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    Pablo Picasso Absinthe Drinker 1901   • Israel-Hamas Hostage Deal Delayed (RT) • Stolen Glory: Qatar, Not Biden, Did Leg Work to Secure Gaza Truc
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    Formerly T-Bear

    May zionist Occupied Palestine be visited with the same viscous, hateful barbarity the Israeli government has visited upon the Gazan people as well as those Palestinians of the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Israel has no moral credit remaining; once before their god was driven to anger, could happen again and what will the Israelis do then. Maybe those Jews remaining true to their faith and have been good neighbours of the Palestinians remain, all others be driven into the sea, be given direction of Europe from whence they came and be told to swim or die (so says Scott Ritter). Terminate zionist occupied Palestine now. Those sympathies towards Israelis are exhausted; wrecked upon the amassed shoals of propaganda, lies and hate camouflaged in self righteousness and morality. The stables need cleaning again it seems.

    Veracious Poet

    History doesn’t repeat, but it often rhymes…

    Omnis vita sacra aut nulla vita sacra est.

    Formerly T-Bear

    The only important war ‘America’ never won was the war on Poverty.

    Very little was added to the national debt fighting that war.

    Suppose some are thankful for that – still.

    Dr. D

    “It’s Official: Geert Wilders and Conservative Freedom Party Win Dutch Election

    So should we call Holland a “Right-Wing Nazi” nation now? That’s what they said he was, and now he’s running the government, right? I mean…unless you were LYING all the time and are still lying now.

    Again, and I have to say this every day of every year of every decade: I don’t know what they do in Europe but in America, what we have is the #Opposite of “Right Wing.” Uncurious, intentional, open, knowing LIE. Leftist Journalists (but I repeat myself) call the GOP “right wing” (but heck they call Bernie a Nazi – literally — so that’s no surprise). Why? Aside from words have no meaning so their thoughts have no structure? THEY, as Leftists and Socialists, believe in the preeminence of the State. State is God. So therefore, logically, but also using nothing but no data, no info, no curiosity and no awareness, they ASSUME that if the Right got in, they would feel and act the same. That the Right also believes in the primacy and preeminence of the State. That’s Parallelism, logical structure. Great! Works perfectly totally rational aside from being totally wrong.

    The Although we have Right Statists here, like Romney, Bush, McCain, Justice Roberts, the “Right” base and 100% of everyone popular, like Reagan, Paul, etc, want a SMALLER State, doing LESS. That is, one that is weak and the #Opposite of Statism, one completely INCAPABLE of pushing around Leftists, Gays, Minorities, all the things they fear and totally make up out of their heads. I believe the phrase is “A government so small you could drown it in a bathtub.”

    In other words, the “Right” they speak of it’s not a “Right”. It’s not a “Right Wing”. But that’s no surprise since what they casually call “Right Wing” like Hitler wasn’t Right Wing either: he was a National Socialist Workers Party. A Bernie Bro. You see that elsewhere, Mussolini, a worker’s organizer, or Allende, etc in South America. Perhaps Franco is an example of such a thing, there are so few once you look for them.

    In any case, therefore the non-GOP insiders, the base, the platform, are not “Right” but really “Libertarian” as we see all over with which politicians and figures shoot to the top. And this is true of “Americanism” and our Constitution as well. Constitutionalists are by definition limited government people and the #Opposite of Statists. Or Dictators for that matter. They cannot, by definition, “Take Power”.

    Anyway, Sideline to Geert, and AfD, and LePen. A McCain can exist, but he can’t get any traction from us. A Bernie or someone can get a culture purge, a Socialist revolution “Burn it all down” from the Progressive Left, but that window has closed with Biden. Who would they rally behind now? We’re all going somewhere else and it’s messy.

    Speaking of, article on Milei: “What Is Anarcho-Capitalism? Myth one: it is not “right-wing…”

    “• Dutch Election: Anti-Islam Populist Wilders Set For Big Win (BBC)

    IS he “Anti-Islam”? “The BBC said it, therefore it is a lie” Maybe he thinks Holland specifically should not be a Muslim country, a tenet of Islam being Theocracy. Fine if you want to be Islamic in Iran, Saudi, or Indonesia, right? Is he planning on invading and stopping THEM? No? Then he’s not actually “Anti-Islam” is he? Maybe you should use words.

    “”Sandwich Shop Monopoly”: Biden’s FTC Probing $10 Billion Subway Merger

    You’re kidding me, right? Every single area of American life is run by government approved, enforced monopolies but a Sandwich “monopoly” – where there’s still millions of convenience store competitors – is a bridge too far?

    “Always trust your gut. If you feel like they’re lying to you, they are.” –Tucker

    Probably. But Feelz. “Truthiness.” Why not if you have suspicions, look into it and get facts?

    “For the last 30 years we have been picking people on the basis of everything but character, competence and intelligence.”

    It’s working out as well as we told them it would. This is why you don’t do this, but I guess a lot of people had to learn that lesson again.


    Like the 3-minute mile, once somebody does this, the world opens up.

    ““Let us look at ourselves, if we have the courage, to see what is happening to us.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

    Krishnamurti said the same thing but went further. You know the story of Jiddu? Yeah, born in 1895, he was picked up and made up whole cloth by Blavatski and the Theosophist society – essentially a New Age cult – to be their new Messiah. Spending years cashing in on grooming popularity and very adept at social movements and advertising by that time, they had it all worked out with Jiddu as their capstone project.

    Ah yes, but here’s the Problem: Jiddu ACTUALLY WAS enlightened. How inconvenient. So the rejected their grubbing, world-aspiring nonsense and became an ACTUAL teacher like Gautama, leaving them in the dust and thereafter collapsed. The New Age cults since then haven’t made the same mistake since, being very careful to pick actors like the Mandarin (Iron Man III) to keep on a nice short leash, with a replacement in the wings. You know, like Obama and Olsteen. Or in a different messianic evangelical, Zelenski. (Church of Himmler, I guess)

    Anyway, funny story. Bet Blavatsky and Leadbeater didn’t see that coming. All that hard work for nothing. Their man went legit. “Oh Lord won’t you Give me a Mercedes Benz?”

    “Stolen Glory: Qatar, Not Biden, Did Leg Work to Secure Gaza Truce (Sp.)

    That’s okay, there’s no “Biden” to speak of anyway. Obviously it’s impossible for a non-person to do anything. Just shows the level of lies that this is reported without the slightest hesitation all day.

    “• Destroying History to Preserve an Illusion (Lauria)

    Duran et al ran it on this slower week. Not slower in the sense that Russia isn’t winning, but that it’s nothing new, all objects remain on former trajectory. So they were commenting on the over-arc about “WWII.” Everyone is invoking WWII lately, and worse, by re-writing all known history. Baerbocks (Der Lyin’s?) comment on how Russia dropped the bombs in Japan was of course the top example. But the “Nazis were defeated by Ukraine” is another classic. Er – maybe? But Ukraine was of course the hotbed of Banderites, who were PRO Nazi and of course is today’s government. They invoke the genocides of Ukraine as Putin’s fault, when they were committed by ANTI-Russians and Banderites. On and on.

    Why bring it up, aside from a Post-Truth world? They pointed out the important root of this: Control via corrupting and wrecking all language. The PRESENT – the present CONTROL — depends on a metaphor, a parallelism, that “We are re-fighting WWII”. However, this runs smack into the historical reality that Russia was our ALLY in WWII. AND won the whole war themselves, with the combined West being a minor player, like 25-30%. We then tried to mobilize GERMANY to keep attacking Russia/Stalin but couldn’t get the traction. (but is why we dropped the bomb) As we keep pointing out, you can’t say we’re fighting PutinHitler when Putin and Hitler are historical OPPOSITES. You can’t support Ukraine when Ukraine were the NAZIS. To fight the Nazis in our WWII parallelism metaphor, we should be AGAINST Ukraine.

    This leads to a lot of problems, and among others, the two are not parallel, and therefore how can they manipulate and mobilize? YOU? Steal YOU? Kill YOU? Sacrifice YOUR stuff, not theirs, to increase THEIR power?

    So…what seemed simple, they started with this and not another different PR fabrication, but now it’s all falling apart on them. So they just MAKE IT ALL UP. Rewrite the present. Rewrite the past. Re-write the future. Make up events. Make up different winners and losers, make it all up.

    That is: “Destroying History to Preserve an Illusion (Lauria)”

    Or as Orwell in real time: “Control the Past to Control the Present. Control the Present and Control the Future.”

    So here we are. We actually fought RUSSIA in WWII (which actually was the Anglo intent) and Germans like Hunka were our ALLIES. But that all stopped when Russia dropped that nuke on Nagasaki. Yuppers. That’s how it all went down, no one bats an eye. No one is discredited. As there are no elections, no leaders are removed.

    “Unlike the leaders of Western democracies, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not think in terms of the next election but the next generation,”

    Problem is that’s true but wrong. The LEADERS don’t think to the next election – we’re pretty sure they don’t think at ALL, look at Cornell West lately – but their CONTROLLERS do think generations out. We know because they publish their white papers and we read them, then we see them donating and those policies appearing without variation over any party or person who is in office.

    Don’t be fooled.

    That includes people like Trump who don’t think much either. They’re all mascots, or to be more generous, Teams. Speaking of Hunka, Captain Blackface said “He didn’t know nuffin’”, which was a lie, they all saw him before and in fact knew him years before then on the same basis. But that wouldn’t matter: Moosilini’s JOB is not to know everything but surround himself with people who do. So he failed at his only job: getting good people who would prevent this from happening, at a minimum, in Public PR. TEAMS.

    Remember: the “i” in TEAM is right there in the A-Hole.

    ““Originally, the EU sought to allocate a mind-boggling sum of €20 billion ($21.8 billion) [..] now the sum has shrunk to a proposed 5 billion for next year,”

    Interesting, as YOUR MONEY MEANS NOTHING TO ME. You have no tanks, no shells, and no way to make any, and no intent to try. We already know most of the “Money” doesn’t reach Ukraine and it stays in domestic political “campaigns”. That is, theft and money laundering. So the EU is reducing their own theft and money laundering? What’s going on? They’re losing to Geert and AfD, they need MORE theft than ever, not less.

    Also: And yet no collapse? Wtf is going on out there? No money but no collapse either. What’s keeping it levitated like Wily E.? A clever cartoon signboard?


    “• Western Countries Train 100,000 Ukrainian Troops In Less Than Two Years (TASS)

    It’s been pointed out that at this point they lack excuses: It’s getting clear that NATO proper would be equally useless or worse against Russia. (they are too weak to tolerate any losses, much less 50% losses) We are RIPE TO BE CONQUERED.

    Although this is known atm, there’s no audience left to receive this knowledge and act on it. The people have no effect and the insiders don’t care.

    “Frontline casualties and conflict-related emigration are set to decimate the Ukrainian labor force,”

    NPR Writers at RT report this, and that’s good. But they fail to report the relevance here: HALF of Ukraine is missing. The nation has ceased to exist. You kind of need to lead with that and not the important details below. Has any nation lost HALF their people and just carried on? If so, where and what happened next? Russia also took 2/3rd of GDP and the people of the nation who “Do work”, not corrupt (corporate) welfare queens.

    “Frontline casualties and conflict-related emigration are set to decimate the Ukrainian labor force,”

    There Are No Russian-Speaking Ukrainians’ – Kiev (RT)

    As they’re all Nazis, so I suspect they speak German.

    “Despite the strong anti-gun rights message from the White House and the media, the public seems to be moving significantly in the opposite direction.”

    Democracy! When you do the #Opposite of the People! Just like Capitalism! When you do the #Opposite of money, like Disney’s been doing.

    To stay away from the gun thing, that’s also the DNC being 100% against Unions. How that can persist so long is a mystery. I can’t think of a single thing they’ve done since 1992 on that, in fact savaging the Rail Union just now as a first order of business, against all PR, against national security, for no logical reason. No one cared, all other Union leaders loved it.

    “Why President Kennedy was publicly murdered by the CIA sixty years ago has never been more important.”

    I’m seeing JFK stories salted all over the place. Who’s salting them? It’s an anniversary, it doesn’t have to be “someone”, but shows it’s not over. And never will be.

    Alexander Carpenter

    Our host, at Comment 147154:

    I got tired of the climate “science”, because it feels far too much like the Covid “science”. Clickbait for the deniers, or clickbait for the alarmists, it’s still just clickbait. What are “better sources” depends on opinion.

    We need to restart this issue all the way back to the start. Without pretending we “know” anything,

    For several years now, I have accumulated an omnibus analysis of, and links to, state-of-the-art “climate science” in a Word document entitled Do You “Believe” in Climate Change?, downloadable from:

    The state of that art is changing all the time as real “climate scientists” learn more about how climate-change really works, and why, so this is a moving target. Nonetheless, for a complete understanding of all the complexities, I know of no better source.

    Once again, I offer this compendium for our delectation (and annoyance). Enjoy…


    Today, November 23, 2023, is celebrated as a day of thanksgiving in my home, my nation. As the preparation for the thanksgiving meal begins please let me share some of the things i am thankful for. I am thankful for singularity. I am thankful for the information that created space. I am thankful for clouds of charged potential. I am thankful for fusion. I am thankful for the the stars that forge the material world. I am thankful for the curiosity and intelligence in a precious child’s eyes.

    I am thankful that i am not limited to observation. I am thankful for the greatest of human blessings, the ability to measure. I am thankful for physics, logic and ethics.

    I am thankful for a peace that exceeds understanding. I am thankful for those things i cannot yet understand.

    I am thankful for the one thing, above all others, that I cannot understand. Why is human consciousness not enough? Why is the ability to discern beauty and loving kindness not enough?

    I am thankful for hope and the knowledge that light overcomes darkness.

    I am thankful for all of my sisters and brothers and their children.

    I am thankful that I am blessed with the ability to speak and write. I am thankful i may say, I Love You.


    Truth … History/illusion … lives in a parallel universe

    Western leaders prefer their people believe the illusion

    Destroying History to Preserve an Illusion

    Destroying History to Preserve an Illusion
    November 21, 2023

    … that totally irrational actors attack them because “they hate their freedoms” and not because of an aggressive foreign policy towards the Middle East.

    Making clear that these attacks against civilians were never justified, the article contained links to statements from perpetrators spelling out why they attacked the West, including a “Letter to the American People” from Osama bin Laden, which explained in detail why al Qaeda struck the U.S. on Sept. 11, 2001.

    (… SNIP)

    Little of this long history of Western manipulation, deceit and brutality in the Middle East is known to Americans because U.S. media almost never invokes it to explain Arab and Iranian attitudes towards the West.

    This article was first published in Consortium News on April 9, 2016. republished last Sept. 12.
    Joe Lauria is editor-in-chief of Consortium News

    “kudos to everyone who put the events together”

    Ian Graham

    “Global daily average temperature 2C above pre-industrial norm for first time [and on two consecutive days].

    “On Friday the temperature reached 2.07C above the temperature average for 1850-1900, a larger increase than at any other time in recorded history, while provisional figures show the following day to have reached 2.06C.”


    More … explanation of the truth

    When Netanyahu Accustoms Us to an Inhuman World Without Rights or Rules, the Law of the Jungle Reigns!

    NOVEMBER 22, 2023
    When Netanyahu Accustoms Us to an Inhuman World Without Rights or Rules, the Law of the Jungle Reigns!

    kudos for a look at the truth


    A “Thanksgiving Day” gift to you all:
    One of my sons created this interactive digital greeting card as a project for his high school coding class. :). Enjoy!


    Quick .. hide the truth
    Israeli army arrests al-Shifa Hospital director, other doctors in Gaza
    Director Muhammad Abu Salmiya and several other medical personnel detained as Israel continues its Gaza offensive.

    23 Nov 2023


    • Putin Thinks ‘Decades Ahead’ – Key Aide (RT)

    The Empire of LIES is an ADHD cult.

    The entire Duh’merican landscape is geared top to bottom to achieve the attention span of a small rodent.

    It has succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of the propagandists and social engineering cabal run by Satanic Oligarchs.

    Duh’mericans have never cared about anything beyond their borders.

    The vast majority of Duh’mericans can not even find Ukronaziland on a simple global map.

    Many don’t even know where other states of the union are located other than the one they live in.

    Whatever is spoon fed to them by the Media Whores is lapped up like a starving dog.

    They were successfully programed to accept a ‘moon landing’, the majority of Duh’mericans could easily be sold that the Moon is indeed made of green cheese.

    The National Attention Span is probable under 10 seconds on average.

    In 1960 it was measured at 49 seconds, which seems small but not compared to 10.

    The Bastard Bernays is directly responsible for this as is the whole Advertising Industrial Complex.

    You know why most Duh’mericans can discuss any major issues?

    Well when you have the attention span of a gerbil it’s a challenge.

    Putin must be thanking Bejesus that all of Duh’merica’s attention shifted to Gaza.

    The memory hole is a God sent.

    You can’t be an actual ‘adult’ without a good attention span

    And every institution in Duh’merica is geared to shrinking the Sheeple’s attention span.

    Look, squirrel!

    Should be on the National Seal instead of an eagle with arrows.

    A squirrel with a cell phone with this in Latin beneath it…….

    “I thought I dropped my nuts but I realized I never had any”



    Stop, yer killin me

    Social media can probably can get the national average attention span down below 2 or 3 seconds, firmly into Idiocracy territory.

    Welcome to Costco, I love you!

    Dr. D

    Ian Graham. Several issues with that statement. So…how to we measure temperature before there were thermometers? To an accuracy of 2c? Daily? They clearly can’t do that even now.

    Suppose we do: Daily Temperatures have been rising since about 1600 out of the solar minimum. How do we know? They said so. We have ground freeze 6ft deep in 1776. We have the Thames frozen over. It comes and goes with the sub-cycle, such that it was hotter than now in 1930, but colder in the war of 1940. So cycles in cycles.

    What was the temperature previous? We know the overall because Greenland froze shut in 1100, the previous cycle. Then we had Medieval Warming. No cars, no coal caused it.

    Before then? We had a Roman warm, then a sudden event that caused Roman cold, overcast, rain, and collapse, seemingly certain to be a volcano. No cars, no coal.

    Before then? We had a Bronze Age warm, where it was not only so warm, but so mild that we can tell by the houses and clothes of the Mediterranean for what seems like 1,000 years. No cars, no coal.

    So wait: it gets within a mere TWO degrees of this temperature EVERY thousand years like clockwork? But this time and ONLY this time it is caused by man? Well, sir we don’t have any warming. All the warming UNTIL NOW is all “normal”, according to the last 5,000 years of cycles. It’s only these last 2c that are out of the norm. That’s so small it’s practically a measuring error, or a cyclical variation. ...Which we can’t be sure of since they don’t have that level of scientific precision back 5 or 10,000 years. “Significant Digits” and all that. I’m sure you’ve heard of but I can give you a refresher course. We also catch them adjusting temperature by putting the thermometers in hot boxes, on pavement, as was reported JUST LAST MONTH. So when their case is so good, why and how do we catch them lying and flipping ground temperatures with air temps all the time?

    Still quoted almost the worst paper published anywhere on “Earth” and still didn’t respond to the base theory: The Antarctic Ice Cores, which appear to be irrefutable, CO2 LAGS temperature. Until this is dealt with all other arguments are pointless. Do you not believe scientists? Quoting “The Guardian” who is merely quoting cherry-picked “Scientists” with no refutation, no “other side” is merely Appeal to Authority, a common logical Fallacy. That is, “fallacious”, i.e. a “lie”, a non sequitur, shameful, embarrassing, totally wrong.

    We did cover all this for months with a previous poster, but he refused all scientific argument as well. Plus the data. I hope you are better than that.

    Dr. D

    “On Friday the temperature reached 2.07C above the temperature average for 1850-1900” — Independent.

    Oh my GOD are you kidding me??? They cherry-picked a mere 50 year segment? And didn’t include even ALL years til now??? To say nothing of the 10,000 or 150 Million years before now?

    Okay: whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

    Why did they feel the need to pick THIS 50 years and no other 50 years ever? AND — in direct contradiction to their reason — it was not really “Pre-industrial.” You’d want to pick an era long before then or perhaps the WHOLE era before then?

    Wow, what level of “Not Science” can we even tolerate here? I thought their scams were running so much smoother, the lies so much stronger, like the totally fraudulent “Hockey stick” they took a hockey stick in the face for lying about.

    Okay, why THIS 50 -year period and no other?

    Easy: just this year they got whacked for LYING about it being “Hottest ever” when everyone trotted out common newspaper articles from the 1930’s, both the Dustbowl, and in Oz. “Boiling Earth”? they said: This was the ordinary temperature IN OUR LIFETIME. Your grandpa knows this must be a lie, to say nothing of earlier.

    So I see the Independent had to find some possible way to get around this and lie without lying. Why stop with 50 years? Why not compare to ONE year? Half a year? One night in winter? One hour?

    But I do have to credit them, the needle is moving at last. They used to just openly lie like fiends, lie about everything, lie about data, lie about HAVING data, lie about agreement, and settled, lie lie lie. But you see here the people are so on to it, and so sick of them and their s–t, the Independent doesn’t dare openly LIE like they have the last 30 years. They’re reduced now to mere weaseling.


    A Day In The House – Jeff Beck, Terry Bozzio, Tony Hymas

    “Much is being said, My Lords, but nothing, Nothing, NOTHING IS BEING DONE!”

    Dr D Rich

    @Dr D

    Choices made with equanimity CAN be Undone.

    Sartre said the journey to finding your true self goes through Hell or words to that effect.

    Jung advised avoiding wordiness and, I think, also obscure useless references.

    Here are my favorites, simple formulas really:

    “Learn to hide your strikes from your opponent and you’ll more easily strike his hide.”

    “When you can balance a tack hammer on your head, you will head off your foes with a balanced attack.”

    “Do not go there, my son! When you doubt your powers, you give power to your doubts!”

    “When you’re a Rear Echelon Muther F*cker *REMF) like let’s say on Norm Schwarzkopf’s staff in Desert Storm you’re ALWAYS less likely to look and feel unhinged or shit your pants on camera as you order men into the Harm’s Way, the proverbial meat grinder” or words to that effect.

    My absolute favorite because one of my boat school classmates was indeed named Harms. So before him I always announced my intent to go in His Way. It never got old. Still hasn’t.

    “I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm’s way.”
    John Paul Jones, father of The Nuclear and Russian Navies

    John Day

    Steve Kirsch has this up:


    I am only a quarter of the way through ‘do you “believe” in climate change’ and scanned the rest – nice work AC, solid ground

    John Day

    Thank You, tboc. I have enjoyed your input here.
    Happy Thanksgiving.


    Isr. children sing, we will annihilate everyone in Gaza.


    When it comes to measuring temperatures, no one ever talks about how we measure temperatures has changed over time.

    We have gone from mercury to bi-metal to solid state. How consistent are these methods compared to each other?

    Climate Change:
    Climate believers are actually non-believers in reality! They fully believe in the false climate change religion set up by our slave masters!

    I, kind of, sort of, not really feel bad for TAE’s previous climate believer as he was obviously a university professor who spent his entire working life believing and promoting a false climate change religion, buoyed by the safe space that universities provide where no one is allowed to question their professors for being wrong.

    He retires, steps out of his safe university world space and then tries to continue preaching his false climate change religious beliefs to the real world. Only to sadly discover that he is suddenly being shot full of holes and exposed to the truth by real people who are considerably smarter than he thought he was, those not needing to agree with him to get a passing grade.

    Imagine the rude jolt it must have to him, to finally discover that he had been the big dope, wasting all of the best years of his life believing and promoting the false religion of climate change set up by our masters to enslave us!

    Maybe TAE’s newest false climate believer will take note of the previous climate believer’s fate?

    John Day

    Preparing Blessings

    Moon of Alabama: U.S. Is Helping Israel To Commit And Hide War Crimes
    ​ “The Biden administration has been providing Israel with the location of humanitarian groups in Gaza for weeks to prevent strikes against their facilities. But Israel has continued to hit such sites.
    ​ The information included GPS coordinates of a number of medical facilities and information on movements of aid groups in Gaza to the Israeli government for at least a month, according to three people familiar with the communications. All were granted anonymity because they feared speaking publicly would make it more difficult for aid groups to operate in Gaza.
    ​ Still, Israel has launched operations against Hamas in or near aid sites, including hospitals, leading to the destruction of buildings and the blocking of fuel and other critical supplies.​”
    ​ This isn’t a war against Hamas, but a war against the people of Palestine. The U.S. government knows that it is complicit in the day by day war crimes perpetrated by the IOF. Its defensive instinct is do try its best to hide all evidence that such crimes were committed…
    ​ A note on the hostage deal:
    In the hours before any onset of temporary truces or longer lasting ceasefires Israel will always increase its level of bombing and slaughter.
    Today will likely be the worst day the people in Gaza have ever experienced.

    ​ Stolen Glory: Qatar, Not Biden, Did Leg Work to Secure Gaza Truce
    ​ Qatar’s Foreign Ministry announced Wednesday that Hamas and Israel had agreed a four-day “humanitarian pause” in the month-and-a-half long Gaza conflict. Within hours, US media reported on the Biden team’s heroic “secret” role in helping to secure the truce. But that’s not the way things really went down.

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 48: Ahead of temporary ceasefire, Israeli forces continue to terrorize hospitals
    ​ Israel is taking the opportunity to heavily bomb the Gaza Strip before the temporary ceasefire takes effect, forcibly evacuating the Indonesian hospital, arresting hospital staff, and obstructing ambulances.
    14,100 killed*, including 5,840 children, and 32,850 wounded in Gaza Strip.
    226 Palestinians killed in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 48: Ahead of temporary ceasefire, Israeli forces continue to terrorize hospitals

    Israeli army arrests al-Shifa Hospital director, other doctors in Gaza

    John Day

    ​ Testimony from prison: unprecedented brutality against Palestinian detainees
    ​ Ever since October 7, Israeli prison authorities have unleashed a brutal campaign of repression against Palestinian prisoners, including severe beatings, humiliation, and the deprivation of food, health care, and basic amenities.

    Testimony from prison: unprecedented brutality against Palestinian detainees

    ​ President John F. Kennedy: His Life and Public Assassination by the CIA , Edward Curtain
    ​ The Cold War, endless other wars, and the nuclear threat John Kennedy worked so hard to end have today been inflamed to a fever pitch by U.S. leaders in thrall to the forces that killed the president. President Joseph Biden, like all the presidents that followed Kennedy, is JFK’s opposite, an unrepentant war-monger, not only in Ukraine with the U.S. war against Russia and the U.S. nuclear first-strike policy, but throughout the world – the Middle-East, Africa, Syria, Iran, and on and on, including the push for war with China.
    ​ Nowhere is this truer than with the U.S. support for the current Israeli genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza, a slaughter also supported by Robert Kennedy, Jr., who, ironically, is campaigning for the presidency on the coattails of JFK and his father Senator Robert F. Kennedy, who would be appalled by his unequivocal support for the Israeli government. ​ By such support and his silence as the slaughter in Gaza continues, RFK, Jr. is, contrary his other expressed opinions, supporting a wide range of war-related matters that involve the U.S.- Israel alliance, which is central to the military-industrial forces running U.S. foreign policy. To say this is dispiriting is a great understatement, for RFK, Jr., a very intelligent man, knows that the CIA killed his uncle and father, and he is campaigning as a spiritually awakened man intent on ending the U.S. warfare state, something impossible to accomplish when one gives full-fledged support to Israel. And I believe he will be elected the next U.S. president.

    President John F. Kennedy: His Life and Public Assassination by the CIA

    ​ European lawmakers vote for abolition of member state vetoes in latest EU power grab
    The plans were passed by a majority of 17 in Strasbourg on Wednesday as MEPs endorsed a further step towards a federalized Europe
    ​ A total of 291 MEPs supported the proposal put forward by the “Verhofstadt Group,” a group of MEPs led by the arch-federalist Guy Verhofstadt to amend the European Union treaties in favor of greater centralization and limiting the sovereignty of member states.
    ​ The vote was only narrowly passed with a majority of just 17 after a faction of conservative parliamentary groups expressed considerable opposition to the move.​..
    ​..Saryusz-Wolski resigned from the working committee led by Verhofstadt in protest at the development of the plan that would further politicize the European Commission, give Eurocrats sole competency over several issues including the environment, education, and public health, and remove the need for unanimity among member states in key policy areas.
    ​ The Polish MEP called the move “a silent putsch with communist roots.”​ …
    ​..The resolution in reality changes little. It gives an insight into the consensus of the parliament but treaty change ultimately remains a matter upon which unanimity among member state governments is required.

    European lawmakers vote for abolition of member state vetoes in latest EU power grab

    ​The Ethical Skeptic “Mentors” Chat GPT , Conditioning a Truly Skeptical AI
    ​ Ethically conditioning your Artificial Intelligence application to produce answers which are salient, critical path, informative, and free from cultivated ignorance.
    It is Narrative, not novelty, which demands our skepticism.​..
    ​..Skepticism, as philosophy, is the complement of sound science method, not the privilege sword of a few pretenders culling and provisionally enforcing conclusions in lieu of science. True skepticism is hungry. It is foolish. It selects from that which is weak in order to confound the things which appear mighty…
    ..Skepticism is the hallmark discipline of those who possess the grace, integrity and acumen requisite in the wielding of great ideas.

    Conditioning a Truly Skeptical AI

    ​ Was Sam Altman’s Sacking By OpenAI’s Board Over ‘Q-Star’ Breakthrough Seen As Threat To Humanity?
    ​ The mystery surrounding the brief dismissal of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman last Friday, who has since been reinstated, might revolve around a Reuters report that suggests Altman’s removal was due to a breakthrough in artificial general intelligence (AGI), which could threaten humanity.
    ​ In the days before Altman was sent off into exile, several staff researchers penned a letter to the board about a significant breakthrough – called Q* and pronounced Q-Star – that allowed the AI model to “surpass humans in most economically valuable tasks.”
    ​ Reuters sources said the AI milestone was one of the significant factors that led to the board’s abrupt firing of Altman last Friday. Another concern was commercializing the advanced AI model without understanding the socio-economic consequences.

    John Day

    ​Peter McCullough MD , New-Onset and Flares of Multiple Sclerosis are Associated with SARS-CoV-2 Infection and COVID-19 Vaccination
    National MS Society Pushes Vaccines Increasing Burden of Disease

    ​ Meryl Nass MD has the rest of the WHO-threat handouts in 8 more languages here.
    ​ Handouts in many languages: I only gave you the URL for one. I am sorry, cause this was very important. Here are the rest of the handouts and translations.
    Jet-lagged. If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium. (Actually I leave for Belgium in a couple of hours.) I promise to slow down. Soon.

    ​New research reaffirms the nature of the Milky Way Galactic Current Sheet, which sweeps over our solar system about every 12,000 years to reset our terrestrial magnetic pole, if theory is confirmed in this current sweep, the first that we think has been closely monitored by our species. (3:25 minutes)
    The Galactic Current Sheet & Magnetic Field

    Veracious Poet


    In case you didn’t know, it’s a Holy War & they’re ALL crazy, murderously so…

    Disturbing video shows young Muslim children at a Philadelphia Islamic center singing about ‘chopping off heads’, martyrdom and ‘defending Palestine with our bodies’ (April 2019):

    > Muslim American Society Islamic Center in Philadelphia posted controversial video to its Facebook page last month

    > Video shows group of children singing and chanting about ‘martyrs’ who ‘attained Paradise’

    > They also sing about ‘chopping off heads’ while ‘sacrificing our souls’

    > The children were wearing Islamic headdress and Palestinian nationalist symbols while vowing to ‘liberate Al-Aqsa Mosque’

    > Al-Aqsa, the third-holiest site in Islam, is located in Jerusalem’s Old City, which is controlled by Israel

    After Saturday comes Sunday (Arabic: min sallaf es-sabt lāqā el-ḥadd qiddāmūh, lit. ’When Saturday is gone, one will find Sunday’) is a traditional Middle Eastern proverb.

    According to some journalist accounts, the proverb is prominent among the Maronites with the meaning that the Muslims will do away with the Christians after they have dealt with the Jews, implying the pending elimination or expulsion of minorities living in the Muslim world.

    Many sources register this proverb’s appearance as an Islamic slogan daubed on walls or putatively on the Palestinian flag during the years of the First Intifada (1987–1997).

    I could site almost an infinite variety of sources to document the Holy War, but anyone with the awareness of a caveman should “get it” by now…

    The one-sided slant on TAE is getting beyond nauseous, approaching instant *gag reflex* levels 🙄

    Until “humanity” rejects violence laden divisive rhetoric ~ Arising from Collective EG0ic Madness ~ nothing, absolutely NO-THING will change…

    In fact, based on recent history, it will grow exponentially *WORSE* 😐

    Is that what you really want?

    Asking for a friend…

    Veracious Poet


    You know, like Obama and Olsteen.

    Difference between Obama and Olsteen is that Hussein was *wildly* successful in enlarging & expanding Dumya’s paramilitary branches of government to rape, pillage, plunder & murder on levels that would have caused The Founding Father’s to apologize to King George & Parliament, if they had only known 😐

    Clearly Hobbes was proven right, Locke a wishful dreamer…

    Or in a different messianic evangelical, Zelenski. (Church of Himmler, I guess)

    Generalplan Ost II appears to have been a resounding success, Reinhard Gehlen would be pleased 🙄

    Time for HorrorWood to roll out some more Purge blood-lust fantasy flicks, The People Sheeple are just about primed…

    Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant.

    Dr D Rich

    P x V = n x R x T

    Dr D says “thermometer” refute Ian Graham’s 2 degree rise.

      how to we measure temperature before there were thermometers? To an accuracy of 2c? Daily? They clearly can’t do that even now

    WES refutes Dr D with genuine science-technology–physics but kind of loses the plot.

    Along those same lines there’s no acknowledgement by Dr D that his “thermometer” is an indirect measure, you know, of an expansion of gas or liquid or material as proposed by WES and Boyle the man himself.

    WES hints at deriving temperature from relative composition of isotopes.
    So inferences are made philosophically and temperature is indirectly derived by other methods….very very accurately to address Ds invocation of ‘but what about significant digits’ .

    Amidst Ds discussion with climatist Ian, dr John Day shares this:

    “Milky Way Galactic Current Sheet”

    …with all its accurate measurements accepted at face value.

    Carry on


    Breaking Points.


    Perhaps this explains RFK jr’s position on Israel/Palestine.

    Many Politicians Support Israeli Genocide Because They’re Being Blackmailed

    Figmund Sreud

    ‘Pullin’ Pipe’, … Polish style! ie., Polish fairy tails

    This secret operation was conducted by keeping the Americans in the dark, who were “indecisive” on approving the additional jets for Ukraine in the first three months of the war in early 2022, according to a new book by Polish journalist Zbigniew Parafianowicz ‘Polska Na Wojnie’ (Poland at War).

    The book tracks the initial diplomacy and exchanges in the run-up and the immediate aftermath of Russia’s Special Military Operation (SMO) launched on February 24, 2022. It mentioned unknown details of what transpired between President Volodymyr Zelensky, his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda, US President Joe Biden, Germany, France, and the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. […]

    Frustrated By US Delays, Book Claims Poland Dismantled 10 Of Its MiG-29s & Placed Them In Forest For Ukraine

    Frustrated By US Delays, Book Claims Poland Dismantled 10 Of Its MiG-29s & Placed Them In Forest For Ukraine

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