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    On 1 side you have people with rocks and hangliders. The other has an air force, jewsa carrier groups and all the bombs and ammo. If that ain’t genocide, what is? Boosters for the goyim. the other genocide, takes a back seat. Welcome to talmudworld, a devil’s paradise.


    Control your fears.
    The world is watching.
    Escape Gaza.
    Escape the imposed misery.
    Israel will let you leave the hell that they created in Gaza.

    John Day

    Nashville Mayor’s Office, MSM Flips Out After Trans Shooter Manifesto Leaks; Authenticity Confirmed


    D Benton Smith


    The majority of people are stupid.”

    Back to math class. Precisely half (minus one) of the people are stupid, relative to the other half. Whether either half is smart enough is being determined. Call it a high-stakes gamble, but I wouldn’t put much money on that poor average bastard who’s dead center on the Bell Curve.

    John Day

    Virginia Teacher Wins Major Ruling Against The School District After Being Shot By Six-Year-Old

    Zwerner spent two weeks in the hospital and later resigned from Richneck Elementary School before suing the school. District counsel argued that the complaint should be dismissed since her injuries were covered exclusively under worker’s compensation:

    “Plaintiff was clearly injured while at work, at her place of employment, by a student in the classroom where she was a teacher, and during the school day. Teaching and supervising students in her first grade class was a core function of Plaintiff’s employment. Thus, Plaintiff’s injuries arose out of and in the course of her employment and fall under Virginia’s Workers’ Compensation Act.”

    What was likely infuriating for Zwerner was the added claim that this was all part of “educating John Doe through his behavioral evaluation and educational journey.”

    The “journey” led to being shot in the torso and hand after asking the gun-wielding student, “What are you doing with that?”

    Judge Hoffman disagreed and held that “The danger of being shot by a student is not one that is peculiar or unique to the job of a first-grade teacher.”





    D Benton Smith

    The “Black Swan” meme gets used a lot, but I don’t think most people understand it very well. In fact, I have never personally heard or read anything by anybody that said outright or even implied that the writer or speaker in question had the foggiest inkling of what it actually meant.

    Most people just offhand the expression as a quick and clever way to convey that some presumed fact had been unexpectedly proven wrong. In other words, the black swan is a sort of negative proof that catches the unwary unawares, a type of “dis-proof”. It falsifies (to use the nomenclature) an assumed fact by showing that a presumed sacred-cow-fact is NOT in fact a fact at all. Surprise!

    After using the meme to bury the cow they are then done with both, altogether. Job done. Case closed. On to greater things.

    They never seem to examine the flip side, the side that includes the equally incontrovertible factors which HAD to have preceded and caused the black swan event to be possible in the first place. That’s too bad, and worse than a shame, because the flip side (with all of its inescapable implications) is way more important than the event. Incalculably more important.

    For one thing, unlike the false assumption that it dismantles, the black swan datum is not a theory. The idea that all swans are white is a theory, and the magical notion that money can make money is a theory too, as is the principle that governments are formed to serve citizenry. These are all mere THEORIES (and in these three cases pretty damn flimsy theories at that.)

    But a BLACK SWAN EVENT isn’t a theory. It is the demonstration of a FACT. How rare is that? I mean, really. Look back or forward or all around your own experiential track. How many data are there about which you can be 100% certain? Damn few, I reckon, so when you do occasionally find one it’s pretty important. WAY more important, typically, than the fleetingly current event that produced it.

    Let’s use our United States (and MOST places) elections as a convenient throw-away example. The white swan belief is that elections are elections. The black swan fact is that NOT all elections are actually really and truly elections. It only takes ONE successfully rigged “election” to prove it.

    The factuality of it is way more important than the election , but that’s ONLY known by you if you recognize that the “black swan” fact, is indeed a solid gold pure-dee factual kind of fact. Not a theory. Not an opinion. Not a second-or-worse-hand report. Not “probable”, but pure and unconditional. And that facts have causes, which in turn have preceding causes, and so on. Without exception. This what makes them so priceless. Full closure at last!

    Apply the Scientific Method to that newly established actual FACT (that not all elections are actually elections) and off you go down a twisty garden path, and into a warren of rabbit holes that wind up in a place . . . which if you persist and don’t chicken out and quit . . . is neither what nor where you thought it would be.

    For example, example #2. I won’t be sarcastic this time, because there’s nothing funny about it, not even sarcastically.

    There exists world-wide the “white swan belief” that governments are formed to benefit (or at least try to benefit, in some way) the interests of their citizens. That belief is simply and absolutely not true. It is a lie. The black swan event, the broad daylight fact which falsifies and disproves that lie beyond the shadow of doubt, is that all government throughout the world, without exception, have tolerated the kidnapping, torture, sex trafficking, indiscriminate murder and human sacrifice of children. Denial of the fact merely adds absurdity to the perversity, (and ironically proving, by dint of being an explicit evasion) that it is not even a secret. Everybody knows it, and everybody HAS known it, since deep antiquity.
    And ever since deep antiquity, every time it happens, the civilization of those responsible as been wiped from the face of the earth and its traces ground into dust. It has happened many many times and we are involved in it happening again.

    All sorts of murderous mayhem can be survived, or even conditionally tolerated, without collapsing an entire civilizational system, but when a child is callously murdered then every member of that society must make it their duty to relentlessly track down and permanently dispose of every perpetrator of that most heinous of all crimes and severely punish all who enabled it in any way. To tolerate anything less than that seals the fate of that society. It will die because without children it cannot possibly live, and its passing will be a cleansing of the Earth.

    If the ongoing travesty remains unpunished then the governments of Israel, the United States, Europe and all who enabled them in that crime will have condemned themselves to extinction, and deservedly so. That’s just a fact.


    It’s Monday Health Tip Pro

    Figmund Sreud

    Who knew? A US-made M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV) was spotted in a ceremony attended by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to celebrate the Day of Missile Forces and Artillery and Engineering Troops.

    Anyway, … “The US-made M1150 Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV), which resembles a hybrid between a tank and a harvesting machine, will give Ukrainian troops vital powers to assist them in removing the hundreds of miles of dense minefields the Russians have erected.

    Ukraine Becomes 2nd Country After US To Operate ‘Very Rare’ Abrams-Based M1150 Assault Breaching Vehicle

    Ukraine Becomes 2nd Country After US To Operate ‘Very Rare’ Abrams-Based M1150 Assault Breaching Vehicle


    Zelensky – JEW Azov-neonazi murdering thief leading ethnic cleansing pogrom / Death toll responsibility 100k’s and counting.

    Nuttinyahoo – JEW Zionist murdering thief leading ethinic cleansing pogrom / Death toll responsibility100ks and counting.

    Biden – self proclaimed Zionist JEW murdering thief supporting ethnic cleansing pogromS / Death toll responsibility million$ and counting.

    Kamala Harris – literal dick sucking JEW Zionist supporting ethnic cleansing, murder and theft.

    Bidens Cabinet – JEWs majority supporting murder, theft, ethnic cleansing.

    Liberal Democrat Party – JEW supporting murder, theft, Ukraine ethnic cleansing.

    Conservative Republican Party – JEW supporting murder, theft, Gaza ethnic cleansing.

    Cherry picking Jews from Jews right now while your Govt is committing ethnic cleansing Genocide in the name of JEWS at their bequest ? Fuck Off.

    Equivalent to maggot picking from a rotting dead corpse.

    All Ukrainians, Israelis and particularly Americans are responsible and accountable for murder and theft.
    “We are All In it Together” motherfuckers so stop making excuses- if you don’t like it then resist- do not comply – Sick and tired of Western weasels making excuses, being apologists and holding no one accountable for their OWN Govts actions.

    Men grow some fucking balls and be honest. Women enCOURAGE others to defend truth.


    The majority of people are stupid

    …and Liberals are fucking retarded hypocrites-

    Watch this for a sobering laugh- no vodka or yoga required.

    Liberal SCUM politicians, celebrities, msm talking heads bashing the “vaccine” with Trump in office, the Biden- these fuckers should all be thrown out of office, media and their jobs.

    Give em enough rope and 2 masks – and tomorrow they must hang themselves. Give them a night to think about what they have done. NEVER forgive or forget- or you’re the moron.

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