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    William Adolphe Bouguereau Girl with a pomegranate 1875   • Zelensky ‘Will End Up Like Hitler’ – Medvedev (RT) • Ukraine Wants To End War By Wint
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    V. Arnold

    OH common!
    What the hell is that Meercat w/sunglasses doing???

    Dr. D

    Kunstler also got an interview with Kennedy. What a coup. Good questions, but what can he say? We already know.

    “40% of total excess deaths” That doesn’t sound right. So what would the other 60% be? Too many Cheetos?

    Being productive, some would be the lockdown (reasons long stated) but that would still be your fault: lockdowns failed with the same, or even higher death rates than places that didn’t.

    “NY Times” Sometimes it’s kind of breathtaking isn’t it? “No matter how cynical you are it’s hard to keep up.” –Lily Tomlin. As Kunstler reported “On the contrary there seems to be a s—t ton, easily found…”

    “comparing the Ukrainian president to Hitler, who committed suicide during the final stages of World War II”

    Apparently Hitler was transgender. That burned body was the DNA of a woman. (proven in the 1990s?) Then remember we know/we don’t know, we know/we also don’t know? All things are true, and false, at the same time! …The declass Trump did in office, mostly useless, said the CIA thought Hitler was still alive and in retirement. — I – didn’t say that: THEY did. I guess like the President, the CIA doesn’t know what they’re talking about then, Poof! Somebody gets a memo and they all believe them again.

    Trust the Science™! Unless the Science says there are two genders, then discard it. Who would have thought it could go this far? This is what happens when you only protect people from their actions.

    “the Ukrainian military knows exactly what they have to do:” Defeat Russia from Moscow to Vladivostok. Easy! Everyone knows that. Now that we’ve decided, the problem is practically solved.

    Apparently they tried an offensive yesterday – it’s hard to tell – and nothing happened because they have no men. 1,000 men!!! Trains of armored vehicles! …Across 100km of line.

    “False Claims About Russia Everything. Continue To Cloud The ‘West’s’ Vision (MoA)

    “In the early 1990s Russia surely was down. But it wasn’t out. It had a heavy industry and everything it needed to feed it. It had well educated people and large scientific community.”

    We in America don’t have either. And no home ownership, no nearby gardens, and no mass transit. “Closing the Collapse Gap with the Soviet Union.” We do have a lot of guns, so what do you think will happen?

    “DeSantis said of Putin. “And so, he’s basically a gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons”

    This is why everyone is cooling on DeSantis and not Trump, bad as Trump is. And they say the Right wants war, or both want war? If so then why wouldn’t this be a “go”, instead of a “go away”? And honestly it does surprise me a little bit. I knew the party at large wasn’t for war (anymore) but this level has got to be like 90%.

    ““I will tell you a secret. The US lied”

    That’s not a secret. Heck, Brzezinski said it –printed it — in 1975? And honestly, this is all written in the Nazi credo by all the same Nazis who run the West, and Ukraine, now. The “Slavs” are rightfully “Slaves” (where we get the word from) and untermensch only fit to be animal labor to extract resources for “The Garden” of true men, the Ubermensch in Europe. They had it all worked out, read it if you like. They go on and on and on and on about out, before getting their -sses kicked all around the planet over and over by “Slaves” and “Cattle”. So if subhumans can kick your -ss without issue, all the time, what does that make YOU? You’re the subhumans of subhumans? I mean, if you’re dumber than a cow, which is what you said, right?

    Anyway, conquering Russia to exclusively serve Europe is the core premise of Nazis, or Europe for 500 years, take your pick.

    They are racists: They hate slavs. Primarily. They also happen to hate black people the way only Biden hates black people in Africa and at home, but that’s really a rounding error. YOUR country is run by these people. So is Sachs a bit of an understatement here?

    “Our government is run by second-raters. Mediocrities in the state department and national security”

    Mediocrities by definition can’t seize the steering wheel from better men. As yesterday, they are FORCED into place, like Kamala, while better men are FORCED OUT of place, like Kennedy. “Six ways to Sunday” or should we not believe the head speaker and like-long Senator? So…by whom? They do this when they want a nation to fall, so they can eat it. Disaster Capitalism. Also illegal and mostly by citizenship, traitorous.

    Anyway, it’s not them, the very premise is laughable.

    our press outlets think we are morons and second, they parrot CIA talking points.”

    The people believe them or shrug. They are morons. So are they supposed to save us from ourselves, our own indifference and bad actions? Is God supposed to swoop in and intervene while we’re still ‘sinning’? No, you have to ASK for that, (Absolution) CHANGE for that to happen (repent). We won’t. We’d probably choke to death on the mere thought of it.

    “In the House, Tennessee Dem Steve Cohen and South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson”

    I don’t need to take that back; by “The Party” I meant the people, the constituents. We all know the leaders are war-mongering maniacs we’d all like to turn out in the street. Look at Graham. Anyone check for his election integrity? We know McConnell’s is legendary. I notice Hillary & co never worried about that. Only RussiaRussiaRussia.

    “‘Migrant Village’ For Conservative Americans To Be Built In Russia (RT) “

    Orlov said emigration was very difficult, starting with a strong knowledge of the (difficult) Russian language. I wonder if all the normal rules apply here. If I were picking, I’d say yes, as the rules are obvious and for a reason.

    “DOD is in a race to develop its own hypersonic missiles”

    That’s what happens when the Dept of Education runs things to dumb down the people until “Everything they believe is a lie” – CIA Director Casey: No engineers. Nobody with sense. No one left with practical experience. I hear regularly about one public school or another, graduates football stars, ‘A’ students, who then can’t do any jobs at all. The actual workforce, entrepreneurs, to say nothing of say, roofers and ditchdiggers, are aghast. Like as far as they can tell, ZERO competency, ZERO possibility of work. From anyone In fact, the beer-swilling nothings are better. …And roofing is not exactly being a rocket scientist, is it?

    I’m sure if we tell men they all suck and should probably die some more, it’ll all change. Especially the Eagle Scouts and Christian ones. Brrrr. Can you even IMAGINE a worse crew than them? I can’t. Next thing you know they’ll be singing the National Anthem at the tables in local restaurants. The nation would end then, I’m sure.

    Nope, speed-texting, bones-in-the-nose, $10,000 in tattoos, black-wearing, drug-using, cross-dressing, sue-happy employees for me, thank you very much. That’s the only way to get things done around here. So call them up and ask them to use a slide rule to fix your hypersonic defense problem, why don’t ya? Always here to help.

    “asked why DOD is not experimenting with using direct energy weapons to knock down missiles.”

    Speaking of complete morons who have their mommies dress them, because of “Clouds”. That’s why. There’s a thing called “Clouds”: you may have heard of them. That means you’re helpless every time it rains – like the F-35 actually! There’s also a thing called the “Horizon”, maybe you’ve heard of that too. It means that about every 30 miles the laser won’t work. A Kinzal is about 3,000mph for you neanderthal Yanks, and that’s about a mile per second. So you have 30 seconds to know, find, target, and vanish X number of missiles. Let’s say 30. So one missile, one second, every time, no misses. Because of the horizon. (P.S. Russia will also be blinding your radar defenses, and it’s arguable if Kinzals have a radar signature) If your carrier group can stop 20, like the Sunburn missile, then Russia just shoots 21.

    But when nobody, not even journalists know math or science – and certainly not their readers – we can go around and ask why we don’t shake Tinkerbell and use her magic dust as a solution.

    I’ve got a better idea: Don’t piss off Russia to make her fire them. It’s a lot cheaper and more certain. But to do that we’d have to stop killing (black) people. Never.

    ““what is happening in Ukraine is an existential threat for us..” He stole that line from Putin.”

    I see this all the time now. Whatever line – or to them, ‘Propaganda’ – works for the other side, they just repeat it as if it’s theirs. And it doesn’t fit, just like this one doesn’t, so you just stop like hearing a monkey speak. Words are like some kind of talisman to them, like a cargo cult? Make the wooden plane and the real plane appears? I noticed this most in – after a year of this realization getting traction along with ‘mass formation’ – that the “Right is a Cult”. Blew my mind. Like….howwwww????? The Right doesn’t agree on anything. Their WHOLE SCHTIK is to doubt and not believe anybody, it’s their main weakness. Do they even know what “cult” means? Look it up. …But it sounded cute, so they say it, made bumper stickers, and repeat it widely. If THEY don’t notice – and you’ll be shot if you ever talk to any out-groups – then it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, does it? Truth is whatever Great Leader (the blue, unblinking eye) says it is in a given click.

    Anyway, Minions: only repeat things, incapable of creative thought. There’s a funny part of this in “Glass Onion.” if you can call it funny. It’s sad.

    Europe is sort of repeating something from somewhere as if they are relevant and can boycott China. China won’t even take United States’ calls because we’re already too irrelevant to bother with. They’re not wrong: they’ve toppled us nicely and we’ll be in a total mess for decade(s). Like Russia, doesn’t mean they can take us over though.

    ““I have had a theory that the FBI made Hunter Biden a Confidential Human Source..”

    I can’t see why not: don’t they always do this? Isn’t this standard procedure? When’s the last time they did NOT do this? “National Security”. Oops! That’s overseen by Congress.

    “the humanitarian catastrophe at the nation’s southern border is set to dramatically intensify as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants are expected to swarm into the country,”

    Repeat after me: that’s because America is so violent, terrible, and very very racist. That’s why millions of people risk their lives to come here! Do we say “It’s a Koch Brothers conspiracy to kill workers and ruin wages” or was that 5 minutes ago? Nope? Now it’s not. The Koch Brothers are love incarnate, Joe says, he’ll do anything they ask.

    “Open Border Catastrophe is the Cloward-Piven Plan to Destroy America (Wayne Root) “

    Yes. And they said so many times. China would love to dissolve the U.S. and they’re on the same page as Davos.

    They bragged about their hatred of white people (even though they were white themselves).
    They talked all day long about their plans to bring America down; destroy the economy; bankrupt white businessmen;

    Actually they talk about murdering them now. But: Your wish is my command. You don’t like wealth or white people like yourselves? Done. Now you are poor and live in dead-end apartment ghettos, or homeless across America in your tiny houses, unable to get a job. Don’t have to worry about all that ‘money’ stuff any more, nor anybody like you. “You’ll own nothing” and vote for it.

    “..every member of the Biden family that received any of the funds is implicated AND MUST BE INDICTED..”

    By whom? By an FBI and DoJ who’ve committed far more, far more serious, far more violent crimes than the Bidens themselves?

    “Veganism is Bad for You and I’m Embarrassed I Promoted it – Now I Only Eat Red Meat,” Says Bear Grylls..”

    Does this show you can live on both? And yes, there’s a Narrative, and then you can look into how it’s done and see that it’s not worse and is possibly better. Could be much better with a few changes to pasturing, etc. City people (dreadful) have no idea how barren, catastrophic their soybean fields are. You want your barren, surface of the moon, there you are, and they require pesticides, refusing to eat a bruised apple too.

    What’s “NeuroDivergent”? Because so far as I can tell from the articles EVERYONE is neurodivergent. They’re all special snowflakes, each and every one. You have no value unless you’re “disabled” in some way, a victim of life, whereby YOU MUST ACCOMMODATE ME, MISTER. We are “reallocating” resources and it’s to ME. All I have to do is make up words. Easy! I learned it in school. I’m — something I just made up – and YOU are too busy working to keep track, so you’re therefore “normal”. FROM each according to his Ability. TO each according to their need. And I have all the needs. I make up new needs probably every day.

    Anyway, the reading? Yeah, it’s an EXTREMELY COMMON way to read. Possibly even the most common, but certainly not the only way. Now you can go FIRE everyone in school for teaching everyone the SAME way, when for reading, math, etc, you’re going to have 2, 3, 5 different styles that will make most students a star, or at least natively competent without effort. They refuse. Suck it and die, peasant, you failed, worthless child. You are a cog in our machine. Do it our way or DIE. Drug dealers standing by in the cafeteria for that offer, and if you don’t like it you can sleep with a teacher, which happens pretty regularly around here.

    That’s what you learn in school, because with 0% graduating competency in many cities, they sure aren’t teaching math or reading. They major in drug dealing and prostitution. …If only I were kidding. Please let me be kidding. Come to America and you tell me.

    Dr. D

    Guess I’m in a bad mood today.


    Ahh food.

    Corcoran, California — California’s Central Valley produces a quarter of the nation’s food, but a parade of atmospheric rivers this winter caused severe storms that destroyed thousands of acres of crops.

    The storms, which have been linked to climate change, swamped 150,000 acres in the region, according to numbers from Kings County officials.

    America’s wheat fields have become so plagued by drought that farmers are now poised to abandon crops at the highest rate in more than a century.

    Producers are expected to harvest about 67% of their planted acres, the US Department of Agriculture said Friday. If realized, that would be the lowest harvest ratio since 1917, the agency said in a monthly report.


    What else does the Canadian gov. know and is lying and are not telling you to justify depopulation by using war since ?

    Are we being led by “white supremacists?
    Ukraine Neo-Nazis are a tool for depopulation.

    Operation UNIFIER is the Canadian Armed Forces’ (CAF) military training and capacity building mission in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It was launched in 2015 at the request of the Ukrainian government, and in 2022, was expanded and extended until March 2025.

    Since the start of Op UNIFIER, the CAF has trained over 36,000 Ukrainian military and security personnel in battlefield tactics and advanced military skills. As the mission progressed, much of the direct training undertaken by CAF members transitioned to members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with Canadians acting as advisors and mentors as well as assisting in the development of courses.

    From 2019-2022, members of Op UNIFIER also played a leading role in the Multinational Coordination Cell (MCC), which facilitated coordination with the training missions of partner nations in Ukraine. This included planning training priorities among multinational partners such as Canada, Denmark, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Canada was the first nation to provide full time staff to the MCC.

    Aspects of the mission were temporarily paused following the February 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine, with a commitment to resume training when and where conditions permitted.

    Training of Ukrainian recruits has since resumed. Canada is participating in UK-led efforts to train recruits for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as the training of Ukrainian combat engineers and crewmembers in Poland.

    Canada remains committed to continuing to provide Ukraine with the military equipment and training it needs to defend its sovereignty, freedom, and independence.

    How many people are deployed?
    Approximately 320 CAF personnel are currently deployed on Op UNIFIER.

    Since August 2022, approx. 170 CAF have been deployed to the UK to support the training of Ukrainian recruits.

    Since October 2022, Canada has deployed approximately 40 combat engineers to Poland to assist in the training of Ukrainian sappers.

    Since February 2023, CAF has deployed approximately 20 armored soldiers to Poland to assist in the training of Ukrainian crews.

    Since March 2023, CAF has deployed approximately 10 medical personnel to Poland to assist in the provision of lifesaving skills to Ukrainian soldiers.

    Other personnel are currently stationed in Europe working with Allies on a range of topics including the facilitation of military aid, alignment of future donations, as well coordination for the immediate and longer term training needs of the Ukrainian Forces.

    What are they doing?
    In the UK, the CAF is working with allies training Ukrainian recruits in soldiering skills, such as weapons handling, battlefield first aid, fieldcraft, patrol tactics, and the Law of Armed Conflict.

    In Poland, the CAF will provide training on a range of basic and advanced engineering skills, engineering reconnaissance, the use of explosives for demolition work, demining and skills relating to the use and operation of the Leopard 2 MBT in combat .
    False Claims About Russia Continue To Cloud The ‘West’s’ Vision
    The ‘West’ will continue to underestimate Russia’s capability as long as such false claims are still believed. Only a realistic assessment and more respect for Russia’s capabilities can correct the mistake of waging and losing a proxy war against it.
    Immigration is another depopulation tool
    We need a tutorial on “Because of the Horizon.”

    Mister Roboto

    WRT Bear Grylls, I agree that a vegan diet, while laudable in its concern for the environment, is more likely to cause harm than health for the people that take it up, I’m a bit dubious about the idea of a diet that consists entirely of red meat and organs. One of the things that makes veganism a bad idea is that most vegan diets are imbalanced, and while a solely carnivorous diet is less likely to hit a hard wall, I think it’s still a bad idea because that also is an imbalanced diet.


    Re central valley floods, look up great flood of 1862 which turned the central valley into a lake. This was before the current warming and seems to occur every 140 years or so. CA went bankrupt. Farming is a crapshoot, facilitates population growth which in turn sets the stage for great famines when it fails. Without farming, famines don’t exist because there’s no one to record them, except orally in local lore.


    My daughter’s friend came over yesterday afternoon. The friend is clearly a biological female, but wants they/them pronouns and wants to be called by a gender-neutral nickname. Fine. Before we picked up the friend, my daughter says that, today, we are to call the friend by a different, clearly feminine, name, still using they/them. She went on to explain that the friend believes that she has multiple personalities inside—“multiple personality disorder,” I interjected—“yes, something like that,” she replied.

    I pointed out that, typically, people with multiple personality disorder don’t know that they have it. My daughter agreed that the best course of action was to accept these identity labels at face value and call people as they wish — especially friends.

    I don’t fault the young people — even 20-somethings — for these odd identity beliefs, because I believe the blame lies in the older adults promoting these ideas, suggesting to *all* young people that “identity” is some elusive thing the emerges from within, and needs to be declared on the outside by one of these ever-multiplying labels. This is wrong. Humans *are* complex and our minds take a very long time to develop. Adult human minds are needed to give references, framing, and structure to young minds. Identity is a hybrid, a synthesis, formed partly from the structure imposed on the young by adults and partly from the individual. There is no “perfect formula” for the amount of structure that needs to be provided by the adults. (Of my children, one requires little outside structure and chafes at such structure easily. One can function well with many structural modalities. The third requires extensive structure, but it has to be arranged a specific way or his anxiety causes him to explode emotionally.)


    Greco: Farming is a crapshoot, facilitates population growth which in turn sets the stage for great famines when it fails.

    Hence, the lesson Joseph of Egypt: don’t eat your entire harvest each year, it is important to store food for times when weather is uncooperative.
    And to rulers: lean times are great opportunities to leverage resources and enslave others who don’t have access to your resources.


    I am still fascinated by the Kinzhal and speculate how it could be built.

    I do not see how explosives would be much use so I would think it would have a solid warhead using kinetic energy to do the damage. Tungsten would be ideal in such a warhead, not only is it heavy but has a melting point of 3410C.

    Could it be intercepted? Not really – at mach 10 it would be travelling at 3 km/sec! You would have about 30 seconds to detect it, fire a missile, and guide it to the target which is travelling at 3 km/sec. If it is solid then there is nothing to ‘blow up’, it may be possible to deflect it slightly.

    Even beam weapons would have little effect. You might destroy the engine but it is mainly ‘powered’ by gravity so would have little effect. Even partially melting the warhead would make little difference.

    When it hits the ground it would penetrate quite a distance, but not 200 feet! I suspect damage is caused by the shockwave which may propagate as a narrow cone.

    It’s like having your own meteorite.



    It seems that most of the Ukrainian grain ends up in Europe, to such an extent that it destabilising the price of grain in surrounding countries.

    A big problem for Europe is obesity. The gluttons of Europe are taking the grain from those in Africa and elsewhere who are actually starving.

    John Day

    Interesting consideration about energy beam weapons and Kinzhal missiles.
    Radar can’t see the Kinzhal,and neither can we, because there is a plasma around it.
    The missile skin tolerates a superheated pasma which bends/deflects radar and light.
    An energy beam dumps energy into something in a direct line. It heats it up and disintegrates it.
    What energy beam is not like light or radar?
    Get back to me on how this might work.

    John Day

    @Anticlimactic: You’ve got me thinking now. The Kinzhal can be dealing with the tremendous heat bu sinking it internally. So you have a tungsten skin/armor layer, and the inside of the thing can just be solid metal. Pick your metal. Magnesium and aluminum are fairly light and strong, and both combust like crazy in a vapor, which impact will create. Uranium is heavy/dense and combusts when vaporized, which is why the anti-tank rounds work so well. They pierce armor with inertia and the vapor explosively burns inside the tank. Aluminum/magnesium would be easier to carry on an airplane. These things are 5 ft in diameter.


    High ground lets you see over the horizon.

    John Day

    @Phoenixvoice: Multiple personality disorder got re-named for ideological reasons.
    That’s OK. Ignore it. I like “Multiple Personality Disorder” just fine.
    I used to do State Hospital work in Texas, people on acute psychiatric admissions and some on extended admissions. I worked as an inpatient-psyhiatrist for 3 years in this setting, based on my good luck, talent and inclination. I was going to do a psych residency, but halfway through my rotating-intern year I decided that I could not give everything else up. I was delivering babies at that time.
    I called the Austin State Hospital right after 2 psychiatrists who were supposed to start in 3 weeks called to cancel. I got one of their jobs. I promised to be a psychiatrist within 1 month and obey all the rules. I knew I could do it the first day. I excelled in that setting. (“When the going gets weird…”)

    The next 2 years I worked weekends at the Big Spring State Hospital in West Texas. 320 beds. Middle of nowhere. One doctor all weekend, often me. Anything could happen.
    I admitted a woman in her mid 20s and diagnosed her with Multiple Personality Disorder. It was fascinating. Her diffeerent personalities had different genders, different movement patterns and skills, did not look like the same person in the common area, because of it, and some knew more than others. Her core personality was pretty reasonable and intelligent. One of the young-male personalities with a lot of anger had gotten her committed through violent acts. Another personality (male) was prone to suicide attempts. A particular young male personality had a lot of energy and was really-good at ping-pong, I mean excelent. I saw that personality in the day room and asked who that new patient was, after spending between 2-3 hours admitting the core personality the day before.
    Some of the personalities knew about the others. The core personality seemed to know the others, but how would one be certain she knew all of the others.
    I kept going back on weekends and kept ordering “Long term Integrative Psychotherapy” consults, which the State really didn’t ever do, and another psychiatrist, and good/competent psychiatrist kept canceling them and saying that Multiple Personality Disorder did not exist.

    How does Multile Personality Disorder come to exist?
    Paging D Benton Smith…


    Joseph of Egypt. Yes he stored the surplus but he bought low and sold high. When the famine hit the very farmers who had grown the surplus traded their money, then their animals, then their land and then became perpetual share croppers to get fed. Joseph’s relatives however got fed for free. Joseph was a proto-billionaire. It’s all there in chapter 47 of Genesis.


    @anticlimactic re: kinzhal warhead

    It is my belief that gold is the optimum material for a warhead, 100kg. It’s effective, mostly non-poisonous (lead, uranium, tungsten, many other metals are problematic), and would send a multi-faceted message.


    Hate is easier to initiate/raise/manipulate/activate than love.
    eg. MSM can do it with one word (illegal) immigrant.


    I think most of what is being focused on in American political criminality -basically the same thing, i.e. American politics is criminality (as is New Zealand or British or Candian and EU etc. politics, = criminality)- is something of a side show and that the real action is taking place in and around Ukraine/Syria/Taiwan.

    Apparently the biggest explosion in Ukraine history occurred yesterday, as a NATO ammunition depot was hit by the Russians.

    Meanwhile, Britian is ramping up its war with Russia to an even higher level, having announced the supply of long-range missiles to Ukraine shortly before they were used by Ukraine to attack Russian territory, i.e. the long-range missiles were sent to Ukraine a while ago., along with toxic DU ammunition.

    Britian has managed to take down two Russian helicopters, one Russian bomber and one Russian fighter jet using Ukrainian proxies.

    Expect a measured retaliation from Russia some time over the next week or so.


    Industrial agriculture is a mechanism for converting into food (Albert Bartlet). Now that global extraction of oil is in terminal decline, humanity -in its state of gross population overshoot that was facilitated by industrial agriculture- is destined to experience both a fall in material living standards and widespread starvation.

    The fall in living standards and availability of food will be accompanied by the meltdown of Ponzi currencies and the meltdown of Ponzi ‘economics’ -a travesty of real economics. Like everything else, Ponzi ‘economics’ is dependent on oil.

    This is all occurring to the backdrop of Planetary Meltdown due to excess atmospheric CO2 -which came from overuse of fossil fuels that triggered the population overshoot and the facilitated the destruction of natural systems that make life-as-we-know-it possible.

    No wonder ‘no one’ wants to talk about any of it when denial of reality is so much easier and so much more comforting.

    We hit the seasonal atmospheric peak in a couple of weeks, setting a new record for atmospheric CO2 that has not occurred in millions of years.

    May. 12, 2023 424.16 ppm
    May. 12, 2022 421.87 ppm
    1 Year Change 2.29 ppm (0.54%)

    The war in Ukraine can only be conducted via the use of stupendous quantities of fossil fuels every day.

    Meanwhile, the conversion of trees into CO2 and smoke in Canada will have some ‘interesting’ effects.

    Nearly two decades ago we conjectured that the last of the easily-accessible fossil fuels would be used in wars to acquire fossil fuels. Airstrip Two is desperate to hang on to its last foothold in Syria and keep stealing oil.

    With most components of the City of London Ponzi scheme falling apart, the managers of Airstrip Five are cashing in on the desperation of ‘refugees’ to climb aboard the sinking lifeboat: a surge in immigration to an annual rate around 65,000 now.

    That’ll prop up the rapidly sinking housing market Ponzi scheme slightly…well make the situation less dire than a loss of 65,000 people a year. would.


    The whole of the traitors called Western leaders take orders from the Gangster Tribe. Christkillers, who, as they murder you, bring in more complacent human meat to fill the void. Open up your eyes. Unlock your mind. Protect your Soul.

    Veracious Poet

    *Real* reality unfolding from Sea-To-Shining-Sea, as the minds of recent generations of “Americans” have been twisted beyond-the-pale, into a state of actuality that can only be defined as *evil* incarnate (it is far, FAR beyond just mental, emotional illness):

    Somewhat rational & reasonable “citizens” are grasping the severity concerning this emergence of a CULTural insane feral community within, as the situation unravels into chaos, lawlessness & mayhem…

    This comment (from the video) lays it out:

    It’s abundantly clear that having access to so much information that’s clearly mature content, from explicit lyrics in murder rap to porn & unlimited online access demonstrates just how poorly those with an immature, underdeveloped brain are able to process and deal with it resulting in catastrophic consequences they make based upon this mature content they absorb without the mental capacity and maturity to be able to separate reality from fiction.

    When I listen to murder rap as I call it as that’s exactly what it preaches and watch their visual content, I know the vast majority are cappin’, have likely never owned much less discharged a firearm before and never been in a ballistic fight or “murked” the 5 or 6 opps (opposition) they routinely brag about killing, however, when kids and their undeveloped brains watch that crap, they take it as gospel and envisage their favorite rappers sitting in trap houses selling dope, running from the law and in shoot outs daily lol and believe that doing anything less than the extreme violence they’re exposed to daily is somehow frowned upon.

    They hear about rappers in gun battles & living criminal lives etc without any consequences because here they are in a new video with even more riches and think that’s how they’ll be, it’s only when teenagers getting the rest of their natural life prison sentences does the penny drop.

    Similar to taking 7 & 8 year olds to sexually explicit drag shows we’re seeing happening up and down the country , it blurs the lines for them making it incredibly difficult to distinguish between acceptable and highly unacceptable behaviour from adults around them with less than the best intentions for them placing them in dangerous situations of coercion when an adult says, “its OK don’t be uncomfortable, it’s nothing bad , I’m only doing what the drag queens did when they dry humped the floor and mimicked sodomy with the dildo’s and butt plugs they handed to you kids in the audience at the drag queen shows your parents took you to” smdh.

    Exposing children to inappropriate, violence and mature content at a young age most certainly has far reaching consequences.

    I wasn’t going to post for awhile, but I got an overload of the *real* reality over the past 24 hours, specifically the *large* numbers of what can only be described as wantonly *evil* run amok in my brothers & sisters 😐

    From the top down, the U$ofA has *never* been as full of *evil* as it is now, but worse it is clearly accelerating towards…who knows?

    My wife mentioned that criminality, theft & violence is “normal” for humanity 😐

    I reminded her that “normal” is far from what we’re seeing, that we have to *reject* the NPD “leaders”, who have fostered, coddled & cherish this *mania*, that we need to keep praying & working for a return to The Loving, Healing, Creative Power of the Infinite, that we can never surrender to this violently malevolent madness, or *they* win…

    To note: My wife is one of the most honest, loving & giving woman I have ever known (she literally won’t hurt a fly), so it was actually painfully sad when I realized she has lost *all* hope, something she *never* has done before in her 63 years on this planet.

    God bless all of the law enforcement officers trying to keep law, order, civility while doing a nightmare job to protect what’s left of the *truly* innocent ~ They’re on the front-lines of a war against We The People, like we’ve never witnessed before 🙄

    I honestly don’t know, given the anti-spiritual state of modernity, how America can survive another 10 years…

    Peace Be With You.

    John Day

    Texas Governor, Greg Abbott is not a guy I persnally like, but I do respect, and soometimes admire his ability to play politics.
    Texas Governor Buses More Illegal Migrants To Kamala Harris’ House

    Veracious Poet

    Veracious Poet

    Multiple choice:





    Veracious Poet

    Children are “Our” future…

    If you look for truth, you may find comfort in the end; if you look for comfort you will not get either comfort or truth only soft soap and wishful thinking to begin, and in the end, despair ~ C. S. Lewis

    What is “Our” future?!?


    Veracious Poet

    D Benton Smith

    @John Day

    How does Multiple Personality Disorder come to exist?
    Paging D Benton Smith… ”

    I’ll give it a try, but that’s one whopper of a question. Whole books have been written trying to explain that one, and some do a fairly good job of it (for example psychiatrist Colin A Ross, MD) but to do the question justice would take a lot more than a book, because the answer essentially encompasses all that it means for soul to be a human being, and extends far beyond mere mental arts and sciences.

    Our awareness of the world and what we come to believe is in that world (in other words, “What is this place, and what the hell is going on all around me?”) is a complete package of literally everything we have thought, believed and experienced. We have a very strong propensity to identify ourselves with that package and many people consider it to be their self.

    The purpose of that package is the enablement of continuation of existence as that self. In order to survive and continue to exist as our selves (as that identity) requires all sorts of skills, and knowledge, memory, and abilities so that we can handle whatever we reckon could be coming at us next. In other words, the purpose of the identity (ironically) is simply the successful continuation of that identity, for as long as possible (or desirable). What that identity “wants” and tries to do are those things which that identity reckons will enable doing that.

    But what happens when that survival becomes absolutely intolerable, or ideologically impossible, and yet there is no death or release? At that point the person can sometimes dissociate from the identity that has become absolutely intolerable (or ideologically impossible) and try for one that might work “better”.

    From the outside it looks like one person with multiple personalities, but from the inside it is actually something profoundly different. It is dissociation of from an existing identity because it can no longer be experienced, from the whole and entire package of who one believes themselves to be because it is too painful or horrible, and replacement of that package with a new one which will hopefully serve to enable survival of the self, somehow.

    The trauma required to force such a profound change is typically an event so completely and utterly intolerable that it literally breaks individual’s relationship with their existing identity, hence the term Dissociative Identity Disorder.

    The real shocker, when encountered in someone else, is the realization that the new identity is very bit as authentic as the original. The individual actually is now being the new identity (even if temporarily) and is not the narrower version that they used to be. Same soul, different personality package of world view, memory, wants, abilities, etc.

    In my experience that’s not an encounter you’ll soon forget. I found it to be very deeply disturbing but it IS “curable” in the sense that they ARE still they same spiritual being, and thus ultimately capable of coming to terms with everything that they are or have ever been.

    Doc Robinson

    Some proposed defenses against the Kinzhal (wishful thinking?) include “wall of dust” particle clouds, high-powered microwave weapons, and “constellations” of low earth orbit satellites (“at minimum around 50 small satellites to stereoscopically track hypersonic weapons”).

    However, “it will be impossible to defend everything,” and “hypersonic defense efforts should prioritize the defense of forward-deployed forces and a limited number of critical homeland assets.”

    Complex Air Defense: Countering the Hypersonic Missile Threat

    Dr. D

    Mister Roboto: Agree. I think one problem is what suits one person, or one gender (men) doesn’t suit others well and makes them unhealthy. I’ve met people who I feel eat an exaggerated amount of meat and do okay on it (for now). But how can you tell who is who? More like moderation in all things, to me. Perhaps one day we’ll have tests for it.

    Phoenix: Agree. Look inside any of OUR minds and you’ll find there’s no easy single “identity” with easy, unchanging characteristics. More like a crowd all shouting at once. And that’s in the normal of normal (whatever that is). But since we all have this in us, it sort of changes what these ‘other’ problems and symptoms are, since they’re also ‘normal’ and ‘our’ problems too. Wouldn’t that suggest that you can either exaggerate these issues or minimize them?

    MPD: this is a serious problem since as Smith says, it requires knowing what a “person” or a “soul” is. …Which doesn’t exist for Science and therefore Medicine. That’s why it can’t seem to be solved by them. If you even THOUGHT about what a soul is, or applied it, they’d pull your license but quick. That would be because of “unapproved” methods, but it illustrates that they are or must be, atheistic in essence, which is a pity and causes other problems.

    Joseph: we don’t have the food reserves, and no longer even the silos, railroads, and now apparently, food facilities. So I guess you’ll have to store the amount that you can, that’s right for you at home. This we see in Ukraine: centralized trucks, air, men, ammunition, all get blown up: too much power. The only way forward is distributed weapons, people…and food.

    If the ‘warhead’ is gravity, then the energy weapons would be way, waaaaaaay less effective, impossible even. Melt the tungsten? That’s already on fire? In a plasma bubble that distorts light? Lasers work because of coherence of light: if it de-coheres it the laser becomes a light bulb.

    “Britain has managed to take down two Russian helicopters, one Russian bomber and one Russian fighter jet using Ukrainian proxies. Expect a measured retaliation from Russia some time over the next week or so.”


    “Industrial agriculture is a mechanism for converting [oil] into food (Albert Bartlet).”

    They’re still paving good farmland as fast as they can find it, and mowing more lawns, so cry me a river. We could triple food production using this ‘one weird trick’ at home.

    “The war in Ukraine can only be conducted via the use of stupendous quantities of fossil fuels every day.”

    Yes but at a deeper level, because of the centralization oil allows. Liquid hegemonic power.

    Murder rap: there is a process to this. If you actually grew up with that, with guns, violence, you’d develop the sense of what it ‘means’, and like bouncers and street fighters learn this is not great and do LESS of it. Like it LESS. It’s the hot-talk of neophytes who haven’t been shot back at, gone to prison or all the other consequences that allow this to even look cool. That’s the ‘unconsciousness’ of it and we’re all in that boat to some extent.

    This is why when you grow up with responsible adults, and the gun over the mantle, used many times in many ways with father and the kids, they don’t become mass shooters, as per since the 1750’s. You’ve got a backlog of stories, rabid raccoons, dogs you put down, close calls, sunny practice days, cold hungry hunting days of fail. That is, you back-support the fantasy with reality. You realize what it’s for and what it can and can’t do.

    …That’s also the problem we’re seeing with even ‘normal’ gun culture now, as everyone works office jobs and are urbanized. They MEAN to be like this, male heroes or whatever, but really they’re just on the gun range for a weekend in safe, perfect conditions, shooting for nothing, and possibly training for no goals. That’s different than – like the bar bouncers – a horse pack guide in the upper Washington, with injured horses and grizzlies week on week. So even with good stories, by the book gun training, it’s beginning to mean nothing and not be paid attention to.

    I find this pretty disturbing as, if you’re already giving good training and it’s failing, your people are being lifted off the ground and out of their roots, where do you go? I’d say you need a “vision quest” plan where you toss them out in the woods with only a blanket and an M6 with 20 rounds. Then the gun, and the risk, means something they won’t forget.

    But who wants that? It’s not a joke, it literally IS risky. Which means by definition, some of the people WILL, with absolute certainty, die. This is the same as risk for children, where they have to have close calls, be exposed to danger, bad people, in order to know what to do and who they themselves are. But it remains very risky as actual fact, and no parent knows how much risk to allow. However, the only truly risky fail is no risk at all. Like Trust Fund kids.

    That goes with my credo, which is that life is not risk free. You can’t get around it, so you’ll have to choose which risk you prefer.


    @Doc Robinson The best defence against Kinzhal is a mid-air nuclear explosion: simple and effective. As long as the weapon can be launched within 3 seconds (air defence missile), it can reach an effective height by 6 seconds and defeat the Kinzhal. This is what I like about these Kinzhal weapons, they will force the USA to nuke their own citizens in order to defend their own citizens.


    I’m a supporter/giver of life …. I watered my garden….. new death, compose supplied the other needed source of needed energy.

    D Benton Smith


    I’ll go with choice D.

    And that’s my Good side.

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