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    Max Ernst Santa Conversazione 1921   • ‘America Is Waging The War In Gaza’: Hassan Nasrallah (Cradle) • Iran Defense Minister: ‘Serious Strike’ O
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    White House frustrated by Israel’s onslaught but sees few options

    Ha ha, this makes me laugh, it shows you how dumb they think the Americans are and I agree with them. I never thought I would have anything in common with genocide Joe’s admin yet here we are. Of course, they could withdraw their financial assistance, they could withdraw their troops – you know, the ones doing the Israel onslaught – so many options, too many to recount here. Meanwhile the American stretched and turned over on his sofa, he has seen enough dead babies for one day.


    Eliyahu also spoke out against helping inhabitants of the enclave, which has been under Israeli siege for several weeks now, arguing that “we wouldn’t hand the Nazis humanitarian aid,” and that “there is no such thing as uninvolved civilians in Gaza.”

    There is also no such thing as an uninvolved Jew.

    Michael Reid

    On this episode of Going Underground,
    we speak to Professor Ilan Pappé,
    renowned Israeli historian and
    director of the European Centre for Palestine Studies
    at the University of Exeter.

    He discusses why the Israeli public has been
    incapable of showing compassion for the people killed in Gaza by Israeli bombardment and
    for Palestinians living under occupation since 1948,
    why we may be witnessing the beginning of the end of the Zionist Israel project,
    and the two ways the occupation of Palestine can go from here,
    how the leaders of the UK, US, and EU are
    sending a message of ‘we absolve you’ to Israel as it bombs civilians,
    why Russia and China still stick to a two-state solution, and much more.

    D Benton Smith

    (@aspnaz and his cheerleaders are welcome to read, too)

    Continuing effort to hold these boys’ feet to the fire regarding the minimum acceptable standards of logic and reasoning may or may not be having a beneficial effect. I think there are a few positive signs that it is, but then I tend to be an optimist, and it is a slow grind at best. Nevertheless, one thing is certainly true, their writing skills are improving . . . a little.

    Now if only we could only get them to be a bit more honest and forthright about their identities and agendas. In other words, stuff like name rank serial number, country of origin, the political sigil on their battle flag, and the fragrance of their cologne. Their cologne, for example, whiffs of Stepan Bandera and Chairman Mao.


    WW1 started when Kaiser Wilhelm gave the Austrians a blank check, total support, to “fix your Serbian problem once and for all” and then went on vacation.

    Saddam was suckered into invading/annexing Kuwait by the US State Dept.

    We know “Joe Biden” is a pseudopod of The Blob that dominates multiple institutions, loves notavaxes, martial law, digital currency, wokeism, the ukriane war, and so on. And that it brooks no opposition. Demands conformity.

    We know The Blob utterly loathes the idea of a homogenous society with distinct characteristics from others let alone an ethno-state with a specific religion.

    And the wokeists are anti Israel pro Palestinian. Plenty calling for Israel to not exist. And the wokeists are a psuedopod of The Blob.

    Okay, so The Blob is giving official support – not only “Joe Biden” but the various similar pseudopods of other western leaders AND has marches and protests and proclamations in universities and media in favor of Palestine/anti Israel

    But to me the medium to long term trend is bad for Israel.

    So are “Joe Biden” and other western pseudopods suckering Israel in Gaza just like Saddam was suckered in Kuwait? All the while simultaneously doing a Rape Of Belgium/Nanking thing on Israel?


    Why genocide in Gaza?

    It’s not magic.
    It’s diverting your attention.
    Look at what is hidden in the white noise.
    Map 1. Location of the three assessment units in the Levant Basin Province in the Eastern
    Mediterranean ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 19
    Map 2. Israel and areas of the Palestinian National Authority………………………………………… 24


    Atif Kubursi
    Professor Emeritus, Economics

    Search results for ‘ Atif Kubursi’ Download Results Not the results you expected?
    Display Only

    D Benton Smith

    Looks like the Khazarian American Empiren (former Khazarian British Empire, re-branded) has plans well under way to use Israel against Islam the same way it used Ukraine against Russia. Certain words and phrases spring to mind, like battering ram, proxy war, wedge, divide and conquer, canon fodder, disposable diaper.

    Probably going to turn out the same way, except much bigger this time (if the fake money holds out long enough), and brother there is going to be a shit-ton of money to be bilked on this one.

    Y’all will probably want to postpone that Bible Group Tour of the Holy Lands for a while or two, and just generally avoid traveling anywhere east of Crete until the ashes have a few years to cool down.

    Dr. D

    Everything from yesterday got erased. Go read it re-posted, it’s probably worth your time. As I was writing this, everything from TODAY just got erased.

    “Bill Ackman just said he’s funding a scientific investigation into vaccinations”

    Shows they are terminally weak. Again, Pfizer stock is beginning to price their bankruptcy due to lawsuits. …But, but, I thought they were indemnified against everything? A laughable thought?

    As again, with “Linear Escalation” things stay under control, don’t spiral out of control, and into e.g. WWIII. This is why it takes so long, but the other reasons are, like the Russian Cauldrons, you have to leave the lid open. They have to think they can still win, they have moves left, or they’ll release Ebola x Smallpox. What’s worse, YOU have to REALIZE and digest what they are, and also who YOU are. And brother, that takes forever. “Science Progresses one funeral at a time” and so does all society. So we’ve been 20 years GenZ since 9-11 GWoT. Football back, enlisted in 2002, lived their whole lives, are now colonels, everyone they know was shot dead to “Save Democracy” in Afghanistan. Boop! We got bored, forgot, wandered away. THAT is how important it was to us. Like Ukraine. Yet it takes THAT for those colonels to look up and look around, change their ways.

    Pfizer. Slow, slow slow. And why slow? Because we CONSTANTLY test everything, tell everyone the plain truth, float HCQ, etc, and if the people won’t adopt it, fall back. Just yesterday General Flynn said, “We’re in Gaza because everyone in Congress goes overseas to screw little children”. In public. Is there any uptake? Anyone want to investigate that scalding accusation?

    “Blinken Tells Abbas He Asked Israel To Use ‘Smaller Bombs’ On Gaza

    Wow. #Winning. Everything is alright now. Blinken has saved the day.

    “The World’s Largest Biometric Digital ID System, India’s Aadhaar, Just Suffered Its Biggest Ever Data Breach

    Yup. Get all the honey of any sort in one place: gold, guns, intel, and you’ll have nothing but vultures circling outside. For 10,000 years. Forever. This is why everything must be distributed down to the lowest possible level. Then when they steal – and they will! – they only get one Doctor’s office of Intel. Not worth their time. While the other office react. I always remember when they lost every name, age, address, of every child in the National Health.

    There’s only one thing to do when this happens: Nothing at all. Keep collecting it and letting it get stolen, giving everyone top pay, pension, bonuses for performance. You know: Like Microsoft Windows. I that the same as a Universal Warrant? Is that the same as posting top secret intel on a completely unprotected computer in Hillary’s Westchester home?

    “a ceasefire in Gaza will only enable more Hamas attacks.”

    I’m sure every identical argument was used in the Warsaw Ghettos. Anyone want to look?

    Actually, top argument back then? Public Safety and Medical Quarantine. They are dirty and we’re only here to help! That’s what lockdowns are for!

    “• ‘America Is Waging The War In Gaza’: Hassan Nasrallah (Cradle)

    They’re not wrong but they’re not right either. Notes: naturally Greg Hunter has lost his mind over this, dispensing with all journalistic curiosity, which is exactly as Aspnaz says. No surprise. But believing EVERY fake report, not looking into a single one. …Not that there weren’t many, so why not use the real ones? Classic “Incubator babies” I thought people over the age of 12 would see through. Kahn is the same, but even less surprising, although I had hope he would shuffle slightly over as he calls himself a Christian.

    Anyway, what did I learn this week? Well, none of the women in the guardhouses had guns. I’m sure that’s Hamas’ fault. The Kibbutz’ on the border are – and perhaps this is no surprise – PART of the border defense. Not saying every one, everywhere, but it only makes sense that if the Gaza fence is next to your barn, well…you know what it is, and the people on THAT Kibbutz are soldiers, guards, you know: not civilians. Schrodinger’s civilians. That is, yes the guy’s wife, maybe no longer has active patrol schedule, but is an trained, armed guard nonetheless. Does that change the “Hamas attacked Ka Kettle x Ma Skywalker’s Iowa ranch” image here? Beheaded babies that never happened?

    This was the same for the Rave they had. Who was at the rave within sight of the Gaza Patrol fences? Uh, how about Gaza patrol soldiers? Who else would be there? …And so on. If they didn’t LIE, then I would be out here arguing the Israeli side, pointing out again why Hamas didn’t attack army depots, pipelines, etc. Oh wait: they did. They attacked two armed brigades in the face and make mincemeat of them. Like back in Lebanon. Then stole their arms, weapons, trucks, etc. How come we never once hear about that?

    All reminds me of the old Indian wars. Here some redneck steals an Indian’s horse because he can get away with it, then Tonto steals it back and there’s a shooting because: no just police and next thing you know there’s a “Injin’ Uprising! Killin’ them womenfolk and eatin’ babies, the savages!” Uh-huh. And because, you know, they “Own Stuff” then the “Government” comes down and helps by carpetbombing and stealing everything. That was 1840. Not a single lesson learned.

    The Social Engineers know this. They don’t have to do nothing. They just set up the situation and sit in their castles and let nature take its course. Sooner or later someone will come running up the road begging for help, and then you issue terms and go be the hero. Show me the incentives and I’ll show you the results.

    stop the war immediately between Israel and Palestine and ensure a ceasefire, or else the US will face a serious strike,”

    Are you kidding? This is our wet dream. Why the heck do you think we’re doing this?

    Suppose they do though: will the American-hating, Gaza-loving Democratic College students come to Joe Biden’s defense? Suppose even after the attack and US soldiers going home from Syria via city bus, the Pentagon Impeaches and arrests these guys? Biden, Blinken, half of Congress. Violent protests? “Summer of Love”? My guess is no, and that’s what it takes.

    ““They’re also kids of a nation that is averse to casualties. They don’t want their boys and girls coming home in body bags..”

    I mean, who does? As he says. But the more point here is what that does next. If you are a selfish survivor, not a soldier, then you will, for example, shoot up everyone you’re supposed to save at a Rave, and drop the whole building filled with 20 Israeli hostages, both of which happened. I got mine! I went home. Sucks to be you, fellow Israeli Jew I shot in the face! “But I shall not think about this today, for tomorrow is another day…”

    Scar-Face Who’s up for some video games?


    Infantile, child-like people held in eternal puppyhood. This is what you get. A nation cannot remain both rich and stupid. History isn’t like that. Look at the U.S. we’re like a smoldering crater, weeping pus. Heck, even top-level Williamsburg is a crime-saturated ruin. But that’s reality therefore all the journalists living there don’t notice even as AOCs Mom flees.

    HereLetMeGoogleMapThatForYou.Com Street view style.

    “Such attacks, where success hinges on a superlative level of coordination, is a feat that NATO armies “spend years” honing,”

    Hahahahahaha! Oh wait: you’re not kidding. Newsflash: NATO can’t beat unarmed goat herders. Russia wiped out the first 140,000 man army – trained by NATO for 6 years! — in 3 months.

    “• Why West is Terrified of Transferring Seized Russian Assets to Ukraine (Sp.)

    Apparently not because it’s totally illegal and against every rule of law and property rights? That part never occurred to them?

    Okay, back to the real war, that $300B is what they stole to forestall the debt-collapse for a year or two. Like the Libyan gold, then the Ukrainian gold before, each buying them only 1+ years. That’s all. That’s the Alpha and Omega. Keeping London floating and remaining the economic center. Shooting everyone is a sideshow, something we do to keep your eye off the ball. Works. Like a Charm.

    ““The concern,” Sandbu writes, “is that this could destabilize the global financial system and in particular diminish the dollar’s and the euro’s captive investors”

    Time Exists. Therefore things that already happened in the past are not possibly, maybe, might happen in the future. But he’s an Economist, and “reality” is an “Extraneous factor.” See the “Round cow” theory.

    “most of the money which the US, the European Union, and the World Bank have provided Kiev officials over the past nine months to repair, reconstruct, and prepare the country’s power generating and distribution system for the coming winter has been stolen.”

    I don’t know how “stolen” it was, its purpose was to fill collapsing U.S. banks and fill illegal U.S. campaign coffers. #FTX So it’s doing exactly what it was made for. I guess saying it was supposed to fix power is proving intent. They never had the slightest “Intent” of that happening. Just like Flint, and Ohio, and dams in CA…

    “Europe in the Crossfire: Can All Crises Be Managed Simultaneously? (Oncan)

    I think it was Armstrong-Hunter interview he points out that’s what all these maniac-morons do, like Napoleon and Hitler. Stealing stuff by force worked so well (fascist expansionism and eternal war, eg, “Rome”) that they then open so many fronts not only can’t they win them, they can’t even keep track of them all. Aka, the “NeoCons”. But “Nazis”, I repeat myself. They have every element of Nazism from birth.

    Can they? Well they have so far. …But that only means THEY will open more pointless war fronts. Like they just did in Gaza, removing all the soldiers and warning their kids days before. AFTER losing the front in Syria, AFTER losing the front in Africa, AFTER losing the front in Ukraine. I don’t have to do a thing. When you do that the tide will flow over you and you’ll disappear beneath the waves.

    • Does Any Member of the US Government Represent Americans? (Paul Craig Roberts)

    MTG? We had hope for Bernie and AOC, but she doesn’t even represent her far-left constituents in her own district. Core NeoLib Hillary voter. Bernie is “now” a rabid war-hawk. Rand Paul and every Trump person I think was a “Non-rabid” but still “let’s warhawk fully and thoughtfully”. Uh-huh. How about GFY? Oliver Antony had a song about you.

    “Israel, considered a rich country, does not need foreign aid,”

    Yes, but the reason Israel is rich IS the foreign aid. Like Europe, offloading all national defense on us so they can have free health care. Israel wouldn’t be broke, don’t get me wrong, but they would be nothing like today. $6B/year for 40 years goes a long way.

    “• Connecticut Judge Orders New Bridgeport Mayoral Primary (NYP)

    So…what about the other elections up the line? To me: Trial Balloon. When Biden sinks half the US fleet, the USSC will “Suddenly remember” that all of Congress and the President are in office illegally. (Brunson, etc). So what is the 2024 election that we won’t have? A RE-Election, a re-vote of 2020. As the nation cools her jets. All the Antifa protesting kids and come out and…you know support losing, genociding Joe Biden sticking it to their draft and student loans n’ stuff. Nope.

    ““The videos are shocking to the court and should be shocking to all the parties,” Clark wrote”

    You’re kidding, right? We saw this nationwide in 2020, on camera in state after state. There were whole full-length movies with the footage.

    “Trump Leads Biden In 5 Battleground States In New York Times Poll (JTN)

    Why is this in the news? Why is this in the NY Times? Why is this admitted as consensus reality now?

    “Election Denier Stacey Abrams says Americans think Kamala Harris is incompetent because of “misogyny and racism”

    You had me at “Election denier”. Now we have to “Lock her up”. That’s what we do, right?

    “old ‘disloyal’ officials were gotten rid of through a process of “lustration”, as the influence of the courts and law enforcement system were gradually eroded by the creation of externally-controlled shadow government bodies”

    Whoops, sorry, I thought he was talking about America there. Armstrong pointed out that SVB bank failed because “They hired only diversity candidates from the Obama administration” who “Knew nothing whatsoever about risk control or banking”. Huh. Odd. Why would they need those skills since the point of hiring one political party was to make sure nothing would be enforced and no one would be arrested. Politically. Armstrong is really keeping the Overton Window here.


    We can’t stop the autopay.
    We tried again the other day,
    But joe’s account keeps getting bigger-
    Look-ee there! A war squirrel!

    Dr. D

    “$300B is what they stole to forestall the debt-collapse for a year or two.”

    Come to think of this, and following JB’s history, this is exactly on WWI. Apparently, Tsar Nick loaned a couple Bil in gold to his cousin in London. All in the family, right? Plus the Kaiser, their other cousin? Lo! “And then a miracle happened” and there was a War (funded by the gold) and an uprising (by putting that gold on Lenin’s train), that erased the Tsar AND ALL HIS HEIRS so that all that Russian gold would never need to be repaid to a dead-broke, double-crossing London.

    So…does that put a fresh perspective on “Seizing” Russian “gold”? Their worldwide banking assets? THEY ALWAYS DO THIS. This is the III or IV Crimean War.

    All they needed to do was collapse Russia and not pay them back again. …Note this is also in China. We are “At War” with China ( “And then a Miracle happened!” ) because China owns our bonds and we need to default on them. Lo! Suddenly we realize China is not our friend! Who knew??? Therefore we must, MUST not repay them…



    Why genocide in Gaza?

    Because civilians cannot get out of the Israel bombing Gaza !

    Wake up !
    Escape/leaving is possible.

    Amas cannot use heavy equipment or explosives to take down the gates, and the walls, so that the civilians, and double passport workers, foreigners, can walk into the gun fire of all the guards on the other side of the fence.
    The fence is an illusion..
    The people are being held in Gaza by their brainwashed, conditioned state of mind.


    Get out of the MATRIX


    Tear_down_this_wall!– Ronald Reagan


    About Israelis being hyper-jabbed in comp. to Int’l “W countries” stats.

    The jab is touted as a privilege, being in the devp. world, amongst those who are ‘tops’, savvy, have good connections, income, or are ‘right thinkers’ etc. Plus, a moral gloss is added, a duty – embrace it to protect others, etc.

    Isr. deprived Palestinians of the jab, modern techno wonders could not be offered to the ‘ugly’ ppl who are dirty, nasty, missing teeth, wail in public, have too many children, are potential terrorists, etc.

    In fact the WHO chastised Isr. re. the discrimination. (Couldn’t find a link attesting that directly, not surprising…Isr is holy..) here a link that shows the WHO is ‘valiantly’ fighting that kind of discrimination.

    Not different from the US jabbing its military, see the Amerithrax scandal and Gulf War Syndrome as one ex.


    Death toll from Israeli attacks on Gaza passes 10,000 as bombing shows no signs of slowing down.
    Get out.
    Save yourself.


    The zombie apocalypse movie 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later, has survivors of several regions relocated to a single compact hi-rise location – for “safety” All remaining humans in the british isles are gathered from all over to live just HERE.

    When the authorities hear of an outbreak, they herd all the people they are “guarding” into a single large room and block the exits. As opposed to keeping everyone in their individual locked apartments. For safety.

    The one infected guy finds a way through a vent into the packed locked room of course. This movie works on 3-minute zombification from being bit and on fast-running roid-raging zombies. So of course, the brand new crowd of roid zombies break down the doors and a mix of zombies and normies flood out of the place fleeing or pursuing.

    The authorities, gravely make the decision to nuke the entire area as a failsafe. To protect…. the entire island of the UK which they had denuded of all non zombies, thus having abandoned all the british isles TO the zombies already? …by packing all the remaining people in this ONE place? Nuke all remaining humans to… what? save the roving zombies in the countryside? …from other zombies or something?

    This is the entire premise and plot of this movie.

    Any humans that survive would barricade themselves and wait for help – inside their very own apartments if they can get back to them. The very apartments they were removed from. I can’t think of anything the authorities might be worried about that necessitates complete obliteration other than a worry that some humans might survive due to their own efforts in defiance of the only allowed methods coming from the experts.

    What if anything is the movie saying, if anything?

    The characters have no questions about this state of affairs. The MOVIE has no question about this state of affairs, and the audience is not expected to question this state of affairs. The movie is strangely, overtly, against cognition.

    You could easily slap down some parable-like symbolism over it, like an old transparency in a 70’s school projector. They SHOULD have had people dispersed in smaller groups, every individual armed to the teeth and living in honeycombed defensive structures. Maybe consider there’s enough motorcycling paraphernalia in multiple abandoned shops in the UK to give everyone a full body leather/kevlar suit with helmet?

    There’s no underlying gallows-humor like Robocop and there’s nobody like the mathematician in Jurassic Park to wax philosophical to add a 3rd dimension to a 2 dimensional slasher flick. But obviously, We ALL Have To Do It Together NO Exceptions and Obey And Trust The Experts is what killed everyone. The authorities within the film seem to have given zero thought to safety or survival and maximum thought to making sure no one else had any individual agency. (unobserved, unstated in the film) And if it turns into a real black eye for you, a total screwup, then shitcan it. Nuke the whole site.

    Israel is kind of looking like that one sanctuary city in 28 Weeks Later, isn’t it? The diaspora is dispersed, individualized everywhere, firewalled and honeycombed any number of ways. Israel is starting to look more and more like a big trap for its own citizens, given the wider regional escalation looming.


    Get out of the MATRIX
    Don’t let Gaza become the next. Auschwitz


    The world is watching.
    There are thousands entering the USA from the southern borders.
    Nobody is killing them.
    There are 2 million that should leave Gaza.
    Who will kill them?
    You have the tools and the explosive

    Tear down the walls.

    John Day

    Don’t Consent

    ​ ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 30: Nearly 10,000 people killed in Gaza as U.S. rejects ceasefire calls, Israel continues ground invasion
    Hundreds of thousands protested in the Washington D.C. and around the world, calling for a ceasefire. Israel continues to target civilian infrastructure, using the “equivalent of two nuclear bombs,” says rights group.

    ‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 30: Nearly 10,000 people killed in Gaza as U.S. rejects ceasefire calls, Israel continues ground invasion

    ​ Israel’s Gaza operations not ‘self-defense’ – Moscow
    The Jewish state is an “occupying power,” Russia’s UN representative Vassily Nebenzia has claimed

    ​I watched Nasrallah’s 90 minute speech live on Friday. He was very reserved, saying that Hezbollah has been doing what it can to help Gaza since October 8, that the rest of the resistance needs to embargo oil and gas to Israel, and that Hezbollah has all options open to counter-strike the US Navy if attacked.
    Hezbollah Chief: US “Directly Responsible” For Gaza Atrocities, Will Soon Pay “Heavy Price”

    ​ This is completely true. The big bomb craters make bad impression on the world. Smaller craters are better PR.
    Blinken Tells Abbas He Asked Israel To Use ‘Smaller Bombs’ On Gaza

    John Day

    ​ US Official Says Israel Has Not Come Close to Destroying Hamas Leadership
    The US is refusing to leverage military aid to Israel despite the massive number of civilian casualties

    US Official Says Israel Has Not Come Close to Destroying Hamas Leadership

    ​ Going hungry in Gaza
    ​ People spend hours in line for some bread, braving the hellfire of Israel’s warplanes. Flour has run out in the south. Everything has changed, and life has reverted to a state of bare existence.​.. People wake up in their homes, or in schools or hospitals where they have sought shelter, in a struggle for survival. The first thing they check is the water tap. Everyone waits for a drop of water, whether it’s for drinking or washing. The lucky ones have enough water to last them throughout the day.

    Going hungry in Gaza

    ​ The Israeli Occupation Forces targeted a civilian car on Lebanese territories using precision munition claiming the lives of three children and putting their grandmother in the hospital with serious injuries.
    The munition was launched from a drone directly targeting the car, in Ainata, Southern Lebanon, according to Al Mayadeen’s correspondent.

    Iron dome misfires, missile falls on Israeli hospital–destroys-israeli-hospital

    ​ White phosphorous causes a horrific, agonizing, death by burning of all the moist tissues in a person’s body.
    Israel widely using prohibited white phosphorus to shell Gaza Strip – TV

    John Day

    ​ Unrelenting genocide until …?
    Israel promises no ceasefire or pauses in Gaza fighting — Hersh
    According to the journalist, the ceasefire and the humanitarian pause are perceived by the Israeli leadership in the same way, namely as a break in the bombing

    Simplicius has a well detailed and balanced Ukraine war update: The Ukrainian military is short on offensive weapons, but much shorter on soldiers for the meat-grinder, with the “total mobilization” efforts only managing to capture about 30,000 Ukrainian new-recruits, after losing 90,000 this summer. Offensive weapons from the west are in short supply, but defensive weapons, like mines and anti-tank missiles are not, so a defensive holding action can be supplied for a year and a half. US politics can’t wait until 2025, but need to be done with Ukraine before next summer, due to US elections. Ukraine looks likely to have a presidential election March 31, 2024. Zelensky has completely ruled out negotiating with Russia, so he will be replaced if this is to happen. Ukrainian military commanders would be able to negotiate, and are in communication with NATO, so they are the “threat” to him. Zelinsky is directly threatened by Ukrainian fascists, so he cannot back down. Negotiations would need to “give” Russia everything it has taken and security assurances of a neutral Ukraine. Alternatively, Russia can take the whole coastline and anything else it sees fit. The current Russian offensive remains a slow grind, with very low casualty rates.
    Ukrainian grift has become almost complete, “like there is no tomorrow”. This is just “how things are done” in Ukraine. It looks like Ukrainian officials see the end coming soon.
    Russia has new AI-targeted Lancet drones which recognize targets they are programmed to find and hit, like Leopard tanks (shown).Russia has been shooting down essentially all long range Ukrainian missiles, any airplanes that take off, and just hit an awards ceremony for artillery commanders, taking out a huge number of Ukraine’s best artillery officers.
    Western Officials Increasingly Pushing “Peace Talks” + War Updates

    ​John Helmer: In the coming winter phase of the Russian offensive in the Ukraine, the electric war will be run quite differently from the way the first electric war was directed last winter.
    The impact on the Ukrainian grid and on the country’s and military’s capacities to cope will be more destructive than a year ago. The reason for this, Ukrainian sources have been saying publicly and Russian military assessments now confirm, is that most of the money which the US, the European Union, and the World Bank have provided Kiev officials over the past nine months to repair, reconstruct, and prepare the country’s power generating and distribution system for the coming winter has been stolen.
    The US and NATO command and control centres inside the country for running the war will be operating in the dark, not only because of the precision of the Russian missiles and drone operations, but because of the corruption of the Ukrainians. They understand that defeat and capitulation are coming; they are running away with the loot before it’s too dark, too late…
    ..“A rapidly growing shortage of transformers…is threatening the nation’s ability to remain a leader in innovation and is undermining long-term economic security…Despite a heavy reliance on HV [high voltage] transformers, the U.S. has very slim manufacturing capabilities. To meet demand, roughly 85 percent11 of these HV transformers are imported from South Korea and Germany—however, China is seizing market share and forcing out competition…
    ​..“My suppliers are telling me that things are levelling out”, the US maintenance administrator reports. “Transformers, depending on the size — the larger, the longer the wait — are still 12 to 35 weeks out. Large power transformers, such as those used by utilities, can still be more than a year out. All gear is still expensive and certain equipment, such as protection relays, have long lead times. It’s easy to see that the US power grid is a handful of transformer failures away from collapse.”


    ​ The US rolled out its 50th weapons package for Ukraine. The arms shipment will include air defenses, artillery rounds, and anti-armor weapons. The Pentagon will purchase $300 million in arms on behalf of Kiev, depleting all the funds in the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).
    ​ On Friday, The Department of Defense announced a new $425 million in military aid package for Ukraine. $125 million in weapons will be sent directly from American stockpiles through the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA). The funds used to transfer the arms came from a Pentagon accounting error that gave the White House access to an additional $6 billion in PDA funds.

    ​ Does Any Member of the US Government Represent Americans?​ Paul Craig Roberts
    ​ And especially, the US Congress represents the artificial state of Israel and all of Israel’s agendas.
    ​ Indeed, Matt Gaetz himself cannot escape having to support an occupier of Palestinians’ land, claiming that it is Israel’s. The fact that even a brave man like Matt Gaetz has to support an aggressor against a people abandoned by the “moral” West shows how captured the US government is at all levels by vested monied interests.
    ​ Gaetz along with the entirely of the US Congress and the President are purchased by the billions of dollars that American taxpayers are forced to hand over to Israel each year. American taxpayers are forced to give Israel annually billions of dollars that are used to purchase our government. Israel, considered a rich country, does not need foreign aid, but any member of Congress who does not vote for Israel’s billions finds in his next election a challenger financed by Israel’s billions and himself a victim of Israel’s slander machine. The same thing happens if you vote against an excessive military/security budget or against the agendas of powerful organized interests. A government whose election is financed by interest groups has to represent those interest groups.

    Does Any Member of the US Government Represent Americans?

    John Day

    ​ Turkey is a regional lynchpin, with a powerful military, diverse trade and diplomatic ties, and controlling a lot of pipeline and shipping flows.
    ​ Turkey on Saturday announced the recalling of its ambassador to Israel, and the temporary breaking off of contacts with the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in response to the soaring death toll in Gaza due to Israeli aerial and ground attacks.
    Israel had already begun recalling some of its diplomats from Turkey exactly one week prior, after President Erdogan said Israel has been “openly committing war crimes”.

    ​ The Israeli military stands by and watches Jewish “settlers” kill Palestinians, destroy their olive orchards, and take their homes and farms.
    Surging Abuse Of West Bank Palestinians May Spark New Front For IDF

    WHO: 218 Israeli attacks targeted hospitals in Gaza Strip

    Massive Airstrikes Level Large University In Gaza

    ​ Thanks Eleni , Israeli military censorship hides the truth from you , by Thierry Meyssan Extensive reporting of what is really taking place despite the “invincible IDF”.
    ​ This was the most important information of Operation Al-Aqsa Flood, yet it had escaped us. The attack on Israel was not carried out by Hamas jihadists, but by four united armed groups. This is the first time in fifty years that the Palestinians of Gaza have united.
    Like it or not, the long years of Western indifference to the fate of the Palestinians are ending. From now on, we will have to start applying international law.

    John Day

    ​ Yakov M. Rabkin, on the importance of the Russian Revolution to Israeli attitudes: On the Impasse of Political Violence
    ​ Waves of pogroms continued to descend on the Jews in the first years of the 20th century, particularly in what today is known as the Ukraine and Moldova, where anti-Jewish violence was virulent and widespread. A few Jewish self-defence groups were organized to ward off pogroms, but insecurity was endemic. Nearly two million Jews emigrated, mostly to the Americas.
    ​ It is in this context that a number of mostly young Jews embraced the novel ideology of Zionism and grafted it on top of their socialist convictions. A few thousands of these aggrieved revolutionaries arrived in Ottoman Palestine with the intention of edifying a new socialist society and educating new Hebrew Men and Women, physically strong and spiritually freed from religious beliefs. They were ready to do physical work, started socialist agricultural communes (kibbutz in Hebrew) and acquired arms to defend them. Unlike most Jewish émigrés from Russia heading for America who yearned to fit in the new country, Zionist settlers in Palestine sought to establish their own independent society.
    ​ These young Socialist Zionists arrived in Palestine with enthusiasm and a strong desire to break with the past, including the powerlessness they had experienced in the Russian Empire. They abandoned their native Yiddish and strove to speak the new Zionist tongue of Modern Hebrew. They cast away religion, building up a new identity as secular Hebrews. While many had been prohibited from toiling the land in Russia’s Pale of Settlement, the only part of the Russian Empire where Jews had been allowed to reside till 1917, in Palestine they became agriculturists.

    On the Impasse of Political Violence

    ​ Historical Analysis (1897-Present): Crimes Committed against the People of Palestine. “Israel, State Sponsor of Terrorism”
    ​ The genesis of the current Israeli/Palestine conflict began in 1897 when the First Zionist Congress was held in Switzerland, establishing the World Zionist Movement.
    ​ The Jews strove for their own homeland after suffering systemic anti-semitism and pogroms in Europe. The Zionists initially considered countries like Cyprus, Argentina, Uganda, and the State of Texas in the United States. However they ultimately decided on Palestine, the historic homeland of the Jews where Arabs had been living for thousands of years and now owned close to 100 percent of the land. Liberal Zionists like Achad Ha’am wanted to coexist with the Arabs but a more violent element of the Zionist settlers wanted to displace them.
    ​ In 1917, Arthur Balfour, Britain’s Foreign Minister, sent a letter to Lionel Rothschild, a leader of the British Jewish community, requesting “…the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.” The letter further stated that Britain would “use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object.” This letter is historically known as the Balfour Declaration. The British earnestly facilitated European Jews emigration to Palestine where their population was under 30 percent.
    Although the Balfour Declaration hypocritically suggested that “nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine;” the complete opposite was done by the settlers. The Jews used the opportunity and the conditions created by the Declaration to undermine Palestine while organizing and arming themselves, all of which became the precursor to establishing the formal State of Israel through the Nakba in 1948.
    ​ During this almost two-year siege more than 500 Palestinian villages were destroyed, over 13,000 Palestinians killed and more than 750,000 forced to flee their homes. To this day the majority of Palestinians have not and cannot return to their former homes, because Israel through its occupation and policies have prevented it. Al-Jazeera has reported that
    ​ “Palestinian refugees and their descendants number more than seven million. Many still languish in refugee camps in neighbouring Arab countries, waiting to return to their homeland.”
    ​ Western powers thus helped establish the state of Israel on territory belonging to indigenous Palestinians. For 75 years the people of Palestine have experienced occupation, genocide, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, bombings, raids, wanton killings including women and children, frivolous imprisonment, torture and indefinite detention. All these atrocities can be considered to have been fueled by a Zionist ideology rooted in racism, national chauvinism, and a misguided fallacy of religious exclusivity.

    Historical Analysis (1897-Present): Crimes Committed against the People of Palestine. “Israel, State Sponsor of Terrorism”

    ​If you kill innocent children with artillery from 15 miles away, their ghosts can still haunt you. PTSD meds don’t fix it. Official Denial is the Pentagon’s policy. Thanks Christine.
    A Secret War, Strange New Wounds, and Silence From the Pentagon

    A Secret War, Strange New Wounds, and Silence From the Pentagon

    ​ Iranian drones are of high quality, and combat proven.
    ​ According to the Israelis, a MahanAir Airbus A340-313 took off from Tehran’s Mehrabed Airport and landed at the Russian Aerospace Forces’ Hmeimim Air Base in Latakia, Syria.
    ​ The Israelis note that the Russian Air Force has sole control of the area as well as the port, which appears to provide a safe haven for Revolutionary Guards aiding Hezbollah.
    ​ The plane, according to Israeli information, was carrying about five tons of weapons.

    ​ The House on Wednesday passed a resolution that suggested the US would use force against Iran in the future in the name of preventing the country from acquiring nuclear weapons.
    ​ The resolution says a nuclear-armed Iran is “unacceptable” and declares that it’s the policy of the US to “use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”
    ​ A US intelligence report recently affirmed that Iran is not pursuing nuclear weapons, but reality doesn’t stop Iran hawks in the US and Israel from constantly hyping up the threat of a non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program. The same officials do not officially recognize that Israel possesses a nuclear arsenal.

    House Passes Resolution That Suggests Using Force Against Iran

    John Day

    ​ Lawyers with conscience [Officially] need not apply.
    ​ Two dozen top US law firms have sent a letter to more than 100 law school deans advising them to take an “unequivocal stance” against antisemitism on their campuses, which we assume includes protests opposing the Israeli government’s longstanding treatment of Palestinians (who are technically ‘semitic’), Bloomberg reports.
    ​ The letter, signed by firms including Gibson Dunn & Crutcher LLP, Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP and Wachtell Lipton Rosen and Katz LLP (which we imagine aren’t exactly headed by supporters of Palestine), follows several incidents in which law students saw job offers rescinded over their support of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack.

    ​ Gail Tverberg, Today’s energy bottleneck may bring down major governments
    ​ Recently, I explained the key role played by diesel and jet fuel. In this post, I try to explain the energy bottleneck the world is facing because of an inadequate supply of these types of fuels, and the effects such a bottleneck may have. The world’s self-organizing economy tends to squeeze out what may be considered non-essential parts when bottlenecks are hit. Strangely, it appears to me that some central governments may be squeezed out. Countries that are rich enough to have big pension programs for their citizens seem to be especially vulnerable to having their governments collapse.
    ​ This squeezing out of non-essential parts of the economy can happen by war, but it can also happen because of financial problems brought about by “not sufficient actual goods and services to go around.” An underlying problem is that governments can print money, but they cannot print the actual resources needed to produce finished goods and services. I think that in the current situation, a squeezing out for financial reasons, or because legislators can’t agree, is at least as likely as another world war.

    Today’s energy bottleneck may bring down major governments

    Alasdair Macleod , The Future For Fiat (money)
    ​ The day of reckoning for unproductive credit is in sight.
    With G7 national finances spiraling out of control, debt traps are being sprung on all of them, with the sole exception of Germany.
    ​ Malinvestments of the last fifty years are being exposed by the rise in interest rates, increases which are driven by a combination of declining faith in the value of major currencies and contracting bank credit. The rise in interest rates is becoming unstoppable.
    ​ Do not be surprised to see a US Government deficit exceeding $3 trillion this fiscal year, half of which will be interest payments. And in the run-up to a presidential election, there’s every sign of deficit spending increasing even further.
    ​ We now face America and her allies being dragged into another expensive conflict in the Middle East, likely to drive oil and natural gas prices higher; far higher if Iran becomes a target.​..
    ..There are a number of events coming together that suggest we are about to undergo a major upheaval in world economic, financial, and monetary affairs.​..
    ​..The US Government’s debt trap​…
    ​..The entire G7 banking system is broken​…

    John Day

    European Regulator Confirms Pfizer Did Not Highlight DNA Sequence In COVID-19 Vaccine​ (Sshhh, ​The DNA-plasmid “contaminants” are a secret…)

    ​ Leading the way for the “vaccine” industry in killing-some-more-folks: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is refusing to recall the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, promoting the view that the inclusion of a previously-undisclosed DNA sequence that leaves behind fragments is not of concern.

    Peter McCullough MD, “Avoid them all”, but …Comparative Risks of Myocarditis and Pericarditis with mRNA, Adenoviral DNA, and Spike Antigen Vaccines
    WHO VigiBase Gives Rare Look at Differential Risks

    ​ Peter McCullough MD, Yes hydroxychloroquine treatment of COVID saved lives, the earlier, the better.
    Outcomes after Early Treatment with Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin: An Analysis of 30,423 COVID-19 patients
    Huge Outcomes Study Delivers Good News


    Reflect on the changes

    Northern Gaza has been obliterated.
    The physical infrastructure that has been destroyed won’t be rebuilt – who’s gonna rebuild it? with who’s money?
    Mass amounts of housing, all the hospitals, loads of schools, mosques, churches, roads, electrical lines, water lines, sewer pipes. the destruction is out of this world. In three weeks, Israel has dropped as many/more bombs on Gaza than the US dropped on Afghanistan in the whole year of 2019, the heaviest year of bombardment. Gaza is 141 sq miles. Afghanistan is 252,071 sq miles.

    and more Palestinian civilians have been killed in these three weeks than Ukrainian civilians killed in the nearly two years.

    and the social and economic systems destroyed with all the destruction are beyond repair. whole families systems gone. religious leaders killed and their communities dispersed. teachers killed. Doctors, health care workers, first responders, ambulances…all gone. The support systems in all of that, essential to physical and some amount of emotional recovery can’t possibly be replaced.

    not to mention the amount of rotting flesh under all that rubble. how does one recover all those bits of people? dispose of it all.

    the devastation is unprecedented in modern times.

    and the reality that nothing & no one has been able to make any of it stop is tectonic. not the UN, ICC, ICJ, human rights watchers, foreign govts, political alliances, global protests. nothing. what does that mean for the Palestinian People right now? for the rest of us, in our own countries, where the very word “Palestinian” is being criminalised, anti-genocide (imagine that such a word even has had to be coined) protesters are arrested, deportation of Palestinians is being called for…the illusions of the fabric of our societies has been unraveled, and it can’t ever be rewoven. and that is not hyperbole.

    However Gaza ends us, Palestinians are going to be forced into Southern Gaza as some part of that process…and they won’t be able to survive there…the region will be further destabilised because of it.

    Atrocity is being normalised. we are being conditioned to live with it. in the name of frantic end stage capitalism. what comes next is anybodies guess. but this is just the tip of the fast melting fckg iceberg.

    Posted by: Irish | Nov 6 2023

    John Day

    Older Menonite couple in Kentucky can’t manage the farm/ranch and is selling for $555,000, from Dr. McCullough’s listserv:

    Figmund Sreud

    Angelo Giuliano Interview:

    Alistair Crooke Essay:

    The Great Schism – Will It Be Quietly Ignored?

    TAE Summary

    * New War Same as the Old War
    – Hezbollah to its agents in the US: Kill the entire federal government; You will be greeted with candy and flowers.
    – Israeli public is incapable of showing compassion
    – Bibi: Palästinenser raus; Ausfahrt macht Frei
    – Biden: Is war the answer? Bibi: No, war is the question. Yes is the answer.
    – Expeditionary Sea Base USS Hershel Williams heading east in the Med:
    — Acts as a mobile sea base + for staging operations
    — Supports deployment of forces + equipment
    — Command & control
    — Could serve as a nice artificial reef on the ocean floor

    * What caused the Big Bang: Nothing. There was no time and no framework for causation before the Big Bang
    – What did the Big Bang cause: Everything. After time begins everything in the universe is just the playing out of what was in the 1 meter sized spherical enchilada that existed 1e-35 seconds after the Big Bang started.

    * The Three Laws of Superpower Physics
    – A superpower will remain in power until acted upon by internal corrosive forces and external kinetic forces
    – The predominance of a superpower depends on the response of the impotent masses to which its force can be applied
    – When a country exerts a force on a superpower the superpower must exert an unequal and overwhelmingly greater opposite force on that country

    * The New Pessimist: The glass is 95% empty
    – The New Optimist: The glass is 5% full

    * Russia is the new Sons of Light; The US is the new Sons of Darkness

    * Over the course of 50 years federal employees have pumped a billion tons of excrement into the US government. After decades of digging, the intricate & impressive structure is revealed. Everything looks like it has been designed by a single mind, but of course that isn’t true. This colossal and complex structure was designed by the collective will of elected officials, political appointees and career bureaucrats.


    In a cockfight, nobody in the betting audience cares about the injury or death of the roosters. The roosters don’t really know why they fight, and the people who arranged the fight are unknown and collect their fee, and control the masses. This is the world today.


    Words for today:
    Sect –
    1. A group of people forming a distinct unit within a larger group by virtue of certain refinements or distinctions of belief or practice.
    2. A faction united by common interests or beliefs.

    Sectarian –
    1. Adhering or confined to the dogmatic limits of a sect or denomination; partisan.
    2. Narrow-minded; parochial.

    Myopia – Lack of discernment or long-range perspective in thinking or planning.

    Those who become slaves to the Enlightenment may indeed be divided into sects. The sectarian divisions range from clueless arrogance to dogmatic, inquisitorial fanaticism. A trait common to all in service to the Enlightenment is myopia, though the depth of the malady differs among the various sects.

    The most romantic state of learning is discovering how much more there is to learn. The archaeologists were pretty smug before the discovery of Göbekli Tepe, which also put a hitch in the get-a-long of the Egyptologists. Now, with the aid of LIDAR and satellite imagery, the jungles of South America are yielding information that shakes the foundations of the history of the Americas.
    The problem with this new knowledge is the reduction of profit to and status of the accredited intelligentsia. Most of the “knowledge” held by the western mind is facing the same process. To paraphrase, “it’s hard to be humble when you’re Enlightened in every way”.

    71 years of age
    Disciple of Jesus, Son of Mary – heretic
    US citizen
    Jeffersonian Populist
    Stoic, Taoist, mystic
    mean as a snake – low and disagreeable
    mechanic by nature
    carpenter in the physical and virtual worlds
    do not give an aerial fornication about how society judges me, accepted poverty a long, long time ago
    one set of rules mindset
    A good man’s student

    “writing has improved”
    “People who write obscurely are either unskilled in writing or up to mischief.” ~ Marshall McLuhan
    or both as the case may be


    TAE Summary
    The 26% Space needs to expand for all the b-s
    The Canadians are waiting for someone to open the gates.
    Be smart. do like the Mexicans

    Dr D Rich


      In a cockfight, nobody in the betting audience cares about the injury or death of the roosters. The roosters don’t really know why they fight, and the people who arranged the fight are unknown and collect their fee, and control the masses. This is the world today

    Which leaves ‘Jew’ and ‘Israel’ as the hidden hand’s constructs meant to divide opinion, take sides?
    Is that what you meant?
    I’m uneasy about the farm animal symbolism, “rooster”, as it runs up against the Zionist/Bad Jew construct of Goyim, Beneath Contempt lives, farm animal.
    Rooster is exactly the analogy opposing counsel and their psychiatrist expert employed at length to describe me. No one took exception, not my counsel nor any of three men of dark robes, the bench, Trier of Facts, Judges. Their female Army flight surgeon also denigrated my hairdo by stating [he] “shaves his head”, an allusion to Skinhead, right? Rooster has an estimated IQ of 3, as in THREE, but I like a rooster never once shaved my head or kept company of A Skinhead. Although the latter, I doubt, would ever interpret my exceedingly White skin and semi-bald head as true faith and allegiance to the same.
    Symbolism as mind controll

    No Mennonite, Quaker, Chinaman, Vietcong, Amish, or Wiccan ever called me a Skinhead or Rooster-brain.

    Sure, don’t take the divide-n-conquer bait.
    Reductio ad absurdum?


    How thick can b-s be piled/packed?
    Response from my A.I.

    The densest packing of equal spheres in 3-dimensional Euclidean space is the cubic close packing and hexagonal close packing arrangements, with a density of approximately 74.05% 1. The Kepler conjecture, named after the 17th-century mathematician and astronomer Johannes Kepler, states that no arrangement of equally sized spheres filling space has a greater average density than that of the cubic close packing and hexagonal close packing arrangements 1. The highest-density lattice packing of circles in the two-dimensional Euclidean plane is the hexagonal packing arrangement, in which the centers of the circles are arranged in a hexagonal lattice (staggered rows, like a honeycomb), and each circle is surrounded by six other circles 2.


    Noirette said

    About Israelis being hyper-jabbed in comp. to Int’l “W countries” stats.

    The jab is touted as a privilege

    Exactly. Too many people seem to think that the people were following orders, but that is a long way from the truth for the majority. In China the people were panicing about the Covid-19 virus and it was that panic, and the few instances of riots against an uncaring government, that caused the CCP to change its policy and to start lock downs; yes, the people were asking for the lockdowns, they were not the CCP’s idea. The same majority demands were made of the vaccine, the majority wanted the vaccine, they wanted safety, it was unreasonable for their governments not to give them the vaccine, if the governments cared for the people they would be forcing the evil anti-vaxers to also get the vaccine.

    The reason that governments control the MSM and try to brainwash their people is that they have to follow the people; leadership is about doing what the people want. PR is about making people want certain things. MSM makes the people want, then the government steps in and delivers. In the case of Covid in China, the government tried to ban all talk of the virus, but that made the people panic even more. There was no way the government could control such a quick outbreak without the people panicing and fearing that this was another SARS.

    I am certain that in Israel the government had no choice but to offer the vaccine to the people. The alternative would be to say that Covid is harmless, all the earlier measures were over the top, we should now just ignore it. Never going to happen, so the government gives the people what they want, what they believe will make them safe. The majority of people are stupid.

    John Day

    Thanks TAE Summary.


    Disney is Full Metal Jacket Woketard because they are simply an arm of the Ministry of Propaganda

    Simple enough.

    They can lose billions on Woketard asswipery flophouse ‘movies’ and the stockholders will be compensated under the table.

    There are however a few exceptions.

    You still can’t ‘dis the Earl of Greystoke or his peers



    True Dat’


    Michael Reid

    The Global Oligarchy Wants to Remake All Nations into Slave Plantations

    Daniel Natal discusses who rules the world! To help answer this question it’s important to go back to the Middle Ages, the mercantile guilds, and the British East India company where essentially an oligarchy takes over. Their goal has been to get rid of all thrones and altars. There is evidence to suggest that America and many republics were founded by these same forces as corporate models and structures. Globalism is essentially mercantilism, they want to re-create all nations like the South Carolina slave plantation, and take us back to how they ran Europe in the 1300s (e.g. neofeudalism). The point of the woke movement today is to dissolve the nation state. He is optimistic because large systems always break down.

    Daniel Natal: The Global Oligarchy Wants to Remake All Nations into Slave Plantations

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