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    Canaletto Venice, View of the Churches of the Redentore and San Giacomo 1750   • We Are ‘The Resistance’ (Julian Rose) • Self-defence and the Rig
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    Mohammad Mosaddegh the leader of Iran who got screwed hard by the brits and americans in the coup of 1953 would probably say that blaming the West and Israel is a good start – not the whole job – tolerance is the cherry on the top of a great culture no doubt but the Arab world can blame the west plenty.

    Tree Frog

    Dr D. I think you recently suggested Hitler’s Germany was an instrument of US/UK (elite) policy constructed for an attack on Russia. Can you suggest a book on the subject?


    I’m finding the true horrors of the world confronting (telegram war correspondent channels in Gaza will do it) and as one does I’m searching for peace and love.
    I’m reading this and offer it here in case it is useful to anyone else on the forum that bears witness to continual skullduggery and carnage.

    An unforgiving thought does many things. In frantic action it pursues its goal, twisting and overturning what it sees as interfering with its chosen path. Distortion is its purpose, and the means by which it would accomplish it as well. It sets about its furious attempts to smash reality, without concern for anything that would appear to pose a contradiction to its point of view.

    Forgiveness, on the other hand, is still, and quietly does nothing. It offends no aspect of reality, nor seeks to twist it to appearances it likes. It merely looks, and waits, and judges not. He who would not forgive must judge, for he must justify his failure to forgive. But he who would forgive himself must learn to welcome truth exactly as it is.

    Bear in mind this statement in no way dictates behaviour – so it is not saying don’t fight or help or whatever. It is purely for the mind – not the domain of blood and bones.


    Nothing to see here, move along.

    11 Children Ages 9-19 Had a Cardiac Arrest at US Schools in the Past Month. Some Schools Are Now Starting to Conduct “Sudden Cardiac Arrest Screening”

    Summer of Died Suddenly: Women Ages 20-29 Sudden Deaths from June to September 2023

    COVID Propaganda Roundup: Unreal Poll Results on Jab Death Toll, the Science™ Concedes the Shots Cause Strokes

    From the last one above:
    Poll: ¼ of Americans Know Someone Killed by COVID Shots
    These are shocking numbers – almost as shocking as Rasmussen going through publishing this poll itself. Rest assured they’ve heard from Pfizer lawyers and the Warlord Fauci Public Health™ faction for this one.

    Via Rasmussen:


    Thanks RIM for spreading the word and helping us to see.

    We have dysfunctional social/economic/political structures

    1. Hundreds of thousands of people out on the streets. This is the biggest protest in decades.

    2. Something big is happening.

    3. Something historic is happening in London right now

    4. Any sign of a credible, reasoned and rational intervention is lost beneath a sea of soulless, hypocritical statements from those in positions of ‘authority’ on the world stage.

    5. That breakdown is already well advanced under the corporate, banker, military dictatorship that heads the dominant global power structures of today.

    6. Just around the corner there is a whole new world longing to be born. Will we ever find a more meaningful challenge than to bring it to birth?

    7. Read More …
    Julian Rose | As the old world dies, a new world struggles to be born.

    D Benton Smith


    Thank you very much for posting precisely the thoughts about the forgiving & unforgiving mind, and your own thoughts about it as well. These are exactly what I need to be contemplating today. When things like this happen (when someone else presents something that I truly need to see at the moment) it occurs to me that the event is not purely random coincidence. Thank you again.


    News to me and probably to most of you if not all:
    UN charter, articles 106 & 107 allow Russia as a former CCCP and victorious in WWII to intervene militarily in any European nation that had a substantial collaboration with the Nazis – Germany, Austria, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Slovenia and such…. should such a sentiment arise again among the segment in their population. Articles are based on the ground that Russia endured the most brunt under the Nazi onslaught.
    Her obligation is only to inform other victorious participants in the war without their approval needed.

    On the side note, observe which republics were to break first from the former Yugoslavia.

    Dr. D

    “Ukraine has made significant gains in the south and east of the country,”

    Breathtaking. If you ever feared AI or doubted garbage in garbage out. These programmers have insured Complete failure with every question.™ Certain Failure or Your Money Back!™ As was said here before, the PURPOSE of AI is not NOT to answer things. Duh. We already have the answers of how to fix nearly everything. (We refuse to do it and/or violently prevented) AI lies COMPLETELY, and fails CONSTANTLY. It is so we can STOP THINKING. And OBEY. Obey Authority. An authority unbowed by all our petty human partisanship. Be objective: Obey all the Programmers hired by multinational billionaires instead!

    Now hush little baby, go back to sleep.

    They installed Biden to feign treason and genocide as incompetence. There’s the real story. Like the coof, the problem is you can’t get anyone to believe it. Even the people who believe it don’t believe it.

    Nor can you get them to grasp and suspect incompetence after. Even with a lifetime of evidence.

    “Driving the Arab world together.”

    Okay, so Incompetence? Surely this was a 1st level predictable outcome, right? Nobody knewd?

    “• WaPo Calls Ukrainian Colonel ‘Coordinator’ of Nord Stream Attacks (Sp.)

    You’re literally kidding right now, right? Yeah, if written into every top secret NATO capability, as a total non-NATO member, he could “coordinate” it. That is, like a Middle Manager, write down on a piece of paper what he wants OTHER people to do. However, he has no ships, no subs, no tech, no divers, no bombs, no covering NATO training exercises, no way to detonate, and NATO can stop him at any time.

    …But other than every ship, plane, bomb, communique, and person involved, Ukraine totally did it.

    Everything = Nothing. Nothing = Everything. Logic!

    “Ukrainian soldiers still cannot use German-made Leopard tanks properly”

    Oh! So it’s UKRAINE’S fault! Got it, right. It’s normal NATO doctrine to fight all armor battles with no air cover. Thanks, I didn’t know! I’ll look forward to Germany retiring their air force and doing that shortly.

    “Ukraine is due to receive 195 more Leopard 1A5s in the foreseeable future.”

    I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that it’s NATO doctrine to launch a massive counteroffensive BEFORE your equipment shows up. Who knew? That’s the Blitz-Blitz-Blitz-Blitzkreig. Lightning before the lightning before the thunder.

    “counteroffensive, which Russian President Vladimir Putin said had ended in total failure,”

    They really have to do something about all those NPR writers. Are you sure NPR won’t take them back? All their male reporters? What if they dress up and say they’re all women by wearing pants and a suit? That’s what women do, right? Women ONLY dress like men, and men ONLY dress like women, otherwise you’re a racist bigot. So if these NPR men come back, but dress like men, they are, therefore, women, right? #AntiLogos. Who can argue with such perfect logic?

    “The EU will be able to grant Ukraine €50 billion ($53.4 billion) in aid even if Hungary vetoes it,”

    So…I guess you’ve proven the total irrelevancy of the EU after all? Congratulations and welcome to the club? This is what we all said BEFORE you failed almost every referendum you tried then (illegally) ceded all sovereignty by treaty? That unless the EU is a total scam and a power grab, there’s no reason for it.

    “Macron claimed that …“you will have a new imperial power” in Europe that, he argued, would threaten many of its neighbors, including former Soviet republics.”

    Yes, and the name of that threatening imperial power is the EU.

    Hasn’t Europe been about twice as hostile, and about 4x as bad as before EU, like, even “under” Thatcher?

    “Germany is working on a plan to send some asylum seekers to Africa while their cases are pending,”

    Don’t see why this would matter. If all I have to do is “Ask”, and then I get special privileges for nothing, free cell phone, free ATM, like here, then why on EARTH wouldn’t I ask? Every single citizen in EVERY nation in Africa should just go down and “ask”. …Just ‘casue! Something might happen, maybe they pay you ff later and you can ask again.

    How about “No.”? How does “No” sound to you? No, never, get lost. EXACTLY FOR THIS REASON. We only take the most SERIOUS cases, as a rare and fantastical EXCEPTION. If there’s more than ten, well, we probably won’t get around to your case. Too bad. That’s what “Exception” what “Asylum” means. “Asylum” is not “Immigration” you fools. That’s why it’s a different word.

    What did G. K. Chesterton say, “Before you pull down a fence, maybe you should ask why somebody paid to put it there”? Hey you know why we have all these customs and 1,000 years of law? Do you know why we have attorneys and attorney privilege? Do you know why we have passports and borders? Yeah, because it took 100 years each time to figure those were the least-bad solutions everyone could live with. But Progressives – who are 20, and 5 years old in mind – have a better idea they just thought up! I thought it this minute high on the couch and never tried it at all!

    Reminds me, the whoooooole population, everyone, [Western] man, woman, (who?) and child are all infants. Blank, empty non-people. They just take anything in and it passes through them like absorbathons. Next minute, the opposite passes through them, or the most important thing in the universe, Ukraine or Covid, vanishes like it never was. Totally, totally blank people.

    …So…isn’t this just what we Social Engineers most desire in the universe for their “Three World Wars”? That is, they need this endless confusion, war of all against all. But why? Not for war’s sake, although that’s super fun and killing is our favorite, but SO WE CAN PROVIDE THE SOLUTION. WE are going to give them the New Religion. The Way, and the Prince of Light. Only once blank and exhausted will they accept, revere, obey, and adore him.

    Are we getting there yet? Does this seem as crazy as it did 10 years ago? We have to KILL all religions, destroy all cultures and ways, but only to Build Back Better™. If you still believe in anything, Pentecost, the Constitution, you won’t accept something so utterly insane and desperately sad and miserable as our new God.

    That’s why no expense is too high. No company is above liquidating in the service to our murder-god.

    The more fine beers, good companies, uplifting stories and franchises we destroy the better. The more children, adults, families, forests, sterile generations we destroy, the better. The Ends Justify the Means, don’t you see??? Only when ALL is destroyed can their be real Utopia.

    “They make a Desert and call it Peace”

    “The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that all things are matters of mere interpretation and “whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

    Sure it is. …If you’re an f’ing maniac. Who wants to live in a dissolving world of sheer madness. Then that’s an excellent idea.

    “That includes obvious questions like why” No it doesn’t, stop lying. Everyone knows why. “Why” is why have good faith arguments with people of not good faith? Throw them in court and let them explain themselves there under oath, with “evidence.”

    …And that means don’t arrest them and NOT bring them to court for three years.

    “the San Francisco Chronicle said it plainly: “Objectivity has got to go.” I.e, the “Truth”. Truth and facts are our only enemy now. Because we’re so innocent! We never dun wrong that’s why we can’t tell the Truth about it!

    “I believed that he was pro-peace and antiwar,” said Celente”

    That has got to be so disappointing. And all over. Trump people were, for Covid and now the war. DeSantis, for other stuff and now the war. Dore was over Cornell West. I’m sure the whole left is for Biden.

    Now if only once people’s every dream is shattered, I had a candidate, a savior, a God, who could take them away from all that..

    Zero pro-peace candidates. ZERO. Every one is ALL war. Not even “If something happens” war, but “definitely I’ve already decided” pro-war.

    the first person on trial for war crimes in Afghanistan is the whistle blower and not an alleged war criminal.”

    By your fruits you shall know them. First President impeached, made up crimes for not being accurate enough in filing paperwork. Meanwhile, 3 open, known war criminal Presidents, no charges, not a care. “W” is the new Democratic Hero! SuperBestFriends.


    TreeFrog: actually no. It took most of my life to discover the obviousness of this from many, many clues. I’m not very smart, so probably somebody suggested the root idea, but it was only having all the agreed-upon facts of history already in my head that made that conclusion a better fit.

    If you want to start in the rabbit hole instead of in the University, look into how Hitler, a failed soldier and failed artist, who was reputed a bastard son, was supposedly called upon in Austria. He was told he was of the Rothschild family, and they had picked him for destiny. Lo, since that day, suddenly everything in his life changed! Instead of two guys meeting in a church basement, the proto-party was funded by industrialists and backed by top Jewish newspapers. So strange! Who knew? That went on, including Jewish support, right through Chamberlain, where you can’t not have known: Germany was in every violation of every agreement ever known, so over the top it’s like our border situation today. So WHY would Britain do this? WHY when they were the winners, the takers of reparations, and ANY German increase would destroy the British Empire, as indeed, WWI started the minute the German-Turkish (I.e MacKinder) railroad began. The German empire, that is the combined weight of all continental Europe would easily destroy Britain.

    Yet Britain was FOR it? AFTER losing “the flower of Europe” on the same issue only 10 years before? C’mon. Who could possibly believe such trollop? How about this: Britain already re-conquered the U.S. a day before WWI, where with the Federal Reserve they now had unlimited funding, and in the extreme, would dick the whole U.S. into fighting the war for them. And then, the fools the are DID lose the war and DID have to have us fight it for them. So now they only had two problems: The German Empire, and behind it, Russia, beyond Empire in size, their 300-year enemy, which had gotten off the Lenin-leash with Stalin. The core axis of all Britain is MacKinder, to prevent a union of EurAsia. Not a single British move in 100 years wavers from this belief.

    But Britain just let the whole German empire re-industrialize and re-arm for free. Under a guy who WE think hates Jews, but whose ACTUAL hatred was for Slavs, the REAL untermensch, the real Lebensraum. He SAID he would attack them. Lebensraum is in the EAST, not West. Why would he attack Belgium? They are co-Ayrans, Crackers, Whities. So Britain’s problems are all solved! BOTH empires, attacking EACH OTHER. …Which is precisely what happened. Sheer coincidence, I’m sure.

    2/3rd of the war or more is on RUSSIA. More than that was in Eastern Europe on SLAVS. Bandera et al didn’t kill Jews, they killed POLES. The Jews are just a happy second. Serbia, other excessively violent locations, all SLAVS. Occupied France? A joke. Occupied Belgium, Holland, Norway? Practically at peace. All cartoons and movie narratives aside, who did they ACTUALLY kill? 60 million Slavs, like today.

    Russia was our core ally. Who did we ACTUALLY help? Well, let’s see, Ford won the Iron Cross for providing Hitler’s jeeps. IBM and Bush won accolades for providing Hitler’s oil and his “computers” that so accurately tracked the holocaust all the way through. Efficiency, don’chaknow? Stalin, our ally, fighting 2/3rds of the war for us? I dunno, a dozen old Model T Fords? 5 wooden rowboats? C’mon man, really? You’ve got to try harder than this.

    Or wait: I guess not: Every Princeton Professor, every historian, every Media head, every Pulitzer, every paper, everyone just grabbed a big steaming handful of that, crammed it in their mouth and said Yum. …And so on to this very day.

    There’s a guy in Canada, very far out, who covers this but in the deep, suspicious level, not the all-known, University level. Maybe he works with Rogue News?

    I don’t know if “Something is happening.” All I see is they got us all to fight with each other on command at the bell, and are very happy.

    John Day

    @TreeFrog: You might read “Churchill’s War”.


    “Objectivity has got to go.”
    “free itself from this notion of objectivity to develop a sense of social justice.”
    “I’m a Biased Journalist and I’m Okay With That.”
    these are the calls to democracy. democracy – the bastard child of tyranny

    please note the second quote does not call to establish social justice but a “sense” of social justice. i am not a journalist and i too am biased. My bias is bound to that which we identify as the Bill of Rights within The Constitution of the United States of America. In terms of the ideal, citizenship within The Constitutional Framework, The Nation and Her people, individual human rights must be upheld and defended whether an individual is withinin the minority or the majority.

    Let us cast aside and indeed trample under foot the idea that The United States of America is a democracy. A simple review of the Tenth Amendment, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” is enough to demolish the concept of majority rule within the United States federal government.

    Determining the outcome of a vote in any circumstance is a matter of logic and mathematics. A proposition is put forward a decision is to be made and a vote is taken. A point is placed on a number line and a measurement is made. To simplify the conditions a set of variables is stated, nay=n – yea=y -abstention=a(a=o), such that n≠y = y≠n and n+a=n – y+a=y
    The vote is taken abstention is noted and removed from the equation and n<=>y conversely y<=>n or
    n=y = y=n=null point
    n>y The nay takes the point
    y>n The yeah takes the point
    Null point and the proposition is discarded or the vote is taken again. Governance follows the vote and in the nation i am humbled to be a citizen of discipline, courage, honor and compromise temper the nature of the society. Providence Be Willing. The talley of a vote is either accurate or inaccurate, nay or yea or null point and is an objective measure. When the talley of a vote is not objective it reveals fraud.

    is there any device in the history of humanity that damns democracy to a greater degree than the guillotine?
    Do you think the journalists quoted desire subjectivity or democracy in the hands of the deplorable or in the hands of a faux majority?
    Stop looking to the past, the challenge is at hand. Vote with your life, today. Reap that which you sow.
    Courage or Cowardice. Defense of the weak or tyranny of the faux majority are your options.

    D Benton Smith

    Voting is compulsory. There is no way to avoid it. You vote with the actions of your life, and the tallied up conclusion (the vote count) of the election is called current events.


    Millions of people are marching, demonstrating against war, genocide, and demanding ceasefire and peace.
    A presidential candidate taking the platform for “Peace” would win those votes.


    Dr. Day, thanks for posting that one article about what is going on in the West Bank, this kind of ‘attrition’ cruelty and impunity, Isr. soldiers support the so-called settlers, i.e. outright criminals who just take over land, properties, bulldoze about, destroy, expulse, etc. So what can the Palestinians do?

    I have been to Isr. only once, late 90s, and I went all over the W. Bank (not to Gaza) by myself, by public transp., and already at that time while treated as a ‘nice’ tourist, and shown a lot of hospitality etc. by Jewish Israelis, Arab Isrs. and Pals., the atmosphere was heavily poisonous.

    A big issue was building/zoning/connection to services laws, which of course favored the ones and excluded the others. Another trope was ‘hygiene’, there was all this hype about Arabs throwing their garbage about, one family told me that the plants grown by them were poisonous and should be eradicated, etc., it was OK to put weed killer on the plants. (Bougainvillas! in this case.) A bar I frequented had two pay scales – well..

    … I could go on, just to say that apartheid, discrimination, oppression, denial of services (medical.. terrible..) in the W Bank, escalated and escalated, nobody in the W ever brought this up, it was just accepted. Nothing was done, ever, except to support Isr., and then one comes to the end-game, ethnic cleansing, now open, driect, hyper violent, in Gaza, because of the concentration of pop. there, it really isn’t suprising. In the W Bank, more slowly.

    Debt Rattle November 11 2023


    Claire Daly, true heroine, unlike Tulsi.
    BTW, my “concern” about Tulsi got validated in the course of recent weeks and with her eager to help.



    I really thought RFK Jr was the peace candidate, guess I’ll keep looking.


    Updates from Middleeasteye; they are doing real time updates here:

    These are from today, Sunday 12th Nov, 2023 (2:30 EST in US):


    16 minutes ago
    A spokesperson for Palestine’s Ministry of Health told Al Jazeera Arabic that stray dogs have started to eat the bodies of the dead piling on the streets.

According to the spokesperson, relentless Israeli bombing and nowhere to bury the dead as well as a lack of resources has meant that bodies have been strewn across the street. 

Al Jazeera English reported that dozens of bodies remain abandoned near the al-Shifa hospital and in its courtyard, as survivors are unable to bury them due to ongoing bombing. 

“We asked to be able to bury the bodies, but anyone who goes out into the courtyard of al-Shifa hospital gets shot,” said Mohammed Zaqut, director-general of Gaza hospitals.
    40 minutes ago
    Doctors Without Borders (MSF) reported that their staff in Gaza are seeing dead people in the streets as Israel continues to bombard the besieged enclave. 

“We see people being shot at. We can see injured people. We hear them crying for help, but we cannot do anything. It is too dangerous to go outside,” one of their staff members in Gaza said. 

The organisation also said that all medical staff, including theirs, as well as patients in critical condition are still inside al-Shifa hospital. 
“We call for a cessation of attacks on hospitals, for an immediate ceasefire, and safe passage for  those who wish to leave hospitals,” they said, on social media platform X. 

MSF reiterated that they have not been able to contact their staff inside the hospital since last night, while their staff in other locations said that hostilities around the hospital have not stopped. “We are worried for their lives,” they said. 
    54 minutes ago
    Three out of 39 premature babies have now died at al-Shifa Hospital due to Israel cutting off all resources in the Gaza strip, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Sunday.

The neonatal intensive care unit stopped working on 11 November due to a lack of electricity, the facility’s director said.

The remaining babies in the neonatal intensive care unit are at risk of losing their lives as the hospital runs out of fuel.

The spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health also said that four people have also died as a result of inability to carry out surgeries on them. 
    2 hours ago
    According to Mustafa Surour, a journalist speaking from Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital, five buildings have been targeted in Israeli bombing and have been partially destroyed. 

The journalist made the comments live to Al Jazeera Arabic.


    Dr D your analysis is good regarding Nazi Germany being an attack dog for other interests but to say ‘Britain’ as the hand behind the throne is a bit misleading. I would say it’s more ‘Atlanticists’, basically an Anglo-American elite class of people (of whom Churchill was one, American mother) based in London and New England. Alumni’s include the Morgan’s, Rockefeller’s, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’s etc.

    The centre of power had shifted decisively to the USA by WW2 and the reigns were now pulled in New York and Washington, because the second most important outcome of WW2 after the Soviet defeat of Germany was the USA taking/conquering the British Empire by using Japan as cover. South East Asia, Australia, the Middle East were all transferred/conquered by the USA power base. Remember the UK backed Jordan and the USA backed King Saud, who won?

    As John Day mentioned Churchills war lays this out and Roosevelt did a nice job of manipulating Churchill for his own ends.

    As you have mentioned though Dr D there is a marked difference between the east coast Europhile Americans and the interior and even west coast Americans. There has never been one united monolith but factions going at each other all the time.


    It’s worth reading Hitlers War too, it’s seen as controversial because of apparent holocaust denial but it doesn’t deny the holocaust, like Dr D it merely makes clear that the Jews weren’t the primary consideration.

    Hitlers dream was a combined Europe with Britain taking care of the Navy and the Germans handling the army. He explicitly stated that Churchill was being played by the USA and Russia to go to war with Germany, which in the long run would only benefit the former two and the expense of the British Empire and Europe in general. So there are layers and layers to all of it.


    Everyone is a couch general.
    This the first time that the war is in your face with daily, hourly of GPS updates photos and videos.


    Ever single western leader is a traitor. They work for jewbankers and the NWO. This fact is beginning to sink into the densest of brainpans. Imagine what happens when averagejoe not only wakes up to this but begins to understand the same traitors injected him with poison.

    Veracious Poet

    *FICTIONS* Part Deux

    ASSAD: “Rights cannot be restored when the criminal has become a judge and the thief has become a referee, and this is the state of the West today.”

    Isn’t that what cops & robbers, good vs. evil, WOT is all about you grasping nepotistic monarch?

    What are these “Rights” you talking about Willis?

    Don’t cha’ know that you’re fighting the *fictions* that were fomented, unfurled, chosen, then made terrible reality so that The People could be employed, enriched, excited & amused.

    Anything! but inhabit the design for living that every. fiber. of. our. being. was created to inhabit by the The Loving, Healing. Creative. Power Of The Infinite. aka The Way 😐

    Anything but that!

    Make work, shovel ready projects full of excitement, diversion, amusement &, most importantly, winners & losers…

    Are you not entertained?!?

    Alternative narratives, Creative solutions & all that jazz…

    BTW, Assad knows that the Zionists are *not* acting alone, hell I think deep down most everyone knows that now, don’t they?

    The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said that all things are matters of mere interpretation and “whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

    Might Makes Right The Dominant Fiction.

    Do you think that’s *truth* you’re thinking now?

    Welcome to Modernity, where Truth is fictionalized to grease the wheels of progress, Power the goal of the UniParty GlobalCap Imperial game I’ve Got Mine!

    Too bad, so sad ~ Sorry, but We The People had to break a few million billion eggs to make Our omelette

    Example: How many criminal insane monsters that committed unspeakable, horrific murders are living within .GOV institutes, still putrefying each & every mind they can?!?

    Exactly how did innumerable *freaks* become “normalized” work product, now an “essential” part of the economy? 😐

    Now the *fiction* has been expanded to all but legalize commercial theft, with catch & release (no bail) initiatives to help the villains when they “stumble”, open borders to create new profitable *crime* waves to keep the “good guys” busy…

    Just another pile of *fictions* created as part & parcel of the UniParty GlobalCap Empire, empowered by the rapacious Kapitans of “commerce” via art, printed media, entertainment, lawfare, welfare, warfare et al.

    Has your 1st grader had their first cross-dresser lap dance yet?

    Peace is now *fiction*; Forever Wars of rape, pillage, plunder & genocide *reality*.

    No wonder The People chose “leaders” to remove The Democratic Republic under Natural Law ~ It was getting in the way…

    Give the people what they want!

    A chicken in every pot!

    Wars for their sons so they can travel to exotic, distant lands; meet exciting, unusual people & murder them!

    Mom, Pie & the new, New, NEW! American Way!

    Killin’ babaies since 1973!


    Don’t forget to vote for your favorite *FICTION* on Supa Tuesday!

    Yes We Can!



    A stroll down memory lane

    New Tapes Reveal Depth of Nixon’s Anti-Semitism

    Nixon Tapes (AP) from 1971 the year Duh’merica went off the gold standard

    Washington Post reporter George Lardner Jr. listens Tuesday to a White House recording from the Nixon administration.
    By George Lardner Jr. and Michael Dobbs
    Washington Post Staff Writers
    Wednesday, October 6, 1999

    From the Nixon tapes:

    “Beset by the leak of a top-secret history of the Vietnam War and rising unemployment statistics that were hurting his standing in the polls in summer of 1971, President Richard M. Nixon lashed out repeatedly at “the Jews” he saw at the root of his problems.

    “The Jews are all over the government,” Nixon complained to his chief of staff, H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, in an Oval Office meeting recorded on one of a set of White House tapes released yesterday at the National Archives. Nixon said the Jews needed to be brought under control by putting someone “in charge who is not Jewish” in key agencies.

    Washington “is full of Jews,” the president asserted. “Most Jews are disloyal.” He made exceptions for some of his top aides, such as national security adviser Henry Kissinger, his White House counsel, Leonard Garment, and one of his speechwriters, William Safire, and then added:

    “But, Bob, generally speaking, you can’t trust the bastards. They turn on you. Am I wrong or right?”

    Haldeman agreed wholeheartedly. “Their whole orientation is against you. In this administration, anyway. And they are smart. They have the ability to do what they want to do–which is to hurt us.”

    Nixon once famously said off handily about Kissinger, “It’s always good to keep a jew boy around so we have someone to blame when everything goes bad”


    Andrei Martyanov’s Blog

    Interesting article by Alexey Leonkov

    It’s about the Russian plan for a LAND BRIDGE TO HUNGRY

    “Immediately after the end of the Special Military Operation, the West will not be able to fight with us. It does not have a trained army, it will not accumulate the required amount of resources, it has no plans for war with Russia. It only has scraps of speculation and guesswork. These three factors make war with NATO unlikely. It is clear that the United States can push the Europeans to take crazy steps. But on the economic and diplomatic front we have specialists who will try to keep them from doing this. And the NWO will lead to processes that will lead to a split in the European Union and NATO. If we break through a land corridor to Hungary, then Serbia will be magnetized to this axis. And it can be followed by Slovakia and Romania, where very interesting processes are taking place. Eastern Europe will begin to break away from old Europe, which will be severely depressed due to the economic situation. After all, Europe is defeated not only on the eastern front, but also in the global south (it is not so simple with China).”

    Andrei Martyanov:

    “Consider this: Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Serbia have a combined population of roughly 42 million. This is substantial, it is also a promising market–make your own conclusion. As I already stated many times, Russia doesn’t need love or obedience, Russia is interested in trade with people who still recognize that there are only two genders. Simple as that. Once the land bridge is built, European structure changes dramatically.

    Old Europe can go and die.

    Yes, well played


    A German reporter does a piece about Russia’s re-purposing of it’s tank brigades to be mobile artillery platforms instead of just front line combat roles. Very effective and an experiment in live time to learn from and better tune up Russian military skills.

    Strange a German reporter would get this interview.

    Veracious Poet


    As was said here before, the PURPOSE of AI is not NOT to answer things. Duh. We already have the answers of how to fix nearly everything. (We refuse to do it and/or violently prevented) AI lies COMPLETELY, and fails CONSTANTLY. It is so we can STOP THINKING. And OBEY. Obey Authority. An authority unbowed by all our petty human partisanship. Be objective: Obey all the Programmers hired by multinational billionaires instead!

    Now hush little baby, go back to sleep.

    The ultimate *FICTION* for The People *always* looking outward, never looking within…

    Everything = Nothing. Nothing = Everything. Logic!



    San FranShithole Magically Cleaned by for Communist Leader Xi so He Thinks He’s in a Workers Paradise

    Xi needs a clean spot to dump and piss on Pedo Jo-Joe before all the junkie homeless beat him to it.

    Michael Reid

    Garry Robson: Humanity Close to Being Automated in Cybernetic System

    Garry Robson discusses the deep history of cybernetics
    and how the goal of the internet was always to create a surveillance man-machine system.
    Humanity is close to being automated in a closed cybernetic system.
    The internet and smart phone are the twin pillars.
    The youth are the key to implementing technocracy.
    We already have a deeply entrenched enforcement system
    (e.g. ESG, social credit).
    However, what they’re attempting to implement
    does look terribly precarious with too many moving parts.
    Garry remains optimistic.

    Garry Robson: Humanity Close to Being Automated in Cybernetic System


    ” alt=”.” />




    One interesting thought thread on MoA/Down South being explored is why the EU/US/IMM is demanding the Ukraine decrease disability payments in 2024 by 50% and also eliminate the disability catagory all-to-gether.

    Most think it might have to do with eliminating a potential liability in a future Ukrainian peace settlement. The current war is creating a lot of disabled people in the Ukraine.

    The EU doesn’t want to get stuck with having to pay Ukrainian disability payments going forward, so they are in a hurry to eliminate disabilities completely by 2024. True self-serving diplomacy at work.

    John Day

    Thanks for the travel story, Noirette.


    @D Benton Smith

    No, citizen, you definitely do NOT get it. You take a single word, a single label, a single broad sweeping and all-inclusive generality and use it to define all Jews

    No I actually don’t mother fucker. I define Israel by their own words.

    So you are actually defending the Jew state, of the Jew religion, of the Jew race in their genocide ?
    You’re actually saying Israel is NOT a jew state, jew religion, jew race for all jews ?

    What is Israel then you fucking jew scum apologist?


    Even as we know some Israeli Jews are being arrested in Israel, and Jews in the U.S. at a minimum are protesting, even assuming 100% you’d still be incriminating 10 MILLION innocent people.

    Fucking eat shit Dr D –

    You are a JEW apologist. For a Jew state, Jew religion, Jew race. Woo hoo, protests does not change the reality of what Israel is – and apartheid JEW state committing genocide. You are obviously a Jew.


    @citizen X: You should know that virtually every day on my Twitter feed

    Fuck your twitter feed in the ass. Are JEWS denouncing Israel and the theft or not ?
    No they are not.

    All of you apologist bitches suck pork Jew entrails.


    Why is defending ALL Jews a prioity to you faggots ?

    Especially in light of the reality that Israel is a JEW blight ?

    All of you should go get your booster now ! Vaccinate your retardation.


    Maybe they just want a Just and Equitable World?


    I make no apologies or excuses for the American govt or people.

    Interesting how many (and) suddenly make excuses for the Jew govt and American unwavering support for JEWS during an active genocide.

    Does sucking Jew dick make you feel more alive ?

    TAE is not what it pretends to be ?


    Maybe they just want a Just and Equitable World?

    Great, How does excusing the Zionist JEW govt and its Epstein Americans achieve that ?

    Dr. D

    russellnblbs Quite correct. And that is one of the biggest problems in talking about all this. So when you have an root-level merger of Britain and the U.S., Who is Who? Who is senior or junior? They are a philisophical approach, so who is in or out? And “For” Britain, “For” America? Both citizenships of have been badly injured by the “success” of their Leadership, the Atlanicists, so how can it be “For” the British Empire, etc?

    Yeah, these things are very hard to talk about. I point to London because the merger (look to OSS/CIA) had the effect of institutional legacy to existing BRITISH policy going back 100-200 years, and was a final break from American policy of Washington, Hamilton, etc. And because “We” are still fighting them. The people of Britain may be fighting them too, and I’m sure they are, but the People of the US in principle, legacy, and effect, remain highly relevant and constantly f up their plans with our tireless resistance and are big enough to do so. Unf not big enough or aware enough to ‘win’ yet.

    I have the uncomfortable feeling CitizenX lives in a nation, and is a citizen. He is therefore responsible for everything that nation does, did, or ever will do. He is directly responsible for all those genocides he was never involved in, on people he never saw, before he was born, and also after. Because he was born, he now has collective guilt from people he never met, for events he was never involved in.

    We need to put CitizenX on trial today.

    Please let us know which nation that is, so we can start proceedings against you immediately for your involvement.

    Dr. D

    White Rose Society/hung at dawn ≠ Nazis/who hung them. Being a resistor or protestor in a nation, is not the same as blindly supporting that nation.

    Worse, there are an infinite scale of “supporting” “Not supporting” with hundreds of thousands of tactics we’re all trying and using, all at once, to control and direct our home nations (and others) to our ends.

    Worse than that, elections have no influence on the outcomes as seen in 100 years of American foreign policy, nor indeed do elections affect the policy of most other nations. So the people are misinformed that the tactics they are trying will work much at all. Yet the people are fully responsible for votes that were frauds, candidates who routinely do the opposite once in power, and for public policy that runs against their own polling wishes and economic interests for 100 years.

    One thing we can be sure of: it’s always the fault of the poor and powerless. Never the individuals who lied, defied them, stole, and double-crossed the voters of each nation state. Who we can name, round up, and easily put on trial at very little expense. Bush. Cheney. Rumsfeld. Albright (ok, she got away), Obama, Hillary, Nuland, Blinken, Biden…even Trump if you want, I don’t care. But we must never, never hold the Individual responsible. Only the Collective.

    So the only thing that matters is whether my nation SUCCEEDS at genocide. My protesting, being for or against it, my own costs, sacrifices in that regard, don’t matter at all.

    Thanks for telling me! Since it doesn’t matter, I guess the only logical thing is to be all-in for it! Goooooo Genocide!!! If my nation wins, I’m a hero, and if they lose, well I’m no worse off for collective guilt. There are no individuals, so why bother with individual actions?


    Notes on Dr D. mention of *White Rose Society* just above.

    Sophie Scholl and the White Rose movement, while less known to Americans, is a powerful example of youthful resistance to the Nazi Regime.

    Wiki, not too bad? idk.

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