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    madamski cafone

    “If Covid was designed to be deliberately released on the world, I would tend to see it more as a “disruption” attempt (which clearly succeeded) than as a bio-weapon.”

    You only said “if” but I’ll use that as departure point: the primary and increasingly sole reason anything is done anymore is because someone thought they could make money at it, or someone actually paid someone to.

    Let’s call it ‘applied research’: research is done for a variety of hypothetical applications: bioweapon, forced mutations to extrapolate possible future versions of pathogen in order to create defenses to same; various forms of that thing called “pure research” which is less innocent than ignorant and often willfull so; population control; disruption…

    That is how we do everything these days, after all. Following this logic, it’s sensible to assume that applications of virus X, based on research aimed at applications a,b,c,d,e and a bit of serendipity, can also be picked semi-randomly by power structure entities looking to gain some advantage by tossing their dice on application 3 out of 7 known applications.

    Throwing shit against the wall to see which splatter shines the most.

    Further add that the intented/hoped for result of the application may well not materialize and instead manifest application # 4… or a serendipity app. Riding a tiger tends to move one from the shoulders to the butt then the tail… then the mouth. They’re at the tail stage and trying a bit of everything at once, I believe.

    Michael Reid

    The Keizer Report suggests the the lockdowns and shutdowns are done to minimize oil consumption

    Michael Reid

    COVID-19 has given the elite time to prepare for a possible financial collapse among other things

    Mister Roboto

    Thanks for the advice, but I can still watch videos on YouTube and still do most of the things I’ve been able to do with XP. The only thing I can’t do anymore that’s kind of a big deal is that I can’t access my Reddit account anymore. I filled out their contact form, and of course, they didn’t even bother to respond. I wouldn’t be surprised if that contact form is just there as window-dressing anyway. Reddit is something I can easily learn to live without, however. Bunch of arrogant little techno-narcissists.

    Michael Reid

    I read somewhere at some point to expect the event between mid May and mid June. Who knows but I will be buying large quantities of evaporated milk, flour, butter, oatmeal and sugar at the next opportunity


    Michael Reid:

    Funny your mention of evaporated milk! When we lived up in Schefferville, Mom used to mix Carnation evaporated milk with Carnation powered milk to try and make it a like more appealing!

    We didn’t have access to fresh milk up there in the 1950s & 1960s. Of course we used evaporated milk as creme in our coffee and tea, not that I ever touch the stuff as a child. I only learned to drink coffee in college along with beer.

    I think my Mom also used evaporated milk for baking too. She continued using evaporated milk in her tea right up until she passed away. Creature of habit.

    As for the markets and financial system, we are way over due for a correction. Somehow I don’t think the central bankers will allow a big crash, if they can postponed it.

    My Father fully expected a big crash after Nixon pulled the US off the gold standard in 1970 but one never came before he passed away in early 2000. I have sort of been expecting that the big crash would happen during my lifetime (2008 hardly counts) but now that I know we no longer have any free markets left, only rigged central bank markets, I am now thinking the big crash may not come until sometime in my kid’s lives. I am still sitting on my Father’s hedges, which I will likely pass onto my two kids. Someday it will happen.

    Somehow the more and more desperate behavior of central bankers that we are seeing these days says the big crash is now closer than ever but they seem to believe they can print themselves out of trouble forever.

    I think what will happen someday is that someone will one morning wake up and get out on your the wrong side of bed and suddenly lose faith and trust in the central banker’s world and then the whole system will come crashing down, not due to a lack of money but a loss of faith and trust.

    In effect a butterfly event. Something no one can possibly predict. The central banker’s only plan for a butterfly event is to totally shutdown the whole financial system for days, weeks, or months. Of course all economic activity will totally freeze up, far worse than covid. Nothing electronic will work!

    Toilet paper will be the least of people’s worries. But covid was sort of a dry run.

    madamski cafone

    @ WES

    “Nothing to ransom!”

    Makes good sense to me. And those with enough money to ransom are probably well-fortified from kidnapping.

    madamski cafone

    @ WES

    “My Father fully expected a big crash after Nixon pulled the US off the gold standard in 1970 but one never came before he passed away in early 2000.”

    I suspect KIssinger’s petrodollar, and the inertia of the US$$’s reserve status, which would carry it at least a few years before crashing (all other things being equal), are what prevented your father expected outcome.

    madamski cafone

    My son has a friend who’s a bit of a renegade and also, thinks my son, schizophrenic. When das kovid was first coming through the mainstream pike about a year ago, he wouldn’t wear a mask. He’d go into a store, store employees would come over to him and start telling him he had to mask up, and he’d put his hand out in a gesture indicating a need for distance, while saying, “Dude, watch your droplets, man!”

    Genius. I’ll add this concept: cover your face with your hand. Let them bitch.

    ‘Waddya mean,’ you mumble through your tightly aligned fingers. “My hand is WAY thicker than your mask!”

    Imagine a dozen or so people walking through a grocery store in 6′ distance formation, slowly turning in walking circles with their arms spread wide, chanting, “Maintain social distance! Maintain social distance!” in robotic voices.

    The revolutiuon will not be televised, it will be atomised, an event happening in a thousand minute instances like molecules forming from atoms then forming macro-objects.

    In real time in real life

    madamski cafone

    About 10,000,000 things can go wrong with the baseball stadium apartheid seating. (Now please don’t go on a rant about vakzine apartheid, y’all: there isn’t enough social muscle left to enforce one in this Sick Old Man of the West, Uncle Sam.)

    But one thing that can go right is it will generate a tidy bit of distracting media buzz that not only distracts but can be used to direct whatever kovis narrative (the apologist retreat one, I’m certain) TPTB feel is their next best move.

    Nice thing about collapsing global structures is that the chaos they create makes for all kinds of news to distract from the chaos they create.

    Michael Reid


    I had a similar experience as you with milk growing up. I found the Carnation evaporated and powdered milk disgusting growing up but fortunately for me at some point in my elementary school years we started receiving fresh milk via coastal boat. Unfortunately the milk expiration date was very close by the time it landed in town.

    I have been living off grid for the last three years and I have determined evaporated milk is ideal for our situation as it lasts a long time being a canned product and it is cheaper than fresh milk.

    Evaporated milk is 6.5 percent milk fat which when combined with equal quantity of water is 3.25 percent milk fat being the same as whole milk or homo milk in Canada. I will let you know that each brand of evaporated milk tastes different. Carnation tastes the worst but Dairy Isle evaporated milk (from Prince Edward Island) with equal quantity of pure water tastes better than fresh milk and the 354 mL can may purchased for $1.00 when on sale. So when reconstituted to make whole milk it is costing me $2.82 per litre.

    As for the financial system, if oil producing nations stop accepting the US dollar as payment … well Germ’s comment #74853 Dmitri Orlov interview sheds some light on this.

    As for the possibility of the mRNA vaccine potentially being a slow culling due to cellular spike protein production, it may slow down the herd when they stampede and luckily the Russian and Chinese vaccine does not cause cellular spike protein factories so they can replace the culled


    Caramel from sweetened condensed milk
    Step 1
    Remove label from the unopened can of condensed milk. Fill a deep medium saucepan with water. Bring to the boil. Carefully place the can in the saucepan, ensuring there’s enough water to completely cover the can at all times, topping up water frequently throughout the cooking process. Simmer, uncovered for 3 hours.
    Ensure the can is completely covered with water at all times during cooking.
    Step 3
    Carefully remove the can from the boiling water. Allow to cool completely before opening and using as a caramel spread or dip.

    Michael Reid

    Correction: $2.83 for 2 litres of reconstituted milk

    Michael Reid


    Thank you for the recipe



    We had to make do with what the Hudson Bay store carried! The only store except for Simpsons and Eatons catalogs! Man we kids studied those catalogs hard and had to let Santa know what we wanted by end of September! Sometimes Santa arrived late! Those were the days!

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