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    Arthur Rothstein Descendants of slaves on Pettway plantation, Gee’s Bend, Alabama February 1937 Tyler Durden runs a few lines by us from casino mogul
    [See the full post at: Debt Rattle May 7 2014: A Parasite Is Devouring The Heart Of America]

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Well, I read the article and it actually doesn’t say anything. Read it yourself. A lot of threatening “threat” threats, and that’s about it. I guess it can be safely assumed we all know what they mean by all that threatening language. Except that we don’t.

    It’s a new world religion and Obama is its latest messiah. The oceans might rise a few millimeters and threaten. The average summer temperature someplace might rise two degrees and threaten. There will be threats from storms (as if the world never saw storms before), and despite the fact that we haven’t seen hurricanes for nine years now.

    Empires are built around misconceptions until those empires become “too big to fail.” If you think the climate is a threat, just wait until you start seeing the damage done by the climate-change SCAM. I wrote a comment to yesterday’s article on 400 ppm CO2 if you want to see what I really think.

    I love this website, and owe much of my understanding of the future of the world’s energy and money to Ilargi and Stoneleigh. Two brilliant people who I revere. But why, oh why Lord, is there always a fly in the ointment?

    Diogenes Shrugged

    Sorry for any confusion; I was referring to the final article in the roster. Thanks.


    “the effects of climate change, which will ripple throughout the U.S. economy

    Priceless. We can’t understand anything without a price. Price love you greedy ba$tard$. Make my day.

    Like he just kinda said, “if you ain’t a bank, don’t worry, the government ‘solution’ to global warming won’t be reaching your zipcode any time soon.”


    I saw some screed by Wynn maybe 4 years ago where he was cursing the Federal deficit around the time it was peaking at near 15% of GDP on an annualized basis.. He seemed oblivious to the fact that if there was no deficit at that time which I recall he seemed to think was a good idea the GDP would have been down some significant portion of that 15%. The result would have most probably been rolling debt default and systematic deflationary collapse.

    Now don’t get me wrong, in the big scheme of things this whole Federal deficit is integral with the overall credit bubble and a part of the systematic dysfunction and I am not here to defend it on some grand basis. However anyone who has skin in the game can’t just harp on Fed policies and actions and ignore the whole picture. While he lays some claim to purity by admitting he wins with Fed policy he isn’t really so pure. Fed policy and the Federal deficit are at root part of the same thing. The marginal source of liquidity which keeps the system from collapsing. Any half measures 4 years ago slash the deficit or end activist Federal Reserve policies would have wiped out Mr. Wynn and most all what we know of the political economy and it’s leaders. At least that’s my take.

    The likes of Wynn pretend there is some middle ground but there isn’t. It’s all or nothing. Now maybe it’s my prejudice against Vegas moguls but looking for wisdom from the likes of them seems to be a fools errand.


    “…sales of homes that cost over $1 million rose 7.8%, while those under $250,000 fell 12%.”

    Expensive homes are selling well in the northeast. I read an article stating that it was the bonuses that were received recently that really had an impact, wealthy or well-to-do moving up.

    rapier – I don’t think Wynn was providing wisdom, just some truth. It’s not very often we hear the truth from one of the elite. How many others have come out to say they were just raking in the money, that the current policies were making them rich beyond their wildest dreams, that never before has it been so easy to make a killing.

    Wynn is just telling the truth about his “wynndfall”. I guess he’s made enough. Perhaps he’s starting to feel guilty, even ashamed. Maybe his conscience is getting to him, or maybe he’s wondering where all this is going to lead.

    Where’s Buffett, Blankfein, Paulson, Geithner, Congress, the Chamber of Commerce? Why aren’t they putting a stop to or speaking out about the greatest heist of all time? Perhaps they still don’t have enough. Imagine them coming out and saying, “Stop this! I can’t handle any more money, I’m floating in it.” No, they don’t dare do that; people might notice. Best to make the common folk believe that they’re doing this for them.

    Dr. Diablo

    Seriously people, yes, a fly in the ointment. If the sea levels rise WE WILL MOVE BACK FROM THE SHORE. Worldwide, most of the inland continents are empty. Subsumation of cities is continuous and normal, Alexandria, Egypt and ancient Ephesus (Turkey) come to mind, as well as modern-day Venice and New Orleans. Civilization did not end; it didn’t even notice. Nor did wildly warmer or cooler climates over ancient history stop the human race, or even make noticeable changes within lifetimes. If anything, warmer climates (as we can study in ancient India) seemed to be associated with human prosperity and cooler periods, such as the medieval “Ice Age” were times of relative hardship, although to the people of the period, it just seemed that wars began. If warming occurs to the planet, corn will shift to Saskatchewan, rye to Nunavit, and oranges to Houston. How can I be so placid? Because I read deep history. There has never been a time climate hasn’t been changing to warmer, colder, stormier or calmer. We’re WELL within norms. The weather from 1600-2000 was one of the best in history, an anomoly, and now that ideal period has statistically normalized, as one must expect. In 1536, Jacques Cartier was frozen at Quebec harbor under 1.8m ice. The world was FAR colder, long before coal. At the same time, the Iroqouis had stories of “flying heads” with streaming hair that flattened forests–a description of microbursts, flat tornadoes, not seen again commonly until 1998. So it was arguably both more cold and more stormy. Humans didn’t even notice it was “strange,” certainly not that the weather was “wrong.” S.W. climate under the Anasazi was ideal for centuries, then had a 50 year drought in 1150. It happened long before humans had the strength to be the cause.

    But that’s not why I wrote. Look at the climate CO2 chart above: it tells you everything you need to know to disprove CO2-caused anthropogenic global warming– it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Going back 800,000 years–when man couldn’t affect the climate of a parish, much less a planet–the CO2 levels have steadily gyrated between 175 and 250ppm. Especially since 500,000 the rhythm has been perfectly steady at 100,000 years–suggesting some larger planetary/sun/solar system cycle at work. That’s no less than 5 and possibly more than 8 100,000-year cycles that rose dramatically off the 175ppm level and shot up without pause to 250ppm: where we are today. The chart is not scaled well, but this vertical leap began perhaps 10,000 years ago, not exactly the coal age. And this rise is right on schedule, right on target, exactly to the level predicted.

    IF MAN WERE DOING ANYTHING HERE, WOULDN’T THE CHART HAVE TO BE DIFFERENT THAN WHEN WE WERE DOING NOTHING? By definition? This is the best chart I’ve ever seen disproving either CO2 effect or Anthropogenic global warming. QED. There is also nothing on this chart to suggest CO2 will rise higher than present; quite the contrary: this 800,000-year chart STRONGLY suggests CO2 is at its natural height and will reverse over the next hundreds of years through processes we don’t yet understand. A million years of natural reversal suggests no need for alarm. QED.

    Please, please, please, can we go back to using science and logic again on this and every other issue, instead of starting from the conclusion to advance our beliefs and agenda? Please.


    “In essence, the state has no choice: to save itself, the middle class must be sacrificed.”

    Charles Hugh Smith

    TV’s aren’t manufactured by the State. Educational and Health Care hierarchies are. Productivity?

    Dr. Diablo

    “In essence, the state has no choice: to save itself, the middle class must be sacrificed.”
    –Charles Hugh Smith

    Doesn’t that imply “The State” is no longer “The People.” If they are no longer US, who are they?


    I don’t think they’ve ever been “The People,” but it did look and sound good. Who are they? They are sociopaths.

    Been reading The Great Gatsby, set during the Roaring Twenties: speculation, corruption, greed, consumerism. Very similar to today.

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