to Geopolitics & Empire, and make love!

    Doc Malik: Everything Is Heading Toward a One-World Government


    those darned kids said

    mr. trudeau was “voted in” by 5,556,629 canadians.

    there’s about 37 million of ’em.


    Yes, I sympathise with Canadians who cannot vote, it must be tough, maybe I should blame those who are members of the electorate rather than all Canadians, such as the children, but history show us ….

    Of the electorate, 62.3% turned out, the other 37.7% effectively voted “I don’t care”, thereby endorsing whoever was the winner, even though they did not know who that was at the time. So 37.7% + 20% (see below) means that over 50% endorsed Trudeau as their leader. A majority of the Canadian electorate put him there. Who else is to blame? Do you not have to acknowledge the decision of the majority?

    According to wiki he actually got 32.62% of the vote so close to 20% of the total electorate …



    Unfortunately the way the Electoral map is currently set up in Canada, it is very difficult for a non – liberal government to be elected.

    A non – liberal government is only elected after the liberals have been in power for so long (15 – 20 years) that they become verly arrogant and openly corrupt.
    Generally the liberal party gets all of Quebec’s seats, only needing a third of English Canada seats to get a majority.
    The liberals only need to sweep urban Toronto and Ottawa to get their majority.

    How the rest of Canada votes, the liberals don’t give a fuck.

    Interestingly, whenever the liberals appear to be headed into the thrash heap, for a time out, Quebec tends to switch and vote in the non – liberal government so they get represented by cabinet ministers in the new government. Quebec always want to be on the winning side.

    Other than that, the liberals/conservatives are the two sides of the uniparty’s coin.



    How I wander, how I wonder-
    How we wish that I could ponder
    Longer things that need attention
    (Way too many things to mention)
    How I wish i could retire,
    And live my life by my own fire.


    How I wish that I could ponder……

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