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    Dorothea Lange Negro woman who has never been out of Mississippi July 1936   • The Limits of Lagarde (Varoufakis) • Millennials Have a Right To B
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    Trump went to Afghanistan for Thanksgiving. Big mistake. He should have gone to Turkey

    V. Arnold

    😉 🙂 very funny…………….. 🙂

    V. Arnold

    The whole millennials vs boomers thing, is bullshit!
    Which boomers? I’m a boomer; I’m poor by all the standards; if I lived in the west.
    Millennials? I’m of the impression they’re lazy and totally lacking in imagination; and wimps lacking get up and go and endurance.
    But see? Not all millennials fit that picture…
    So! What are the facts? That would involve actually looking into the reality of past and present generations, no?

    Dr. D

    “Negro woman who has never been out of Mississippi “

    Why would it be odd for a farmer to never leave the state? Especially in the Depression? Is Lange also one of the jet-setting Harvard elites that she expects all America takes a two-week holiday on the Jersey Shore? Even the middle class can’t afford this, even today. (Of course by definition, that would make you ‘not middle class’ but government lawyers set the definitions. and because, paid adults, they lie.)

    “Thanksgiving Is Canceled for Climate Change.”

    “Driving is less detrimental, but American cars emit close to a pound of CO2 per mile driven.”

    Wow people. Use your heads. Cars get 25mpg. That’s 1/25 gal/mile. A gallon is 8 pounds. I think you’re already with me here that 1/25th of 8 pounds is a lot, LOT less than a pound. (It’s a third of one pound.) And I doubt a fraction of THAT is CO2 as others waste products are emitted.

    Why do they lie? Then add lies to the lies? Then exaggerate the lies? Then cover the lies with the – apparently totally fake, fabricated, discredited – appeal to authority of science? Instead they just discredit science, then attack anyone with the common sense of a moo-cow, or a 6th grader.

    Why? They told us themselves throughout the 80s: no one was listening, they needed a crisis to MAKE people save the planet, even if they had to make one up. …So they did, as the Club of Rome published, and you can read for yourself. …Didn’t save the rhinos though. Maybe they should have tried honesty; we’re fighting the wrong enemy.

    What else can we learn? ““Meat and meat byproducts (cheese, butter and heavy cream, for example) have a larger environmental footprint than plant-based ingredients,” complains Alexandra Emanuelli.”

    Well yes. They are also 10x more nutritious too. So if they were 10x more energy intensive, they would only be equal to cabbage. Also – and they love this lie most of all – just because we DO ship pigs to China and back to be processed, doesn’t mean we HAVE to. A chicken in my yard has ZERO carbon, less than their salad. They just assume every calorie has the worst profile they can find, and every kale salad has the BEST profile they can find. (It doesn’t. It comes from California or New Zealand, where it’s irrigated with gasoline pumps, pulling water from rivers and aquifers) But, that’s Science for ya. And they wonder why people are starting to not believe them. They’ve been lying like this for 50 years, they’re far TOO loving and conciliatory to lying liars and their transparent lies, what took them so long to call bulls–t on this garbage?

    …and then LaGuarde is going to use the bank to stop climate change. Um, Chris? Where did you get that mandate? Because if you can just make it up, I’d make one that gives free ice cream to all children under 12. Okay, as the fire is directed at her, HOW would you plan to do that? Cut off banking to everyone you don’t like, as they do on Twitter and Facebook? Give free money to environmental projects that aren’t at all economically viable? …But they’re already do those things. How, exactly?

    But why stop there? If you can decide THIS is your mandate, for the good of humanity, why not take on social justice, racism, naughty speech and anything else on earth you dislike a little, like broccoli?

    This is what it’s like living in a world without rules, boundaries, or order, where your God is #AntiLogos.

    “Millennials Have a Right To Be Pissed at Boomers. This Data Proves It.

    New old front in trying to cause a civil war. If they don’t deserve it, you just kill your parents and inherit it! It was yours anyway, right?

    P.S. why did you get $100,000 in debt taking underwater basketweaving? Oh, you believed these jokers? Why? No kids had ever believed their parents before. Over 30 much? Lost Generation? Honestly though, this is a tough onion to unwrap, I’m just saying that hate and taking other people’s stuff is never a great start to right a wrong.

    ““typical law enforcement activities,”

    Yes, we know that using the secret state to spy on opposition candidates is “typical”. That’s the problem. $1M to ask a 3rd unknown hireling one question. Do go on. Explain to me how all that works and is legitimate. He works for the Clinton Fund. So that, MY, money wasn’t just sent from me, through him, to Clinton or the opposition party? Can you see why you don’t want to get started here?

    Six out of 10 Greeks have delayed paying at least one utility bill over the last 12 months..”

    Probably pretty similar in America. Might have the option of kiting credit cards to hide it though.

    G-d only knows why anyone would want to watch this sort of thing, but now the royal family is forever linked to pedophilia.”

    I wouldn’t sweat it. They did the Seville thing only 3-4 years ago and no one blinked. A few other kids came out about other PMs and officials at the time. Nothing changed. No one cared. No hospital, accomplice, or the BBC was charged. Because this is the sort of thing they WANT. …Want to cover their own blackmail, at least. I mean if you can’t cover your bad habits and not be arrested, what’s even the point of being in government, media, jet-set?

    Dr. D

    …You see, since the Technocrats in the ’30s, they were going to replace the failing debt-compounded currencies, with a NEW, made-up, infinitely-hypothocated Carbon Credit. If they can’t get that replacement, they die. And considering the present currency is the “Petrodollar”, backed by oil, it’s not that far a jump. The Technocrats — you know the ones who wanted your vouchers, or currency to vanish every 30 days, keeping the people in perpetual darkness and poverty — they called it a “BTU-credit.” Yes, synonymous with Carbon-Credit. They’re the “Old World Order”, not otherwise, and their goal is to re-establish feudalism, as we saw when the USSR was run by the same fools, to the ruin of nearly all, and unparalleled environmental destruction

    That’s how she’s going to, HAS to, link her bank and failing Europe to the environment and AGW. As a new profit and control center.

    John Day

    Burning a gallon of gasoline makes about 20# of CO2, since the weight of the oxygen is combined with the weight of the carbon.
    It makes H2O, also.
    I wondered before if this lady is the same lady who walked home from church carrying her shoes.


    Did I get the wrong message from your comments?
    Every one is telling the truth because THEY ARE OMITTING THE FACTS THAT CONTRADICT.


    Elaborating what John Day said:

    Actually, the pound per mile is not a bad approximation. Your oversight is forgetting that the carbon in gasoline is added, by weight, to two parts oxygen from the atmosphere.

    The molecular weight of Carbon is about 12 g/mole, and oxygen 16 g/mole. This puts the molecular weight of CO2 at 44 g/mole with the carbon part making up only 12/44 of the weight.

    Gasoline is a complex mixture of hydrocarbons boiling between 120 and 400 degrees F, with chemical formulas between C6H14 and C12H26, but a good “average” compound is C8H18. So, with hydrogen having a molecular weight of 1 g/mole, the 8 pounds of gasoline will have 96/114 parts carbon, and 18/114 parts hydrogen. This results in 6.74 pounds of carbon per 8 pounds of gasoline.

    And 6.74 pounds of carbon will burn with 18 pounds of oxygen to produce 24.7 pounds of CO2. With a mileage of 25 mpg (which is the average fleet mileage for the 2017 model year – older cars have worse) the “close to a pound of CO2 per mile driven” is a darn good estimate.

    Of course this is more high-school chemistry than 6th grade chemistry.

    Diogenes Shrugged


    Mirvis is contributing to the very antisemitism he says he wants to eradicate.

    As are the American Ziocrats in banking, politics, the “legal” system, MSM and “their” educational system. Blowback isn’t going to be pleasant.

    Diogenes Shrugged

    It occurs to me a little too late that I’ve been had. My apologies to all. I fell for it like a total idiot.

    When it gets to the point that deep fakes cause photographic evidence to be deemed inadmissible in court, civilization itself will have crested. It seems to me, anyway.


    For better word ecomony, are you saying the trapped Carbon in a gallon of gas, escapes when burnt in a gasoline engine by catching a free ride with Oxygen, until both are captured by a tree, and then the Carbon is re-trapped as wood, thus setting Oxygen free again?

    V. Arnold

    I wondered before if this lady is the same lady who walked home from church carrying her shoes.

    Yes, it is indeed the same woman…

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