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    Unknown Butler’s dredge-boat, sunk by Confederate shell, James River, VA 1864 • QE Will Permanently Impair Living Standards For Generations To Come (G
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    Merkel rushed to establish the ceasefire in the Minsk2 agreement which also included a path to resolution of the conflict. What was supposed to happen was talks between Kiev and the break away regions leading to elections, some independence for the regions as Ukraine adopted a more federalized system,and then reestablishment of the central governments control of the Russian border. Those last steps are not going to happen. Poroshenko who singed the agreement has zero intent to follow through and instead wants to relaunch the war at the soonest possible moment. He of course backed fully by the US and NATO.

    In other worlds the US and NATO have shit all over Merkel’s work. Ignoring it, undermining it and in a normal world humiliating her and France too for that matter as it was a partner in the talks. Are Merkel or Germany acting as if they are being humiliated? Not at all. They did their best, it didn’t work out, so it goes. She is far far too weak to object except maybe she will voice a bit of disappointment after she is gone.

    There is no Peace Party in the US because liberals don’t like Putin because he was mean to Pussy Riot and is a homophobe. Reason enough I guess to start a war over. There may be some small peace parties in Europe but not enough to effect politicians or Merkel as far as I can tell.

    It occurred to me long ago that outright war in Europe was the only way to keep the EU together so it’s a win win for Brussels and Washington.


    Isn’t it true that peak cheap energy will limit living standards, to put it mildly, far into the future? QE is the desperate response not the cause. Keeping the dream, the impossible dream of endless economic growth, alive for a bit longer.

    We will borrow from the future until we no longer can.

    When President Carter gently suggested limits he was univerally rejected. So we went on a credit spree that has not ended. That was 35 years ago. How long we can continue to borrow can’t be known. Personally I think money printing in the 100’s of trillions will ensue before the end comes but I am usually wrong.


    Yup! It’s morning again in Amerika! Where the lower class will be spoon fed austerity and the Predator class will reap the spoils.

    Human beings will continue on the path to extinction hoping to hold on to the American dream until 1 day before the end. We are so screwed.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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