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    Wassily Kandinsky Contrasting Sounds 1924   • Every Fed Tightening Cycle ‘Creates A Meaningful Crisis Somewhere’ (MW) • Fed Minutes Show Support
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    V. Arnold

    How about building better cars?

    Indeed, after all these years the U.S. still builds junk. After driving Imports since 1963; I decided to buy American in 1986; biggest piece of junk I ever owned and dumped it after a year; been driving foreign (German, Swedish, and Japanese) ever since.
    And the irony is; it’s now showing up in U.S. weapon systems; inferior by any measure to Russia and even Israel. The Chinese have also usurped the U.S. in hypersonic as well.
    The decay is palpable…

    It’s not gone. But it is under threat. (Mediterranean Diet)
    It’s happening here as well; western junk food polluting an entire society; KFC, MacDonalds, Burger King, and pizza joints (who’s names I can’t remember).
    Diabetes in epidemic proportions; heart disease seriously across the population.
    The fucking U.S. destroys with war, diet, economics, and degenerat morals…

    V. Arnold


    Dr. D

    This Is A Harsh Place To Have A Family (G.)

    It IS a terrible place to have a family, but that’s because it’s been scientifically engineered from the top for 50 years to be an inhuman, institutionalized, ‘soviet’ society with specific attacks on families, communities, and gender norms, mainstreaming the earlier psychotic development work on the institutionalized destruction of Native Americans and minorities.

    Author, again lost. Has to defend what’s killing her, her economy, her community, her family, and her children. Top indicator of childhood success? Fathers in the household, 2-parent families. So obviously we need to do the OPPOSITE of success in every way, every advertisement, every TV show, every law. So tell me, if you have economy=100, and you double the number of workers bidding for those jobs, what happens to wages? Wages=50%~? Amazing! That’s exactly the result we found when we put it in practice after Mary Tyler Moore! Now households that WOULD have needed only one income CAN’T, so you screwed all your neighbors in wage negotiations too, forcing all the OTHER women to have to abandon their kids and work, good job! (P.S. this is plank #8 in the Communist Manifesto.)

    Once you start down this road, see how pathological and ruinous it is, how “latchkey kids” can’t socialize, have ruinous, bankrupting divorces, and with the family unit the entire society dissolves, crime and drug use rises, do we turn around, prioritize our kids, and force a path to two-parent households and a single income? Not on your life, baby! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the ME generation, screw my husband, wife, kids, parents, bunch of fuddy-duddy Leave it to Beaver squares. I’m a hep cat. I’m cool. I’m down with it! You can’t restrain me with your rules about how if you sleep around, have serial parents, serial marriages, serial divorces, serial half-siblings, you’ll be financially ruined, exhausted, and damaged goods on the singles market, dying alone in old age. No way. The obvious law of consequences, thinking only 10 seconds ahead don’t apply to me. Women aren’t women, men aren’t men, children aren’t children. Why? Because I said so, I want it to be true. So you have children being the adults, men being women, women being men, and everybody trying to figure out why when you use a spoon as a hammer, and a hammer as an airplane wing, nothing works and everything’s confused.

    …And so this writer. If only the government — who promoted and/or enforced all these irrational, demonstrably ruinous, unproductive plans — would give us a little maternity leave, I’m sure it would all be great. We’d have the social cohesion of France or Sweden, who are coming apart at the seams and burning before our eyes. Look, it was worse in let’s say 1880 Europe, and you know what people did? They prioritized their family, their spouses, their children, even their communities and their churches before themselves. Because if you want to put yourself first, go “each his own” corporations –and lovers, and children — will surely reciprocate. The only way to stop this is to stop being selfish, extracting all you can at the expense of the other guy, the other gal, start keeping your word, taking responsibility, and work together as a unit. The ‘government’ is not going to help you, but neither can they stop you.

    But don’t worry, nobody’s going to do any of this. At all. They’re dedicated to being ruined, confused, blaming, victims who look to somebody else to bully the other guy to make them provide by force. Be it the hook-up you deserve, the husband who won’t do exactly as you tell him, the children who have their own minds and mistakes, or the wife who flakes out and takes both the money and the kids. Blame, blame, blame. Violence, violence, violence. Force, force, force. And you wonder why now your life, your country, is a harsh place to have a family. This is the magic utopia wonderland you wanted, you who were so much smarter than your fathers, now lie in the empty bed you still fight for, defend with your last breath like Westervelt does, and cry.

    “Life is hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.”

    Dr. D

    Science! They both don’t know the effects of Global Warming, the cause (all their models have been wrong for 30 years) or the effects, much less the cost to within a trillion. But don’t let that stop you. Hey, did you hear everything they said about DNA is also wrong? Yes, it edits, (epigenetics) and no, every cell in your body does not have the same DNA code.

    Science! The authority failed again. And again. And again. But trust me. Although I’ve been wrong every day for 30 years, and cost you a trillion dollars in pointless adjustments that savaged the poor and profited my donors, this time I’ll be right. I promise.

    Dr. D

    How about that National Health? Not only are they killing children, needing international legal intervention to allow them a chance at survival, (and this is not the only story) but now the costs keep rising, bankrupting the state, austerity, and disaster. And as a government system, neither can the doctors adjust and go private to get themselves and their patients out of harm’s way.

    Socialism always works at first, that’s why people still choose it. But this is what happens when you “run out of other people’s money,” then worse, there is no adjustment, no accountability, no cost-alignment, no backup system to move to. So they save people on the front end, then kill twice as many all at once on the back end, like Venezuela and Argentina. Every. Time. You can do what you want, but I’m on the American plan of not trusting them ever and taking my lumps all along, knowing that THERE AIN’T NO SUCH THING AS A FREE LUNCH. You pay first, middle, and often. You can put it on the credit card, lash it to the mast of state, but it still costs. The reason it’s worse is that government (like the United States/Big Pharma) NEVER HAS ANY INCENTIVE TO MODERATE COSTS. Therefore costs become unmoored and rise unchecked until they bankrupt even nation-states, killing millions when healthcare and the state itself fails. All care costs, and over time the government is the worst possible provider of care for those two reasons, and I need a backup system for when they inevitably fail.

    With the North Seas fortune, it took a long time, but that is being played out in Britain right now.
    (“A Cornish councillor has compared children like mine to deformed lambs, saying they could be dealt with at birth by “smashing them against a wall”) Classy! Love in its highest form.

    Here’s a plan: STOP HELPING. You’re killing me and everyone. Go away.

    V. Arnold



    Problems identified.

    It’s going to take more than one coffee break to find an implementable solution.


    Life is repeating the same thing to get the same results.


    “So you have children being the adults, men being women, women being men, and everybody trying to figure out why when you use a spoon as a hammer, and a hammer as an airplane wing, nothing works and everything’s confused.”

    Zioglobalist thought control program. Poor little victim-butterfly flits in stupor from one ephemeral fragrant flower to another, unaware that her destination/journey is to be crushed by her programmer’s fly swat. Grow a pair.


    Why don’t women stop having children?
    Women have said that it hurts.
    Women say that it’s not fun.


    I do get a little tired of hearing about how Socialism is bad, Communism is bad and how Capitalism is the answer where the rule is dog eat dog. None of the above work on their own. A Country needs a bit of each and that is an ever changing dynamic. We should decide what should be owned by the state for the benefit of the people (Communism) what we should provide each other(Socialism) and what we can do by ourselves. (Capitalism) This should be a never ending discussion.

    V. Arnold

    Me too, it’s boring and wrong.
    Thus my one word reply; Cuba.
    Happy, healthy, and educated population.
    Capitalism is exploitive, period.


    Oh dear, some more of these things that believers thought were over have actually come about.

    Water transforms Australia’s iconic Lake Eyre

    It even snowed on hills in Victoria during the month of March – your September.

    “Victoria weather: First snow of the season at Mt Hotham, Falls Creek as cold snap crosses state”

    Of course, this has nothing to do with the sun’s spots going into a quiet period.


    Everything is still acting within a range capable of sustaining life.

    Mother Nature sets new snowfall record in central Newfoundland


    Maybe the solution isn’t another “ism” after all?

    But of course, special interests will never let this gain a footing,,,,,

    V. Arnold

    PLL, with all due respect; that piece you link to is horribly written with apparently no editing.
    Sorry, unreadable…

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