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    Man Ray Le Violon d’Ingres 1924   • At Least 300 Azov Fighters Surrender To Russians At Azovstal Plant (ZH) • Hundreds Of Ukrainian Troops Evacua
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 17 2022]

    V. Arnold

    Kamala Harris:
    Does that woman have an operational brain? Sorry; rhetorical question………….

    V. Arnold

    Man Ray Le Violon d’Ingres 1924

    A wonderful play on perfect symmetry?
    Where’s Man Ray’s dog?????? 😉


    Maybe Kamala is paid by the word. Or by the word is she paid. And by the word, which is the word, which means the word exists as a word in its own wordiness, one finds meaning in the word. For which she is paid.


    V. Arnold


    I love it! Great comment…


    Still remarkable that both the US President and Vice-President can’t seem to be able to string five words together without ending up with a salad. And that’s WITH tele-prompters.

    Dr. D

    ” At Least 300 Azov Fighters Surrender to Russians at Azovstal Plant (ZH)”
    “..after previously vowing multiple to times to ‘fight till the end’..”

    I would say that’s pretty clearly The End. But it’s a big country and many more areas to go. Looking for my theory Russia doesn’t want to be anywhere near the Western borders for ‘reasons’. We can test that in Odessa.

    ““we hope to save the lives of our boys.” After giving them a water pistol and a box of crackers and ordering them to stand against the Russian Army.

    Correct on Austin calling Russia meant they were broken.

    EU Plans Loans and Grants to Help Rebuild Ukraine (G.)”

    This starts with the near-complete assumption that Europe won. They have the right to go in, take things, and make money off Ukraine. Did they? Is that an acceptable outcome for Russia and Ukraine, whatever government they may have by then? EU/Anglos pulled a violent, illegal coup last time Ukraine turned East and not West. Can that happen again, or is it just “assumed” they always win, because they thought it in their mind and that’s the nature of the universe when you’re a weak, useless trust fund flunky whose parents bought you into Harvard like “W”?

    “Turkey Says It Will Not Approve Sweden and Finland Joining NATO (G.) “

    No wonder they can ask to join: they were just lying. Get the Anglos off their back before they start bombing Stockholm with hug bombs, knowing they can count on Turkey to bail them out and never allow it. And Turkey is in NATO still because Russia needed them? Just like Orban is in the EU just to stop the same things there?

    The Anglo/Roman plan is to subsume and devour, absorbing like the Borg. But this is the reverse: since they must absorb like The Blob, they make sure to present poison pills The Blob must eat and can’t digest. Think of the alternative: Turkey leaves, Hungary leaves, and there’s a clear path with clear sides and free motion West vs East for WWIII nuclear exchange. Wouldn’t you rather have them tied down and chasing their tails down rabbit holes that can’t produce?

    Schrodinger’s Finns: I thought they were going to say 0.9% of the world now has the swing vote on whether all 7B survive long enough to see 2025. For the loss of a horseshoe nail.

    “They would essentially allow the director-general of the WHO to declare a public health emergency in a country and unilaterally coerce its citizens to take certain actions.”

    Again, how? Are they going to send me a strongly-worded email? I won’t read it. Are they going to have a Press Conference? I won’t hear it. The only way they can “coerce” is if the police and army come to my house and Make Me. You decide whether Biden is therefore putting the U.S. Army and State Police under UN/WHO control or not.

    “Luna Foundation Sold 80,000 Bitcoin Amid UST Crash”

    Stablecoins and exchanges were rigging the prices and driving down Bitcoin? What a shock! Who could have ever predicted???

    (P.S. they still don’t have a nickel of the $6B dollars they pretend to have either.)

    This was funny:

    “I am one of the people who believe this suspicion is accurate, because it would be a typical way the ideological left operates.”

    That is, by lying constantly about absolutely everything.

    This is what I think the current board and operators are trying to avoid.”

    Although they’re bankrupt, they refuse to make money by telling allowing the truth. That is, they would rather die than make money. They would rather cease to exist than allow the truth to be spoken. It’s a religion. There is no cost-benefit and there is no ‘profit.’ Only the Theocracy of Woke. We are supposed to have no State-Mandated Religion.

    Guessing Elon has guys to do this sort of thing: looking into annoying Twitter for sport and public service. Tesla Stock however has “crashed” which would be some of the money used for the deal. In a sense. He breached the SEC problems which they immediately threw at him, but we knew you could buy those guys off for the price of a used Yugo. Now: uses the deal to look at the books, do due diligence, etc. Wot! He found that only 20% of the accounts are real??? Who knews??? Okay, so as some said, what is he doing buying a bankrupt fraud failing non-company for billion$$$? He HAS the billions, but money doesn’t grow on trees.

    Now the logic tree of step 3, 4, and 5 appear. He made a “fair offer”, but on consideration, the company is 20% of it’s supposed size, so ~20% of his bid. What does this do? If he doesn’t buy, Twitter crashes on the reality (finally!!) that they are a fraud, so advertisers should pay 20% of the existing rates. Instant bankruptcy as they barely existed even when fabricating all their account numbers. In either a reduced bid or an actual purchase from actual bankruptcy court, he buys Twitter for 20% of his original bid. If it disappears, Gettr, Gab, is out there, and more probably others like Truth Social, but there are several layers of problems with that. Best outcome? Twitter discredited, deflated, brought to reality, purchased without anyone being able to complain or defend, then run like a normal company. The Blue staff and certainly management will all be demoralized and not able to say much about it, certainly no longer cult zealots anymore. They will be faced with the priest of their religion was embezzling the money and diddling the kids and that they were participating in it. Not saying they’ll ADMIT the truth, ever — that would be asking the sun to rise in the West — only that they stop being blood-gor-gut, veins in their teeth hare-kari zealots of the faith.

    “Biden Orders US Troops Back to War-Torn Somalia, Reversing Trump Withdrawal”

    Joe heard there were black folks there who were not yet killed or arrested by his ‘94 crime bill. Official “Seal of Obama Approval” (he attacked every black country he could find originally) Besides, we got plenty of money!

    “White House ‘Near Deal’ to Reopen Abbott Baby Formula Plant, Allow Imports”

    Not QUITE enough dead babies yet. Need just a few more. One thing they are definitely NOT going to do though is allow competition. Because Capitalism = Government Protected Monopoly with No Property Rights. Or was that a different sort of system with a different name?

    The Ultra-Maga King: “Let’s Go Re-Brandon!” (Cute)

    I take it back though. Apparently they claimed and owned the slogan immediately and en masse so it backfired and won’t give them leverage. Great study in how you give your power to others by cowering and apologizing. They didn’t for a change, so now that narcissist’s weapon is useless. Tick another box for “The Docktor was wrong”.

    those darned kids

    spartacus’ summary, well worth reading:


    in the list of must read substacks found above, one finds:

    “Dr. John’s Blog by John Day, MD”

    congrats, doc!

    Dr D Rich

    Twitter = Wells Fargo = Scott Ritter = Don Arthur = Dave Tam = Jeremy Boorda = Patty Horoho = Tonie Fauci = Enron


    Z is the new Q. 80 days to take a steel plant.

    Per Escobar:

    “Wars are not won with tactics and narratives – they require a Grand Strategy. Russia has a master plan behind its Ukraine military operations, but does the west have one?”

    [..] “On Operation Z, the Russians revel in total strategic ambiguity, which has the collective west completely discombobulated. The Pentagon does not have the necessary intellectual firepower to out-smart the Russian General Staff. Only a few outliers understand that this is not a war – since the Ukraine Armed Forces have been irretrievably routed – but actually what Russian military and naval expert Andrei Martyanov calls a “combined arms police operation,” a work-in-progress on demilitarization and denazification.”

    (Kinda like safe and effective vaccines)

    [..] “Ukraine was never about a military win. What is being accomplished is the slow, painful destruction of the European Union (EU) economy, coupled with extraordinary weapons profits for the western military-industrial complex and creeping security rule by those nations’ political elites.”

    (Uh, war is a racket, certain countries in the EU need to brought back into line. Putin is a proxy, the new ISIS. Yep, the west os completely discombobulated, never done this before. Putin has made a strategic blunder that will go down as an historical disaster.)


    A senior twatter engineer only worked 4 hours in the last quarter. Now he is putting in more hours so he can be promoted, since twatter pays a lot more if you get promoted.

    Hopefully he runs into a “Musk” brick wall!


    “But, but, what about the $40 billion the US will send?”
    What about Finland and Sweden?
    What about energy supplies/delivery?
    What about undelivered military supplies?

    1. Cease fire Negotiations
    2. Guided tour of the tunnels to evacuate and de-mine the tunnels
    3. Prisoner exchange
    4. Election , peace Negotiations
    5. Border negotiations
    6. Return of stolen Russian assets

    4 hours ago (09:40 GMT)
    Russia’s defence ministry says its forces have fired missiles at arms shipments from Kyiv’s Western allies – including the United States – in Ukraine’s western Lviv region, destroying the cargo.

    The claim came after Lviv’s governor said Russian forces had again hit a major military facility in the region. There was no immediate response from Kyiv.


    The scam will continue
    While Ukraine would eventually need “massive support” for reconstruction and recovery on the scale of the post-World War II Marshall Plan for Europe, the country would have to take this “one step at a time”, she said.

    Figmund Sreud

    Extra Terrestrials are coming! … er, on the bicycles?

    … ET hearing will be livestreamed on the committee’s YouTube channel. ( … started at 9:00 a.m. ET)

    The session will include testimony from Ronald S. Moultrie, the Pentagon’s top intelligence official, …

    Congress is holding its first UFO hearing in more than 50 years



    Paul Blake Smith, in his 2020 book, “President Eisenhower’s Close Encounters” makes the case that the Georgia Guidestones were erected by a group of retired Georgia State Troopers who’d served as Ike’s security detail on his 1954 (Edwards) & ’55 (Holloman) covert “summits” w/ ET representatives. The indication is that its “Commandments” derive from Alien advice/stipulations given to Eisenhower at those meetings. There’s every reason to believe the Plandemic was the Global Elite/Deep State implementation of Tenets 1 & 2 thereof (via Infertility & the mainstreaming of IVF soon to occur), in preparation for ET👽UFO ‘Disclosure’ (or ‘Manifestation’). Since depopulation will ruin the “Elites”, they’re *accommodating* ET in doing so, to curry favor.


    Baby formula is rather specific.
    According to this article:, most baby formula has lactose as the primary sugar, mimicking human breast milk. The label pictured above is probably a “gentle” formula, for colicky babies, as babies with upset stomachs often have trouble digesting lactose. It has been a very long time since I looked at a formula label…

    TAE Summary

    * Man Ray photo original title: Sex and Violins

    * The Azov Principle: Azov yesterday we’re never giving up but Azov today we’re surrendering

    * The Peter Doocy Principle: People in government tend to be promoted to their level of incompetence at which point they become White House Press Secretary until they can get promoted to CNN or NBC

    * New polls shows that 67% of Americans say both Kamala and Joe Fail the Turing Test. They both need more advanced programming to convince people they’re human.

    * The West no longer has strategy, only tactics.

    * Biden’s Ukraine Policy: Bribe Back Better

    * Biden’s Energy Policy: Dribble, Baby Dribble!

    * Edrogan, the NATO Nazi: No NATO for you!

    * Infant Formula Logic: Formula is mostly corn syrup, corn is grass, cows eat grass, cows give milk, babies need milk. We’re just streamlining the process. It’s all good.

    * World Health Organization to change name to World Health Autocratic Tyrant; WTF

    * In the beginning was the work and the work was with Kamala and the work was Kamala and the work became Kamala and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.

    * The world is a circle without a beginning and nobody knows where it really ends
    The world is a circle


    “We are one world, we have one health, we are one WHO.”

    … excerpt from article posted at top, ‘States must nullify any WHO pandemic Regs.’

    reminded me of: NATO foreign ministers link arms and sing We are the World. – 2015

    cringe, alarm, disgust – hard call

    D Benton Smith


    Regarding labels and acronyms like VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome), or ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement.)

    Y’all need to stop saying everything backwards. That’s what is making it so hard for folks to understand what the heck you’re saying (or even decide whether we should try to or not.) Just because that’s the ‘small clues first’ way that scientists discover things using the scientific method (i.e. small factual evidence first (s) first, and then The Big Picture emerging from the details later) does not mean that they should explain it to people the same way (backside first). People want the wide view first so that they can quickly decide whether or not they should go on listening to the boring details.

    Want me to invest the time to understand the basic science lurking beneath the geeky terms and arcane acronym? Then put the key idea first, for example
    VAIDS (Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) should be IDSVA:
    Immune Deficiency Syndrome [ which gives me a reason to pay attention … it’s about my well being] , Vaccine Acquired [ which hints at how I might avoid the threat .]

    Explain it like I’m 5 , and lose the Geek Speak.


    Capitalism works well until Corporatism takes over, like Cell Regeneration works well until Cancer takes over.

    Susan C

    Ukrainian soldiers at the Russian border for a photo-op:

    Dr D Rich

    A reply to TAE Summary and that carpenter guy/reductionist I forget his moniker:

    I’m not so sure this… “The Peter Doocy Principle: People in government tend to be promoted to their level of incompetence at which point they become White House Press Secretary until they can get promoted to CNN or NBC”… isn’t the standard applied by Human Resources and OPM everywhere.

    Because we have this person, one of 20% journalism majors in each class (80% must science/engineering) at the U.S. Naval Academy and first non-aviator to command an aircraft carrier after Congress changed the law in 1999 to strike the fear in our adversaries…paper, pen and live blogging. I digress.


    I didn’t realize the new commander was a non-aviator till I read Dr. D Rich: that seems insane to me. Delivering aircraft to a point closer to conflict is the main objective, and it would seem to me that understanding that particular aspect needs to be soaked into every pore of the decision-maker to a level that much of it is unconscious… practice that is fully learned and absorbed.
    Maybe in a similar fashion, good docs probably need physiology and anatomy basics fully absorbed and unconscious when figuring out tough cases.

    My memory recalls reports of doctors creatively (and successfully) treating Covid cases early on based upon symptoms, and their experience. At some level this level of mastery becomes unteachable in classrooms (especially University of Phoenix?).

    And mastery is truly the issue at point at this level of responsibility.

    Dr D Rich


    Someone might just have been padding and curating Admiral Franchetti’s resumé but it’s there and it’s absurd for the reasons you explicate and it harkens to the Jeremy Boorda saga.
    (Run on sentence is deliberate and she’s the “combat seasoned front runner to replace Gilday)


    Hey, thanks, V. Arnold.

    Veracious Poet

    Future historians are going to have a field day performing post mortems on U$ Empire Inc. 😕

    Doc Robinson

    Some interesting details about “Omicron”, from Igor Chudov:

    Why “Omicron Vaccine” is Impossible

    The so-called “Omicron Variant” is a very inclusive term that includes “every Sars-Cov-2 descendant after Delta”. It is best to think about it as a marketing term giving an excuse why Covid vaccines do not work, rather than as a scientific term.

    For example, the Ba.1 and Ba.2 variants [both “Omicron”] are MORE distant from each other, than they are from any past Sars-Cov-2 variants

    Therefore, unlike in 2020, there is no single variant against which to make a “vaccine”.

    They are at a Dead End
    The following are insurmountable problems for any “variant vaccine”:

    The existing Sars-Cov-2 variants are so distant, that no spike antigen can create antibodies against all existing variants

    Even disregarding time-consuming “safety testing” and “efficacy testing”, which as we know the “safe and effective vaccines” do not need, the design and production cycle takes months. During this time, new variants will appear that will make the vaccine obsolete.

    Almost nobody is “Covid naive”. Most people have had one or several Covids, and most people were vaccinated. This makes the immunological situation vastly more complicated than it was in 2020.

    People finally woke up and new uptake of “Covid vaccines” and second booster is, fortunately, negligible. A newfangled “Hail Mary” variant vaccine, designed in haste and marketed by the same crooks, to the remaining vaccine enthusiasts, will never make an epidemiological difference.

    “Vaccine Against Variants” is Impossible and Will Endanger the Naturally Immune


    As the Russian special military operation has been unfolding I have been watching a lot of talking heads and trying to get an understanding of what is really happening on the ground in Ukraine. I routinely checked in with MOA , The Saker , Top War , South Front , Ritter, Dreizen , the two Alexes’es and several Telegram accounts, to name a few. As time has progressed both sides of the media have become more and more biased and now a lot of the commentators sound like propagandists . Luckily I found a link to this very useful website that deals with the actual battle situation and offers very little opinion on who is “winning”. The site is updated almost daily and delves into the operation in detail. Having now gone back to the posting at DPA from day one of the operation and watched them all through to day 80 it is not hard to see why there is a good case for the NATO version of events , that is that Ukraine is winning. Russia attacked on five fronts and lost a lot of men and equipment by moving a long way away from it’s supply lines and found itself isolated without support. Contrary to some pro Russian analysts , Ritter for example who lauded these movements as great strategic events, a closer and more neutral analysis show that losses were very heavy and and then all of the territory was surrendered and is still being surrendered right now in Kharkiv. Compare the maps of day thirty to day 80 , how the situation has unfolded can hardly be described as winning from the Russian point of view, Only two days ago civilians were killed by Ukrainian artillery in Donetsk! Eighty plus days after starting the operation to liberate Donetsk the front has not moved barely one inch at Donetsk. The gains made recently at Nikolayav have been countered by losses in Kharkiv , only the Donetsk river crossing is possibly preventing the Ukranians from taking back all of Kharkiv province and cutting the Izium front in two. The retreats which many pro Russian pundits have described as being very tactical and effective were actually driven by Ukrainian offensives which then exposed the white arm band Ukranians in the abandoned territories to murder , torture and beatings, Bucha being the most well known example . That is not a success in my view , leaving the folk you promised to liberate behind to be chopped up by the Ukrainian Nazis has had a very debilitating effect on the pro Russian population , they are afraid now to work with the Russians or even take aid from them in some places because of the repercussions after the Russian withdrawals. Some pundits described the situation around Kiev when the Russians dug in and surrounded the city as an effective blockade of the city and gave the impression that the Russians were just lazing around on the outskirts of the city where in fact there was intense fighting there , Bucha changed hands at least twice and then around day thirty the Ukrainian offensive drove the Russians out. The supposed success was that the Ukrainian troops in the central North were prevented from supporting the Donbass front . A more likely alternative might be that Russians had hopes of an internal coup in Kiev removing Zelensky and instating a new government that would negotiate an end to the conflict there and then. There were reports that Russian intel agents were severely punished after the withdrawal and that could be why.The West saw the first fifteen days as a Russian success and were even talking about evacuating Zelensky but when the Russians failed to take control of Kiev , Sumi and Kharkiv they saw a weakness and pushed them out with offensives , the Kharkiv one is still pushing the Russians back and in places the Ukranians are back at the Russian border. It was the Russian withdrawals which reinvigorated the West and the Ukranians and gave a new impetus to a plan to hit Russia with every weapon at hand. I could go on but take a look at this site , there is a day thirty summary which means there is no need to watch all of the first thirty days if you are not inclined. Be warned , there is as much propaganda out there on the Russian side as the Ukraine side . I am a supporter of the DPR ,LPR and Russia in this conflict but I also want to see real factual information that has not been polished up to convey bias.


    I just have to love the way Elon Musk is taking twatter apart, one fraudulent piece at a time!
    The best part is twatter can not defend itself without revealing it’s own fraud!
    Elon twattering a poop emol on twatter’s doorstep is hilarious!
    The whole purpose of government supported twatter is to support the left’s bot operations!
    Twatter couldn’t survive without massive government supported servers!

    So 264 wounded Ukrainian neo-nazis heros at Mariupol’s steel plant were evacuated!
    (To the Donbas which still has the death penalty.)
    They didn’t surrender as you thought.
    Sorry, words now mean what the MSM say they mean.

    Yesterday the Ukrainian boy scouts didn’t have a very good day.
    It seems a whole bunch of boy scout troops were cancelled.
    Not just in eastern but in western Ukraine too.
    Ten thousand more Ukrainians in the Donbas were surrounded and are currently being boiled.
    Boiling is what comes after you are trapped in a cauldron.
    Only western witches could enjoy such a horrible scene of death, to the last Ukrainian.



    Thank you for your comments and the provided link to YouTube.

    As you stated Russia definately made mistakes by withdrawing from areas around Kiew and Karkov therebye leaving civilians exposured to the Ukrainian SBU.

    One thing to keep in mind is Russia only has about 100 thousand troops deployed in the Ukraine. My observation is these small numbers of troops for such a large area has forced the Russian military to make some very hard choices. They cannot be everywhere at once.

    I think Putin wisely limited the number of troops for two reasons. First to force the Russian military to stick to previously established priorities. Second it forces Russian cammanders to be very aware of the exposure risks they are putting their soldiers under. Since they are not going to get an endless supply of new soldiers like in WW2 under Stalin, this forces them to be much more careful about how they fight the Ukrainians. So you tend to avoid any type of fighting requiring high casualties to achieve your objective. You also tend to go slower too. Putin knows he cannot afford high casualties politically.

    The Russians seem to be retreating whenever they find themselves involved in costly guerilla warfare in areas not critical to the outcome of the war, like Kiev. The Russians prefer to fight battles critical to winning the war, like Donbas. When you have barely enough soldiers to do a job, you tend to stay on the critical path as previously planned.

    The bulk of the best Ukrainian army units are now trapped in the Donbas fortified lines and are being slowly but surely ground down by Russia’s favorite way of fighting, artillery. Using artillery helps to greatly reduce your sides casualties while greatly increasing the other sides casualties. This is what is happening in the Donbas line of contact. However we are not seeing very many videos from the Russian side because the Russians have been able to impose strict discipline on their side (I.e. Russian soldiers are not allowed cell phone which reveal their position!).

    The youtube videos you are seeing are by the BBC which are showing you footage of Ukrainians in non-critical areas of the war. They are not showing you what is really happening in the Donbas! It is a bit of “Oh look at the squirrel over there!” moment.

    I think it is only a matter of weeks/months before you will see the main Ukrainian armies in the east crumble and break. They simply cannot keep losing thousands of soldiers every week. My guess is at least 650 per day based upon the number of missile strikes/day, air strikes/day, and artillery strikes/day. When you are hitting a 1,000 targets a day some Ukrainians are bound to get cancelled.

    I must say the western media have done as masterful job of projecting the Ukrainians are winning. But when I observe how the Ukrainians are behaving it reminds me of the last year of WW2 in Nazi Germany. Nazi propaganda didn’t win the war for the German Nazis anymore than it will for the Ukrainian Nazis.


    What I see Russians doing in the Ukraine reminds me of what the Canadian gernerals faced while pushing their way up into Holland during WW2. The Canadian army were losing hundreds of men every day/week. In Normandy they still had reserves in Britain to replace losses. However upon reaching Holland they no longer had any reserves left!

    They had already stripped Britain of every Canadian army cook, mechanic, driver, etc and converted them into foot soldiers. The generals pleaded with Ottawa for more soldiers. Ottawa said no can do! Make do with what you have!

    So desperate, the Canadian army started converting Sherman tanks into kangaroo army personnel carriers by removing the gun turrets. Up to 10 soldiers could be fitted inside. This helped reduce the daily/weekly casualties while still getting the job done. So having more troops doesn’t 9u8always lead to a better outcome.


    Yah, bursa and kharkov are only minor tactical defeats, nothing of value there
    I did see, in print (FWIW) that the russians offered bus rides in bursa
    (when withdrawing, they were NOT withdrawing under fire)
    The rail lines are not near the kharkov AFU advance,
    The rail lines are near the artillery, I’m sure they don’t want to wear out the tubes with high rate fire,
    so slow fire out of lots of tubes is better
    There was some mention of 2nd level troops for back to keep law and order
    And for nazi’s creeping back
    I’m sure it is an immense problem, all the POWs, that right away tells who is winning
    And, I’m afraid (not really) that AFU is running out of bodies (and much else, there’s that logistics again)
    These lightweight 155’s will fit into a food delivery truck, still got to feed it (and fix it, they are not that durable)
    That’s if counter battery hasn’t found it 1st
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see the fresh 50K RA pinch off the karkov advance, a few more for the bag
    Time is on Putin’s side ,, so why rush?
    And westerners get quickly bored, no attention span

    TAE Summary

    With F-holes adorning her back
    She’s modest and hiding her rack
    So chaste and demure
    So nubile and pure
    Except that she’s flaunting her crack

    As Azov surrenders en masse
    They’re Nazis, but still get a pass
    Because they’ve been shootin’
    The armies of Putin
    Their racism’s pretty high class

    So formula’s milkified sweets
    Addicting a baby to treats
    An infant’s still learning
    For what food it’s yearning
    It’s got to have milks before meats

    Ukrainian troops got the order
    To high tail it out to the border
    Their ultimate goal
    Was picts with a pole
    Thus highlighting Russian disorder

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