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    Giovanni Bellini The transfiguration c1490   • Pelosi: Trump Could Contest 2020 Election Results – Be Prepared (Carter) • Joe Biden Says He ‘Does
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    V. Arnold

    Big Ag wants it all. But YOU can still go look for a farmers’ market.

    Indeed, Farmer’s markets, how quaint. 😉 (sarc)

    • American Farmers Go Bankrupt (ZH)

    It seems big ag is in trouble; not the little guys.
    Given big ag is killing us; good riddance, no?
    Possibly this is the time to rejig U.S. agriculture; sounds like it’s happening anyway…

    Ooo, ooo;

    Millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon
    – Susan Ertz

    That’s priceless and oboy can I relate.
    Immortality is a curse…

    Dr. D

    “Possible scenario where Trump would not accept the election results”

    2 years in and OMG. Kettle. Pot. And we did this in the debate in ‘16. Will HRC and Comey accept the election results?

    “Imagine if we hadn’t won”

    What difference did it make? You’re still not doing anything for the people. And btw, great point. So in the 2018, did DJT not seat the Democratic majority? That’s what you’re suggesting. Oh wait, he did, if ‘he’ means anything here: he’s just one guy. They seem to think he’s Satan, roaming the earth limitlessly, hiding in every closet and resting on every shoulder.

    Trump Criticizes Social Media Bans Of Right-Wing Extremists (PA)”

    This is completely logical when Bernie is so far right to these people that he’s also Hitler. It used to be a joke, or we didn’t know that it wasn’t: ‘Everyone to the right of Mao is “right-wing”.’ Okay, great. Do you think the American people will be on board with de-speeching, de-crying, de-banking everyone, calling THEM, 90% of the country and 80% of the Democrats, “Right wing extremists”? The unions weren’t on board with this and where are you going without the unions, may I add, in MI, WI, and PA? What are they thinking? This will not win. #ComeBack

    “He has previously claimed social media companies are biased against conservatives, something the companies have rejected as untrue.”

    From yesterday’s frustration, WHILE Jack Dorsey said on national radio that it WAS true, and Facebook, etc, busted on camera saying of course they do and think it’s funny. So, yes journalism, you should mark that the companies deny it, but this is not a he-said/she-said at this point. Maybe their argument is that it’s not ONLY conservatives, which is entirely true: they also purged Occupy, and the anti-war folks, and the non-corporate wing of the Left. So whether you’re right or left, if you’re not for $2T war debts going to kill children in Palestine and Yemen, if you’re not for health insurer’s profits, if you’re not for complete control of all your banking and speech by an unelected billionaire, you’re about to get purged too.

    The present list has: a gay man, a black man, a feminist, several Jews, a number of moderate liberals who would be the core of Bill Clinton’s presidency, a few rich and famous people, and some immigrants, as well as many foreigners and whole political campaigns. So don’t think they care about these groups or that anyone is going to get a pass. Obey Zuck or else! Don’t mess with the profits! And in today’s world, all profits come exclusively from rigging the political system, as in payouts to Amazon and Google, to spy in CIA data farms and kill you with Google drones. Be Evil™

    “So, should Facebook be able to throw people out that haven’t been accused of anything criminal?”

    No. As a public accommodation, with 60 years of case law, you can’t just be slandered, you have to be adjudicated in a court of law, where there are standards of evidence that apply to both sides presenting their case. …Which these days would be bad enough. So let’s not reverse all of the Civil Rights movement, shall we? And why is it the Left attempting to end Civil Rights, while the right defends THEM? Isn’t that the political irony of the century? Some Nazis the Right are: “Free speech here! Free speech for everyone, black white and Jew! Free speech for liberals and democrats, come on down!” I mean, really? What’s gotten into people? We ban them for quoting Emerson now?

    “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

    “The Fed is a socialist organization.”

    Although on a sliding scale, we haven’t had capitalism since we had the Fed. $36B isn’t a fraction of the money transferred to them. Hey, how much does it cost to get water the the kids in Flint again? A: Who cares? They live in Flyoverland. I got mine, Jack.

    “George Osborne, in particular, seized the opportunity of the financial crisis of 2007-09 to cut back on public spending,”

    This isn’t limited to us. George didn’t cut back on PUBLIC spending – he paid plenty for warships and bailouts – he only cut back on spending FOR the public. B’golly, why are they so mad? Why won’t they do as we say anymore? We’re only killing them by the thousands, while their kids are white with hunger and as they prostitute themselves to get the rental of a shed in London. Pure mystery.

    “ Urban Greening Can Save Species, Cool Warming Cities, Make Us Happy (Conv.)”

    What was that city in Spain that cut off the whole city center, against all reason? Turns out people prefer cities without cars and go there just as much, but with less cost, less oil, and better experience. –May not be applicable to places with 6 months of winter, but I’m sure they can do something similar, like NY subways or something.

    Heck of a day: anyone want to start a pool of when the Doctor will be de-personed and de-banked? They already de-banked TAE for trying to help Greece way back. You’re next.


    Is this the true version of truth?

    Leaked: USA’s Feb 2018 Plan For A Coup In Venezuela


    Austerity leading to teachers having to pay for books? Bollocks! The UK government is spending more than ever. Even in real, per pupil terms it is about at historical highest levels ever. p.29 fig. 6.1a
    Real spending per pupil in the UK

    Primary schools, Secondary schools, higher education resources all steadily going up, or at worse leveling off. For instance, real per student spending for primary school was at 2000£ in 1989-90, now well over 4000£.

    The reality is not that the government is not spending money. It’s that the education system is a monstrous bureaucracy ever growing in complexity, administration, specials needs, counselors, regulation, tracking etc


    Seems the Left – Right dichotomy came from a “birds of a feather flock together” perspective of governing bodies from the chair’s podium, a stage left and right view. In close votes, a call for a division provides for a physical counting.

    So, does there exist a current scale, spectrum, matrix, … that would help determine what is conservative, progressive, liberal, etc., as well as radical?


    Used to follow this site way back just spun by expecting to find more commentary on the ioer falling below the EFF. Trying to piece it together but seems like liquidity could become big issue soon in similar if not larger ways to 08.


    If Facebook is covered by public accommodation laws, and I believe it is, political persuasion is not one of the protected classes covered by any state or federal law. Offensive behavior however is considered a valid reason to disallow accommodation. Walmart sets its own rules. One cannot disturb the peace, preach or proselytize in the isles, or bring the apples you picked from your apple tree and sell them in the produce section. You can’t go to a restaurant dressed in a speedo (or not) and harass the patronage with your view of chem trails. You’ll find your scantily covered ass out in the street whether you’re a protected class or not. The private entity sets its own rules within the parameters set forth by the civil rights act, whether federal or state. Public accommodation laws do not imply completely free and unfettered access. The FCC disallows certain language over the “airways.” Free speech has its limitations as well. If the aggrieved individuals in the current instances with Facebook feel they have been unjustly treated they are free to bring civil rights charges in court.



    I was just starting an essay on finance, and for me right now that has to start with: I haven’t written much on this because there are no markets, now that the Fed has taken everything over. I understand that, and why, people whose lives have always been linked to markets still believe there are markets, but that in itself doesn’t make them real. Markets are synonymous with price discovery, and the Fed sets all prices, so no price discovery, so no markets. What appears to still be there is an illusion. And what were once investors are now socialists craving the their next hand-out. And if liquidity becomes an issue it’s because the Fed wants it to be. I’ll still write the essay though. NB when I say Fed, that includes ECB, BOJ, PBOC.


    Planetary Citizen,

    Walmart doesn’t exclude people because it doesn’t like their political views. And it doesn’t do it for any other arbitrary reasons, like the color of their skins. If it would, it would run into major problems. But that’s not the real issue: Facebook is a communication channel that connects half the world. It may not be bound by laws today that forbid it from imposing its own arbitrary views on that half of the world, but it should and will be. You can’t seriously argue anymore that it’s just your own little private thingy, when you have 4 billion users. So far, politicians, and that’s by no means just in the US, have done zilch, because they can’t oversee the consequences of either action or inaction, and they were born cowards, but that too will have to change.


    We know who will be absorbing the increased costs.

    Trade Deal Dead: Trump Says 10% China Tariff Rising To 25% On Friday, Another $325BN In Goods To Be Taxed
    Trump ‘messed up the clock’ on USMCA, current form ‘dead’: former U.S. ambassador

    Among the obstacles yet to overcome: In the U.S. Democrats have said that the deal without changes won’t have their vote, nor will they allow a vote in Congress until Mexico changes its labour laws. In addition to these sticking points, Canada will not sign the deal so long as the U.S.-imposed steel and aluminum tariffs are in place.


    Facebook doesn’t exclude people because of their political views (from what I see anyway). If they did Ann Coulter wouldn’t be on there as well as half of my family. They do it because of hate speech, racism, outrageous injurious conspiracy theories (Sandy Hook), the list goes on. And the most recent list of the banned are some of the most egregious examples. If they want to peddle their shit they have the entire internet to do so. Facebook at its essence is about people connecting with their friends and family, at least that’s the way it started out. My personal opinion about the newsfeed portion of FB ought to require them to meet the FCC requirements for a media organization.

    Doc Robinson

    Facebook is problematic because it’s a quasi-monopoly, etc., but an argument can be made that users agreed in advance to Facebook’s terms and conditions — something I couldn’t bring myself to do. Too big a power imbalance.

    And if you actually think you know what you’ve agreed to, remember that Facebook maintains the right to change its mind about user conditions at any time.
    Basically, if you’re still using Facebook, you’re agreeing.

    V. Arnold

    Doc Robinson
    — something I couldn’t bring myself to do. Too big a power imbalance.

    Spot on post.
    I briefly had an account (FB), but that was over a decade ago, before I knew better… 😉
    #3 above is a doosy; collective insanity; public social gatherings opening one to the vagaries of?
    Whom? Whomever wishes to intrude in ones life; no thank you.
    When’s the last time you (all inclusive) actually wrote and mailed a letter? For me, it was just over a year ago.
    So called, snail mail, is still the most secure way to communicate important information.
    Sure, it can be opened, but not without a search warrant; but mostly that doesn’t happen…

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