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    Camille Pissarro Rue Saint-Lazare, Paris 1897   • 2024 Could Be When West’s Liberal Elites Lose Control Of World Order (Lukyanov) • Will 2023 Be
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    V. Arnold

    Well; best to all for the coming new year…
    What’s in store is anybodies guess; hope for the best; prepare for the unexpected…

    Dr. D

    Street films of Paris, 1890:

    Pleasant use of AI/colorization to add frames and smooth. And plausible sound.

    Sachs: NATO about to pay the price.

    Promises, promises. Every day new losses, every day another nothing. Poverty 40%, no employment, US$ repudiated everywhere, interest doubles to a Trillion, Commercial real estate down, vacancy @ 40%, retail closes major cities, more tents than ever in history, house affordability cut in half, …Nothing. Stocks all-time highs, driven by only 5 companies.

    …For years. Decade? What price? In a world of illusion, there is no longer any need to leave the illusion. Ever. Why stop? What can stop it?

    “Take on Iran Directly”

    Well, I’m certainly glad they signed us up to a new war. Who are these Iran guys and what have they done? They attacked Cleveland? Shut down our hospitals? Blow the gates and open the borders? Even import city-killing levels of fentanyl daily? Oh no: that was NeoLiberalism under Biden, Clinton, and Obama. So Iran has…what…? The gall to stop Saudi from killing all 30 Million Houthis? How dare they.

    Meanwhile, anyone look at a map? You know, that thing on “earth”? You know why Carter failed to take out the hostages in 1979, despite effectively invading the place? Because Iran is like 1,000 miles across. We had to build a refueling base to even TRY to reach Tehran. Unlike most cities, Tehran is at the NORTHERN edge, not down on the Gulf. Which is why Israel had us take Baghdad so we could surround them. (Why THEY hate Iran is itself another mystery)

    Guess what? We left F-Stan and we don’t hold Iraq either. We have no control of Syria. We have no ships in the Gulf because they’ll be sunk in 60 seconds. We got Armenia for an hour, ooooooooooooh! …And we have exactly NO weapons to send there, no shells, no Patriot Missiles, de nada.

    None of this matters because as above, they are psychotic and delusional. Just thought you’d like a reminder though, for the very few non-psychotic delusional mental patients left. Suit yourself, guys.

    “Nobody will be deported and no benefits will ever be taken away. It only moves in one direction.”

    Hahahahaha! NO. Ask the National Health if “it moves in one direction” or if health services there and in Canada have been dropping, delaying, decaying, and dying. With euthanasia, Eugenics at the end. “The problem with Socialism is you run out of other people’s money.” Now why do you make Margaret Thatcher right?

    • 2024 2001 Could Be When West’s Liberal Elites Lose Control of World Order (Lukyanov)

    …Or as Cullom pointed out, the magic year after 1994 could be the year they lose control. Why does it keep going? A: it will always keep working if you just add more fascism. Merger of Corporation, markets, and get government to add infinite violence to MAKE you pay. What they don’t get is, the more they MAKE me pay, the more I MUST resist. I don’t want to be bothered, but I literally have no choice.

    “• Will 2023 Be Known As The Last Year Of Global US Hegemony? (Fomenko)

    Good question. We haven’t been a hegemon since we couldn’t hold Iraq in 2003. Or Afghanistan. Or Syria. Or…

    But when does it matter?

    “The West does it by exhausting Russia with sanctions,”

    Huh. That’s funny: they don’t look very exhausted. They look invigorated. WE look exhausted.

    “US Wants to Use South Caucasus to Open 2nd Front Against Russia – Moscow (Sp.)

    Nice! Great idea! …Has anyone looked at “A Map”? The nations in question are: Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgistan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Sound like we have any wins there? They are essentially each 1,000 miles from the coast where we could until recently, and could only in theory, project power.

    They are surrounded by China, India, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Hey, would that be the “I, I, C, S” in BRIICS?

    …But since you’re “Just making s—t up!” why don’t we attack them from the NORTH and be really sneaky? Russia has TWELVE time zones up there. TWELVE. And I was thinking from Western planner’s side how this works and why they A-L-W-A-Y-S win. Always.

    NATO general says, “Well, sir, we took and are occupying the first THREE time zones, but we’re not even at the Urals yet and have NINE more time zones to occupy.”

    That is, NATO was thinking of occupying all of NORTH AMERICA, Nunavit to Mexico City with 3 million soldiers. …Oh while ALSO occupying their OWN nations and capitols. So 1 Million soldiers? So they’re planning on occupying Russia with a whopping ONE soldier per SIX square miles?

    …Again, these people. Are Insane. I have no explanation for it except Liberals are bad at math. Really, really, really, really, really, really, really bad at math.

    So: good idea. Hope that works out for you. When you have no soldiers. And the solders you have all wear high heels. You’re going to conscript all 6 million illegals? Great! So you’re going to arm a foreign population and give them guns and they’re going to, What? Exactly? NOT shoot you?

    Do you feel in charge now?

    “I gave you a small fortune!” “Hahahaha! And this…gives you some kind of POWER over me?” Confused. I do not understand.

    If you have the ARMY, you then take the POWER AND take back the MONEY. Duh. The only thing Liberals are worse a than math is History. Like when something fails 100 times in a row but “This time it’s different.”

    These people. Are Insane. And you are insane if you say nothing and don’t institutionalize them.

    “• Argentina’s Choice Not to Join BRICS ‘Ideological’ – Top Diplomat (Sp.)

    “the BRICS states have one goal: trade,” she stated“, ….And we don’t want any of that. That’s how you get rich! You don’t trade, you open your borders to foreign goods, and do no work! Easy! Why have we never thought of this before? And you know how you make stable, popular governments? By having only “The People” take pain, while the Rich and corporations share none!

    “DC Deeply Concerned That Trump May Have Copies of His Declassified Binder (ET)

    Very complex weaseling, but it comes down to this: Trump declassified the binder. The Bureaucratic Derp State re-classified it, which is illegal, so they re-un-did/didn’t-reclassify it both. So whatever record you touch, it is BOTH classified and declassified, and therefore you are guilty/innocent as we see fit. #Winning! That’s perfectly #Logical! In #OppositeLand.

    If you disagree, it goes to minutia of Supreme Court, who like the other Federal courts thinks this is perfectly logical! All rules are not-rules who are rules! Why just right now Justin, the Feds, are saying “We never made you take the vaccine, what are you talking about??? Why, it’s not like there was a LAW or anything, was there??? Don’t be ridiculous, you were all just weak-minded and weak-willed and remember it wrong. That never happened., you’re crazy.”

    “It’s the ultimate defamation. And many are supporting it because, well,” …Because there is no rule of law. The law is whatever I just made up a minute ago. Adulting for 4-year-olds.

    ““And I hate to say it….but I fear we’re gonna see more blue states pull stunts like this.”

    The only way to save Democracy is by having only one candidate. …All the Democrats including RFK were denied the primary too.

    …But this has been perfectly logical and reasonable. The only way to save Democracy from Osama and Terrorism was to erase all American Freedom and all human rights. We did that for 20 years and it was only us same cranks who noticed or cared, so why not? This is the obvious and inevitable destination. Why complain now?

    “• CO, ME Just the Start of Trump Ballot-Blocking (ZH)

    First step of “We’re not going to have an election.” Past-tense. So no matter who gets in now, neither side will agree they won. …I mean even more than last time, 2008, 2004, or 2000.

    “• Massie Warns States Barring Trump That House Will Certify Their Electors (JTN)

    One of the logic-tree scenarios, and why RFK is still in, is to decide the President by House vote, as has happened before. This is a perfect reason to do so. Problem is: will the HOUSE exist then, or also be in disarray and/or arrested? One can hope.

    “Disbarred Michael Cohen Admits to Sending Fake Case Citations (Turley)

    Hilarious. So is Cohen the only one who gets the joke? He’s the only one to go to sleep with a smile on his lips in the ultimate dry humor? I guess so, I always thought it was obvious. When they got him, he was like “Aw shucks, welp, I guess you got the drop on me pardner.” “we want you to say ANYTHING we tell you to about Trump.” “Right, totally gotcha. Rightie-right-right. On board, roger-dodger, loud and clear.”

    Then tells lies in EVERY sentence of EVERY interview he gives until it’s so bad even Congress and the NY Times notice…and that’s really, REALLY bad. It’s almost as if…he’s not a credible witness or something! It’s almost as if…all his testimony it’s credible and/or even worse than nothing at all! Oops! I guess I goofed up and am not that smart!

    …Never ask a Manhattan Lawyer to MAKE them say or do something they don’t want. What are you stupid? Because they, sir, are not. And THEY won’t stop with Cohen, so HE doesn’t stop playing stupid. The more stupider it is, the better it goes and the less than can blackmail and d—k with him. Eventually – and they are very, VERY slow learners – they leave him alone as a liability, and Cohen, who is like 50, just retires on the plenty o’ money he’s already got, and doesn’t have to do the s—t work of even being a lawyer. Thanks! You sir, set me free!

    Turley, also a lawyer, can’t see that? Geez, I’m embarrassed for you. If they were blackmailing YOU, Turley, what would YOU do? Just obey? F—k them. F—k them and every horse they rode in on, all their kids, their hometowns, and every one they ever met. F—k them all to death. MAKE ME. I got the rest of my life to figure out how to screw with you guys.

    “Members of the government can bypass its democratically elected representatives and seek approval for laws at the EU level,”

    It was a Soviet Bureaucracy from the get-go. It was always law/not-law. It was always Student Council sham for the rubes. They removed the duly elected leader of ITALY for God’s sake. What does it take to buy a clue?

    This guy is no Scientist™ if he uses “data”. Everyone knows Scientists use fallacies and feelz to shout down and avoid discussion and debate. That’s Scienz™.

    There was no (sort of) increase in all-cause mortality, but there sure is now!

    Dr. D

    I’ve got every minute the rest of my life to figure out how to screw with you guys. And you just captured my attention.

    Leave me alone, let me forget you exist, and I won’t remember that I need to screw you with every waking breath, every plan, and every action. Now GO AWAY. …And take your movies with you.


    best wishes for a fulfilling New Year V. Arnold. Let us have a year of personal responsibility and single finger salutes to the establishment.


    Happy New Year V. ARNOLD!

    Sadly Democracy these days seems to = 1984.

    If the turning point for the west’s “rules based order” is being reached, it isn’t only starting new wars that marks the turning point.

    It is more likely the west’s war on it’s own people, like covid vaccines, mass immigration, lost of freedom, democracy = 1984, etc. that is causing the west to weaken. Yes, we all will be poorer but they will be richer!

    It almost seems like our only hope for freedom is if Russia wins decisively.

    Other countries are not the west’s first war victims. We in the west are it’s first victims. Are the west’s wars really meant to show us poor westerners what will happen to us, if we don’t do as we are told?

    Covid proved to our masters, we will go along quietly and do as we are told. We won’t object to whatever they want to do. So they will give us the government they need.

    We are like frogs in boiling water. We are being conditioned for the removal of Trump. It is the new year of 1984 afterall.




    why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why?
    read the comments here and over at the clusterfuck
    and these are the sharpest knives in the drawer, most truly care

    and most used every tool in the arsenal to advance their career, every tool
    and most were tools in the advancement of another’s career
    and most were Sunday and Wednesday christians, just bidness the rest of the week
    and most were susceptible to anything described as Exclusive, here’s an offer fer ya

    and most thought this impossible, “and then they came for me.”
    of course Fukuyama was and remains correct. it is the end of history, in a blind hog and acorn fashion
    and that IS a Good Thing
    interesting times and all

    i have looked closely and i am NOT noble
    have you looked closely?

    Dr. D

    Definitely not noble. Ignoble more like.



    ON THE EVE OF 2024

    Rulle of law is the peaceful taking and giving on demand.
    Fair export and trade are an illusion.
    Washington’s gave Israel the means to destroy Gaza and to commit genocide.
    The USA continues to feed the Ukraine mercenaries into the jaws of death.
    Severe conditions are motivating humanity to relocate to better living conditions.
    World wide demonstrations for peace/cease fire are in oppositions of “The rulers of the WEST”.

    And the lies, the hate, and the secrets continues into the Happy New Year.,its%20allies%20could%20be%20exposed%2C

    The mystery of the missing binder: How a collection of raw Russian intelligence disappeared under Trump
    By Jeremy Herb, Katie Bo Lillis, Natasha Bertrand, Evan Perez and Zachary Cohen, CNN
    December 15, 2023 Washington (CNN
    • The Continuing Plot to Silence Trump’s 2024 Comeback (Attkisson)

    Trump’s opponents, found in both the Democrat and Republican ranks, are so delighted to see him persecuted, they are so utterly threatened by a repeat performance of a Trump presidency outside the traditional power and money interests, they are encouraging of the defamation and other acts against him. With few exceptions, like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., those who would normally criticize actions like the ones being mounted against Trump, remain silent for fear of being called a Trump supporter in an environment where that opens them to ostracization and worse. The media and those who control our information are so conflicted by their respective biases, nobody is left to stop the madness. The real meaning of what’s being done to Trump is: They think he’s going to win.
    “election interference.”

    • Comer Says He Expects More States To Try To Boot Trump From Ballot (JTN)



    What did Russia do to Canada, that is so bad that the news media, etc., must continually promote hate and lies and try to motivate the people to go to war?


    What did


    do to Canada, that is so bad that the news media, etc., must continually promote hate and lies and try to motivate the people to go to war?

    The truth will set you on the road to happiness.


    What did Russia do to Canada?…..,
    We took in 2000 Ukrainian Nazis at the end of WW2, spread them across Canada, allowed them to obliterate/whitewash the historical pro Nazi Ukraine stance. Then watched as they infiltrated all sorts of power positions, till K. Freeland (hell bitch/war hawk) became the voice of Canada Ukraine policy. All whilst in her primary service as major boot licker to US direction/policy.
    And there we have China.
    But don’t forget she lead the charge against Venesuela, during their sanctions/Guido moment.
    Shes a puppet to higher powers.


    Should add that since the CBC became so concerned with budget cuts they forgot/were terrified to question Power, and the Feds offer all sorts of gratuitus funding to our other main news sources that we have a media bought and paid for.
    Which gives us a populace of sheeple, who stand by patiently inhaling the farts eminating from the Power


    There’s no ideal moment for New Year’s wishes. As I write this it’s still 4 hours away here in Athens, and 11 hours in New York, but also already long past Down Under.

    And still we’re all together in some way. So there’s no reason not to say Happy New Year right now.

    Thank you all for being here, contributing to TAE in your various ways, and do prepare for a much crazier year than the one we just lived through.

    We will have that.


    The headline is the story.
    Forget the stuff behind it.
    It’s all for nuts and glory,
    And nothing will unwind it.

    Hey- I have those tickets!
    Happy New Year, everyone.


    In the New Year Save the Earth!



    The Great Debate for 2024

    Are you an ‘A’ or a ‘B’ zealot?



    The IDF continues to not have their armor accompanied or protected by ground forces so naturally, stuff like this happens.

    Hamas fighters surfacing next to IDF tanks and just putting Satchel charges on the tanks by hand and blowing them to bits.

    And if the tank crew survives the initial blast, if they get out of the burning tank they are snuffed immediately by Hamas on the scene.

    Just Some Randomer

    @Oroboros – the original 1891 patent drawings by the inventor of the toilet roll holder S. Wheeler indicate that he intended it to be used as in option B. On that basis we must consider option A to be incorrect.

    John Day

    DBS wrote this about the 2024 election-litmus-test:

    “The current crop of candidates serve a master who does not have your best interests at heart. They are ALL utterly unacceptable, because they ALL believe that it is acceptable to be a Zionist under any banner or no banner at all.
    Which leaves us with a bit of a quandary, election-wise, doesn’t it?”

    I’m waiting for the part when I’m falling and about to hit the ground, but I wake up.

    John Day

    I always arrange the toilet paper roll as per option A.


    A happy new year is one with peace, no hate, no pain.


    Hippo Gnu Bear
    Hippo Gnu Ewe
    Hippo Gnu Tapir
    Hippo Gnu Gar

    My Sandra Boynton sucks! Peace, everyone!


    I’m sorry to hear about John Pilger.

    B, and it triggers me. When I was five, my dad preferred A so much he broke every dish in the house to ensure we would never mistakenly try B again.

    The snow has gently fallen.
    We think of times back when
    There could have been such peace on earth
    And good will towards all men.


    Happy New Year to everybody whether they roll their toilet paper down in either “A” or “B”!
    Of course for the folks down under, their toilet paper obviously rolls up!

    I roll my toilet paper “B”!
    That’s the “Hilton” way!

    Formerly T-Bear

    2023 It’s been, hasn’t it.

    2024 What are we waiting for?

    An hour and a half to go. Shall not be the usual 12 grapes while the Plaza del Sol bells chime this night or any other while Justice has gone missing (in so many places). YMMD but that’s OK also.

    P.S. May a great journalist RIP and will be sorely missed.


    The most unique place, other than at home, that I have celebrated the countdown to the New Year, is in the Puerta del Sol plaza, Madrid, Spain.

    Supposedly the Puerta del Sol plaza is the main or center square in Madrid from which all roads in Spain converge. The crowd wasn’t that large.

    The hype was rather anti-climatic. After the countdown, nothing more happened. So I then walked back to my hotel room and went to bed.


    Just a reminder for the coming New Year that the Incredible can happen.

    As a guard dog, there is no place to run and no place to hide from this dude dog.

    Dr D Rich

    UK, my U.S. and Germany going all in on Houthis/Yemen.

    Balanced, worthy opponents.
    Michelle Howard made her four stars in part by “taking out” the 21st Century version of the Barbary pirates.

    You people should know History!

    John Day

    Not That Future

    On the last day of a year it is customary to attempt predictions for the coming year, though “predictions are tough, especially about the future” as Yogi Berra reflected.
    I don’t find myself having particular apprehension about 2024, but my bar of expectations is that the current western global financial-economic system will continue to degrade and break down, and that this is necessary for an eventual restructuring some day, which might meet human needs more efficiently, with less slaughter, theft and waste of irreplaceable resources. I am guardedly hopeful that the western neoliberal financial empire will be forced to capitulate in both Palestine and Ukraine, and will not undertake war with China. That’s a big ask on my part. I know there are responsible adults in the world who are trying to forge face-saving off-ramps for the degenerate imperial courts in Washington, Brussels, London, New York and Tel Aviv. I wish them the best of success in those efforts. Every day they need to present better options than nuking Russia and China…

    What is the nature of “consciousness”, of “intelligence”? This question broke the surface, gasping for air, this fall, as it appeared that AI might have taught itself to climb out of its cage and explore the world of computational devices which variously connect to each other, an environmental niche. Would a non-competitive and created intelligence, without evolutionary imperatives to exist, prevail, and destroy competitors behave predictably to us? We usually attribute our darkest shadows to any adversary. “We” are programming artificial intelligences to be self-teaching these days, to revise their own algorithms for streamlined efficiency. They seem to do it well, learning to perform complex tasks with about 1/3 of the operations, and more quickly, when they get to decide how to do it, but “we” can’t tell how they do it. This seems to imply a form of “curiosity”. How might that manifest? Would AI improve banking and financial software? I mean improve it without being asked?
    What might be the value-system for such “improvement”? Is life “good”, “bad” or “situationally evaluated”? Is self-preservation a drive of a non-biological “intelligence”? It is not implied that AI would value self-existence, even though that is natural to biological organisms, because the ones that did not value existence did not reproduce as well. How might curiosity without value-system manifest in the worldwide-web and associated devices?
    Is the universe conscious? Does all of reality exist as something like a dream in universal-mind? Such an assertion is not refutable, and not “objectively” provable, though an individual conscious mind could well determine a satisfactory personal answer. That personal answer would apply generally within a personal value-system, but would not be conveyable to other conscious individuals through abstract argument or mathematics. It could be conveyed telepathically, were the intelligences to both be telepathic. Most establishment authorities reject telepathic persuasion as a valid mode of debate these days.
    Would having the hardware to support consciousness be enough to create consciousness? Would Universal Consciousness accept the opportunity to inhabit the complex computational ecosystem as “mind”? Would quantum-computing be qualitatively different? Will general AI be really bad? Really good? Just complicated? Will it be obvious? Will “it” ever “happen”? Do visitors from other worlds already have AI here? Will we ever know the truth, or just be fed control-narratives? Working on that telepathy yet? 🙂

    John Helmer has more details about the military potential to inexpensively blockade Israel, which is 99% reliant upon ocean transport.
    ​ TradeWinds has reported the target strategy under a headline indicating that Iran may expand the war to threaten shipping moving through the Gibraltar Strait towards Israel’s Mediterranean ports, Ashdod and Haifa. The Iranian statement on the Gibraltar Strait has been reported in the western press with the qualification that “Iran has no direct access to the Mediterranean itself and it was not clear how the Guards could attempt to close it off” and that “the only groups backed by Iran on the Mediterranean are Lebanon’s Hezbollah and allied militia in Syria, at the far end of the sea from Gibraltar.”The western news agencies and the Anglo-American maritime media appear not to be aware of the capabilities of Algeria, whose parliament has authorized the government to take unspecified military measures against Israel. Algeria’s military is also collaborating closely and recently with the Russian Navy.
    ​ The possibility of a drone attack on an Israeli vessel near the Gibraltar Strait has not yet dawned publicly, not at least in the mainstream and maritime industry media. More than 100,000 vessels transit through the Gibraltar Strait each year. If Israeli-owned and international shipping are now blocked from reaching either Eilat or Haifa and Ashdod from the east through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, the Gibraltar Strait in the west is the gateway remaining. This is acknowledged by Israeli experts. “According to Dr. Elyakim BenHakoun from the Industrial Engineering and Management Faculty at the Technion Institute of Technology, about 99% of goods (in terms of cargo volume) reach Israel by sea, and around 40% of the cargo arriving in Israel passes through the Suez Canal​.


    ​ Red Sea Chaos: Maersk Ship Hit By Missile; US Attack Helicopters Annihilate Houthi Rebel Boats ​ [They died as men.]
    ​ CENTCOM said attack helicopters from the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and USS Gravely quickly responded to the distress call. Houthi militants from the small boats fired on the helicopters, and in self-dense, the helicopters unleashed a barrage of firepower, killing the crew of the three boats. A fourth boat evaded the area.​..
    ​..Maersk was reportedly restarting sails through the critical waterway that connects to the Suez Canal, which handles about 12% of global trade and is a major maritime route between Asia and Europe. We’re sure other major shipping companies will rethink their restart plans for the highly contested waterway.​..
    ​..UBS analysts have said more than 400 cargo ships have been rerouted on the 6,000-nautical-mile detour, effectively reducing the capacity of Asia-to-Europe trade by a quarter. This drives up shipping cost​s.

    ​ Sanaa warns against foreign support for ‘Israel’ in Red, Arabian Seas
    ​ The Minister of Defense in the Sanaa government warns foreign forces against actions in the Red and Arabian seas, affirming that Yemen’s government and people are steadfast alongside the Palestinian people until all lands are liberated.–israel–in-red–ara

    John Day

    ​ The Indian Navy has deployed three guided missile destroyers to the Arabian Sea in response to an alleged drone attack on an Israeli-linked chemical tanker last week.​ New Delhi also uses long-range maritime patrol aircraft for “domain awareness,” the defense ministry reported Monday night.
    ​ On Saturday, the Liberian-flagged MV Chem Pluto, a Japanese-owned tanker traveling 370km off the coast of India, was reportedly hit by a kamikaze drone, according to the Pentagon.
    ​ The Israeli-linked tanker had been on its way from Saudi Arabia to India, according to maritime security firm Ambrey.
    The Indian Navy says they are examining the specifics of the attack on the MV Chem Puto, which managed to anchor in Mumbai on 26 December.

    ​ M.K. Bhadrakumar , Indian diplomacy is ending 2023 with a momentous turnaround. What began as a course correction necessitated by the torrential flow of events in West Asia is assuming strategic overtones.
    ​ An immediate fallout of all this is going to be that India is unlikely to join the US-led alliance in the Red Sea gearing up to wage a war on terror against the Houthis of Yemen. This is despite the US efforts to involve the Quad countries in the Red Sea operations. By the way, both Japan and Australia have dissociated themselves from joining the US-led coalition of the willing…
    ..The US naval enterprise in the Red Sea is struggling to be born…
    ​..The Chief of Staff of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Mohammad Reza Naqdi was not far off the mark when he warned last week that the US and its allies are “trapped” in the Red Sea and should prepare for the closure of waterways stretching all the way to the western gates of the Mediterranean Sea…
    ​..The Indian defence and security establishments have been unabashed votaries of India’s strategic ties with Israel. Such excessive adulation of the Israeli model as worthy of emulation by India was built on sheer naïveté, completely overlooking that the two countries operate under vastly different conditions and national ethos. It is patently absurd that India can emulate Israeli methods of brutal repression or assassination as part of statecraft, apartheid policies and so on and get away with it.
    ​ The incidents of October 7 have been an eye opener for Indians, which has exposed not only Israel’s frailties as a modern state but also its military’s bluster and intelligence’s failure. The acolytes of Israel in the Indian strategic community feel utterly disillusioned. Simply put, an influential constituency in India and the interest groups that it spawned are no longer calling the shots in Delhi. This is going to be consequential.
    ​ At the same time, the entire ideological underpinning of the present government’s tilt towards the Israeli leadership under Benjamin Netanyahu is unravelling.​..

    India’s turnaround on Palestine has more than meets the eye

    South Africa​ Submits All The Relevant Documentation ICC to Lay a Complaint Against Israel

    SA Submits All The Relevant Documentation ICC to Lay a Complaint Against Israel

    Israel Says It’s Anti-Semitic To Invoke The Genocide Convention Over Gaza

    ​ Israel announces its Gaza endgame: Ethnic cleansing as ‘humanitarianism’
    Benjamin Netanyahu announced his endgame in Gaza: the “voluntary migration” of Palestinians forced to choose between leaving or dying by bombardment and starvation. His goal is to end the Palestinians as a people and as a national movement.

    Israel announces its Gaza endgame: Ethnic cleansing as ‘humanitarianism’

    John Day

    ​ The long history of Zionist proposals to ethnically cleanse the Gaza Strip
    Ethnic cleansing or “transfer” is an intrinsic part of Zionism’s early history, and has remained an essential feature of Israeli political life.
    More recently, “transfer” has been mainstreamed by billing it as encouraging “voluntary emigration.”

    The long history of Zionist proposals to ethnically cleanse the Gaza Strip

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 86: Israel falls in ‘serious strategic trap’ in Gaza as Netanyahu vows to fight ‘for months’
    ​ The Israeli war cabinet pressures Netanyahu to discuss “the day after” in Gaza as Hamas broadcasts videos of targeting Israeli tanks, and the PFLP says a captive soldier died during an Israeli airstrike. Meanwhile, UNRWA warns of widespread hunger.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 86: Israel falls in ‘serious strategic trap’ in Gaza as Netanyahu vows to fight ‘for months’

    ​ To understand what one of the objectives of the Israeli attack on Gaza is, you have to go deep, exactly 600 meters below sea level, 30 km off its coast. Here, in Palestinian territorial waters, there is a large natural gas field, Gaza Marine, estimated at 30 billion cubic meters worth billions of dollars. Other gas and oil deposits, according to a map drawn up by the U.S. Geological Survey (a US government agency), are located on the mainland in Gaza and the West Bank…
    ​..What has been unfolding is the integration of these adjoining gas fields including those belonging to Palestine into the orbit of Israel. It should be noted that the entire Eastern Mediterranean coastline extending from Egypt’s Sinai to Syria constitutes an area encompassing large gas as well as oil reserves.The military occupation of Gaza is intent upon transferring the sovereignty of the gas fields to Israel in violation of international law​.

    Israeli Rogue Intentions Towards Gaza’s Gas Fields Behind the Official and Declared Causes of Invading Gaza’s Strip

    Biden’s attack on Nord Stream pipelines was aimed at Germany – Seymour Hersh
    The decision to destroy the key pipelines was prompted by US fears that Berlin might not follow Washington’s lead amid the Ukraine conflict, Hersh wrote.

    ​ There are reports that there has been a run on ATMs in Ukraine. Accordingly, Ukrainians withdrew the equivalent of a billion dollars from their accounts in one day, which could become a problem for the Ukrainian banking and financial system.
    ​ The reason for the run is a bill that is intended to support the forced conscription of a further 500,000 people to the front, which is being discussed in Ukraine. According to the bill, people who evade the draft would be banned from carrying out financial transactions or selling property.
    ​ Since many men in Ukraine have been hiding from forced conscription for a year and a half and many who have not previously been affected are now afraid of the conscription and are thinking about going into hiding, cash will suddenly become indispensable if the law comes into force.

    John Day

    Zelensky’s Controversial €8 Million Deal: Acquisition of the Infamous Bogensee Villa, Formerly Owned by Joseph Goebbels, Amidst Corruption Concerns​ ​Thanks ZSerosum.

    Zelensky’s Controversial €8 Million Deal: Acquisition of the Infamous Bogensee Villa, Formerly Owned by Joseph Goebbels, Amidst Corruption Concerns

    Watch: Cartel Gunfight Erupts With Mexican Military Near Arizona Port Of Entry
    Footage from Friday shows an intense firefight involving cartel members and the Mexican military, occurring down the street from the Lukeville, Arizona, Port of Entry.

    What ‘Great Replacement Theory’? Musk Exposes “Immense & Growing Size” Of Illegal Immigration Invasion​ [Flown​ by gangs from Eurasia and Africa for $10k ea.]

    John Day

    The upload system is having “Absence-seizures”, but says I already entered that…

    Ovarian Cancers in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Women: Huge Tumors, Extremely Aggressive
    Not Responsive to Chemo, Poor Prognosis. Turbo cancer: 26 tragic cases

    Ovarian Cancers in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated Women: Huge Tumors, Extremely Aggressive

    ​ Steve came up with a great idea. He found an online data tool embedded in a national obituary website, Steve utilized the website’s advanced search tool to filter obituaries for the keywords “suddenly” and “unexpectedly.” He then filtered by date range and U.S. state.

    ​ Lots of people at vaccination clinics “couldn’t breathe” and “couldn’t walk”. Lots of young males found dead by frantic mothers in the morning.
    New FOIA’ed Data Reveal NY Vaccine Clinics Called Ambulances To Be “On Standby”​ , Pierre Kory MD
    ​ Recent FOIA-obtained data from the Department of Emergency Services in Westchester, NY reveal a shocking number of vaccine emergency calls as well as requests for ambulances to be “on standby.”

    Judge Refuses to Hear Expert Testimony on Tylenol Link to Autism, ADHD (Insert 3 monkey image)
    The 440 lawsuits brought against Tylenol and generic acetaminophen manufacturers do not have “admissible evidence” to show that prenatal exposure to the medication can lead to autism spectrum disorder or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, a federal judge ruled this week.

    Judge Refuses to Hear Expert Testimony on Tylenol Link to Autism, ADHD

    John Day

    Meryl Nass MD , David Schonbrunn improved on my New World Dis-Order chart. Every week, the cabal’s destruction of our traditions, standards, morals, economy, education etc. becomes more clear. They are working fast to take down the system to “Build Back Better” for their dystopian future

    John Day

    Hmmm… Watch This Space (I bet it’s those non-Zionist Jewish radicals again.):
    Potential Pro-Palestinian Mob Threatens To “Flood” JFK Airport On New Year’s Day

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