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    Walter Langley Never morning wore to evening but some heart did break 1894   • Israel’s War on Hospitals (Chris Hedges) • The Campaign for the De
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    “Hell is Empty and the Devils are All Here”. William Shakespeare, “The Tempest”, 1623

    Peter Koenig’s Contemporary Analysis of “The Tempest 2020-2030”

    From 5G to 6G
    We, the People, are in a race against the Globalists committed to Depopulation; control the survivors, exploit us, dehumanize us, and ultimately digitize us, so that we can be remotely controlled by 5G;

    And, now, just “launched” by China, 6G. See China launches ultra-high-speed next-generation Internet backbone – SHINE News.

    Nobody really knows, or at least has not publicly said what 6G is meant to do, what 5G cannot already do. Incidentally, has the health impact of 6G been studied? Maybe. But nobody divulges the results.

    This is how Qualcomm describes 5G:

    5th generation mobile network. It is a new global wireless standard after 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. 5G enables a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices. See this.

    Nobody has openly spoken about the health impact of 5G, though, that has been studied. Yet, the studies are not revealed to the public.

    Beyond George Orwell’s 1984
    There is “guessing”; and scientists who come forward with the truth depicting the impact caused on wildlife and humans by these ultra-microwaves, are most often labeled “conspiracy theorists.”

    This is the “shut-up” phrase for everything the mainstream, the Cabal, the Matrix, the Globalists do not want the public to know. We are way beyond George Orwell’s “1984.”

    The 6th Generation Mobile Network or 6G is about 100 times faster, more powerful, than 5G. It will be able to digitize everything.

    This is what RantCell has to say about 6G:

    Beyond Orwell’s 1984, 5G and the Launching of 6G: “Easy to Take Down a Society that Is Digital”. 
 UNCTAD Attempts Accomplishing this Doom Scenario


    Mandelbrot fractals – you cannot control, create or contain infinity. This is my biggest fear.
    No control.
    Seriously – who want NO control?

    Paul Craig Roberts – I mean – I get it, but loosen up kinda…
    Might be an age thing but if we go where he is recommending then we are back to no swimming on beaches in Sydney for christs’ sake (illegal for 60 years on possibly the worlds most stunning beaches). The act of swimming was morally bankrupt to “Christian values/morals”, but the British said boo hoo when the Native Americans showed em how, competitively and whipped their arse so they just said ‘when you splash so much it is unseemly! so we will ban that style so we can win at what WE are good at’.
    Come on PCR a bit of skin is not killing anyone and any one not originally from Europe wore bugger all because it was hot – not because we had lost our soul on the way to hell.

    The West is largely made up of confused wage slaves and debt-serfs who just want some agency and if getting your socks blown and tattoos or a huge ‘online presence’ lifts the spirits, well – it might be misguided, but it works if only temporarily.

    Dr. D

    Ritter has lost his cool and is responding emotionally now. Israel might not exist, but more probably it will, but no one can foresee what’s going to happen right now. No surprise, but that’s no good to listen to. If I want to hear emotional screaching, I’ll turn into the Left, they had an official “Scream Day” this year. I see the world is much better since.

    “Palestinians, in the Israeli lexicon, are a single contagion that must be eradicated.”

    Yes, uniting all individuals into one, erasing all differences.

    “It intends to force 2.3 million Palestinians over the border into Egypt where they will never return.” Once suggested, it Seems very clear now. Many clear actions in this regard. At the least: Push from North to South, then from South to out of Israel, leaving Israel very nicely ethnically cleansed.

    “Israel is only taking what God gave them..” — Christian Right

    But also what God TOOK from them, for denying Christ then scattering them over Rome? Make up your mind.

    Sin spreads like contagion when sexual perversion is normalized and when the accumulation of money is the social goal,”

    Ah yes, but this ALWAYS happens from the corruption of the money. Always. So…you’re going to blame US for YOU poisoning the well? Clean up your own room. And why? Because work is no longer rewarded, and lack of work is rewarded: the criminal’s creed. Why else would they set it up? So THEY, the lazy non-productive can be punished? Heck no. But every stupid idea is funded, so every stupid person is rewarded, but randomly. Therefore every smart, hardworking person is punished, but randomly. The randomness drops the “Time preference” in economic terms, PCRs dress code just reflects ever-increasing short term-ism. I can get $50 today for a handjob, which people don’t do because it’s dangerous. But that’s LONG-term. Erase the long term and there is no morality. All morality (basically) is applying INTELLIGENCE to observations, where we forego hedonistic pleasure this hour to not have a hangover (or to be stabbed, strangled, OD, pregnant) LATER.

    The people doing this, know it and capitalize and profit on the social arc it creates. For the record I’m in favor of women being as naked as possible. Right? Now when I say that they’ll want to cover up.

    The United States may be hoping for a broader conflict to break out amidst Israel’s military campaign in Gaza in order to damage Iran and other foes,”

    Yes, but why not invade Saudi Arabia? MBS was NOT the man the CIA Derp State planned to install, as failing failures who fail, another nation got away from them, Saudi then dropped the US$ and heavily substantiated the BRIICS. “Cut off Israel’s oil”? Yeah, and then the U.S. would use its “Land based aircraft carrier” to invade and remove MBS, and reinstall, I-forget-who. Puppetman. Who was hanging in the basement of the Ritz like a puppet.

    AND Iran too, of course. AND Egypt or at least to “regime change” them too.

    So Hezbollah attack? Again, that’s what they WANT. At the very minimum don’t give them what they want. Russia and China constantly slowing the pace and using General Time to fight. As they didn’t react, Israel is in the spotlight, doing this all as the villain. Wide open on display to the world, along with U.S. Congress, Europe, and the UN.

    It’s tough to take, but I see this.

    “disclosure recently by the US Central Command of the transit on November 5 of nuclear guided-missile submarine USS Florida”

    Arrest I say. Weren’t they going to arrest Trump in Australia for saying much less than this about our subs?

    “There is no doubt that if there were men sitting at those screens, things would look different.”

    Hahahahaaha! I have ALL the doubts. I hear this constantly while men DO say the same things and are ignored the same. Astonishing female fantasy. Total lack of self-awareness. IF ONLY it were sexism, that would be less-bad than Nuts who ordered a 7-hour standdown INTENTIONALLY, getting a lot of those women kidnapped and killed. On purpose. …They’re better on camera, as ain’t nobody give a s—t if men die. It’s their JOB, their only purpose in life so shut up about the draft and the ever-declining life expectancy rate. If we women want to hear out of you, we’ll insult you until you talk.

    Anyway: NOT related to being women. Related to being TRAITORS.

    “..Ukraine needs more Western funding and support to restore its 1991 borders”

    Um…yes? In the sense that the Entire West must mobilize and have a Total War, WWIII of nuclear annihilation with Russia as the only possible way to restore the 1991 borders? On a crispy, crunchy, black earth? They need “Some support” the NeoCons say. …As McCain says we’re going to be there for 100 years, have 100 years’ war. THAT kind of “some support.”

    How about this: Ain’t Gonna Happen. You don’t have the balls, so shut your stupid-hole and quit embarrassing yourself.
    Russia is going to to ANYTHING they want, any TIME they want, for AS LONG as they want, and you’re not going to do anything about it. Because: You and Whose Army?

    …It does not make me happy to say that. I’m now living in a country even dumber than the 12-year-olds I grew up with. “Why you punching yourself?”

    “It didn’t hurt that Russia’s capability versus NATO equipment was surprisingly good, or perhaps the Ukrainians’ handling of sophisticated Western arms was surprisingly bad,”

    Ugh. RUSSIA wasn’t good: Ukraine was bad. Russia dogged down moving forward, not thrilled with the casualty rates of 21st c warfare. Dilemma SOLVED when Ukraine decides to take their whole army, all 20 million people, and MARCH THEM INTO A MINEFIELD, while Russians drink tea on base. Okay, I guess??? Please don’t, but I’ll let you??? Still doing it for 2 years solid? The Lemmings video from Disney was fake, but this is real???

    Then as said before, NATO arms STOP the Ukrainian military. They’re the greatest obstacle. And that’s ABOVE how NATO weapons are 30 years old and sucked even then. Patriots stopped nothing and were a scandal in Gulf War ONE. Nope: PR just brushed itself off and carried on.

    “Why Murdoch Rushed to Meet Zelensky in Kiev (Sp.)

    There’s a lot going on there. Is Fox News the main source for Republicans? Yes, embarrassingly, probably yes. Everyone up there is illiterate and 1,000 years old.

    “Family Makes Tough Decision To Put Aging Grandpa In US Senate” –BBee
    “Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Biden Is Youngest President Of All Time” –BBee

    However, no one is watching Fox News anymore. Following pretty close on no one watching CNN, MSDNC, Maddow, Colbert or Kimmel. No one watches TV at all unless you’re over 60. With Tucker gone, a huge section of viewers left with him, and Fox’s ratings now match CNN (not really) which were below reruns of Yogi Bear.

    He’s rushing to Ukraine? Okay, but why would the editor if the DesMoines Pennysaver in Ukraine be relevant to me? Fox has ceased to exist, and will slowly decline without end from now until their bankruptcy. Too bad it takes so long.

    “another military aid package for Ukraine worth some $100 million,”

    Oh, I’m sorry, I think you slipped a zero. THREE zeros. $100 FIFTY THOUSAND MILLION didn’t make a dent in Russia. But $100 Million will. Liberals: bad at math. I’m S-M-A-R-T, S.M.A.R.T. He gave me four nickels for my three dimes, And four is more than three!

    ““The debt goes up, the interest on the debt goes up and that raises the debt even further, and you just spiral out of control. We are there right now.”

    Yeah, except it never happens. The same was true in 2001 and Rubino said it then, as did I. Being wrong in timing is the same as being wrong. Sure it can happen. Will it?

    “A terrorist organisation is one that uses fear and intimidation to achieve their radical political objectives.”

    Um. That’s like “All governments”? Words have meanings. They have removed the meaning of “terrorism” after 2001 so they could apply it to “all things I’m mad at”. This means you. Stop your car in the street without hazard lights? Terrorism. Or is that not what he jut said about climate protests.

    Supporting the Constitution and rule of Law? …Don’t get me started. DEFINITELY terrorist. It’s the agents who do NOT believe in uniform law that are the legitimate government. People = Law, Government = No law. Simple!

    Dr. D

    Keeping up with random articles, Obviously being “Wired” it’s retarded, for the short bus kids, and sucks.

    Very standard non-political format though: “The US Department of Energy is … $169 million in federal funding for domestic heat pump manufacturing. Funded by the Inflation Reduction Act—the huge climate bill passed last year that also provides tax credits for heat pumps—the awards will go toward nine projects across 13 states, creating 1,700 jobs.”

    Okay, so the price of one jet as a bone to all Americans combined. Domestic manufacturing? Why? You’re against that like cancer in everything else. Oh, it’s to kill OUR natural gas and LNG and make it THEIR gas and sell it to Europe! So we’ll get nothing and like it. Above, they say “Instead of generating heat by burning natural gas, like a furnace…” And then acts as if Pumps don’t use any energy at all. They do: it’s ELECTRIC, which we have no plants, no transmission, on a grid already overwhelmed, which is asked right now to be crippled by electric cars. So gas = bad, but gas>electric (-20%) > transmitted to your house (-20%) then used in a heat pump (-10%) = good and efficient. Science!!!

    …Say all the reporters at Wired who failed math which is why they were hired.

    So this is a Biden Politboro Central Party Office 5-Year-Plan, which shows we have every active intent of extorting natural gas purchases out of Europe at 4x 10x cost ‘til they’re white and it’s not an accident. Moving on:

    $169M, a pittance, the size of a city’s highway budget, spread over 13 states. Why? Political payoffs and districts. This candy is then held up elsewhere to make sure the “Right” people are paid that $169M and not Cleetus who wants to move up out of that trailer. This is 1,700 jobs, which isn’t the size of a small town anymore. For instance Garrison Keillor had a contest not for talent, not for “Small town” talent, but for MICRO town talent, “TTT: Towns Below 2,000”. As liberals are bad at math, 1,700 is as close to “zero” in America as possible to be. 170,000 would barely turn the dial.

    …Spread out over 10 states. Less than 200 jobs per state. Like for instance in a real factory, there are 200 jobs per WING. Per SHIFT. Go on….

    “The president is using his wartime emergency powers under the Defense Production Act to turbocharge US manufacturing of heat pumps for a multitude of reasons,” says Ali Zaidi, assistant to the president and national climate adviser.”

    So in order to add a single additional factory SHIFT, Biden had to invoke a tyrannical wartime powers act? Couldn’t he just ask? Reduce taxes by 1%? That would have added 1,700,000 jobs nationwide instead. Wartime? I was unaware we were at war, sir, who are we at war WITH? Isn’t there usually a person? When did Congress authorize this war?

    What does Mr. Zaidi say? “And because heat pumps are electric, they aren’t subject to swings in fossil fuel prices.” Ah. A Liberal who failed math and science. Heat pumps use magic elven fairy dust to run, and not, you know, “fuel” like everything else in the universe uses. Being generous, Suppose he means to say “Nuclear”: ARE we opening non-fossil fuel nuclear plants anywhere? No. They are trying tooth and nail to PREVENT the very few (two I think, in the SE, so they can mock and hate southerners) newly commissioned nuclear plants and closing all the others. Which are now creakingly dangerous and need major $100B renovations or decommissioning. It goes without saying that every wind farm won’t recover the BTUs used even in their construction, while solar may have a minor 10% EIOEI but BY STOPPING ALL FOOD PRODUCTION. …At least in half the states they’re being installed in prime corn fields. Great “National Security”! We have electric, so we have light bulbs burning hot to see that empty plate in the kitchen for your kids. Socialism! Everywhere it’s been tried! S.M.A.R.T grid, I’m S.M.A.R.T.!

    Moving on: “US secretary of energy Jennifer Granholm wrote in a Department of Energy statement provided to WIRED.”

    Department of Redundancy Department. Thanks, Wired. You’re fired wired. I fail essays like that in the 5th grade. “secretary of energy” is also capitalized, as you already know since “Department of Energy” was capitalized. Pick one although you should have the MLA Grammar Reference on the edge of your desk.

    “These investments will create thousands of high-quality, good-paying manufacturing jobs and strengthen America’s energy supply chain.”

    Uh, whut? YOU JUST SAID it was exactly 1,700. Not 1,500, not 2,100, but 1,700 jobs EXACTLY. If all the installers are going to add more jobs, why not toss those in for Biden? If not, where are they coming from now? Liberal math:
    Did you know 1,700 = is the same as = 2,000, 5,000, 7,000? Thousands and thousands? I did not know that numbers = other, different numbers, Jen.

    “The funding will also be used for manufacturing geothermal heat pumps, a neat twist on the device that essentially turns a backyard into a battery.”

    No. For the love of GOD, it doesn’t. Question: when it gets hot are you putting the cold back IN to your back yard, to pull it out later in July? No, you are not. It is totally, completely, unlike a “Battery”. Battery = Not-Battery. In Ecoscience. Liberal Science. “Wired” Science.

    “Climate and energy nerds love heat pumps, because exchanging heat is much more efficient than generating it”

    Okay, I give up. Thanks to heat pumps, all we have to do is leave sugar cookies for the Heat Pump Fairies who will them generate the heat for us with their frenetic dancing. Same way car engines work, actually.

    “more broadly to retrofit the aging electrical grid that powers them. That’s going to require huge training programs. “The green transition is going to generate upwards of 25 million new jobs [in the US] in the next 15 years—this is just going to be a tremendous transformation of the US workforce,” Mark Paul, an environmental economist at Rutgers University,”

    Rutgers. Really. I don’t insult Universities enough to fit them all in and will have to go on rotation. Okay, “Environmental Economist”, two of the most discredited occupations worldwide now COMBINED with the magic of Synergy into one: you’re saying ONE IN TEN Americans will be working in Green energy? Isn’t that about 100x the number of energy workers we have now? Wouldn’t refocusing them all from their present jobs be a net DROP to U.S. productivity, same as if we brought back horses blacksmiths, and stable boys?

    And we’re going to “retrofit the aging grid”? Last I looked the average age of a lineman was 55. They’re retiring out with no replacement, no initiatives, and um, thanks to you dummies all the solar and wind projects are exclusively grid-tied, neither local (to a factory) nor independent (to a city). If the grid goes down, your renewables go down faster. Yes you DO need 25 million new jobs in America, and they are probably all standard 220v residential electric linemen. You’ll also need that many trucks, transformers, poles, and particularly, copper. None of which we have either, nor have the slightest intent of getting, even under a War Act, with a attacking nation we can’t define.

    Who is this sub 5th grade writer at “Wired”? A freshman intern? Nope, “Matt Simon is a senior staff writer covering biology, robotics, and the environment”, who looks about 50 and is old enough to know better. Where do they find these guys? How can they do this for even a year and not get even adequate at math? Clearly they’re incapable of shame or they’d call a tutor just to stop looking stupid.

    This is the level of the Trusted “Experts” coast to coast. And you wonder why Americans don’t know anything and can’t think straight.

    Yeah, I had a math teacher who said “1,000 = 10,000, or close enough, whatevah” and a science teacher who said “A lot of new green energy devices don’t use energy” In fact they’re perpetual motion machines! And this is my fault how? I “Was born”, therefore I’m guilty?

    Reminds me of making fun of Zoomers for not writing cursive or using a rotary phone, or Millennials for participation trophies. Whose fault is that??? Millennials didn’t give THEMSELVES that trophy: their parents and town elders did. And so with picking on Americans who “We’ll know our campaign has worked when everything Americans believe is a lie” CIA Director Casey.


    “Most of our assumptions have outlived their uselessness.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

    Where, might i ask, has Mr. Rubino been since January 2020?
    and Greg Hunter – “Rubino talks about plunging home prices, more trouble coming in the commercial real estate market and why you need gold and silver as core assets during a currency reset”

    Never heard of asset seizure, never heard of frozen bank accounts, never heard of sanctions, never heard of BRICS+, never heard of a $945bn trade deficit, never heard finance, real estate, business services and government comprise 44% of the US economy, never heard manufacturing is 11% of the US economy, never heard agriculture, fishing and hunting take a 1.1% share of the US economy

    In the midst of a global financial meltdown gold and silver assets will be safe? Which of the two is more deluded, Zelensky or John Rubino? London and New York will not set the exchange rates and when the tide goes out The FED and Fort Knox will be seen wearing a G string and pasties.

    “No Way to Delay that Trouble Comin Every Day” – Zappa 1966 Trouble Every Day

    Zionist Israel is a Terrorist Organization. It’s Shake and Bake and guess who is holding the bag.

    “A commercial society whose members are essentially ascetic and indifferent in social ritual has to be provided with blueprints and specifications for evoking the right tone for every occasion.” ~ Marshall McLuhan

    Dr D Rich

    Dr D is back to promoting “anemotional” Vulcan-logic masters over the rare Scott Ritter giving in to his emotions. I’ll oppose both sides of Ritter’s and Dr D’s premise(s). The least of Ritter’s problems is giving in to his emotions which probably have very little to do with Ritter’s animation. Sort of like a psychopath’s visible absence of emotional expression has anything to do with being shrewd or clear-minded. Yet, wide swaths of society openly admire obviously psychopathic ppl for being cold, unemotional. Hell, those wide swaths also vote for unemotional psychopaths. Do you think Obama’s or Trump’s or Hillary’s pulse rose above 60 bpm when they remotely watched the murders of 8yo Nawar and 16yo Abdulrahman.
    D, how did you ever get to the point of worshipping someone else’s emotional impoverishment as a trait worth admiring?

    D, try John Ralston Saul’s “Voltaire’s Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West”. Too bad Saul proved disloyal to his own thesis when it became inconvenient.

    For Rubino, as in John’s advice on money…I can tell you who John Rubino thinks is going to get paid in the end. Why, of course, John Rubino!


    Never heard … Peace is the enemy

    Demonstrators are against the killers and the enablers.

    Stop the killing the destruction, the slaughter, the ethnic cleansing, the catastrophe, the genocide.

    Those who are ignoring the killing/the genocide are an enabler and guilty.
    You know … you are guilty ….
    Ignoring the war preparation against Iran.

    US embarks on proxy war against Iran

    • US Embarks On Proxy War Against Iran (Bhadrakumar)

    This allegation – acting at Iran’s behest. “Iranian proxies”.

    Washington was planning on extending the violence rather than taking action to bring it to an end.


    Considering “Experts” and “Authorities” and the President can do things like put the nation under house arrest or force experimental injections, why doesn’t the President declare:

    This overrides all levels of government. All private authorities such as HOA’s. Penalties for interfering with individual citizens will be $10,000 per instance per day will apply to the individuals, not their organizations, who interfere with the following:

    1. No one can stop you from adding overhangs to the southern side of your building
    2. No one can stop you from planting shrubs, bushes, on trees on the western side of your building.
    3. No one can stop you from putting in a metal roof.
    4. No one can stop you from painting your roof white.
    5. No one can stop you from collecting rainwater
    6. No one can stop you from gardening on your own property
    7. There shall be ZERO interference. No qualifications, requirements, forms to fill out, etc. No one can interfere in any way with these activities. $10,000 per day per instance of acting under colour of authority to block, frustrate, slow, regulate, apply fees, or in any way impede these activities.

    No government program needed at all to implement far greater energy savings than a heat pump program — the only thing the government has to do is what it’s good at – extract money.


    Greg Hunter offers his Friday service to polish David star and trash Iran, without exception, then holds his slice of bread for butter spread.
    What an awkward moment when Catherine Austin was the guest while ago, as I recall.


    Dr. D wrote, prev. thread. So if we stand up, then what? People ARE protesting. Then what? People DID go to prison without trial for protesting. Then what? I have ideas and they’re not necessarily violent, but I want YOU to consider. The political process as we’re presently using it, isn’t “Political”. If it were, it would have some effect. If it has no effect, it’s strictly theatre, a sham.

    Yes, in the main. I protested in ‘all’ protests against the invasion of Iraq, see V. Arnold same, and those demos were the ‘biggest’ the World had ever seen. Effect? Zero. I swore, Never Again.

    —> Interesting experience though, the Black Block, and the Police (in CH) play a huge role in demos.

    We have seen many pre-emptive moves against ‘opinions’ / ‘free speech’, mostly scattered and unfocussed, but they do weigh heavily, e.g. bank accounts sequestered for protesting (Can. truckers), being arrested for waving a flag, wearing a kehfia (GB, very set on symbols..), being prosecuted for anti-semitism, hate speech (France loves that path), and that’s without the Gilets Jaunes being shot w. rubber bullets and maimed, etc.

    The TV and the MSM continue to stigmatise ‘consp theorists’, ‘anti vax’ etc. etc. COV provided a novel and horrendous breach: Ppl could be fired, prevented from working, not be paid, stopped from entering shops and public venues, from travelling, etc. etc. if they did not submit to the Gvmt-MegaCorp-MSM dictats. Although the COV measures were legitimised by ‘medical emergency’ discourse, ppl instinctively or directly understand that all is part of the same agenda.

    So, alternatives must be considered. Voting in X vs. Y amongst the ‘candidates’ approved by the PTB->MSM won’t change anything. The US is a prime ex., with a Prez. elected by ‘direct suffrage’, Bush Junior, Obama, Trump, Biden – they have their favorite killing grounds with the other party mumbling about we don’t like it…to then do ‘their’ thing.. they are figure-heads or just part of the same system…

    Boycotts can have an effect, imho. in any case are better than protests. That is why the BDS movement is so repressed.

    Leaving it there for now.


    One of the worst things the Catholic church was to include the ‘old testament’ as part of the bible.

    It has nothing to do with Christianity and can be used to justify very un-Christian things – like okaying genocide because the [Jewish] old testament says it’s God’s will.


    In the early 70’s when software was on punch cards in a shoebox, I wrote a program to count to a large number where every digit could have a different modulus. Each digit was a class of heating factors. It started counting and with each count it multiplied out the relative impact of the set of factors. A few of the winning combinations were stored to put to the tty when done. The school paid for the ops and I am sure wondered what happened. I finally got some good runs and the first answer never changed. Insulation. It doesnt matter what you do. If you insulate, nothing else matters. Today I have 24 inches in my ceiling and heat pumps. The heat pumps are good at sitting idle, mostly used as dehumidifiers.


    Listen… for cease fire

    Xi Urges Immediate Gaza Ceasefire In BRICS Meeting, As Beijing Hosts Summit Of Muslim Nations

    Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and other leaders joined United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for an ‘extraordinary’ meeting of the BRICS bloc of developing countries to discuss the Israel-Hamas war Tuesday.

    Leaders of Brazil, India and South Africa were present for the virtual meeting along with countries which are set to soon join BRICS (in January), including Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates.

    China’s foreign ministry the day prior echoed the same, with FM Wang Yi saying the world “must act urgently” in Gaza and establish a ceasefire. “The international community must act urgently, taking effective measures to prevent this tragedy from spreading. China firmly stands with justice and fairness in this conflict.”

    He made the remarks while greeting visiting leaders of Arab and Muslim majority nations who gathered in Beijing. This included the top diplomats of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, the Palestinian National Authority, and Indonesia. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation is also represented for the two-day meeting in Beijing.

    Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud agreed, saying: “The message is clear: the war must stop immediately, we must move to a ceasefire immediately, and relief materials and aid must enter immediately.”

    As expected, the participants in Beijing have tended to place blame on soaring civilians deaths squarely on Israel. FM Wang voiced this in the following statement: “Israel should stop its collective punishment on the people of Gaza, and open up a humanitarian corridor as soon as possible to prevent a humanitarian crisis of a larger scale from taking place,” he told the summit delegates. (polite way of calling it a genocide)

    (diplomatic way of warning of “Oil embargo”)


    Tail wagging the dog.
    Who did not call for an immediate Cease fire.
    (His initials J.T.)

    D Benton Smith


    Ritter has lost his cool and is responding emotionally now. Israel might not exist, but more probably it will, but no one can foresee what’s going to happen right now.”

    It’s a rare day indeed when I disagree very much with what is posted by our deservedly respected resident genius, but in this case I must, because he is seriously wrong about a serious matter. It’s the sort of thing that can get you dead if you get it wrong, so I really do feel that it’s necessary to point it out.

    By every measure that I know of Scott Ritter is a man whose words should be taken very seriously because he has walked the walk to a degree that few others could match. He’s the kind of scholarly warrior that Thucydides recommended, and as such should be respected in the same way that you should respect a friendly silver back gorilla. Yes, he is friendly, and ALSO yes he can rip your arms and legs off, and WILL DO SO if one does not pay attention to clear signals regarding the gorilla’s boundaries of acceptable behavior.

    When a guy like Ritter calmly states in a cogent and civilized manner that there are certain red lines which must not be crossed (as he has done in regard to Israel’s treatment of Hamas, non combatant Palestinians in general and minor children in particular ) it is highly advisable that his words be taken very very seriously by all concerned.

    When those words of warning are NOT taken as meaning exactly what they say, and if one is very very lucky and he likes you very very much (as is the case with Israel) then he MIGHT give one last warning before ripping arms and legs off.

    That last warning might be emotionally charged, or even screechy, because as a tested warrior who knows himself well, Ritter KNOWS what happens next if the warning is not heeded, and he really does not want to go there, because violence and killing are very bad.

    Personally, I would not want to be Scott Ritter’s enemy but I also think that the Israelis have done just that. They have made themselves his (and many others’) enemy. Consequently, Zionist Israel as a nation state is about to come to an end, and those who support it are going to die. My own advice is to not be one of them.

    Does that sound more convincing if one says it dispassionately?

    When the killing starts that won’t matter at all, and THAT stark and deadly fact is why Scott Ritter is so emotional about it. He is trying his damnedest to convey that this is a final warning to stop. Not recognizing a FINAL warning can getcha dead.

    I’m with Ritter on the Israel thing. The whole idea of an exclusively “Jews Only” Homeland for Zionist colonizers has been criminally insane bullshit from the start. It’s time to end it.


    Ukronaziland is over.

    What remains is for Nazilensky to meet his Maker, along with the other criminals associated with this genocide to the north of the genocide in Gaza

    The last thing seen by Nazilensky



    Calling someone a liar or accusing someone of lying is a no-no in the house of common.
    However, now, they are allowing work around words/expressions.

    Here are some synonyms for lying and misinformation:

    Lying: misrepresenting, falsifying, distorting, misstating, exaggerating, equivocating, deceiving, misleading, perjuring, prevaricating, fibbing, fabricating, inventing, trumping up, concocting, making up, telling stories, not telling the truth, not being honest 12.

    Misinformation: false information, gossip, disinformation, misleading information, false rumor, bum steer, misreport, misstatement, calumny, deception, falsification, obfuscation, chicanery, distortion, inaccuracy,


    World War New needs lots of people- people who can run on hate.
    Entertained by hunting sheeple, warriors wired into the State.

    World War New will kill civilians- that’s its purpose, after all.
    Humans dying by the millions: just the devil’s margin call.

    Dr. D

    Yes insulation. Carter probably did more for national oil security and CO2 with the one cheap initiative than all other Presidents combined. Pay attention to air quality though, you may have to do that more manually. Somebody who rebuilt train system again could probably win the Bronze and everybody knows it.

    Surprised so much about Ritter. He can go ahead and have his emotions, I don’t mind. It’s just well known that before you issue tactical predictions, you should take a deep breath and let the emotions go because you’ll get more accurate results that way. I agree with him.

    And more: I forgot, but I had the same impression, NOT that he isn’t actually mad or faking it, but like many men I’m sure he can control his emotions if he feels like it. But he DOESN’T feel like it, because as you say, he has taken a conscious decision to warn Israel he and/or the rest of the former sympathetic world is about to rip their arms and legs off. We’ve put up with their nonsense and given them an ASTONISHING amount of leeway and understanding. Like him, don’t care: had enough. He is revealing HIMSELF over the edge to communicate that OTHERS are over the edge.

    <i>That IS the warning.</i> Naturally Israel won’t heed it, but good and just men still give it if they can. He has and I would too if anyone paid attention to Demosthenes on the Internet. (Ender’s Game, 1985) Although I feel for Gaza, I hope Israel won’t follow any warnings since then it would limp on again and they wouldn’t get the smacking they so richly deserve.

    Still, I need to now double check his dispassionate analysis for being bent now. I was only checking once before.


    This will be interesting to see how it plays out or not.

    US agreement incapable, suddenly wants to negotiate peace.
    They know there will be no negotiations, so it is safe for them to pretend to negotiate.
    They have no plans to stop fighting.
    Meanwhile Russia will continue fighting to end the fight the other side started.

    Israel is doing it’s best to get the US to fight Iran.
    Russia and China have probably told Iran to sit tight to win.
    If everybody just sits on their hands, the US loses.

    The bankers will not be happy.
    They want a banker’s war.

    John Day

    Scott Ritter is being clear, as clear as he can be, and different from usual. I get that.

    : I hope the bankers are not happy, but devastated this time.

    Poppie says “insulation is everything”, and I have built a properly insulated house, well sealed, with a smallish heat-pump downstairs, a window unit upstairs, capacity for flow through and a gas stove and upstairs/downstairs vented gas heaters.
    Insulation is really a lot, and should be everywhere, so no surface gets hot or cold compared to the internal ambient temp.
    The smallish heat pump does very well. I actually put R-12 insulation between the downstairs and upstairs, with a small stairwell, which makes the downstairs alone super-insulated in the summer, and even the winter. Each sub-space is well insulated, and can be warmed or cooled, or ventilated.

    The gas stoves provide 100% heat efficiency into the space, but also provide CO2, and maybe a trace of CO. We lived with open propane heaters when I was a kid, in a drafty little old house.
    The externally vented natural gas (or propane) heaters are 65% to 75% efficient at transfer of heat into the room. I put in the 65% efficient kind, because they are so much easier to put in structurally, one hole to the outside behind the wall unit, no tubing going up through the wall and out through the roof.

    So the heat pump is whatever efficiency it is rated at, if well set up, which mine is, and is not much good when it is much below freezing outside, but I can feel a little warm air from it when it is down to 26F outside. Burners on the stove are 100% efficient, but you don’t want to use heavily, and wall units are 65% of natural gas burn, and really only necessary for a period of time, unless it is really cold and windy outside.
    The insulation is always good, and has been a voyage of discovery for me.

    I designed the house with all of this thought out, and have now used it all through a full year. I am happy with that, but this is the first time I got to design a living space, and I’m 65.
    Re-doing insulation is probably not going to happen much, except in attics, and maybe double paned window replacements. Heavy curtains help, and are depressing in the daytime.


    Free insulation from heat on the north side of the house in the summer is often neglected.

    Bushes and trees block the sun coming from due west in the afternoon and evening. In winter, the leaves fall off and the sun warms the house as evening approaches. Set it and forget it.

    Not often thought of insulation since it is external to the house. No need to rip out the walls or anything and way easier than a heat pump. Looking around in Colorado, practically every structure could use it.

    And then there’s setting up cooler microclimates surrounding the house with trees or pergolas covered in white sun shade fabric which can be taken down seasonally.

    Reflection or absorption of radiant heat seems (to this call center rep who did a few deep dives on the subject) to be more easily addressed in existing structures than other types of heat/coolth. Even painting a dark roof white makes a significant difference.


    correction – free insulation from heat on the WEST side of the house. der.

    Veracious Poet


    …Spread out over 10 states. Less than 200 jobs per state. Like for instance in a real factory, there are 200 jobs per WING. Per SHIFT. Go on….

    Let me interpret that for you Herr Doktor 😉

    Electrical based heating is presently 50-80% *more* EXPENSIVE than heating with Natural Gas or Fuel Oil.

    So, not only will the Deplorables in flyover country slowly freeze to death (as they are *totally* cut off from any & all economic activity), *even* if they gather as a community in Heating Centers

    Surprising how few people can see the 2030 Agenda playing out in real-time 🙄

    Of course, once everyone is forced into this Brave New Green World, electricity will become sporadic (at best), with prices rising exponentially, all approved by UniParty GlobalCap sanctioned Utility Commissions, with jobs created in Animal Human Control Enforcement.


    I think you can know The Rest of the Story. 😐

    *FICTIONS* are animated at such breakneck velocity since Trump 2016, that 1984’s Ministries of Truth, Peace, Love, and Plenty seem liker pikers by comparison ~ Bernays could only dream.

    The People that have been indoctrinated by CNN/MSDNC/FOX will never know what hit em’…



    Chews wont rest until we are all driven insane, are bankrupt and/or dead. These shitbirds control the money. 911, never forget.

    John Day

    Business Of War

    Ed Curtain , The United States government exists to wage war. In its present form, it would crumble without it; and in its present form, it will crumble with it. Only a radical structural change will prevent this. For war-making is at the core of its budget, its raison d’être – 816.7 billion for the Fiscal 2023 National Defense Authorization Act alone – a deficit-financed sum that tells only part of the story. This amount that finances the military-industrial complex and its blood money is for a country that has never been invaded, is bordered by friendly neighbors, and is oceans away from the multitude of countries its leaders attack and call our enemies. The U.S. wages wars around the world because killing is its lifeblood, its structural essence.

    The Roots of Radicalism and the Structure of Evil

    ​ She lost her entire family in an airstrike, but no one has told her yet
    ​ Ayah Sha’ban was among 14 of her martyred family members in Gaza City. She was presumed dead and wrapped in a white shroud, but a security guard at Al-Shifa’ noticed her breathing and saved her. She still doesn’t know about her family’s fate.

    She lost her entire family in an airstrike, but no one has told her yet

    ​ Influential Israeli national security leader makes the case for genocide in Gaza
    ​ In an Op-Ed titled “Let’s Not be Intimidated by the World,” Israeli ret. Major General Giora Eiland argues that all Palestinians in Gaza are legitimate targets and that even a “severe epidemic” in Gaza will “bring victory closer.”

    Influential Israeli national security leader makes the case for genocide in Gaza

    ​ Chris Hedges, Israel is carrying out a campaign to make Gaza uninhabitable. This campaign includes destroying all of Gaza’s hospitals. The message Israel is sending is clear – Nowhere is safe. If you stay you die.

    John Day

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 46: Israeli tanks besiege Indonesian Hospital as bombardment of Gaza continues
    ​ Israeli forces besiege Indonesian Hospital in north Gaza. Meanwhile, two Lebanese journalists were killed by Israeli strikes in southern Lebanon, and Palestinian prisoners continue to face humiliation, abuse and torture inside Israeli prisons.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 46: Israeli tanks besiege Indonesian Hospital as bombardment of Gaza continues

    ​ Hamas Expected To Release 50 Hostages Over 4-Day Ceasefire If Netanyahu Cabinet Approves​
    ​ In the first phase of the two-phase deal, Hamas is expected to release 50 Israeli women and children held in Gaza, while Israel is expected to release around 150 Palestinian prisoners, mostly women and minors. Some of the Israeli hostages are dual citizens.
    ​ The release of hostages and prisoners in the first phase of the deal would take place over four days of ceasefire in Gaza, one of the sources told Axios.
    As part of the deal, Israel would allow around 300 aid trucks per day to enter Gaza from Egypt.
    A potential second phase of the deal could see 50 more released, and the ceasefire would be extended for multiple more days

    ​ Hamas says at least 5,500 children killed in Gaza since October 7
    According to it, over 1,800 minors are still missing after Israeli shelling. The statement also pointed out that 80% of the 30,000 people affected by the fighting in Gaza are women and children.​ (“Affected means “killed or seriously wounded”. “Missing” means “missing under rubble”.)
    The movement called on the UN to protect the children of Gaza and to take “serious measures” to stop their “massacres.”

    Israel-Palestine war: Settler attacks and Israeli restrictions paralyse West Bank economy
    Daily raids by Israeli settlers and forces, increased checkpoints and a clampdown on travel permits for Palestinian workers have devastated the local economy

    Craig Murray: Activating the Genocide Convention
    There is no room to doubt that Israel’s bombing of Palestinian civilians and depriving them of food, water and other necessities of life are grounds to invoke the 1948 Genocide Convention.

    Craig Murray: Activating the Genocide Convention

    John Day

    Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and other leaders joined United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for an ‘extraordinary’ meeting of the BRICS bloc of developing countries to discuss the Israel-Hamas war Tuesday.
    ​ During Xi’s address, he urged an immediate Gaza ceasefire toward realizing “lasting peace and security,” according to Xinhua. He further asserted in the virtual remarks that without a “just settlement” on the Palestinian question, there will remain “no enduring peace and stability in the Middle East.”
    ​ He called for all parties to immediately agree to ceasefire and stop all violence, including attacks which target civilians. Xi additionally said that all civilian detainees must be released to “avoid more loss of lives and suffering.” Xi further emphasized China’s desire to ultimately see a two-state solution provide a lasting peace…”China will provide more support and assistance to the people in Gaza, and is calling for humanitarian corridors to protect civilians. The root cause of the Palestine-Israel crisis is that the right to existence and the right of return of Palestinian people have long been ignored.”

    Israel army hits surgery floor of Indonesian Hospital in Gaza​ (the last hospital in Gaza City, and under Israeli army siege)

    ​It may not be “sexism”. What if the Netanyahu regime was intent on letting the attack happen, exposing the Israelis, and even killing some Israelis with choppers?
    ​ Female IDF Soldiers Blame ‘Sexism’ For Early Warning of Hamas Activity Being ‘Ignored’
    ​ “In the past two months, they started sending up drones every day, sometimes several times a day, right near the border, some 300 meters from the fence, and sometimes less than that,” one of the soldiers told Haaretz, clarifying that Hamas were believed to be training to “take over an observation post.”
    ​ “A month and a half before the war, we saw that in one of the Hamas training camps they had built an exact, scaled model of an observer’s position, like the one we operate. They started training there with drones to hit the [machine gun] shooter,” the female soldier, known only by the name Ilana, said.

    ​Another front of the war opens: Watch Houthis Seize Israeli Billionaire-Owned Cargo Ship Using Chopper, Speedboats

    ​ The ADL is leading the attack against free speech on Palestine
    ​ The Anti-Defamation League’s call for the FBI and IRS to surveil, investigate, and possibly prosecute student activists is a new level in its McCarthyite campaign to silence any and all criticism of Israel.

    The ADL is leading the attack against free speech on Palestine

    John Day

    ​ “Don’t Be Manipulated, Stand With X” – As Elon Promised, X Files Suit Against Media Matters​ [Musk has filed in a “favorable jurisdiction”, and should prevail.]
    ​ The lawsuit, just filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas Fort Worth Division, alleges the organization’s tactics were manipulative and deceptive…
    ​..Update (2015ET): Texas AG Ken Paxton has officially opened an investigation into Media Matters for potential fraudulent activity:
    The Office of the Attorney General (“OAG”) is opening an investigation into Media Matters for potential fraudulent activity.
    ​ Under the Texas Business Organizations Code and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act, the OAG will vigorously enforce against nonprofits who commit fraudulent acts in or affecting the state of Texas.
    ​ Attorney General Paxton was extremely troubled by the allegations that Media Matters, a radical anti-free speech organization, fraudulently manipulated data on (formerly known as Twitter).
    ​ “We are examining the issue closely to ensure that the public has not been deceived by the schemes of radical left-wing organizations who would like nothing more than to limit freedom by reducing participation in the public square,” said Attorney General Paxton.

    ​ Meryl Nass MD, 2 very good shows I did in the past 2 weeks
    ​ One with James Corbett and one with Zahra Sethna. Summaries included below the links. Zahra’s excellent interview with me got quicktaken down by YouTube. Scroll down for the CHD-TV-link.

    ​Peter McCullough MD, More than Half of Vaccinated Feel Sick a Year Later , Indian Cohort Study Finds Post-COVID-19 Vaccination Syndrome Very Common

    ​I predicted this in December 2021, Alex Berenson , The mRNAs didn’t end Covid, Omicron did , The proof in one amazing chart
    ​ This point can’t be emphasized enough: the soaring deaths in older people came even though nearly every senior in the United States was vaccinated.
    Then, in the spring of 2022… Covid ended. All the cells turned green, all at once! Covid ended for older people, for the middle-aged, and for the young. It ended and it has not come back (except slightly for older people, which is not a point in favor of the jabs).

    Meryl Nass MD, We have added a wonderful feature to the Door to Freedom website: Translated handouts on the WHO in up to 9 languages, with more coming.





    What happens when you control and print the money, own and control the media, bribe and blackmail the politicians…but the whole world begins to see you as liars, theives and murderers? We are about to find out.


    TSA is Ritual Humiliation of Duh’merica writ large.

    TSA is a pathetic joke

    TSA is a control grid

    TSA is a second rate psy-op

    TSA might as well see if Duh’mericans are willing to fly in just their underwear, you know, for National Security’ reasons.

    Fur sure




    Veracious Poet



    Everything is broken in Canada

    Veracious Poet

    Coming soon ~ Add Lack of Affordable Heating to the pile of Suddenly Unexplained Deaths:

    Scientists Finally Figure Out Why You’re More Likely to Get Sick in Cold Weather (2022):

    > New research has found that cold temperatures lower immunity in the nose and make us more susceptible to viruses.

    > A drop in nasal tissue temperature of just 5° C reduced immune response by almost half.

    > The findings help explain why we’re more prone to catching colds and flu during winter.

    Grandma & Grandpops died “suddenly” from Pneumonia?

    Veracious Poet

    It wasn’t that long ago that feminists were claiming the men had turned women into sex objects.

    There’s no shame, anything goes!

    What’s next? (Asking for a friend)

    Damnant quod non intellegunt.

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